Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2012 Parents of the Year Jill and Ken Easter

My favorite parents of 2012 are back in the news.
Jill and Kent Easter pleaded not guilty in court yesterday.

These are the parents that highlight modern parenting better than all others today:

They felt their little son's self esteem was not being honored by a volunteer lunch lady quite as much as the little entitled fella deserved.

So they spoke to her.

She didn't share their high esteem of Little Lord Fauntleroy as Jill and Kent Easter felt he deserved, so they did what all young, intelligent, fair-minded American lawyers do:

They filed a lawsuit against her.

This is the ultimate bullying; using their profession to intimidate.  Very nice.

The judge tossed it.

In the few minutes where lunch lady, hall monitor, lady saw his Little Lordship, she did not properly bow before him...again.

So, Jill and Kent, dutiful parents who don't view Little Lord as a projection of their own worth, took her to court again...

the judge tossed the lawsuit out..again.

What's a few millions against a volunteer mom who won't show the proper obeisance due the high standing of a lawyer's child?

The two scheming lawyers now needed to show the judge the error of his ways, so they put together their obviously gifted intellects and can up with an idea that rivals rocket science:

They planted drugs in her car and made an fake call to 911.  'This name is....Concerned Citizen....and, well, you should probably know...."   Percocet, vicodin, and marijuana.  Hmm.  I wonder if...


The language would easily show deception. He even reported that he could see the drugs in plain sight!

"The drugs were sitting on the passenger seat."  Remember our teaching on inanimate objects "sitting, standing, lying....and so on" with passive language?

It did not take long for police to put it together:  Volunteer hallway mom wasn't out driving under the influence as video and witnesses easily proves so who, who....hmmmmm, who would so hate a volunteer door opening mom so much as to call 911, yet be stupid enough to think they would not be caught?

Answer:  two lawyers.

The parents of His Lordship were promptly arrested.

Imagine how their clients feel.


Anonymous said...

Obviously they can't afford private school for the tike.

"Concerned Citizen?" sounds like something a blogger/journalist would come up with to cover for like-deeds.

sha said...

Just two more examples of how IDIOTS can get advanced degrees.

rob said...

Sounds like its time for the lunch lady to get her own lawyer. Maybe she'll be like the bus monitor, and end up with $700,000.

Jazzie said...

My question is: Where did these two idiot lawyers get the prescription painkillers and the pot to plant in victim's car? Hhmmm, never mind... LOL.

It's hard to believe how the Easter's ever passed a Bar Exam.

Anonymous said...

What clients? It probably won't be long before the don't have any either because clients use their common sense and move on or because these folks have their law licenses revoked.

Anonymous said...

I expect with those two raising him, the son will NEED 2 full-time lawyers to keep him out of prison.

C5H11ONO said...

From the link below, the Easters were charged with conspiracy to procure a false arrest, false imprisonment, and conspiracy to falsely report a crime.

I would believe they will be unable to make a plea, because if they agree to plead guilty to any of these charges, maybe they would then be arrested and charged for, at the very least, possession of marijuana and posession of illegal drugs/contraband, which may also carry a longer jail sentence.

There is good news though, additionally, the woman volunteer has filed a civil suit against the pair.

I think they are held by the b*lls at this point.

Anonymous said...

The prosecutor says they have text messages and dna evidence against them. I''m glad they aren't my attorneys. It sounds like they went to school with Jose Baez.

Anonymous said...

And they didn't bother to think about her having an alibi. She was in a classroom with witnesses at the time they claimed to have seen her driving the car with drugs in it. Sheeesh!! I'm surprised they'd 'share' their drugs with her.

Tania Cadogan said...

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Lis said...

Here's another good lawyer story

Anonymous said...

Today is the first I have heard of this case. I did read in another article that the Easter's claimed that the school volunteer had left their son locked outside after after-school tennis because it took to long to wait for him and I believe the article said a tennis coach found him outside crying. He was in first grade. I hope that wasn't true and it appears the Easter's didn't have a problem lying in the attempt to frame the volunteer so maybe they were lying about that too. If it is true that is no excuse for what they did however if it is true I feel bad for the little boy. I don't mean to offend anyone, I learn so much from this blog and read here often but it bothers me that the little boy was referenced as being "His Lordship" in this article since he is so young and isn't responsible for his parents behavior. Just because his parents are jerks doesn't mean he is.

Justme said...

If their story about him being locked out is true, and as you said they are now known to be liars and unethical, why didn't they report her to police for child endangerment? Instead they not only sued Peters, but they sued the tennis organization and 23 other people. Was their motivation to correct a bad situation and see that it never happened again, or was it money? I'm not saying that there couldn't be more to the story but the judge or judges didn't think that it was worthy of a lawsuit and threw it out.

And the references to His Little Lordship is about the parents' treatment of him, not necessarily how he behaves. I've seen plenty of preschoolers with that attitude so he wasn't too young, even in 2010 when this happened to think he ruled the world. He might have been deliberately defying Peters and hanging back until she got tired of it. If so, she was still wrong but taking it to court to prevent further incidents is one thing, false imprisonment is quite another!

Maybe she forgot to have her husband read her book on how to commit the perfect crime.

"Not that she hasn't kept busy. Besides hassling school volunteers (allegedly), Jill Easter has written a crime novel titled Holding House under the name Ava Bjork. Here is the book description on Amazon:"

34 of 43 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Totally Misleading Description!!! June 21, 2012
By SchoolVolunteer
The description of this book is totally misleading. I though I was about to read a book about how a fighter and two other people plan THE PERFECT CRIME.

Instead the story is about a couple of sleazy lawyers/parents that try to frame a enemy by planting drugs on that enemy and then, in a totally unbelievable narrative, manage to make every mistake imaginable and of course get CAUGHT by the police!!! I am sorry but no two people could be so stupid as to think that they would get away with their heinous acts.

Notice this review was written by SchoolVolunteer LOL

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Justme has nailed it.

The Easters have shown their colors. Had they any legitimate complaints, they would not have gone the route of money. I wonder if the school volunteer called them on it, and read their attempt to game the system, using their law licenses, which should be under review. The law suits were tossed out and no one likes an adult who bullies a child. I agree with Just Me: they are not credible.

Jazzie said...

No one chooses to be born into the family they are born into. I kind of feel bad for this Easter kid. Genes can align in the most mysterious ways! There's always hope.

Anonymous said...

Justme, I appreciate your response. I am not defending any of the Easter's actions. If the volunteer allowed the boy to be locked outside on purpose that would be awful and needed to be addressed. But if it happened it needed to be addressed appropriately. That could all be a lie too, I don't know. My only point is I feel bad for the boy. It's not his fault his parents behave this way. I understand what your saying that the references are more about how his parents treat him, although I guess we have no idea how he gets treated at home. Thank you for all of the information and links. The volunteer is suing them, I need to see if I can find a link to the article I read about that.

Justme said...

AnonymousSeptember 26, 2012 6:40 PM

I agree. He deserves better.

Anonymous said...

Peter, if you don't mind me asking, who wrote this article? At times, it was hard for me to understand what the writer was trying to say. There are two sentences in partipular.

1. They planted drugs in her .... and then it simply describes the drugs.
2. I don't umnderstand who 'he' is that reported that 'he' could see the drugs in plain sight.

Thanks in advance for clarifying.

Anonymous said...

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