Friday, September 28, 2012

Baby Lisa Case: Dead End

With one detective and one FBI agent, the investigation into the disappearance of Baby Lisa remains exactly where it started:  With Deborah Bradley.

Deborah Bradley has not spoken to law enforcement and continues to refuse to do so.  Like the Ramseys, they dictate the terms and Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley have refused to be interviewed separately with the fear that they will contradict each other.

Deborah Bradley has been deceptive since the first day she took to the media and was unable to keep her pronouns, "I" and "we" straight.

Later, Jeremy Irwin spoke publicly and also showed deception.  Both asserting a kidnapping and than saying "if" someone has her, they have both indicated that Lisa was dead.

Sensitivity indicators abounded from them and their attorney who claimed they were "fully" cooperating, even allowing a search, while police said that they severely limited the areas of the house to be searched.

A cadaver dog hit in the home, confirming Deborah Bradley's language indicating Lisa's death.

Police continue to say that they can only "seek" leads, rather than follow them because Deborah Bradley will not cooperate and she holds the key.

Baby Lisa died that night, and a cover up ensued.  Later, information was shared with Jeremy Irwin, who then joined Bradley in stone-walling police.  There is no "who done it?" mystery in the case, as Bradley was responsible, but did she have help disposing of the body?

FBI and police cannot simply interview Bradley since Tacopina ended the communication, effectively bringing the investigation to a halt.


Anonymous said...

I am a member of two Facebook pages dedicated to baby Lisa. One is called "Deborah Bradley is guilty of something" the other is called "Bring baby Lisa home" or something like that. I think they the second one is either run by Deborah or someone close to her. Anyway, I inadvertently commented on the one run by Deborah, "why why why hasn't she been charged yet?" Lol. Whoops.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea until recently how easy it was to get away with murder. Just refuse to cooperate and move on with your life. Unreal.

Apple said...

^^ until you meet your maker. Then you will wish you confessed here on earth.

BostonLady said...

This case like Ayla's case have parents who will not cooperate with LE. LE also states that the parents and family hold the key/know what happened thus blocking the ability to bring their baby home.

I find it appalling that they can refuse to speak to police and are not arrested for obstruction of justice. Lying. How about in baby Lisa's case, arresting the mother for being drunk and allowing her baby daughter to be taken from her home with no knowledge?

Why hasn't CPS taken the other children from the mother? It's obvious children are not safe in their care if they can go missing.

There needs to be more protection for children from these parents who do not put their safety before their own selfish vices.

Anonymous said...

Why are these parents NOT charged with Obstruction of Justice? I just don't understand this!!!!
When a child is missing they should be jailed until they cooperate and are cleared.

brosnanfan said...

Is there enough evidence to bring this case to a Grand Jury?

Just how much evidence DO you need to bring a case to a Grand Jury?

sidewalk super said...

I can only hope that joe taco spends most of his remaining days fending off the reprehensible animals who have made note of his successful intervention on behalf of winebox deb and spineless jeremy.
Did joe taco insert himself into this now-non-case expecting it to be a public relations move and bring him clients and money?
Can't see any other reason.

Anonymous said...

"police said that they severely limited the areas of the house to be searched."

This is what I don't understand. I know search warrants are needed, and the right way, etc. But there should be a change in the LAW when it comes to MISSING childern cases.
It should be mandatory to open their home for a search, people should be sent out, the home should be "sealed" and taken over by LE/FBI to keep all evindence in there to be found.
If there was a real kidnapping it would be the best interest of the parents, if it is not a real kidnapping it would not be, of course, but either way, the RIGHTS of the children should be FIRST. Wether they are dead or alive they would deserve this much. An immediate search warrant issued within a few minutes after a child is reported missing. (for the house the child lives in and where the child was missing from -for both)

Statement Analysis Blog said...

To the anonymous poster about obstruction of justice:

In hindsight, this would have helped. I think that at the time, they were close to getting her to admit unintentional death followed by panic. When the media got involved, it drew in Tacopina. This put an end to things.

The obstruction of justice or something similar, is a roll of the dice. We saw lesser charges succeed against a similar case recently, but I think it is used when prosecutors do not feel they have enough to convict.

Baby Ayla and Baby Lisa are similar in that both have fake kidnapping stories and both remain to be prosecuted.

You raise a good point. Choose a name. Peter

Anonymous said...

The "fully" cooperating turned into "100 percent and complete"

"John Picerno, a Kansas City lawyer for Bradley and Irwin, said Thursday they are now giving "100 percent and complete" cooperation to police. He said police "are doing what they can" to find Lisa.

"There is no question she was kidnapped," Picerno said. "If there was any foul play involving Deborah or Jeremy we would heard about it by now."

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous 5:23:

Police said that they had limited access to the house:

Bradley gave specific locations they were allowed to search and specific locations they were not allowed to search.

This is why their "cooperation" was sensitive to their attorney.

Ney said...

Oh, I meant I don't understand why parents are even allowed to limit the search when there is a missing child. The house should be a crime scene, IMO parents should not have the right to limit searches. I am sure it was a huge red flag for LE when they were told that, because no innocent parent would mind even if they tear their home apart for clues that can help to find their daughter.

CTjustice said...

I don't understand this either. What is the law in regards to searching the home? The parents can just refuse??

pythia serpentis said...

IMO this case is nothing like Ayla's. Ayla suffered broken bones and had many other red flags of physical abuse before she was ever abducted. She only had one parent present in her life at that time, her father who appears quite young. You can't arrest some one for getting drunk at their own home unless they are a minor. Deborah Bradley is not a minor. She was not drunk in public.

pythia serpentis said...

There might be.

pythia serpentis said...

Agreed, how can you pick and choose areas the police can search? I thought they had the right to search where ever, when ever as long as there was a warrant.