Sunday, September 30, 2012

Billie Dunn Attacks Colorado City Police

The mother of missing 13 year old Hailey Dunn, has taken to Facebook to attack her critics, and specifically, the Colorado City Police Department.

For those unfamiliar with this case, the Colorado City Police, like the Texas Rangers and the FBI believe that Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn caused the death and subsequent disappearance of Hailey, who was last seen by a non suspected person on December 26th, 2010 when her old brother David left the home at approximately 9PM, saying his sister was playing video games at home.  Hailey would never be seen alive again.

Police affidavit in the case show a startling array of behavior and information including:

*Shawn Adkins had previously threatened Hailey's life, along with Billie Dunn's, yet she invited him into the home anyway.
*Billie Dunn hosted a New Year's Eve party
*Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins refused to cooperate, tried to fool a polygraph with drugs, but both eventually failed the polygraph.
*Drug purchases and use were rampant
*Child pornography, bestiality, serial killer literature, deer gutting videos, and home made porn found in the home of Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins.  This indicated the depth of perversion inside the home as sexual arousal comes at the abuse of children and of animals.  Eventually the town spokesman told the public to "do the math" as drugs, violence, perversion and a missing child coupled with lying parents and caretakers gave the same conclusion Statement Analysis had from the first appearance of Hailey's mother.

In January, Billie Dunn appeared on the Nancy Grace Show with her very first answers indicating:

1.  She knew Hailey was dead
2.  She was in need of an alibi

From there, her story's "missing information" was picked up intuitively, howbeit slowly, by Nancy Grace.  In the beginning, Marc Klaas, a frequent guest, praised Dunn, especially after spending personal time with her in Texas, only to later openly condemn her for lying.

Statement Analysis revealed the sociopathic nature of the lies told:  lying from childhood, with a rage towards anyone who dare question her veracity.

Investigators closely monitored Billie Dunn's nightly appearances and read the Statement Analysis here each morning, confirming the accuracy of the analysis.

Deceptive individuals can be classified into various categories, but the most dangerous are those who distort or fabricate reality.  This puts those who do into the rare < 10% category (90% + who deceive do so by withholding information rather than fabricating reality).

Billie Dunn, herself, printed out analysis after analysis and brought it with her to a television station asking her attorney, "Should I use his name?" later issuing a threat of law suit by her attorney, the bizzare John Young, who called Hailey "our daughter" and "our girl" in interviews.  Later, Young would be arrested and suspended from legal practice, reportedly on cocaine, pointing a handgun at a Texas Ranger.  In spite of aiming a weapon at a Texas Ranger (rumors said he was having an affair with the Ranger's wife), he lived to talk about it and entered rehab while suspended.

Some stunning Statement Analysis principles:  

Shawn Adkins, even after reading analysis, in his appearances on radio and television, avoided saying "I did not kill Hailey."  It is obvious that one could read analysis and walk up to a microphone and parrot a reliable denial, but even this he did not do.

Dunn with her "timeline"
Billie Dunn knew that when she spoke, her words were being analyzed as deceptive, yet she still took to a press conference, but with a twist:  she took a written time line with her to make her story appear straight, but even this did not work.  Eventually her attorney shut her down from speaking.  As time has passed, she has become emboldened by the lack of movement by law enforcement and is speaking again.  When a contradiction, for example, arises on Facebook, it is dismissed by the host and deleted.  She has her small following and continues to deceive.

The same principles applied to Casey Anthony were applied to Billie Dunn were applied to Charlie Rogers.  All three came out the same.  There are no changes in application or rules.
arrested while hiding Adkins

Billie Dunn is one who will file a lawsuit, even against legal advice.  This is part of what make up a sociopath has.  She, like Casey Anthony, will 'walk down the hallway to her office, escorting police' and go right off the edge of the cliff for one purpose:

She cannot bear being called a liar.  She will file a law suit even if it means she will have to testify, which prosecutors will be drooling over to have done.  

She can bear all sorts of insult, but not being called a liar.  It is of the upmost sensitivity to this personality type as she has been surviving and living by deception since earliest childhood, where she suffered extreme abuse and exploitation at home.  Deeply wounded in childhood, her perception of life, death, good, bad, right and wrong are askew due to the horrific crimes committed agains her.  It became engrained in her personality from a very young age. 

At this point, we can expect that she will make "noise" as she attempts to rehabilitate her image.  She claims to have 'turned' on Shawn Adkins, but even this is thin.  True, they could not have remained together forever, given the nature of the personality make ups, but she cannot go too far with her distancing as she will always fear that he will talk to police.  

Her claims of having "my FBI guy" are deceptive in nature.  The FBI that investigated knows and an agent is likely very happy to receive her calls.  

Colorado City police have done what they could.  

Prosecutors need to be certain that a jury will grasp everything they bring their way.  

After the Casey Anthony jury, the game is changed.  Shawn Adkins said his grandmother had access to his computer.  

It is difficult for us to picture a juror thinking, 'this is reasonable doubt' but after the Anthony verdict, with the willingness of Cindy Anthony to perjure while under oath before God, prosecutors must be on high alert. 

As she continues to speak, deception will be present.  Even while memorizing the original script, she was unable to keep the story straight because it did not come from experiential memory.  She took the script from a real case, but it was not her own.  

There was never a sleep over planned by Hailey.  

Who do you think made up this story, Shawn Adkins or Billie Dunn?

To consider this question, you might ask yourself:

Of the two, which was more likely to have read the story of the young girl Carlie Brucia, from true crime library that Dunn said she downloaded and printed at work.   That story is here and the article addressing Billie Dunn's employment is here.

You might ask yourself, "which of the two, Dunn or Adkins, is likely to have read the story?" concluding that Dunn was the 'brains' of the two, but there is a far more important indicator:

Statement Analysis showed that the story was deceptive, as told, by Billie Dunn, on The Nancy Grace Show.  While attempting to report what Shawn Adkins told her, she, herself, was indicated for deception.  This means that she was not entering into Shawn Adkins' language, but was using her own. 

Repeating a lie will not show deception.  Deception is indicated because the person has exercised her will to deceive. 

The story was Billie Dunn's and not Shawn Adkins.  

Adkins personality includes bravado.  

He is a fearful sort, which is why he loves scary masks.  An example of a frightened person using bravado language is seen every day by bullies, but Shawn Adkins' own language is indicative of this very thing. 

When confronted by police saying 'you threatened Billie Dunn', he confirmed it and added that he had threatened Hailey and Clint Dunn, Hailey's father. If they were going to accuse him, 'do it right' in his mind. 

When asked by police, "Who should we be looking at?" in the disappearance of Hailey (which, by the way, is a great question to ask), Shawn Adkins boldly said, "Both of us", regarding himself and Billie Dunn.  Both failed their polygraphs.  

The polygraph itself is a window into Billie Dunn's personality and another indicator that she may file law suits, to her own detriment as she would have to testify. 

The police asked them to take polygraphs and Adkins refused, and Dunn balked.  His refusal and her hesitancy focused the investigation upon them, and not on a runaway, or a stranger abduction.  They had reasons to pull away from the polygraph. 

Next came the courting stage.  This is where police were "nice" to her, gently reminding her that if she and Adkins have nothing to fear, that they should take it. 

This went to the stage of showing up, walking out, or not showing up.  At some point, police, in shuffling the deck (some police would be "good guys" (Texas Rangers) while some are "bad" (Colorado City) they knew to appeal to her ego and pride.  Liars hate to be challenged. 

They offered her 'counsel' in staying away from Adkins, which she feigned to accept, even while her language showed that they were together.  (recall the radio program where she feigned break up with Adkins while he can be heard sitting next to her). 

Billie Dunn called law enforcement back and volunteered, with Adkins to take the polygraph. 

This is what she said to Nancy Grace, and it is true.  She did contact them about the polygraph, and immediately, she was praised for it by the host and guests.  Her statement was truthful:  she did call them and did volunteer, but what she left out (which is what makes Statement Analysis more valuable than a polygraph) is the wrangling that took place beforehand.  Eventually, this would come out in the police affidavit and she would be humiliated...again, on national television.  

She could tell Nancy Grace that "we called and we volunteered" without the pronouns being caught...when someone says "we called", I always ask, "who, physically, made the call?" because of the pronoun usage.  

She also left out something else critical to the account: 

She and Adkins fought over taking the polygraph, but she, as the leader and dominant personality, prevailed.  She convinced him that he could pass using anti-anxiety medication.  

Police noted the struggle to get them to the polygraph, and now police noted the need to try to 'trick' the polygraph; not exactly the expected innocent behavior of a mother of a missing child.

Police sent her home. 

On TV, she blamed them. 

She was now forced with a choice:

Billie Dunn could either be called a liar by police, or, to her own detriment, would take the polygraph and have to rely upon her skill to keep her body cool under the pressure of lying.  

grown up hiding behind a mask
Think of this choice:  If she takes the polygraph, police doubt of her will be confirmed, and she will fail.  If she does not take the polygraph, personally, those she spoke to, will believe her to be a liar.  

She took the polygraph.  

This is why I compare her to Casey Anthony, relying upon her own skills of deceit, walking down the hallway to her "office", with each step bringing her closer to being uncovered as a fraud, yet, step by step, she believed she would "get by" the police.  Eventually, as we all saw on television, Casey Anthony's lies paid off as she lied, got her mother to lie, and got away with murder.  Don't think the lesson of Casey Anthony was lost on Billie Dunn or the prosecutors.  

If it comes down to the challenge of suing "important people" in her life, but by doing so, she will be undraped under oath, leading to prosecution, Billie Dunn may cut off her nose to spite her face, and do it.  

The small percentage of the population who will deceive by fabricating reality and going into serious crime, will always bristle when their account is questioned.  

In all the televised or radio broadcast appearances of Dunn, she was unable to bring herself to say "I told the truth."  When challenged about the failed polygraph, instead of the simple, "No way!  I told the truth!", she said she lost faith in the polygraph.  

In sparing no expense in security for the President of the United States, and the most important people in the world today, those responsible for the security of such, rely heavily on the polygraph.  They base their lives on the polygraph. These are those, in our world, who can afford the greatest means of security known to mankind, yet rely upon the polygraph in the screening process.  

It is only the deceptive and those who defend them who disparage its results.  

In the hands of an experienced polygrapher, one who will learn the subject's internal subject personal dictionary, it is a powerful tool. 

When the results of the polygraph and Statement Analysis conclusions agree, deception is assured. 

1.  Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins both failed their polygraphs when asked about the disappearance of Hailey Dunn.  

2.  Statement Analysis indicated deception in both, specifically related to the disappearance of Hailey. 

3.  Behavioral Analysis indicated both for guilt in the disappearance of Hailey.  

4.  Evidence showed that Hailey lived in a home of perversion, drugs and neglect.  Child pornography (and perversion) with a 13 year old girl in the home is a recipe for the unthinkable. 

Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins must maintain some form of unity, even an uneasy peace or alliance, lest one budge or weaken, and make a deal with prosecutors. 

It is her personality that can accept being labeled with immorality from pornography, even admitting having bestiality.  This doesn't bother her, but question her veracity and out comes the attack.  Just as "my FBI guy" is deceptive as is her "searching"for Hailey, or bringing people minor 'celebrity' through facebook, so it is that she will, eventually, bring about her own demise. 

Eventually, Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins are going to answer for the death of Hailey Dunn. 


Anonymous said...

To answer the question, without author's personal opinion inserted, I think they both made up the story. One told a lie, the other backed it up.

Doubtful she is the leader of the two since he quit work and didn't tell her first. She'd like to be the leader, but falls short.

If they really did have child porn, beastiality, etc. then they would have been arrested. Someone other than these two are lying!

"My FBI guy" perhaps gives her a sense of hope as the missing girl is thrown by the wayside and now the local police can be attacked instead. It's not the first time, and it won't be the last.

A small community such as Colorado City has residents that have lived there their entire lives and have a long memory. Many are perhaps related. These two probably don't even stand out other than the camera crew invited in for this fiasco.

About 20 years ago, that same town experienced a similar mishap. Children ripped from their downtrodden homes were placed with a local family while the AG,CPS,and media tore up a section of Texas. Rumor had it there was ritual sexual abuse. Even a cop got indicted.

The five children were placed with a retired AF man and his wife who already had five adopted children of their own. When one was injured-claims of falling down stairs-and hospitalized due to coma, the man killed himself;the wife did the same soon thereafter.

It is easy to whip these people into hysteria. Media knows it. Lawyers know it. "Concerned Citizens" know it.

Hailey is gone and they'll never see her again.
Her parents know it. Media knows it. Lawyers know it. "Concerned Citizens" know it.

It is far better to lose one than have a rerun. No one is interested in finding the girl. They are more interested in condemning.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The story wasn't made up: it came from the trucrime library she said she downloaded and printed off at work.

The reason I credit her is due to the language: She did not say, "Shawn said..." and simply repeated the story. If she had, she would not have sounded deceptive as she would have been recounting something she believed to be true.

In order to be seen as deceptive, she has to be, herself, deceptive. It is an act of the will, which is why she was indicated for deception.

My car is blue. If I told someone it was red and the person said, "Peter said his car is red", there would be no indication of deception in the speaker. Repeating a lie doesn't show up as a lie.

Because Billie Dunn, herself, showed deception it is an indication that she knew the story was false. In fact, she could not keep track of the details of it, over time, because it did not come from experiential memory. The base of the story came from reading the other child's tragic account, but as applied to Hailey, including the fake quotes where Hailey "told" Shawn, Billie was deceptive.

As to her being the boss of the two, that he did not tell her he quit his job appears to be out of fear of her!

Police recognized her as the leader. She was the one who negotiated the time of the polygraphs and it was up to her to convince him to take it.

It all ended badly for her.


Anonymous said...

I agree with what you are saying, Peter. However, reading crime and looking at the incarcerated has become a way of life in America. To use that analogy that she plagarized a story from True Crime would give others the feeling that they'd be blamed for reading and viewing the same material when in reality that is what is on TV anymore. (I assume so, haven't watched in a while because it is difficult to eat and stare at a burned corpse at the same time).

Anywhooooooo, they, especially she, have told enough lies without using that material, i.e.:I told her not to go outside if she was going to stay at home. Conversely,(innuendo)the world is a dangerous place so it is best to let someone who has threatened my life and the life of my child in the home to protect us.He fails to tell of quiting his job. Perhaps he thinks women are only after his money. She has Hailey request money from him instead of her own father who lives nearby. He has a roof over his head and doesn't have to live with relatives.(In his line of work he makes plenty of money, but it is doubtful he'll ever have any other arrangements from this point on).

It is evident they are both guilty and covering for each other. Somewhere along the line they came up with an original lie no one has detected yet I think.I do not know all the details of this case, but I can imagine what the area is like where they live. Since it was a holiday time when she went missing, it would be reasonable to think that others, normally involved in their routine, would have been doing unroutine things, keeping different hours,etc. That someone has probably already told the police.

Anonymous said...

Peter what do you think of GW/SkeOd new suspect on Hailey Dunn update and discussion?
Sounds like a major lawsuit if they can't prove it.

Anonymous said...

Have taken a little time to review some of the local reports about this case. In doing so, I found this:The on-going investigation has involved members of the Texas Rangers, FBI, CIA, DPS, area law enforcement, as well as the Mitchell County Sheriff’s office and the Colorado City Police Department.

Since I do not watch NG, Geraldo, or any of the other fantasy report shows, I was suprised that the CIA would be involved with the investigation of a missing 13 year old whose parents are obviously dopers-be it minimal-liars,irresponsible,and not at all interested in the well-being of the child.

A tit-for-tat having broken out over precise wording of posters made by the FBI is telling in and of itself.(missing vs. kidnapped) Then, after reading this info, found out the wording of the reward poster at local level has also been changed. No more I'll pay you to lie to put them in jail stuff.

Repetition never ends for these people.

They will find others do not care for their scams anymore than they care for the irresponsible people putting their own children in harms way.

So, what happened? Did someone change cars or was someone spotted with a mask on taking Hailey?

CIA isn't needed for these people.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Billie & Shawn are must be working. They are out, living their lives & LE is doing what ? They are not arrested for child porn...I thought that was illegal. I don't get it.

BostonLady said...

One thing is for sure, the longer Hailey is not found, the more bold Billie Jean becomes. This can be seen by her facebook statements. And, with her boldness, her few supporters are joining her in mocking the Colorado City Police Department.

Billie Jean's few supporters are trying to float out other scenarios as to what happened with Hailey. One is floating that LE has the wrong timeline and is off by 2 hours. It's too convoluted to even try to explain. But basically, all of LE (CCPD,TexRangers,FBI,DA Investigators)is wrong and have based their entire case and investigation on all the wrong times. Except, the super google sleuth does not have all the information that LE has and is not released to the general public. The super sleuths are using discredited witnesses as their time stamps. They are also using what Billie Jean and Shawn have told them. The super google sleuths have floated other scenarios but they didn't stick.

As Peter states, it is all noise. No substance.

Parents of missing children typically do not move away from the home before their child is found. Parents of missing children pass polygraphs and continue to stay in touch with investigators looking for their child. The parents will do all media and plead for their children to be returned. Billie Jean has done none of this. Oh she has done some media but as her lies caught up with her, that all dried up. Her first plea on Nancy Grace was for Hailey to call 911 if she can get to a phone because LE took Billie's phone. Even Nancy Grace was shocked and asked Billie if that was what she wanted to say and Billie said yes, LE had taken her phone.

Parents of missing children do not live with the suspect in the case...

Anonymous said...

They better hope they have proof to back all this and I know if my child was missing I would not want this set of searchers involved in looking for my child! I don't care how nosy one is if this person is so horrible and bad WHY do these people linked to searching for Hailey remain on this persons friends?

Ivy said...

Billie is in so deep. That whole business about leaving the cell phone, call the son to "text the little girl" to tell Hailey, concocted to get as many witnesses to her discovery of Hailey's disappearance "while I was at work". I would be very surprised to learn the sleepover scenario was devised by Shawn. I also don't believe Billie did not know Shawn went to Colorado City, and that she knew about the alibi appearance at his work. Given all of this it would seem logically surprising that she was not involved in her death rather than just the aftermath. However I believe some women really do place the attention of a boyfriend above anything else and think it is more likely that Billie covered up after the fact. If she was involved in her death she will never speak the truth about it. If she only participated in the cover up, because her involvement is still so deep, it would involve such a loss of face and jail time even with the best deal that this also seems unlikely unless Billie comes to see that it actually makes her a better mother to Hailey to tell what she knows than to continue with the charade. I think she is capable, but it is extremely unlikely. Just my opinion of course.

jon said...

On a unrelated note: What do you make of this story?

"She literally ran our agent down, the agent actually was impacted, was hit by the vehicle and carried several hundred yards on the hood before fearing for his life did discharge his weapon to get the vehicle to stop," said Border Patrol Deputy Chief Rodney Scott.

Lucy said...

The case to which you are referring from the early 90s took place in Gilmer, Texas. The foster parents were James and Marie Lappe, and the little boy was Bobby Vernon Jr. He was forced by his "theraputic" foster parents to run up and down stairs until exhausted, as a prelude to his "therapy." On the day he was injured, he refused to run the stairs anymore. "According to siblings who witnessed the assault, either one or both of the adults had smashed his head on a wooden floor until the back of his head 'was mushy'."1 The other children in the home described being isolated, starved, and repeatedly beaten. Bobby was left in an irreversible coma. The foster parents committed suicide, rather than face prosecution.

There was no Satanic cult of ritualistic child abuse. This has been thoroughly and completely debunked. There was sexual abuse occurring in the Vernon household. However, the CPS worker assigned to the Vernon case, and the Lappes, Fundamentalist Christians all, had recently attended a seminar on Satanic Ritual Abuse (again, SRA has since been thoroughly debunked) and were eager to find and fight it. The Vernon children were given "holding therapy". The children were forced to run stairs until exhausted, and were then held down by several adult holders, "one assigned to immobilize the child's head, while the others held down their limbs and dug their knuckles into the child's ribcage, moving the knuckles back and forth. This was supposed to be done with enough force to cause bruising... Holding therapy was supposed to go on for hours with no breaks to go to the bathroom. Meanwhile, the adults were supposed to verbally taunt the child to enrage him, as if the torture being performed on his tiny body wasn't enough."2

In a farce which would put the Salem Witch Trials to shame, the Vernon children were fed false memories of ritualistic Satanic abuse, and were encouraged to accuse others in the town. The children of those parents were in turn tortured into accusing others. Before it was over, sixteen children were removed from their homes, none of which, with the exception of the Vernon home, were ever shown to have any evidence at all of child abuse.

It should be noted here that the two lead "investigators" on this case were a Baptist minister and a gym instuctor for the Texas Dept of Public Safety. Neither had any police training, nor any experience whatsoever in police investigations.

The accused police officer was Sergeant James Brown, who was investigating the disappearance of a local teen girl. The Satanic Panic investigators seized on the girl's disappearance as proof of cult activity, and fed the children stories of her ritualistic murder, which they of course repeated. When Sergeant Brown insisted that there was no evidence of this and that the childrens' statements were unreliable, he was told by the special prosecutor, "If you get into my investigation in any way, I will ruin you personally, professionally, financially, and in every other way."3 Sergeant Brown did not back down, and so he became the next one accused. And yes, although he was never formerly prosecuted, he was ruined. All the indictments of ritualistic abuse were eventually dropped after the Texas Attorney General's office decided that the town of Gilmer was full of sh*t, but the damage was done. And sixteen children were force-fed memories of their parents, all but one set completely innocent, raping, murdering, and eating the dead bodies of countless babies (althouth no babies were missing during that time.)

The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog
By Bruice M Perry MD, PhD
2006 Basic Books
Chapter 7, Satanic Panic
Pgs 155-178
1)pg 157
2)pg 163
3)pg 170

Lucy said...

That should read: "...although he was never FORMALLY prosecuted..."

I don't even have the excuse of cold medecine today.

Lemon said...

Billie Jean Dunn directs her anger and rage at Law Enforcement, searchers, bloggers, etc. She castigates LE, but not a peep for the perpetrator of this heinous crime. She cannot conjure up any anger or rage, or summon any passion whatsoever toward those she feels "took" her daughter.

Why no anger at the perpetrator(s), Billie?
Why no rage toward the one(s) who "took" your daughter?
She was yours, remember?
Not law enforcement's, not searcher's, not blogger's, not ours; YOURS.

To those ready to launch devoid of facts and/or reality, we've all seen her deadpan flat affect and monotone "I'm angry".

Still thinking about making those calls, Billie?
Still thinking about checking with John before you do?
Do you need a cellphone?
Do you need a calling card?

Why aren't you calling, Billie?

Anonymous said...

"Thinking about making those calls". That's right. Who in their right mind would "think" about making a call to find out where things stood regarding their missing child unless they feared LE learning more about just how they themselves were. Great point Lemon.

Anonymous said...

Were guilty. I left out the word guilty.

Let us not forget said...

It seems like because no new info has come out, people are now grasping at straws. If you read on the Facebook pages, it is a new theory every day. It seems like a few have forgotten the facts in the case, and when some bring them up, nobody wants to hear it. Everyone wants to put their own spin on it, but the truth is, the facts are the facts. Even if they are hard to believe, or we don't want to think the worst of someone, we can't turn a blind eye on what has taken place. We don't know what the different agencies are doing, or have done. That is all just pure guessing. What we do know are in the affidavits and in the actions of those during those crucial days. I know we all want to find Hailey, but we can't forget what took place at the beginning, we can't dismiss things because it doesn't fit with our beliefs, we can't dismiss things because we want to be friends with those involved, to get 15 minutes of fame. Hailey is still missing, what about her.

Billie has lied several times, why believe her now? She lied over and over again about being with Shawn. Hiding him in the house as concerned citizens went by to check on her and David. Not once physically searching for Hailey. Failing the polygraph, was under the influence when she took it, and almost two years later has not attempted to take one again. Admissible or not if she has nothing to hide retake it, stop blaming your failure on the person who gave it. Covering up the fact that they purchased drugs that Monday night, and now saying she has never used. Telling people she told Hailey not to go anywhere that day, but didn't go try to check on her. Saying she didn't see Shawn that morning on the road, when they obviously had to pass each other. She left at 6:30 he was in CCity at 6:32 by pings on the tower. Saying a year later she had no idea that Shawn was pinging in CCity from 6:32 till his cell was no longer pinging on towers. REALLY?!?!? That was on the affidavit. Changing David's words from crawling through a window to he went through the front door. How much hatred she had for those seeking justice on Facebook. DONT FORGET

Don't forget how all of a sudden Shawn had to go to work early, but then left as soon as he got there. Don't forget how he lied about his route that morning till pings came out. Don't forget how he was in CCity from apprx. 6:30 to 7:00. Don't forget how his phone was not in range for almost 3 hours. Don't forget how he said he was applying for unemployment, but hadn't even quit his job. Don't forget how a text was sent saying wrud, but he claims she was going to a sleepover, but left with nothing. Don't forget how he told the uncle she could be found in scurry county and to look at himself and Billie. Don't forget how he said killing a child is like killing a deer. Don't forget how his mom knew before Billie that Hailey was missing. Don't forget how he just sat on the porch watching searchers, but NEVER tried to help. Don't forget how he said Hailey was promiscuous. Don't forget how he threatened to kill them. Don't forget he told the grandma he could kill someone and get away with it. Don't forget how all thosepeople have said Hailey was scared of him. Even Billie said only the last 6 months before she went missing had been good. Don't forget Billie said he was MR. Don't forget how he and Billie ran off only six months after Hailey went missing. Don't forget how Hailey told her grandma he would stand by her door at night.

Let us not forget the things that took place DIRECTLY surrounding her disappearance. Let's not get too far away from facts. Hailey deserves the truth. Hailey deserves justice. I havn't forgotten and I hope you won't either.

Let us not forget why we were drawn to this case to begin with, not to make friends with criminals, but for hope that she would be found or justice brought down on the unjust.

Let us not forget Hailey Dunn.

Let us not forget said...

Oops correction.....don't forget how he told LE she was in scurry county** my mind was working faster than my fingers :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping this alive Peter. I believe you are helping the investigation alive and may get ubder Billie and Shawn's skin just enough for them to make a mistake.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you challenged her to sue you. Just think of what would happen if she does. Then maybe we could find Hailey. Maybe she would finally crack. Your attorney would eat her alive. Just like Desiree will get some to testify in her lawsuit against Terri Billie Jean Dunno will be forced under oath to tell us Where Is Hailey?

Anonymous said...

Link to her facebook page?

Anonymous said...

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