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Billie Dunn's Account: Part 10 Adkins Calls 911

January 20th, 2011

Aired January 20, 2011 - 20:00:00   ET

GRACE: Good evening. I`m Nancy Grace. I want to thank you for being with us. Bombshell tonight. As we go to air, investigators, police teams and cadaver dogs at two local landfills, searching now. Police confirming the cadaver dogs make a hit. But is that hit related to Hailey? They say yes, it is, but not a body. What is it?

ADKINS: Yes, is there any way I could speak to Officer Burleson?

911 OPERATOR: No. He`ll be here Tuesday.

ADKINS: OK, well, I got a situation on my hands. I have an ex- girlfriend and she`s taken a whole bunch of Klonopin. It`s like an anxiety pill that I take. I guess she got them from me. And she says she, like, took a bunch of her pain pill, too. And she`s saying that she wants to die. She don`t care about life and all this bullcrap. So I don`t know what to do.

911 OPERATOR: OK, who are you?

ADKINS: I`m her ex-boyfriend.

911 OPERATOR: What is your name?

ADKINS: Shawn Adkins.

911 OPERATOR: Spell your last name, Shawn.



911 OPERATOR: OK. And what is her name?

ADKINS: Billie Dunn. And right now, she`s over at her mother`s house, Connie Ostrander`s. It`s -- who knows where that house is.

911 OPERATOR: Do you know the address?

ADKINS: All I know is she`s off of (DELETED) street.

911 OPERATOR: All right. What`s the phone number for you, Shawn?


911 OPERATOR: OK. And your address?

ADKINS: I`m not real sure about my address because I just barely moved here.


ADKINS: It`s in Big Spring. I know I live on Apache Drive in Big Spring, Texas.

911 OPERATOR: OK. That`ll work.

ADKINS: I`m just not real sure of the house number.


GRACE: With me tonight, taking your calls, Hailey`s mother, Billie Dunn. Billie, tell us what your days are like now. What do you spend your time doing all day?

BILLIE DUNN: Well, today I got out with Marc for a while, and it was really good for me. It was better to get out. We got out and we were able to find a button machine to make some buttons for Hailey. And it was just good for me to get out. And yesterday, I got out and met some of the volunteer searchers.

Note "Marc" is first name basis.  Note the repeated phrase "good for me" in her answer.  Nancy Grace wants to talk about searching for Hailey.   

GRACE: Tell me, where are the searchers coming from, Billie?

BILLIE DUNN: Oh, all over, Nancy. There are some from Odessa, Amarillo, I mean, 100, 200 miles away, people are coming down here to find my daughter. People care from all over. I`m getting letters from all over the United States telling me people are praying for me.

Please note that she was asked about the searchers and her answer is that they are coming from all over "to find" her daughter. 

There is no other reason why searchers would come.  Why would the subject have need to emphasize why searchers would come to search?  This is sensitive.  It only 'works' if you take all the other things we know about this case, together.  

GRACE: Is that one of the buttons you had made today?

BILLIE DUNN: No. This is a previous one that a lady here in town that I don`t know made and she gave us a couple. We should have ours out tomorrow. They`ve got a newer picture of Hailey.

GRACE: Billie, as the search goes on...

BILLIE DUNN: We don`t have them made yet.

GRACE: ... and you hear about possible hits at a landfill, but police saying, this is not a body, we have not found a body, we found something relating to Hailey, it`s not a body -- what thoughts are running through your head? How do you keep going hour to hour?

BILLIE DUNN: It`s so scary to hear stuff like that. And of course, it scares me every time I hear such a thing. But they did tell me if they got a big breakthrough, I would hear about that first. So I was also told they were out there today looking for our trash, any letters, anything Hailey would have jotted anything down on.

GRACE: To Billie Dunn. You believe -- you told me that she was wearing those earrings over Christmas. Did she spend the night with her father Christmas evening?

DUNN: She did.

GRACE: Are you absolutely positive she had the earrings on Sunday, the next day?

DUNN: No, I`m not.

GRACE: So him saying --

DUNN: I noticed that she had taken them out.

GRACE: Yes. So him saying she left it there Christmas night is entirely possible, correct?

DUNN: Yes.

GRACE: OK. Have you heard, or tried to reach Shawn Adkins, the boyfriend?

By now, Nancy Grace has learned to expand her question due to Billie Dunn's deceptive answers.  

DUNN: No. Just every couple of days he`ll reach out. But we don`t really -- we don`t talk.

Deception indicated.  Pronouns don't lie.  People do.  They don't talk.  They don't "really" talk, but she uses the pronoun "we" which is not going to enter her language unless there is unity, cooperation, and they are together.  "We" is to be trusted.  

GRACE: To say what?

Since they don't "really" talk, Grace knows they talk, but just not "really"; therefore, she knew enough to ask what was said. 

DUNN: Just to say he misses us, he loves us

There are interesting words for one who does not "talk".

GRACE: Does he ever say anything about Hailey?

DUNN: He`s praying for her. Just the same as you`ve heard.

GRACE: Is it your understanding his lawyer has told him not to speak to you?

DUNN: Yes.

GRACE: And it states, I miss you so much, babe. There is nothing more than I want than to be there for you. Don`t lose hope. I love you, Hailey and David. Does that sound familiar, Billie?

DUNN: I hadn`t read it.

GRACE: OK. This is Shawn Adkins` alleged MySpace posting. Out to the lines. We`re taking your calls. 


SHAWN ADKINS: Yes, do you have a way I could speak to Officer Burleson (ph)?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, he`ll be here Tuesday.

ADKINS: OK, well I`ve got a situation on my hands. I have an ex- girlfriend and she`s taken a whole bunch of Klonopin, it`s like an anxiety pill that I take. I guess she got them from me and she says she, like, took a bunch of her pain pills too and she`s saying that she wants to die. She don`t care about life and all this bullcrap. So I don`t know what to do.


ADKINS: I`m her ex-boyfriend.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What is your name?

ADKINS: Shawn Adkins.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Spell your last name, Shawn.


GRACE: You know, that`s a very good point. But you`ve got to remember, the boyfriend places himself with Hailey around 3:00 after the neighbor sees her at 12:00. But speaking of that, back to Billie Dunn, Hailey`s mom, you`re actually more familiar than that than we are because we have gone around and tried to find that guy. We haven`t been able to find him. What do you know about him? Have police finally run him down?

DUNN: I know that they did question him well. They did search the house that he was living in here next door. They said they searched it well. He`s not a suspect. I don`t know if they know where he went to or not. I believe he`s still in town. And Nancy, I wanted to get a message out to Hailey, if she is watching and she happens to get to a phone, to call 911. Because I do not have my cell phone.

GRACE: And what is your message? To call 911?

DUNN: Yes. Get out there, if you can get to a phone, run to a phone and call 911. Because I don`t have my cell phone with me. And I know she knows that number.


Anonymous said...

So, he already has a buddy on the police force that will cover his tracks, eh?

SHAWN ADKINS: Yes, do you have a way I could speak to Officer Burleson (ph)?

Anonymous said...

"bunch of pain pill?"
All one of them? Lol!

Toothache? I am amazed any dentist would keep giving pain pills over a toothache. Typically, they would prescribe antibiotics and a pain pill if it is really bad. Really bad means a root canal is on the way.

If she worked at the hospital, was she hijacking the pain medication of others? Was she entering the unlocked homes in her area and taking medication? Was he?

That's a small town. An area pharmacist would know immediately who is and is not a good doctor.It's not likely they'd go into a doctors office and find "God" laced conspiracy crap to read left behind by the morons who beleive it is their duty to dupe others.

Nope. Not buying this "study" of Dunn and et al. Surely the movie will be much more amusing.

John Mc Gowan said...

GRACE: To say what?

Since they don't "really" talk, Grace knows they talk, but just not "really"; therefore, she knew enough to ask what was said.

DUNN: Just to say he misses us, he loves us.

Is the word "Just" Minimising? IF so,is he saying allot more than she is disclosing?

dadgum said...

Addicts often show up at emergency rooms on weekends and holidays, when regular offices are closed. In many cases, they remember to go to an ER within a different system than the last one they were in, or different from any of their MD visits. They either have a toothache, or back pain, neither can be confirmed or disputed by ER staff, so they are given medication.

Husband smashed his hand loading hay on Labor Day. We arrive at the hospital, a couple outside were dropped off, and were arguing. Inside, the guy tells a long, rambling story of his aches, pains, stitches..all treated by a different hospital system. What he was not aware of was that system also runs the local county hospital, though no sighs say so. When he got to "toothache' I giggled. Idiot. Go away so my husband can get his hand looked after.

I have been a pain patient for much of my life. Do not like it one bit, lol. The pain clinics we must go to because of legal issues and MDs not wanting to prescribe are appalling. A 5 minute recheck, for prescription renewals every 2-3 months, is hundreds of dollars. Fine for the addicts we see in the waiting room, there to pick up "mom's prescriptions", no ID, hold my puppy I brought to distract you..

Makes the real patients insane, as do the addicts we see on TV and in the news..

Tania Cadogan said...

Hugs you tight sore 'gum.

I know exactly what you mean.
Right now in the UK they are now making every person on incapacity and disability living allowance be checked for fitness to work.

Apart from the worry that the person (from ATOS) isn't qualified/is biased/inept etc those of us with diseases that vary from day to day, heck even hour to hour fear we will be judged fit to work despite having been assessed already by the DLA as unfit and getting the benefit indefinitely or for life.
Are they expecting a miraculous cure overnight (some had been granted the benefit sometimes weeks earlier and are now being reassessed again).

I like so many would rather be fit and healthy and doing the job we love and earning a decent living wage. However, we can't (mine was working with animals and involved lots of heavy lifting, carrying and bending none of which i can do now without suffering the consequences)

The genuinely disabled now have to fight tooth and nail as they follow all the rules and regs, get prodded, poked, jumping through hoops (not literally) and treated as malingering scum, whilst the malingerers and scroungers who are claiming for back pain, stress, depression, migraine (the clasic being one claimant said he can't work sine he had a migraine 20 yrs ago and he worries he might get another one if they make him get a job) know what to say and can put on an act worthy of an oscar.
As mom says, she has friends claiming who are miraculously cured and can run if they are late for bingo or afer a few pints, travel the world doing exciting things without suffering any discomfort apart from the odd hangover.
Who needs the holy water from Lourdes when a couple of double whiskies does the same thing :)

All this along with rising unemployment means that we get taken off one benefit, have to attend pointless courses which achieve nothing expect something to put on your cv and go onto another benefit which pays less.
The result being the genuinely disabled are now on less money, they can't afford to travel since their mobility car is gone and will likely end up in hospital due to their disability being exacerbated ( i have managed to avoid hospital so far by sheer stubborness, it is full of germs and sick people)

Result means money saved on sickness benefit, increased unemployment and the additinal costs of appeals and tribunals who will often reinstate the benefit and ask what plonker decided you can walk no problem when it's clear to us you can't and are likely to fall over from exhastion when you try and stand up. (i didn't fall over, they still had to help me up since the berks provided a chair with no arms)

dadgum said...

Still OT..You stay out of the hospital,'s full of sick people!!
I saw a BBC report on just what you spoke of. The fellow who bowled people over, when he "couldn't walk"..punching anyone in his path. Priceless. But so sad, and a waste of time for those with documented disability. While I agree that life disability and work disability are two separate things (one of Sam's docs is a man with quadraplegia he sustained in an accident in college), often they are one and the same, or the dis gets one ages.

Gentle hugs back, Hobs..

My point was, it's not so unbelievable that people get drugs by script every day when they don't need them. There are some quite interesting documentaries on the drug trade between Florida and Northern Appalachians. The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (Jesco White)

loking for the one on the 'pipeline' and the airplane trafficing..

John Mc Gowan said...

Hobs, I have epilepsy, They think I woke up one day and it was gone,I am no different,yet I have to fight for my ESA .yes I wish I wasn't epileptic.and could work again,unfortunately my illness wont allow it, yet I have to go and fight for my makes me so angry.

sidewalk super said...

Is the mother of Hailey indeed wearing prison orange for the camera?