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Billie Dunn's Account, Part 7

January 17, 2011

This is the seventh time the Nancy Grace Show covered the disappearance of Hailey Dunn.  We are allowing the words of Billie Dunn, Hailey's mother, to guide us.

With the constant lying it is interesting to note that after 6 appearances of consistent deception, two guests, Bethany Marshall and Marc Klaas affirm that she is truthful, brave, and caring.  Only a few guests have raised concerns.

No one caught the past tense references by Billie Dunn, indicating that Hailey was dead.

 Thus far we have seen:

Billie Dunn's deception method of avoidance and deflection. She is consistent in how she is deceptive and we have seen that only Nancy Grace has caught her on some of the deceptive responses.

First, she indicated that Hailey was dead.  Then, show by show, more information leaked out:

1.  Substance abuse.  

2.  Violence

3.  Sex

1.  Substance abuse entered the case of a missing 13 year old.  It began with just some anti-anxiety medication before a polygraph, but as the lies unfolded, it became much more, including anti-anxiety medication (tranquilizers) used to deceive the polygraph, to a New Year's Eve party to the purchasing of illegal drugs on the fateful night of Hailey's disappearance.

2.  Violence.

What began as a happy home eventually turned into a home where the boyfriend threatened the lives of the inhabitants, but the abdicating and neglectful mother invited him to move in.  We then learned of serial killer literature in the home, including a story of a girl who was abducted and killed who had planned to sleep over at a friend's house, only to never make it.  It is the same story Billie Dunn floated.

3.  Sex.  What began as an innocent 13 year old has now turned into an accusation by Shawn Adkins of the 13 year old being "promiscuous."  What is to follow is much worse.

This show aired on January 17, 2011

Slasher Video of Mom`s Boyfriend Horrifies in Hailey Dunn Case
Aired January 17, 2011 - 20:00:00   ET

GRACE: Good evening, I`m Nancy Grace, I want to thank you for being with us. Bombshell tonight. In the last hours, eerie and threatening slasher video emerges. It`s Mommy`s live-in boyfriend, like out of a horror movie, and apparently smoking pot, too, on video. We have the video.

What would you say if you learned someone hurt your missing daughter?  Note Billie Dunn's response:  

BILLIE DUNN: If he did hurt my daughter, I`ll -- I`m -- I would be disgusted by that.


GRACE: We are taking your calls live. And also with us, taking your calls, Hailey`s mother and father, Billie and Clint Dunn. They are joining us from Hailey`s home. First to you, Billie Dunn. Did you have any idea that your live-in was into slasher videos, making them, dressing up in these crazy horror masks and Ninja outfits and machetes and chainsaws?

BILLIE DUNN: No. I knew that he had the mask, that he bought and traded masks. I didn`t watch the videos. I think that`s before we got together. I don`t know. And I did see some on line, and it`s not good.
Billie Dunn's answer: 
1.  No
2.  I did not watch them
3.  I did see some 
4.  It's not good

GRACE: OK, I have nothing to suggest that. And also, I do know that the mom, Billie Dunn, was at work that day, that she got to work on time and stayed the whole day, her whole shift. I know that the little girl, Hailey, was observed by a third person -- that would be her brother, her 16-year-old brother -- the evening before around 9:00 PM playing a video game on TV, one of the box games. I also know the neighbor, apparently -- although we have not been able to confirm this and neither have the police, a neighbor says that they observed her around noon in the back yard talking on a cell phone. And that puts Billie Dunn out of the picture if that neighbor comes through.

You also have the boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, saying he gets home. He gets home around 3:00 o`clock. Hailey`s there, and she leaves to walk to a little friend`s house.

So let`s go to the mom, Billie Dunn. What`s your response to Benay in New York that you were so jealous of your boyfriend`s attention to Hailey that you murdered her?

BILLIE DUNN: Wow. I`m definitely not jealous of her. I`m so proud of her for how smart she is, how pretty she is, how funny she is. She didn`t get any special attention from Shawn.
Was she jealous of Hailey?
1.  "I'm definitely not jealous of her" is to deny, plus add the word "definitely" to strengthen it. 
2.  "She didn't get any special attention from Shawn"has her reporting what she didn't get.  What is "special" attention?  Is this something she did not want Hailey to have?  Is it something she wanted Hailey to have?  Nancy Grace said she was happy when her kids got attention from others.  
3.  Below, "I'm not jealous" has the additional words "at all", making the statement:
"I am not jealous" repeated (sensitive) with additional wording, "definitely" and "at all" with the repeated denial. 
She likely was very jealous and made sure, as a rival, that Hailey did not get Shawn's "special" attention. 

GRACE: You know, another thing, Billie...

BILLIE DUNN: I`m not jealous at all.
Note that need to repeat.  

GRACE: ... when I see my husband, my family, my parents give attention, lavish attention on my children, the twins, I`m so happy.


GRACE: I`m so happy that someone wants to play with them, read to them, be with them. It makes you happy when you think someone`s showing interest...


GRACE: ... and loving on them, and spending time with them. Doesn`t make me jealous. I`ve never picked up on that.

To Caryn Stark. Where would that theory even come from, Caryn Stark?

CARYN STARK, PSYCHOLOGIST: Because there definitely are, Nancy, women who are jealous of their teenage daughters. And I know that for you, it`s not the case. But it does sometimes happen that it makes them bemoan the fact that they`re getting older and that they`re not the same way. We`re not talking about a good mother or good parenting, but it does happen, particularly when they don`t have the right attention from a spouse.
the rare guest who picks up on something:
With all the lies and deception and perversion in this case, we have an aging mother, and a younger boyfriend in the home with a pretty, younger daughter.  We have a grandmother worried about rape.  We have drugs lowering resistance.  We learn later that pornography was there, including child pornography, lowering resistance. 
Drugs and deviant sex and a missing 13 year old.  

CALLER: Since the mom failed the first polygraph test, has she asked the police to take another one?

GRACE: That`s an excellent question. To Billie Dunn joining us tonight and taking your calls, I know cops told you deception possible on your first polygraph. That`s what you tell us. Cops say they never said any such of a thing. Are you willing to take another poly, and if not with the local cops, would you take one with the Feds?

B. DUNN: No. I would think about taking one with somebody else, with the FBI.

GRACE: That is the Feds.

B. DUNN: But that`s something I`d have to think long and hard about.

ALEXIS WEED, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: Nancy, we`re getting a little bit more information on what could be the timeline that has to do with Monday December 27th, the day in question. We`re finding out today from Billie Dunn, that perhaps there was a text message, she`s hearing from police, a text message was sent from her phone, that`s the phone that Hailey would use, she used her mother`s phone, sent at 2:00 in the afternoon, to the friend where she was supposedly going according to Shawn Adkins to the friend`s house, however, there was no response to that text. The text said just what are you doing to the friend.

GRACE: Now Billie Dunn, explain to me the significance of that?

B. DUNN: With Shawn getting the cell phone pings coming back to Colorado City that morning, I want to know who she talked to on the phone, it`s very important to me if she was on that phone and they`re not saying that anybody is an accountable witness it seems that has seen her on Monday. So I want to know who called my cell phone that morning and that afternoon, and who she called, and those are answers that I know they have, that they still haven`t gotten back with me on. 

We have the "eye witnesses" who claimed to have seen Hailey.  All were discounted by police as either fake or unreliable. There were connections with drugs. 

GRACE: How about the people --

C. DUNN: And also --

GRACE: Go ahead, Billie.

B. DUNN: Yeah, the guy who owns it, Travis, he knows where Dennis went, the guy who saw her. But there`s also another lady, Jean Burris (ph), a neighbor of ours, whose grandchildren grew up with our kids. She says she saw her Monday, she said she told the FBI that twice. She saw her Monday between 10:30 and 12:00. She knows it was Monday because she doesn`t do hair on Sunday. She knows it was that day. She knows Hailey. And I believe Jillian spoke with her also, but police aren`t telling me that.
Note that she reports that the police aren't telling her "that."  She will not allow for the audience to think that she and the police are on opposite sides and are hostile towards each other.  She failed her polygraph and was interrogated for 10 hours.  Police were not sharing information with her because they believed that she and Adkins were involved.  
Some even counseled her to break up with Adkins.  She repeatedly blamed him, said they were broken up, but she was lying:  she was still with him, even to the point of telling police, "He is not here", but when asked, "Can we look around?" they found him there hiding. 
This is how deeply committed she was to protecting him.
No, self preservation. 

GRACE: OK, got it. Let`s go to Billie and Clint Dunn on that. First to you, Billie Dunn, did you put out an APB, all points bulletin? Did you tell all of your family immediately? What did you do? Explain to us once again that day when you got home from work?

B. DUNN: I told all of my -- and I believe I told all of my close family members and I got a hold of all of Hailey`s friends that day. 

Note the stop in the sentence indicating missing information.  Dunn had previously said that she had contacted others, but then changed to something she would do, and then to "we"; here it is qualified with "I believe I told..." and "got a hold" and not "talked to".
Note use of "told" and not said. 
GRACE: Now, tell me what happened when you got home from work, does Adkins come pick you up?

B. DUNN: No, Tuesday when I got home, when I realized she didn`t spend the night at Mary Beth`s, I came straight home, my sister-in-law gave me a ride. And then Shawn met me here

If you heard your child was missing, would you come straight home from work?  Of course you would.
Has Billie Dunn said she went "straight home" before this?
She did.
She said she went "straight" home from her mother's.   
The extra word is "straight" and it is unnecessary.  We learned that the last time she went "straight home" she was deceptive:  she stopped off to buy drugs. 

GRACE: And what happens when you get home from work that day? When does Shawn tell you she`s gone?

B. DUNN: He told me Monday afternoon that she had went to Mary Beth`s

GRACE: So when do you realize she`s missing? When does he tell you she`s not there?

B. DUNN: He didn`t tell me, I found out first Tuesday afternoon, when I called to say, tell Hailey to come home.

GRACE: And what time was that, Billie? 
Nancy Grace is suspicious and is asking repetitive questions to lock Dunn in to specifics.  It appears that she senses that Billie Dunn has not been truthful. 

Hailey Dunn was last seen on Monday night, at 9PM, when her brother, David saw her.  
From that time onward, we only know of being seen by Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn:  the two who failed polygraphs. 
B. DUNN: It was around noon on the 28th.

GRACE: And when you learned she had never come home, what did you do?

B. DUNN: I left work, stopped by the house first, to make sure she hadn`t got there, went by a couple of her friends` houses and went to the police station.

GRACE: To Billie Dunn, you know what a back flip I would do if I thought someone watched a slice and dice slasher movie in front of the twins? What was he doing with all of that at the home?

B. DUNN: We all watched horror movies. Like I said before, we have mostly comedies in this house. But comedies can`t be looked down upon. 

GRACE: Comedies can`t be what?

B. DUNN: Looked down upon.

GRACE: I`m not talking about the comedies, I`m happy about the comedies.

B. DUNN: I know.


Nic said...

Hailey Dunn was last seen on Monday night, at 9PM, when her brother, David saw her.

Hi Peter, Re last seen "Monday".

Here is the timeline as I remember it via BJD's forever changing story.

Hailey's brother, David, saw her SUNDAY night as he was leaving to go to a sleepover at his friends. Hailey was playing video games.

Monday SD left for work at 5:30AM, arrived around 6:00AM and then walked out at 6:10. He was pinged back in Dunn at 6:30AM.

BJD got a ride to work with a supposed colleague at 6:30. (Her phoned pinged around that time and she said it was b/c her ride was late and she had gone back into the house to call them.) It's confirmed that she was at work all day (never reported otherwise).

We can only speculate if SA and BJD crossed paths at 6:30AM at her house. Part of me suspects that her ride that AM was SA and she was calling him to tell him to get the lead out. jmo

In any event, BDJ got t work and was supposedly there all day.

Meanwhile, back in Dunn, if SA wasn't BJ's ride, he left (unknown time,) and then went to his g'mas. He then left there and went to his mom's and reported that he spent the day there "job hunting on the internet".

That same day, (Monday) SA arrived back at BJD's house and reported that at 3:00/3:15 Hailey said she was going to her dad's and then to Mary Beth's for a sleepover.

Clint never saw her and Mary Beth reported Hailey never made it to her place. (Was it even confirmed whether they said there was a s/o to begin with? I don't think so.)

If I remember correctly, SA picked BJ up from work that Monday. That was the night they went into CC to buy drugs/stop into her mom's.

Afterwards they went home and got ready for bed.

I'm foggy as to where David was on Monday. Was it Monday that he and his friend broke into the house? When they came across SA with a deer in the headlights look. (Am I wrong in thinking that David had his friend sleepover at BJ's Monday night?) Or was it Tuesday when BJ called home and she told him to text MB to tell her to tell Hailey it was time to get home?

So much has been reported about SA and his comings and goings and BJD "alibi" that I didn't find circumstances around David being that clear except that he was the last one who could say he saw her at a specific time and place. (Sunday between 9 and 10 playing video games).

Anonymous said...

2 things were a red flag to me on this one.

1. Billie says she wants to know who Hailey "supposedly" talked to that Monday, who was she texting etc...but Hailey was not reported missing until Tuesday. Billie had her phone all Monday evening/night. She also had it until police took it from her. So during this time did she not ONCE go into her text messages or recent calls? Hard to believe someone wouldn't see a text that had been sent out on their phone, and their child is missing. You knew she had the phone that day, why not check it to see if she called anybody or sent out a text. I'm not sure when she heard the neighbor saw her on the phone, but if it was before police took her phone, why didn't she look to see who she was talking too?? She had the phone after Hailey went missing, why not check it?

2. When she is talking about calling home that Tuesday and speaking to David her wording is a bit off to me. She say's "when I called to SAY tell Hailey to come home". She didn't call to TELL Hailey to get home, she called just to SAY "tell Hailey to get home". HUGE DIFFERENCE.