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Billie Dunn's Account: Part Six : Hailey's Grandmother

Connie Jones said she believed Hailey was raped by Adkins and Billie is covering for him.  She told this to a national audience, via Nancy Grace. 
Billie Dunn's only response:  why didn't someone tell her. 

Later, Dunn and lawyer John Young threatened suit over saying the same thing here. 

Nancy Grace told Billie Dunn that she did not have Dunn on the show to rake her over the coals, but it is exactly what happened, as the Dunn story fell apart, and she was confronted with the police affidavit in which Dunn said that there were only "some" things on it that needed to be "cleared up." 

Here, things are about to get worse for Billie Dunn on January 13, 2011 in front of a national audience as Hailey's own grandmother introduces yet another new topic in the case:  sexual deviance.  At the time, we did not know about child pornography.   

GRACE: Good evening. I`m Nancy Grace. I want to thank you for being with us. Bombshell tonight. A horrific scenario is emerging. Hailey`s grandmother reveals her fear, her real fear that Mommy`s live-in boyfriend molested 13-year-old Hailey, then murdered her when she threatened to tell. And as we go to air, police plan a dig underneath Hailey`s home.

I want to go straight out to you, ladies. I want to thank you for being with us. Everyone, take a look at the photos...

BILLIE DUNN: Thank you.

GRACE: ... of Hailey that we are showing you. The tip line, 325-728- 5294. Many people believe this girl could still be alive.

With us, Billie Dunn and Connie Jones. I want to go first to Connie Jones. This is Hailey`s grandmother. Ms. Jones, thank you for being with us. I understand that it wasn`t that long ago you tried to get custody, relatives tried to get custody away from Mommy? You wanted Hailey out of that home, is that correct?

Connie Jones attempted to get custody of Hailey away from Billie Dunn. 


GRACE: What happened?

JONES: Well, I had went on vacation, and when I come back, Clint had said that he had Hailey and then Billie that he ended up getting her back and everything. And I didn`t even know any of this was going on until I came back.

GRACE: You didn`t know what was going on?

JONES: No, ma`am. All I know is that Clint tried to take her because Hailey wanted to stay with Clint. And  wanted her back

GRACE: Ms. Jones -- Ms. Jones, your theory that the live-in boyfriend sexually attacked the little girl and that he killed her when she threatened to tell -- what do you base that on?

JONES: Because Hailey had told me him been living there in the past that he would walk around at nighttime, and the hall light would be on, and she could see his shadow at her door, at the foot of the door. She could see his legs at the foot of the door, just at her door, just standing there. And it scared her. And I don`t know, things just don`t add up that Monday. Why would he leave his job? He didn`t quit, he just left his job.

GRACE: You know what`s odd about that, Connie Jones -- with us taking your calls live is Hailey`s mother, Billie Dunn, and her grandmother, Connie Jones. Ms. Jones, I asked that question several times last night, and this is what I got, that he showed up around 6:00 AM to work. He went to the soft drink machine, he got a Coke or whatever he got, he took a few sips out of it, he looked at his boss and walked out. There wasn`t an argument. He didn`t get fired. He didn`t say, I quit. He just walked out. He wasn`t there over 15 minutes. Now, why do you drive all the way to work, which is well over 20 miles to where he works...


GRACE: ... drink a soda, take a look at your boss and walk out? And then the cell phone pings place him back in Colorado City, there at the home. He did not go straight to his mother`s, the way he said he did.

But I want to get back to what you told me. Hailey was afraid of him?

JONES: Yes, ma`am. She told me...

GRACE: Why...

JONES: ... a number of times that she was afraid of him.

BILLIE DUNN: Why didn`t nobody tell me?

GRACE: Well, hold on, Billie. Hold on, Billie Dunn. What was she afraid of? What specifically would she say, Ms. Jones?

JONES: That she was afraid of him walking around at night. She said that he`d go in the bathroom and he`d use Billie`s phone and talk to people and then come out and just stand by her door. She said he -- she was just afraid of him. At this time, she was only, like, 11.

GRACE: Did she tell you anything other than him standing by her bedroom door at night?

JONES: No. She said he never tried any advances toward her or anything and...

GRACE: Did you ask her?

JONES: Yes, ma`am. I asked her a lot if he ever tried anything to her. And I told her, I said, If he ever tries anything, you tell your mom and your dad. I said, Don`t -- I said, He can`t -- he`s not going to get away with it, Hailey, if he ever touches you in any way.

GRACE: And what would she say? When you would tell her that, what would she say?

JONES: She said that she would and everything. And the last couple of months, I hadn`t seen her very much because her dad moved over to Colorado City. And she usually spends the night, sometimes the weekend with me, and I hadn`t seen her that much. But she always called me, almost every day.

GRACE: Have you shared your theory with your son, Hailey`s father?

JONES: Yes, I have. I told him that she was afraid of him.

GRACE: What did he say?

JONES: I don`t remember what he said. I know he was concerned, but I don`t really remember what he said. There were times he would talk to Billie, they would get into an argument. So I guess they just quit talking to each other.

She does not remember, she does not "really" remember.  Deception indicated.  Not remembering is the number one lie in court, and here, she repeats it, making it sensitive, but then adds in the word "really" to qualify.  It it likely that her son's response was something she did not wish to reveal as it would portray him negatively.  

GRACE: To Billie Dunn, Hailey`s mother. What is your response?

BILLIE DUNN: It appalls me. Why would nobody tell me this? If she was concerned about that, why not tell me or Clint a long time ago? And I never heard of anybody fighting me for custody until tonight, just now.
GRACE: Well, Billie, if she`s telling her grandmother and the grandmother`s telling the father, she is telling people! She`s telling people she was afraid of your boyfriend.

BILLIE DUNN: Why didn`t her grandmother not tell me or her father, is what I`m saying.

Nancy Grace raked Billie Dunn over the calls on the previous show.  Here she tells Billie Dunn that she won't do it again and then uses the word "but" refuting that which came before.  She is going to do it again, this time, not about her party, but about going out to purchase drugs.  

A 13 year old girl is missing and we have serial killer literature in the home and we have drugs.  In only the 6th time she has appeared on the show, the puzzle is getting clearer and clearer: 

GRACE: To you, Billie Dunn. I want to hear your response. And I don`t have you on to rake you over the coals. I`ve got to ask you the hard questions. But I want you to tell us your side and what you want and what you know and what you want searchers and the public to know to help find your girl. But you`ve got to answer to these allegations. What about this? I know that you used your ATM twice in a row that Monday night when Hailey goes missing, one right after the next. Now, according to these police affidavits, illegal drugs were purchased. What`s the story, Billie?

Mistake:  "illegal" drugs.  This is the type of phrase that gives a liar the "out" she needs which Billie Dunn grabs on to.  The drugs purchased were illegally purchased, but they are drugs legally prescribed.  Watch the skill of Billie Dunn to deceive those who are not carefully listening:  

BILLIE DUNN: I know. And I don`t want to get into it any more. I just want to clear things up. We did go to the ATM, and the reason there was two withdrawals is because I didn`t know how much money I had in there. I know we were broke. We pulled money out for gas, food, whatever. We did go to the north side of town for maybe 15 minutes just to stop by my mom`s house. And she lives on the north side of Snyder. And we came straight home.

Since the story of the drug purchasing is already known, let's look at the style of Billie Dunn in deception.  This answer is very helpful for Statement Analysis.  It is repeated here:

BILLIE DUNN: know. And I don`t want to get into it any more. I just want to clear things up. We did go to the ATM, and the reason there was two withdrawals is because I didn`t know how much money I had in there. I know we were broke. We pulled money out for gas, food, whatever. We did go to the north side of town for maybe 15 minutes just to stop by my mom`s house. And she lives on the north side of Snyder. And we came straight home

GRACE: OK, back to you, Michael Board. What specifically are police saying about illegal drug purchases that evening?

BOARD: These are the affidavits. These are the interviews that police did with Billie and Shawn. In here, you can look at the exact thing they said. They went to Scurry County in here to purchase illegal narcotics. This isn`t me saying this. This isn`t a reporter speculating about what he believes they did with their time. This is what they told police and this is what police have put into documents that they used to get search warrants for their house.

GRACE: Well, what I find significant is that I`m reading exactly the same affidavit you have, Michael Board, and it claims that the drugs were purchased in Scurry, Texas. And as you recall, last night, Jean Casarez reported that while talking to police, the boyfriend says, You can find her over in Scurry Texas. That`s where you`ll find her.

OK, Billie Dunn, I`ve got the police affidavit right here in my hand verbatim. I`ve got hundreds of pages of documents that we have combed through. And they say you used (ph) -- at 6:19, 6:20 PM, you withdraw $60, then $80 cash. It was then determined through a volunteer -- voluntary admission of you, Billie Dunn, the money was used to purchase illegal narcotics from a person in Scurry County.

Here is where we see the same pattern of deception by Billie Dunn:  
BILLIE DUNN: Right. And I read that, too. The only narcotics I had were prescribed to me, and I even showed those to Priscilla to get them on tape.

1.  "Right"  She affirms what Nancy Grace said about withdrawing money to purchase illegal narcotics from a person in Scurry County.  

2.  "I read that too" is to find something to agree with Nancy Grace. 

3.  "The only narcotics I had" agrees that "narcotics" were involved. 

4.  "The only narcotics I had" introduces what Dunn "had" but not "purchased", even though she agreed with Nancy Grace who used the word "purchased" in her question. 

5.  She "showed those" to Priscilla.  

Please note that Nancy Grace did not get taken by this deception.  Let's say that you had a toothache and were given a prescription for a narcotic pain killer, used it up, and ran out.  The doctor refused to give you another script, so you went to your local drug dealer and purchased it on the street.  You could say that the only narcotics you had, in type, were the kind prescribed to you, which is truthful, but it is deceptive, in that you did withdraw money to make an illegal drug purchase.  
GRACE: OK, so are you telling me that you got, basically, a refill of prescription drugs not from the drugstore? Is that what the illegal narcotic was?

She got her refill from the neighborhood drug dealer.  It should be noted that she and Adkins knew where to drive to in order to make a drug purchase.  She was truthful about stopping off at her mother's; she just did not say why she went to her mothers:  to see if mother (now in prison for drugs, herself) wanted drugs.  A dutiful daughter.  
BILLIE DUNN: No. I`m not even sure what day I got the prescriptions. I think it was before then.

Deception indicated.  Again, she answers with a "no" but then goes off into tangents using her "divert" strategy of deception.  Nancy Grace did not ask what date the script was, nor would it matter. 

GRACE: Let`s go out to Billie Dunn. Why weren`t there sheets on her bed?

BILLIE DUNN: The investigators took her sheet off. I`d asked them to use the sheet for the dogs to get the scent, but I think they kept it.

She answered the question without qualification.  It is likely a truthful answer.  But, she does not end there:

She would ask them to use it for tracking dogs "but" she thinks they kept it.

This presupposes that they would not know that they needed Hailey's scent for tracking and is an attempt to portray herself as actively involved in the search. 

She portrays herself as actively involved in the search because she has a need to portray herself as actively involved:  

Because she was not involved in the search and police were not giving her, as a suspect, information. 

GRACE: We are taking your calls, out to Maria in Massachusetts, hi, Maria.

MARIA, CALLER FROM MASSACHUSETTS: Hi, Nancy. Thank you for taking my call. My problem here is, I`ve been seeing this story since it broke out. I watch you every night and the mother Billie has no emotion whatsoever. And hearing a mother talking about her daughter being raped and maybe even murdered, and there`s still no emotion.

GRACE: To Billie Dunn. Billie Dun, you`ve been doing a lot of defending yourself. I want to hear your response to that.

DUNN: I have every horrible emotion imaginable. I break down several times in my room by myself. I try my hardest not to do it on TV. But I do try my hardest not to do it around family. I shouldn`t have to be defending my self.

The fact is, Hailey is not in this house, and nobody`s found her. Everybody needs to remember that the whole reason her face is being put out there is because she`s not in her house.

Which does she try her "hardest"?  TV?  Family?  She is doing a good job pretending to not care, not search, not be upset.  This is called Behavioral Analysis and it indicates guilty knowledge that her child is dead. 

Miss Dunn, why do police want to dig under your home?

DUNN: Because they asked if there was a way they could get under the home to search. And I told them, sure, we`ll get them under there. There was a place that Clint, when he was here, he boarded up a long time ago so the dogs couldn`t get under there. But I know where it is and we can get them under there.

Note the plural "we'll" get them under there, as if she would be cooperating with police; the very opposite that police have claimed. 

What about it, Billie Dunn? Scurry County, what`s the connection?

DUNN: Me and Hailey have a lot of friends and family there.

GRACE: You know, it sounds like a lot of people think she`s taken off and is hiding out in Odessa or Scurry County. But the reality is, police have said that simply is not true.

Billie, shed some light on it.

DUNN: It`s a good thought and a good hope, and really the only hope - - the best thing we can hope for is that she would be hiding out, but she`s 13, she took nothing. I didn`t worry about her being a bad kid.

GRACE: I want to go back to Billie Dunn joining us tonight and taking your calls live. She`s joining us out of Colorado City, Texas.

It`s my understanding that your live-in is no longer cooperating with police. Why do you believe that?

DUNN: It`s just -- it`s a scary thought and a bad thought for me, but he`s not. There`s a reason he`s not. He has -- he does have inconsistencies. Why would he come to Colorado City before he goes to his mom`s house? Why just go to work and turn around and walk out?

GRACE: How old is he? Was he born in `85? Is he -- how old is he?

DUNN: Yes, he`s 25, 26.

GRACE: And how old are you?

DUNN: Thirty-three.

GRACE: You keep -- you`ve told me now that he`s not cooperating with police, and I ask you why you say that. I`m not asking why is he not cooperating, I`m saying, why you say that. Is he not calling police? Is he not going down to the station like he`s been asked to?

DUNN: Right. He`s not -- yes, he hasn`t been down there. He hasn`t been talking to any investigators or police or anybody.

GRACE: When we were told that -- when police wanted to look at his cell phone, he started deleting numbers, did he explain that to you?

DUNN: What he told me was, they wanted to see where he had called me at work. He showed it to them on his phone. They said, OK, gave it back to him, and they said show me again. And he says it wasn`t there.

GRACE: To Connie Jones --

DUNN: They didn`t tell me he deleted it, so.

GRACE: This is -- this is Hailey`s grandmother.

Miss Jones, it`s my understanding, from what I`ve read, from what I`ve heard, what I`ve been told, that you did not like -- you didn`t care for this boyfriend at the get-go. Why?

JONES: He`s suggesting that I had -- I don`t know. It`s just a feeling that I had. It doesn`t have anything to do with Clint or Billie, it`s -- I don`t know. It`s just a feeling. He didn`t look right to me.

GRACE: In what way, how did he behave?

JONES: He didn`t behave in any unusual way or anything, he`s just that -- I don`t know, I don`t -- it`s just a feeling that I have.

Grace:  Billie Dunn, have you heard the live-in Shawn Adkins talking about her being just a runaway? I mean, he did tell police how you can find her over there in Scurry County.

DUNN: Right. But from the get-go, I told them the first night I didn`t believe she would ever run away. I never gave Shawn a chance to say otherwise.

GRACE: Has she ever run away? Has she ever stayed away without telling you where she was?

DUNN: No, no.

GRACE: To Billie Dunn. Billie, at first she tells cops she is a great little girl, then says she is promiscuous. Why would he say something like that?

DUNN: Right.

Dunn agrees.  She allows Adkins to be painted a suspicious and guilty.  
GRACE: How did he speak about her to you?

DUNN: Well, how dare him say that in the first place, but he told me, I`ve done a wonderful job with my kids.

The question is sensitive:  Billie Dunn avoided answering Nancy Grace's question.  

The blaming of Adkins and throwing suspicion upon his is deceptive. 

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