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Billie Dunn's Account: Part Three, Nancy Grace Show

This is the third appearance of Billie Dunn, mother of missing 13 year old, Hailey Dunn, on the Nancy Grace Show, January 6, 2011.  This was on Thursday of the week.

We are letting the mother of Hailey Dunn, Billie Dunn, guide us with regards to what happened, with her own words.

At this point of the appearance, Hailey has been missing for over 1 week.

Statement Analysis of Billie Dunn's statements indicate the following:

1.  Hailey is dead.
2.  This is a domestic homicide
3.  Billie Dunn is deceptive about the sleep over story
4.  Billie Dunn builds her own alibi
5.  Billie Dunn builds Shawn Adkins' alibi
6.  Billie Dunn indicated bad relationship with police
7.  Billie Dunn indicated sensitivity about the polygraphs.

We pick up now with her 3rd appearance on the show with the sensitive topic of the polygraph addressed.  The headlines said, "Mother and boyfriend failed polygraphs."  Billie Dunn is currently seeking to get back into the spotlight after being out of it for most of the past year.  Here is the show from January 6, 2011.  The analysis is in bold type.  The color blue is added during high sensitive portions with red indicating deception concluded.  Many sensitivity indicators could be deception, but are not indicated as part of a conclusion.


Bombshell tonight. Hailey`s mother takes that polygraph, along with the live-in boyfriend. Both fail. 

GRACE: Joining me right now, special guests Billie Dunn. This is Hailey`s mother. And let me tell you something. Before you judge her too harshly for failing that polygraph, she`s the one that volunteered to take the polygraph, all right? She asked for the polygraph. She is the one that called us and said, Hey, I flunked the poly, and then I was questioned for 10 straight hours.

Also with her, Clint Dunn. They are separated. They`re in the middle of a divorce. They`ve been apart for three years, and they are united tonight in the search for their daughter.

Billie Dunn, thanks for being with us. What happened in the polygraph?

Please note that 2 shows prior, Billie Dunn showed sensitivity about the polygraph and said that Shawn Adkins was going to take it the next morning (the day before this show).  There was an indication of missing information.  What information was withheld?  Note what follows: 
BILLIE DUNN: Thanks for having us again. I don`t know. They had me very faithful (ph) in that test. We brought the polygraph up first. We asked for it, and they were told us -- they told us they were very confident in those tests. They -- I put a lot of confidence into those tests.

Pronouns guide us.  She thanked Nancy Grace for having "us", plural, on the show, which is appropriate since she was appearing with Hailey's father, Clint Dunn.  But note that she continues with the plural, "We brought the polygraph up first":  who is "we"?  Is it her and Clint?  She does not say.  She says "we brought it up first" and the repeating it with a change, "we asked for it".  

What is the point?  If she failed the polygraph, Nancy Grace asked, "what happened that you failed it?" which is the perfect time to say:

"I told the truth."  

or, "I don't know what happened because I told the truth."  "The machine is wrong.  I told the truth."  "The polygrapher is an idiot because I told the truth."

We let Billie Dunn, herself, guide us.  Will she tell us that she told the truth?
This show was live on Thursday, January 6, 2011 at 8PM EST.  On Tuesday night's show, when asked about a polygraph, she said it was scheduled for Adkins to take it "tomorrow morning", meaning, Wednesday, January 5, 2011.  We noted deception in her words: 

The first Friday they had it set up for us to take, 

She now has contradicted what she said on Tuesday's show about it being set up on Wednesday.  We noted "missing information" in her language.  Here we learn what she had withheld. 

Nancy Grace had defended Dunn to the attorneys who questioned the polygraph by saying that it was scheduled for Wednesday morning.  What was missing from Dunn's answer?  This very thing:  it has been set for "them" (both Dunn and Adkins) to take it Friday, 5 days before she claimed he was taking it. 

yet, her answer it technically truthful:  it was scheduled for Wednesday but it was a repeat that she failed to acknowledge. 

Deception is mostly done via withholding information.  

we had taken Ativan the night before to go to sleep. 

This is what was missing from the previous appearance's statement.  True enough, Shawn was "scheduled" to take a polygraph, but Dunn withheld a great deal of information in her answer.  The guests on the program were listening as well as the national audience. 

They didn`t tell us we couldn`t have anxiety medicine. 

Here Dunn blames the police for her and Adkins using drugs to attempt to beat the test. 

So when we were able to get it set up again -- 

She attempts to portray the police as having ruined the polygraph by warning them not to use, and now attempts to portray it as if she and Adkins were working to reschedule.  Police want to polygraph and want to polygraph immediately.  

Later, we learned that Adkins walked out repeatedly and there was much drama at the location. 

Shawn had actually called them and asked them if he could come down and take it yet, and they said yes. 

Adkins and police bickered about the test, with Adkins refusing to take it and leaving on another date.  This sentence, however, could be truthful.  Police told Dunn, "Get him down here!" and she had him call police back.  The word "actually" is an attempt to persuade.  It is a favorite of liars. 

Note how often Casey Anthony used the word "actually" when speaking.  It is used when one is comparing two or more things.   When we hear "actually", if we do not know what is being compared, we should ask. 

Here, what is being compared is unspoken:  it is a verbal indication of the infighting between Adkins and police over taking the polygraph and is used to persuade or intimate as if Adkins is the one pushing for the polygraph and police are resisting.  It is a verbal indication, among many, of just how accomplished a deceiver the subject is:  from childhood. 

They came, picked him up.

Short sentences can indicate tension.  In the challenge to Dunn, she said to police that he would take it. They did come and pick him up because they did not trust that he would show up on his own.  This sentence is true.  It also indicates the tension between them and police. 

 He took his. I went in. They told me he failed it. I lost it, of course. I told them I had so much faith in that test.
First, she blamed police for not telling them that they could not use before taking a polygraph.  Now, she blames police for her own failure:  they told me he failed it.  
She uses the phrase "of course" which is a signal that she expects others to agree without question. 

Not so fast. 

Learning your boyfriend just failed a polygraph over your missing daughter is upsetting which should make the results show increase of emotions overall, including questions about name and address. 

Yet, "Do you know what happened to Hailey?" as a question should not trigger a deceptive response. 

Police learned with certainty on this day what they had suspected since Adkins told them to look at "both of us":

Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins know exactly what happened to Hailey and are lying about it.  

Then they took me over to the courthouse. I took a polygraph test. I failed it, lost all faith in the test.

Follow the pronouns:

a.  they took "me" over to the courthouse
b.  "I" took the polygraph
c.  "I" failed it

d  Now note the disappearance:  "lost all faith in the test"

The dropped pronoun here indicates a lack of commitment to the sentence.  By making this statement, Billie Dunn is telling us that she knows that the Polygraph Test results were accurate. She would have been better off saying nothing.   Guilty people love to share guilt, as it feels less lonely and less weighty.  She immediately goes outside of her daughter's case:

 A couple of other people failed it. One guy I do not know. One person took it three times, took it twice and failed it...

This is an example of someone who has been lying since childhood and does it as a knee jerk reaction.  Even here, we have indications of deception:
"people" failed it
one "guy" I do not know.
one "person" took it "three" times.  Note that three is the liar's number.  Note the change from "guy" to gender neutral "person" conceals identity.  

Deception indicated. 
GRACE: Well, let me ask you this, Ms. Dunn...

BILLIE DUNN: ... then took it and passed it.

GRACE: Who administered the polygraph to you? Who was it?

BILLIE DUNN: His name was Matt. I believe there were two different...

GRACE: Well, was it the local -- was it the local police, the FBI? Was it the Texas Rangers?

BILLIE DUNN: No, he`s a polygrapher that came from Big Spring, out of town.

GRACE: OK, Billie Dunn -- everyone, with us is Hailey`s mother. What questions did they ask you? What`d they ask you?

Nancy Grace is asking what questions were asked during the polygraph.  
BILLIE DUNN: They asked if I knew anything about the disappearance of Hailey, if I caused the disappearance of Hailey, and if there were any questions I was scared that he was going to ask me.

The questions in a polygraph are given to the subject first so that there are no surprises.  It is likely truthful that these questions were asked, but not all three during the test itself. 

"Did you cause the disappearance of Hailey?" is a question asked during the polygraph.  

Reportedly she failed:

Did you cause the disappearance of Hailey?
Do you know what happened to Hailey?
GRACE: Let me ask you this, Billie Dunn. Where is your boyfriend?

BILLIE DUNN: He went back to his grandma`s house.


BILLIE DUNN: As soon as I found out he failed the test, I told him I didn`t want him back at my house. And now I don`t know what to think anymore. I would just rather he stay there until she comes home or they find her and we clear this up.

Thus began the campaign to convince people that she threw out the killer of her child.  This drama was played out on Face Book and on radio, including one interview in which Adkins was heard listening in, seated next to her, while she was saying they were not together. 
Another time she told media they were broken up while being seen at a local motel. 
GRACE: What was his response when you told him to get out?

BILLIE DUNN: He was very tearful, very tearful, and he said he would go.

GRACE: You know what, Pat? I have to agree with you. When I would have sleepovers, they were right across the street, and my parents would watch me walk across the street. What about it, Billie Dunn?

BILLIE DUNN: I just don`t have an answer for that. I wish I would have called to tell her good night. I wish I would have called the little girl`s phone that night.

note the repetition for emphasis:  the need to keep at the story as if repeating it often enough would make it true. 
Grace:  I want to go back to Billie Dunn. This is the 13-year-old cheerleader`s mom. And keep your eyes on these photos we`re showing you. You`ve got the FBI in on this case, the Texas Rangers, local police, were all in an effort to find Hailey. She`s a 13-year-old little girl. 

Billie Dunn, have you spoken to your boyfriend since he moved out? 

She locks her in to an answer.  But she does not realize who she is dealing with at this time.  She needed to ask if she has "communicated" with him, or has he communicated with her since he moved out.  She only asked if she had "spoken" to him; not text'd or emailed.  

DUNN: No. 

GRACE: When you told him you wanted him out, what, if anything, did he say about Hailey? 

DUNN: He looked at me, told me, you know -- you know me better than anybody. You know I love you, you know I love Hailey and David, you know I couldn`t do this. At the same time I told him, yes, I know that, Shawn, but I also know you failed that test. Why did you fail that test? 

And what was his answer?  And: "why did you, Billie, fail this test?"  We wait for her to say that Adkins said he was truthful but she does not. 

This is the same as above:  We waited for Billie Dunn to say "I told the truth" but she could not bring herself to say so. 

We cannot say it for her. 

We wait for her to say she did not cause Hailey's disappearance, but she cannot bring herself to say such. 
Next:  How is the discernment level of a famed psychoanalyst?

BETHANY MARSHALL, PSYCHOANALYST, AUTHOR OF "DEALBREAKERS": Well, in terms of the Amber alert, if this little girl didn`t have a substance abuse problems or problems with her patients or behavioral problems at school, why would anyone ever believe she left voluntarily? And there`s no evidence of all of that. 

I think the best to be gained is by talking to the live-in boyfriend. I would be very curious, how did he meet Billie Dunn? Did he meet her when she was with her daughter? Did he take an excessive interest in the little girl? Did he have a lot of time alone with this little girl? 

When this little cheerleader went missing, did he show empathy towards the child? Did he try to find her? Did he present theories as to where she had gone? And a big question in my mind, this family where she was supposed to spend the night, did they know she was going to spend the night? 



GRACE: Bethany, the little girl, Sarah Beth, or the mother of Sarah Beth did not know she was coming to spend the night. 

I`m going to pose a few those questions straight to Billie Dunn? I agree with you. Billie, how did you meet the boyfriend? 

DUNN: We met on MySpace. He contacted me, requesting to be my friend. 

GRACE: You never met him before that? 

DUNN: We talked -- right. We talked for about a month through there, and then met in person. 

GRACE: When you met him, did you have your daughter with you? 

DUNN: No, ma`am. 

GRACE: And what was his relationship with her? 

DUNN: In the beginning she didn`t like him. In the beginning Clint and I had just separated. She said she felt like he was the reason I wouldn`t take her daddy back. It took some time, but she got over it, and her and Shawn were able to joke around with each other. 

She was able to go and ask Shawn for 10 bucks instead of telling me to ask him. Things have gotten much better. 

ADKINS: I would never do nothing to that little girl. I love her with all my heart. It`s frustrating, you know, what she said about me, and -- but it really doesn`t bother me, because, you know, my main focus is just Hailey. And we just want her to come home safe. 


Next, Nancy Grace's producers' research, including calls to law enforcement, is revealed.  This appeared to catch Billie Dunn off guard.  Did she think that as she portrayed herself and Adkins as having to push to take a polygraph would go unchallenged?
GRACE: Out to Billie Dunn, this is Hailey`s mother. Is it true the boyfriend Shawn Adkins first refused to take a polygraph, saying that he was on, for instance, anti-anxiety medication? 

DUNN: Well -- 

Pause = sensitive question.  She is caught off guard, so Nancy Grace repeats.  She has her on the ropes as the story is slowly coming undone:  
GRACE: Did you get that question? 

DUNN: He went in there voluntarily. Yes, ma`am. 


DUNN: They said we couldn`t take the polygraph because we had taken medicine. 

She was asked about Adkins but changes to "we" here twice. 

If there is any question as to Billie Dunn's involvement in the case, the pronoun "we" answers the question.  There is a consistent "we" in her story regarding what happened to Hailey. 

Question:  Did Adkins act alone only to have Dunn cover for him?
Answer:  No
GRACE: And then when did they allow you to take it? 

DUNN: And -- yesterday. 

GRACE: And then you ended up being questioned for 10 straight hours? 

Nancy Grace knows about the interrogation that took place afterwards, including the length of time.  She knows that police accused her.  She did a good job not revealing this until now. 
DUNN: Yes. 

GRACE: What about Chad Adkins, the boyfriend? 

DUNN: Shawn? I don`t know how long he was talked to afterward, I don`t think long before he went over to his grandma`s. His aunt came and picked him up. 

He went "over" to his grandma's.  This is truthful. What is missing?

Examine the sentence:

"I don't think long before..." is stated in the negative, making it important to the subject.  What was important?

Answer:  he stormed out in anger.  This is the missing information.  This is Dunn's pattern of deception. 
GRACE: Did the police -- 

DUNN: I do know he went back down there today. 

GRACE: For what? 

DUNN: I don`t know. To talk to investigators some more. I don`t know how long he was there or anything. 

Note that her first answer is to not know.  The second tells why he was there, indicating that the first answer was deceptive.  But most importantly is the addition of the words "or anything" indicating that she knows more than just how long he was there.  "Or anything" is related to other details. 

Deceptive people need to control information, which is why they make media appearances.  She knew what went on in the station as they had to keep their stories straight. 

GRACE: So you guys knew each other and dated for about two and a half years before he moved in? 

Here, Grace is hinting that she knows more than she has let on. 
DUNN: Right. 

GRACE: And he has been moved in for about four months, at the time your daughter goes miss something. 

Slowly connecting the dots for her audience.  
DUNN: Yes. 

GRACE: Billie, when your little girl would go for a sleepover, didn`t the family typically know she was coming? 

Another simple and common question, similar to asking what stuff a 13 year old girl brings with her. 
DUNN: She usually asked me first. And then would ask the other family. Sometimes she would ask them first. I thought, yes, they knew she had intentions of spending the night. They should have known. 

GRACE: So was there ever a time she took off for a sleepover without Mary Beth`s family or you knowing? 

pointing out a hole in the story. 
DUNN: No. I always knew where she was. If she had been at a friend`s too long, and not asked to spend the night, I need to get ahold of somebody. 

Dunn has an acute need to portray herself as a good mother which is an indication of guilt of neglect.  Here she is cornered:  she always knew where she was, yet, if she had been at a friend's and "not asked to spend the night" indicates she was somewhere that Dunn may not have kept track of.  This is not lost on Nancy Grace so she does what a prosecutor does:  

She locks Billie Dunn into answers so that she can challenge her later:
GRACE: So Billie, is this the first time she`s ever gone away for a sleepover without asking you specifically? 

DUNN: She`s left notes or -- no, she`s let us know. 

The answer "no" comes into her sentence.  Grace recognizes this and continues to point out that Billie Dunn, mother of missing child, is not truthful, confirming that she, as a liar, had good reason to fail the polygraph.  Yet, as the story deepens, she must keep her returning to the show.  She now clarifies, which, for a deceptive person, is always uncomfortable: 
GRACE: I`m talking about you. Did she always tell you, her mother, that she was going to go spend the night? 

DUNN: Well, no, usually if she stayed somewhere it was with Clint, and she would tell David or Shawn, if mom was at work, let mom know I`m going to -- I plan on spending the night with so and so. 

GRACE: What was Shawn Adkins` response when he found out she was missing? 

DUNN: He came straight home. He had been pretty upset, he appeared shaken to me also and started being supportive to me. 

Coming "home" is sensitive because of where he had been.  
Note that he appeared shaken "to me", which indicates that she knows he did not appear shaken to others.  She may be concerned about what someone else might say. 
Note whenever someone reports something as having begun, or started, without completion.  He only "started" to be supportive to her.  
GRACE: Eleanor, weigh-in. 

E. ODOM: Well, Nancy, the time line is so important on this case, in any missing person`s case. What I would want to know is, who was -- when was the last time that the boyfriend was seen? And when the boyfriend was seen with the child? How long were they allegedly alone together, just the child and the boyfriend? 

GRACE: What about that, Billie? I know that she was seen by neighbors around lunchtime, noon in the backyard by herself, talking on a cell phone, right? 

DUNN: Right. And I`m guessing the police would have asked that same neighbor, was my car here yet? Was Shawn home yet? They`ve talked to his mom and an uncle who stopped by his mom`s house saying that he was there. The police have never told me -- well, they said Shawn came home earlier than that or -- 

That she was "guessing" is another verbal indication that she and the police are not in close communication:  something Nancy Grace knew. 
Note: "the police have never told me, well, they said..."  Deception Indicated.  First she began by saying what they "never" "told" (firm) then, "well" (pause) "they said" ("said", softer).  It is difficult for her, an accomplished deceiver, to keep track.  
 The third appearance is the beginning of the rift between Nancy Grace and Billie Dunn. 

In the third appearance we learn that Billie Dunn is in this case completely with Shawn Adkins.  We learn that the sketchy answers from the previous show where she withheld information was the failed polygraphs and infighting with police.  

She is a suspect and has been interrogated for 10 hours.  She and Adkins both failed their polygraphs and are the focus of the investigation.  

Next, in part four, the wheels begin to come off as Billie Dunn diligently attempts to control the flow of information and redeem her cracking reputation.  

Things are going to get a bit rougher for her...


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Lis said...

BILLIE DUNN: No, he`s a polygrapher that came from Big Spring, out of town.

Interesting she connects her failure on the polygraph with the fact that the polygrapher was from "out of town."

BILLIE DUNN: As soon as I found out he failed the test, I told him I didn`t want him back at my house.

She didn't break things off with Adkins, she didn't tell him to get his things and get out of her house, she merely said she "didn't want" him "back at her house."

A person assumes she told him she told him this because he failed and she has become suspicious of him, but another possibility is that she was angry at him for failing to successfully fake it through the test

DUNN: No. I always knew where she was. If she had been at a friend`s too long, and not asked to spend the night, I need to get ahold of somebody.

Switch to present tense on "I need to get ahold of somebody"

DUNN: Well, no, usually if she stayed somewhere it was with Clint, and she would tell David or Shawn, if mom was at work, let mom know I`m going to -- I plan on spending the night with so and so

Note it is not "if I was at work" but "if mom was at work" - an awkward way to word this- because not from experiential memory? She is thinking this up as she goes along.

BostonLady said...

This 3rd appearance revealed so much. I'd like to point out what may be obvious to others but it just kind of hit me re-reading this information. If Billie left her cell phone at home for Hailey and David, as she said she had that Monday 12/27, why did Hailey tell Shawn she was staying at a friends??

Why didn't Hailey use the cell phone which was left home for her that day to call her mother and ask her if she could stay at Maribeth's home that night?? Why would she even wait for Shawn to get home to tell him?

This is glaring to me today.

BostonLady said...

I also wonder what kinds of things/evidence was taken from the shed when the Texas Rangers did their investigation into the house and yard. It was during this time that the polygraphs had started.

COLORADO CITY, Texas -- Now into the ninth day of searching, five different agencies and all sorts of tools are being used to help find 13-year-old Hailey Dunn.

Texas Rangers have been at the missing Colorado City teen's home all day collecting evidence.

Rangers spent a considerable amount of time collecting evidence from a shed in the home's back yard.

Authorities tell us in order to issue an Amber Alert, there must be evidence of an abduction, which could be why they're collecting evidence nine days after the teen disappeared.

Also Wednesday, we spoke to a family member, Hailey's uncle, who says he was given a polygraph test. Hailey's father, Clint Dunn, tells us, he was also questioned by the FBI.

One key player hasn't been seen or heard from since early this afternoon; Billie Jean Dunn, the mother of Hailey left her house with Texas Rangers and hasn't been in contact with family members since, according to her son.

Some local residents even took to the streets themselves this afternoon to look for the missing 13-year-old.

Anyone with information that could aide authorities in finding Haily is asked to call a tip line at: 325-728-5294.

BostonLady said...

A little more I found while searching...

10:00PM UPDATE: The Search for Hailey Dunn Takes a New Turn 1/5/11

Beau Berman
CBS 7 News
January 5, 2011

Colorado City, Texas -

What began as a small town search is now a full blown national story as 13 year old Hailey Dunn remains missing nine days after her sudden disappearance on Monday December 27th.

Today it appeared that authorities were handling the case less like a runaway scenario and more like a criminal investigation of possible foul play.

The center of the investigation appeared to be the Dunn household at the corner of 18th and Chestnut in Colorado City, where the Texas Rangers combed through Hailey’s room and searched the backyard.

With cooperation and assistance from Colorado City Police, the Rangers opened a backyard shed and searched other parts of the property for details.

The Texas Ranger investigators declined interview requests with CBS 7 but Hailey’s mother, Billie Dunn, said the Rangers were looking for any clues or signs that might point out where Hailey went.

Wednesday afternoon Billie told CBS 7 that her boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, was with authorities taking a polygraph test.

City Manager Pete Kampfer said he heard the same thing but that he could not confirm the information.

However, at about 8:00pm, Hailey’s older brother David told our CBS 7 crew that Shawn had refused to take two polygraph tests Wednesday.

David says that Shawn signed the paperwork to take a third but then refused to take it and left the building.

According to David, the Dunn family and police had not seen Shawn since that last polygraph refusal. Hailey’s two unless corroborated that story but police are not releasing information about any polygraph tests at this time.

Hailey’s uncle Dale says he took a polygraph test and passed it and added that Billie may have taken one Wednesday night as well.

As of 8:00pm Wednesday night, Billie Jean Dunn was not at her home and her family believed she was in downtown Colorado City with law enforcement authorities....

(Partial article)

Anonymous said...

Bostonlady reading your comment about the Hailey alledgedly having her mom's phone, but not using it sparked another thought. As of that Monday , no one knew Shawn had quit his job. Everyone thought he was working his regular shift, and did not know he would be in CCity by 3. So why wouldn't Hailey contact her mom via the cell phone, that was left so there to let her know. Hailey didn't know Shawn was coming home early to let him know. Why at that moment, without talking to Marybeth about it or contacting her mom, she would decide to leave with NOTHING. If she was going to leave without telling anyone, because she didn't know Shawn was going to show up, why wasn't she already at her dad's? Strange that she had all day to go where she wanted, but she "waits" till Shawn gets home to tell him, even though she didn't know he was coming. Also, if he didn't want Billie to know he had "quit" why did he not wait to go back to CCity at his regular time. He had to know Hailey would be there, even David might be home and tell Billie he was home early. Then he would have to explain why he was home at three. What did he tell Billie when he said he saw Hailey at three, and she asked why did he get off early? If I remember correctly he didn't want Billie to know, so why show up at a random time in the afternoon, when you were supposed to be at work? Why didn't Bilie question him about his random timing in the middle of the afternoon after she found out Hailey was missing?

Anonymous said...

"She could ask him for $10 instead of telling me to."


She worked. He lived there. Why would the child have to mooch off him? Her father lived nearby. He made good money.

Did she have an allowance? She slept on the couch so the household must not have been too structured.

Perhaps the indentured servitude got the best of his charitable heart.

Nic said...

No it wasn't obvious, BostonLady. Not to me. That's what you call hiding in plain sight. Excellent observation.

BostonLady said...

You bring up some good points anonymous 4:44pm. The only thing I would question is what was his normal time to arrive home. If he got into work at 6am, I'm guess he got out 8 hours later 2pm and that would have put him back in C City for the 3pm time frame but I don't know the answer to his normal schedule. But I agree.. And, I've also wondered why Billie didn't tell David to get home at noon on Monday after spending the night at a friends Sunday (he left at 9pm to go to a friends on 12/26). David came home from the friends at 4pm and couldn't get into the house because Shawn had locked the door. The door that Billie told us that they didn't lock but on this one occasion it was?

None of the story really adds up when you take the emotion out of the statements.

Anonymous said...

I thought about his normal arrival time also, what was normal. I've been looking for more info on it, I know his schedule was discussed somewhere. I thought it was weird she didn't call to check on Hailey all day Monday, when she supposedly home alone. Didn't call to see if she made it to MB's or her dads house. But on Tuesday it becomes urgent that Hailey gets home at noon, even though David was the only one there. The day before she didn't care where any of her kids were, but the day Hailey is reported missing she is a caring concerned mother.

Anonymous said...

According to Billie Jean, as a form of punishment, Hailey was not to leave the house that Monday, 12/27. Nor, was she permitted to go outdoors, after returning from her father's home the day prior, Sunday 12/26. Every picture captures Hailey with a smile. Every picture with exception to, the one taken on Christmas Day. Why was Hailey being punished? And, when was this punishment imposed?

There were six (6) hours from the account given by Hailey's brother and the time Shawn was reported to be seen at his workplace at 6 am. Billie Jean claimed she went to bed at 10 pm and that, Hailey was in her room watching tv. This however, would not conform with her son's account or, that Hailey, at her skill level, would have played the XBox for three (3) hours or, from 9 pm - midnight. She would later claim that Hailey's brother believed the time to be earlier than 9 pm or, 7 pm. Where was Shawn?

Come morning and for some reason, Billie Jean found the need to ease her mind. Why the need? And, how could she have eased it as, she claimed she was without certainty that Hailey was in her bed. When did Billie Jean find it necessary to make arrangements for a ride to work this morning? And, with whom? Meanwhile, Shawn, is enroute home. Was he too exhausted to work?

Monday seemed to be too soon to report Hailey missing. Why else would Billie Dunn ignore the fact that her daughter defied her authority or moreso, when her son expressed his concern for his sister being at MBG's.

The cell phone records and pings are what they are. There is one (1) hour time difference in EST and CST. And, this stands true during daylight savings time.

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Anonymous 9:11 I was reading what she said about going to Hailey's room and her t.v. Being on and it pacified her, she then says she SAW her daughter but didn't TOUCH her and it made her feel good......she never said she saw her and she was ok just sleeping......just that she saw her but didn't touch her. That touch part really stands out to me. Most parents would just say "I checked on her and she was asleep in her room when I left." Why would she need to tell us she didn't touch her?

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f there is any question as to Billie Dunn's involvement in the case, the pronoun "we" answers the question. There is a consistent "we" in her story regarding what happened to Hailey.

Question: Did Adkins act alone only to have Dunn cover for him? Answer: No

I fully agree.