Sunday, September 23, 2012

Carnel Chamberlain: Anthony Bennett in Court

Anthony Bennett appeared in court today and is the man investigators believe murdered a four year old boy on an indian reservation.
But Bennett was not in federal court on the Carnel Chamberlain assault case.
He was in Bay County District Court because police say he has been causing trouble in the Bay County jail.
Anthony Bennett is a federal inmate, but he's being held in the Bay County Jail.
Last month, he got into a pretty good fight in the jail.
Today, his preliminary hearing in the case was scheduled.
Bennett is charged with five criminal counts, two felonies for assaulting corrections officers, two charges of resisting an officer, and a malicious destruction of a building.
He waived his right to a preliminary hearing and the case will now move to circuit court.
Now Bennett is still awaiting trial on the federal assault charge concerning Carnel Chamberlain.
That's the son of Bennett's girlfriend.
The little boy's burned remains were found under his mother's porch on the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Reservation in June.
We have been told the effort to bring a murder charge against Bennett in that case is progressing.
Bennett continues to be held in the Bay County Jail.

  • Bennett, who has been in the Bay County Jail since his arrest for suspected child abuse in June, is accused of assaulting 4-year-old Carnel Chamberlain, whose remains were found under the porch of the home in Isabella County where Bennett lived with the boy’s mother.
  • Not yet charged in Carnel’s death, Bennett was indicted by a federal grand jury in U.S. District Court in Bay City.
  • Now, in addition to facing that trial in federal court, Bennett is to stand trial in Bay County Circuit Court.
  • Questions sometimes arise regarding why some cases are handled by federal court, while others are in state courts.
  • In Bennett’s case, the alleged crime was committed against a Native American in Indian Country -- specifically, the Isabella Reservation.
  • Bennett, too, is Native, giving U.S. District Court in Bay City jurisdiction in the case.
  • But Bennett’s latest legal trouble, alleged to have occurred in the Bay County Jail, is going to be tried in circuit court.
  • In that case, the alleged crime did not happen in Indian Country, and the alleged victim is not Native.
  • Assistant U.S. Attorney Roy Kranz, a former chief assistant prosecutor in Isabella County, handles most of the federal cases involving natives on the Isabella Reservation


    Anonymous said...

    Have people always been doing this or is this something new in our culture? Check this out:

    Geeze!!!!!!!!!! Jeesh!!!!!!!!

    These people make Casey Anthony look saintly.

    shmi said...

    Have not read the article yet, but CA could never look saintly!

    Eliza said...


    Peter, can you do an analysis of Darlie Routier's 911 call? Or organize a group one!

    Eliza said...

    Here is the transcript!

    Jazzie said...

    Thanks for posting something re: Carnel Chamberlain.

    I posted this on another thread:
    In the recent prison scuffle, Bennett who has been "charged federally with assaulting Carnel Chamberlain" "is now facing felony charges in Bay County for reportedly attacking corrections officers"... "Officers noted in their reports that they heard Bennett state, “I don’t care. I have a lot on my mind. I’m looking at life and I will take you both on. Let me out of this cell.”

    If he was only up on charges for assaulting Carnel, why did he mention "facing life"? Was this an admission to his involvement for Carnel's murder? Or does the expression "facing life" mean something else?

    Jazzie said...

    Cole Waterman, who wrote the article, answers questions re: death penalty vs life (Fed Land vs State of Michigan), Jaimee Chamberlain, etc. in the comment section.

    Statement Analysis Blog said...

    Jazzie, facing life indicates he and his lawyer have likely spoken of a plea bargain. It is my guess, but it is not something I would expect an innocent man to say. Good pick up. Peter

    Ivanna-Anna said...

    Hi Eliza,

    I just did a quick analysis :(
    Mum's guilt was so clear I thought (hoped?) this was not a real 911 call, but a transcript written for training purposes. I Googled her name after I finished my analysis. Poor boys.

    Eliza said...

    It is so obvious, huh? I came up with this case long ago, before I found this blog. And although I knew nothing about statement analysis, I thought it was odd that she quickly said that she had touched the knife that the man left behind. I, too, feel so sorry for her boys.

    Statement Analysis Blog said...


    we call that "intuitive statement analysis"; those (not including me) who are naturally good at analytical work. Those who appear naturally good at this do well when principle is learned and applied.


    Statement Analysis Blog said...

    Eliza, my reply is below.

    Ivanna-Anna said...

    Hi Peter,
    I'm new here. Is it impolite to show our analysis outside the topic? I don't want to hog the thread but I don't want to leave this hanging in the air. (Also, my analysis could be completely off.)
    Were you planning to analyse this & start a new topic?

    Tania Cadogan said...

    I agree, his statement smacks of a plea deal.
    I wonder if he is causing fights in prison in an attempt maybe to die at the hands of another inmate or even a guard so he doesn't have to go through a trial and a whole life sentence.
    If he succeeds before they say guilty, in his mind perhaps he sees it as him showing his family and the world his claim of innocence.
    Rather than him being remembered as a paedophile child killer and the stain on the rest of the family, maybe he sees this as a get out clause.
    "I was never found legally guilty so i am an alleged rather than convicted paedophile child killer"
    It is a subtle difference yet enough to have some believe he didn't abuse and kill Carnel, that he perhaps, was protecting the real killer (Carnel's mom maybe?)

    I also wonder that since Carnel's remains were burned, his attorneys could claim it was a natural death or at worst an accident, so they would claim it was manslaughter, negligent homicide rather than capital murder.
    If the cause of death is hard to find and prove, all tests show as inconclusive ( burned tissue could hide bruises and cuts, fractures could cause by the heat of the fire etc, implausible but perhaps enough to cause reasonable doubt, after all it worked for casey anthony.
    Was this perhaps a reason why he was burned rather than dumped somewhere, an effort to destroy physical evidence of sexual abuse, DNA etc.

    His attorneys though will have a job getting him to keep his mouth shut.
    He has a soft face especially his mouth.
    I see him bullying the young, the weak, the infirm, women, i see him as a coward when a dominant person (male or female) stands up to him.
    He will talk the talk, i'm a killer (no mention of sexually abusing a child as that would make him the lowest of the low) in an effort to appear tough, however he doesn't walk the walk, he is a coward.

    Eliza said...

    Thank you for taking the time to analyze the 911 call!