Monday, September 24, 2012

Hailey Dunn Case: Statement for Analysis

Sometimes it is not necessary to have Statement Analysis; sometimes, it only requires common sense.

I was recently sent this statement made  for analysis.  The author is the mother of missing 13 year old, Hailey Dunn, reportedly went missing December 27th, 2010, from Colorado City, Texas.

September 2012

Billie Dunn Well 1st off,its great u want to find Hailey but she

 never lived there with Clint she lived with Clint for 1 month in

 Snyder about a yr before she went missing. Me the rest of her life.

 Yes she visited Clint there. I've screamed to the top of my lungs 

for Edwards to be looked at,he scares the hell out of me,but I don't

 wanna here,she could be bricked up somewhere,u shouldn't say

 that to a parent. I feel we can all get info from each other. I want

 ppl to continue to have hope & look for her face in crowds

Note that the subject concludes the life of Hailey.

  "The rest of her life" is to draw the conclusion that her life has ended. 

 This is a verbal  indication that the speaker/author believes Hailey to be deceased.  

Question for Analysis:

Has the mother given other indications that she has knowledge of Hailey's death?

Answer:  yes.  Here, we have the mother on The Nancy Grace Show, shortly after reporting her daughter missing:

Nancy Grace :   Miss Dunn, how far did she have to go to get to the little sleepover? 

Mother: Four to five blocks. It wasn’t rare for Hailey to walk a short distance during daylight. She wasn’t allowed out after dark especially to walk, but she only had four to five blocks to go."

Please note the past tense verbs used.  

Nancy Grace:  Tell me what happened the day she went missing, Miss Dunn.

Billie Dunn: She went missing on Monday while I was at work. My boyfriend - - he came home from work about 3:00 -- or he got to my house about 3:00. And he`s seen Hailey. Hailey was there..."

In just these few words, the mother has indicated two major linguistic indicators for investigators to follow:  

The mother has told us that: 

1.  Hailey is dead
2.  The mother is in need of establishing an alibi.  

When the mother of a missing child speaks of the child in the past tense, it is a verbal indication that the mother knows or believes that her child is deceased.  This is the Solomonic principle of maternal instinct:  natural protective nature to embrace hope and deny death.  

The maternal instinct is very powerful.  

At the 6 month mark, the mother was quoted as making plans to attend the 1 year anniversary, again indicating no natural denial, but instead the expectation that Hailey would not be found.  

The indicators of knowledge of death have been consistent from the beginning. 

In the above question, "What happened?" the mother was not asked "when" Hailey went missing.  She chose to begin her statement adding that it happened while mother was at work.  This was her priority and it is why it entered her language.  She did not need to include these unnecessary words but they were important to her.  


BostonLady said...

Whoa... The rest of her life. That's pretty powerful !

Jen said...

This statement by BJD just reinforces to me that she is a habitual liar & her first instinct is to lie about everything. She contradicts herself about Hailey EVER living with Clint but ultimately she seems to agree with whatever assertion the person has made, casting suspicion on a person (Edwards) apparently associated with Clint and then adding that she has been 'screaming' for them to look at Edwards, and that he scares the hell out if her. My point being that in the end, Hailey didn't have to LIVE with Clint for this person to come in contact with her and as BJD stumbles thru her lie she states her own supposed suspicions and fears so why did she feel the need to begin the answer with argument over the validity of where Hailey lived 'THE REST OF HER LIFE'? I can't believe that BJD hasn't learned to shut her stupid mouth but thank God she keeps yapping because she will eventually talk herself into big trouble!

Anonymous said...

Jen can you blame Billie for starting this out in an argument when the person she is talking to is Ske/Graham Ward who is passing along in messages that Billie's son raped 2 girls and got them pregnant? Regardless if she is guilty or not why does anyone have to bring a child into all this just because people were commenting on how great of a kid DD is? He is not the first one to try and bash DD and to even go as far as pointing the finger at him, this is all so insane! Below is the comment that was after the one in the analysis. There is still a missing minor who needs to be found and bringing an innocent minor into this already circus is not going to help find her

illie Dunn I have trouble playing nice with ppl who bad mouth my children & spread lies about them in PMs ppl need to stop spreading all the lies & bashing David. That doesn't get us anywhere. So to get it out of the way,my son doesn't have anyone pregnant,never has & doesn't have any charges with cps or anyone else. I've called police on Donna gafford once already for this

Anonymous said...

Who is Donna Gafford? She also uses very passive language of "my son doesn't have nayone pregnant" Doesn't have ?

Billie also seemed to identify with a statement about Mark Ysasanga, the young man who has been missing for months. Odd thing that she identified with. This was a statement from a P.I. indicating he was probably dead.

Via the Missing: Mark Anthony Ysasanga Facebook Page:

Words from Chuck Foreman, PI:

As I'm getting ready to start my day. I go to take my shower. At Mark Ysasaga families house. (nicest folks u will ever meet). You have to pass thru Marks room to get to the bathroom. As I stand in front of the sink. I look down and wonder which tooth brush is his.. And I wonder how long will Anna. Marks mom keep
his toothbrush in the holder. If he cannot be found..

Mark is your typical 15 year old.
His room has john deer tractor models , vintage video games. Everything is very neat and clean. I'm sure a reflection to his Mom and Grandmother..

I believe Mark has been caught up in the Dope game in Lubbock. And where after interviewing a friend who attends Tech University It is readily available. Locals also report it is heavy in Lubbock..

I'm sure the local pd is busy. But are they to busy to
1. Follow up on a video confession to murder of mark
2.To not create a BOLO for officers in the field for a vehicle that they reported is connected to Marks disappearance
3.To over look chemicals at a house that is Marks last Known location. That could be used for blood clean up.
The house where the home owner reported the carpet had been cut out & disposed of (leaving edges of carpet lining the wall.)
4.saying they're communicating with the family but in reality are not.

But have the time to put a witness statement out who has never met Mark. Saying he seen him in Abilene. With a Official Media release to the press. Confused everyone. They thought Mark had been found.

Things are not right in Lubbock

At this time I'm recommending the Family file a complaint to the Texas Attorney Generals Office

I pray that someday Anna will know what to do with Marks toothbrush
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Billie Dunn Sounds familiar. Really disheartening

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some inane bloggers taunting the Dunn woman and trying to make her either confess or chases bricklayers in Austin town, afterall the girl was lost on her watch so she at least owes them something.

They no more want to find this girl than her own mother. They want their own reality show, breaking and entering, stealing, starting lies on other people because there is a little girl either lost or dead.

It's easy to see what happens just from reading the other comment from the PI in Texas. Let's round up the dopers. Yeah, that's the ticket!

You'd think the police would hire people for this particular task.

Justme said...

Is this an instance of having to know someone's internal dictionary? I use "the rest of my life" when referring to a time before or after a certain situation or circumstance.

Anonymous said...

"Well 1st off,its great u want to find Hailey but she

never lived there with Clint she lived with Clint for 1 month in

Snyder about a yr before she went missing. Me the rest of her life.

Yes she visited Clint there. I've screamed to the top of my lungs

for Edwards to be looked at,he scares the hell out of me,but I don't

wanna here,she could be bricked up somewhere,u shouldn't say

that to a parent. I feel we can all get info from each other. I want

ppl to continue to have hope & look for her face in crowds"

When and where is this qoute from? And who is Edwards? I have not seen this, nor have I heard of Edwards. Does anyone know? Thank you

Anonymous said...

I don't know for sure but possibly from this site. I believe it's been mentioned recently.

Anonymous said...

His name is Charles Edwards he is a sex offender, he was redoing some apartments that his wife managed and Clint lived in for a short period of time

Lemon said...

Billie Dunn's use of "the rest of her life" is chilling.

Speaking of Hailey in the past tense, need for alibi building, and concluding her life has ended are telling. It is deceptive for this mother to encourage others to have "hope" to find Hailey's "face" in a crowd when her own language indicates knowledge that Hailey is dead.

Shawn, where is Hailey?

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I see Shawn on the Waiting On Justice For Our Girl H.D. page and he is an a**! He always has an attitude and attacking the admin and the posters on the page, at lease

BostonLady said...

Billie is lying about considering this sex offender. If you read some of the entries on the fb page, she didn't even know who this person, the sex offender, was until the two people who think they are online detectives kept pushing her.

Billie can't be pointing fingers at Shawn and saying she doesn't trust him, he's lied to her all along, he scares her and then in one instance decides the sex offender story sounds better.

Where is Hailey?

Texas said...

Billie posted a pic on Facebook saying "Donna Gafford yea we ran a train on that hoe" ummmmmmmmm does a parent of a missing child really find that amusing???? I seriously think Billie is mental. No jk either.

Anonymous said...

You said it Boston Lady! I wonder what jogged her memory? She seems to go a long with what people are saying to her and IMO if she cared one bit about Hailey she wouldn't be talking with some weirdo guy from another State that has caused so many problems in missing children cases, I wonder if he has ever been checked into? I'm sure you read the pages, what do you think about the time stamps and LE being off by 2 hours on everything?

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow Texas when did she post that?

Lemon said...

red herring:
something intended to divert attention from the real problem or matter at hand; a misleading clue.

Texas said...

It's on her page for everyone to's the big pic at the top of her page

Anonymous said...

Idk what to think or believe about anyone in thus case anymore. Like little Haleigh Cummings the people in little Hailey's life are deranged, on dope, and just pure evil.

Lis said...

"its great u want to find Hailey but"

BUT, she's not going to be found, is she, Billie?

Anonymous said...

i believe Billie understood about how LE fails the missing children.

Anonymous said...

that was Carrie's bombshell. facts do add up against him though, imo.
i agree "Billie is lying about considering this sex offender", but i believe so for different reason than you do.... imo, no one will ever convince Billie completely of the edwards theory, and imo that is why she seems to be lying, as opposed to "going along with" Carrie's ques. that is why it seems "she didn't even know who this person", she is locked in on the story, and to change it now would make her a liar. you have to understand Carrie's strong will is overpowering to understand why Billie allowed it to go down the way it did.

Anonymous said...

if that was Billie's answer to Donna's accusations about DD... is Billie going to be able and willing to accept that when or if that is the excuse for what happened to her daughter?

Anonymous said...

in Billie's defense, i believe she didn't want to tell me to screw off... well she wanted to, she just didn't want me to stop helping trying to find Hailey, she just wanted me to not spread what Donna said anymore. which i only sent the SS to two people, so i know one of them "leaked" it. and one of them told me they and their crew had all ready known about it for two weeks and i trust them anyway,... so that leaves......
and i understand Billie's point and reason for being upset and i am sorry that i did you and DD wrong.

Anonymous said...

try this one

Anonymous said...

I wish so much that Billy Dunn would realize, that whatever she has done, whatever story she has told herself about how it isn't her fault, etc., she is the only mother Hailey has (yes has, you are a mother forever) and however embarrassing, shameful, and consequential, as Hailey's mother, she can do the right and decent thing and tell what she knows. We are all capable of decency Billy. It doesn't erase the past and it sometimes carries heavy consequences, but it would be something extraordinary you could do for Hailey and for yourself.

Texas said...

That is what I was could she even make jokes about the situation pertaining dd...and possibly not knowing if her daughter met the same fate....that was just taking it a little too far....shows her true colors.....doesn't take serious issues seriously.....everything is a game to her.....really makes you think about what Hailey was dealing with in that house.

Texas said...

Well said

Anonymous said...

you have hindered on purpose, your not helping anything. Stay IN IOWA Graham Ward

Anonymous said...

hindered ????? how so?

Marz said...

I'll say. Not "since then," or anything less severe, just "the rest of her life." Even if Hailey weren't missing that sounds like a prison sentence almost.
Also... I don't know why this bothers me, but maybe someone here with more SA experience can help me figure this out: "My boyfriend - - he came home from work about 3:00 -- or he got to my house about 3:00. AND HE'S SEEN HAILEY. Hailey was there..."
That present tense really just seemed out of place to me. re-reading it just sets up a red flag to me. Did anyone else notice that and think it very out of place?

Grapevine said...