Friday, September 21, 2012

Liar Seeks To Cash In

Houseguest and non producer, Kato Kaelin admits to lying and now wants to tell the world that OJ Simpson did it.

He said he was afraid to tell the truth.

During the trial, Kato feigned ignorance ... but now Kato told the NY Post that since he can't be prosecuted for perjury he can now say ... "Yes, he did it."

So why didn't he tell anyone back when it mattered? "I was too scared. I was terrified.”

“People hated me. I’ve been spat upon. They threw gum in my coffe

Gum in the coffee is likely more intimidating than a decapitated rat or race horse.  


Florida said...

I still don't think that Kato knows FOR A FACT that OJ killed Nichole, no matter what he NOW says. Did he see OJ kill her? Did OJ tell Kato he killed her? That's not to say OJ didn't kill her; but in fact, exactly HOW does Kato know FOR A FACT that OJ killed Nichole and Ron Goldman?

He SAID at the time, that he and OJ went to a fast food drive through earlier in the evening, picked up burgers and ate them on the way home and that OJ dropped him off there. He SAID he was sitting in his room in the guest house when something "hit" the wall outside behind where he was sitting.

Later, one of the bloody gloves was found in the bushes just outside the room where Kato had been sitting; but that doesn't identify OJ as being the one who threw the glove against the outside wall.

How can he say NOW that he knows OJ DID kill Nichole? What does he know differently, bigger, better or more of than he already said?

For my part, I always believed that Faye Resnick knew more than she ever said and more than was ever investigated. STILL not saying that I don't believe that OJ didn't kill Nichole and Ron Goldman; just that I believe there is more to the story and that Faye Resnick knows way more about Nichole & Ron's gruesome murders than we will ever know. Too bad the dog couldn't talk. Fla Anon

Anonymous said...

Yeah, or something that will make you barf for a year.

Anonymous said...

Peter, people from California are huge animal rights activists. I remembered this the other night when leaving a store after getting milk and pulling behind a black BMW with California plates. These are the type of people who will get matching pinchers.

MissUnderstood said...

How many people threw gum in his coffee?

Anyway... The headline says it all "Liar Seeks To Cash In". Either he was lying back then or he's lying now.

equinox said...

12:58 PM PT -- We just spoke to Kato in Beverly Hills, and he insists he NEVER did an interview saying OJ murdered his wife. He says he has no idea where the quotes came from, adding, "I would never say something like this."

Kato Kaelin just told TMZ ... he NEVER told the New York Post that he knows OJ Simpson murdered his wife or that he's only coming forward now because the statute of limitations on perjury has run.

Kato says he was shocked when he read the report which quoted him as saying, "The statute of limitations has now passed ... so I can now say ... yes, he did it."

Kato tells TMZ ... he never said any of those things to reporter Cindy Adams or anyone else.

Kato says he has expressed his opinion over the years ... that he THINKS Simpson killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman ... but tells us, "I have no first hand knowledge."

Read more:

MissUnderstood said...

Thanks Equinox. That is not a reliable denial Kato gave to TMZ. "Would never" is future tense, and he uses the word "this", making his "false" statement close.

Regarding his statements to the NY Post -

Yes, who did what? And, he was too scared and terrified of what? At first I thought he must have meant OJ, but now idk.

Yes, he lied? He was scared to tell the truth, because of possible legal trouble?

I think he lies, a lot. Then AND now. I feel like he inserted himself into the case looking for fame. He's now trying for that fame again.

Nic said...

Music and fashion has gone retro. Why not Kaelin, too.

Whatever sells.... !


Florida said...

NO, Kato did NOT insert himself into the case!! Jesus. He was inserted
into the case by virture of the FACT that he lived in OJ's rear guest
cottage when cops came a callin'; AND the fact that he had been a former
nanny to Nichole & OJ's two children. GET IT NOW?

I ALSO do not believe he is lying in his comments to TMZ. If he gave an
interview to the New York Post at all, it would seem obvious to me that his
words were taken out of context. IF he'd said those things, exactly in THAT
fashion, why deny it now?

BTW, I would never NEVER NEVER NEVER kill one of my sons or my granddaughter.
THAT makes me a liar? Don't think so!! Fla Anon

Dawn said...

Regarding your "would never"'ve only got it half right.

When making a future statement about what you would or would not do you would say:

I would not kill my husband.

When you are denying a past tense action:

I DID NOT kill my husband.

If someone were guilty of an action, they will change the verb tense to avoid lying. They will speak in future tense, but not deny the past tense action. In this way, we know they are lying. Of course you would not kill your husband now.....he is already dead!

Lemon said...

Florida/ FL Anon et al-

If Statement Analysis upsets you so, maybe you should take a break for awhile.

MissUnderstood said...

Geez, FL, I'll take your word for it. I was 15/16 when the case was on TV. It seemed to me that he was more so looking for fame. I do find it odd that the NY Post would totally and completely make up an entire interview.

Florida said...

Lemon, maybe you should start looking after your OWN life. I haven't
noticed you being real sharp so far. Maybe you could start there and
try to improve your sense of awareness and OTHER areas you seem to be
so lacking in. In other words, pound salt Miz Busybody.

Just a couple of humble suggestions dearie. Fla Anon

Florida said...

BTW Miz Lemon; you are really a very mean, spiteful and intimidating person.
I have noticed it on several occasions. I'm getting a little tired of the insulting
barbs you sling at me. And it's not just me, I've observed you doing it to a couple
of other posters too. Maybe THAT'S where you should start your self improvement
program? Don't know what your problem is, but you've definitely got one.

There again, just a humble suggestion, dearie. Fla Anon

Katprint said...

Here is a link to Kato's denial that he ever spoke to the reporter for the NY Post or that he ever said anything to anyone about the statute of limitations - which is not a phrase in his normal vocabulary. He admits that he has publicly expressed his personal opinion on several shows that OJ was guilty of the murders but that he couldn't prove it. (I also remember having previously heard him express this opinion several times during the almost 20 years since the murders. I'll see if I can find some links to those, too.)

Also, as a matter of historical fact, Kato didn't "feign ignorance" at the murder trial. Kato was never asked whether he believed OJ had murdered Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, for the simple reason that Kato's personal opinion of guilt or innocence was not evidence, was legally irrelevant and was therefore inadmissible. If Kato had shouted out his opinion despite not having been asked, the jury would have been instructed to disregard his opinion and possibly a mistrial would have been granted if the defense wanted one.

Kato admitting he believes OJ was guilty is nothing new. The NY Post story exaggerations stating that Kato didn't "come forward and tell the truth" and that he "let OJ get away with murder" ignore his truthful and damaging testimony at trial. Also, the supposed statement attributed to Kato about why he could say this "now" (ignoring the several times he said it before) because the statute of limitations has passed is bizarre and nonsensical. 1) There is no statute of limitations for murder, and 2) OJ was acquitted and thus cannot be subjected to double jeopardy.

Per Judge Judy: If it doesn't make any sense, it probably isn't true.

Florida said...

No Dawn. I've got it entirely right. Maybe not from YOUR prospective, but I can clearly say with all presence of sound mind and aforethought; that I would never NEVER NEVER NEVER kill one of my sons. I never have and I never will. Is that clear enough? TY. Fla Anon

Katprint said...

Some prior occasions Kato said he thought OJ was guilty:

The View, uploaded Feb 24 2011, at 1:59

morning local news program, uploaded July 30, 2011, at 2:00

I'm sure there are many more to find if anyone wants to spend the time looking for them.

Lemon said...

Florida/Fl Anon/ et al

I made a helpful, non inflammatory suggestion.

Your all caps shouting, name calling, jumping on those trying to learn SA, robo posting, inappropriate language, wishing harm to others, and arguing are disturbing and tiresome. Your attitude in attacking me is unwarranted and unseemly.

Please, please, take a break and return later.

tiredoflemontoo said...

There are those of us who agree with you, Florida.

jenna in tucson said...

Florida, are you emotionally invested in this case?

Dawn said...

Well WHATEVER! It seems as if you have a problem with everyone here.

I was just trying to clear up your misunderstanding between past and future tenses. I did not vs. I would not.

When Kato said "I would never say something like that." It only means he won't in the future.....NOT that he DIDN'T in the past.

Anonymous said...

People from Florida are typically emotionally invested in anything on TV- Especially OJ since he is from there (I think) and they wanted to try the case themselves.They tried to run the Anthony case based on that premise.

Lemon may be from Texas as she was more interested in the Dunn case. More likely to smile in your face and stab you in the back.

Lucy said...

Is there a statute of limitations on civil lawsuits? Because the Goldman family has had success with that in the past. I think perhaps you should have kept your mouth shut, Kato, and found a nice, quiet job in retail sales. This lame attempt to wiggle your way back into the public eye may not end well for you.

--K said...

This is all a bit testy for a very old case. Chill out- LOL

Tania Cadogan said...

Please be aware, this is a statement analysis site, anything you say can and will be analysed, graded, corrected and snickered at as applicable.

If you have a problem with another poster i would sugest ignoring what they have posted and don't buy into the drama.

Lis said...

Florida, I'm just curious, if one of your sons was found dead and you were being interviewed by the police, do you believe you would say "I would NEVER NEVER NEVER kill one of my sons" or would you be more likely to say "I did not kill my son" ?

Anonymous said...

Lucy, Obviously you are not in tune with the times. Kato is doing quite well on his own merits, thank you. Exactly as he should be doing, no doubt better than you are. It is the media seeking him, not him seeking them; which btw, they lied, not Kato.

He has always been open and above board, just a sweet kind-a guy with a little show biz talent and trying to make it on his own, who happened to be in OJ & Nichole's life at the time; nothing more than the children's nanny, with a few bit-parts and a laid-back, happy, fun loving personality. They both liked Kato, as did the children, and provided him a place to stay. When he wasn't staying at Nichole's, he stayed at OJ's.

Kato has always said that he believed OJ killed Nichole & Ron. Nothing new there. You need to do a little research before slamming at someones reputation that you know nothing about.

Many of the articles posted here could use a little research before they run off foaming at the mouth and adding to the horrendous troubles and downfall of others based on idle media gossip and speculation without following up on the facts first. My my, the tangled webs some of you can weave and never stop with your bad-mouthing of people you know little to nothing about.

Guess you might say not all of us fall for it.