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Statement Analysis: Shrien Dewani

Question for Analyst:  Did Husband Know his wife's killers?

Statement analysis is in bold type.   This is a good example to highlight the principle that what someone reports, in an open statement, in the negative, it is very important.  When he offers that he "can't" identify the carjackers who shot his wife, it is very sensitive to him.  Why can't he?  This means that he is limited. Normally, this is not offered as a subject has hope that his memory might be triggered.  By stating from the beginning what he cannot do, he is seeking to quell the flow of information.  

Dewani: I can't identify the carjackers who shot my wife on our honeymoon

Doomed: Shrien Dewani at his marriage to Anni Hindocha
Doomed: Shrien Dewani at his marriage to Anni Hindocha
Honeymoon murder suspect Shrien Dewani told police he could not describe his wife’s alleged carjackers and killers.
He detailed how the carjackers had burst into the taxi carrying him and bride Anni and robbed them at gunpoint.
In his initial witness statement, he told how the men sped off with him and Anni before eventually bundling him out of the cab. 
Anni, 28, was later found shot dead in the back of the abandoned taxi.

The cabbie Zola Tongo has been jailed for 18 years in Cape Town after admitting his role in the murder. 

He claimed that Dewani, 31, offered him £1,600 to arrange the killing.

Last week Dewani, who owns care homes in the Bristol area, faced a legal bid to extradite him from Britain to stand trial in Cape Town. The proceedings resume in July.

Dewani’s statement, obtained by The Mail on Sunday, on the day of the murder last November shows he at first failed to provide a detailed description of the men.

A day after the initial statement, police asked for a second affidavit to ‘clarify certain aspects’
It is not known whether he was later able to give a more detailed description of the carjackers.
In the statement, Dewani says: ‘I will not be able to describe the male that was driving the car. I can only say the other male was very black, he had two piercings in his right ear. I will not be able to describe his facial features.’

Here, he appears to offer what he cannot do.  This is immediately noted as in the negative.  Next we note that he uses the word "only" which means he intends to restrict. 
Note that he again adds, in the negative, what he will not do.  He said, "I will not be able" instead of "I can't" which may indicate that his refusal is an exercise of his will.  

Being unable to describe the two males is highly important to him.  This should lead investigators to learn if he knows them.  

Specifically he mentions "facial features", the most identifying part of a person, yet includes two piercings.  Note that he did not say he saw earrings, but piercings.  This indicates a close look at the one. 

He says he tried to hide his mobile from the carjackers but they searched him and found it.

The male put the gun into my ear and put his finger on the trigger and said to me if I lie again he will shoot me,’ Dewani says.

My wife Anni kept crying and screaming and told the males not to hurt us.

Please note the appropriate social introduction using both her title (wife), possessive pronoun (my) and her name.  Note that she "told" the males, is also appropriately strong language. Had he used "said" it would have been soft language, which is inappropriate.  This sentence is likely truthful.

Note also:   He is consistent with "males" and "male".  

Regarding "told" versus "said", the wife is appropriately strong towards the assailants.  It is expected.  But now note: 

‘The one male pointed the gun at me and said that I must make her shut up or he will shoot one of us.

This is where liars mess up:  his wife "told" (strong and appropriate) the assailants.  Now, as the assailant is speaking to him, he uses softer language, "said" which would indicate that the male with the gun is polite to Dewani.  (the subject) 

 Anni gave me her wedding rings valued at £25,000. I gave the rings to the male.’

Note the spirit of cooperation between the "male" and the subject. 
Note also his need to put a value on it.   

Between the male and the subject there is soft language. 
Between the male and the subject there is cooperation.  He didn't hand over the rings, he "gave" them to the male, just as she "gave" them to him.  He uses the same wording in transferring the rings from his wife, as to the assailant. 

Tragic: The Dewanis were on their honeymoon when they were carjacked in a South African township
Tragic: The Dewanis were on their honeymoon when they were carjacked in a South African township
Dewani says they went to the crime-ridden township of Gugulethu at Anni’s suggestion. 

‘Zola took us into Gugulethu because my wife insisted to see how the nightlife in the townships was,’ he says, adding: ‘At a road turning left, I heard a knock on the windscreen. I then saw two black males. One opened the driver door and the other the passenger side door. 

Here we come to the highly sensitive portion of his statement where he is blaming his wife.  He calls her "my wife" and not by her name.  He gives the reason why they went to a certain area. instead of just telling us what happened.  This is outside of the boundary of the question of what happened and is highly insensitive.  That he spoke of the value of the rings and that she wanted to see "the nightlife" are important. 

Below are the handwritten statements photographed.  If transcripts exist, the times mentioned in them might make for a good example of measuring the statement on its form and its pace.  (Lines per hour)
Details: Shrien Dewani's handwritten police statement from the night his wife was murdered
Details: Shrien Dewani's handwritten police statement from the night his wife was murdered
Details: Shrien Dewani's handwritten police statement from the night his wife was murdered
‘The driver then started driving very fast over speed bumps, causing the car to jump in the air.
‘The driver stopped the car and I asked where they are going to leave Anni.

The one is called "the driver"
Note that "asked" is polite language. 
Note that he only asked where they were going to "leave" Anni.  What caused him to presume that they were going to leave her?  Why would he think that only she was going to be left?  

Why would he presume that he was still going with them?  This should be considered in light of the soft, cooperative language between him and the males. 

The one male said that they will leave Anni at the police station.

The one male pulled me out of the car. I tried to pull Anni with me but the other male held her arm. The car then sped off.’

Anni, from Mariestad, in Sweden, was found dead in the taxi with a bullet wound in her neck.
Strain: Shrien Dewani (second right) arrives with supporters for his extradition hearing in London
Strain: Shrien Dewani (second right) arrives with supporters for his extradition hearing in London
The two alleged carjackers, Mziwamadoda Qwabe, 25, and Xolile Mngeni, 23, have been charged with murder. Their trial has been postponed until June 1.

Dewani is on bail but is being held at a mental health hospital in Bristol suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and severe mental illness.

In an earlier judgment during the extradition proceedings, a judge said there was no basis to suggest that Dewani failed to co-operate with the investigation. 

The judge added that until his arrest Dewani had said that he would return to South Africa to assist an identification parade of the suspects.

Dewani’s lawyer Charlotte Harris said: ‘He co-operated fully with the South African police. He assisted their search operation by providing the mobile number for the taxi driver.
‘This has been corroborated by a witness, Simbonile Matokazi, interviewed by The Mail on Sunday. 
‘The South African police, despite travelling to the UK earlier this year, have refused to even interview Mr Dewani regarding the allegations by the taxi driver.’

By beginning his statement with the repetition that he would not identify the two males, it suggests that he wants to conceal their identity.  This suggests that he may have known them. 

Next, we have the softer language used by him regarding the males.  This is in contrast to the stronger language of his wife towards them. 

Then we see cooperation between him and one of the males, of whom he gives his wife's rings to. 
Finally, we have him appearing to know their plans, that he was to be with them. 

Taken together, he appears to know the assailants who killed his wife, and is deceptive about being unable to identify them.  


Mauritania said...

Wow thanks Peter. That was quick!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

You're welcome. A day off today and it was a good quote to use.

Anonymous said...

So this man is banished to South Africa to go through mug shots? WTF?

I had this very converstaion not too long ago with a man that claimed to have bailed out of the taxi he was in when he realized the driver was purposely taking the wrong route. He thought the driver was going to "roll" him. I had something similar occur, though not off the path. Africans are black so when I was in a place where this driver frequented, I inquired of a black American her experiences with the cab drivers in the area. She said she'd invited one into her apartment to view the barrel of her handgun as she was not going to pay his double fees. I had turned him into the company that was paying his fees for me when I realized he was double charging them. The man did not care. Typical white American male.

Anonymous said...

"This is all I can say at this stage"
At this stage...
On the first page he wrote the name Zola -their taxi driver's name 4 times. Isn't that strange?
What happened to the taxi driver during the "abduction"? I cannot find that part.

Light the Way said...

Just out of curiousity, does anyone know if this was an "arranged" marriage?

Anonymous said...

Shrien Dewani issued a statement addressing his arrest and the honeymoon murder. The statement reads: "I'm TOTALLY innocent of ANY involvement in this horrendous crime. These allegations are totally ludicrous and ... very hurtful to a YOUNG MAN who is grieving the loss of the woman HE loved, his CHOSEN life partner."

Anonymous said...

Light the Way, I had the same thought after reading the statement where he included "his chosen life partner"

Light the Way said...

Yeah, I noticed that.
Also, I was immediately confused, since Dewani had already stated
"I cannot identify the taxi driver"...and then proceeded to INTRODUCE the taxi driver by name.

I thought: "Well, he MUST HAVE MEANT 'the assailant who hijacked the cab and did the getaway driving, and NOT the originally hired driver whom he knew'..."

I had to stop to remind myself that one of the founding PRINCIPLES of SA is taking care NOT to interpret a statement for the speaker!
So, I'm left questioning if this was an unintended admission of guilty knowledge on Dewanis part?

Light the Way said...

Thank you for including that quote, I hadn't read that before!
I definitely think it could be a clue as to the fact that someone ELSE "chose" his bride for him..

What had my interest piqued was the fact that the article listed Dewani as the OWNER OF SEVERAL CARE HOMES, at 31 years of age, coupled with photos of what appears to be a traditional Hindi wedding...
This sent up flags of "inherited wealth" in a culture that honors marriage arrangements--- particularly so, within the upper caste/the well to do.
Sometimes these arrangements are made by parents for their children when they are still babies!

In such a culture, a son who wished to inherit his father's wealth, would be expected to honor his marriage arrangement without question. I think you see where I'm going with this.
Just a hunch.

Tania Cadogan said...

when the case initially broke (i posted about it on the other blog) a witness who found him made an interesting statement which convinced me dewani was involed ( he is currently claiming PTSDand depression as an excuse to stop him being extradited- he will be reassessed in a year)
He said dewani made this statemnt
He said to me, “Excuse me, is there a nearby police station where I can report a hijack because my wife and I were hijacked”, ’ said Mr Matokazi.

Neither does Mr Matokazi’s testimony support the 30-year-old’s later assertion that he was dragged ‘struggling and screaming’ out of the passenger window.

He said Mr Dewani ‘had a suit on and a nice shirt underneath’ and looked neither ruffled nor bruised.

‘We just saw a decent guy,’ he added. Mr Matokazi’s observations were endorsed by a police source closely involved in the investigation.
‘The officer who reached him [Mr Dewani] said that it didn’t look like he was hurt,’ said the source. ‘He saw no injuries or anything. And there was no sand on his clothes.
‘It didn’t look like Mr Dewani had been in a struggle. He still looked smart, like he was coming out of a restaurant.’
After dropping off some friends at the airport, Mr Matokazi – who was with his wife – was about to park his car when he saw Mr Dewani staggering between some roadside shacks.

Read more:
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There has also been claims from rent boys claiming they went with him.

What is cear is dewani is lying through his teeth about the night.
His statements as Peter points out indicates deception.
he knows who killed his wife and why.
Photographic evidence also incriminates him.
Apparantly it wasn't a recognised wedding legally ths was part one so to speak.
He had been previously engaged and called it off, was this part of a pattern i wonder?

C5H11ONO said...

His transcripts that were photographed are missing paragraphs 7 thru 18 (that's a huge chunk, but here is what was photographed)

Shrien Dewani, DOB 1979-12-29
States under oath in English

On Saturday 2010-11-13 about 20:00, myself
and my wife Anni was picked up at our
hotel, Cape Grace in Waterfront, Cape Town,
by the driver named Zola.
We then drove towards Somerset West. Zola
took us through Gugulethu where he showed
us the butcher shop named Maotis. (Not sure of spelling) We
Then went to Somerset West where we had
I think that my wife talked to Zola about
the night life in the townships. Zola then took
us ___ Gugulethu because my wife insisted to see how the nightlife in the townships was
I saw a sign on the road saying Gugulethu
and we drove in that direction
At a road turning left I then heard a
knock on the windscreen of the car. I then
saw two (2) black male. I am not sure but
I think that both of the male had the arms
in their hands. (Not sure if I got this part right)
One of the black males opened the driver
door and the other male opened the
passenger rightside door. The males both got
into the car. The one male in front and the

(Paragraphs 7 thru 18 are missing)

The male however pointed the gun at me
saying to me to do or he will kill me. Anni
started to scream and the male said to
Anni to shut up.
The driver stopped the car and I asked
where they are going to leave Anni. The
one male said that they will leave Anni at
the Police Station.
The one male pulled me out of the car.
I tried to pull Anni with me but the
other male held her arm. The car then
sped off.
I walked and saw a male with or driving a
Toyota (side marks on paper at this paragraph are unidientifiable). I told them (them is scratched out) the male what
happened and he called the police.
I w ill not be able to describe the male
that was driving the car. I can only
say that the other male was very black, he
had two piercings in his right ear. I will
however not be able to describe his facial
This is all I can say at this stage
I know and understand the contents of this statement (not sure if statement is what he wrote)
I have no objection to taking the prescribed oath.
I consider the prescribed oath to be binding on

Anonymous said...

Every body wants to view a butcher shop on their honeymoon, don't they?

Soooo, where did Anni surface...eventually?

Unknown said...

He comes from a very conservitve Indian Family.He was engaged to be married once before wich ended .His first fiance claims coldness distance.This marrige was not arrainged although Dewani was faceing pressure at home to marry an staart a Family.Trouble was he is gay an in to sado macho sex clubs an haveing sex with rent boys..All this was a hidden part of his life of course.So this marrige was not arrainged but it was of conveinance.As was the murder.He had never been intimate with his bride to be...Claimed to be a virgin an saveing homself for Mrs Right.Her Sister thought that was sweet an old fashioned an noble.Even the night of there marrige they slept in seperate beds.An acording to the sister the marrige was never consimated.Women repuklsed Dewani an he couldnt bare to be near his Wifw.This murder was arranged not for money but just so Dewani could go on with his double life.In one Family of his back give him space as griveing widow.Just lost the love of his life.Mean while he can get back to his gay sex clubs an young german rent boys

Anonymous said...

Here is a timeline:

Seems he fled S. Africa immediately afterward. (If I'm reading it correctly).

If she was raped, then it would make sense they'd take her and not him. If all they did was strip her of more jewelry and other items and then shoot her that could have been done when handing over the wedding ring when her husband was present.

I also read that the driver went to behind the police office for a while. Made me wonder.

Anonymous said...

OT Peter I would be interested in your thoughts on the Amish hate crime trial going on in Ohio. In the last two weeks their has also been testimony that this bishop coerced women into sexual acts in order to make them better wives.

Tania Cadogan said...

Anni Dewani was found dead inside the back of the VW Sharan in Lingelethu West.
Severely beaten and bruised, she had suffered a single gunshot wound to her neck inflicted by a copy of a TT pistol in 9mm calibre.
Police later confirmed that Anni's Giorgio Armani wristwatch, a white-gold and diamond bracelet, her handbag and her BlackBerry mobile phone were missing and assumed stolen.

The couple married at the Lake Powai resort outside Mumbai, India, on 29 October, 300 guests attended the traditional three-day Hindu marriage event. They were planning a civil ceremony that would take place in the UK in 2011, for friends who could not attend the Indian ceremony.

She died before they could formally register their marriage in the UK.

There were also many rows including the wedding night

BostonLady said...

I believe the husband is deceptive. For him to say appearingly out of the blue, where are you going with my wife, when the paragraph before didn't indicate that anything was going to happen to either of them , is not believable. He knew they were taking his wife because it was part of his plan, worked out with the driver. Why would they only kill his wife? It doesn't make sense.

This somewhat reminds me of the Charles Stuart case back in the 80's when his 8 month pregnant wife was shot and killed in a rough part of Boston. He was injured but not critically. He claimed that it was a black male who shot them. They had been coming from their birthing class in Boston. It turned out that Charles was having an affair and had hired his brother to shoot his wife and then him. The brother went to jail and Charles jumped off of the Mystic River bridge.

Why can't these stupid men just divorce the woman or not marry in the first place? Evil

Anonymous said...

OT- Wonder if an arrest will come anytime soon

Anonymous said...

The butcher shop is Myzolis or similar;not Maotis, the fake charity set up to help military families in the US. It is popular eatery and buthery in the area.

This is the part that stands out to me:
I think that my wife talked to Zola about
the night life in the townships. Zola then took
us ___ Gugulethu because my wife insisted to see how the nightlife in the townships was
I saw a sign on the road saying Gugulethu
and we drove in that direction
At a road turning left I then heard a
knock on the windscreen of the car. I then
saw two (2) black male. I am not sure but
I think that both of the male had the arms
in their hands. (Not sure if I got this part right)

He THINKS his wife talked to Zola....
He saw the sign to the crime riddled town...and, off they go.
At a road turning left? Hey, was that the only direction they could turn? If so, why stop or even slow down? Not speeding up should have been sign they were in trouble.Floor it. Maybe a ticket or running a stop's not a life sentence.
They will leave Anni at the Police station. Why would they do that when they could just go on driving like a maniac?!!!

Can't wait to see the missing paragraphs. Dialogue inside the cab must have been interesting.

Maggie said...

I don't know if this is important but I noticed his change in tense from FUTURE "I will not be able to describe the male..." to PRESENT "I can only say..." back to FUTURE "I will not be able to describe his facial features." This is just odd to me. This whole part of his statement should be in the present tense.
It makes it seem like he is just a spoiled brat who is used to getting his own way his whole life, and so, to him, this should be no different. That is why he is saying "I will..." He is telling us simply what he will and won't do. Like a spoiled brat.
It does seem like there is a real possibility that he hired these men (or man) to kill his wife.

Maggie said...

The body language is strange in the picture of them as a couple. She is lovingly placing her hand on his chest. He is putting his hand on her lower back, but his fingers are not placed flat against her back--they are tense and curled up and his hand itself is not resting against her back it is just his curled up tense fingers reluctantly touching her back. Normally a man will place his hand flat against the back--you can see he does not really want to touch her. I agree with the poster who wrote that he is gay--he is touching her like he is not attracted to her or to women in general.

Light the Way said...

The explanation of Dewanis being homosexual makes sense to me, in terms of a motivation for wanting "out" of his marriage, but I'm just not seeing the photograph thing...

It is a professional photo-session type portrait. In these kinds of formal portraits there is often a LOT of direction and adjustment of pose on the part of the photographer. If it were a casual shot, then I think the body language displayed would be more "telling".

John Mc Gowan said...

RE: The first and second photos.


The irony is that their smiles are GENUINE.

Photo one is a stage photo however the smiles are real.

Photo two is more a candid picture,you can see people in the background,Again their Smiles are real.

Facial expression. 1. A true smile of happiness, gladness, or joy. 2. An expression in which the corners of the mouth curve upward, and the outer corners of the eyes crinkle into crow's-feet.

Usage: Though we may show a polite grin or camera smile at will, the zygomatic or heartfelt smile is hard to produce on demand. While the former cue may be consciously manipulated (and is subject to deception), the latter is controlled by emotion. Thus, the zygomatic smile is a more accurate reflection of mood.

Anatomy. Lip corners curl upward through contraction of zygomaticus muscles; crow's-feet show when the zygomaticus muscles are strongly contracted, and/or when orbicularis oculi muscles contract. In the polite (i.e., intentional, weak, or "false") smile, lip corners stretch sideward through contraction of risorius muscles, with little upward curl and no visible crow's-feet.

Evolution. The smile-face may be traced to the primate's grimace or fear grin. The submissive grin, used to show "I am afraid," came to suggest that "I am harmless--and therefore friendly--as well" (Morris 1994). The link between smiling and humor, love, and joy has yet to be explained.

John Mc Gowan said...


Her face reminded me of the nightmare of four years': Amanda Knox's ex-boyfriend reveals they had secret reunion in U.S. months after they were acquitted of murdering British student
Raffaele Sollecito maintains his innocence as he speaks to Katie Couric
Does not regret relationship with Knox which he called 'a dreamy week'
Defended photos of couple kissing after murder: 'Her family was on the other side of the world and I was the only one there for her'
Former couple still keep in touch with emails and Skype
Both served four years in Italian jail but were acquitted last year
Drug dealer Rudy Guede in prison for murder of Meredith Kerche

Read more:
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John Mc Gowan said...


The Wedding Photo.

We must be careful However, some photographers make people laugh a split second before they take the photo.

The Candid photo.

As stated about the wedding photo.

They may have been enjoying themselves with the photo taker and or may have shared a joke.

Context is important.

What is intriguing though is the position of their heads in the second picture,they are tilted towards one another and touching,we only do this when we trust someone and are psychologically

This is a Honeymoon picture, which is disturbing given that what was about to happen.Sad So sad..

Anonymous said...

The "beard cutters" are not true Old (Order) Amish or New (Order) Amish. This disturbed violent group is a break-away "cult" that left the real Amish many years ago.

Anonymous said...

Terrible mental health problems:
The hearing was postponed because of Dewani’s mental illness. He is being held in a secure psychiatric facility at Fromeside Clinic, where he has been confined by court order after a violent outburst at the exclusive Priory clinic in his home town of Bristol in south-west England.

Wonder what he did? Flip over a dinner table when the requested wine was not serverd properly?

This entire scenerio reeks. It as many we see in the states, and the snobbery idocy of Brits, where he wishes to look down upon the poor and as a result his wife is murdered because of it.

No one wishes to go see a slum area on a honeymoon. Why would they? So they could be thankful they don't live there or have to live like that?

Florida said...

Beautiful photo in full attire, they made a handsome couple together.
Good photographer. My son is a professional photographer so I've seen a
lot of photo editing and I don't believe much editing was done on this
photo, if any. Maybe some color shading which is easy. The most difficult
photos to edit are those of children and in-laws who frown; also those
where fatness and age have to be scaled down. This can take HOURS to do.

It's a shame this guy turned out to be a -----; use your own words. I don't
exactly call them closet queens. I have several choice words, also call them
dirty low down filthy men who hide their deviant perversion behind a woman's
skirt and spend a lifetime deceiving her, while they put up the big family
oriented front. Pleasing their family and winning their approval is a big deal
with them. It's the woman I feel sorry for; she can never please this man,
spends her lifetime trying to please him, never does and never knows what she
did wrong. She lives a lifetime of pitiful rejection and deceit. He ought to
be hung by the b--ls.

Yes they do hate women. What an act they put on when deaf, dumb and blind women
believe one of them is her friend; the one thing they can't realize is that if
he liked women, he wouldn't be with a man. The one thing I'm glad about in
them coming out of the closet is that it means there will be less women deceived
and lured into marrying them so they can continue on hiding their filthy deeds.
Unbelievably though, many still do! Alls I can say is; ladies you are being used.

If you're married to a man who won't make love to you, run like the devil is after
you because HE IS, no matter WHAT his excuse is for not making love to you, unless
he has a serious health problem. Otherwise, if he won't take steps to correct his
problem, he is as effin' ----r as a $3 dollar bill. And while you're at it,

Ah, but this guy, no way was HE ever going to admit to his family what he was.
I once knew a man just like him, only his wife was never able to figure out what he
REALLY was until after he died. This dude intended to go right on deceiving her
and his family, while he made her life a living hell. But this b'stard was only 30 yrs
old and had plenty of time to con some woman into a demeaning marriage and lifetime
of sorrow, without luring one into his web and killing her, which I do believe this
piece a shyt paid to have done for him. Seems pretty obvious to me that's what he did.

I feel really bad for her and the horrible way she had to die; also her family. I
just hope she never knew what he'd really done to her. I would hope he gets life
WOP. Pardon me for saying it, but there he can get all the filthy butt-to-mouth sex
he wants, with eventual anal incontenance which IS what it leads too, exactly what
he deserves. Fla Anon

Anonymous said...

This article below explains many of the symtoms of a set-up, though three may be a liars #, three participated in the slaying. There are others lurking in the shadows that help(ed) facilitate such events:

Unknown said...

He was removed from the Priory in Bristol after a violent out burst toward another female patient.She had sugested to him that if he were inocent then he should return to S Africa an clear his name.The Priory is an exclusive rehab/health cinic/spa popular with wealthy celebs.Dehwani had voulantry checked himself in over severe de[ression P T S S.None of thease symptoms manisfested untill he was named a suspect an authouraties in S Africa started asking for his return.His entire illnes is a charade to evade extradiction....Claims that S African prisons are rife with H I V an over half the inmates are infected.Rape is also common place....Seeing as he loves being dominated by young men in sadomacho sex clubs he might even enjoy himself when he gets out there.This Gay thing is not my opinion B T W Im from the U K an a lot more of his background has been reported in the media.A couple of his favourate rentboys an fellow members of clubs he was a regular at .Have also given interveiws.

Anonymous said...

He is absolutely deceptive. There are text messages between Dewani and the taxi driver stating that "it has to happen tonight." And that the "payment in behind the seat" in the taxi. Dewani's brother also tried to stealthily obtain hotel footage containing a conversation between Dewani and the taxi driver and a subsequent exchange of money. The driver claims that it was during this time that Dewani stated that he wanted "someone taken off the scene - his wife."

Florida said...

Not to fret, he'll get his come-uppance in the big house. He'll be wearing male incontenance disposable diapers in hardly no time. And there won't be any little rent boys there for him to spread his diseases onto or into. He'll curse the day he ever had a beautiful sweet wife and destroyed her.

May she rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't they let him (the brother) have it? Surly they could have made a copy for him. It would be interesting to see what he would do with it.

Lara Martinez said...

I'm glad you picked this case, Peter. I followed it awhile ago, and there was some speculation that the husband is gay and married the wife for debt relief. She was seen sobbing on the plane (?) on the way to the honeymoon--some thought it had to do with his revealing his homosexuality to her.

I never believed that his wife would ever "insist" on going into a highly dangerous crime-infested area in a foreign country. It reminds me of the logic of Scott Peterson's "fishing trip." I think in both cases the male believes himself to be far more clever than the reality. Big egos don't mean high IQ's.

Anonymous said...

1600 pounds is all that beautyfull woman worth? i don't believe her husban for one second and i hope he rot in hell

Anonymous said...

It was