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Triplets, Lies and Statement Analysis

What caused you to learn Statement Analysis?

An interested reader asked recently if I could poll readership to ask what caused them to learn Statement Analysis.  Before I ask, I thought it would be good to make a disclosure of my own, going back many years ago.

                                What caused me to learn Statement Analysis?  

There were two events.  The first event, listed below, started me on the journey.  The second event was something else that triggered me in earnest, for deeper study.

Just prior to undertaking the quest to learn Statement Analysis, I was given the last straw upon my back which proved to be the one that snapped me into a desire to learn.

By this time in life, I was tired of being lied to.  Each time another story was given, I believed it up to the point of being proven otherwise.

I knew those who were cynical and who believed no one, and felt that no one could tell the truth.
I did not want to live that way, but neither did I want to be taken again...

Then came the knock on the door.

Desperate, edgy, my first thought was "drugs" and my second thought was, "I will not be taken again."

"I don't even want money; just baby formula.  I am in between jobs and we just had triplets!  Triplets!  Can you believe it?

I did not give money but did take him down to the drug store.

Triplets?  Who would go so far as to claim triplets?  It had to be true.  At that point in life, I had heard a lot of stories but triplets was new.  It was too easy to verify.

Yet, it burned me.

Triplets?  Really triplets??

I went to where he said he lived.  Triplets who were 6 months of age, in the summer, isn't something that goes unnoticed.

No one there by the given name.

I knocked on neighbors' doors.

No one had seen a mother with triplets.  Most said, "that's not something I'd forget!"

I went down to the drug store where the worker had a big grin on his face.  "He was back within 15 minutes to return the formula.  You were smart not to give him the receipt but he did exchange them for cigarettes.

I had promised myself not to be taken again, and here I was, taken yet again.  His pleading seemed so genuine, (it was) but the over abundance of detail should have awakened me, but it didn't.

 I believe people.

It is important to me that analysis be not only successful, but be able to be taught, in principle, and applied fairly and consistently, case by case.

I want it to be done in a way that puts pressure upon readership.  Specific pressure.

I want them to read:

Case A.

Case A shows them why analysis concluded deception indicated.  Later, as things turned out, the deception became known.

Case B shows readership why analysis concluded deception and the details emerged which proved the analysis to the reader.

Case C was applied in the same way class A and B were, and Case C showed deception and details emerged which were obvious.

Then, the reader is confronted with Case D.

Case D has an emotional hold over the reader.  The reader feels that Case D's main player is innocent.  There is an emotional tie to it that transcends logic.

Case D is read and the reader is no fool.  The reader knows that Case A, B and C worked out well.  The readers knows the analysis.  The reader knows the analysis works and the analysis system is scary accurate, but Case D...

Case D just...

The reader feels the pressure.

This is good.

What caused you to want to learn?

Was it a particular case that caused you to land here at a blog where deception was being uncovered?

What caused you to want to learn Statement Analysis?

If you are a regular reader and would prefer to remain anonymous, please do so.

I am not naturally talented in analysis but have worked hard, even taking trainings repeatedly.  It is essential to stay within principle and make no rash judgements.  If you are suspicious minded, you cannot do analysis.  You must be able to presuppose that each and every person's statement is true and honest, and prepare yourself for the unexpected.

It's the perfect time for anything to happen.


Tania Cadogan said...

I found out about statement analysis when i was looking for information on the mccanns.

I knew they were being deceptive, i however seemed to be in the minority.

From day 1 something was off, having worked in hospitals and vets and research amongst other things) i knew what should be expected.
I knew how they should behave, i knew what they should say.
I watched and listened and read and the expected wasn't there.
I voiced my opinions on media sites being shouted down, how could i even think of accusing these parents etc etc.

I kept voicing them on blogs and forums and media sites.
As time passed and there was more coming out the public seemed to see the light and start asking awkward questions.
Slowly the public perception changed and the mccanns went into overdrive, not to find their daughter rather to preserve their reputations.
The media was muzzled and anyone questioning them was blocked, call in shows would suddenly stop taking calls when it was clear which way public opinion was going.
Word would get round when comments were being alowed and i amongst many got sneaky at getting our views across without naming names.

I found Peter's site by acident, i can't recall off hand what post i read that caught my attention, one did.
I saved it to my faves as a tool for reference.
I read his blog from his very first post, learning about the man and his family from his words, learning what made him tick.
I understood that Peter was showing me the how's and why's behind the uttered word.

I was hooked.
I had a name for what i could see, I knew why i was seeing something was off when others saw nothing.
I think also my 'job' helps muchly.
I see the 'spoken' word day in and day out, i see the drama, the lies, the loves, the humor, the sadness and loneliness as they interact.
I don't know the person behind the screen i see only their words.
Being incognito i can also see what really happened and compare it to what they tell me happened and boy can they be different.

Peter got me hooked.
Everything he posted i read repeatedly, filing it away in my head.
I would find topics that caught my eye and post them looking to see if what i could see would be seen by others.
gradually i got brave and began to post comments on what i thought i was seeing and waiting to see if i was right or wrong.
If i was wrong i wanted to know where, what i hadn't understood, if i was right i felt the little glow of satisfaction.
I don't remember when i tried a proper analysis, i do know that there are some cases that i will attempt and then send to him for his critique, othertimes i will go for it and post on his blog.

People fascinate me, how they act alone and interact with others, their words, everything. manwatching by Desmond Morris is one of my favorite books and when Peter suggested some books i got them.
It was heaven and still is as i reread them time and time again, catching details i missed before or understanding better a principal.
I recall in one book, i sent Peter an email pointing out an oopsie in regard to order by the author.

I love learning and Peter and Heather have introduced me to a whole world of knowledge.
I want to keep learning and oneday take the courses suggested.
I want to be as good as Peter, heather and Kaaryn,actually, i want to be better.
it is going to take time and patience, i have this in spades, i have set myself a target and one day i will hit it.

Thanks Peter and Heather for all your help, advisce and support.

Light the Way said...

TRIPLETS, huh???
Three is the liars number.

BostonLady said...

I found my way to Statement Analysis via the Hailey Dunn case. Since that first visit, I come back to read daily. I was amazed that Peter could tell so much about the case, the person, the victim, based on a few statements. Now I can see some of that for myself. I'm still learning and have a ways to go, but I understand so much more than when I first arrived. Thanks Peter & Heather !

Anonymous said...

Case A,B,C, and D...which case puts pressure on the reader?

I find it interesting to read the comments as journalists would be looking to enhance their abilities via analysis-statement, that is.

It's rather rythmic...

"I got a song that ain't got no melody..."

Jazzie said...

What caused you to want to learn?
I have always wanted to seek truth.

Was it a particular case that caused you to land here at a blog where deception was being uncovered?
The Meredith Kercher Murder.

What caused you to want to learn Statement Analysis?
By instinct I can tell some is lying, but wanted to understand what is being said to trigger my questioning/basis for ferreting out the truth.

If you are a regular reader and would prefer to remain anonymous, please do so.
I choose a name but remain "anonymous" because I have been stalked and terrorized.

It is essential to stay within principle and make no rash judgements. If you are suspicious minded, you cannot do analysis. You must be able to presuppose that each and every person's statement is true and honest, and prepare yourself for the unexpected.
This is the most difficult task for me, because I am initially suspect of people, but I am always willing to weigh all evidence and hear all sides of the story. I do come to conclusions early on. Oddly enough, after seeing/hearing "evidence"/stories, I start to question my judgement and wonder "What is the truth?"

It's the perfect time for anything to happen.
That is a quintessential optimistic statement if I ever heard one. LOL.
Wish I was more optimistic!
I always admit "I suck at SA"
Love words, just a poet. No great case cracker here.
Just want justice to happen for so many children silenced.

Anonymous said...

Came across this blog's predecessor en route to looking up other things. (Note lack of pronoun, LOL.) My parents were emotionally abusive and played lots of mind games with me. I grew up extremely naive, believing and trusting anything and anyone, getting used and hurt a lot.

Eventually I wised up and developed the knack for telling when someone is lying; since then I have come across various resources that have helped my hone my skills.

Anonymous said...

People enjoy different things. I was in the library not too long ago when I heard a man stating very loudly to the librarian how much he loved poetry and could she please point him to where it could be found. When I looked up, they were both looking at either myself, or the person sitting next to me who appeared to be a youth with perhaps a learning disability judging from his facial characteristics. Anywhooo, turning to my right I noticed the man next to me enjoyed fiction. To each their own.

Such is life.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

Idiom Definitions for 'Last straw'

The last straw is the final problem that makes someone lose their temper or the problem that finally brought about the collapse of something. It comes from an Arabic story, where a camel was loaded with straw until a single straw PLACED on the rest of the load broke its back.

I was GIVEN the last straw upon my back

Apple said...

I was disgusted and heartbroken with the *missing* baby cases. This was the blog where I learned the truth about the enormous lies circling them.

VLW said...

For me it was Kyron Horman's disappearance. I found your analysis of Terri Horman's email to a friend while I was searching the internet for everything I could find about this case. At first, I was both baffled and skeptical, but I was also intrigued. The more I visited the site, the more I understood, and now I check for your posts several times a day. I'm still a "surface statement analyst" (I can catch the obvious, like past-tense references to missing kids, alibi-building, the number 3, etc., but it's always enlightening to see the in-depth analysis you do. I also appreciate that this site alerts me to cases I wouldn't probably hear about otherwise.

Keeny said...

I never knew Statement analysis existed until I heard Peter on Simons "Blog Talk Radio" it was a show on Haleigh Cummings. I was hooked from that day forward. I followed that case from the beginning and I racked my brain over who was telling the truth and who wasn't. After I listened to Peter I realized that I wanted to learn what Peter was sharing. I am soooo thankful I have found this little corner of the web, it has changed my life in so many ways.

bigmama said...

Since I have been reading this blog and learning more about statement analysis I have been able to cope with the discomfort I feel when I am being lied to. Sometimes I can just be content with the truth that I know, instead of the obsessing about the lie I have been told. Growing up I was lied to often and knew when others were being deceptive. I had learned to go along with deception as a way to keep peace. When I was in my 20's I had a boyfriend of ten years who lied to me repeatedly and I knew it. Looking back, I wonder if being lied to was my normal? A couple of years ago, I called my sister out on several lies. Our relationship ended and I was depressed for over a year. It was hard losing her and our friendship and I felt like I was living in a world where deception was socially acceptable and telling the truth made me an outcast. Shortly after "my sister's lies that broke the camel's back," I was brought to this blog while listening to Billie Jean Dunn on Nancy Grace. I didn't believe a word she said. So, I typed "Billie Jean Dunn is lying" on my search engine and have been reading faithfully since. Thank you, Peter, Heather and readers for bringing me the truth I have been craving my whole life. I hope more respond to this topic, because I am finding each post fascinating.

Anonymous said...

I am interested in human nature and how people think and behave, it never ceases to fascinate and amaze me.

I grew up with a parent who was a pathological, compulsive liar. Some of my siblings followed suit. I remember as a preschooler, having been lied to, sitting in my room, infuriated and crying, and realizing to myself "now I see how it works. You tell a lie and you just keep sticking to it and if you stick to it forever, then people have to accept it even if they don't believe it." I recognized this was how the system worked, but it was offensive to me and I could not accept it.

I should mention I love my family. They were just challenging to grow up with. In the course of all those years, I came to know many signs of lying. I could usually tell when someone was being deceitful but I didn't have a clear way to identify as to how I knew this. I was fascinated when I first found this blog and started learning that there is a concrete, factual system to follow to evaluate a person's statements. I have been hooked ever since. It jives with what I learned over the years and many times I have to laugh as I see familiar statements evaluated. Other times statements are much more challenging and I learn new things all the time.

I think the study of lying is a study that takes us right to the heart of human nature.

Anonymous said...

I found this blog when the West Memphis Three were about to be released and i wanted more info about their possible guilt or innocence. I read all the " famous cases" and was hooked on this site. I've learned SO much here.
I was 17 when JonBenet Ramsey was murdered and have always believed one or both parents killed her. Peter's analysis of the ransom note backed up everything my gut had told me, even as a teenager.
I'm an optimist by nature and always want to give others the benefit of the doubt. In doing so I've been burned many times. Statement analysis is teaching me to be more careful when dealing with those who seek to take advantage.
Thank you,
Daily Reader- ShaynaCat

Anonymous said...

I found this blog when the West Memphis Three were about to be released and i wanted more info about their possible guilt or innocence. I read all the " famous cases" and was hooked on this site. I've learned SO much here.
I was 17 when JonBenet Ramsey was murdered and have always believed one or both parents killed her. Peter's analysis of the ransom note backed up everything my gut had told me, even as a teenager.
I'm an optimist by nature and always want to give others the benefit of the doubt. In doing so I've been burned many times. Statement analysis is teaching me to be more careful when dealing with those who seek to take advantage.
Thank you,
Daily Reader- ShaynaCat

John Mc Gowan said...

I have been fascinated with human behaviour as far back as i remember.
i started studying body language and read everything in sight from,Desmond Morris like Hobnob,to
Edward t hall,Aldert Vrij,Paul Ekman et al.
I decided to go down the route of deception detection and was reading an article in Psychology today online about lying,it mentioned deception detection and the words people use to decieve.

I typed in lying,words,detection etc and came across Mark McClish Staement Analysis,i now had a title for for my curiosity which guided me to your site Peter.

I am now hooked and look forward to each day to log on and read the next analysis,it has changed the way i observe,think,listen etc.

Thank you, Peter and heather for this eye opening and fascinating science you have brought into my life.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Hobs,

How can i email Peter.


Anonymous said...

I have much the same story as Hobnob. Perhaps because I live in Africa where violence happens on a daily basis and I would never leave my children unattended for a minute the McCann story just did not sound right from day one. This lead me to Peter's site and from there it has become a fascination for me, learning from every source I can.
On a personal note, many years before, my husband started seeing a girl who played squash with him at the club. We had been married about 20 years when this happened. I confronted him about it and I never believed his denial. Now I know why. He never answered the question. His denial was "nothing happened" and "what do you think I did - do you think I am having an affair.". SA confirms for me that something did happen and what it was what I thought - he did have an affair with her. Classic SA!
My marriage has survived 31 years only through the Grace of God who is with me every step of my daily walk. My only regret is my husbands inability to have told me the truth it is hard to know that I cannot just trust him but need to run everything through SA.

Anonymous said...

I found this blog in the pretrial Casey Anthony days - and was hooked immediately because it explained why I was so confused by her obvious and blatant lying.

I stuck around as a daily reader because of the analysis.. Although I do have to take breaks from time to time, when the intensity of the stories and the heartbreak and outrage I feel grows overwhelming. Even then, though I do become overcome by the evil in the world, I always return because it feels like by talking about these cases and bringing that which is hidden into the light, we are honoring the victims.

I also enjoy the historical SA - those recent posts on WW2 were fascinating.

Since starting here, I find myself noticing principles of SA on my emails... Especially when I am trying to hedge an uncomfortable topic - I noticed the dropped pronouns and 'we' vs I. It helps me be more straightforward, and forces me to communicate clearly, even when I might not want to ;)


Anonymous said...

Jonbenet Ramsey's case brought me here. I cannot be in peace with the fact that this case was never solved, despite the obvious evidence. I suppose I'll never come to terms with that.

Ayla's case is another that touched me. I can't stand seeing people who are obviously involved in the "disappearence" of their children get away with that. At least with statement analysis we are able to know what they did and sometimes even how they did it.

I'm really interested in knowing when people lie and discover the truth behind their words, so I love this blog!

Florida said...

This is a tougher assignment than some may realize, as being a truth seeker
is not necessarily an easy feat to accomplish and for many has deep psychological
overtones from our childhood. I believe that for most of us lying and deceit vs
truth and honesty has its' roots in our childhood. How to say this delicately
and with thoughtful consideration? Due to respect and compassion, I won't go any
further than to say, that in realizing my observations; other than to say that in
the case of a few, one in particular; experienced a very horrible childhood and
witnessed extreme and deplorable abuse and conditions in earlier years that left
permanent scars but with the ability to seek out and find the truth, leading this
person to being the astute, brilliant and devoted person he/she is today.

It is my belief that for many of us (and the few I've particularly observed), we
experienced and witnessed very unpleasant and painful situations in our childhood
that left us with an indelible fixation on finding and practicing the truth. In my
own case, my parents were devoutly christian and would tolerate no lie or even the
appearance of a lie. But they were so gullible and unlearned that they would believe
a lie, any lie.

Imagine what that is like for the child who did NOT lie but had many many whippings
for the lies told by brothers and sisters against that child, and the mother believed
these siblings and whipped the child who was being lied against for the things THEY
did, THEN whipped the child again for telling a lie, when the child had NOT lied. That
child was me. Imagine what it is like being whipped with peachtree switches platted
together for things you didn't do and lies you didn't tell nearly every day of your
life until you finally ran away. I grew up to hate liars and am an astute observer of
lies and trickery. Who wouldn't?

We have all been lied too and against, and will continue to be. There is no way to
stop a crafty liar. It's never gonna happen. You just have to be smarter than they are
and stay one step ahead of them. I can't remember exactly when I first started reading
Statement Analysis but it was several years ago. In my case, I will probably never be
an expert in merely statement analysis as I am always on my toes looking for lies and
practice my own brand of getting to the truth due to the nature of the business I've
been in for more than 30+ yrs, which specifically deals with writing legal contracts.
I cannot afford ANY lies and deception in my business as it could and likely would
lead to multiple lawsuits. I have to begin by hammering out the truth before the first
I is ever dotted or the first T crossed as I will not deal with any liar. It is too
costly. A liar in such a serious busines as mine is politely asked to leave my office
and go elsewhere. But on a personal level, I am forever cognizant of all the liars
walzing into and out of my life. It is a never ending battle of the wits.

Anon In Sunny Fla.

Florida said...

Peter, I believe you are wrong about yourself. While you have
studied hard to learn this amazing craft, you ARE gifted and naturally
talented in statement analysis, almost to the point of it being an
obsession with you. It is within your basic instincts as well as other
factors. I understand that. I do, but you sell yourself short, Peter.

God gifted you with this ability, otherwise you would not (or could
not) have pursued it no matter how hard you've studied it. With your
God given abilities, you would be striving to do something much more
highly lucrative and financially rewarding if this were not so. This
is your gift from God, who makes no mistakes. All you have to do is
just do it. Study and excell all you want, but the road is already
paved for you.

Anon in Sunny Fla...

mommaklee said...

I found this site (seamus o'reilly now statement-analysis) because of Lisa Irwin case. An article came up on my newsfeed written by a mom defending Deborah Bradley (like right when the news came out) acting like you were a big meanie if you judged D.B. So I was like, I've never heard of this and don't know anyone bashing DB. That actually made me look into it more and something just wasn't right. I couldn't put my finger on it, but things just didn't add up and I had a strong feeling like DB was lying, but didn't know how to prove it. Then in my searching, I found the Scared Monkeys forum and through them I found this blog. I was SO glad I did. You helped me put my finger on what that "something" was that wasn't right.

Florida said...

Mommaklee, in my OWN opinion, Deborah Bradley is nothing but a dirty pig,
is a rooter seeking her own slop, self-fulfillment and pleasure. It does NOT
include any intrusions into her adult fun time from any little whining,
teething child with a cold, fever and a runny nose. For that, a child
could get it's little head bashed and did. She is a stupid drunk who lays
down and bears babies for the income it will provide her so she can
CONTINUE in her disgusting dirty pig lifestyle without having to work.

The weak-kneed spineless little whimp she sired Lisa with is nothing
more than her enabler who currently supports her habits and helps to
feed her and the dependants she already gets support from that she bore
by another man. She gives him a little every now and then just to
appease him and keep his mouth shut. He trembles before her presense.

She is another one who has gotten away with killing her own baby. She is
the lowest of the low, as they all are. Ahhh... but there's a judgement
waiting for them all, INCLUDING the dirty cockroach lawyers who represent,
lie for and cover up for them. I WOULDN'T want to be in their shoes
come the great and dreadful day of the wrath of our Lord!

On another note; I too have learned a lot from Statement Analysis, coupled
with the abilities that I already have and practice. It can be an invaluable
pursuit. I guess that's why I hang on, because some days the cases I read
here distresses and hurts me so much that I can barely stand to think about
them and they trouble me greatly. Anon in Sunny Fla...

Anon in Sunny Fla...

Nic said...

Good morning, Peter.

I found statement analysis (your site) when I was Googling information on Kyron Horman.

Lying wasn't tolerated when I was growing up but my parents didn't tell me that people lied all-the-time, either. Including my parents. (!!!) I really couldn't tell when I was being lied to because my conditioning was that lying was unacceptable, yet every thing around me was a lie. I had the wrong people in my life from friends to boyfriends (and eventually a (now ex) husband,) who had me dispensing a lot of time and energy (compassion and forgiveness when it wasn't deserved) because my framework taught me that they were "good and trusted/ing" people. But they weren't. "I" was nothing more than a means to an end, be it money, shelter, favours, time, etc. Long story short, I cleaned house and I am much more discerning these days in terms of who I will open our life up to. As a result, life is a lot less complicated and dramatic. Although there are people around me whom I'm obligated to have around. I share a lot of what I learn here with my husband. When we are out meeting our "obligations" he's more in tune with what's really being said. It's disappointing for him; however, the truth is what it is. Knowledge makes it easier to say, "No." Or, "We're busy."

equinox said...

John, my blog is private comments - I must approve them. Send me a comment with your email address, it won't be public. I will forward it to Peter and he can respond if he wants to. how's that?

equinox said...

Like Jazzie, I arrived here after becoming overwhelmed with the Meredith Kercher murder. I was certain that AK and RS were lying. Certain! But I just couldn't say why. Of course, at first it merely pleased and reassured me to find a blogger who agreed with me and was so effective at ripping the stripes off of the paunchy, balding semi-pedophiles who drooled over the posing AK's every word. Their lies and their impassioned obsession with the killer horrified me almost as much as the murder. As I continued to study Peter's prolific writings I found answers to so many situations which have dragged down my success in life. I am trusting, in the past I would even say gullible. I want to believe everyone, but the toll of my trust had left me penniless and scarred. SA provided a stepping stone to greater confidence in my daily life. Thanks Peter!

Nic said...

To add to what I posted above. My ah-ha statement analysis moment (when I realized I was 'getting it') came when I tuned into a change in language which, is something that I don't readily pick up on when I'm analyzing. Recently I discovered that when favours were requested, i.e., fell a tree, open/close "the cottage", split/stack wood, haul massive propane tanks, it was referred to as "the cottage", a.k.a. a family retreat. When requests were made to visit for pleasure, i.e., bridge the gap between my husband's summertime childhood memories and the kids', it was "our place"... i.e., a refuge for them at the exclusion of us.

"Our" in this instance is my father-in-law and his 'girlfriend'.

QChick said...

I think I found this site when I was looking for information on the Lisa Irwin case. I have been interested in SA since the Susan Smith case, I just didnt know that it was SA. I laughed when I read Hobnobs post where he/she? (sorry) talked about the emails. I find myself doing the same thing! I also think that the point that perhaps we have all experienced something in our childhoods is interesting. My dad was verbally abusive and very strict. He was always suspicous that I was up to "bad deeds" in HS and would question me repeatedly and in a circular fashion to catch me in lies. The lies he caught me in would be that I talked to a boy in band class, or I talked to a boy on the phone when he wasnt home. I would lie to try to do normal stuff so I think I got interested in the how and why and when people lie. Reading this site has helped me to find the reasons behind my own "feeling" that someone is telling lies, whether in my own experience or these cases that we follow here. The downside is that being able to examine the statments in all these unsolved cases and not seeing any one prosecuted is heartbreaking.

Mainah said...

I found SA last December while following the Ayla Reynolds case. I was recouping from exposing devastating events at my job (corruption, fraud, harassment, civil rights violations, etc.) which led me to resign. The financial loss was depressing enough, but the personal loss I suffered was horrible. I was a victim and couldn't believe the number of people at work who were corrupt and would not speak out. I lost my trust in people. SA has helped me regain confidence in myself again. I can trust again now, because I have the tools to not get burned again.

Apparently, I've always had a natural ability to smell out deception. My husband of 25 years calls it my "built-in bullshit detector". I used to bust my teenage kids all the time and he would say, "I'm glad you weren't my mother. How did you know they were xyz?". I couldn't explain it then, but I recognize it now as a amateur form of SA.

In my early years in school, I got in trouble, a lot, for calling out teachers if they lied (and they do sometimes). I would always speak up for truth and righteousness. I'm getting back to it again.

Thank you, Peter and Heather for all you do!

Christine K said...

I found this blog when I was way to deep into reading the Caylee Anthony case, I am now a regular visitor and love reading this blog. It has changed the way I listen.

Lemon said...

I heard Billie Dunn on Nancy Grace. Something was way "off" and I I wanted to find out more about her "missing" daughter . I found SA during that google search. Similar to Hobs, SA gave a 'why' to the red flags I was hearing, principle upon principle.

I lurked for awhile until I got the courage to post. I asked a lot of questions. I was encouraged by Peter and Heather's patience, and their humor, as well as the 'regulars'.

My big lightbulb moment was when I finally understood someone could be truthful, line by line, and deceptive in the same statement. I love words and language, and it is fascinating to me how people use them to communicate and obfuscate. I love learning SA.

MissUnderstood said...

OT - "Michelle" Koselik, MA tax payers to also foot the bill for legal fees?

Anonymous said...

I came here when Isabel Celis went missing. It's terrifying when a child disappears and when it happened close to where I live, I wanted to find out more, particularly when there was more requests for prayer than for actual searching.

I continue to come to your website to learn more about human behavior and what people say when they are telling the truth and when they are hiding something or when their motives are less than honorable. A young female relative has gotten strange emails/attention at work and she learned the hard way in the past police/university do little until something bad happens (she received an email with violent, sexual content from a professor with whom she had only discussed academic matters with and he made advances and she told him NO). We wanted to learn more about what types of words/language to watch out for.

Anonymous said...

Me: Are you having an affair?
Him: I'm too exhausted to be doing anything like that.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Equinox

I emailed you thanks


Periwinkle Paisley said...

I became interested in Statement Analysis because I have 3 kids. Yes, I really do, not a liars number I swear! ;) 1 of them is the worst liar ever and is easily busted, the other two could win Academy Awards. So good that they could almost convince me they were being truthful even if I SAW what happened with my own eyes. Even with one kid easy to read it was hard to get to the bottom of things if something occured when I was not in the room. I started off studying the whole micro-expression thing after watching the series Lie To Me. I soon found out that I STINK at detecting micro-expressions but one link led to another and here I was looking at SA. What I don't stink at is interpreting shades of meaning in the English Language. (Telling you what I'm 'not' makes it doubly importantright? Yeah it is. I love ferreting around with other people's words.) So SA handed me a set of tools in the form of something I already do well (pronouns, verb tense, double negatives)and gave me some new ones that work very well (enter into the speaker's personal dictionary, change of perception and does the word intensity match the intensity of the situation.) I hate reading about the evil that people do to eachother here but I do value what I learn and continue to learn.

Periwinkle Paisley said...

I forgot to add, the "I didn't do it." formula is gold as is the advice not to trust reflective statements such as "Did you hit your brother?" "No, I didn't hit my brother." Especially the adding of 'my brother' since none of them ever says that in daily language. It's usually (name) or "he/she" or a derogatory term. You can still get 'I didn't do it' as a lie BUT if there's anything that comes after it then deception is indicated. Such as: "He said you hit him." answer 1. "No, I didn't!" Probably not lying. answer 2. "No, I didn't, I wasn't even NEAR him, he was the one who hit ME and he's been on the computer for HOURS." Deception indicated. Ha! And I know as they get older it's going to be even more valuable such as hearing about a friend of mine's son swearing up and down he went somewhere alone but the word 'we' kept on ekeing out. "Oh, I meant 'I'." No you didn't. I don't necessarily want to solve crimes, just keep the peace in my house. Thanks, Peter, you're the bomb!

brosnanfan said...

I want to learn more about Statement Analysis for three reasons:

One: I am an unpublished author (as are so many, sigh) who wishes for accuracy in my stories. I feel that learning Statement Analysis will enable me to write believable dialogue. I am hoping it will allow me to create and speak for characters who seem to be one thing on the surface, but are really another underneath; I'd like to show this first by words, for those astute enough to catch it.

Two: I work at my church's food pantry, and as you can probably guess we get told many different stories on a daily basis, many of which are from people who are used to cheating the system in some way. I'd like to better learn how to distinguish truth from lies. For example, we had a woman today come in and claim five adults and five children living in her home. This is advantageous to her because we give out food and supplies based on one's household size; plus, if we have extra fruit or vegetables or eggs or something similar, a family with children will receive more of those items. We often have people exaggerate the size of their families. Upon investigation, we discovered that the woman actually had four adults and no children living in the home, and she received food and household goods appropriate to that size family. This is good for everyone concerned because then one can distinguish the liars from those who are telling what seems at first to be an implausible story (which has happened).

Three: I'd just like to become a better judge of character. I often have a "gut feeling" about people, but I just as often can't put my finger on just why I feel that way. I'd like to be able to know why I feel the way I do. If I am trying to explain my suspicions to someone else, quite often they don't take, "I just have a feeling," as a reason.

There are probably more, or sub-points to the above, but I feel that those are the highlights. :)

Silefigs said...

I always believed what people said, I had not decernment..then would fall off the chair when I found out it was all a big lie...
I discovered the blog by the Irish sounding name Seamus O'Reilly! It wasn't what I expected but I found SA facinating: I started to listen a bit more deeply and not accept everything on face value. It added another dimension to life and made things much more interesting, and I felt less of a gulible fool.
I dont work enough on it and would like to be a bit more deligent like HobNobs whom I remember coming onto the blog around the same time as me and has made so much progress. Respect!

Silefigs said...
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Anonymous said...

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