Thursday, October 18, 2012

Statement Analysis: Barak Obama

Our words give us away while we are speaking in the Free Editing Process; that is, while freely choosing our own words.

We choose our words in less than a microsecond, and things such as articles, pronouns and verb tenses are chosen by the brain very quickly, even instinctively, because of our thought process.

In the 2nd presidential debate, President Barak Obama said,

""The way we're going to create jobs here is not just changing our tax code, but also to double our exports. And we are on pace to double our exports, one of the commitments I made when I was president. That's creating tens of thousands of jobs all across the country."

The use of the past tense verb, "was" might cause us to consider if President Obama is pessimistic about his chance for reelection.  


sidewalk super said...

A typical expression from the community organizer:
oh, so pleased with himself,
biting his tongue (so as not to show it's fork),
looking back to see how impressive his impact has been.
"ME" "ME" "ME"

This show-off needs to be in show-business, not elected office.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow. That "when I WAS president" was quite a misnomer.

Sidewalk, you need to get hold of your emotions. They are ALL a bunch of me me me's. There aren't any exceptions.

lily said...

write in Dr. Ron Paul.

nymima said...

I caught this the other night! How very interesting. Thank you Peter for bringing this out. I haven't heard anything from the media about this. Not yet, anyway.

Frannie said...

Regardless of who you support for the election both candidates have my admiration for standing up to the stress of a Presidential debate. I heard one commentator speculate that perhaps he meant “when I was running for President”. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Glad you caught this, Peter! I sure am enjoying your political SA these days. Keep 'em coming! : )

MizzMarple said...

Ah ... I guess that "Teleprompter" he uses messed up !

Apple said...

It is my understanding that the foundation of SA is to analyze words spoken and not to interpret what the speaker *meant* to say. That the brain chooses words when speaking in free text for a reason.
I, too, thought he must have meant when he was ELECTED president. But that is not what he said.

Anonymous said...

Koch Brothers threaten their employees to vote for Romney -OR ELSE!

Anonymous said...

Exactly, lol!

Tania Cadogan said...

Great Catch, he clearly isn't confidant of his chances as re-election

If he were confidant he would have said "one of the commitments I've made as president"

Every time he opens his mouth it is to change foot.

I wonder, when he leaves office, will the truth about the real obama come out, will anything he signed as president be nullified and repealed?
Will changes be made as to who can stand for election, background checks about birth, parentage etc?
Will laws be enacted so that full disclosure has to be made regarding the candidates birth, history, medical and finacial records?
Obama will be remembered in history not necessarily for the reasons he thinks and hopes for.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? This guy is in favor of legalizing illegal drugs.

Anonymous said...

You could say pretty much the same things about Romney should he be elected;

only add to that how and where he got his money and where he's kept much of it stashed in offshore accounts while evading paying his fair share of income taxes.

He might also clarify this 47% (almost half of the entire countrty!) who are counting on "entitlements", which AlSO includes most of us posting here, and how it is that he fancies we can't live like he and the Mrs does?

YOu could also add his simple lack of knowledge concerning smart women and their keen abilities. They do much more than just rush home to cook dinner; which, actually is a slam on the men in their lives as well. Why aren't THEY rushing home to cook dinner for the kiddies?


Anonymous said...

There are lots of single mothers that do want to rush home to be with their kids and make them dinner. Romney went out of his way to find qualified women for the positions and succeeded in hiring them.

Feminists and liberals can complain all they want, but most mothers want to be available for their children.

Anonymous said...

NOTE! OT: On Trulia Financial Report dated 10/18/12, Romney plans to cut our mortgage interest deductions and other real estate related tax deductions. Could severely snag the middle and lower classes whose primary tax deduction is the interest they pay on their mortgags which helps to offset the income taxes they owe. Could also decrease home values. Romney is reported to have stated that buying will still be cheaper than paying rent.

Better be looking out for yourselves folks! This could cut into your monthly/annual income causing a great strain on your being able to make it with an additional tax burden. If you're not in the elusive 47%, you might also find yourself in the 'cut the mortgage interest deduction' class, then the 47%. Then what're you gonna do, join the 47% who already have no recognition by Romney in this country?

Don't say you weren't warned.

Nicole said...

Obama also has money in offshore accounts. Cayman Islands

BostonLady said...

Is President Obama doing his impression of Bill Clinton biting his lip? That was Clinton's "Look at me I'm so sincere" face!

sidewalk super said...

who are these "anonymous" contributor(s) here?
why not claim an identity?

Anonymous said...

You're right Anon @ 3:48. I realized after I made that post that there are many mothers who need to get home as early as they can. So many have no help at home. Unfortunately there are a lot of men who take no responsibility for helping with their children, while many expect to come home, sit down and be waited on; as well as many who live elsewhere.

Unfortunate, but that's the way it is.

Anonymous said...

I have heard a lot of speculation Obama may not want the job anymore. Could that have something to do with what he said?

If you noticed in his past he doesn't stick with any job for more than a few years. Maybe he gets bored, frustrated, or maybe he gets found out?

Anonymous said...

Sidewalk, ref your post @ 8:59 p.m.; in response, I want to be as kind and cosiderate of your feelings and that of others as I can be. I'll try to explain:

There are several of us here who have posted under chosen names, (not anon); I know, as I recognize some of them, including myself, who got attacked and endured personal attacks by a few other posters. We either got slammed if we made a statement not to their liking, or stupidly asked a question they didn't like, or were ignored entirely.

Then when we came back under anonymous, we were taunted with personal remarks such as, "I know who you are", "the truth will reveal itself about who you are", "you can't hide" and yada yada. Ugly.

Now we are harassed to chose a name to differentiate ourselves from each other, which I fully understand and would rather we all could do that; but which leaves us right back in the same position we were in to begin with.

It's not right for certain posters to make personal digs at other posters they don't even know just because they don't like them for one reason or another, then force them into a corner to protect themselves. It's wrong. IMO, due to my own personal experience, this is why you see so many of us posting as anonymous. I'm sorry Sidewalk, and Peter.

rob said...

When I first started paying taxes, you could deduct interest you paid on anything, credit cards, cars, etc. When they put a stop to that, I thought 'oh no'. But as it turned out, no big deal. This country needs to start digging itself out of the hole, and everyone, of every income needs to contribute.
I remember that saying, 'ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country'. JFK made total sense when he made that statement, and I feel the country rallied around it.

Anonymous said...

You are right Rob, and I agree with you. There should be a straight across the board income tax percentage owed no matter what your income bracket is; with few exceptions, and that being poor people, struggling low income families, the elderly and disabled with such low fixed incomes they can barely survive as it is.

I also believe that we should ALL continue to be alllowed our mortgage interest deduction, at least up to a certain amount as it now is. Some people cannot make it any other way. They just can't.

I too remember those days when all interests payments were deductible from our income taxes. I remember itemizing them at the end of the year, my husband would go through to make sure I didn't miss any, never saying a word about all my charge cards, only happy we had so much interest to deduct, then turned the lists over to our tax attorney for filing our return.

Then it changed and you could only deduct the interet paid on two mortgages, a first and second, but not a third or a vacation home. Our atty advised us to take out a second mortgage and pay off all the charges which we did and were able to deduct all the interet paid on it too. Unfortunately, we did reopen and use some of them, as most people do. Good ole days.

Tania Cadogan said...

"If four Americans get killed, it's not optimal. We are going to fix it. All of it."

op·ti·mal (adj.
Most favorable or desirable; optimum.

This got me to thinking as is my wont.

Not he says GET killed not the expected ARE
Get killed is passive, is it their own fault they got killed?
Was it an accident?
People get killed in accidents all the time, it is not something they planned.

Are killed is active, they were killed by someone.
Killers kill.

Then i thought again.
What did he mean by optimal?
Most favorable or desirable
For whom?
Getting killed wasn't optimal for the victims.
Was is then optimal for the killers?
Not really, terrorist believe the more the merrier, hence indiscrimate bombs.
Did obama mean it was not desirable that 4 americans got killed?
Did he think instead that 4 wasn't enough?
If 4 isn't the optimal number one then has to ask what is?
If 4 is the optimal number it implies it is the best, the most favorable, it wasn't so i have to ask what is and for whom?

If more had been killed would there have been a beter response, a stronger response?
This is an election year, how better to get re-elected than a show of force against an enemy?
The voting public will forget their woes and unite as one to protect their country and thus their leader.
To do otherwise would be seen as unpatriotic, as the world knows Americans are partiotic to their core.
Kick terrorist butt and it's a shoe in.

Was obama miffed more weren't killed?
Was this why there was balls up after the event?
He expected more and got less.

0 casualties isn't a vote getter.
He has to work harder to get votes and could lose if Romney is seen as stronger and a doer.

Not enough killed provokes outrage but no demands for action against the country and people involved from obama
He has to work harder to get votes and could lose if Romney is seen as stronger and a doer.

Too many killed we get outrage and also demands to know why nothing was done sooner to prevent it, the president gets the blame for being soft, out he goes fpor being seen as weak and ineffective.

Get the optimal number, take action to been seen as strong and effective as the public demands, Romney has no response, to criticize he is seen as unpatriotic, to support he is seen as admitting obama is a good leader, obama wins 4 more years on the back of patriotism rather than what really affect the people, the economy, employment,immigration, crime.
Ignore my record, look only at me now, i am a warrior leader, your alpha male.