Friday, November 16, 2012

Anthony Bennett's Mother Michelle Gutierrez Posts on Facebook

Michelle Gutierrez's Facebook Photo 
Carnel Chamberlain's killer's mother is at it... again.
 Michele Gutierrez, mother of Anthony Bennet,  reveals much about herself in the words she chooses. 
Michelle Gutierrez shows us what Anthony Bennett was exposed to while growing up. 
She has a Facebook page dedicated to her son.  She has spoken to media about supporting her son.

If you wondered how it came that Anthony Bennett could turn out to be such a scary
violent monster, look no further than the mother's remarks, even to those who attempted to communicate intelligently.  

She spoke one way to a reporter, looking for sympathy, but quite another way to someone
who questioned what she was doing in having a Facebook page dedicated to a killer. 

Hint:  She speaks differently to Facebook posters than to the journalist who interviewed her.  

warning:   obscene and foul language below.  

The public comments by others raise legitimate questions, including the fact that tax payers will now have to support Anthony Bennett's needs and wants, while Carnel will express no needs, no wants, and have no life.  

Carnel demands justice, which the mother says she understands, even while she declares no death penalty, and even takes on "life" in prison.

Carnel's mother is also responsible, and Statement Analysis showed that she was physically abusive to Carnel, and failed to protect him from this monster.   Of this, we can agree with Bennett's mother, but she is memorializing her son, using the photo of "Murder Charge" and wonders why anyone would question it. 

Here we have linguistic indicators of a monster producing a monster who killed a child.  The apple tree produces apples.  The orange tree produces oranges.  A good tree produces good fruit. 

 Note the element of violence connected with the use of sexuality in her wording.  Those who link human sexuality with violence are deeply disturbed.  This is similar to Billie Jean Dunn:  when Dunn feels threatened by not being believed, she resorts to the language of violence, coupled with sexual references, including anatomy.  

Hailey Dunn died in a home where sex and violence were linked:  sexual violence against children and animals.  The participants and observers are sexually aroused by the infliction of pain upon children and animals. 

Anthony Bennett brutalized Carnel Chamberlain.  When asked why she did not protect her little son from him, Jaimee Chamberlain, Carnel's mother, in referencing Bennett, said, 
"Because he loves me."

Violence and human sexuality should have no connection and any link is a recipe for destruction, especially of children.  Note in the bravado of 'calling out' someone, and the vicious name calling.  She is 42 years old and as a grown up, writes as if she is an immature teenager (my apologies to teenagers) expressing ignorance that should have been outgrown 30 years ago. 

This should help us understand the environment that produced Anthony Bennett.  

Child Protective Services removed her children, 
her son killed a little boy and burned the body, 
she then uses sexual-violent language to disparage others;
but claims to be a great mother.  

And just to let everyone know it was already stated by the U.S district attorney that Anthony will not get the death penalty. But life in prison without parole so sorry to all the midevil times believers eye for an eye crap!
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  • Anthony M. Bennett [my son] Well i knew someone would say something about the posts to april she has been banned twice from this page and for her to show back up and talk more trash is messed up but she did say she will be back so that makes a third time. As for u basically say w...See More
  • Anthony M. Bennett [my son] Its pretty bad that all my childern suffer for one sibbling one knows the HORROR cps makes familys go through they didnt have to take all my kids i as a mother gave my kids what they needed i was not a bad parent i always stuck up for my kids i even attended so much stuff in their school and an active parent and did so much for cps passed their classes certificates and go miles for visitation everyone i always did for my kids this bs is messed up for real ....i dont want to talk anymore


Jennifer Wallace said...


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Thanks, Jennifer.


Apple said...

Poor Carnel.
People like this never take responsibility for their actions. It is always the fault of another.
God took you home, Carnel. You are free of those who will never hurt you again.

Vita said...

Thank you Peter for posting this.

The article on Mlive.

Her FB comment to, " come look me up" - is this her motive?

She shares to MLive, she is moving back to Mt. Pleasant to be closer to Anthony.

Her defensive writings as you pointed out, she is 42 yrs old.
Her motives, she is setting the community up, that she is begging to be a social target, once back in Isabella County. Plotting her lawsuits for harassment?

The people who are commenting more than likely locals to Mt. Pleasant. Team Carnel. Carnel is the victim.

Anthony is behind bars for a reason, he is less than animal. She birthed him, jerked him up for a few years, and he was removed from her. She calls him a victim, and it's not her fault who he became to be. Now she is a victim by association? (cough)

MG: Gutierrez said she is not excited to move back to Mount Pleasant.

"I feel like everybody will know me," she said.

She quoted on MLive when asked about her FB, "This is my way of healing," she said. "I need to do it."

What did she lose? what did she suffer? that she requires healing? she lost her cut of his tribal pay?

"I just support Anthony because he's my son, and I love him a lot," she said. "I've spent many sleepless nights asking, 'Why?'"
Distance all over it, I just (weak) support Anthony because he's my son, and I love him a lot, smells like Money to me, personal gains, she will be given his tribal monies, for her to distribute towards his legal counsel?

There is only one person that is the center of this and that is Carnel. No one to represent him, but the locals. As his coward mother is where? hiding?.

Note how he Carnel is by MG, the reason, why her son is in jail. Carnel's fault. Her reasoning is Jaimee failed to protect Carnel, if that isn't a smack in Carnel's face, I do not know what is.
Her son is a monster and it's Carnel's fault, no one protected him, from Bennett. ( hmmph)

Jaimee put Carnel in danger by taking him in May of 2012. Moving him into her grandmother's house on the Rez that she shared with King Tut Bennett. They both endangered, mentally, verbally and psychically tormented, tortured Carnel, that it turned to mortal abuse, resulting in premeditated murder.

They both to get off on it, and felt they were to get away with it. Had Carnel not died, where would he be today? still being treated less than animal? as the standards of living humanely is set at a very low bar, for children and animals, according to: Jaimee and Anthony the dynamic duo.

This woman, AB's egg donor owns up to nothing, her son with a history of torture, killing small animals, stabbing his sister, on and on,...

Sounds as AB is about to be victimized by his own mother, as she comes back to Michigan to support him, she is all " support" all right. Her own. Cha Ching.

Vita said...

Another case, right now, in Michigan. 3 yr old Jordin Parkes is fighting for his life, in critical condition.

J.J. living with his bio mother, 23, his 5 yr old sister, mother to choose 30 some, BF, as her live in.

Jordin, J.J. to become the household built in, Human Pinata.

J.J. admitted to Hurley Hospital, local LE to call J.J. the worst case of child abuse, that the child survived, worst case ever seen documented. His body covered from head to toe with bruises, he hanging on to life, when brought in by his mother.

The BF arrested, charged with 1st Degree Child abuse. He has a long history of violence against his baby mamma's, as he has 3, along with TEN children, he does not support. J.J.'s mom is baby mamma number 4 as she is pregnant with BF's child now.

Mother during investigation, admitted she would use a belt in the am's on J.J. for not being potting trained, her words, she would ' Light him up' beating him every morning. She further investigated, led to her world changing over night. Warrant served, she arrested for 1st Degree Child Abuse. Her's wearing Orange today.

J.J. remains in critical condition, a portion of his skull removed, for him to be maintained by machines. His body to show layers and layers of previous abuse. His sister to be taken as she too is a victim of Child Abuse sustained while living in the care of Momster and BF.

The charges against both, they will be charged under Dominick's Law, as both are charged with premeditated child abuse. if found guilty both could serve up to life in prison. J.J.'s case will be the first case in Michigan history under Dominick's law. Dominick Calhoun was brutally savagely beaten for days, his mother present and aware, her live in BF, to abuse,torture Dominick, sparked by him wetting the couch. Mother not to step in, attempt to stop it. Both are in prison today.

Dominick's law had just taken affect when Carnel had been found. Carnel's case does not fall under the ruling of Dominick's Law. For he was murdered and found on Federal Land, not considered state of Michigan.

LE believe they have located J.J.'s bio dad, he is present, he is fighting to gain parental rights for J.J. right now. He has no proof, as you listen tot he video, the courts are in charge of J.J. at present.

What is the difference between Carnel and J.J.?

"Ownership of Land"

Read J.J.'s case here, watch the videos, Another precious life, his 5 yr old sister, both treated like trash, how long did they think they could get away with it? obviously for as long as it took for J.J. to fail to thrive, to require life sustaining medical care.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Christ on a picnic table. One foot in the potato salad with robes billowing about, shaking his head at us.
The mother explains a good deal about the upbringing of Anthony Bennett. No empathy, no connection of action to consequence.
Thank you mom, dad and step dad for being the people you were. I could have been raised by wolves like Anthony.

jess said...

Trying to rationalize with clearly irrational people is madness, and it will make you feel worse. This murderer's mother has built up a fort of lies as protection around her, so she won't have to see reality. I have to wonder if drugs are helping her with that, or she's just plain nuts.
But ^5 Peter, I hope she understands what you said. Carnel's death is one of many that have stuck with me, especially knowing he was SAFE till he came home to his 'mother.'

Lemon said...

"Peter Hyatt - If there was a mystery as to why Anthony turned out the way he did, your posting to April removed the mystery."

Bonus points all day long.

CanadianGirl said...

Wow, this mother is blaming Jaimee? She asks," is a sad sad thing all i want is answers why did this happen to a child that didnt deserve this. And why didnt jamiee do something sooner!"

Hmmm? Maybe she should be addressing these questions to her son and asking him to answer them.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why she is posting that crap.
My younger brother got high on meth with a friend one night. They then went on a shooting spree on the houses of people they had issues with. Luckily no one was physically hurt. My brother and his friend were both arrested. They both received 7yrs in prison for it.
All during court and the various proceedings, I went to sit with my family as a show of family support for the dumbass, but you couldn't find any of us talking trash to the media or to people about how it wasn't he fault he did it.

As a family we were embarrassed...mortified might be a better word. Yes, he was our relative and we love him, but we didn't condone what he did. And he knew it. I keep my distance from him now. He's been out of prison for awhile but he picked up even crappier attitudes towards law enforcement and law abiding citizens. I don't want my kids looking up to him and I worry about his daughter and two step-kids.

I can understand the conflict within yourself when you care about the person that did something horrible. I can't understand why she's doing that stuff on facebook. Have some self respect and class and shut your mouth. It's not about Anthony, it's about Carnal.


Notamuser said...

Do I detect an air of "I'm a good mother" in that last post by Gutierrez? Wow & who proves that with "i even attended so much stuff in their school and an active parent and did so much for cps passed their classes certificates and go miles for visitation . . ."?

I guess the way that different people define good mother vs bad mother definitely varies.

dadgum said...


Statement Analysis Blog said...

updated with new info.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anyone remember, "I'm a wonderful mother!"?

Jazzie said...

“It’s completely ridiculous how people who don’t know me judge me or my home life or the way I parent," "I feel like I’m a wonderful mom. Although I lost my daughter, I did the best I could and I will continue to do so.”
Billy Jean Dunn, mother of missing 13 year old, Hailey Dunn.

Jazzie said...

"I think he's going back to a little child," Gutierrez said after reading a letter from Bennett sent to her about a week ago. "He wrote me a page of what he likes and he wants me to write him what things I like."

On the list Bennett wrote boxing, pizza, and his favorite colors, blue and black"

A list of Anthony Bennett's favorite things:
blue and black

Skeptical said...

Cases like this make me wonder how many generations ago the abuse started. It is passed from generation to generation like some hideous heirloom.

Missy said...

She frames the words - I was a bad parent. "dont judge me or how cps took my kids because i was a bad parent".

Missy said...

Peter really got her GOING on letting us all know that it was all CPS's fault!

Unknown said...

Seamus: anyone remember "I am a wonderful mother"?

that is not fair, Shawn even told her she was!

Apple said...

"I don't want to talk anymore".

Thank GOD.

BostonLady said...

Talk about a disconnect from reality! Anthony Bennett's mother takes no responsibility.

OT - I just watched the re-investigation of the Hailey Dunn case on Nancy Grace. Nancy didn't soft sell anything. She didn't paint Billie in a good light so I expect to see Billie raging around facebook exclaiming her victim status, again. Nancy also pointed directly to Shawn Adkins as the suspect. Nancy stated she believes that Hailey never left that house.

Nancy aired most of Billie's self centered statements such as when the affidavits came out and Billie was asked what she felt was the most important to remember and Billie said "It's important for people to remember to NOT slander me". Oh and when Billie said she wanted to get a message to Hailey and said "Call 911 if you can get free because the police took my phone".

Wow. Yes, good mother. Me me me me me and MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Jo said...

Anthony M. Bennett [my son] Well if you want to go there the worthless lady didnt have to work!!!!! She was my son POA and his MONEY was going to HER ACCOUNT and on top of it she just got her son CARNELS money that month she didnt have to work when you make ALMOST 200,000 a YEAR COME ON
Anthony M. Bennett [my son] And sorry I dont know CARNEL didnt even know untill the day after he went missing that girl had a kid and my son was givin a chore to babysit
Karin Yannone Stickles your son could of said no to her,hes no better then her,hes just as guilty,nobody MADE him do it,everyone knows hes guilty.
Anthony M. Bennett [my son] Of course I never said he wasnt
Anthony M. Bennett [my son] Maybe if she was a better parent her mother instinct would of kicked in

Tania Cadogan said...

She blames CPS for messing up her children, she doesn't tell us why CPS were involved in the first place.

Anything in the negative is sensitive they didnt have to take all my kids i as a mother gave my kids what they needed i was not a bad parent

What kids did she think they should have taken and why?
She introduces bad parent making it sensitive.

no one knows the HORROR cps makes familys go
Not even other families where CPS have been involved?
Is she the only one to have ever had involvement with CPS?

Why was there a need to stick up for her kids?
What were they doing that required her to stick up for them?
I usually hear this phrase in cases where they have been a problem at school, in the neighbohood and so on.
It is used to excuse their bad behavior, to defend them.
They did such and such because... insert applicable excuse. In this case i would expect to hear being native american as part of the excuse they hit out because someone calle them names, discriminated against them blah blah.

It is also interesting she brags about passing CPS classes. It is sad that she had to take classes in being a good parent.

What is the needed she gave her kids?
"I gave them what they needed" she doesn't tell us so we can't assume.
Was it love, attention, discipline?
Whatever it was it clearly failed miserably with at least one child.

She is lashing out and blaming everyone else and their dog because her failings helped make her son what he is today.
He abused and murdered carnel, it is a reflection of how he was raised. She was a bad person, she raised a bad person, he is what she made him in part. His guilt is her guilt.

Embedded is i treated my kids bad
How did CPS mess her kids up?
If they wouldn't give them back, then there was a reason for it.
She doesn't tell us why they wouldn't give them back.
maybe we should ask how her kids were messed up by CPS and why they weren't returned, i expect a n insulting reply if we get one at all .

Anonymous said...

Any mother who has to take mandatory classes with CPS ... Is not in the running for mother of the year. How she can call herself a good mom in the same paragraph as referencing extensive CPS involvement is mind boggling.
Good for you Peter, speaking up !

Lis said...

Well, that was quite illustrative!

Gosh, and she EVEN attended so much stuff at their school! How could this have happened with such a stellar parent at the wheel? It's mind boggling. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Wounded children raising wounded children. They have no concept of the line between adult and child, maturity and immaturity.

Anonymous said...

I have to ''re read her fb page...but did I see in one of this looners comments that she claims to have a law degree or two? I hope I misread. If so I wouldn't be so sure that it's true. Jesus this broad is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Shayna, your post 11/16 at 2:57 p.m., you said: "Wow. Jesus on a picnic table. One foot in the potato salad with robes billowing about, shaking his head at us." You think this is CUTE? It isn't. It makes me want to gag and throw up.

What is your point in blaspheming sweet Jesus, your only hope out of this place? Ewwww. Disgusting. Are you not aware this earth is His footstool?

For shame.

You too, Anon at 1:50 a.m., "Jesus this broad is a joke"? You think this is appropriate when speaking to Jesus, the one so lovely; making reference to His Holy Name in such a disrespectful way? Are you serious?

Bite your tongue, both of you. In case you aren't aware, Jesus looks on in great sorrow; has nothing to do with this evil; grieves for us, longs to help and comfort us. Remember this when the time comes that you need to call on Him. There will be none other to hear you. Let's hope He does.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Peter, for not removing my post at 4:46. I see it's been up for two hours now.

Just bear in mind, I am not the one who first brought up the Name of Jesus. I will, however, stand up for Him even if you do remove my posts. At least I know YOU are reading them even if no one else gets to read them.

Thank you. BTW, your post on that crazy woman's FB was right on. Maybe it will lead her to your statement analysis site and she might eventually see herself and her son for the monsters they are and stop blaming others, even poor little Carnel just for being alive and on this earth. My guess is, it is doubtful, but could happen eventually.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


Deleting of comments: as a personal blog, I delete comments and have others do it for me during the daytime. We follow a fairly simple procedure.

Things that are well off topic, outside of a request, or an attention to another story of interest, are deleted. If you are posting Gospel messages, create a Gospel blog. If your response is about the topic, and your reference point is Scripture, it is not deleted.

Beyond that, insults are deleted, but so is ignorance. The purpose of the blog is not to assist in the dumbing down of our country; it is doing fine without our help. When someone begins with, "I know you will delete this..." he is correct.

Also, some are deleted by Spam automatically because they hit "enter" twice, or more, or too quickly. We check this at night to restore posts. It happens to all of us.

When someone repeatedly is deleted, due to inappropriate posts, for example, it eventually becomes automatically done by the spam filter.

When someone posts negative posts for attention, and eventually are caught in the spam folder, the poster seeking attention eventually leaves because the SPAM folder works and there is no attention for them. These are automated and not read.

Other than that, you are welcome to post.


Jazzie said...

Anthony Bennett's mom interview with Fox 17:

"At the age of 12, he was placed into foster care.

“Anthony was just buying illegal weapons from a sports store downtown Mt. Pleasant that I did not know about, he was just doing no good. He was hanging around with his cousins, and stuff and just one day he came home and had put some food in the oven and his sister Diamantina asked if she could have one because there was like six chicken breasts in the oven and she took one and he didn’t like it so he stabbed her in the arm.” Michele said.

The weapon was a butterfly knife leaving a one-inch deep gash in his sister’s forearm. She had to call the police on him.

“My kids were taken away on February 5 of 2005 and he was gonna be 13, march 12.”

Anthony’s troubles continued, she said, drinking along with fleeing and eluding the police, as his court records even indicate.

The last he lived with her was around the age of 18 with one of his girlfriends. She said they were “doing their own thing” and did not stay long.

“Plus they get money, they get almost $100,000 a year, you know, and I believe that kind of like corrupted my son, too. They are getting all of that money, and they just don’t know what to do.“ she said.",0,7070711.story+Michele+Gutierrez,+anthony+bennett,+children+removed&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
Sorry this link is google cached. There is more in the article/video. Please read or listen to the questions/answers. After Anthony knifed his sister there was an investigation by DCF and they removed all the kids due to "unfit environment". (source: MLive journalist Brad Devereaux)

VITA mentions the Rez "Cha Ching" factor. I am left to wonder how many people stole Carnel's life and the multiplicity of how money corrupts hungry souls.

Who gambles their child's life to fulfill their personal quest for happiness?
Someone who has nothing to lose.

Jazzie said...

His favorite colors are
blue and black
back to back
black and blue.

Boxing is first.
Fists closed
against flesh.

is the second course.

Where's Carnel?

Black and blue,
burnt and buried
under the porch
like a dead possum.

Anonymous said...

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