Saturday, December 1, 2012

2004 Fake Hate Crime

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Alumna faked hate crime, charged with two felonies

On March 9th of this year, 1998 University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law graduate Kerri Dunn vandalized her own car and reported the incident as a hate crime.
On Aug. 18, Dunn was charged with two felonies for attempted insurance fraud and a misdemeanor for a false police report.
Dunn will be sentenced on Sept. 17 and faces up to five years in prison.
A psychology professor at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, Calif. at the time, Kerri Dunn had spoken publicly to a large group of students on topics such as hate crimes and racial tolerance prior to vandalizing her car.
According to police reports, the damages included broken windows, slashed tires and spray-painted anti-Semitic slurs. Personal property was also reported stolen from her car. She proceeded to file insurance claims for the damage.
Although an electrician at the college claimed he had witnessed a mysterious man with a toolbox crouched down by her car on the same day, Dunn became a suspect when two witnesses later reported seeing Dunn herself damaging her own vehicle.
Furthermore, conflicting stories produced by Dunn caused investigators to question the credibility of her statements.
Samuel Walker, a professor from the University of Nebraska at Omaha Department of Criminal Justice said legitimate hate crimes are difficult to distinguish.
"In order to distinguish a hate crime, investigators require special training," he said. "They must investigate the facts of a case to determine if the crime was motivated by a biased person. They must know how to ask the right questions."
Walker continued on to say, "Pseudo hate crimes undermine the credibility of legitimate hate crimes."
As upsetting as staged hate crimes may be, hate crime-eliminating organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League refuse to be discouraged by such occurrences.
Steve Freeman, director of the Legal Affairs Department for the Anti-Defamation League said that incidents such as Dunn's do not discourage the goals of the league.
"We must remind the community that the majority of hate crimes are serious and significantly impact the victims," he stated. "This incident is an exception but does not minimize the importance of true hate crimes. It is unfortunate that these things happen, yet fortunate that they only happen rarely."
Freeman said pseudo-hate crimes are usually rare.
"The FBI has 91,000 documents of hate crimes since 1991," he said. "Only a handful of those, maybe even as few as ten, have been fake."


John Mc Gowan said...

OT..Peter i found this and thought you may be interested.

Full statement and audio of Dylans father.peaking to 9news.

And before I left I nudged him on the you know shoulder an he acknowledged that he understood that you know I I needed to leave if he needed anything he would just call me

I think moms you know thinking that ... Thinking the worst or whatever. And I just think that's she looking for someone to lash out to cos you know well in everybody's eyes I was the last person to see him.

That's been one of the frustrating parts in this because the county people that started the investigation don't seem to know how to handle a situation like this.

Asked if he believed his son was alive he said

I believe that he ... I, I, I, hope that he is I mean that's all I got right now is that I hope that he is

Tania Cadogan said...

I hope you are paying attention to this charlie rogers.

BostonLady said...

What is going on in Nebraska ??

Mainah said...

OT, Kind of...maybe...

"It's a very frightening thing both for Somerset County, for Fairfield...for residents....for working people everywhere, if this in fact is motivated by belief of a non profit organization that stands up for the rights of working people," said Jeff Rose who is the business manager for IBEW Local 1253.

A drive by shooting, in a small town, right on Main St., Fairfield, Maine, four bullets, at 5:PM, 20 people inside, no one hurt, luckily, but who thinks of that as an opportunity to send a political message?

I'll be watching this one. This guy is way to calm about being shot at...

Anonymous said...


What do you think would possess a person like this to do such a thing? I mean, they've got everything to look forward too in life; are young, intelligent, have a good education that was not handed to them on a silver platter; are at least middleclass or above, have a good and stable career, and are set on a solid path for life, so to speak.

Why would they risk throwing it all down, mess it all up, completely destroy their lives, and lose everything they had acheived leaving themselves with no hope for the future; no more career, no more reputation, no nothing, and risk it all for a jail cell and a criminal record?

Have they lost all common sense logic or did they ever have any? Can you imagine that they would allow petty greivances to brew and torment their mind, (or twisted sexual desires) to explode and take over their lives and destroy everything they had and ever hoped to have? Unbelievable.

Time and again we see these crimes being comitted by those we would presume are of a sound mind; taking a chance on losing their families, many with children, homes, losing it all. Makes no sense, does it? REB

John Mc Gowan said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks John, for posting the link of the interview with Dylan's Dad.

The man shows no emotion whatsoever in his concern for Dylan. He could be explaining away a parking ticket for all the emotion he shows. He's obviously a man of extreme emotions since there is a history of domestic violence between him and Elaine.

If he's ever once attacked her or the children, then he certainly is capable of flying into emotional rages; but there he sits, with no panic or emotions in his voice for his son missing who could be dead? He can practice behavior modification now but he couldn't when he was beating his wife and likely the children too?

Also, his criticism of LE is a huge concern. He expects them to be the most experienced LE searchers in the world when they have never before had to rough it all over the countryside looking for a missing child? I'd be down on my knees thanking them if they'd only trudged up one hill and looked behind one little bush. It is him they are trying to help, not him helping them, but he has no gratitude?

How could he be critical of them when they are out in the cold wet weather and door to door looking for HIS son the best they can? How does he know what they should be doing that they aren't doing? When did he become a pro on searching for a missing child? Since he's so good at it, why isn't he out there searching himself?

BTW, did I read somewhere that Dylan's stepfather is not his step-father but is Elaine's live-in boyfriend? Just curious. REB

John Mc Gowan said...


Does anyone know of any studies that have tried to determine the gender of a writer by the words and language they use etc. I find this to be most fascinating to be able to determine one way or the other.

Imagine the uses:

People grooming online pretending to be one gender or the other.
Ransom notes.
Threatening letters,
Internet stalkers,
Internet trolls,

John Mc Gowan said...


John McAfee: Anti-Virus Pioneer 'Captured'

The anti-virus tycoon has apparently been arrested after weeks of being hunted over his neighbour's murder, according to his blog.9:44am UK, Sunday 02 December 2012
The millionaire has been updating his website since going on the run

Anti-virus software pioneer John McAfee, who is wanted by police over his neighbour's murder, appears to have been found after weeks in hiding, his blog has said.

The website set up by Mr McAfee after he went on the run said there was an unconfirmed report that he was apprehended on the Belize-Mexico border.

The website has carried updates of McAfee's progress since the murder of Gregory Faull, a 52-year-old retired American builder, on November 11. He has also taken to Twitter to promote his posts.

Under the title Breaking: John captured? a post, on December 1, said: "We have received an unconfirmed report that John McAfee has been captured at the border of Belize and Mexico.

"More information as it is received."

Mr McAfee has written entries describing how he has disguised himself as a beggar, a street trader and a drunken German tourist in order to watch police as they searched his Belize home.

At one point he claimed he was actually hiding out on his compound on the island of Ambergris Caye.

Police take away the body of Gregory Faull
He said he set up the website to counter claims made about him by the media and the Belize authorities and to assert his innocence shortly after his disappearance.

In an early post Mr McAfee said that he had given enough information to a friend to keep the website going should he be captured.

Police have said they simply want to question Mr McAfee over the murder of Mr Faull, who was found dead in a pool of blood at his home. He had suffered a single gunshot wound to the head.

Mr McAfee has denied he was responsible for the murder and says he went into hiding only because the Belize authorities have a vendetta against him. He believes he was the intended victim of the shooting, not Mr Faull.

Mr McAfee amassed a $100m (£63m) fortune from his software business but said he lost all but $4m of it in the financial crisis. He moved to Belize in 2008.

Anonymous said...

BTW, that is a BEAUTIFUL area of the country. Gorgeous trees, babbling brook, restful, peaceful, picture perfect, the idlylic dream.

I have lived in an area like this in years gone by and would never do it again. It became very frightening living so isolated. Too many yardcrews and construction workers knew the layout; 700' feet off the road and no nearby neighbors. Breathtaking.

I had prowlers several times at night, one night I heard someone trying to get in through a skylight that opened from the inside. I was so scared that I even left and checked into a motel a couple of times just so I could get some sleep without being in fear of my life.

It's a long story, but eventually it came down to me having a very expensive burglar alarm system, two vicious guard dogs, me wearing a loaded 38 on my person inside and outside my house and a night guard staying in the basement apartment.

I would never EVER live isolated like this again no matter how beautiful it is. You are literaly a sitting duck in those quiet areas. It IS possible that Dylan was kidnapped by a pedophile, similar to the Hornbeck or Elizabeth Smart cases, and others, or possibly just a knock on the door and he answered it; or while attempting to hitchhike to meet up with his frinds; but in view of the guilty finger Mark Redwine keeps pointing at himself, it appears that he knows more than he is saying. REB

John Mc Gowan said...


For anyone interested in Gender linquistic identification this is a good read.

Anonymous said...

John, maybe the bullet that shot the neighbor in the head really was intended for McAfee, considering that he had numerous fights going on with the Belize officials and they with him constantly threatening, accusing and harassing him. I wouldn't be so quick to rule it out that McAfee was set up by them, since they are known to exercise some very dirty dealings against those they 'get it in for'.

If they really have located and arrested him, I wouldn't be surprised if he meets with some sort of foul play or comes to a mysterious end, never to be resolved.

BTW, what exactly did happen to his dogs? At one point I read that they were posioned, then later read they were shot. I thought they were supposed to have been exhumed and their DNA checked against the neighbors(?) or the bullets checked to determine if they were the same bullets used to shoot the neighbor or if the bullet matched one of McAfee's guns?

Wonder why they didn't have these tests run before the dogs were buried? Do you know the true story concerning the dogs? I certainly wouldn't trust this conniving dirty Belize bunch to ethically perform any DNA tests.

Thanks. REB

John Mc Gowan said...

Reb ,

Regarding the bullets there hasn't been any any news that I know of regarding ballistics and the dogs that were shot.its been a while now since they were exhumed I would've thought they had the results by now.
It's All bit of an enigma.

Anonymous said...

THIS conniving dirty Belize bunch to ethically perform any DNA tests.

Thanks. REB

Anonymous said...

To anon @8:22, why are you quoting an excerpt from my post at 7:09 without explanation?

John, I viewed all the videos of news reports and a recent interview with McAfee and none of them say anything about him having been arrested. Mention was made of the bulistic tests that were run on the bullets taken from McAfee's four dogs that were exhumed. The Belize authorities refused to give their results claiming it is an on-going investigation.

I paid particular attention to McAfee's interview of just a day or two ago, he looks way older than his 67 years, but does not appear to me to be guilty in the death of his neighbor.

BTW, I do understand now the controversy about the four dead dogs. First they were posioned, then McAfee shot them to put them out of their misery. Shortly thereafter the neighbor was shot in the head; I suppose to make it appear that McAfee shot him in anger over posioning his dogs, when more than likely McAfee is not the one who shot the neighbor; and quite possibly the neighbor is not the one who posioned McAfee's dogs.

THAT being the case, I can understand why McAfee would believe it was really him that was being sought after when his neighbor was shot in error. However/whatever happened, I believe McAfee is telling the truth. I don't blame him for not turning himself in to the Belize authorities.

It's also worthy of note that McAfee was close to completing some very valuabe medical/scientific research that could have had a far reaching and unwelcome impact in the scientific and pharmacuetical community.

I think McAfee's days are numbered. He probably does too.


Anonymous said...

@John 12/02/12 5:54 AM
A study to determine gender writing style: Automatically Categorizing Written Texts, by authors - Moshe Koppel, Shlomo Argamon, and Anat Rachel Shimoni.

This is a Gender test site for Writing Style:

Hope this helps. :)

John Mc Gowan said...

Thanks anon. 5:54

Mainah said...

Hi John, That link didn't work (ending in html), but I found one that does (ending in php):

Enter text (500+ words works best) and it will tell you if it's more likely female of more likely male, with a claim of 80 percent accuracy.

Lis said...

I went back and read a lot of interviews with McAfee over the years. He has a recurring issue of deceiving, using, and manipulating people, and has been called a pyschopath in the past. Maybe the most interesting example is his post on the Russian drug board, which he now claims was a "prank" (including having staged all the photographs he posted). Keep in mind other people on this board were following his instructions and experimenting with the drug (bath salts) that he was trying to develop:

If you read through some of this, do you feel it is a prank or a genuine quest for information?

He referred back to this posting in his interview. He explained, "about 10 years ago, a drug showed up in Europe called MDPV10" but then he said "It was obviously a a made-up story." (But how does a made-up story "show up"?) When persuading why his posting had to be a prank, he says "if I had rediscovered MDPV10 I wouldn't be going to um uh manufacture it" - how do you "rediscover" a formula that is made up? Was McAfee pranking, or was he trying to rediscover the formula for this drug?

Another article explains how "stuffmonger" on the thread was eventually outed as McAfee:

The day before his murder, McAfee's neighbor, Gregory Faull, had lodged a complaint with the police: (from cnet):

"The mayor said Faull went to the office of San Pedro's town council and dropped off an unsigned letter. Guerrero said he knows it was left by Faull because one of the office clerks recognized him. In the letter, Faull complained about the "viciousness" of the dogs in McAfee's yard, which numbered about a dozen, Guerrero said.

"The dogs would allegedly charge the fence and bark at passersby, especially people on bikes, and allegedly the dogs frightened tourists, Guerrero said. Belize media outlets have reported that some of McAfee's dogs were killed in the days leading up to the murder. Also in the complaint were accusations that the armed security people McAfee employed trespassed into the yards of his neighbors."

Why did Mr. Faull try to lodge his complaint anonymously- was he afraid of McAfee? Did the clerk who recognized Mr. Faull pass the information on to McAfee?

McAfee had hired known drug kingpins to work as his bodyguards. The former girlfriend of a drug kingpin lived with him and supposedly made 2 attempts on his life, yet he continued his liaison with her...

Former friends had said they were afraid to be around him anymore and spoke of him spiraling downward.

The woman who McAfee hired as a chemist for his Quorumex company was so enamored of him she quit her job and moved to Belize, but she soon became wrapped up in promoting McAfee's hoaxes. He pressured her to take part in degrading sex and eventually when she decided she wanted out of the whole scene, he became enraged and violent. From Gizmodo: "Even at thousands of miles away, she said, she felt frightened that he might do her harm. "As soon as I started questioning his motives, he turned on me and became a horrible, horrible person, controlling, manipulative and dangerous," she told me. "I'm thankful that I got out with my life."

McAfee refers to having paid hefty bribes to the police in his town, in the past, and one wonders why, if he was on the up and up, he would need to have done that?

According to cnet, McAfee set up his blog, , with enough pre-written content to last a year, should he be captured.

McAfee posted about his capture on his blog but has now posted that he is safe and out of Belize.

Lis said...

REB, McAfee shot his own dogs. He claimed they had been poisoned.

Lis said...

The guy who administers McAfee's blog for him:

Seems to be a recent friend, seems kind of naive...

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