Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cashing In On A Child's Death

Justin DiPietro will not see a penny from the life insurance policy he took out on his toddler, mere weeks before reporting her missing. 


The insurance investigators will make certain of this.  

Insurance investigators often have higher educational requirements, and more intense interview and interrogation training.  While law enforcement must dedicate many hours to vehicle training, weapon training, and various tactics, insurance investigators concentrate on words, words, and more words.  They are able to focus upon evidence, and before they cut a check, the investigation will be thorough. 

The investigation will appear to commence the moment Justin DiPietro files the claim that Ayla is dead, be it when her remains are found, or 6 years  from now. 

Don't think, for a minute, that they have not already collected the background information into this case and have a solid file. 

The investigation will be thorough, in depth, and will conclude what law enforcement already knows:  the child met her death in the basement in Waterville, the night before the fake report was filed. 

Then, when they are finished, they will share their investigative report with the district attorney. 

Justin DiPietro will not see a penny from Ayla's death. Never. 

 His supporters say he just had a rider on his policy and all of this is just a really bad coincidence.  

He, while single and habitually unemployed, purchased a policy from a friend, for his car, and just happened to include a policy, not for Ayla, but against her.  She would not have, for example, her college tuition covered should DiPietro die.  No.  Sadly, fathers do die, sometimes, and a life insurance policy may be the only thing that stands between those he loves and poverty. 

 I watched this very thing unfold when a close friend, only 42 years old, started coughing on Memorial Day at a barbecue in my home, years ago.  Big and strong, he refused to go to the doctor's, as he felt he would just get over it.  He was vigorous and full of life, and laughed it off as he did with so many challenges in life.  His faith was unshakable.  He provided a good living for his wife and three young children, enough that his wife was able to stay at home and raise the children. 

By November, he was dead,  dying on his youngest son's birthday, as leukemia had been stealing away his life unawares.  Shortly after his death, his widow, with barely enough strength to stand, received an insurance check that she needed to make last for many years, seeing to it that the children all attend college.  Although they would gladly trade it all to have just one more day with their dad, the children went on in life because of the sacrifice their father had made in purchasing and maintaining this policy.  

This is what parents do for their children. 

This is not what DiPietro did.  

This was not a policy to help his child.  This was a policy against Ayla, not for her. 

Justin DiPietro would stand to profit from her death.  

He has another child. 
He did not make a bet against her life. He only made a bet against Ayla, and it was a bet he intended on winning.  He bet only on the child he could get his hands on.  

                     A life insurance policy is a bet.  

You give them a little bit of money, each month, which they then turn and invest.  If the target dies, you win.  If the target outlives you, they win.  My friend gave up money, monthly, so that if something happened to him, others would benefit by his death; specifically, his wife and children.  It was sacrificial, so that he could provide for others, as recipients of his love.  

Sadly, his bet paid off.  He lost his life, but his family went on to survive, including college educations.  He knew, in his early 40's, that the odds were that he would not outlive his children. 

                No parent wants to outlive a child.  

What were the odds that Ayla would not outlive Justin DiPietro, as the purchaser of the policy?

How many young, 20 something fathers, place such bets against a seemingly healthy toddler?  

How can one look at the cutest of faces, the bluest of eyes, with all the promise of a future, and make a financial bet that she is going to be dead, thus, then will cash in?

Most parents buy life insurance for their children.  Salesmen will sell anything, and here, it is a sucker's bet in which only the ghoulish benefit. 

A life insurance policy against a child may be in play to pay for a child's funeral, should this horrible, and unexpected happen.  In Maine, a child's funeral is about $500 if anything, for the unemployed, or those who refuse to work, either by sitting home, or by throwing temper tantrums at work and being sent home.  It is more likely to cost nothing for such.  

He placed a big bet, however, that Ayla would not survive. 

How is it that he could beat the odds, and that a healthy young little girl, not even two years old, would only last 6 weeks from the time he purchased the policy?

No wonder the seller of the policy feels the need to defend DiPietro.  Can you imagine the horror of projected guilt, and the sleepless nights, wondering if this sale contributed to the temper and mindset of this selfish man?  The only defense they have is to defend DiPietro and claim, no matter how extreme the odds, and no matter how the evidence and police say otherwise, to defend him. 

To defend DiPietro, they have to wage war against:

1.  The odds. 

 How many other single fathers take a large policy against a healthy toddler?
How many other single fathers take a large policy against a healthy toddler and have said toddler go 'missing' weeks later?

They have to argue against ridiculous odds, steeper than any windfall lottery. 

2.  The police 

They have to go staunchly against the police, in their own town.  They have to claim that they are, while in unity, all wrong. Local and state police were all wrong.  

3.  The FBI

They have to claim that kidnapping experts from the FBI, who packed up and went back to MA early on, were all wrong.  

4.  The polygraphs

They have not not only argue against astronomical odds, and that the local police, state police and FBI were wrong, but that the polygraphs were also wrong.  

5.  Common Sense 

They have to go against common sense, which tells us that no one was able to climb in a window, take out a toddler, while not waking anyone in the house, and leave no DNA evidence behind. 

They have to go against common sense, when DiPietro said that someone did not approve of his parenting, so they took the child, severely limiting the number of potential kidnappers to only those within the circle of DiPietro and Trista Reynolds. 

6.  Evidence

They must ignore the blood of Ayla, found on the basement floor in the home.  How does a person with a beating heart do this?

7.  Conspiracy 

They must ignore the ridiculous odds; they must conclude that the police in Waterville conspired with the State Police, who then conspired with federal agents from another State, to all risk their jobs, putting their wives, children and mortgages all at risk, just to frame a young man that most of them had never met nor heard of before he called 911.  

8.  Their Neighbors

They must now become willing martyrs, seeing themselves proudly, as standing up against the tide.  This may be what drives them, after the projected guilt of knowing that their policy either directly or indirectly, influenced the violence that Ayla met in the home that night.  

9.  Their Conscience

The projected guilt is likely the single greatest motivating factor to embarrass themselves into defending not simply the indefensible, but into defending folly; against the justice that the blood of Ayla cries out for.  

They must ignore the astronomical odds, conclude that levels of law enforcement conspired together, and that everything else in their way must be overcome, they reach the critical point where all reason is destroyed, and the sentimentality they may have felt towards this young man, will be, for the rest of their lives, a bitterness that has no rival. 

They will, forever, be remembered as having defended a child killer, and will, into their retirement years, be haunted by that one small element of one small policy, in which they will, in the darkness of the night, consider:

How much did this policy influence the father when the 'accident' in the basement happened? 

They will never be free from it, and the only redemption they may have comes from the age old principle:

"The truth will set you free."  They must consider "open your mouth for the speechless" and realize that, as a year has past, Ayla's blood continues to cry out for justice, while they have been shouting her down. 

It cannot last forever.  

It must be terribly exhausting to attempt to drown out the sound of the blood, as it cries from the ground, to the Ears of the Almighty, for justice, much like the blood of the innocent Abel cried out for justice, following Cain wherever he went.  

I would not want to trade places with any of them, even for an hour, to have to wrestle with the tiny face of Ayla Reynolds, nor the unending pain inflicted upon Trista Reynolds, who will never smile again, without the backdrop of what happened to Ayla, behind the smile.  

Those of you who have either lost a child, or have seen your child suffer, know that, as a parent, you would have readily given your life for your child to be spared, without hesitation.  You would have taken the suffering yourself.  You would have gladly died in his or her place.  Yet, it was beyond your control. 

For DiPietro supporters to attack Trista Reynolds is beyond cruel.  It speaks only of their own projected guilt, as they know her life, riddled with mistakes and bad choices, will never be whole, ever again, as Ayla will haunt her dreams when she is elderly.  They know she did not kill Ayla.  They know this, yet attack, over and over again.  

It only highlights how severe their guilt is, and how bitterness has not only taken root in their souls, but has produced a noxious plant that is slowly choking away life. 

What must it be like to do this, sit in church at Christmas, and celebrate the Incarnation, knowing the violence against the innocent Ayla?  What comes to mind when Herod's slaughter of the innocents is read in their hearing?  

Recall the holocaust of male children, two years of age and under, as they were ripped from their mothers' arms, and their blood shed before the very eyes of their mothers and fathers.  

Time has not tempered this historic account of bloodshed.  

Can they still even hear these matters?  Can they be moved to tears, any longer, by the account of the suffering of these families, even while turning a cold shoulder to little Ayla, with her broken arm in a sling, and her blood on the floor, and her tiny body left out to the elements, as if she was trash?

What does it profit a man to gain everything, only to lose his ability to enjoy everything?  The 'aristos' of life is gone.  The lobster dinner is before them, yet they have no taste buds of which to enjoy.  From the abundance of this bitterness, the mouth speaks, and it seeks to alleviate its own pain by inflicting more pain upon yet another innocent, the mother of Ayla, Trista Reynolds.

                                     Trista Reynolds did not spill Ayla's blood in Waterville.

Police did not see the need for the polygraph; for it was a waste of time.  Has she not suffered enough? Must they continue to torment her with vicious name calling?

Those who tell the truth pass their polygraphs and declare it so.  They do not say "I can't tell you the results because it might taint the investigation."

Perhaps Sergio and Becky Celis can explain to us how saying "I passed my polygraph" will impact the investigation.

Perhaps not

Perhaps Justin DiPietro can explain what it means to "smoke" a polygraph, or Elisha can tell us what "fine" means, and how neither of them were able to say "I passed my polygraph because I told the truth."

We ought not hold our breath waiting for this to be said. 

We ought not hold our collective breath waiting for Justin DiPietro to file the insurance claim.  He will not see a penny of that policy.  


John Mc Gowan said...

Wow,that was a hard read,very well written and heartfelt.

Well done peter.

Anonymous said...

Why would an insurance company allow a rider to be written against a young child for a large amount?

That seems unethical.

Mainah said...

Yes, well done, Peter. It's unbelievable that it even needed to be said.

Mainah said...

Good point, Anon 10:35....there is no "rider" really. The amateur defense team blogger, along with amateur fiction writer, Angela Harry, who is a cousin and bestie of the mother of the life insurance policy seller, Derrick Tudella, took it upon herself to be the first "Obsurer" of information and obstructer of justice for Ayla.

They came out full-on with outright lies, mis-information, persuasive theories that were irrelevant (like comparing Justin to Ed Smart), all in an effort to save Derrick, and the families lovely sweeping views.

How Phoebe, a grandmother, and Elisha, mother of Ayla's baby cousin, Gabby, a close resemblance of Ayla, can close their eyes at night and fall asleep in THAT house knowing Ayla's blood stains the floor.... if it doesn't haunt them constantly, I have no idea what kind of people they are...

Mainah said...

It's been said the LIP cost $16. per month; times 12 months, times seven years = $1,344.

Pay: $1,344.
Collect: $25,000.

What other investment pays out like that? none.

Derrick knows the maximum amounts that can get away with, without corp (State Farm) questioning it.

Mainah said...

Now, I'm hearing that Justin called his friend Derrick BEFORE calling police, the morning Ayla went missing!

When asked, what did you first think, Phoebe said she was afraid Justin was going to get some friends and start kicking in doors. Now, we know she was again, just alibi building, and truly NOT looking for Ayla....she knew, she knows, and yet she can still sleep in the house where her precious sweet grandbaby met her demise.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mainah.

It seems that whomever wrote the policy should have to answer to regulators.

Anonymous said...

Mainah, Pheebs can still sleep in that house because Ayla was never her precious sweet grandbaby. I don't yet have grandchildren, but I can't imagine not loving them. The Dips are a twisted family, devoid of love and feeling.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 12:36, yes, you would think that would result in arrests. I just can't figure out why it isn't happening!

Does anyone know if Heidi Turdella is still providing childcare (and I use the term loosely) in her home? What parent would put their child with her, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Anon, 12:36, in the time it took me to respond to your comment, your comment is now gone!!!

John P said...

Peter, you have struck a soft spot in my heart with your words. I do feel it shame as well, that these words had to even be spoken, but as you say, there will always be those that can only avoid thier own pain, by causing more pain on others. So sad! But Thank you Peter for speaking out for the second victim of what happened on Violette Avenue. Ayla, you will have justice! Trista you will have answers. Believe, and it shall be so!

Mainah said...

I'm not sure if there is any direct connection, other then the obvious impact of addiction and violence (bad follows bad; like beings commune together)but, I'll point out that the shooting that occurred this week in my community, a murder outside of a bar- a very rare event in central Maine- happened at the same bar where Justin DiPietro's brother Lance worked as a cook at the time of Ayla's disappearance.

It appears that after Lance organized a (funeral)vigil for Ayla, his baby niece, advising people that it will be held at the church where his grandparents funeral services had been held (nothing to psycho-analyse about that!) he left town, moved to Rhode Island, where I'm sure, this is eating him alive; as he appears to occasionally stop by here and other pro-justice for Ayla to project onto Trista what he knows to be true about his own younger brother.

Gruesome, especially so for an already violent alcoholic who hasn't yet turned 30 years old.

ME said...

Very good piece!!!

Optional said...

Anon 12:38....yes, as far as I know, Hidey still has some people fooled. It's a small group, who have bias and need to justify something about themselves, IMO.

Of equal, or higher concern, it has been said that Elisha works at Educare. Educare is a multi-million-dollar, grant-funded, non-profit, geared toward educating preschoolers, at risk, special needs, low income children, attached with the public elementary school! (are you feelin' me here??--the most vulnerable of our population/community!!!!!! WT...?).

The only thing I can hope for is that that is a sign that she has come clean with her lawyer and LE, privately, and is cooperating behind her families back. It's a long shot, I know.

Apple said...

What did they do to you, Ayla? I am awaiting the day it is shouted from the rooftops so the world will know what you went through, baby girl.

John P said...

Optional, Anon 12:38

It is also being said that Derek's wife is no longer working with Heidi in Heidi's daycare. That Kylie has opened her own day-care in her home call A Bright Beginning or A Bright New Beginning or something close to this. Well I would think the first person needing a Bright New Beginning, is Ayla Bell Reynolds!

Anonymous said...

Excellent article of analysis Peter and this issue needs to be faced head on! It is very heartbreaking that there are people out there who have a history of lying generation after generation even to the point of not defending their child or grandchild. Too much of this disrespect for life has occurred in this day and it HAS to be nipped in the bud. It is as terrible as abortions and mercy killings! GLENDA

heartbroken said...

Well said Peter, even tho I cried the whole time.
@mainah, I couldn't agree more. You have a way with words as well.

Anonymous said...

Christ, it just occurred to me, Derrick has a one year old son... Kylie needs to run, not walk, with her baby son to the nearest LE office.

I think her husband colluded on this with his life-long friend. They must have discussed the max amount that he could get away with...and the sweeping views family of Turds have as much at stake as the welfare family from the projects...what a story-I'm sure Harry is right on it!

loulou said...

May they NEVER have a moments peace. Very powerful, Peter. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you dearly for speaking my heart, thank you dearly for expressing so very cogently what needs to be said, as well as heard. If only the people who need to hear it will listen....

Laurie said...

Fantastic Post! You put alot of my thoughts, intuitions and frustrations into words and gave me alot to think about. Thank you!

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

An Arizona woman who was convicted in her young son's disappearance nearly three years ago was sentenced Friday to five years and three months in prison after tearfully telling the judge she thought she deserved the maximum of nine years and six months.
Elizabeth Johnson, 26, was convicted in October of custodial interference and unlawful imprisonment in the Christmastime 2009 disappearance of her then-8-month-old son, Gabriel. The jury failed to reach a verdict on a kidnapping charge — the most serious count against her.
Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Joseph Kreamer also sentenced Johnson to four years of probation when she is released. She'll receive credit toward her prison sentence for the nearly three years that she has served in jail since her arrest.

Prior to sentencing, Johnson stood before the judge sobbing and apologized for what she did, but she maintained her story that she gave Gabriel away to a couple in Texas.
'I wanted to give Gabriel a life that was better than I had growing up,' she said softly. 'What I have done is unbelievable. There's not really anything I can say for myself.
'I would convict myself,' Johnson added. 'It's horrible. ... I do deserve the max.'

Kreamer could have sentenced her to 9 1/2 years but said he took into account her troubled childhood and mental instability, agreeing with a psychologist who testified she needs treatment.
'Her chances to succeed are increased if she gets treatment, there's no doubt about it,' the judge said while noting he had to give her prison time, given that Gabriel is still missing.
'We are three years downstream. We don't know where Gabriel is,' he said.

Authorities said Johnson initially told the boy's father, Logan McQueary, that she killed Gabriel and dumped him in a trash bin, but she later recanted and told police she gave the infant to a couple at a San Antonio, Texas, park. She never provided the couple's names and refused to do so during Friday's hearing.

Prosecutor Angela Andrews offered to only seek probation if Johnson would tell them where Gabriel is, not just 'vague statements, but his actual physical whereabouts'

After the hearing, Andrews said no one knows but Johnson if Gabriel, who would have turned 3 this past April, is still alive.
'She's the only person that has the answer,' Andrews said. 'We just wanted her to give it to us.'
Gabriel's paternal grandfather, Frank McQueary, and other family members pleaded with Johnson to explain what happened to Gabriel in tearful testimony asking the judge to sentence her to the maximum prison term.
'This isn't over for our family,' McQueary said. 'This is not going to be over until we know where Gabriel is.'
Prosecutors say Johnson ran off to Texas with the child as a way to retaliate against his father for ending their tumultuous relationship. The father isn't suspected in the child's disappearance.
'What Elizabeth has done has not only robbed me but also my friends and family,' Logan McQueary said in court by telephone. 'I did not get to hear Gabe's first word. I did not get to see him walk or run. ... I do not get to see what a great man he would have been.'
Johnson's attorney Marc Victor, who wanted probation for his client, cited Johnson's lack of prior felony convictions, her youth and other factors in seeking a lesser sentence.

Victor has said his client is aware of the horrible mistakes that she has made, regrets the grief she caused the boy's father and described Johnson as an unsophisticated single mother who was in a volatile relationship and was being manipulated by a woman who wanted to adopt Gabriel.
Johnson's grandfather, Bob Johnson, said after the hearing he hopes she gets the treatment she needs, but added that no one but his granddaughter knows what happened to Gabriel.
'Sometimes you have to think the worst,' he said.

Tania Cadogan said...

Sandy Peters, Logan McQueary's aunt, said the family was pleased with the sentence but nothing will bring closure until they find Gabriel.
'It's never been about how long she stays in prison,' Peters said. 'It's just about trying to find Gabriel.'
The boy was last seen with his mother on Dec. 26, 2009, at a hotel in San Antonio.
Investigators said Johnson brought the child from Tempe to Texas, stayed for a week and then took a bus to Florida without him. She was arrested in Florida on Dec. 30, 2009.
Johnson had been fighting with the boy's father about whether to give up Gabriel for adoption. She signed over temporary guardianship of the boy to a Scottsdale couple for about 10 days before she picked him up and left Arizona

The would-be adoptive mother from Scottsdale, Tammi Peters Smith, was accused of lying on a court document about the child's possible paternity in an effort to keep Gabriel from his father. Smith was convicted of forgery and conspiracy to commit custodial interference.
In 2010, San Antonio police scoured a landfill that contained trash from the hotel where Gabriel was last seen. The search turned up no body or other evidence

Child Advocate said...

Peter, you brought me to tears. Precious Ayla deserves justice. I pray the Dips pay for what they've done. Rest in peace, Ayla. They will never hurt you again.

Optional said...

I'm sorry...I just took a peek at the Liars blog; now featuring amateur analysis from the Obscurer(s). If there wasn't a baby missing and disappeared by her own father, it would be a laughable attempt. Considering justice for an innocent baby is at stake, there is nothing funny about that self-proclaimed "I'm not a PRACTICING attorney" is doing to Ayla's mother and Ayla's memory.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

A man is facing the death penalty for the murder of his stepson after the child suffered severe abuse.
Nathan Sloop, 34, is charged with aggravated murder over the death of four-year-old Ethan Stacy in 2010.

Sloop reportedly told police that he had smashed the boy's face and teeth with a hammer to conceal his identity before burying his body off a mountain trail.

The boy died after prolonged beatings, being burned, drugged and starved, authorities said. He was also locked up and left alone by his mother 29-year-old Stephanie Sloop and her husband at their home in Layton, Utah

Mrs Sloop is also charged with murder but is not facing the death penalty.
Nathan Sloop has pleaded not guilty and is next due in court on December 11 while his wife will appear on December 14

Between April 29 and May 8, 2010, the couple allegedly severely beat the little boy and failed to get him necessary medical care.
They also allegedly locked him in a bedroom at the home without any food when they went to get married on May 6.

Stephanie Sloop said that she had wanted to get her son to a doctor but was afraid that her husband would harm her too, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

She added that her husband told her that the boy had burned himself by turning on the hot water while he was in the bath.
The couple reported the four-year-old missing on May 10 but later confessed to police that they had buried his body close to Powder Mountain Ski Resort in Weber County. Nathan Sloop later took police to the body.

Malaise said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mainah said...

Oh, Hobs, ewwwww, that's horrible! Any statements to SA, or is it just straight up gore? ugh! Nevermind, I don't want to read anymore!

Trigger said...

Well done, Peter.

The fact that "out of work" cold as ice, Justin only bought one insurance policy against Ayla's life when he had two daughters that he had sired, is evidence of his intent and motive just as you have stated.

Guilt and remorse will follow the lives of those who "sweetened the pot" in the bets against little Ayla's life.

equinox said...

Anonymous at 6:40
By your logic the police investigators and detectives, the FBI, the search dog handlers, the dive boat operators and divers, the forensic scientists - every one of the hundreds of people employed in the search for poor Ayla are painted with the same brush.

Your motives are obvious. Your thought processes blunted by guilt and shame. Think again.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
Why would an insurance company allow a rider to be written against a young child for a large amount?

That seems unethical.
December 8, 2012 10:35 AM

It's an almost no lose bet for the insurance company. Few salesmen will refuse to sell any portion of insurance to anyone. Imagine the eye brows that went up when this one was processed?

Especially since he had two kids but was only willing to bet on the one he could get his hands on.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my...warning, graphic...Justin's brother Lance's fb...

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:03 PM, I can't see much on his FB but a bunch of stupid pics. Can you copy/paste the content you're referring to, please?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:50 It was the profile/wall picture that I found graphic.

Anonymous said...

Yuck, that is gross. I'm sure he's attracted to that sort of thing, having lived on Violence Avenue.

brosnanfan said...


A link to a story about George Odongo, a Purdue freshman who has been accused of sexual battery and criminal deviate conduct, and who is scheduled to be deported back to Kenya:

I am wondering just what is going on, and if he is being deported wrongly. My limited knowledge of SA makes me think the girl in the case is not telling the truth, but I could be wrong. I am interested in Peter's opinion.

John Mc Gowan said...


This is a great spot by Mark Mccish.

In The News

by Mark McClish
On this page, I will not analyze a complete case but I will
examine brief statements made by people in the news.

The X-Factor Australia
December 2012

The X-Factor Australia Grand Final was held on November 20, 2012. The competition had been narrowed down to two finalists, Jason Owen and Samantha Jade. After both contestants sang their final song, host Luke Jacobs brought them back to the stage to announce the winner. Here is how Jacobs introduced them before revealing who had won the contest.

"When we first met him he was working on his dad's fuel business in a town of just 12. Today, he's a superstar. Please welcome back to the stage Jason Owen."

"When we first met Samantha she was hoping to reconnect to music. Today, she is one step away from winning the X Factor for 2012. So, please welcome back to the stage Samantha Jade."

If you look at how the host words his introduction, you can figure out who won the X Factor Australia before the winner's name was announced. Jason is introduced using the pronoun him; "When we first met him." However, Samantha is introduced using her name; "When we first met Samantha." We see that with Jason, "Today, he's a superstar." However, in talking about Samantha he tells us, "Today, she is one step away from winning the X Factor for 2012."

After the introductions, we learned that Samantha was the winner.

John Mc Gowan said...

Oop sorry for the double post,sundays aye..

Anonymous said...

Anon... "tax burdens" can also be victims.

Tania Cadogan said...

I wonder if th gruesome twosome made any claims on their travel insurance for missing Madeleine and if it was allowed or not ( especially since they admitted leaving them alone every night for a week)

They had to admit child neglect in order for the alleged abductor to be able to commit the alleged crime.

It does seem though that perhaps the children were all in one room being watched by an adult ( gerry's comment about one of the other...twins springs to mind)
sean and Amelie were the only set of twins, there were no 'other twins'

If this is the case they weren't left alone then there could have been no abuductor and so what really happened that Madeleine could not be allowed to be found and autopsied?

rob said...

Peter, let's say that Ayla's body is never found, and it goes the whole 7 yrs or whatever is necessary to be declared dead. Would Justin not be emboldened to think 'I have gotten away with it", and I'm sure most of the media will have forgotten this case by then. I think he is the type to file for the insurance, if his ins agent buddy thinks he can get away with it, like 'Oh, they don't investigate amounts this small".

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I agree. The ego will drive him over the cliff.


Anonymous said...


I have to give credit where credit is due. This is by far the best post you have written. This post would be the perfect, 'Prosecutor's Opening Statement'. It sums up the entire events of Ayla's disappearace with FACTS to assure a conviction. Well done. BTW: I think you missed your calling. You would be a great, district attorney. Bravo!

Jazzie said...

"Justin, in his case, obviously is her father, ah, she was in his custody, ah, and that, um, we believe he knows more than he told us. Oh and um, and that is where we stand. That, there is, we think, that he or the two others, inside that home, or any others that are associated with that home, may have information but they just haven't told us."

Steve McCausland, MSP
Video link

I reposted the McCausland statement because it was the 1st time I heard him say "or any others that are associated with that home" may have information beside the "three adults" (Justin and the "two others" - Elisha, Courtney).

My question is: How many more people have information re: Ayla and how can they stay silent? Who are the people "associated" with "that home"?
That could be a long list depending on the degree/nature of "association".

Is it normal in Maine to go this long into a Major Investigation without naming a Suspect or Person of Interest?

Jazzie said...

Jazzie said...

Jazzie said...

Jazzie said...

Anyone who has information regarding Ayla Reynolds, please call: Maine State Police - AUGUSTA 207-624-7076.

Unknown said...

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