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Dyan Redwine: Family History of Domestic Violence

Hx of D/V is never good to hear in a missing child case.  
DURANGO - 9Wants to Know has learned that the family of a missing Southwest Colorado boy has a history of domestic violence.
Dylan Redwine disappeared on Nov. 19, one day after he arrived at his dad's Vallecito area home on a court-ordered visitation for Thanksgiving.
9News obtained court records dating back to 2005 showing three requests for protection orders.
  • On Oct. 7, 2005, Dylan's dad Mark Redwine requested protection against him mom Elaine saying she was "drinking and driving with kids." A judge temporarily ordered her not to drive the kids around or even be with them while under the influence.
  • For the next two years, the couple went through divorce proceedings. In 2008, mom, Elaine Redwine, claimed she had a confrontation with her ex-husband Mark in the early hours of July 4. She wrote, "He was very drunk and grabbed me and took a swing at his son." She said Dylan reacted and hit Mark.
  • In another protective order request, Mark claims he was victimized later that same day. "I was attacked and beaten then left for hours until I woke up," he wrote. Mark says his older son Cory admitted he was responsible for the beating.
How does this all fit into the search for missing Dylan?
Mark Redwine told 9Wants to Know over the phone that he doesn't think his family's past troubles should be a consideration now.
A spokesman for the La Plata County Sheriff's Office would not comment on what investigators have done to probe into the family's past.
However, the spokesman did say authorities must look at every possible scenario in Dylan's disappearance.
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Mainah said...

Oh,this is not good news...

Tania Cadogan said...

His family's past troubles have everything to do with Dylan going missing.

It shows motive.

It shows opportunity.

Anything in the negative is sensitive.

We have a big temporal lacuna which gives him time for disposal.

Where will his cell pings place him?

How long was he at a certain place?

Why was so little of Dylan found at the house when it should have been covered in his DNA especially his bed and bedding.

Ivy said...

OT -- it's better than nothing

Vita said...

Link and Video to presser

Documents obtained shown on the video.

Video offers more details to what is of the present. Court records are sealed, Sept 2012, and two records in November 2012. One holds the testimony of Dylan to the Judge, in relation to his visitation/custody between his parents.

If you pause the video on 1:57, you can read the complaint, July 2008, document filled out by Elaine Redwine.

3AM 7/4/2008, Mark Redwine was having sex with a friend of ours in our yard, outside my window. Cory saw everything. Dylan and Cory confronted Mark. Mark got extremely belligerent do(sic) he was very drunk, and grabbed me and took a swing at his son. Dylan reacted hit Mark.


John Mc Gowan said...

How old was his older brother and was he closer to his dad than dylan?

Vita said...


Cory is 21 at present, Dylan is 13.
In 2008, Cory then 16 and Dylan 8.


Anonymous said...

Colorado News
With Dylan Redwine missing for almost two weeks, dad clings to hope
Posted: 12/02/2012 12:01:00 AM MST
December 2, 2012 4:11 PM GMTUpdated: 12/02/2012 09:11:46 AM MSTBy Nancy Lofholm
The Denver

An undated photo provided by the La Plata County, Colo., sheriff's office shows Dylan Redwine. Teams are searching around Vallecito Lakes, Colo., for 13-year-old Redwine who has been missing for a week. (La Plata County Sheriff's Office | )Related Articles
Dec 6:
Volunteers to search ditches for Dylan Redwine clues Saturday
Dec 4:
Tips pour in to investigators in search of missing boy near Durango
Dec 2:
Monument residents gather at vigil for Dylan Redwine
Nov 29:
Durango officials looking for missing teen search home of Dylan Redwine's father
Nov 28:
Dylan Redwine, boy missing near Vallecito, did not run away
Task force continues search for missing Colo. boy
Nov 26:
Search continues for missing boy in La Plata County
Nov 25:
Search for missing 13-year-old continues in La Plata County
Nov 24:
Hundreds help in search for 13-year-old Vallecito boy, Dylan Redwine
About 200 search for missing 13-year-old boy
Nov 23:
Search continues for missing 13-year-old Vallecito boy, Dylan Redwine
Volunteers help search for missing boy in SW Colo.
Nov 20:
Colorado Springs boy, 13, missing in La Plata CountyVALLECITO — Dylan Redwine's half-smile is everywhere in the Pine River Valley.

Missing fliers with the 13-year-old's picture are affixed to road signs, pinned to bulletin boards, stuck in car windows, flashing on digital sign boards and displayed on businesses' entrance doors — sometimes two or three at a time, just in case someone might miss one.

One flier is taped to the front door of the small, sage-green house where Dylan was last seen and where his father, Mark Redwine, now hunches over on a couch, his eyes reddening as he considers dire possibilities nearly two weeks after Dylan went missing.

Dylan wouldn't have run away: He was too happy, his father said, in spite of the fact that his parents had

Mark Redwine stands on his front porch in Vallecito next to a flier for his missing son. "I just want my son back," said Redwine, who wonders if Dylan became impatient and hitchhiked to visit friends. (Nancy Lofholm, The Denver Post)been locked in a rough divorce battle for about seven years. It's unlikely he was abducted from this home in a tiny community where everyone knows everyone else in the offseason and few lock doors.

That leaves hitchhiking.

Mark said he learned from some of Dylan's friends in the wake of the disappearance that his son had been known to hitchhike.

So he ponders the what-ifs and details that might have led to Dylan's hitchhiking.

His son, who had flown in the evening before his disappearance to spend Thanksgiving with his father, badly wanted to go see friends who lived in Bayfield. Dylan had lived near there with his mother, Elaine Redwine, until July, when they moved to the Front Range.

Dylan had asked his father whether he could go to his friends' that evening after they had shopped at Walmart and eaten at a McDonald's in Durango and before the 45-minute drive to Mark's home north of Vallecito Lake. Mark said he told his son it was too late. So Dylan texted friends in Bayfield, his father said, and made arrangements to meet them the next morning.

Anonymous said...

The next morning, Dylan was sleeping on the couch where Mark Redwine now sits and where Dylan's blankets still lie jumbled. Mark said he waited until 7:30 a.m. but still couldn't rouse his son, so he told him he would return about 11. When he got back at 11:30, his son's dirty cereal bowl was beside the sink. The television was on Nickelodeon. His son's fishing pole was gone. So was his black-and-gray backpack. A few articles of clothing were left behind on the couch.

"His priority was pretty much with his friends, so I wasn't alarmed," Mark said.

In hindsight, Mark wonders whether Dylan became impatient and hitchhiked. "I can't quite wrap my mind around that yet," he said.

Mark said he tried texting Dylan all afternoon in an area with spotty cellphone service. When he didn't hear anything back by late afternoon, he went to Dylan's friend's house in Vallecito. That friend hadn't seen him.

Mark became alarmed and drove the 20 miles to Bayfield. Dylan's friends there hadn't seen him either. Mark called Elaine Redwine and went to the Bayfield Marshal's Office.

Reports discounted

Searches for Dylan began that evening. Since then, hundreds of locals and more than 50 task-force members from multiple local law enforcement agencies, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the FBI have been checking vacant cabins and knocking on the doors of homes tucked into the tall pines.

Several possible sightings of Dylan were reported early on, but those have been discounted.

Lt. Ray Shupe, a spokesman for the task force, said the group has broken into teams this weekend. One is looking into all information that has come into a tip line; another is investigating the registered sex offenders who live in the Vallecito area. There are nine of them in Vallecito and Bayfield. Another team is combing through videos and photographs taken along the road from Vallecito to Durango on the day Dylan went missing.

One of the possibilities they are pursuing is the possibility that Dylan might have been picked up while hitchhiking, Shupe said.

Mark Redwine is not being called a suspect. He allowed investigators to search his home even before they obtained a search warrant for a thorough search. He also voluntarily sat down and was interviewed by investigators.

"We went through everything moment by moment," he said.

Meanwhile, locals are holding vigils, posting Facebook messages on a Save Missing Dylan Redwine page and churning out royal-blue ribbons with his name and the tip-line number — anything to stay busy and keep some hope alive.

"Yeah, like really, I would say people up here still have hope that he'll be found," said Raelynn Elkins, whose family runs the Vallecito Lake Country Market and La Comida Ranchera restaurant.

In his home, still jumbled from a 12-hour search by investigators several days ago, Mark is having a harder time holding on to that hope.

"Reality starting to set in"

And he is trying to deal with the added weight of knowing that some people think he had something to do with his son's disappearance because he was the last one to see him. He has contacted a criminal-defense attorney to help him with that. And he said he is helping in the search in any way he can.

"I just want my son back," he said. "I know it's crossing all our minds — reality is starting to set in that that may not be a possibility."

Nancy Lofholm: nlofholm@ or 970-256-1957

Read more: With Dylan Redwine missing for almost two weeks, dad clings to hope - The Denver Post
Read The Denver Post's Terms of Use of its content:

John Mc Gowan said...

Thanks Vita..

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Live sentencing of elizabeth johnson

Tania Cadogan said...

the dirst sign of emotion she has shown is when the great aunt in a letter ( spoken by another family member) talks about elizabeth not wanting to be a mom and on being told it will be fine she will feel an overwhelming love.

She allegedly replied "Not every mom loves her child"

She got upset and denied saying that and wiped away tears as her attorney hushed her.

The family have and are doing impact statements and saying they have no problem with her walking out of jail tommorow if she only tells them where Gabe is or what she did with him.
As long as they get to know the truth and what she did to him or with him, they don't care what she does with her life.
Gabe is their sole concern and as such they want her kept in jail for the max or until Gabe is found.

I wonder if she can be charged with murder etc if his remains are found?
I can't recall off hand if that was one of the charges she faced or not.
Also was this a state or federal prosecution?

Tania Cadogan said...

There are now statements from frieds etc on behalf of the defene.
She cried when the woman ( a lady she met in classes) said she lved him.

There is a lot of emphasising how good she is with the use of the word very, every time it is used is is said twice making it sensitive and weak)
Verry Verry sweet and very very good and very very overprotective,
Finally Gabe gets a mention.

Geez this woman is making such a weak statement of support, it's very very this and very very that. I've had to turn my hobnobby sense down.

Oo0o we have a really really.
She ends with Thats what i 'Would' say.
The worst worst worst thing about is she is very very easy to manipulate.
Now we are getting a lot of you knows (convince and convey) in regard to her trusting "too much"

She is a beautful beautiful awesome PERSON. she has a beautiful beautiful soul.

The whole statement from the women was OTT weak.

Tania Cadogan said...

Next defense supporter "she is a loved and cared for human being" ( not a woman person or mom?)

He says she wants to stay with him and help him with his children on her release. (scary)

He wants to continue being a big part of her life and he is happy to help with her therapy both spirtually and theraputically?

Basically he is talking about her spiritual side and how he can help her and how she can help others. It is not about her character etc it is all about how he can help her on her release and that she has problems mentally.

Tania Cadogan said...

Bob johnson up next he is elizabeth's dads's dad.

She is not a bad 'person' she made some bad mistakes.

Next is her brother.
Doesn't excuse her for her actions she was doing what she thought was best for her child. All she ever wanted was a family. no one ever cared for her before. no one ever gave her a chance, every one gave her the cold shoulder. My only regret was i wasn't there for her, she is his twin, she goit him clean and sober and took care of him. (she is shown as crying) he is nervous. he wants her to get out soon as he has no one (parents dead) and she has been in jail 3 years and she is all he has.
it's all about what she did for him and nothing about gabe.

The grandmother of elizabeth up next.

Tania Cadogan said...

Two babies on the porch (robert and elizabeth) her daughter had left them there so she call in dss.

Got a call from her daughter the babies had been in 2 foster homes. The gran finally got permanent custody. complaints about others in the apartment about it beting let to one person not 4 adults and children.
Then the daughter started drinking, kept losing the Children, getting back with the same people and losing them again.

Basically laying the actions of elizabeth on the behavior of her mother.
the mom turned into an alcoholic meaning elizabeth's grades went down from homor roll.

elizabeth is very self contained and well well behaved.

She says elizabeth doesn't trust anybody especially adults.

She regrets not adopting them.

Dss told her her she couldn't let the mom see the children. next call later was her mom had drowned.

Elizabeth took it hard she was very very attached to her mother ( that's not what she has been saying )

She has a kind of a strong personality, dad didn't like girls.

Basically it isn't elizabeths fault it is the fault of her parents.
she is explaining why elizabeth is the way she is.
At 15 she went to the gran then stayed with a friend, there were no rules or supervision.
The gran didn't want her to have the baby (4.5 months gone) elizabeth wanted it and said if you can't cope etc get him adopted.
She did all the classes.
she calls him the baby , that baby not gabrial. correction she used his name once.

Tania Cadogan said...

I would loved to have had the baby. i didn't get the opportunity.

Silvette Puckett is the gran.

She now says she seems strong and can be manipulated.
Her statement is all over the place, it's a mess a nightmare, she is not the one she thought would have gotten into this situation.
It's everyone else's fault not elizabeths.

My daughter was loving and hugging and loved her children, she didn't know how bad alcoholism could be.
She blames the drinking on her being Cherokee (1/8) and ends with and that's al i know ( meaning she wants to end the discussion)

The gran blamed everyone and everything except elizabeth or herself.

Ivy said...

It was state -- she was not charged with murder -- I'm not sure this murder would be in as jurisdiction

Tania Cadogan said...

I missed who this guy is some kind of therapist.

she h a mental illness, immature 22 yr old, incarceration is inappropriate.

A long probabtion is needed with lots of requirements. she won't trust anyone and will buck against what she is told to do.

She's bright , well spoken, at the core caring about others.
Sh'es never really had wher she needs to go. her prognosis gets worse if her incarceration, it goues up if her pribabtion is increased.
The justice system is meant to rehabilitate and the court neeeds to help with that .

Tania Cadogan said...

elizabeth johnson

I will never be able to give back what i have taken.

I want to believe he is happy with the family i imagined.

if he is alive there is nothing to stop her telling who she gave him to.

I wanted to testify, none of my defence came out, it was all prosecution, it wasn't how they made it out to look.

Gabriel is still missing and it's my fault.

I do deserve the max, i know what i did is unbelievable, i would convict myself. I do deserve the maximum, it wasn't about logan it was about Gabriel. It wasn't like that, that's all i want to say

Tania Cadogan said...

2 offences to run consecutively and a probation as a tail

not gonna walk out of court a free woman

count 4 custodial interference 3.5 yrs plus credit (1000 odd days)

waivimg community supevision

total 5.2 years jail less credit

count 3 conspiracy 4 years probation starting on her release.

Violate probabtion and she gets a jail term. judge worries she may not be compliant.

restitution not been discussed.

what's been requested

1575 logan
10346.59 LE

will be a restitution hearing

Anonymous said...

Am I only imagining that I've heard of custody cases where they jail the parent responsible for the missing child indefinitely, or until they tell where the child is? Why is this different?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, last comment was in regard to Elizabeth Johnson.

Ivy said...

This is an astonishing statement -- she wants to (but cannot) believe he is happy with the family she imagined -- she calls it imagined. I mean, there is no mystery here -- she texted the father what she did and later confessed to a police officer, though the confession will never be admissible because of the way it was obtained. I wonder with this statement If she means to acknowledge as everyone knows that the family was imagined without being too direct or if this is evidence of the principle that she can't lie even in trying to keep up the charade. It is hard to tell with her since she has told the truth at least a few times unlike Ms. Anthony and all these statements are technically true. Poor Gabriel.

John Mc Gowan said...


"60 Minutes" Preview
The False Confession Capital.

It's hard to believe people would confess to a heinous crime they did not commit, but they do -- especially teenagers; It happens a lot in Chicago.

Millicent said...

The mother has me very concerned. This is a little from Nancy Grace on 12/3 - she has not been on again since.

REDWINE: Yes. Dylan always kept in touch with me because he knew I was the one paying the phone bill, and if he wouldn`t keep in touch with me, I would take his phone away and he didn`t want that. So he made sure that he always -- there was -- there was never a time I couldn`t account for where Dylan was because he was very good at letting me know where he was at all times.

GRACE: So Elaine, let me get this straight. You`re telling me that it would be unusual for him to go to sleep at the end of the day, if he were spending the night somewhere else, and not say, Good night, I`m going to sleep?

REDWINE: Well, not necessarily going to sleep, but he would let me know where he landed for the night. So like, if he was hanging around with his friends in Bayfield, you know, he would let me know what friend he was sleeping with that night or whatever the case may be.

You know, he often did stay up later, so he didn`t always text me, but he would always generally text me in the morning when he woke up.

Is it possible Dylan's mother could have done something in the night even though she lives a distance away?

Anonymous said...

It is not unusual for male aggressor abusers to acuse their victim of abusing them and use the children as pawns. A son doesn't kick his dads a$$ because dad is a nice guy.

Lis said...

I don't know what the story is with the Redwines but I disagree with the poster who said a son doesn't kick his dad's ass because the dad is a nice guy. Sometimes that does happen. Sometimes a mother is extremely manipulative and poisons the kids against the father and the kids will do whatever she pressures them to, to try to win the mother's approval. I'm not saying that's what happened here- just that it can happen, so you can't make a blanket statement. I've read what some men with borderline personality disorder wives have dealt with, and it's crazy.

But, as for the Redwines, it sounds like there were protection orders and violence going both ways, maybe. It will come out. It still doesn't mean one of them are responsible for Dylan's disappearance, though. If he was accustomed to hitchhiking, God only knows what might have befallen him. It's a shame he wasn't raised better than that.