Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dylan Redwine: Reward Raised to 20K

DURANGO - The reward for help finding a missing Colorado boy has grown to $20,000.
Dylan Redwine, 13, of Colorado Springs, was reported missing Nov. 19 after a court-ordered visit with his Dad in the Durango area.
The boy's father, Mark Redwine, said he left his son at his home while he ran errands. Mark said when he returned, Dylan was gone.
The Durango Herald reported that $4,000 was added to the reward fund by a family friend this week.
The newspaper said on Wednesday, on theFind Missing Dylan Redwine Facebook page, a message labeled “from Dylan’s Mom” said, “Good morning my sweet Dylan. Christmas is over, and it was so empty without you. We are doing everything we can to find you or get to the person who is responsible for taking you. I am so angry at the person who ‘lost’ you. You should be able to trust that your parents will protect you and keep you safe. Just know that we will find you and keep you safe again as we have for many years. Don’t give up Dylan and stay strong.”
The page administrator said the post was removed a few hours later, "due to the negativity and judgement that post was bringing to the page."


dadgum said...


Anonymous said...

This kid is okay. That smirk, hands in pocket while walking through Wal-Mart and the airport, packing his backpack and taking-of all things-his fishing pole!

A seven year divorce battle isn't a battle but a new type of relationship that involves others. Neither wanted to end it. It sounds as both may drink.

The brother, 21 and living with the mother, is reported to have once "beat" on his father. The younger Dylan had to be court ordered to visit. Not a happy camper no doubt.

Forget the bloodhounds.

Perhaps he found a way to cut through the crap and make it on his own. Knows a great cabin hidden in the wilderness. Is prepared to weather it out.

Wonder if any food was missing from his father's home? And petty thefts at smaller grocers?

Where's a good fishing hole this time of year?

QChick said...

Court records from a newspaper article.

@anon 10:33 am

The older brother was about 18 at the time of the "beat" on his father. You forgot to include that Mark Redwine was drunk that day and was grabbing the wife and took a swing at his son-does not say which one-and that Dylan hit him too. It was a bad day for all of them.

•On Oct. 7, 2005, Dylan's dad Mark Redwine requested protection against him mom Elaine saying she was "drinking and driving with kids." A judge temporarily ordered her not to drive the kids around or even be with them while under the influence.
•For the next two years, the couple went through divorce proceedings. In 2008, mom, Elaine Redwine, claimed she had a confrontation with her ex-husband Mark in the early hours of July 4. She wrote, "He was very drunk and grabbed me and took a swing at his son." She said Dylan reacted and hit Mark.
•In another protective order request, Mark claims he was victimized later that same day. "I was attacked and beaten then left for hours until I woke up," he wrote. Mark says his older son Cory admitted he was responsible for the beating.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, this mother did not keep her son as safe as she purports to have done, seeing as how he went missing. Not blaming her, but there are many mysterious issues that do not stack up in this case.

I know. She was under court order to allow his father visitation rights and that week-end was one of them, but that doesn't explain quite everything. I know, Dylan wasn't under her watch at the time he went mising (or was he?) Do we really know who stopped by Dylan's fathers' home that morning, when or if anyone else was there; not even whether he was taken or disposed of the night before or that day? We don't. We know little to nothing.

Why/how did it ever come to this? What was ELAINE'S part in this families dysfunctional relationship all those years leading up to Dylan's disappearance and most likely his death? How could it be that this 13 year old could not make his own choice, when many states give a 12 year old the right to live with the parent they wish too and not see the other one if they don't want too, if for good cause; or at least take it into consideration?

Was Dylan not even given the opportunity to speak with the family court judge granting the divorce and ruling on the custody dispute, or to give details as to how his father/mother and family members treated him?

There are many unexplained circumstances concerning the case of missing Dylan Redwine that we don't know. I don't trust either one of these parents.

So sad for Dylan that he couldn't be with family and friends during the holidays. It is Dylan that my heart and sympathies go out too. Beautiful Dylan. Find a way and come home if you can sweet Dylan. It's a hard world out there son and you don't need to go it alone. Don't even try. Just go home where you will be safe. Or if you can't, then be comforted and RIP sweet boy.

mmmagique said...

I seriously do not understand the venom and negativity directed at Elaine (a mother who is missing a son) here and elsewhere.

No, Elaine did not drive to Mark's house and steal her son back. He would have been back within a week. He *should* have been back within a week. Why wasn't he?

Someone knows what happened. Someone seems very suspicious. But it isn't Elaine.

And yes, it would be pretty to think Dylan just got sick of the fighting so he's living a Tom Sawyer existence right now, but this was a kid who kept in touch; with his friends, and with his mom. This child has vanished. He has been disappeared. It would be nice to think of him fishing somewhere, with not a care in the world...but sadly, it doesn't appear to be the case.

Oh and btw, the reason the son (who was around 17 at the time he "beat" on his father,)did that, was his father was drunkenly fornicating on Elaine's front lawn, underneath her bedroom window, where Elaine, the kids, God, and everyone could see. Some men deserve what they get.

Anonymous said...

He went missing when she was court ordered to hand him over to the "one who lost" him. Courts repeatedly force mothers to hand their kids over to dangerous men simply based on a notion that the abuser hasn't directly hurt the kid yet...

Anonymous said...

Stop judging people dickwad!!^^^^

Trigger said...

Has Mark Redwine been cleared by a poly?

Sus said...

To me this letter reads as a mother talking from her heart to her son, and telling it like it is. She is beside herself, angry, and frustrated.

Anonymous said...

This boy "has been disappeared" or merely "removed from the situation."

Granted, he may not be living the Tom Sawyer lifestle without a care in the world, but he makes friends easily and is obstinate.

Maybe he found a hollowed out tree to live in and has a falcon that hunts for fresh meat. It could happen!

Gets off the plane, goes to Wal-Mart then wants to visit friends. Dad says no. Afterall, that's why the court ordered visit-so they could spend time together...alone. So, in the morning the father leaves for errands in town for about three and a half hours. (Wonder what was on the itinery for the week long visit?)

Mom's a drama queen;dad's a drama king. Big brother has words of wisdom that aren't the boy's own.

Unbeleivable that a court would have to order a 13 year old to visit!

mmmagique said...

According to dad, they did not have an itinerary "set in stone". Dylan was to visit some friends for a couple of days, they might go bowling with those friends Wednesday night, and Thursday, "maybe" they would drive the 600 miles to have Thanksgiving at MR's brother's house, or "maybe" they were going to stay home.

Dylan isn't living in a hollow tree being fed by a falcon. I'd bet the farm on that.

Dylan may have been stubborn. He was also dedicated to seeing his friends and staying in touch with them via texts and facebook. But now, noone hears from him.

He is 13 years old. He is not an adult who just up and took off for parts unknown. Someone took him from those who love him. Someone cared more about revenge than love.

Lulu said...

If any of you have watched his rambling interviews, it is a pretty standard guilty parent script. Keep the focus on Dylan, off of me, y'know, like I said, focus off of me, past tense, etc etc.
I think they fought on the way home. Maybe he kicked him out of the truck. I don't believe there is any evidence showing Dylan actually made it to Dad's house.

Juli Henry said...

Pretty much all of the venom directed at Dylan's mother on various websites seems to come from Dylan's dad's family. They seem to be the ones who want to blameshift the entire situation her way, when none of the evidence points her way. I wonder if law enforcement has searched their trailers in Indiana yet......

Gambler777 said...

Dylan's father is acting suspicious that's why so many are focusing on him. It doesn't sound reasonable why at first he just wanted to stay home. After people started getting suspicious he ended up at the vigil.
As someone else posted, I don't know if he Dylan ever made it back to his fathers that night. Dylan was looking forward to visiting his friends that night, not his father. His way of getting to the friends was his father driving him. I have a feeling that when Dad said it was to late to drive him that night, Dylan was not to happy. Dylan contacted his friends, I can't remember if by phone or text, saying he couldn't go there until the morning. After this there was no other calls or text from phone. I think Dad snapped because Dylan didn't want to be with him. Interesting to that one of fathers stops the next day was to the divorce lawyer. I wonder if Dad was paying support or not? If he was, I assume it would only be for Dylan as the other son was to old. If he was paying support, could Dad have been peeved off he was having to pay for a son who did not want to bother with him?
Has anyone heard or read if Dad has gone out searching or putting up posters. Even before Mom said Dylan wasn't an outdoorsy type,I had a feeling the fishing pole being gone was made up by Dad. Either to throw the police off into thinking Dylan would be nearby, when in fact he put him somewhere farther away from home or Dad put Dylan in nearby water with the fishing pole, if his body is found and there's a fishing pole nearby, they would think he must have fell in while fishing. Whatever the truth is, the Police have more info then there sharing with the public. Hopefully they can triangulate the calls or text from Dylan's phone. It would be interesing to hear what Dylan's friends had to say when he contacted them that night.

John Mc Gowan said...


What is your opinion on the Mothers statement?.

To me it just seems of ,I can't quite put my finger on it.

Anonymous said...

Absolute crap!

Boy is made pawn in a psycho game played by pseudo adults. Two childish parents, one demented judge, a new life in a new town that wasn't his choosing, a new daddy living in the home-not of his choosing-and now he has no choice over where and with whom he shares the holidays.

If the brother once beat the father into unconciousness, he'd think little of the authority the state gave a judge to put the child in the same situation he had to fight his way out of.

This teen's life is spiraling out of control. He is smarter than his much older brother because he has lived in the "situation" longer. Where is there a place for him? Not with mom-she has live-in boyfriend that takes up her time. 21-year-old brother surely has other things going on though he may still live with mom and take up the man of the house duties (he is still immature).

Kid takes his clothes but not his cell. He is tech savvy? Did he bring another for the visit?

They lived in the area. If people knew either the mother or the father it wouldn't be hard to find someone to shelter him. Or to find someone to relocate him so he isn't ordered to go through the same thing again and again until he is 18.

Perhaps they had already made an escape plan prior to boarding the plane in case the situation was unbearable.

Dee said...

Really? A hollowed out tree and a falcon? This is not "My side of the mountain".

Anonymous said...

I agree, mmmagique, with everything you say.

It would be nice to envision Dylan free and safe, but we need to be real.

The father seemed insincere to me in his interview, just mouthing the words he thought would serve him.

I wonder where the animosity for the mother is coming from, an attempt to deflect?


Dani Kekoa said...

"Kimberly" Kay Bowman & her 4th husband Scott Bowman are under criminal investigation by the FBI for taking donations from the Ridgeway family & making a phony FB page after conspiring with Jessica's KILLER. Kim & her husband Scott have also been involved in a conspiracy to take kids away from their parents & they've been deeply involved w/ the man who kidnapped & dismembered Jessica - RELIGIOUS PSYCHOPATH KILLERS-Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Cult is the Charles Manson of this murder ring & he is likely responsible for Dylan too.

Dani Kekoa said...

Obviously the Redwine family was targeted and is now being victimized again & wrongly accused.
Criminal BPD - Kimberly Kay Bowman & her husband Scott have been involved in a criminal conspiracy, child-killing ring with a known convicted child abuser in Arvada, CO. "Pro-Life Pastor" Bob Enyart is the religious psychopath who organized the abduction & dismemberment of Jessica Ridgeway. Enyart is connected to the 17 yr-old gamer, Austin Reed Sigg too - Google it. Currently the Ridgeways filed suit against the Bowmans for fraud & the Redwine family also ask Kim to take down the FB page she made. This group of indiviuals has a long history of violent crime against children so the FBI is looking into it. *Also Google "Bob Enyart ShadowGov Small Foreign Faction" to learn more.

Dani Kekoa said...

The majority of the "anonymous" comments on this thread aimed at vilifying Dylan's family are likely from the kidnappers. This is a criminal patern that has gone on for decades. *NEWS ALERT: The JonBenet Ramsey Murderer has returned! The MONSTER behind Denver Bible Cult & "pro-life" PersonhoodUSA is guilty of MURDER- PLEASE: Do NOT be deceived by the recent arrest in the Missing Jessica Ridgeway from CO kidnapping, murder & dismemberment case-There is a sophisticated larger underground ShadowGov conspiracy in this child-killing Satanic ring of ritualistic abuse against kids involving countless unknown political assassins led by Convicted Child-Abuser "Pastor" Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Cult in Arvada, CO. $20,000 Says Bob Enyart, Doug McBurney & Kimberly Kay Bowman know what happened to Dylan Redwine.

Dani Kekoa said...

Google "Bob Enyart Arrest Record" to leard about the CONVICTED CHILD ABUSER in Arvada CO - the pastor of Denver Bible Cult - Satanic Serial Child-Killing ring leader.

Dani Kekoa said...

The attacks on the Redwine family are by design and they are likely writen by the very criminals who know where Dylan is. Kimberly Kay Bowman, Bob Adolph Enyart & Doug McBurney should be the #1 suspects. They spend their entire lives trying to destroy families then they make fake hate pages & use fake IDs to spead disinfo & rumors to stear away the investigation and further defame the character of an already hurting family. Go to www.GenerationXpose for the TRUTH about these monsters.

Dani Kekoa said...

CONTACT THESE CHILD-KILLING CRIMINALS & ask then where Dylan Redwine is!

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Dani Kekoa said...

Has the FBI questioned Kimberly Kay Bowman or pastor Bob Adolph Enyart of Denver Bible Cult in Arvada, CO off 72nd & Oak street? He'll be teaching & deceiving till noon today at the pulpit.

Suspect=Religious Psychopath, SERIAL RAPIST & CHILD KILLER in the DENVER AREA who is AFRAID of his "small foreign faction" DNA! CONTACT Pastor Bob Enyart & TELL HIM TO GO KILL HIMSELF! DOB: 1-10-59 - SS# 152-60-4382 -FBI# - 678532LA7 - CO License# - CO368941 Denver Bible CULT tollfree1-800-836-9278 OTHER #s 303 463-7789, 303-883-2435 Call his Google# 720-515-5468 email: | - - BURN IN HELL BOB!

Dani Kekoa said...

This boy "disappeared" because some sick twisted group of individuals took him for their own perverse agenda while blaming a broken family. Google "Bob Enyart Kimberly Kay Bowman Conspiracy" or go to for the TRUTH!

mmmagique said...

The internet sure is an interesting place to be...

Anonymous said...

Anon @December 29, 2012 10:52 AM

Well said. I agree with everything you said.

Anonymous said...

If you would like to discuss Dylan Redwine's disappearance, please join us here. Facebook Page Dylan Redwine News

Seattle or Bust said...

I think Dani is tripping on more than pot.

Not Bob said...

Curtis and Danielle Kekoa
865 W 97th Ave
Northglenn, CO 80260-5603

Please help me spread the word about these abusers with severe mental health issues. Their story involving “To Train Up A Child” in a nutshell is below. Please feel free to copy and paste it elsewhere on the web.

After a serious report of child abuse was made by numerous people against Danielle and Curtis Kekoa III, they are once again promoting their use of the abusive principals taught by Michael and Debi Pearl in the book “To Train up a Child”

Their website:

It took Social Services several weeks to actually investigate the report, giving the Kekoas plenty of time to cover up whatever might have been going on.

Now Dani Kekoa claims that Social Services commends them for using the abusive tactics taught by the Pearls. The Pearls openly encourage “discipline”, as early as 6 months old, “Whippings” with the “rod” as they call them are ineffective unless it causes pain. The Pearls teach how to “Whip” in such a way that it causes pain but doesn’t leave any marks so that the “government” can’t prove the abuse. Someone needs to stop these abusers.

Obviously Adams County Colorado doesn’t take child abuse seriously NOR substance exposed newborns given Dani Kekoa’s self admitted marijuana usage throughout her pregnancy. Apparently Colorado Social Services also doesn’t feel it necessary to examine ALL 6 children during an investigation, in particular the youngest two who are the most venerable and the potentially substance exposed newborn.

Also alarming is that these children aren’t registered with any school district, aren’t involved with any church or social groups, or extra curricular activities and therefore have no visibility in the community. Outside contact of any kind is strictly prohibited. Social services is aware of all of this and did nothing. We wonder how children die. Let’s be proactive instead reactive when a child is in imminent danger.

Call Adams County Colorado Department of Human Services and tell them to reopen the case! (303) 287-8831

Dani Kekoa said...

Yes, please do pass it along "NotBob" because the FBI is already well aware of the criminal conspiracy by Kimberly Kay Bowman & Bob Adolph Enyart to make false reports of child abuse to Adams County Social Services against my family. This is the same report that came back UNFOUNDED last year, but Bob and his kidnapping crew kept trying to take our kids away by lying to law enforcement & social services. Now that we are whistleblowers & have told the cops what we know about their childkilling ring, they continue with alerts like above. They know what happened to Dylan, the cops need to talk to them ASAP!

Dani Kekoa said...

Kimberly Kay Bowman & Her CRAZY Cold-Hearted Conspiracy Against Children ~ Plus Kim's Confessions to Criminal Behavior

Journey into the mind of a criminal psychopath conspiracy killer and clinically-ill BPD CRAZY LADY....In addition to using dozens of fake identities, "Kimberly Kay Bowman" is responsible for creating the Missing Jessica Ridgeway from Westminster, CO page on Facebook (now deleted). Interesting Fact - This page was launched at 9:21pm, just six minutes after the Amber Alert and less than 60 seconds from when WestminsterPD Tweeted the alert. Things were suspicious right away when I got banned for posting tips about the Convicted Child-Abuser, Pastor Bob Enyart in Arvada, and others got banned for asking how Kim knew the Ridgeway family and asked where the money was going.

NOW "Kimberly" is under the hot microscope AGAIN, not only for taking nearly $30,000 worth of donations from the Ridgeway family and making a phony organization after conspiring with Jessica's KILLER, but also Dylan Redwine's family has asked Kimberly Kay Bowman to delete the Facebook page she made for the missing boy who disappeared from southwestern Colorado on Nov. 19th before Thanksgiving.

It's TRUE: Kimberly Kay Bowman's efforts are truly driven by her cold-dark heart and led by God's Mighty hand with a gold ring in her snout right into the hands of justice for Righteous Judgement. Yes it's CRAZY alright, but crooked criminals never win, Kim and you messed with the wrong friend!

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Nov 7, 2012 - KDVR - Ridgeway family orders Kimberly Kay Bowmans Colorado’s Missing Children Foundation to stop using Jessica’s name
When Fox 31 Denver reached Rebecca Ridgeway, Jessica's Aunt, she said this: "They’re liars,” Ridgeway said. “Tell the public this is not about the money. This is about the fact Jessica’s name and image is not theirs to use.”

TRUTH: Kim is the EVIL, Greedy, Scandalous hog who is exploiting the tragedy of a dead girl and other missing children for profit to cover-up her criminal involvement with Enyart - Do NOT be deceived, these people are NOT Christians, they are SHAMELESS LIARS for JESUS = "Christian" CRIMINALS & FRAUDS! (*Be sure to read the KDVR comment thread too - HA!)

Anonymous said...

Dani Kenkoa, I'm sure most of us don't know what you're talking about; but aside from that, I ask you kindly, please leave the name of Jesus out of this, or imply in anyway that these are shameless liars for Jesus = "christian" criminals & frauds.

There is no such thing as a chritian fraud; simply, they are not christians no matter what they proclaim. I understand your anger and frustration, but please do not bring shame upon the lovely Name of Jesus. Thank you.

Dani Kekoa said...

Oh "anonymous" why don't you put your name to your comment before you make demands of others, k?

As we have exposedprofessing prolife christians Pastor Bob Enyart's *Kult of Konspiracy* and the Bowman's criminal involvement over the past year we have received dozens of nasty, vulgar emails and threats from both sides - here's the most recent example of why we HATE Kim and Scott Bowman:

---------- Email message ----------
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Date: Sun, Dec 16, 2012 at 11:23 PM

"HEY CUNT RAG!!!!!!!! LOOKS LIKE I HAVE TO REPORT YOUR HARASSING EMAILS TO THE POLICE AGAIN!!!!! You two are about fucked up as the come, go hang yourselves, DOPE DRUG ADDICT fuckheads, better yet, put a bullet in your big FFFFFAAATTTTTTT mouth!!!!!!"

From: Scott Bowman
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"People hate Kim because she was trying to do good deeds, (unlike many we know) but Kim has way more suppot than not. She has done absolutely nothing wrong, YOU STUPID FOOLS!!! I'm sure the higher ups really told you fools anything, they already think you're WACKO! So FUCK OFF and go away or go meet me somewhere, PUSSY BITCH, AND MAN CUNT!"


Your wife, Kim is a universally despised woman because she is nothing more than a slimy fat swine with a shiny gold ring in her nose who profits off of the pain of others. Good Deeds??? Name one! Who are you trying to fool? That's NOT what the victims families of the kids you kidnapped & murdered think....certainly not why the Ridgeway's sent you a cease & desist letter. That's not why Dylan Redwine's family doesn't want Kim's perverted help, that not what thousands of angry FB fans think, nor is it what the news reported, and that's definitely NOT what the cops think about Kim either....GO ASK THEM! ~ READY for more PROOF punks? It's coming...YOU'RE GOING TO BE HATED EVEN MORE???

Dani Kekoa said...

*DEATH THREAT ALERT: TheSuperPsychoKiller is Doug McBurney, Friends of the Bowmans was demonstrating his guilty murderous rage a few weeks ago on on YouTube after we told him the FBI is coming for his DNA - Doug also raped & murdered JonBenet Ramsey with Bob Enyart in Boulder, CO on Christmas day 1996 and their ShadowGov assassins are also responsible for the RAPE & MURDER & DISMEMBERMENT of Jessica Ridgeway from Westminster - Read Doug McBurney's violent PsychopathKiller comments towards the Kekoas below....

TheSuperPsychoKiller has replied to your comment on Real Crime: Who Killed the Pageant Queen? Part 1

TheSuperPsychoKiller 3 weeks ago

TheSuperPsychoKiller 3 weeks ago
Fuck you asshole. Kill yourself you fucking stalker. I hope the Kool-Aid guy breaks into your help and rapes you repeatedly!

Real nice talk for "christians" who care about kids, eh?

Anonymous said...


Peter, could you just delete all this madness?

Thank you!

One who Cares said...

Yes Pete, please DELETE!

Anonymous said...

This Kekoa lady is clearly unstable. She posts the same nonsense all over the internet. She seriously needs to "get a life". Satan works overtime when the target is an easy one. Praying for the children living in that unstable home, hope we don't see any of them in the news, take note of that name.

mmmagique said...

Sometimes I think that those who are guilty, (or hiding those who are) post crazy things so that those who are serious about the missing skip over all posts.

It doesn't work for everyone.

Dani Kekoa said...

Yup - Take note of our name Kekoa in the news "anonymous" for the kekoas will be famous for exposing Kimberly Kay Bowman, Doug McBurney and Robert Adolph Enyart for their violent criminal conspiracy to kidnap & kill kids....

Tic-toc-tic-toc....Any day now the FBI should be knocking on your door.

Dani Kekoa said...

*Check OUT DANI KEKOA'S VIDEO CONFRONTING CHILD-KILLER ADOLPH - CALL IN LIVE 1-800-8-ENYART at 3:00pm weekdays Denver time to ask Bob WHY he LIES! He ignored this tragedy since day one....Once an arrest was made on Oct 23, 2012, Bob & Doug FINALLY mention the MURDER of Jessica - In Hypocrisy of course, as Religious Psychopaths do "RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT" is coming ShadowLurkers - We are looking forward to it! ;-)

On Oct 15, 2012, ten days after Jessica Ridgeway disappeared, "Pro-life" Pastor Bob started off his radio show saying “If you don't have anything good to say about the dead then don't say anything at all…..” …SILENCE............

Then Bob started talking about the weather. Dani Kekoa, mother of six, called in twice on Bob Enyart Live to get on the air but Darrell Birkey answered and hung up when I ask why BOB is talking about Global Warming and NOT Jessica Ridgeway who was DISMEMBERED right down the street from his home & studio. Called right back and Al Sharin (Bob's father-in-law) answered, then hung up immediately when Dani said that the FBI is coming for ALL of them for what they did to that poor girl. Called back a 3rd time & left a message on the KGOV answering machine to let them ALL know that they are SCREWED! Child-Killing Cowards - Don't even have the balls to talk to a homeschooling "pothead" mother of six - Wonder what "Pastor" Bob is so afraid of?
Watch here:

Lemon said...

Clean up on Aisle 5 . . .

Anonymous said...

Disappearing posts? What's up with that? Too much truth dangerous for the trainees?

Anonymous said...

I just read that the DA in the Jessica Ridgeway case has requested an open trial so the media can see him operate against a 17 year-old psychopath who was literally caught holding the bag. Good news for him, and the media. Their computer generated analysis tools would make them appear smarter than the average bear. However, they'd still be hunting for the killer had his own mother not turned him in.

But, what decent DA would let a gruesome murder of a young, innocent child go to waste? That would be political suicide in today's world.

Wherever you are Dylan-godspeed!

Dani Kekoa said...

The BOWMANS (and ENYARTS) are phenomenally stupid people....did the Westminster PD come get your inbred DNA yet? No? Good, because they will, THEY'RE SAVING THE WORST FOR'll happen at about 4am-ish someday SOON when they serve warrants on ALL OF will be a VERY UNPLEASANT experience, unlike the other 700+ times when the cops just asked for DNA and everyone complied - because they were interested in finding the KILLERS.....while you SCOTT BOWMAN and KIM BOWMAN and ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART were only interested stealing money from the Ridgeways.

You people SCOTT BOWMAN, KIM BOWMAN and ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART DOB 1/10/59 are extreme morons and GUILTY CRIMINALS, especially when EVERYONE EXCEPT FOR YOU KNOWS the Westminster PD, CBI and FBI are monitoring everything you do including what's happening on this thread. GUILTY. STUPID. CRIMINALS.

BTW, Kim looks like hell......I mean HELL, as if ENYART was dictating every move that she makes in much the same way ENYART controlled KEITH AND JENNIFER MASON of PERSONHOOD USA right before that FRAUDULENT ORGANIZATION went down like the Titanic that took KEITH AND JENNIFER WITH THEM. Hey KIM AND SCOTT BOWMAN, you got a lot to look forward to including PRISON. They love illiterate whiteboy trash like you SCOTT in PRISON.

...tick tock knock knock FOOLS. And if you haven't noticed yet, EVERYONE HATES THE BOWMAN pigs.

Google "Robert Adolph Enyart Arrest Record" - "Enyart Sigg" - "Enyart Scott Kim Bowman"

Dani Kekoa said...

"PASTOR" ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART of Denver Bible Cult. meets at 11am on Sundays at 72/Oak at the school. Enyart is also there at the school every weekday at 3pm because he likes to be around little kids all of the time, ENYART has after all been convicted of child abuse TWICE. ENYART ALSO LIKES TO GO ON BOYSCOUT CAMPING TRIPS. WHY IS A CONVICTED CHILD ABUSER AROUND CHILDREN??

Speaking of mental help, you ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART were court ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation by Jefferson County Mental Health, just one consequence of just one of your CHILD ABUSE CONVICTIONS. You wrote all about it, remember, you wrote it by hand while you were on probation after serving jail time for beating YOUR GIRLFRIEND'S SON, the son of a Jefferson County law enforcement officer.

CHECK IT OUT, your INTERVENTION probation "supervision agreement" --

It's now a GOOGLE DOC, forever in the CLOUD, making public documents EXTREMELY PUBLIC for many generations about CONVICTS LIKE YOU ENYART. You're welcome, sweetie, but don't thank us, thank GOD and the FIRST AMENDMENT.

In your own handwriting, you wrote that your address is 6126 BRAUN COURT, ARVADA CO, 80004. Is your home phone # still 303-883-2435? I sure do hope so. Would you like us to give out your email addresses and cell phone #'s too? I know people can still call you 24hours/day TOLL FREE at 1-800-836-9278. Anyway, you also wrote that you completed the REQUIRED MENTAL HEALTH EVALUATION. You also wrote that you would ENROLL IN A 36 WEEK DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROGRAM & PROVIDE PROOF OF ATTENDANCE; and that you would not "PARTICIPATE IN ANY ACTIVITY THAT PRODUCES OR IMPLIES A DIRECT OR INDIRECT THREAT TO ANOTHER PERSON." You broke that promise a long time ago, ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART.

You can also check out your COLORADO ARREST RECORD (CBI) here:

That's also a PUBLIC DOC also made EXTREMELY PUBLIC by GOOGLE, the god of the internet (you're welcome, again). It says you've been arrested AT LEAST EIGHT TIMES in Colorado for things such as TRESPASSING, LOITERING, OBSTRUCTING, RESISTING AN OFFICER, AND CRUELTY TOWARD A CHILD TWICE. That's a VERY VIOLENT HISTORY. Most recently in 2008, you were ARRESTED IN COLORADO SPRINGS for trespassing FOCUS ON THE FAMILY because you envy Dr James Dobson's success. 2008 was also when THE RAMSEYS were cleared of JonBenet Ramsey's murder. You had to keep everyone busy and distracted in 2008 because of that, didn't you ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART?? Yes you did, because you WERE AFRAID PEOPLE AROUND YOU were going to figure out where you were when JONBENET RAMSEY DIED CHRISTMAS NIGHT 12/25/1996? (You also envy JOHN RAMSEY because he was actually successful in the DEFENSE CONTRACTING BUsSINES where you FAILED....much like your marriages.) Where were you that night ADOLPH?? You were in Boulder. You definitely weren't with your children because you just had a restraining order placed against you for beating your own sons.......but that's for another GOOGLE DOC coming your way very soon.

Did the BOULDER PD CONTACT YOU YET, ENYART, about some DNA they're wanting from you?? No? They will.......or they'll just get it from the Westminster PD or FBI when they come visit you REALLY SOON for their own swabs of inbred ENYART DNA :)



Dani Kekoa said...

Hey "anonymous" pass this along to the Serial Child-Killer - Remember this? "Victory! *S.B.T.C" = *Strangle Bind Torture Children* Has the BOULDER PD CONTACTED YOU YET, ENYART for that "Small Foreign Faction" DNA they're wanting from you? OH They WILL...the FBI is coming REALLY SOON for some swabs of inbred ShadowGov DNA - NOW WHAT? - ENYART ORGANIZED 10-yr-old JESSICA RIDGEWAY'S ABDUCTION, RAPE & DISMEMBERMENT!

Anonymous said...

This is a prime example of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

The charitable "do-gooders" often stand in the way. It's like as long as we proclaim we are doing good deeds, then the ways and means are justified.

Using the ribbon and the slaughtered girls name in connection with these rants is wrong, too.

But, hey! Isn't that what others even in the legal and jornalistic field do, too?

drdebo said...

VERY VERY FUNNY @Lemon said...
Clean up on Aisle 5 . . .

Anonymous said...

WOW! Those Kekoa people are crazy!!! I feel sorry if they have kids!

Dani Kekoa said...


The Cops should seriously talk to Kimberly Kay Bowman about Dylan Redwine. Kim Bowman has a long disturbing criminal history of exploiting missing & dead children. For years she's been involved in a criminal conspiracy to take kids from families and last year she confessed to a conspiracy with a CONVICTED CHILD ABUSER who is under investigation for MURDER! "Pro-Life Pastor" Bob Enyart is the religious psychopath who organized the abduction & dismemberment of Jessica Ridgeway. Kim's friend, Doug McBurney & Enyart are both connected to the 17 yr-old gamer, Austin Reed Sigg too and had him confess with "proof" to misdirect the investigation. Kim Bowman also stole $30,000 from the Ridgeway family while exploiting Jessica so it's any wonder what her motives are with Dylan Redwine.

Home address & contact INFO:

Kimberly Kay & Scott Bowman
13400 W. 65th Avenue Arvada, CO 80004
Phone #'s: 303-903-9851 | 303-685-8265
Email: |
Kim's DOB: 10-26-64


Dani Kekoa said...

Hopefully the cops will ask this "Kay Whatever" person some more questions? Check out this provocative Facebook comment the first week of Oct 2012 just days after Jessica Ridgeway was abducted on the WestyPD page in response to who organized it -

"A serial child predator who stalks people and who likely made snuff films to post on pervo websites after "beheading" and dismembering a child - and possibly the return of the Jonbenet Ramsey murderer??"

Looks like someone we know is paying very close attention to the puzzling details in the clues that break the case. The initials J.R. sure are another coincidence. Hey "Kirk" - call Westminster PD and tell them what you know. 303-658-4336

Dani Kekoa said...

02-28-2012 - *PROOF* Kimberly Kay Bowman Confesses to having (BPD) Borderline Personality Disorder - Writing the Song of My Life (Deleted Blog)