Monday, January 21, 2013

Bullied Teen Found Safe

Baileigh Karam, Carlsbad teen who disappeared after fight video goes viral, found safe

Family says teen speaking with counselors
Baileigh Karam

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CARLSBAD, Calif. - Authorities said a teen who was reported missing last week after a fight video she was in surfaced online, was located in Carlsbad Friday and reunited with her parents.
The Carlsbad Police Department said 14-year-old Baileigh Karam was found healthy and told the investigators that she had been staying with friends since she was reporting missing last Friday.
Family members said the Carlsbad High School student is speaking with counselors.
In the cellphone video posted on Facebook, Karam is seen being struck repeatedly by a classmate as a crowd of students watched, cheered and recorded the incident. 

see previous entry for video.   Disturbing. 


Tania Cadogan said...

If she was staying with friends they would have seen the news reports so why did they not call LE or her parents to say she was safe and staying with them?

In cases like this where the person is staying with friends and they don't immediately call LE to say where she is as soon as they know she has been reported as missing they should be prosecuted.
How much money and how many man hours were wasted looking for this girl who wasn't missing?

How old were the friends she was staying with and why didn't their parents notice they had an extra child in the house?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the parents had her stay with friends. It sounded like they had complained to the school and nothing nappened. After the last horribly macabre incident, I would have my daughters stay at a friends while sharing with the world the horror of what she went through without the school doing anything to intervene. She shouldn't be seeing counselors, but the kids attacking her should. They need psychiatric help (including the ones watching) while all of them sit in a jail, arrested for assault!

Trigger said...

This is a common problem in Middle School where young teens are vying for power and popularity because of hormonal changes.

I pulled my daughters from public school and enrolled them in private school so they would not have to suffer from bullying at this age.

It's about time that someone brings this dangerous behavior into question. It's all too common.

Kudos to this mother if she hid her daughter to protect her from more abuse.

Amaleen6 said...

I'm glad she's safe. I was afraid she'd gone off and killed herself.

Mainah said...

That is good news. It warms my heart when a missing child is found.

Trigger said...

Carlsbad, California is a city with high income residents. It is clean, tidy, and the signs of wealth are everywhere.

This makes the video more disturbing to me.

I'm glad that this girl was found safe also.

Mouse74 said...

OT: With the Ravens going to the Super Bowl, I have heard lots of arguments about Ray Lewis. Murderer or Not? Have you happed to do any analysis on his case?

Just curious!

Anonymous said...

I am going to reread Ray Lewis's statement… Hey mouse can you share any links or clues to look for in his statements? Thanks

Anonymous said...

What a relief to know she is safe.

BallBounces said...

Off topic. Here's a good candidate for statement analysis from Canada.

Ivy said...


Lis said...

RkBall, that is an interesting story. I did not watch the video but just read the story. I noticed this statement:

“I strongly believe the Supreme Court of Canada has denied the truth to the Canadian public in what is seemingly all one big cover-up,” said Michael Ryan in a YouTube video released Sunday.

He does not say "The supreme court has denied the truth" but rather says he "believes" they denied the truth (leaving others to "believe" otherwise). Not only that, but he "strongly believes," which is a weaker statement.

Also he says it is "seemingly" all one big cover-up. Seemingly could refer to being a cover up or to it being "one, big cover-up."

I find the story to be strange in that, the justices felt so strongly that he was an abuser that they would not let the wife be tried again, and yet they left him with custody of the daughter. ??

Lis said...

Ivy, what a heartbreaking story.

Shelley said...

I agree with anon at 9:26am. Those kids that did this need counseling. But not by the school. School counselors do not have what it takes to change this type of mind set.

And I think its safe to say that most of these kids, their parents likly do not care or just see it as "kids being kids".

I would be mortified if my son was involved. But I have not raised my son to be that type of person that lacks compassion. He is only 5 yet can watch a commercial thats asking for money to help abused and neglected animals and each time stops and comments about those poor puppies, or cats.

Kids today lack compassion and are becoming more immune to violence. Its become a society of what is in it for me.

Our world needs to change. But I am not sure we will see that in our life time.

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