Monday, January 7, 2013

CrimeWire Announcement: Tuesday 7PM EST Jonbenet Ramsey Case

from Crimewire:  
Crime Wire: Peter Hyatt and the JonBenet Ramsey Case
16 years ago on Christmas Day, 6 year old JonBenet Ramsey was found brutally murdered in the basement of her home in Boulder, Colorado. There have been no arrests in the case and heated discussion continues, along with arm chair theories about who killed JonBenet.

Peter Hyatt, expert in Statement Analysis, will give listeners an overview of the JonBenet Ramsey case, and how what went wrong during that investigation is continuing to go wrong in other high profile cases of missing or murdered children.
In this series of broadcasts, Hyatt will explain the roles of various agencies involved in the investigations, and the possibilities of why there have not been arrests in the Ayla Reynolds, Hailey Dunn, Isabel Celis and Lisa Irwin cases making the headlines today. He will show the impact of the JonBenet Ramsey case in each of these current high profile cases.
Please join us on Tuesday January 8th at 7PM Eastern on Blog Talk Radio.


Anonymous said...

Due to the vast time difference, I will not be able to listen to the show live, unfortunately.

Will it be available later for download or to listen it online?

Anonymous said...

i CAN'T EITHER..due to my boyfriend's hatred of SA
...<3 Sella

Anonymous said...

what time would that be in California?

Anonymous said...

"what went wrong during that investigation"

Why isn't it made a routine yet to have the missing children's home sealed and named to be a crime scene immediately? That would serve the best interest of the missing children.

Frannie said...

Link to the archive pod cast of this show after it airs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Frannie!

Anonymous said...

Sella, I hope that's a joke

SELLA35 said...

No I was being serious, he hates SA..thinks it is junk science. Where my computer sits, he would not be able to watch tv if I have the sound on the computer. I keep thinking I will get a new headset soon so I can partake in the casts.

Anonymous said...

Sella, he should respect that you like it. He should give up his tv show for you. It sounds like he is bullying you.

Frannie said...

OT: Casey Anthony appealing convictions for lying.

Trigger said...

Not surprised about Casey Anthony. She got away with murder, so she's a goddess.

nymima said...

Watching a show on the Ramsey case on Investigation Discovery channel. Talking about a suicide of a person named Helgoth (sp). He had a set of boots that matched the boot prints found outside the basement window to a tee. (Same make and tread pattern.) There was a different set of prints found also at the same time, so speculation was that there may have been two perps. The DNA evidence did not match the suicide victim (Helgoth), so police did not pursue this lead.

An interview with an analyst who examines ransom notes stated that while he felt that the ransom note was written by a male and a female, he could not say that it was John and Patsy Ramsey who wrote the note. He felt that the note was dictated by a male, and a female transcribed it in her own words, but kept some of the wording dictated by the male.

Anonymous said...


Peter, what do you make of the account of the three American tourists who say they were kidnapped and beaten in Cuzco, Peru?

Many are doubting them and it would be fascinating to see your analysis.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

MIAMI – The prosecution has rested in the murder trial of a South Florida woman accused of killing 4-year-old foster child Rilya Wilson, whose body has never been found.

The final witness Tuesday against 66-year-old Geralyn Graham was a jail inmate who testified that while Graham was jailed in 2003, she admitted killing a child. Two other inmates also said Graham confessed to the crime while in jail.

Graham's defense will begin Wednesday with investigators who never recovered Rilya's remains or found any forensic evidence. It's unclear if Graham herself will take the stand.

Graham has insisted that Rilya was taken for mental tests by a state child welfare worker and never returned. Detectives have found no evidence to back up that story.

Graham faces life in prison if convicted

Read more:

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Drew Peterson is expected to appear in court Thursday along with his attorney’s for scheduling of post trial motions.

Judge Edward Burmila had initially set the January date for Peterson sentencing, but was forced to postponed the matter due to turmoil among members of the defense team.

That ultimately lead to Peterson firing his lead attorney Joel Brodsky.

Peterson was convicted of killing his third wife Kathy Savio this past September.


Dang i missed the trial, i didn't know he had been found guilty till i was googling and saw a mention of peterson in passing. I came across something to do with brodsky whining about threats and something about ineffective cousel.

Apparantly it was the hearsay evidence that helped plus his own defence putting a lawyer on the stand.

I wonder when they will try him for the murder of his 4th wife whose body still hasn't been found.

Peterson's brother said he had helped move a large blue barrel that was warm, peterson then claimed his brother was an alcoholic and shouldn't be believed etc.

Anonymous said...

Peter - I would love to see you analyze the statements made by Piers Morgan & Alex Jones in their "debate".

It was quite an unique "debate". LOL.

ME said...

Piers Morgan while editor of a UK newspaper was / is despised for his smug lies.he fled the UK during a press intrusion investigation yet acts as if he is Simon cowells "brother"

Eliza said...

Great show last night!

Anonymous said...

I am wondering about something.
Does any of the Ramseys' statements or the randsom note imply a third person might have been involved in the cover up? (a friend or someone else)

Statement Analysis Blog said...

nothing I have seen suggests a third party's language entered into the note, or the parents' statements.