Thursday, January 10, 2013

Examining Casey Anthony's Post Trial Denial

When we speak of a Reliable Denial, we think in terms of the three components, disqualifying any addition or subtraction, as well as any word smithing, or linguistic "gymnastics" that are sometimes done.

We disqualify parroting back answers, and simply look for the person to guide us.  In 2012 she said:

"Obviously, I didn't kill my daughter.  If anything in this world, I was more proud of was my daughter. She was my greatest accomplishment.  I didn't kill my girl."

Let's look at it again, this time, with emphasis added.

"Obviously, I didn't kill my daughter.  

"Obviously" is a word that is added to her denial.  The reliable denial has the first person singular ("I"), past tense verb ("didn't") and meets the allegation.  By adding the word "obviously" she has added to her denial, but this is not all that we should look at. 

1.  "Obviously" means that we should take something without question to be true.  Casey Anthony was acquitted of killing her daughter.  Is this what she means by "obviously"?  She has added to the 3 components, and we do not take her word for anything. 

2.  Did Xanax or another drug (chloroform) kill her daughter?  

3.  Did the duct tape around Caylee's mouth kill her?

We also note that Caylee is called "my daughter" here.  Her quote continues: 

If anything in this world, I was more proud of was my daughter. 

She was my greatest accomplishment. 

 I didn't kill my girl."

Notice the narcissistic nature of the language:  the dead child was her greatest accomplishment, placing the focus on Casey, herself. 

Note, "I didn't kill my girl" ends the quote, just as "obviously" began it.  

What caused the change in language from "my daughter" to "my girl"?

A change in language should represent a change in reality.  If not, it is a signal that the person is not speaking from experiential memory.   

In context, what is the difference between "my daughter" and "my girl"?

Since the sentence structures are similar, I do not see anything that could justify the change in language.  

To say "Deception indicated" would need Casey's own word, "obviously" added to it.  

To us, it is not "obvious" that Casey did not kill her daughter, and as she adds the word, "obvious" we see her go beyond the three components to a fourth, disqualifying her denial, but it is her change from "my daughter" to "my girl" that stands out to me.  Both are in the same context of not killing.  

What would cause her to change her language here?  Nothing comes from a vacuum.  

I do think that the word "obviously" does refer to the outcome of her trial; that in the eyes of the court, she did not kill her child. 

What would a reliable denial have looked like?

A reliable denial looks like "the expected" in Statement Analysis.  

"I didn't kill Caylee.  I didn't drug her, nor put her in the trunk.  I didn't put duct tape around her mouth.  I didn't cause her death. "

This is what is expected (the obvious) from an innocent mother.  She knows the allegations and can speak directly to them (component number three).  

The "obvious" is the expected. 

Statement Analysis is confronted by the "unexpected."

In the case of Casey Anthony, the "unexpected" is the norm.  

The upcoming movie and documentary will provide no new information for us. 

 Casey is not going to tell the truth about why she killed Caylee.  She continues to hide, while likely seeking out the most lucrative 'tell all' possible, particularly with time passing, in the hopes that the anger of a nation will subside.  

Casey will not tell the truth.  

Casey was raised by a woman unafraid to lie under oath before God.  


Trigger said...

"Casey will not tell the truth"

She has no reason to tell the truth.
Her lies have given her fame, fortune, and freedom from accountability and responsibility.

Mainah said...

"Obviously", "You know", and the like, are words used by deceivers to convince other people or persons to question (their own) reality and truth. I would coin them as: pre- and post- brain-washing words by narcissists, when they are used around or with an embedded known deceptive statement.

This speaks volumes to her narcissism: "She was MY greatest accomplishment." As nature would have it, birthing a human by a female human, is not "an accomplishment", without obstacles or barriers, such as faulty eggs, etc. Her "accomplishment" was successfully beating the odds (barriers and obstacles)to killing it without consequences.

I wish I knew what changed in her perception to go from my daughter, to my girl. I have a guess, and it ain't pretty.

Anonymous said...

i think obviously is referring to the jury, judge and the whole trial, as in, you can even ask them if i killed her, leaving it to you whether you believe them or not, but she is not stating herself that she didn't kill Caylee, but only relaying the message that the trial claims she didn't.

Jeffssis said...

And to our horror, she is no potentially going to be free of her conviction for lying if a three judge panel determines that she should have received her Miranda warning before speaking to the police! OMG!

Jeffssis said...

"she is NOW potentially"

Anonymous said...

i dont see her lying to police getting thrown out, it is a crime to lie to police period. i understood the deal to be, there were 4 counts, she was punished for 4 counts, but because of double jeopardy, you cannot be charge with 2,3 and 4 until you are convicted of the first, and that is why they should have been pooled as one count and she should have only been punished for one count. she will be awarded money by the state for wrongful punishment.
imo, this is only the beginning. her lawyer laughed all through this case due to the many different ways that the state did his client wrong and he is going to be forcing changes in the system over those things.... getting rich himself from it and also Casey will be awarded more money than the state will get from suing her. lol

Frannie said...

"And I would add that the truth and Ms. Anthony are strangers."

Judge Strickland, July 2008

Randie said...

With "court"------my daughter
With "Casey"------my accomplishment
With "Casey"-----my girl

Caylee is reduced to nouns by Casey. Casey won't even use her name nor call her "daughter"...

Also....I have always thought there was a fit of was an accident... So, in her eyes she did not kill her girl.

Lemon said...

"And I would add that the truth and Ms. Anthony are strangers." - JS

Word to Frannie. I love that quote.

Tania Cadogan said...

There has still been no explanations as to why she sat in jail for 3 years when at any time she could have said it was an accident , she drowned in the pool as per bozo's opening statement.

Tania Cadogan said...

Frannie said...
"And I would add that the truth and Ms. Anthony are strangers."

Judge Strickland, July 2008

I would also add morals and panties.

~heads to naughty corner~

Anonymous said...

LOL hobnob

C Word is a stranger to lots o things.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

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"It's really important for me to make sure the media doesn't forget Hailey and keep her face out there," said Dunn.

Jo said...

She was my greatest accomplishment.

Her life or her death?

Tania Cadogan said...


Find Dylan and yu will find his father ?

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
You know I’VE BEEN WORKING WITH THE INVESTIGATORS TO MAKE SURE that you know all the bases are being covered on that end, and you know that’s pretty much WHERE I’M AT WITH THAT. I mean I’m doin everything I know how to do…”

"Where I'm at…with that."

Trigger said...

"She was my greatest accomplishment"

"Her life or her death?" is what Jo asked.


Her life burdened Casey with responsibilities, interruptions, a toned down love life, and less time for parties.

Her death awarded Casey an opportunity to gain fame, fortune, power, and goddess status.

Jen said...

Hi Trigger & Jo

I agree but also think she meant it more in Casey saw Caylee as an extension on herself and not her own person. Casey 'accomplished' having an adorable, smart and attention grabbing little girl, which she liked when it benefited her, and when she felt in control of Caylee (when Caylee was an infant and basically functioned as an accessory to Casey...a cute little baby for everyone to fawn over and draw more attention to Casey). Once Caylee started to become more independent and harder to control, Casey would really have to put in effort to care for her, and I'm sure it much harder to drag a two year old around all day, trying to fit her into the lifestyles of all of your 20 year old friends who are not saddled with a toddler.

Once Caylee was no longer a 'tool' which benefited Casey, she was done with her. The only problem... Caylee is her meal ticket...she had to maintain control and custody of Caylee to keep a roof over her head and keep Cindy in her place. If Cindy gained custody of Caylee then Casey would lose the ultimate control, to her ultimate enemy, proving Cindy was right about her being a bad mother all along. No way she can allow that, so when Cindy finds the pics of her partying rather than working, and the fight erupts, Casey knows she's on the losing end of this battle. If Cindy petitions custody she loses Caylee, her cushy digs and (most important to her) the life long battle with Cindy for she takes Caylee away for good.

Her greatest accomplishment? CONTROL...she 'lost' Caylee on her terms. No matter what Cindy does she can never get Caylee back, and Casey proved that SHE had the ultimate control over Caylee, despite Cindy's best efforts to control EVERYTHING. The dynamics of Cindy & Casey's relationship ran so deep that Cindy was STILL trying to control Casey's life and the outcome of her trial, even to the point of perjury. Even with the knowledge that Casey murdered her grandchild, and dumped her like trash she couldn't turn her back and leave her alone.

Anonymous said...

There were 4 completely separate sets of lies referring to various aspects of case