Friday, January 4, 2013

Hailey Dunn Reward Disolved by Colorado City

This was posted in our comments section.  

Hi Peter, I don't know how to contact you so this is the best I can do. Sorry for going off-topic, but I thought you would be interested. 
I received a Certified letter notice before Christmas, and picked it up today. It was a refund of money I had sent to the Hailey Dunn reward fund.
 It was a Cashiers Check, signed by the Mayor of Colorado City. It was accompanied by a letter, dated 12/20/2012:

"At this time the City of Colorado City is dissolving the Hailey Dunn Reward Fund Account. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has
 been designated as the lead agency in this investigation. All reward funds are being returned to the original donors.

Enclosed please find a cashier check in the amount of $23.00 Any further information regarding reward fund for Hailey Dunn may be 
directed to the Federal Bureau of Inestigation (FBI).

Sincerely, Carol Sue Dakan, Mayor
January 3, 2013 6:22 PM


John Mc Gowan said...

Sorry for the OT,i like asking questions its the only way to learn.



Can the word Qualifier be used a Qualifier?


Q>The car you purchased in the sales is it the best car you have ever bought.?

A>I can say without qualification that it is the best.

Does the word (Qualification) then become a qualifier given that the short sentence is always the best?
Or is it both words(wIthout Qualification) that become the qualifier?

Lis said...

Does this mean they are sure they will not be using that reward money?

Nic said...

This is interesting. I'm wondering two things: One, the FBI has finally booted the local-yokles out of the loop and there may finally be some movement. Or two, everyone knows whodunnit. So no sense spending money on the accounting process/man years associated with maintaining something that will never be paid out. But without a body there'll be no arrests. Much like in the case of Susan Powell.

John Mc Gowan said...


Ohio Rape Case: Video Sparks National Interest.

Two 16-year-old US football players will be tried next month in juvenile court on charges they raped a teenage girl in August.

An online video has fueled new media coverage of the case of two Ohio high school football players charged with rape - but the attorney general's office says the footage is not new evidence for state investigators handling the case.

The 16-year-old suspects are set for trial next month in juvenile court in Steubenville in far eastern Ohio on allegations that they raped a teenage girl last August.

State prosecutors are handling the case because local authorities knew people involved with the highly popular football team in the small town.

An unverified video purportedly showing another student joking about the alleged rape victim has increased public interest in the case.

The video apparently was released by hackers associated with the Anonymous group, who say they are upset that more people have not been held accountable in the case.

In December the New York Times published an in-depth article about the case and the divide it has caused in the Appalachian town of 19,000.

John Mc Gowan said...

From above.

Rape Case Unfolds on Web and Splits City.

Anonymous said...

IMO Lis, what this means is that Colorado City has officially called off the search for Hailey Dunn. It's not like they were actively searching or investigating anyway, nor did they ever intend to file any charges against Shawn or Billie Jean.

They have washed their hands of the case and are now officially laying it at the feet of the FBI. I guess now Billie & Shawn can move back to Colorado City and have themselves a ball without any fear of police action; not that City officials ever intended to pursue them in the first place.

Unless the FBI can come up with something to charge Shawn and Billie on, and make it stick, then IMO they have gottten off scott free with torturing, raping, murdering and hiding Hailey's body, as well as their illegal drug and child porn activities; but since the FBI has had all those 109K illicit video images of child porn and other illicit activities for well over a year and did nothing, I wouldn't waste my time ecpecting them to do it now.

John Mc Gowan said...

Video clip from above case.

You may find upsetting.

Anonymous said...

ecpecting = "expecting". Sorry.

I'm just so p'ssed about this that it causes me make typo mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, here's another off topic but I can't believe that there is very little outrage at all over this! I watched the entire hour-long movie "An innocent Prophet" which is available on youtube and found it to be done in a respectful manner. This is not the same ridiculous film that was blamed for inciting Muslim violence (that was "The Innocence of Muslims") I have been reading your blog for over two years and consider you to be a seeker of truth and would be interested to hear your thoughts on this!

Spain has begun deportation proceedings against Imran Firasat, a Christian refugee from Pakistan, for making a documentary about Mohammed and thereby threatening the national security of Spain. If Firasat is deported back to Pakistan, he will face the death penalty proving that it’s a short step from the Spanish Inquisition to the Pakistani Inquisition.

The United States has a man sitting in prison for making another blasphemous movie, which the government spent weeks blaming for worldwide attacks on American embassies. And he isn’t the first man persecuted or prosecuted for offending Islam. Offending Islam has become a national security issue involving all levels of government. When Bubba the Love Sponge, a Tampa DJ, proposed to burn a Koran, the commander of the Afghanistan war contacted his girlfriend (who would later be stalked by Petraeus’ girlfriend) to contact the Mayor of Tampa to keep Bubba from burning a Koran. Instead of explaining how the American system works to the Lebanese temptress and her four-star general, the mayor wrote back that the city was working on it. That month 50 percent more Americans were killed in Afghanistan in the long slow death march of the war, but a Koran was not burned in Tampa. Mission accomplished.Muslims did not have to kill a great number of Americans to enforce blasphemy law in this country. Counting the various reactions to burnt Korans, rumors of a flushed Koran and assorted things of that nature, the number is still well below a hundred. Even counting every casualty in the war from September 11 onward, it took fewer deaths to make the United States give up on the Bill of Rights than it took to liberate it in the War of Independence.
But it’s not really about the deaths, if it were then the United States wouldn’t be senselessly squandering the lives of American soldiers in Afghanistan to avoid offending the natives. It’s not the death of men that our leaders are worried about, but the death of stability.

Knowing that a hundred men will die today in car accidents does not alarm anyone, but knowing that somewhere a dozen men might die in a bomb explosion, anywhere and at any time, can bring a nations to its knees. That is the difference between predictable and unpredictable death. Predictable death makes it possible for most everyone to go about doing what they normally do. Unpredictable death however erodes daily order.

Blasphemy makes terrorism seem predictable. It delivers that false sense of control that is at the root of Stockholm Syndrome, the seductive illusion that the thug can be reasoned with and that we can restore control over our perilous environment by accepting responsibility for the enemy’s violence. If we meet a set of conditions then we will have peace. And what kind of lunatic wouldn’t want peace? The kind who needs to be deported or locked up in the name of peace.

full article :

Anonymous said...

The Innocent Prophet movie

John Mc Gowan said...

Can you do something about annonimous post as I have received a an email from your site with links to pornography from an annomouse poster
Dated today's date. At 7:12

Anonymous said...

I always sign my posts at the bottom. I can't make any available options besides Anonymous work here despite a good deal of effort trying. I signed up for wordpress just for this blog and still can't comment under my name. Please don't remove the Anon. option. Could you consider adding disqus?

Anonymous said...

Wow John. That's a crock o shyt. You've got my sympathy. Can't you just delete the porn and block that site from your computer? That's what I did when it happened to me eons ago; but it was my own fault for ever posting my website addy with strangers on the interwebs that I had no control over.

I wonder, how would an anomymous poster have access to your email addy? Have you ever posted it on here? Why did you? If this anonymous poster linked you up with a pron site then you should be able to link the porn webite back to that poster, then you could take action against that individual. Did you try that?

John Mc Gowan said...

I haven't shared my email address with anyone. The email came directly from this site. It was a notification that anonymous had commentated on a topic I was subscribed to. The email shows me the comment which is pornographic. The is Hailey Dunn, the post is not there when followed back to SA.

John Mc Gowan said...

The links say posted to Statement Analysis and link me back to here. The content of the email is pornographic with sentences hyperlinked. I don't want to click on any links in case they are viruses or worse !!

John Mc Gowan said...

The email was sent from.

Anonymous said...

uuuhmmm anonymous, i think you have a data miner virus, sure you blocked it on your end, but you are still infected and it's spreading it still behind the scenes.
and john that sounds like you are all ready the victim of that and should also check for viruses.
malwarebytes is easy,
spybot search & destroy (from majorgeeks dot com)is better but takes longer.
both are free, just google.

Anonymous said...

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BostonLady said...

I think that the FBI took the case from LE, not the other way around. In addition, the child porn may be federal charges so it would make sense for the FBI to take the lead.

The fact that Billie Jean has had scheduled meetings with FBI (per Billie), I have to wonder if they are wrapping up and tightening the case in preparation to make arrests and take it to court. I don't know this but just wonder.

The city closing the donated fund account sure looks like they do not expect anyone to provide any tip which will lead to Hailey or an arrest.

Justice for Hailey !

Anonymous said...

Boston Lady, IIRC, the FBI has already been on this case for a long time now, they didn't just recently appear on the scene. Weren't they already investigating after the child porn was first discovered? I think they were and Colorado City officials didn't bow out then, so why now?

Ref Colorado City officials closing the reward account and returning the donated funds, I've read of cases in the past that had donated funds sitting idle for years before a case was finally solved and they hadn't refunded the donations, still investigating and hoping the body would be found. IMO, they don't expect to ever make a reward payout so to return the funds is the same as closing the case.

Maybe there have been others in the past but this is the first time I've ever heard of a reward fund account being closed and the donations returned to the donors when the body had not been found; which is what leads me to believe that Colorado City has washed their hands of the Hailey Dunn case.

Just because the FBI is on the case doesn't mean that Hailey's body still couldn't be found, so why close out the reward fund if they are not closing their files on this case, when the FBI has already been on this case for a long time? This would be like telling any searchers who are still looking for Hailey's body, "go home, we don't want you here". This sucks.

patrice said...
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patrice said...


Lance Armstrong possibly admitting to doping........

Anonymous said...

How terrible. I guess we will NEVER know the fate of Hailey Dunn.

May her mother rot.

Thank you for covering this case.

Tania Cadogan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tania Cadogan said...

Anonymous said...
I always sign my posts at the bottom. I can't make any available options besides Anonymous work here despite a good deal of effort trying. I signed up for wordpress just for this blog and still can't comment under my name. Please don't remove the Anon. option. Could you consider adding disqus?

I am not sure why you can't make any other option work Shayna, it might depend on what browser you are using and how you are accessing the blog such as pc or smart phone.

You should be able to click on name and enter it there, ignore the URL bit and then click publish my comment, you should also be able to create a google account as well. The benefit of this is it allows you to have an avatar and also delete any comments you wish (ideal if like me you typo more than usual or want to copy paste your comment to a new post if it was off topic)
It also stops people impersonating you as they can't have the same name and avatar, they seem to be limited to just using the name with no avatar or blogger logo making it easier to spot the faker ( i had one who used my name but didn't have my name, blogger logo avatar)

Anonymous said...

Maybe they decided after the Iowa girls fiasco people are no longer interested in breaking codes like what is 1,2,101010,how to become 1 and who is 22 and other crap like that.

Either that, or they are going to force people to change so soldiers, the ones with high-powered guns, bombs, armored vehicles, etc. do not get hurt by foreigners.

Or, just maybe there's been an excess shipment of stuffed animals and bricks for a new and improved volunteerism across America.

BostonLady said...

The FBI still has the $15 K reward available. It is only C City that is returning the money and dissolving the fund. For the most part (according to FB) the C City fund was mostly pledged money and not actual cash.

As far as the FBI already being involved, yes, they were involved but C City was the lead on the case. In addition, there is a new FBI agent on the case. I'm trying to be hopeful that this agent is seeing "all" the evidence and will find something to make arrests of Billie & Shawn.

I'm praying !

Shayna said...

Thank you HobNob. I'm trying another option now.

Anonymous said...

I like your thoughts, BostonLady; I too hope and pray the FBI makes some serious progress, hopefully in the not too distant future.

Still, it makes no sense to me that Colorado City would return the donations, including the pledges, if they are still on the case at least so far as searching for Hailey's body is concerned.

Now that make no sense to me and I think they owe the public a reasonable explanation; answer the question, are they still searching or not? It certainly doesn't appear they are, which is why I submit they have closed the case on Hailey whether the FBI is on it or not; and I'd like to know why?

Anonymous said...

did the FBI take the case over by jurisdiction issues or was it you give it to the FBI or you can talk to internal affairs? i think internal affairs should still be brought in. the LE that had charge of the case has screwed it up really bad and they should be reprimanded for that.
the FBI reward is not for the where abouts of Hailey, it is for the info leading to an arrest. which i don't see ever happening.

Anonymous said...

imo, the pledged monies were only good for one year and then they were to be returned, they missed the return date, just another fail in this case. and i think because fbi took the case away from them the local LE no longer can carry a reward fund for a case they do not have.
imo, as for fbi taking the case away from local screw ups, they had made many grave mistakes. total fubar.