Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Indications of Sexual Abuse on Crime Wire

Crime Wire: Part II
Peter Hyatt and the JonBenet Ramsey Case
Allegations of abuse and the 911 call
Peter Hyatt, expert in Statement Analysis, will give listeners an overview of the JonBenet Ramsey case, and how what went wrong during that investigation is continuing to go wrong in other high profile cases of missing or murdered children.

In this series of broadcasts, Hyatt will explain the roles of various agencies involved in the investigations, and the possibilities of why there have not been arrests in the Ayla Reynolds, Hailey Dunn, Isabel Celis and Lisa Irwin cases making the headlines today. He will show the impact of the JonBenet Ramsey case in each of these current high profile cases.
Please join us on Tuesday January 22 at 7PM Eastern on Blog Talk Radio.


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Apple said...

Anon 12:56,
How do we vote you off the island?

Lemon said...

Tree bark ballots?

Anonymous said...

Pleasse help find Ayla
I would like to match Patsy's statements from the Police Interview to the floor plans of the house where JonB was murdered. The "remember exactly" "know exactly" makes me think that it would be easy to follow her movements. There's the time she self-corrected when describing how John carried JB up from the car. She uses the phrase "rack my/our brain" a few times.

Anonymous said...

Pleasse help find Ayla
I would like to match Patsy's statements from the Police Interview to the floor plans of the house where JonB was murdered. The "remember exactly" "know exactly" makes me think that it would be easy to follow her movements. There's the time she self-corrected when describing how John carried JB up from the car. She uses the phrase "rack my/our brain" a few times.

Anonymous said...

Pleasse help find Ayla
I would like to match Patsy's statements from the Police Interview to the floor plans of the house where JonB was murdered. The "remember exactly" "know exactly" makes me think that it would be easy to follow her movements. There's the time she self-corrected when describing how John carried JB up from the car. She uses the phrase "rack my/our brain" a few times.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Published January 22, 2013
Associated Press

NEW YORK – A religious counselor in New York City's ultra-orthodox Jewish community who was convicted of molesting a girl who came to him for help has been sentenced to 103 years in prison.

Nechemya Weberman was sentenced Tuesday. He was convicted in December of sustained sexual abuse of a child.

His trial put a spotlight on the insular Satmar Hasidic sect in Brooklyn and its strict rules governing clothing, social customs and interaction with the outside world.

The girl, now 18, testified for days about the abuse. She had been questioning her faith and dressing immodestly in violation of the sect's customs, so she was sent to Weberman for counseling. She says the abuse started when she was 12 and lasted until she was 15.

Weberman testified that he "never, ever" abused her.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/01/22/new-york-orthodox-counselor-gets-103-years-for-sex-abuse/#ixzz2IjU30qIF

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

DALLAS – A Dallas woman convicted in the dehydration death of her 10-year-old stepson has been sentenced to 85 years in prison.

Tina Marie Alberson was convicted Friday of injury to a child, a second-degree felony, in the July 2011 death of Jonathan James. The boy was denied water for days during record-high temperatures.

Alberson was sentenced Tuesday. The 44-year-old stepmother had faced up to life in prison because of a previous felony conviction.

Alberson, who testified in her own defense, told jurors that she limited Jonathan's water intake a few times as punishment for misbehaving, but saw no sign that he was in medical distress.

The boy's twin brother testified that Jonathan repeatedly asked for water and pretended to use the bathroom so he could sneak a drink from the faucet.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/01/22/dallas-woman-gets-85-year-prison-sentence-in-stepson-dehydration-death/?test=latestnews#ixzz2IjU8oj23

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
I'm sorry for the triple post. Specifically I would like to track her movements on the stairs.

dadgum said...

apple and lemon..(pie??)
I have the torches ready for the meeting..
you 2 made me laugh, which is pretty easy, actually.

VLW said...

Radio program--yay! I've missed listening to those. This one sounds interesting.

Trigger said...

Good response to Anon 12:56 from
Apple and Lemon!

I too had a good laugh.

Unknown said...

ot http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4758570/Missing-Madeleine-McCann-cops-fly-out-to-Portugal-for-fourth-time-in-recent-months.html

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

What puzzles me about this case is did the Ramsey's expect the cops to find the body or did they plan all along to be the ones to find the body?

Also,isn't it possible that if she was being abused, Jonbenet was about to talk. I remember reading Patsy say that Jonbenet had bucked her a couple of times - refusing to wear what Patsy wanted, and something else I can't remember. Maybe, if she was becoming good and willful, she was starting to resist the sexual molestation. So if there were a sort of rebellion going on, could they have killed her before she ruined their reputation?

I guess my bigger question is, how can parents think they are going to get away with sexually abusing their their own child? Or anybody else's for that matter? Don't they realize that the child is going to grow up one day and talk? I mean this makes the parents not only sick and cruel, but completely stupid, right?

But I guess we read about child molesters all the time who kill the child after. The fear of being exposed must be huge.

I just wonder if it had anything to do with this case.

Mainah said...

Apple and Lemon, I'm voting myself off the island, at least temporarily. I don't have the stomach for it.

Peter, I worked for a year as a sexual assault victim's advocate. My friend thought I'd be good at it and she was the class trainer. I disagreed but she told me there was a great need in our community, compelling me to try. I did my best for the victims and "left" feeling like I had done nothing.

ME said...

"please help find alya"IS A STUPID BASTARDS WAY OF SAYING"I'm good""I'm loving""I love others"while in reality your a worthless piss

Anonymous said...

Yes @"me"!10/10

Mainah said...

There is a line on the first page in the book The Great Gatsby, which I read in my early twenties. Paraphrased from memory, something like: my father told me before you criticize others, remember that they have not been given the advantages you've been given in life.

I consider some of my own advantages in life: protection from abusers, being loved and cared for, having food, shelter...and many, many more I take for granted all too often.

I'm grateful for the work you do, the commitment you show. I'm riding on faith, some good has and will come of it.

BC said...

Please help find Dylan Redwine.


OUR VIEW: Urge national media to help find Dylan (poll)
January 20, 2013 8:33 AM
ShareThis| Print Story | E-Mail Storyed
Dylan Redwine should be a household name by now, and not just throughout metropolitan Colorado Springs.

The 13-year-old Monument teen, who attended Lewis Palmer Middle School, went missing Nov. 19 while visiting his father over Thankgiving break in the Vallecito area near Durango. For the many in this area who love him, the past two months have been hell. One cannot fathom the pain and anxiety this mystery has caused Dylan’s mother, Elaine Redwine, who lives in Monument and has primary custody.

The Redwines moved into their new home just two weeks before Dylan’s disappearance. It was supposed to be a place of holiday joy — a place in which Dylan would grow up while the family built memories. Instead, it’s the house with an empty room that Dylan’s mother cannot stand to encounter.

“Every time I look in there I see these little socks and …”
Elaine broke into tears before she could finish her thought while talking to Gazette reporter Garrison Wells.

“I never thought in a million years I would have a missing child,” she said, wiping away tears. “Now, it’s part of every day. It’s real.”

People in and around Monument have come forward, raising money for a reward they hope might lead to information about Dylan. Authorities and volunteer search teams have scoured the area surrounding the location of Dylan’s disappearance. They have searched above ground and underwater, to no avail.

Among the more shocking details of Dylan’s disappearance is the national media’s apparent disinterest. When a child is murdered — remember JonBenet Ramsey — the media put on a circus. When a child may be found alive and well, and media could help make it so, the attention underwhelms.

Wells reports that Elaine Redwine reached out to Dr. Phil, CNN, America’s Most Wanted and The Today Show. None has given her the courtesy of a response, let alone the attention her son’s disappearance warrants.

Widespread media coverage, that reaches an audience of millions throughout the country, could provide the best chance for the family and authorities to find Dylan.
We at The Gazette plead with our colleagues in the national media to grab this story and run with it. Someone must know what happened to this child.
Additionally, we ask that our readers take reasonable measures to pressure media outlets to give this story new life. Use modern personal media tools — Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Pinterest, etc. — to distribute word about the mystery of Dylan Redwine. Put yourselves in the place of a mother who has lost a child. Then ask what you would want others to do and proceed accordingly.

Dylan Redwine may be alive and well, hoping and praying that someone will help him return to his home, his school and the family and friends who love him. Please do not view this as a problem for someone else. This missing child is a loss to us all. For more information, or to offer help, visit “Find Missing Dylan Redwine” on Facebook.

Read more: http://www.gazette.com/articles/missing-149966-monument-area.html#ixzz2IojkLHwD

Tania Cadogan said...

it was another great show Peter aided and abetted By Kim, I was present in mind and body although medded up ( my joints and i do not like cold ice and snow of which we have plenty, even now we have the big fluffy flakes that look all cute until you hit the ice it is hiding.) which is why i didn't say much in the chatroom. Myself and Nanna were there where was everyone else? tardy notes in besterest crayon please and thanks :)

dadgum said...

I was listening, though couldn't find the chat (not that I looked hard..am typing slow in the cold).

(((hugs to warm you)))
...more ice tonight, snow Friday. yay.

BostonLady said...

Sorry I missed the show. Hope to catch you next time!!

VLW said...

It was an excellent program and I enjoyed listening, though I didn't sign in to the chat room. This is one of those cases that particularly distresses me. I don't like to think Patsy could have been involved. But I have to admit, the analysis of the 911 call was very thought-provoking. One question I have is, was a stun gun/cattle prod type weapon ever found in the house? I understand the autopsy found some evidence JonBenet had been subjected to something like this.

Tania Cadogan said...

'Gum and VLW

You forgot to sign your note

My Mom/Dad/Grandparent/ Santa/Easter Bunny/Cupid/Great Pumpkin/Significant person of authority(the longer they have been dead the more impressed i am you got their signature)


Anonymous said...

Peter - Please revisit the 911 call from Patsy. Listen carefuly as she does NOT say "she's six years old, she's blonde, 'she's six". What she actually said was, "She's six years old, she's gone, she's six". Which is equally disturbing.

Anonymous said...

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