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John Ramsey, 2012 Statement

JonBenet Ramsey’s Father Says Her Unsolved Case Is ‘Dead,’ Killer Still at Large

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The father of JonBenet Ramsey, the 6-year-old beauty pageant queen who was found dead in 1996 and whose killing has never been solved, told “Nightline” he believes his daughter’s killer is still at large but that the trail has gone cold.
“He’s either alive, dead or in prison, and one of those three,” John Ramsey told ABC News’ Juju Chang.
Note the order, with "alive" coming first. 
Since longtime police detective Lou Smit, who first investigated and then supported the Ramseys, died in 2010, Ramsey thinks authorities are out of clues in solving her case.
“It’s pretty dead, I’m afraid,” Ramsey said.
It’s been 16 years since JonBenet was found dead in the basement of her family’s Boulder, Colo., home the day after Christmas. That morning, the Ramsey family found a horrifying ransom note, threatening to kill JonBenet if they didn’t pay $118,000.  That was the exact amount Ramsey had recently received as a bonus, leading him to believe his daughter’s killing was an inside job on some level.
Ramsey, the well-to-do executive, was the one who made the shocking discovery of JonBenet’s body.
“When I found her it was a rush of relief,” he said. “And then of course within moments, I realized that she probably was dead.  But she was back in my arms.”
For years, Boulder police suspected the Ramseys killed their daughter. In 2008, Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy cleared the Ramseys of any wrongdoing and issued a letter of apology them. JonBenet’s mother Patsy Ramsey died of ovarian cancer on June 24, 2006, without knowing her name had been cleared.
One of the only developments in the case, which eventually became a dead-end, was when suspect and school teacher John Mark Karr was arrested in Bangkok, Thailand, in August 2006. At the time, Karr told reporters that he was “with JonBenet when she died” but that “her death was an accident.”
He was arrested, and we were, I guess, hopeful, but not — we were a little skeptical,” 
He was told that the killer was found, and was a pedophile and was a school teacher, having access to children, AND was overseas.  It would sound like a slam dunk.  Yet, internal stress from lying is something that bothers us all, therefore, the words are sparser:  "I guess" reduces commitment. 
Ramsey recalled. “What I realized was that this is going to be difficult. He didn’t look like a killer. He looked like a nice guy. He was a teacher in an elementary school. I thought, ‘Boy, that’s not what I would have expected.’ I expected a monster.
This was not what most people said when they saw John Mark Carr on television.  
Karr was jailed briefly, but Boulder prosecutors soon abandoned their case against him when DNA tests failed to link Karr to DNA found in JonBenet’s underwear, disproving his claim.
In his newly released book, “The Other Side of Suffering,” John Ramsey talks about his incredible journey from grief to hope.  He recounts how deeply his faith helped him navigate course from suffering to forgiveness.
“I don’t know for sure what happened, and I don’t want to know, really,” John Ramsey said.

Even after years of prepared statements, our words give us away.  Here, he uses additional words that are unnecessary; making them 'doubly important' to us.  He does not know what happened "for sure", qualifying knowledge.  Even the word "really" qualifies as well.  
Yet, always the businessman, he has put out yet another book to make money off the death of Jonbenet. 


Anonymous said...

Why is it not possible in his mind that the killer might both be alive and in prison...I realize he probably knows the answer but it is interesting that he qualifies that statement by saying 'and one of those three'. Yes, one of those three is indicated by the word 'or.' Case is 'dead' with Patsy and the detective.

What is going to be tough? Getting people to believe Kare was the killer? Interesting he projects the idea that Karr looks like a nice guy. I dont think he means tough for him to believe he is the killer because I believe he knows who the killer is. I also don't think it would be tough to fathom a 'nice' looking guy woukd be the killer because John lookslike a nice guy and he was a suspect for years. I think what he was saying is, this isn't going to help divert attention away from me.

Anonymous said...

"Boy thats not what I would have expected." Would have? He had no expectations? Would have implies if I had thought about it at all, I might have come up with a visual image.

Eliza said...

How is a killer "supposed" to look? When I saw Karr I thought he looked creepy and we know he was a pedophile. I can't understand how John Ramsey thought that he looked like a decent man.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
OT: Is the "fiscal cliff" the same as, "When we mortage the present for the future, we are also not only asking for depression in the future: we are also deadening ourselves to the present." Eknath Easwarran

Anonymous said...

''would have'' Nice catch!

''back in my arms again'' deeply creepy. It's terrible they got away with it, starting a trend.

Tania Cadogan said...

The expected is that john would be demanding anyone with any info or even a suspiciosion contact LE because the killer of their daughter is still out there and could kill again.

The expected is the refusal to let the case drop from the public eye, there is a paedophile child killer out there, someone knows or suspects who they are.

The expected is an LE administered polygraph and full co-operation.

Instead what we get is silence from the parents about finding their daughter's killer, Silence from john for the same after patsy died.

We get no LE polygraphs or co-operation.

Instead we see john marrying a showgirls costume designer which is disturbing given JonBenet's appearances in pageants in showgirl costumes.

We got controlled to the nth degree media reports.

Anything unfavorable to the parents what sat on and probably even lawsuits issued.

I see in the mccanns the exact same behavior as exhbited by the ramseys.

Their only concern is and was their reputations, their dead child come a distant 2nd.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

“HE’S either ALIVE, dead or in prison, and one of those three,” John Ramsey told ABC News’ Juju Chang.
“It’s pretty dead, I’M AFRAID,” Ramsey said.
“When I FOUND HER IT WAS A RUSH OF RELIEF,” he said. “And then of course WITHIN MOMENTS, I REALIZED THAT SHE probably WAS DEAD. But she was back IN MY ARMS.”
“He was arrested, and WE WERE, I GUESS, HOPEFUL, BUT not — we were a little SKEPTICAL,”
Ramsey recalled. “What I REALIZED was that THIS IS GOING TO BE DIFFICULT. He didn’t look like A KILLER. He looked like A NICE GUY. He was a teacher IN AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. I thought, ‘BOY, THAT’S not what I would have expected.’ I expected A MONSTER.”
.“I don’t know for sure WHAT HAPPENED, and I don’t want to know, really,” John Ramsey said.

Anonymous said...

Yes back in my arms is horrendously creepy and also it's worded as, i found her and, oh damn, she's dead, but hey, I found her! Yay!

Unknown said...

If John Ramsey killed JonBenet, then why didn't narcissistic drama-queen Patsy throw him under the bus and bask in all the glory of being the poor wife and mother fooled by a monster? I've not been able to figure that out, so my theory has always been they were both a part of their daughter's murder in some way.

Anonymous said...

I think thecommon thought is Patsy killed her or was at least the lead player. He said the case was pretty dead, that could refer to his wife.

Anonymous said...

So Patsy killed her daughter than had to write a ransom letter to make people believe this outrages story to cover up what she did to her daughter, what was the father doing at the time and also their son? A little baffled here...but have no doubt have suspicion that this family is covering up and lot of lies.
Their alibi's don't really give much detail. .as anyone would back track every step in as much detail as they possibly can to eliminate themselves from the crime.
Someone really needs to look into this furthermore, before there might not be justice for JonBenet.

Anonymous said...

And meaning the father is getting of much older age.
And the son?... Possibly saw what happened but was maybe silenced by parents to not have done to him what they did to JonBenet?
And this money the father received probably tried to pin it on someone where he worked probably cause it was a big company to filter through and that is was a dead end anyway, but still waste of time for the police. The Ramsey's were wanting more time to be precise with their alibis while investigation was going on outside the house

Anonymous said...

I think their was one other outsider involved and maybe paid off.
She was sexually abused. .

Anonymous said...

And who is to say John didn't use some of that money to pay a third party.
He could have easily set up the scene by breaking part of the window, but possibly let the person in the front door of their home to commit the murder? An award was put out of $10000.00 he was paid $11800.00 did John make sure he had accessible items for the killer to do the job? How did the killer know which room to go to when there were 15 rooms in the house and without making some noise to be distracted of entry?
So many things don't add up
John must be a smart man to get away with things. . .

Anonymous said...

"Its pretty dead, I'm afraid" where is his hope, you just don't give up unless you want to. To shut off leads that can assist further if some info came up! Any parent that has lost someone due to a homicide crime would not give up hope.
That is just in my mind dismissing

Anonymous said...

Maybe they were close friends with a cop who may have been involved?

Anonymous said...

"A rush of relief" to find your child in a basement at that time midnight/early morning assuming sleeping? Suspicious would have come to my mind and immediately would have called the police if you got no response our of your child.

Anonymous said...

Unsolved case is Dead, killer at large!
Could he mean patsy dead and him himself the killer is alive?

Anonymous said...

"I don't know for sure what happened, and I don't want to know, really" he was told the details of how she was murdered. He just doesn't want to relive those final moments in his mind

Anonymous said...

Knowing he was involved in€ it somehow

Anonymous said...

To wake up to find you child in the basement, thinking she had gone in their to sleep with out thinking to your self something suspicious

voici_je said...

i just think about something....when the Ramsey's come home after the christmass was said..that ***Jonbénet was sleeping in the car***and that John put her to bed.***
---.WHEN.***.jonbenet body was found..

--- it was not the same clothes she had on ---as put to bed the night before..

--- to me it prove's that she woke who change jonbenet clothing ?....