Monday, January 7, 2013

Missing: Sarah Alarid, 19

                           Sarah Alarid Missing

 Police said a California teen was reported missing after she disappeared after leaving a New Year's Eve party.
Friends said 19-year-old Sarah Alarid was last seen arguing with her ex-boyfriend around 3 a.m. Tuesday in a Santa Clarita neighborhood, before taking off alone in a 2002 silver Ford Focus.
Her father, Mike Alarid, said calls to Sarah's phone go straight to voicemail and there hasn't been any activity on it since 3:41 a.m. that night.
"She's always called or we've always known where she's at. Or she's communicated with her friends. And that contact has just fallen off," he said.
Sarah's mother, Laura Alarid, said the teen never goes longer than a day without calling.
"She's my youngest daughter and I need her home," she said. "Please, Sarah, I need you home. I care about you a lot. We all need you here."
Volunteers, family and friends, including Sarah Alarid's former boyfriend, have been actively searching and passing out fliers around Santa Clarita since her disappearance, according to CBS Los Angeles. Alarid's friends said it is unusual for her to lose touch with them.
"She knows that I'm one of her only friends that if she ever got into any trouble, I could come pick her up," said Jordan Carrico. "Didn't matter where she would be, I could come get her. But she hasn't tried calling any of us."


Trigger said...

"She hasn't tried calling any of us"

Past tense language and indicates knowledge that she has not "tried" to use a phone to call for help.

How could this guy know that she has not tried to call for help on a phone?

Anonymous said...

why did he say he is one of her ONLY friends? I agree with Trigger, it is weird that he says he knows she hasn't TRIED, he can't know that.

John Mc Gowan said...

She knows that I'm one of her only friends that if she ever got into any trouble, I could come pick her up," said Jordan Carrico. "Didn't matter where she would be, I could come get her. But she hasn't tried calling any of us."

I could come pick her up,

Not i will or i can,

"Didn't matter where she would be,

I could come get her.

I could> suggests he may not go or may not be able to go and get her.

Didnt matter>Past tense.

I would say,it doesnt matter.

But she hasn't tried calling any of us.

How does he no she hasnt tried..

Ivy said...

The fight with the boyfriend when she was last seen doesn't sound too good, but there isn't enough information to draw conclusions about that at this point. I will say, though, that the mother's statement suggests a less than stellar relationship between the two. "We care about you a lot"? There's the "we" and then there is "care about you a lot", which seems like too much and not enough at the same time. I say to my children "I love you" as an expression of my love. I would be much less likely to say "I care about you a lot", which seems somehow more descriptive and explanatory? As a message to her missing daughter, it doesn't quite ring right, falling more into the "I'm a good mother" or "I take care of my kids" (anyone remember the Chris Rock bit with this line?)that should go without saying, or suggests the opposite or insecurity about the fact stated. The fact that friends are saying she could call them and they'd pick her up anywhere could be indicative that she was someone who needed to make such calls from time to time (which might explain the strained relationship with mom), or it could just be a way of saying she had people to call if she was in trouble and could call, which makes it that much more concerning or both. Am I way off here?

Mouse74 said...

Who is Jordan to her? Male or Female? A friend or the ex-boyfriend?

Always notice that which is stated in the negative: "She hasn't TRIED calling ANY of us"

One would expect a person to say "She hasn't called any of us". Why the added word TRIED?

"She knows that I'm one of her ONLY friends"....seems like projection of what the person would like others to think??

I have a hard time just looking at the words!! I'm always trying to profile and it clouds SA for me sometimes. I get too creative. Trying really hard to just look at the words.

BostonLady said...

What jumped out at me was the mom's statement of "WE care about you a lot" A lot? And the mom didn't say "I" so there must be a strained relationship between the mom and daughter.

I would also like to know if the friend, Jordan, is a male or female. The statement of "I'm one of her only friends, if she ever got into trouble, I could come pick her up." First, how does Jordan know that she/he is the only one??? Second, why the statement of "could come pick her up" Shouldn't it be "would go pick her up"? (am I being too picky?) Would, to me, is affirmative. Could, means that they can but doesn't mean they would.

Otherwise, from this brief article, the boyfriend is the prime suspect based on them being seen fighting at around 3am with the phone going to voicemail 1 minute later.

dadgum said...

I took the 'tried' as no one (that the speaker knows of) has received a call, no messages, and nothing shows up as a missed call from her..

'We' is ok too, as mom is speaking of the parents or family..

'would/could' speak differently, I would have to know the usual speech pattern before I could have an opinion

Not enough info. I would like to hear something from the boyfriend.

Agree about 'Jordan', male or female?

Anonymous said...

Maybe I am reading it wrong. but I read : She's my youngest daughter and I need her home," she said. "Please, Sarah, I need you home. I care about you a lot. We all need you here

she does use "I" when speaking about her, Im not sure what is standing out to people there?

Red Ryder said...

There is an interesting post by a purported mother of Sara's BR on ChelseaHoffmans site under anon discussing why the ex boy friend is not suspected and questioning all the recent early prisoner releases. Wondering where her car got to and if she or the car show up in any local security camera tapes. All reasonable points IMO .sorry unable to post link on phone, google ChelseaHoffmans -thx

Nanna Frances said...

Sarah Aland's family has a Facebook page for:

dadgum said...

Special Education Teacher Indicted or Cruelty to Children

No quotes from teacher (yet), as she was on vacation....

John Mc Gowan said...

Sarah Alarid Update: Who's the Boyfriend?

Now it's being revealed that Sarah Alarid fought with "a former boyfriend" directly before vanishing on New Year's Day. However, there aren't any clarifications as to whether or not they were seen fighting in person, or if she was fighting with him over the phone while attending her friend's New Year's Eve party. I would like to know if she left that morning (more like night since it was around 3:00 a.m.) because she was angry and stormed off after a fight, or if she was angry and intended on meeting this former boyfriend somewhere. These are details which are not being discussed in media reports.

Anonymous said...


Sarah Alarid: Missing from California

Sarah Alarid, 19, from Canyon Country a community in Santa Clarita, Calif. has been missing since New Year's Eve, CBS Los Angeles reports.

She was last seen arguing with a man who was first thought to be Sarah's boyfriend around 3 a.m. in a Santa Clarita neighborhood on Poppy Meadow Street in the Shadow Pines area of Canyon Country. She got into her 2002 silver Ford Focus adn she has not been seen since.

Family and volunteers have been actively looking for her in the neighborhood where she was last seen and passing out flyers.

Alarid, who is described as white and Latino, is 5 feet 4 inches tall, between 110 and 120 pounds and has green-gray eyes and reddish brown hair.

Calls to her cell phone are going directly to voicemail. There has bee no activity on it since 3:41 a.m., Tuesday night.

Anyone with information about Alarid's whereabouts was asked to call sheriff's Detective Tammy Abraham at (323) 890-5502.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

A prosecutor will seek the death penalty for an Arkansas man accused of killing a six-year-old neighbour who already had been the victim of abuse by her father and stepmother.

Zachary Holly is charged with capital murder, rape, kidnapping and residential burglary in Jersey Bridgeman's disappearance and death in November.

Holly, 28, pleaded not guilty Monday to all charges.

In paperwork filed last week, prosecutor Van Stone said Holly restrained the girl "with the purpose of engaging in sexual intercourse, deviate sexual activity, or sexual contact with Jersey Bridgeman".

Authorities have said the girl was suffocated.

Mr Stone told The Associated Press that he plans to pursue the death penalty against Holly.

One of Holly's lawyers, Pat Aydelott, said he could not talk about the facts of the case but that he would use all available resources to defend his client.

Authorities arrested Holly several days after Jersey Bridgeman was found dead November 20 in a vacant home next to Holly's in Bentonville, a community about 215 miles (346 km) northwest of Little Rock that is best known as the home of Wal-Mart's headquarters.

Jersey's death ended a short life marred by abuse. In late 2011, her father, David Bridgeman, and stepmother, Jana Bridgeman, were arrested for chaining her to a dresser in their home in the nearby town of Rogers.

David Bridgeman is serving an 18-year prison sentence after pleading guilty in June to false imprisonment, permitting the abuse of a minor and endangering the welfare of a minor.

Jersey's stepmother is serving a 12-year sentence, plus three years for a probation revocation, after pleading guilty to the same charges.

Jersey was at Holly's house the night before her body was found. Holly and his wife, Amanda Holly, often babysat Jersey and her younger sister, according to court documents.

Jersey's mother, DesaRae Bridgeman, told police she went next door to visit the couple after she came home from work. Then, Holly carried Jersey to the Bridgeman house, while Jersey's mother carried Jersey's younger sister, and they placed them in bed.

When DesaRae Bridgeman woke up the next morning, Jersey was missing from the bed where her two-year-old sister was still sleeping, according to court documents.

DesaRae Bridgeman looked around the house, then asked Zachary and Amanda Holly to help her before calling 911 to report Jersey missing, according to court documents.

Police searched the Bridgeman and Holly homes before an officer noticed the back door of a nearby vacant house was open. Officers entered the house and found the girl's body.

Zachary Holly denied having anything to do with Jersey's disappearance or death, police said in a court document. They said he was cooperative and agreed to give detectives swabs of his check for DNA tests.

Holly was being held without bond at the Benton County Jail. He is due back in court February 28.

Anonymous said...

"Didn't matter where she would be, I could come get her. But she hasn't tried calling any of us."

Dropped pronoun,shouldn't it say, "It didn't matter where she would be"

Mainah said...

Poor dad..."need", repeated 3 times...sensitive...She's his youngest daughter: set his priority

he does not think he cared about her "a lot", or maybe enough to protect's in a bad way, like Ed Smart was...there's the fathers "need" to make something (caring) right...

What does friend: Jordan Carriico know? Something, he/she is using past tense language...distancing, and negatives..."But she hasn't tried calling any of us"--this is a statement only someone who could know this as factual could state: (Beginning with "but") she (distance) hasn't (in the negative) tried (attempted but failed) calling ANY of US (how can Jordan be so all knowing?)

Jordan either has some answers, or ...never-mind, Jordan can answer some important things, IMO

Mainah said...

oh, ooops, I hadn't read other comments yet, I see I attributed the "a lot" to dad, but it was mom...

and I see y'll covered Jordan too...I wonder if with younger, or less socially mature people, if interrogators find this kind of "knowledgeable" type, using language like this...driven by a desire to fit in and belong and be in-the-know and popular...perhaps

Anonymous said...

Could you please analyze some of the statements made by parents/school personnel/medical examiner, etc. involved in the Sandy Hook massacre? There are so many blatant discrepancies that it would be fascinating to hear your interpretation. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

OT: Peter, I agree with the poster above -- it would be very interesting. I've been checking here off & on partly to check for this. Only if you feel inclined, of course! There is definitely some weird stuff going on there.

Anonymous said...

It has been reported in the media and on Chelsea Hoffman's blog that on the morning that Sarah Alarid disappeared, she'd had an argument with her ex-boyfriend at the New Year's Eve party she was attending. It has been made clear by Sarah's family and friends that the argument was not with the ex-boyfriend but rather with a friend who had gone to the party with her. The argument was over whether or not to spend the night at the house where the party was going on. Sarah decided to leave and hasn't been seen since. The ex-boyfriend was not an attendee at the party and there was no argument with him that night. There's a link to the interview Sarah's uncle gave on a local radio station on Where's Sarah? Facebook's page, if anyone is interested in facts. If you prefer distorted facts keep reading Chelsea Hoffman's blog.

Mouse74 said...


I thought that about the TRIED at first too, but think about what you would expect to hear: "She hasn't called anyone" is more likely.

If you had a friend that was missing, and there was a group of mutual friends, all of which did not receive a call. Police officer asks you if anyone has been contacted. It's yes or no. No she hasn't, or yes she has, but not she hasn't tried. That's just a weird statement worth looking into the friend for. If he/she clears...great. But definitely worth looking at.

Lemon said...

"She's my youngest daughter and I need her home," she said. "Please, Sarah, I need you home. I care about you a lot. We all need you here." - Laura Alarid, Sarah's mother

It is unexpected that a mother speaking of a daughter would say "I care about you a lot".

Also of note is the mother's repeated use of the word "need" indicating sensitivity.

I wonder about their relationship.

Jersey Jane said...

Hope I'm wrong. It sounds like to me, the missing girl plays with people..I get this feeling from the mother sounding like she is used to begging for her daughter's love, involvement , etc, etc....
And with her friend saying I am her only friend, sounds like this missing girl titles everyone in her life and if there is a revolt, she freaks out!! That statement sounds like it is BS that came from the missing girl.
Just looking at her pic, it looks sooo fake. Like this is the pic that grandma gets... Pretty girl, I just think she runs the show and is different people to different people... Also, her leaving, zooming away adds to my thoughts on her... I hope she is only playing games. The only wrong is the rules change when u are out of ur circle. :-(

Anonymous said...

Wow you people are sick! There is a missing girl out there and all you want to do is cast judgement on people you dont even know. The only thing people should be worrying about is finding this girl. Thats exactly what is wrong with people these days. Let the right people figure out whos guilty, be productive and send ur prayers out to this girls family and friends, they need it right now.

Jersey Jane said...

I just found a description of missing girl...
It's a shame the media don't give a better description.

Sarah has tattoo of a gun on her left middle finger, a tattoo of a flower on her right middle finger, a tattoo of a skull on her right shoulder, a tattoo of three bats on her left calf, a tattoo of a moon containing the face of the character ?Oogie Boogie? from the Nightmare Before Christmas movie on her right calf, under the moon on her right calf is two trees covered in some fog, a tattoo of a red and black sun on her inner left forearm.

She also has two lip piercings, a tongue piercing and ear gauges in both ears.

Mainah said...

@ Anon 2:55AM...go back to sleep, little sheep...we speak truth here, not everyone can handle that. You do what you can and we'll do what we can...

Jersey Jane said...

Yup, yup, on..

Why being all negative Lil' sheep? Need the zzzz's, I pray u get them. :-)

Gambler said...

Sadly Sarah and was found dead at the bottom of a ravine along with her car (her body had been thrown from the car) about 10 min from were she was last seen. The Police are treating it as an accident and no foul play.
Apparently its a real windy road and some are suggesting she could have hit black ice.

Anonymous said...

The truth is that all you people needed to have something to talk about. You were all wrong in ur "analysis". Unfotunately accidents happen and then it makes you look like complete idiots. I went though losing a family memeber and i can promise you what you people do doesnt help. When the bunch of you find lives, please go enjoy them instead of ruining others.