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Statement Analysis: Deborah Bradley

From 2011:

Deborah Bradley spoke at a news conference and immediately brought suspicion upon herself. 
By the time of this interview, Joe Tacopina had volunteered his time to defend her and knew a video tape of her buying wine was out there, and knew that Deborah Bradley could not keep a straight story since her words did not come from memory of what happened. 

Media was tipped off to ask her, "Were you drinking?", which appeared staged, even though it was portrayed as "out of the blue."

Please note that when a subject introduces a topic, the topic is important.  We now have confirmation that alcohol played a role that night.  Next, we will hear that infidelity played a role, even as the parents report that this has brought them closer together. 

*Please note that unless a subject tells us something, we cannot affirm to it. In this analysis, the mother, Deborah Bradley, did not say she was drunk, but avoiding saying so, even though they want this information known.

PA: You told us that police even accused you of killing your daughter.

This is the perfect place to issue a reliable denial and it is where anyone accused of such a thing would respond to.  

DB:  MmmHmm.  Mmm Hmm

This is the most significant point.  She has been challenged with the accusation that she is accused of killing Baby Lisa.  What is the expected?

1.  "I did not kill my daughter!"
2.    Emotions.  Remember, this is when the child was missing and searching was going on.  We expected to hear an angry response that Lisa was not dead. 

Deborah Bradley does not deny killing Lisa. 

Principle:  If a subject cannot say she did not do it, we are not permitted to say it for her. 

PA: How has that been for authorities to focus on you at times?

An innocent parent cares little about the accusation because it is not true.  An innocent parent, in the throngs of all emotion, can say "I didn't do it" without sensitivity indicators.  The innocent parent does not worry about anything but the child.  

DB: Terrible because my daughter is missing.   The last thing that I want to have to worry about is something like that.  I shouldn't have to put any energy and time or effort into anything but finding her.

Note the answer is "terrible" and she feels the need to explain why it is terrible. 
Note that she has to put "energy", "time" or "effort" into worrying about being the focus.  
Note "but finding her". What is her energy, time or effort being put into finding "her"?

It is her "energy, time and effort" that she refers to; not that of law enforcement. 

PA: Were you drinking that night?

DB: Yes.

PA: How much?

DB: Uh, enough to be drunk.

Note that she does not say she was drunk.  Unless she tells us she was drunk, we cannot say so. Why is it that she cannot say so, herself?

PA: So you were drunk?

DB: Mmm Hmm.

She gives affirmation but does not say the words that she was drunk.  Please note that lying is stressful, and a "yes or no" question is the easiest to lie to, yet here she does not use words.  Alcohol is a sensitive topic (as is infidelity in this investigation) but she did not use words to say so.

PA:  A lot of people are going to say Deborah you were drunk that night, a lot of people are going to say, "Deborah, you were drunk that night, is there any chance you did anything to hurt your daughter that you're just not telling us?

DB:  No, no, no and If I thought there was a chance I'd say it.  No.  No.  I don't think that alcohol changes a person enough to do something like that.

Please note that her denial consists of the repetition of the word "no" five times showing a repeated sensitivity to the question of alcohol playing a role in Lisa's demise.  

Note that she only "thinks" which shows weakness and uses the word "person", gender neutral, and does not say that it did not change her This indicates deception regarding alcohol playing a role in Baby Lisa's demise. 

A "person" but not Deborah Bradley.  

Note that the camera went to a close up of Deborah and Jeremy's hands, and that Deborah is clutching Jeremy's leg and he is  holding his own  hands.  Body language experts have said that Jeremy's behavior is a form of self comfort and her behavior suggests control.  This may remind some of the Anthonys. 

PA:  Do you in any way question that she;s not telling you or police everything that she knows?

JI:  No.  There's, there's no question to be had there.  I know who she is.  I know, what kind of mother she is. 

Please note that Jeremy says he knows who she is, what kind of mother she is, but does not deny that Lisa was harmed by Deborah.  

PA: Does it seem feasible to you that someone could have gotten in while you and your two boys were sleeping and you wouldn't have heard a thing.

JI:  Our bedroom is on the exact opposite corner of the house and uh, she sleeps with the fan on high.

Please note that they reported having a baby monitor.  Please note that in the two part question, the interviewer brings up the boys as well.  He answers for Deborah, but not about the boys. 

DB:  Yeah, but they must have been doing it much quieter than the police were.

PA:  You told us that police said you failed a lie detector test.  What question or questions did they say you failed?

DB:  They said that I failed when they asked me where she was.

Regarding Deborah and Jeremy refusing to let the police re interview Lisa's half brothers:  

DB:  They said they heard noises.  But I don't know if that was before um, we went to sleep or after.  I have not sat down and talked to them about it.  Specifically to not have to put them through anything else.

Please note that the kids heard noises relating to Lisa's disappearance but after 2 weeks the mother reports that she hasn't talked to them about it.  

   She begins with "they said" but denies speaking to them about it, adding body posture (sat down) indicating tension associated with the noises they heard.  She would have us believe that the boys said they heard noises, but Deborah did not respond to them with "what did you hear?", which indicates that she did not want to ask them, even after all of this time, because she does not need the information about the noises they heard.  

This shows that Deborah made enough noise to leave her certain that the children heard her. 

"To not have to put them through anything else."  She would

PA:  If the person who took your baby daughter is out there watching this right now what would you say to them?

DB:  She needs her family.  We need her.  We're losing more sanity as each day progresses.

She is to be speaking directly to the kidnapper and wants the kidnapper to know that they are losing their sanity more each day.  

The interview was 45 minutes with only a few moments played thus far.  In the short interview, Deborah Bradley is deceptive in her denial that alcohol played a role in what happened to Baby Lisa.  She also reveals that, like Jeremy, her own personal comfort level takes precedence over Baby Lisa, similar to when Jeremy ended an interview, as a man and father of Lisa, because he was tired. 

Jeanine Piro spoke next who now says the change of story, particularly the time frame, in which Deborah previously said she checked on Lisa at 10:30PM, but now reports that the last time she saw her was when she put her to bed/sleep at 6:40PM.  

This is an essential change in which likely indicates sensitivity (critical missing information)  between 6:40PM and 10:30PM.  

The time period mentioned earlier was 10:30PM that Deborah said she "checked" on Lisa.  10:30PM should also be considered highly sensitive to the case. 

In Statement Analysis, we look for critical points in the account.  We expect to hear a response from someone associated with the family in regards to this change.   


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Please help find Ayla
Murderers to run free!!!!!!!