Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What Happened to Dylan Redwine

The following is speculation and opinion on what I believe happened to 13 year old Dylan Redwine, months ago, after a court ordered visit with Mark Redwine, Dylan's biological father.

It is based upon, principally, the words of Mark Redwine.  After these words, I considered Elaine Redwine's words, some of the details of the case, and the appearance of Mark Redwine on the Dr. Phil Show.  I have also taken Behavioral Analysis into consideration into this opinion.

What Statement Analysis has concluded is this:

Dylan Redwine is known by Mark Redwine to be deceased, and that Mark Redwine is deceptively withholding information on what happened to Dylan.  Dylan did not go missing, but met his fate at the hands of his father, who has since hidden Dylan's remains.

Mark Redwine on the Dr. Phil Show

Mark Redwine's eyes lit up whenever Elaine Redwine's pain became evident.  He thoroughly enjoyed himself and the attention, but his particular delight was seeing Elaine on the verge of coming apart at the seams.  Her visibly evident pain brought Mark Redwine satisfaction; the satisfaction he sought, I believe, when he silenced Dylan and sought to inflict unceasing pain upon Elaine, for the rest of her life.

He enjoyed himself because he enjoyed his success.

He is a controller, who needs to pummel others, and the court that ordered Dylan to visit him, sentenced  Dylan to his death unawares.

The ego of a liar. 

Elaine pointed out that Mark did not know how to construct lies about Dylan.  He could not even invent a proper television channel for the 13 year old boy which later Mark Redwine used to feign good parenting while portraying Elaine in the negative.

This was not a "he said; she said" case like some media outlets may like to portray.  This was a mother pleading for her child, allowing the killer to bask in his moment of satisfaction, all in the hope of a single slip of the tongue which would allow the mother to bring her baby angel home for proper burial.


This is the word Elaine used to describe Dylan to me.  He is now her "angel", as she has come to accept that Mark Redwine took Dylan from her, and she needs to find him, to bury her son, and grieve her loss.

The Focus

Elaine's focus was Dylan.
Dr. Phil's focus was on Dylan, and on some of the drama that unfolded.  He did well, at times, by appealing to the ego of Mark Redwine.
Mark's focus was Elaine.  He honed his skills of abuse over many years, and has hurt many others in life, but it was his almost uncontrollable giddiness over hurting Elaine that confirmed to him, that he, in his twisted logic of control and harm, did the 'right thing' in silencing Dylan's defense of his mother.

Mark Redwine got the ultimate revenge on Elaine, hurting her in the one spot she could never heal from:  by taking her youngest child from her.

Mark Redwine holds the world in contempt.  There's little doubt that he will, eventually, blame Dylan for what happened, after he is done blaming Elaine.  Perhaps he will blame the judge who mandated Dylan's ill-fated visit.

Dylan spoke up.

This is what I believe happened.

Dylan spoke up for his mom.

Dylan did not want to be with his father, announcing his arrival with a symbolic sad face on a text message to his mother.

Acutely narcissistic, Mark Redwine knew his son did not want to be with him, but wanted to be at home with his mother, and if he could not be with his mother, he would want to see his friends.

I believe that in that trip to McDonalds, the escalation from Mark Redwine increased exponentially as he saw that Dylan loved his mother, and reached its zenith at the home where, I believe, Mark Redwine first verbally attacked Dylan's mother, and when Dylan spoke up for his mother, the boy's bravery and character was more than Mark Redwine could bear and his trademark anger broke loose upon the small boy, with his wrath unsatisified until he could not longer 'wake' Dylan up; that is, resussictate Dylan.  This is the verbal description of Mark Redwine in which his mind went as he sought for words to deceive.

Mark Redwine is a sociopath who will be viewed much like Scott Peterson:  having gone on national television, feigning care, while harboring the secret of murder.

How many viewers saw him speak, and barely contain the flash of joy in his eyes, when he saw the pain he inflicted upon Elaine?

Dr. Phil's manipulation of Mark Redwine's ego is to be commended.  He told Redwine that he would provide for him the ultimate opportunity to clear his name via the polygraph test, taking the liar in his own pride.

Remember:  liars are those who fabricate reality.  Mark Redwine is right up there with Billie Jean Dunn and Justin DiPietro.

All three are liars who killed and all three were baited into taking polygraphs, knowing they would fail. All knew that once they take the polygraph, they were going to fail, but they have, all three, grown so used to being successful in their lies that they could not cancel and get out of the test.  Even Shawn Adkins had the presence of mind to avoid the polygraph. * (This is the basis for my belief that had Shawn Adkins been arrested, he would have revealed the location of Hailey Dunn's body.  He is not a confident liar, did not want to take the polygraph, and had to be talked into it by Billie Dunn.  Later, Shawn Adkins' family paid for him to take a private polygraph, believing that the police had, as Adkins claimed, "set him up."  They paid for it and he took it, and promptly failed it just as he did the police administered polygraph.)*

Mark Redwine's pride built up in him, over all the years of successful lying, betrayed him, and caused him to "prove" to the challenge of Dr. Phil's words, that he could pass the test.

For Mark Redwine, Billie Dunn and Justin DiPietro, the polygraph itself, was the ends, and not the means.

For police, the polygraph is a means of which they use to eliminate the innocent, allowing them to move on in the investigation and find the missing child. For the three killers above, it was not about passing the polygraph to find their children, it was about "beating" the polygraph.

Did you notice that all three share something else in common about the polygraph?

All three disparaged the administration of it.

Billie Dunn, in her brutal attack on the English language said "they had me faithful in that lie detector" ; which translates into blaming the police for removing her faith in the polygraph.
Justin DiPietro blamed police for not "giving" him the results.  He did not "pass" the polygraph, instead, he "smoked" it.
Mark Redwine attempted to disparage the credentials of the polygraph administrator.

All three disparaged the polygraph that they sought to "beat" rather than pass, including Dunn showing up stoned to take it.

All three share in common deep and abiding hatred of innocence.

All three despise the judicial innocence of youth.

All three were spoke out, eventually, about the "missing" child, and all three were taken in their own words.

Statement Analysis got to the truth of Baby Ayla, when DiPietro was finally goaded into speaking out, just as Mark Redwine, another "emotionally incapable" father, did finally speak out, and when he did, we knew.

We knew.

I wish we didn't.

Before that, we had hope that Dylan was a missing 13 year old who would be fine.

I knew that when Crime Wire attempted to make contact with Elaine, that she would have to hear the results of the analysis of Mark's initial media interview.

She knew.

She wishes she didn't.

Mark Redwine has been publicly humiliated before a national audience on a TV show seen by millions.  The next move is his.

Will a Joe Tacopina step forward, smelling the free publicity, and squash the case police are building against Mark Redwine, the way he did in the case against Deboarah Bradley in the Baby Lisa case?  I believe that police were thisclose to Bradley confessing and allowing Lisa burial when Tacopina swooped in with his Rolex watch and $700 per hour price tag.  The DA folded up tent and went home.  The police, once bravado in their press conferences, packed up and went home.  The FBI, tail between its legs, actually shared evidence with Joe Tacopina BEFORE any charges against Bradley were filed. Re-run the video of Tacopina making that announcement and tell me if you can't see his chest swelling with pride knowing the FBI begged him to cut a deal, but he said, "no, thanks, boys, we're moving on..." and all was well with Bradley and Irwin.

Only Baby Lisa was left to rot in the river, without a Christian burial.

Let us hope it is not the case with Dylan Redwine.

Elaine has suffered enough.  In fact, we can safely say that the long years married to Mark Redwine were suffering enough for a lifetime.  Mark Redwine has won.  He has inflicted pain which will never cease, as Elaine can look at herself in the mirror, month by month, and see year by year age progression, as she ages a year for every month Dylan is "out there", unburied.

His glee was barely contained when he attempted to portray Elaine as a mastermind kidnapper, dopey enough to send Dylan on a plane, only to tag along and take him.  At least Dr. Phil did not allow that to pass without some biting sarcasm.  I appreciated Dr. Phil's rebuttal to that.

Dr. Phil got Mark Redwine backed into a corner, by exploiting the abuser's own ego.  This was  a good technique, as pointed out by Kaaryn Gough.  The follow up will be interesting, too, but what matters most now is Justice for Dylan.

Justice for Dylan.

Without forensics to allow Dylan to be heard, we will have to rely upon Mark Redwine's version of what happened.

For some, this is injustice.

Not so, for us.

Statement Analysis gets to the truth and whatever version Mark Redwine ultimately makes, we will know the truth from deception.  We will use his words, and see them in context, and carefully apply the principles of analysis, and we will know.

We will know.

I believe that Dylan died because he refused to let Mark Redwine trample his mother.  This is my belief.

I hold out that Dylan was noble, even as a young man should be.

Like the story of the boy who came into Sunday School, disheveled from a fight, Dylan stands tall.  The boy came into class and the teacher asked him what had happened.  The boy explained that he got into a fight because another boy had insulted his mother.  The Sunday School teacher rewarded the boy for his desire to stand up for his mother and gave him a coin and told him that if he gets into a fight to uphold his mother or sister's honor, he will give him another coin, each and every time he defends one of them.   When the board heard of this, they dismissed the Sunday School teacher.

The teacher's name?

Theodore Roosevelt.

I hold that Dylan loved his mother, and did not want to visit his father, but would not join an evil alliance and agree with Mark against his mom.

I believe that Dylan Redwine died because he loved his mother, and it was this love that Mark Redwine could not abide.

Let us continue to pray for Justice for Dylan Redwine and push prosecutors to have courage and face down Dylan's killer.  Sure, Mark Redwine will eventually tell us that he did not intend to harm Dylan, that it was an accident in a moment's anger, but his own words will betray him.  We will know.

We will know.

Justice for Dylan Redwine. 


Unknown said...

Great work on following this case, Peter.
I am praying for the recovery of Dylan - soon - so his mom can greive properly, and the appropriate judicial actions can be taken against Mark Redwine.

Most Sincerely,

Anonymous said...

"Mark Redwine is right up there with Billie Jean Dunn and Justin DiPietro."

The difference I see is MR is consumed by the reaction of Elaine. It seemed he had sort of proudness over her pain.
It is important though, Elaine still has influence on him in a way, and CAN trigger things. She has to keep on pushing to get the truth from him!!!!
LE should use that fact too.

John Mc Gowan said...


S + K Mum said...

I feel so sad for Dylan's mum and brother. To know that his own father has killed him and is enjoying the torture he is inflicting on them - it is beyond evil. I think he is arrogant because he believes Dylan's body will never be found. I hope they can bring charges regardless - I hope more than that though that Dylan's mum can lay her son to rest with the dignity he deserves.
Elaine is a brave woman, I hope she has answers soon. She must never give up.

Anonymous said...

"The next move is his."

Even if he did something terrible(or accidental) he has a chance to be different then the others mentioned here.

IF Mark is responsible for what happened to Dylan, being a MAN is all Mark has left. Taking the responsiblility, telling the truth (it is not late), showing respect to his son and to himself.

Anonymous said...

Just as Justin and his clan are proud of the pain inflicted upon Trista:-(

Frannie said...

When will these mandated visits end when there is abuse or suspected murder involved? Isn't the case of Susan Coxs' precious sons a perfect example! wonder how the judge that ordered Dylan to visit his dad feels now? Has anyone asked them? Would LOVE to hear their response.

Sus said...

This post may have been "speculation and opinion ", but you nailed it! Thanks.

It is easy to see that Elain has learned to use the only strategy that works with a sociopath like Mark Redwine...don't comment back, no contact. That's what he wants and what he thrives on.

Before the show, MR said he didn't want it to turn into a Jerry Springer type thing...said in the negative. That is exactly what he wanted. He wished to say disparaging remarks about Elain and have her scream and yell in defense of herself.

In testament to Elain's strength of character and a display of how she has healed and moved on from years of abuse she wouldn't rise to his baiting. She focused on her one goal...WHERE IS DYLAN?

Lis said...

Is it possible to analyze his prior statements now to get more of an idea of where Dylan's remains may be? I remember him specifying exactly where Dylan's phone didn't work, for instance.

Red Ryder said...

Yes Sus, Elaine sounds like she did great. It is so true. The best response is no response and no contact if possible. Sometimes that is hard to manage, especially in families with occasions or other members trying to "mend fences". For any interested there is a good blog and series of articles about dealing with narcissistic and sociopathic parent/s at
Dylan, being 13, reached about that age where kids often express their own opinions on matters, sometimes strongly. It's not surprising a narcissist would tolerate no other opinion than his own, especially about his despised ex. He's right, and if you don't see it his way, well, he'll beat it into you until you do! Makes sense right? Bleah!!!!!!! Dylan didn't have a chance and I think he underestimated how dangerous his dad was.

shmi said...

Very angry with the Justice system. She got away alive, tried to protect her kids. Some IDIOT forced Dylan to visit his monster father. I am mad as hell!!

I pray for Elaine. She will never forgive herself for not doing more. But, what was the alternative, going to jail? AWFUL for a mother or father to be put in a position where they have to hand over their precious children to a psychopath.

Sus said...

The courts cannot predict what a person will do. A narcissistic sociopath has his mask firmly in place for the outside world. Only close family are privy to the crazy-making, and they are so confused they are usually not sure what is real till they've been away from it for years.

Mark Redwine said he turned Elain in for drinking and made her get help. That may be true. Wouldn't he drive you to drink? Mark said Elain took a swing at him. How many of you thought you'd like to take a swing at him? I did. I'm sure Elain has screamed her head off at him in the past. I was yelling at the TV yesterday. That is what sociopaths do to other them crazy, then sit back and enjoy it.

The courts just see a crazy person and a calm, controlled person. They have no idea what brought it about to decide custody issues.

I am saying if you ever divorce a person like this, get a lawyer who knows about abuse. Ask for psychological evals. Protect your children yourself. The courts only know what is presented to them.

Kippy said...

I think MR set up his errands to support his story, to open a window of opportunity for Dylan to "disappear" while he was away. What was the payroll issue that had to be addressed in person first thing Monday morning? Why couldn't he have called to resolve it? And what was so important that he had to visit his attorney, and couldn't that have also been taken care of over the phone? And to come home and find Dylan missing then take a nap? Seriously? If my child was missing napping would be the last thing I would or COULD do. Then to go to the marshall's office...does the man not know how to use the telephone? Why would he drive to the marshall's office instead of calling? If you last saw your child at your house, why would you leave the house? I would be searching the house and around the house, hoping to find him or some clues, hoping he would come home. I watched the 45 minute interview with MR and clips from the first Dr. Phil show and he comes across as a total narcissist, so "cleverly" painting the picture he wants us to see.

Tania Cadogan said...

Mark declined the poly claiming he wasn't feeling well enough when asked if he was ok, he was also drunk during the show, the polys and the after poly interviews, his language and behavior indicated dception. Dylan is dead at the hands of mark redwine

Tania Cadogan said...

he demeaned the polygrapher said h didn't trust them and sai takin it would not eliminate anyone . his own words rigt there said he would fail.

John Mc Gowan said...

Its only a matter of time now,he was all over the place..

Lulu said...

Your post was so well written. I think we all knew what happened all is so horrible, what choice did we have but to cling to hope?
To think of one of my kids, at the bottom of a cold, lonely lake...discarded like trash...makes me so angry and horrified and sad.
I can only pray for justice for poor Dylan and his family.

Jen said...

Poor Mark, he just can't catch a break because of EVERYONE ELSE'S actions...actually he's a pathetic liar and a murderer.

So the first day he can't take the polygraph because he's been 'wisked off' and his blood is boiling because Elaine and Cory upset him, he can't believe Dr Phil let Cory disrespect him, his blood pressure is up, he needs time to process everything that just happened and he 'would feel more comfortable taking the test tomorrow'.

So they re-schedule for 8am the next morning and the REAL Mark shows up. He is disheveled, sloppy, red-eyed and mumbling excuses about being 'not ready to take it, but WE'RE gonna take take it, WE'RE gonna do what WE gotta do'..then he walks in to speak with the polygrapher who asks him repeatedly if he's going to take the test as he grumbles about how he 'feels like he's being pushed off a cliff'. Finally when the polygrapher pushes for a direct answer he says he 'didn't come here to waste anyone's time' (passivity and doesn't not directly consent to the test).

Mark then does not take the test claiming he is not 'well enough', and he had a half bottle of Jim Beam the night before (but he was concerned about Elaine's drinking, right). The polygrapher is interviewed by Dr Phil who states Mark was agitated, evasive and that he became fatigued while dealing with Mark because when he asked Mark direct questions, he would answer to something else unrelated (we've all seen him pull that trick plenty in his interviews) and he made multiple excuses for why he wasn't going to take the test, before disqualifying himself by claiming he's 'not well'.

shmi said...

Finally Dr. Phil asked him if he knew where Dylan was, and He said,"No, I don't" While closing his eyes and nodding his head.

Anonymous said...

Mark is a scary, scary man and I hope to God IF he killed his son, he confesses. Let Dylan's mother have some peace.

Layla said...

Good post Peter. I agree with you--I bet that is what happened--Dylan stood up for his mother and Mark couldn't stand it. Mark can live with his own cowardice for the rest of his life--sounds like he will drink himself to death soon though.

Anonymous said...

interesting. to me the telling thing is that mark is blaming elaine. to me this him saying that he blames her for "corrupting" his child. His hate for her transformed into his violence unto the son

BostonLady said...

I hope they find Dylan and Mark is made to face justice. It is sickening, disgusting, disturbing how all of these cases just lay there while the killers go free.

I'm watching parts of the Jody Arias court hearing and she makes my stomach turn as she parses every question she is asked to the level that she can't (so she says) remember the actual question. Not once can she just answer what is asked. She wants control. The prosecutor is holding her to task but I'm getting nervous that the jury is getting irritated with the minor details that they may not know add up to the big picture of "Jody can't tell the truth EVER".

Such a mess.

Anonymous said...

Kippy - what better alibi than to have your own lawyer say you were with him that morning? His business and his lawyer.
I think he went back home that morning and found Dylan's backpack and realized he needed to get rid of it so he drove by the lake again.

Anonymous said...

Justice for Dylan Redwine:

I live in Melbourne, Australia and Dylan has even touched here. The pain and anguish Dylans mum showed on Dr Phil was heartwrenching to watch. I have two 14 year old and a 13 year old, boys. Maybe that is why Dylan has touched me so much. I talk about him to my friends. Watching Mark Redwine made me feel ill. I too would love for Dylan to be alive and go home to his family, alas, i think Mark Redwine is guilty of killing him. I don't normally like Dr Phil but he is doing a great job. I dated a narcisist once, never again.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how mom feels i pray she gets help and find peace for her son .!I pray they work very hard to find closure till this case and dad you deserve to spend life on jail and after life in hell because it seemd like you know something! And to harm a child to pay mom back you're a f@:#:+ coward

Anonymous said...

This is beautifully written. I can feel what you are saying and your points are well made and easy to understand. I don't understand people like Mark Redwine or understand that they really exit, but you have painted his picture so well and also what may have happened to Dylan and why.

Thank you

Millie said...

I wonder if it was possible that Dylan never made it to his father's house. That long drive. If Dylan was killed and "dumped" after a headed conversation in the truck. It could explain why nothing was found in the house???

Millie said...

Oops., heated conversation. Has there been a search of the route from the airport to Mark's house?

Unknown said...

He retired yesterday....How strange is that??? Hope is evil heart rots...

Anonymous said...

Wow you pray to the almighty and in the same breath call someone a fucking coward. Who told you that father harmed his son to pay the mother back? Do you have a link for this fact? No, didn't think so. Fucking hypocrite......I pray God sends you more intelligence to evaluate FACTS not hearsay. I pray, pray, pray!

Anonymous said...

Omg SCHMI do you read? Elaine did NOT try to prevent this visitation!!! Don't believe me? Ask her yourself on her own page or the official FB page (not the psycho page) .....NO "idiot" forced her to do squat. She put him on a plane with no hesitation. And this is after knowing him for how many years? 20? 22? Seems like his "monstrosity" would have revealed itself in the form of some psychopathy before then. IDK if the dad killed him, disappeared him, or this the work of a stranger....yes Elaine can and will forgive herself because NO ONE KNEW WHAT WAS GOING to happen. Hindsight is always 20/20, no? She should NEVER blame herself for a nanosecond because she didn't do anything wrong bu putting him on that plane. As far as people drawing some skewed inferences when they read "court-ordered visitation", well hear the news: ALL visitations agreed to under a divorce docket are COURT ORDERED. That's just how the law works. The lynch mob mentality surrounding this guy is based upon thousands of emotional, uninformed persons who conveniently eschew civil rights whilst invoking (quite hypocritically) prayers to God, at the same time talking about getting someone to "off" the dad. Its crazy. There are some seriously deranged people out there.

Vinson said...

Here we go. No one "Drives you to Drink" . I'm gonna call bullshit on that one. Same with physical violence. That's like saying if Mark Redwine hit Elaine she must have provoked him to do so. Completely illogical, right? Right! And sociopaths do not "drive" someone crazy.....they can frustrate you, its true, but then one has to take responsibility for oneself and end the relationship...if Mark Redwine was so horrible why, after having Cory 21 years ago, did Elaine Redwine stick around for another seven years and have another child with him?......does this sound like a"monster" to you? I am gonna tell you from personal experience that a monster reveals itself almost immediately. It took a mere 18 months between our 2 children to have the evil in MY spouse revealed.....I didn't hang around for seven. more years.

Teri said...

Oh my God is that really what you got, that MR was cleverly painting pictures, shit I thought he came across as nervous, awkward, jittery, inarticulate, and none too bright, lol! Just shows how all of us are different! That dude couldn't string two thoughts together without stuttering. Narcissist? I don't think hes got the brains. How cd a guy like him pull off the perfect crime? With all of his clever picture painting? Yeah right!

Anita said...

I wrote this somewhere else - Please Read "Women Who Love Psychopaths" by Sandra Brown if you want to understand women who stay with men like this. They have higher than normal levels of empathy. They are not stupid or bad people. Quite the contrary.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 7:00 PM said...

"Wow you pray to the almighty and in the same breath call someone a fucking coward."

and then says...

"Fucking hypocrite......I pray God sends you more intelligence to evaluate FACTS not hearsay. I pray, pray, pray!"

What's wrong with this picture?

Anonymous said...

What's wrong is your interpretation. Its called facetiousness or sarcasm. Get the picture now?

Anonymous said...

You are ignorant for even saying this. I Live near mark Redwine and if you only "knew"!

Keaton said...

I grew up in Bayfield, CO and knew Cory, Dylan's older brother. This is sad and tragic but if you don't know the facts, please don't comment. It will play itself out and we will know the truth. God has Dylan in his hands now, so whether he's alive or dead we can trust that God's truth will be revealed. My heart goes out to Elaine and Cory

Anonymous said...

This is such a sad story. My prayers go out to his family and friends. Something else I noticed after watching the national TV show is that this sociopath seemed to get off repeatedly saying her name (Elaine).
You analysis is excellent.

Anonymous said...

Additionally with them having left the area only recently prior to Dylan going missing and Elaine getting remarried, this was probably well thought out.

Dani Kekoa said...

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