Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Will Jodi Get Away With Murder?

Will Jodi Get Away With Murder?

"I personally can't see any motive for this" said Jodi Arias.  You have to love this!

I hope readers here are following the trial as she is demonstrating Statement Analysis principle after principle.

She talks, she confirms.  Each point of analysis seems to come up, at some time or another.  Just as Casey Anthony's statements are now used to teach deception, so will Jodi Arias' statements.

Will the trial end the same?

"The gun went off" is another.  Here we see passivity seeking to remove herself from responsibility.

She loves to talk and is a Casey Anthony-like liar with all the extra details she gives.

She portrayed the victim as a monster at times, and as a loving, attentive wonderful person.

She lies via selective memory loss, but it is in her descriptions that she best matches Casey Anthony.

She is a confident liar who's additional details are comical.

The make over reminds us of Casey Anthony as well.

Q.  Were you being truthful?

A. "I believe that I was truthful on that one."

I love it!

Will this end as another Casey Anthony Verdict?

Defense objections usually run something along this line:

"The state has millions of dollars at its disposal in order to prosecute my client!"

What is missing is that the State cannot hire the top shelf talent attorneys and when all is said and done...

well, you've seen, for yourself, what happens to justice when a high profile attorney steps into the spotlight.

Will this end like Casey Anthony?

Will Jodi and Casey have a celebrity boxing match?

Will they share the stage for a "reality" TV show?

What are the odds of Casey Anthony becoming pregnant and giving us a novelty name for the child?

These, and other questions will be answered, but only as our stomachs churn with the acids of injustice.


Dee said...

I have been watching this trial. I keep thinking while watching her on the stand..."the jurors have to see through this, I wonder if the jurors can see those smirks, the jurors have to be catching this - her avoidance, contradictions and outright lies."
But alas, I thought the same things while watching CA's trial and look how that turned out.
I hope these jurors are a smarter bunch and aren't sucked in by the little girl lost act she's pulling.

John Mc Gowan said...

Here is a clip from Jodi Arias interview with LE.

At 4mins into the vt she says:

"Ok lets say for a second that I DID IT,and i say I DID IT,i mean"

Watch her body language when she says these words.
Her hands come up in front of her as if to say ok you've got me.

Also when we speak honestly are arms come up and out,and we rotate are hands so are palms are facing upwards.This is instinctive when we speak the truth.What JA hasn't realised is that her body language has gave the truth away even though she thinks she is making up a senario.
She doesn't actually say i killed Travis,she cant bring herself to say i killed Travis.

Earlier in the Vt she does issue a reliable denial 1min20secs,but then tells us the above statement.
If i was in her predicament and was innocent i would not suggest for one minute that i did it.

John Mc Gowan said...


Along with her "I DID IT" Statement albeit a senario,and her body language of truth JA did confess to murder.imo

Jeff said...

I hope this is not yet another murder case where the murderer goes free. Every time this happens, it sends a message to the public that murder is easy to get away with, and gives certain others - like Jodi Arias - the idea to murder because it appears it can be achieved without punishment ("No jury will ever convict me.") As has become apparent, our legal system now protects the criminal and victimizes the innocent, all thanks to defense attorneys who have been bending the law in their favor over years so they can make a bigger paycheck. People are beginning to forget the law should be viewed as a deterrent to crime, not some sort of lottery where the perpetrator gets rewarded with fame and fortune. I despise Casey Anthony, and Jodi Arias is no better. I hope both of them eventually get the justice deserved for their crimes.

Frannie said...

The huge difference between Jodi and Caseys' trial is that Jodi is on the stand. We never had a chance to hear Casey spin her tails to the jury.

Unknown said...

Does it make sense to anyone that a female would shoot a man once, then switch to a knife to finish the job? It seems very strange to me, especially with the amount of overkill stabbing, that she did not unload all the bullets into him. It only makes sense to me if the gun jammed. I am thinking that the gun jammed and that is why she had to go to the knife to finish the job, and also why she added the gun jamming into her "ninja's did it" story.

The only way a single gunshot at the end makes sense is if she thought he was still alive, or she thought it was taking too long for him to die, and she shot him once to "put him out of his misery" and stop his suffering, but I don't think that would be her m.o. (i.e. if you didn't want someone to suffer why be stabbing them in the first place).

Too bad her grandparents didn't use their gun a lot where investigators could possibly find some casings. She did a good job getting rid of that gun as if it were found to be her grandparent's gun it would go toward premeditation.

C5H11ONO said...

I have little faith in our justice system. After what happened in the Casey Anthony trial, and how I believed that there is no way she would escape jail and then to learn that she was acquitted of murder, I was left with very little faith. Like you have stated in the past, there has been a dumbing-down of jurors, and I can’t help but wonder, how dumb these in the Arias trial are. I pray that is not the case, but there is reason for concern.

I have noticed that throughout her trial testimony all her answers are qualified. Travis was “like” a linebacker, Travis was “kind of” demanding, etc. Not one response does she state it without a qualifier. Yesterday, I noticed she told the prosecutor “I will tell the truth”. That means she spoke that she would in the future tell the truth, and he didn’t catch it. He has picked up on some of her qualified responses such as “I guess” and “somewhat”.

He tells her about her “indications” and she truthfully can reply “No, I didn’t say that”. That is because he is interpreting her words, which is something the jurors must be doing too.

I am thinking that what would make her tick if the prosecutor could make her tick, would be to attack her with disparagement the same way she disparages Travis, subtly. She loves to talk, and I believe that what made her tick with Travis was “marriage”. In fact, during the audio she tape recorded Travis with she brought up “eventually we are both going to remarry people” – Why remarry (that’s what I heard) I don’t understand since they were never married. But she also repeated “marry” over and over again. She was taping this on purpose. Then during her testimony she mentioned how her ex-boyfriend wasn’t going to marry her and she broke up with him immediately upon hooking up with Travis during her Las Vegas trip. This woman was 26 years old, had been living with a boyfriend for four years who would not marry her. Then she begins dating Travis, believing she had hooked him into marriage and he must have had a conversation with her that he wasn’t going to marry her. When she said, “eventually we are going to marry (or remarry however it is heard) other people” this was a topic that seemed to have been discussed in the past, particularly when he didn’t object to what she said. So we have a 26 then 28 year old who has tried everything in her power to get Travis to marry her and an ex boyfriend who didn’t either. As manipulative as she is, I don’t see why she wouldn’t have tried getting pregnant in order to control them into marriage. Therefore I believe she did, and much to her “rage” she didn’t. I don’t think she can have kids, or was unable to get pregnant. That is what I believe can be said to her during her testimony to throw a slap to her smug face.

Ney said...

This woman is scary. She wants to specify each and every question, she doesn't commit to answers to divert the truth and tries to leave as much room for later arguments as possible. (to morph the truth now and later)

She will not get away with murder.

The motive is clear in this case. It is not self defense. She was not abused by the victim.

There are witnesses proving the motive being jealousy, and her being refused by the victim. There is the forensic evidence, the cause of death is there, crime scene photos made by the murderer herself, even after the death, plus a gun shot and 27 stabbed wounds on the victim.

It was a crime of anger, with previous preparation. (her taking the gun and the knife, etc.)

I think the defense doesn't have hope of a not guilty verdict either, just playing for the second degree murder instead of first.

She lied so easily, even gave several reliable denial without a blink during her interviews, interrogation. I didn't hurt him, I didn't kill him, etc.

During the interrogation,basically she asked the lead investigator, if there is really no way to explain her dna, fingerprints and even her photos on the camera with time stamps being left on the crime scene. Something must be really wrong with her. She is scary, manipulative, self serving and dangerous.

Shame on her for trying to hurt the reputation of her victim through this trial. It is sad, that it is allowed to try so in the name of defense rights.

Lemon said...

JA today:

"Umm…I think I was inconsistent in my lies, yes."

Hide the bunnies.

Amaleen6 said...

I hope with the lies, the attempt at witness tampering ( ) being brought out, the minute details regarding her sex life juxtaposed with the convenient loss of memory under cross-exam, etc., that the jury sees right through her, but then again, they might be at least as stupid as the Casey Anthony jury. Her defense attorneys aren't confident, given their failed attempt the other day to get the death penalty taken off the table ( ).

Ney said...

Lemon, that is funny.
She did get inconsistent in her lies previously, I doubt she will stop doing that now during the trial. It is hard to be consistent with a made up story. It seems there will be some more opportunity during the trial to catch her doing that again.

Anonymous said...

Peter - she seems to fit the profile of a sociopath. It appears she is enjoying this moment in front of a jury, the world and God. Furthermore, she actually seems being doing her defense work , ensuring the prosecution states questions in a certain manner , and uses language she is comfortable with.

Thanks for you blog!

Anonymous said...

smirks = duping delight

hide the bunnies?

Www.untoxicated said...


Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

A Minnesota man has been arrested in connection to his wife's disappearance after she failed to show up to her job at the Mall of America last week.

Jeffrey Trevino, a 37-year-old from St. Paul, was booked into the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center for homicide, according to a statement from the St. Paul Police Department.

St. Paul investigators made the arrest at the couple’s home on Tuesday morning, saying that there was enough evidence to suggest a crime was committed there, but did not elaborate.

Kira Trevino, 30, disappeared Saturday after failing to show up at Delia’s, a clothing store at the mall where she worked as a manager.

Trevino’s unoccupied white Chevy Cobalt was found in a mall parking garage early Monday, Cmdr. Vic Poyer of the Bloomington Police Department said, according to Fox 9 News.

Trevino’s family said her cellphone and purse were found inside the car, which was carefully backed into a space where she usually doesn’t park.

Police are still treating Kira’s disappearance as a missing persons case, and her body has not been found, Fox 9 News reports

Read more:

Jen said...

I REALLY hope and pray this evil woman does not get away with murder. I've been watching this trial from day one and I first became interested in this case long ago when Travis' story was on 48hrs. Even then as she told her 'ninja' story in her little baby voice I saw the evil in her and told my family..she killed him. I can only imagine the jury see's the same thing but I've been wrong before (CA). I do worry about whether the jury will understand or listen to the jury instructions (ala CA), and also about a rogue juror (someone with a death penalty opposition or an impossible standard of 'proof'). Sadly sometimes even with photographic evidence jurors get bogged on non-issues (like they don't agree with the Pros. theory of how the crime happened and think that means they can't convict). Here is MY theory of what happened...

From the angle of the bullet it appears she stood over him and fired down on him, as the bullet entered above the temple area, passed through the front part of his brain and lodged in his cheek. From the pictures it seems she had him sit down as part of the 'photo shoot' and she began the attack. I believe she shot him first, while sitting (he would be in the right position for the angle of the bullet, and it only makes sense that she would try shooting him the gun could take him down immediately, rather than stabbing where he could possibly gain the upper hand) and like Julie, I also think the gun jammed.

Now Travis is shot, bleeding and trying to get away, he crawls over and pulls himself up on the sink, trying to get on his feet. As he does Jodi attacks him with the knife, he is weakened but still trying to get away so she stabs in the back/sides as he crawls down the hallway (remember in her ninja story she said Travis was crawling and "screaming the whole time"). When he reaches the threshold of the door she panics and cuts his throat to keep him from getting away and he loses consciousness, at which point she drags him back into the bathroom. I think some of the stab wounds came after he was incapacitated because if he were fighting and trying to get away, she couldn't get the knife perfectly between his ribs and so deep to sever arteries..she was full of rage and she was punishing Travis with every stab. Finally she attempts a clean-up by placing his body in the shower and spraying him down in hopes of removing any of her blood and DNA from the scene.

The M.E. said he couldn't know for sure if the bullet wound came first or last dues to the extreme decomposition. The M.E. said he couldn't see bleeding in the brain, so he wasn't able to say if TA was alive when he bullet passed through. Being able to prove something to a medical certainty is the standard he's held he can only testify to what he can support by the autopsy, but that doesn't mean the info is accurate. When questioned by the Pros. he said that he was unable to see bleeding, which MAY OR MAY NOT have been present, because the brain tissue was so decomposed. I think there's a good possibility the bullet came first just based on common sense.

Skeptical said...

If this woman gets off, I am going to agree with the Irish writer Ken Bruen who put today's judicial system in perspective. He said law is for the courtroom and justice is for the alleyway. Casey might have gotten off legally, but I think she will find that justice will continue to be meted out to her for the rest of her life in ways she never foresaw.

Anonymous said...

It is particular scary how Jodi gets excited and enjoys the recounting of her sexual experiences with Travis. She was having a hard time not grinning while the secretly recorded phone sex session was played in court, and when the attorney called her a dirty little school girl. The majority of women would be MORTIFIED to have their private sexual experiences detailed in court like this -- but this gal is smug and delighted with it, and throws flirty little glances toward the jury during it all. SCARY!

John Mc Gowan said...

Live stream dr phil.

John Mc Gowan said...

Live stream dr phil.

BostonLady said...

This questioning is painful. Jodi makes it difficult by parsing everything the prosecutor asks and he's already asking, what appears to be, very detailed questions.

Does she think this helps her seem more believable to the jury or is she just always difficult in trying to stay in control?

Either way, it's painfully slow to watch.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the way she turns toward the jury each. and. every. time. she. opens. her. mouth.

Creeeee peeeee!!!

Anonymous said...

She is definitely a sociopath, also I believe she has borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder is also a consideration. I don't know if the gun jammed. He didnt want her, she used her sexuality to connect with him and then she shot him to disable him. A gun is more impersonal, she wanted the knife and his death to literally be at her hands, to feel the power of being able to take it way and brutally. The gun wouldnt have given her the satisfaction, but more importantly the outlet to express her apparently boundless rage. But stabbing him frenetically did and now she finds it easy to smirk again. She doesnt have to feel the pain of bpd rejection because he didnt leave her, she MADE him go. I think thats why the gun was dropped, it just would not do. She's a terrifying and purely evil thing...subhuman animal. I am sure she will do it again and no man or woman will be safe if she takes a shine to someone.

sidewalk super said...

full gas cans = house fire

Where did she get money to get back to Yreka after killing Travis?

Jen said...

Hi Sidewalk-

A man appeared on one of the nightly crime shows and said that he was the one who loaned Jodi $$ (I believe $1000) to make her trip. He said she was desperate to get Travis back and needed to get to him before he took the trip w/ the new girl (Mimi Hall). He thought she was just trying to disrupt their relationship. However, I think it was an all or nothing trip. She went prepared to murder Travis if she couldn't win him back...essentially, if she wasn't going to be with him, then nobody else would ever have him.

Of course this man may only be an attention seeker, but they did show pictures of them together at the resort where she previously worked, so he obviously knew her. He claimed their relationship was only platonic and that she DID repay him when she returned. I swear, every part of this story leaves me with more ???, what do people see in her that they give her $, come to her defense, disparage the victim to help her escape's mind blowing!

sidewalk super said...

They see the flattery and sex she's promoting, she's flirting on the witness stand even.

Anonymous said...

Trial 24th day:
Prosecutor: "Maam, is it a yes?"
Jodi A: "It's yes and no, but mostly yes, I guess".

John Mc Gowan said...

Check this out.

Start the clock: Nancy times 29 stabs to Travis.


Skeptical said...


I wish the prosecution would reenact Arias's crime. It worked for Kelly Siegler when she prosecuted Susan Wright. She brought the bed where Susan Wright's husband was killed into the courtroom and proceeded to demonstrate how Susan Wright stabbed her husband 193 times. Dramatic - yes. Effective - yes. Susan Wright was convicted. The prosecutor needs to take the attention off Jodie Arias and put the attention on the heinous crime she committed. The jury needs to be shocked out of the fairy tale that Jodi Arias has spun.

John Mc Gowan said...


As the caller states there is no way on this planet all that could have happened in the time frame she says it did.
I think it will be unlikely they will reenact it out given the controversy of Susan Wright case when they done it.Although i don't see why not.

Ney said...

I am curious if there is even one case out there where self defense was carried out with 29 stabbed wounds (plus a bullet).

Yes, they should reenact it.
Skeptical, I agree, the prosecutor should take the attention off Jodie. I thought for the past several days. Her character and self serving careless nature is already presented, no need for further proof. Lots of men in the jury, no need to let her try to play them with the sexual nature of her crime.
When she speaks about the crime, they better ask Travis's girlfriend to sit in court where Jodi can see her. (the woman he wanted to travel for a vacation with) She can remind jodi why she was so angry, why she premeditated her crime.

They need medical experts explaining how Travis got stabbed, and how long he suffered before the stabbing to his heart caused him to die. And how many more wounds he got after he was already dead. And how he was photographed by jodi in the bathtub. She doesn't remember killing him but she sure wanted to remember how he looked after she punished him.
She will not get away with murder.

Shelley said...

Not sure if you guys watch Nancy Grace but someone called in and brought up a great point last night.

It was almost exactly 2 minutes from the photo time stamp that Travis was alive to when he was on the floor in a ball dead.

This caller said that he hopes the prosecution will “re-enact” what Jodi stated happened for the jury. Because to be “body slammed, get up, struggle, get up, run to the closet, get up to get the gun and some how shoot him, slash his throat and stab him 29 (was stated it was actually 29) times in just a 2 minute time frame is impossible. And even if she is stating she does not remember, we know what occurred and we have that time stamp. However, if she was prepared and had this planned… then it could happen quickly.

Let’s hope they do this. I think that may help push this to guilty. If not, I am just very sure that they won’t convict. And I think it’s more due to the fact that it’s a death penalty. But I am very worried.

And anyone else notice the look on his face in on one the photos where hes looking right at the camera. He looks scared to me. Maybe he was just trying to pose, but looks scared.

But I really think that after the photo where his back is the full shot, that she may have at that point when he was not looking at her, grabbed the knife she had hidden, slashed his throat or stabbed him first. I think he tried to run based on his bloody handprints in the hall (I think that was what they said). I think then she was frantic with the rest of the stabbings. Then dragged him into the shower and finished him off with the gun shot either because he was still moving or just to make sure he was dead.

I also hope they address the gun shot angle. It can be proved that she was standing over him. Not facing him.

So hope this prosecuter addresses these facts. We all know shes lied but that, like with Casey will not convict her.

He needs to show the jury that what she says happened could not have. Not just the time, but the angle of the gun.

Shelley said...

I should read everyones comments before I comment. I kinda said the same thing some of the others did.

Sorry guys....

rob said...

What got me, last nite on Nancy Grace, (sorry, I worked all day and wanted to see some testimony), a caller asked 'How will they find her guilty if they don't have the gun or knife with her fingerprints on it?' And Nancy unleashed the lawyers. NO NO NO Nancy should have screamed, in her normal voice, She admitted doing it, this trial is only about was it self-defense!!!!!!!!!!!I remember one of the jury questions, earlier in the trial, was did all the roommates have alibis. Yes, but JODI has already ADMITTED KILLING TRAVIS.
This is what Juan needs to harp on in his closing, SHE ADMITTS DOING IT, BUT IS THERE ANYWAY ON EARTH IT WAS SELF-DEFENSE?

Unknown said...

With our stomachs churning is right - Peter, you nailed it!!!

It is a sickening, terrifying feeling that justice may not be served!

Jodi - the clairvoyant - is now predicting a mistrial. She is also the one that confidently claimed "no jury will ever convict me" --- she is THAT confident in her lies! She has some nerve!

Patiently awaiting the verdict. (!!!)

Most Sincerely,

Ney said...

Rob, you are right,she already admitted killing him, during the trial, more than once.
There should be no need to prove that. The only thing they have to prove is the motive, and squish her made up self defense story. (They already proved she was not abused by him)
I'm watching it live stream now. Prosecutor is getting very upset with her over Travis shaved or didn't shave issue. He is playing the same recording for the 4th or 5th time for her.

Trigger said...

"What are the odds of Casey Anthony getting pregnant...etc."

Highly probable.

Pregnancy would give Casey and Cindy another venue for media attention.

It would give Casey the opportunity to teach us how to hire a nanny and Cindy could help with screening the applicants.

I hope that she doesn't have twins or triplets.

Anonymous said...

She couldn't remember stabbing him or shooting him. ..but a banana after sex? Durrrr...

Lemon said...

Re Casey:
It will be combination of Casey and Lee, and whatever Lee's turtle's name is. Or was.

Anonymous said...

doesn't matter if she lies, she dropped the camera, he got angry and started beating her, because she was aware of how he gets when he is angered, she came prepared with the gun. even with the gun he took a football player stance and came at her, the gun went off. even after being shot in the head he continued to come at her. it's like the bullet just pissed him off more. she fought desperately for her life with every cut of the knife. it was clearly self defense.

Jen said...

Not hardly...even if the attack began as self defense (which it didnt) that ended after she shot him. If she was protecting herself..her mission was accomplished by the gunshot. She is evil and manipulative and all if her claims of abuse and being attacked are self-serving lies.

Jen said...

Also he didn't beat her the day of the attack...she was making out and grinding with the Utah guy 12 hrs later and didn't have a single bruise on her. The only injuries she had were cuts to her hands from the knife slipping while she was stabbing him repeatedly in the skull, back, chest and slashing his throat to the spine..oh, and don't forget shooting him in the head too. I don't know how ANYONE, (including the liar Jodi herself) could convince themselves an attack so vicious is self defense.

Even she admitted today that she continued the knife attack after shooting him with NO KNOWLEDGE of whether his intent was to harm her. She attacked him after his final rejection and murderer him in cold blood..she should have made a deal and not wasted everyone's time.

Anonymous said...

Stomachs turn with the acids of questioning what will come next in the lives of these people spotlighted in the media.

Soap opera crime solving and profiling. pft!

C5H11ONO said...

I noticed that during her testimony and limited memory, and of all the things she could mention, she chose to mention that she stopped in the desert, got "water" from the trunk of her car and "washed" her hands. Because she has admitted to killing Travis and had indicated that they had been having sex, this is an interesting example of how a person will use the combination of water and washing after a sexual homicide. Interesting.

InDisbelief said...

To *anonymous* who thinks she's innocent of murder:

jodi ruined Travis' car, slashed his tires TWICE, slashed another womans tires, walked INTO this woman's house uninvited, walked into Travis' house UNINVITED many times, stalked him wherever he went, YET, Travis did not strike her ONCE.

You actually believe her LIES of a dropped camera & that that caused Travis to come at her?

1st of all, the photography enthusiast is *jodi*. And being that she loves photography, there is NO WAY she would ever mishandle a camera or DROP it. Not when its one of her passions. And it appears that she had that camera dangling from her neck....NO WAY it would or could have dropped, hence the accidental photos!

How do these people believe A PROVEN LIAR?

Gracie said...

I've heard people defend her by saying "if it was premeditated, why didn't she just shoot him when he opened the door when she arrived?"

I think that is ridiculous! Hearing how sex crazed and in love (love to her) she was with him, it is not surprising that she would want to have one last sexual escapade with him before killing him.

My other thought is that this was about the Mexico trip and she thought that maybe she could persuade him to take her instead of the other woman by having sex with him. Then when he wouldn't change his mind, she killed him.

I hope the re-direct on Monday does not go on forever, and ever. I think the jury is tired of her now.

InDisbelief said...


Did Matt take part in killing Bobby Juarez because Bobby refused to help jodi? WHITE know how jodi loves white cars...they don't draw as much attention!

If I were a policeman in that part of CA, I'd be looking to see if jodi & her LOYAL FRIENDS & FAMILY might be involved! Sleazy gus searcy also comes to mind.

I think its ODD that hours after she murdered Travis she called gus at 3:30 AM to let him KNOW Travis was dead. WHY? Unless he helped her work out a plan, gave her shooting classes, or helped her in some way? Something about her calling gus searcy just doesn't make sense to just happen out of the BLUE, plus, gus NEVER told anyone anything, he didn't call police....WHY?

Gracie said...


Very interesting link about Bobby's murder.

Also, do you remember when Matt was on the stand in Jodi's trial and he did not want his face shown on camera??? Why???

Anonymous said...

Referring to Thursday's testimony...I missed some of the courtroom drama yesterday, & want to catch up.

So if you'll bear with me:

What is the significance of Travis shaving or not shaving, & how does this shaving/not shaving play in the timeline of the murder events ?

Also, what's the deal on Martinez line of questioning about who deleted which pictures when ?

Thanks !
- sierra

InDisbelief said...

GRACIE: I believe that it was DARRYL BREWER, the man jodi lived with for 4 years who did not want his face shown. I didn't see matt mccartney's testimony though, so I don't know about him.

SIERRA: The importance of the shaving I believe, is that jodi said she was uncomfortable or didn't want Travis to perform oral sex on her because his face was not shaven & the hair growth was bothering her.

However, Travis was clean-shaven in the picture she took of him in the shower. YET another lie.

With regard to the pictures, I think he's going to prove that jodi was the one taking & deleting the pictures so they would not link her to being at Travis' house that day, but I could be wrong.

An Historical Lady said...

To those laboring under the misconception that the gunshot was FIRST, please review the forensic evidence. TRAVIS WAS CATEGORICALLY NOT SHOT FIRST. He was shot last, and was already dead at the time!
The stab to the front (most likely heart area) came first, followed by many more. He was trying to fight off the attack at this point and sustained defensive wounds to the hands. Travis was still alive but leaning over the sink while Jodi stabbed him repeatedly in the back and head! He tried to make his way down the hall, presumably to get away and get help. His throat was cut near the bedroom door. He died there on the floor and was dragged BACK to the bathroom where he was shot once from above. Travis suffered, and at some point KNEW that he was going to die.

Anonymous said...

An Historical Lady, yesterday they covered the sink attack and I realized the cruelty and extent of her attack on him. He was standing over the sink probably in a daze and he must have seen her through the mirror stabbing him repeatedly. How horrific!

Anonymous said...

The only evidence of his alleged abuse is from her mouth - a proven pathological liar. She claims he got upset when she dropped the camera and it bounced twice and rolled near the bathtub (do cameras bounce? Roll? No) and then she claims this ENRAGED him and he body slammed her to the ground with one foot in the shower and one foot out. Just picture that in your head for a second. Then, after chasing her around the closet, she claims she shoots him in the head (with her eyes closed. Lucky shot, if you ask me)and AFTER he is shot in the head she claims he is swearing at her and still coming after her...because a shot through part of brain is no big deal, right? Jodi Arias is so worried about conforming her tale to the self defense rules and the evidence that her story is outright ridiculous...if not impossible.

Anonymous said...

At in disbelief:

The issue with the shaving was because she (Jodi) said, WHEN he was shaving the day he was killed, it took a lot of convincing for him to allow her to take pictures of him in the shower. She said that to the detective during her second "two ninjas" story, however, she told the jury during direct that HE wanted her to take those pictures, and during cross she was trying to backtrack by saying that they discussed it months earlier and not the day of the murder. That's why he played it four times. It was brilliant. And if you are only at that part of yesterdays gets A LOT better.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11:57, go prop your head through a window and get some oxygen and stop thinking with your prick. He's a man not a pit bull. I don't think even you believes your own asanine statement, but Im embarrassed for you if you do. What a tool.

InDisbelief said...

@ANONYMOUS March 1, 2013 at 4:54 PM:

I also heard Juan Martinez tell jodi yesterday that she had complained about Travis not shaving while he was performing oral sex....something she had said on the stand while her atty was questioning her I believe. I just remember hearing him say that & they showed a picture of his face where he appeared clean shaven.

I hope they get her good. After committing such a heinous crime, she doesn't deserve to be free.

I'm just left wondering about her ex boyfriend Robert Juarez, and wondering if she also had something to do with that death?

MizzMarple said...


I have been following this trial since it started and I have never seen anything quite like it ... I was astounded by the info brought in by the DEFENSE in this case -- which made a complete MOCKERY of the Judicial System in the U.S. !

In my opinion, it's an open and shut case -- NO SELF DEFENSE -- this savage MURDERED Travis in cold blood !

Watch the "look" on her face and especially her EYES when the Prosecutor questions her -- she has this very EVIL look in her eyes, and you can see the daggers coming out ... she is one scary thing.

Although this case has NOT received the attention the Casey Anthony Trial received, it is a high profile case -- which is WHY I do NOT TRUST the jury to get this right !

She DESERVES to get DP or LWOP but no telling with juries.

Anonymous said...

I saw this and thought of Ms. Arias, what do you think:
"Another way in which psychopaths condition their partners to accept a toxic relationship is by gradually pushing the envelope of deviant requests. Since psychopaths are easily bored and need constant thrills, they may initially ask their targets to make out in public, under the pretense that they’re so attracted to them that they can’t keep his hands off of them. In reality, however, psychopaths are not as attracted to their partners, even at the beginning of the relationship, as to the thrill of crossing the boundaries of public decency and demeaning their partners. Recall from my previous post that psychopaths are extreme narcissists who derive most pleasure from the dominance and victimization of others.

As soon as the victim complies with one perverse request, it becomes normative. After a short while, the psychopath will demand more indecent behavior from her, once again pretending that it stems from their great and special passion. Pretty soon, the victim finds herself complicit with his abnormal behavior, sometimes even addicted to it. Not surprisingly, this technique is often used by pimps to create loyalty and submission in the women and girls they ensnare into prostitution. What begins under the guise of romantic love and passion–something that most women yearn for–ends up being what it always was in reality and in the psychopath’s evil design: a form of sexual slavery."

Anonymous said...

Shelley said...

Had an interesting thought just now. I find it interesting how Jodie was so confident that no jury would ever convict her as she is sitting in jail. But then says she didn't cal LE about her self defense cause she was scared. Especially since to her "memory" she only shot him once. Not that I believe her, but they should ask her

Also they said her and her girlfriend In jail made plans with some man to be their sperm donor do they can have a baby.. Recently. So she still is sure she will get off.

Still don't know if I think the prosecution is addressing the right things. And that's concerning if this is not a smart jury.

She should be asked to re-enact the whole section she remembers or they could have someone do it in a layout like the areas in Travis's bathroom closet area. It would also help show that the 2 minute murder could not have included an attack to her, a struggle, getting a gun and a knife and inflicting all the wounds. That the only way would be if this was planned and carried out in a strategic manner.

I think she was addicted to how much Travis worshiped her body. She said he made her feel like a princess. When he planned that Mexican trip with another woman I think that was the final straw.

We all know the stolen gun from her grandparents house was taken by her. She planned every second of this trip.

Shelley said...

Also did anyone else see how faked it appeared when she attempted to show everyone how Travis body slammed her?

And really, you drop a camera so he body slams you?

Anonymous said...

The most immportant questions are if she deserves the death penalty for her crime and if she can be trusted not to stalk, hurt, kill another person as long as she is alive.
The answer is simple, she cannot be trusted, she cannot be let out, she cannot be let back into society ever.
If any sane person looks at the crime scene photos, knows it was not self defense. If any person would still believe it could have been self defense, has to know that anyone who can butcher someone in that manner is dangerous, and are a threat.

Anonymous said...

Are there any words on how long this trial will be? Weeks more, months more? I cannot find any info on that.

Anonymous said...

depends on how long the prosecutor babbles on and on about nothing because he didn't prove his case. should i stand over here or over there, i dont care if you stand over here or over there, i do not like green eggs and ham, and he is giving me a headache.

Anonymous said...

Part 1
Prosecutor Jose Martinez successfully sent another woman to death row for murdering her husband, a case in which the defendant also pleaded self defense.

"Wendi Andriano's husband became seriously ill and had to stop working. Allegedly resentful of her responsibilities, Wendi Andriano began frequenting bars and engaging in extramarital affairs. As her discontent increased, she hatched a scheme to kill her husband and profit from his death.
She asked her friends if they would pose as her husband so that she could obtain a life insurance policy. She researched the effects of various poisons and how to obtain them discreetly. Andriano ordered poison and had it sent to a separate business.

Although Andriano claimed that she was physically and psychologically abused by her husband, none of her friends ever observed any signs of abuse.

Andriano began slipping sodium azide capsules to her husband. In the early morning hours of October 8, 2000, Andriano called 911 to report that her husband was having a heart attack, but when paramedics arrived, she turned them away.
Several hours later, she again called 911 to report that she had stabbed and beaten him in self-defense. When paramedics arrived, they found Joe Andriano dead from repeated beatings [from a bar stool] and a stab wound to the neck. Weak from the poisoning and chemotherapy, he was unable to defend himself against Andriano, who struck him at least 20 times with a bar stool before stabbing him in the neck."

It's interesting to note that Andriano called 911 to report killing her husband. While I don't believe he was abusive (he was bedridden for crying out loud) she still called, something that Arias never did. From the research I have done, people who accidentally kill someone, or are in a real life and death struggle for their lives and really do kill in self defense, feel remorse and contact the authorities immediately. Arias didn't. She tried to cover up the crime by calling Travis' phone when she knew he was dead, sending lilies and letters to the family, and so on. She called police - as many murderers do - to try and involve herself in the investigation and find out what LE knew. First she wasn’t there, then the ninjas broke in, and finally she admitted to LE that she had killed him but came with the self-defense/battered woman/sexual deviant story that cannot be collaborated by anyone. And she has never shown a gram of remorse. I feel so badly for Travis’ family, having to listen to her lies about Travis’ pedophilia and other horrid ‘stories,’ besmirching his name. Whether or not Travis used Arias as a sex toy is also contrived. From the information that has come out at trial, it was Arias herself who instigated the vast majority of those trysts. She used Travis much more than he used her. It was interesting to watch the trial last week when recordings of their phone sex were played to the court. Arias obviously enjoyed hearing the recordings again. She smiled a lot of the time, smirked at other times, and was the complete opposite of the way she appeared when she was on direct and admitted that she really enjoyed sex with Travis. But on Thursday, when the DA was reviewing her past statements and trying to get yes or no answers, it was impossible for her to do that.

Anonymous said...

Part 2
Even when the court allowed her to stand and demonstrate how Travis “got down like a linebacker,” (which looked more like a plié than a linebacker, by the way,) she stood up and started talking. Martinez had to tell her to stop talking and just demonstrate the linebacker pose several times. It must be really difficult for Martinez to play this continual word game with Arias. He will ask a direct question that only needs a yes or no answer, but she prattles on and on, seldom addressing the actual question. I think the state has done a terrific job with Arias. Now the defense will try to do some damage control, but Martinez will still get the last turn. While the Florida verdict still troubles me, I believe there is enough physical and forensic evidence that simply cannot be refuted. That, I think, will give the jury of 12 and 6 alternates plenty of evidence to deal with. The truth and Arias have never met, and I think the jury will not buy into her ‘self defense’ story. Stabbing someone in the back 9 times is not self defense. Nor is cutting Travis throat so deep that it nicked his spine. And the final bullet to the head when he was dead was one of the best descriptions of overkill I have come across. Arias thought she covered up the crime so well, she thought that she was smarter than anyone else in the world. She thought throwing the camera into the washer would destroy any physical evidence. She truly isn’t that smart, is she? I can’t wait for the sentencing phase, but I doubt that they will get to that part just before Christmas.
Also, I have a couple of questions for Peter:
Arias frequently says “at that time,” or “at this time.” Is there any significance to that? Also, what is the significance of the way she uses exactly the same words every time she answers a question. For instance, she always says “He lunged at me,” or “he got down like a linebacker.” She never changes her words, like they are a carefully planned script that she can never change. What does that indicate, if anything?

Anonymous said...

She took photos of him after she killed him. Prosecutor should ask why she did that? Did she want to remember what she has done?
Self defense does not end up looking like a butcher's job. Self defense does not end up with photos of the victim being dead.
The prosecutor should ask her about the trip, if she was sad,if she was upset Travis wanted to take another woman. That woman should sit in court where Arias can see her good, when she answers. He should ask her if she was dissapointed after he told he still takes the other woman, and not her. He should call friends of Travis to testify about Arias's obsession, and how she stalked him.

Anonymous said...

Self defense does not end up with photos of the victim being dead, the photos made by the killer.

Anonymous said...

Authorities are working toward a first-degree murder conviction in order to try for a death sentence.
Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods told ABC15 that the trial is "over" after watching her testimony Thursday.
"I think she may have succeeded in talking herself into the death penalty," Woods said. "Her story makes no sense. It doesn't match forensics. It doesn't match common sense. It's a preposterous story."

Read more:

Anonymous said...

I imagine the jurors have a good view of everyone in the courtroom.

Jodi's Mother, Sandy acts so inappropriate with smirks, laughter, gum chewing, snacking. Wow! I noticed as the Prosecutor was questioning Jodi, her mother was laughing.....WTH!

This does not help Jodi, they seem alike in their lack of respect for the process, lack of respect for the victim's family. Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

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Shelley said...

Watching some more details on this trial. Ive been concerned about the prosecution until today. He's really addressing pretty relevant point finally. Like the time frame, the closet being not only in perfect order but the fact that the shelves she says she stepped on to get this gun were held up by pegs and would have tipped. Asking if she had a knife in her possession while shooting Travis etc. and also today watching the defense attorney I felt like he was "half assing" it. Like he is Just doing his job, but does not feel passionate about Jodi's Innocence. I finally think she may get convicted....

Shelley said...

I think.... She found out about his trip to cancun with the other girl... Got mad, stole the gun, planned her trip to include a rental car and gas cans... Had one last sexual adventure with him for "old times sake", got dressed, got the gun (which she stole from
Her grandparents) and the knife, hid in her clothes and confronted Travis about the trip. I think she then pulled the gun (and the photo of him looking right at the camera to me is a look of fear and at this time he was scared). I think she then told him to turn and face the wall (then we have the photo of him facing the wall with his back to her) at which time I think she began with the stabbing. I do think he did "body slam her" (adrenaline) and that's when there was a brief struggle and he tried to get out (blood in hall) and possible passed out, she then slit his throat, stabbed several more times as he was weak and she could control the situation.... Started Drag him back to the bathroom, he then moved or twitched... Still alive and she shot him to make sure he was dead.

This bs defense claim is bullshit. Not just the time factor but he's a man. Unless she has been specially trained in self defense.. She's not going to win a fight against a man. My ex was super skinny and bever worked out and even when he would just hold me down playfully to tickle me... I could not ever get up.

Jodi was not the Defenseive player in this game. Had she been, she would not have won. Unless someone can show me that she was trained not just in self defense, but fighting...she has lied.

Still love the moment when he tried to get her to "show us" how travis came at her abd she struggled. That was classic.

Shelley said...

I think.... She found out about his trip to cancun with the other girl... Got mad, stole the gun, planned her trip to include a rental car and gas cans... Had one last sexual adventure with him for "old times sake", got dressed, got the gun (which she stole from
Her grandparents) and the knife, hid in her clothes and confronted Travis about the trip. I think she then pulled the gun (and the photo of him looking right at the camera to me is a look of fear and at this time he was scared). I think she then told him to turn and face the wall (then we have the photo of him facing the wall with his back to her) at which time I think she began with the stabbing. I do think he did "body slam her" (adrenaline) and that's when there was a brief struggle and he tried to get out (blood in hall) and possible passed out, she then slit his throat, stabbed several more times as he was weak and she could control the situation.... Started Drag him back to the bathroom, he then moved or twitched... Still alive and she shot him to make sure he was dead.

This bs defense claim is bullshit. Not just the time factor but he's a man. Unless she has been specially trained in self defense.. She's not going to win a fight against a man. My ex was super skinny and bever worked out and even when he would just hold me down playfully to tickle me... I could not ever get up.

Jodi was not the Defenseive player in this game. Had she been, she would not have won. Unless someone can show me that she was trained not just in self defense, but fighting...she has lied.

Still love the moment when he tried to get her to "show us" how travis came at her abd she struggled. That was classic.

Anonymous said...

Saw the videos today of Jodie's headstand, giggles etc in police station after arrest. Pundits say it shows she's not in touch with reality. I see SOCIOPATH: 'look at me, look at my body, look at how pretty I am even without makeup'. She knew she was under observation and was using her sexuality to try to manipulate - something she has successfully done time + time again. She's putting on a show, just like she is in court. Just like she did in those TV interviews. Just like she was doing in the video of poor Travis with her head on his lap. He was a fly in her web. I'm so sorry for his loved ones, and for him. She knew exactly what she was doing and still does

Anonymous said...

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