Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hailey Dunn Case: DNA Evidence Alleged

In the case of missing 13 year old Hailey Dunn, there is an unconfirmed report that, as speculated by many, law enforcement does, in deed, have DNA and physical evidence of a crime against Hailey within the home shared by Billie Jean Dunn, and Shawn Adkins. 

The report suggests that evidence includes an item  belonging to Hailey that had been carefully hidden in the home, yet uncovered later.  This remains unconfirmed.  

More about this later.  

Also unconfirmed reports from close to the case: 

1.  Namely, that Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins are  active in a group called the AOW (Association of the Wicked). 

 It is allegedly a  group "where "Anything Goes", which is their official credo, and it is comprised of Necrophiliacs, Urophiliacs, Bestiality Enthusiasts, and anything else taboo."

It is reportedly "largely associated with the occult and Satan Worship, and has ties in its creation to Anton LeVey.

It is reported that in the past few years, both Dunn and Adkins have publicly posted on their Facebook page and in their chatroom.

This is unconfirmed and it is unknown what internet "handle" was used.  Reportedly, Shawn was a member of the Dallas chapter of this group.  

An insider also reported more about childhood trauma suffered by Billie Dunn. 

 The report stated that Billie Dunn allegedly 

"witnessed her father's brutal murder as a teenager, where she claimed that her mother began a downward spiral from sanity. She claims that is when her brothers began their extensive lives of crime, beginning lives of being in and out of jail. When Billie spoke of him, she spoke very highly of her father, and claimed to miss him greatly. She stated that he was an alcoholic but never violent towards her mother. She also stated that her mother was not faithful, and had a string of violent boyfriends after that."

The above is an exact quote.  None of the information posted here has been confirmed.

compare the above with the Affidavit:


Anonymous said...

I hope LE actually does have enough DNA evidence to convict the wrong done to Hailey resulting in her disappearance. May the person or persons who caused Hailey harm, sit in general population for the rest of their lives with no chance of parole.
There is no excuse for someone harming a child, theirs or someone elses.

Anonymous said...

If they have DNA evidence why has this not been brought to the Grand Jury? I am skeptical of this report but hope it is true and that LE acts on it. Local anon

Anonymous said...

"an item belonging to Hailey that had been carefully hidden in the home"

Possibly a diary?

Anonymous said...

What could it be? Somehing Hailey had or somehing they used what weapon did they kill Hailey !!!

Anonymous said...

The "item"will be clothing.I'll guarantee it.
Probably a hat.

Anonymous said...

Why a hat?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Her blog has disclosed a cap/hat has been found.

Anonymous said...

Okay. I missed that. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The hat was found at the site of the remains, or the residence?

Mouse74 said...

Again, Anons...please use a name, even if fake and changed for each story.

It's like reading words from one person having a conversation with themselves.

If you want to be heard, or taken seriously....use a name so that we can follow who says what. Otherwise I and others just assume you are a troll with nothing better to do that have a conversation with yourself.

Yeah yeah yea, you have the right to be private so you don't get hacked on. Waa Waa Waa. It's called courtesy. If you get hacked on, change your name on the next story.

Trolls suck.

Anonymous said...

Please, where was the hat found and where did the report come from? Local anon

Anonymous said...

The hat was found at MOUSE47's house.
I'm _ABC

CM said...

I would like to know where I can read the posts about a hat being found.

Curious said...

Sorry, I'll try again with a name this time. Does anyone know where the hat was found?

Juliette said...

In the case of missing 13 year old Hailey Dunn, there is an unconfirmed report that, as speculated by many, law enforcement does, in deed, have DNA and physical evidence of a crime against Hailey within the home shared by Billie Jean Dunn, and Shawn Adkins.

If this is true, why didn't LE use it to prosecute Billie and Shawn at the time? Wouldn't it have impacted their guilt as much then as now if Hailey's remains are found or nor?

Anonymous said...

Mother of Missing Teen Hailey Dunn Arrested:

They have a warrant for SA's dna and to search his grandmother's home'.

Billie lied when they attempted to serve the warrant.

This must be Hailey.

MOJO said...

I think, if there is DNA/physical evidence, it has been held back waiting for some support . . . finding Hailey, Billie Jean turning on Shawn, etc.

No point in bring it forward by itself. Two independent sources of info pointing in the same direction are much stronger than one.

And holding it back may give the guilty a false sense of security?

I think the authorities have always been confident they would find the body with time.

john said...

Anon 1:29

That was 2011..

Anonymous said...

""If this is true, why didn't LE use it to prosecute Billie and Shawn at the time?""

DNA and physical evidence does not necessarily prove anything

DNA and physical evidence need to connect the dots

The fact that the evidence would need to be presented to a Grand Jury is proof unto itself that whatever evidence LE has, LE does not think it's strong enough to prosecute with (hence the reason for going to a Grand Jury: prosecutors ask the Grand Jury whether or not the evidence is strong enough, connects the dots enough, to substantiate the charges and go to trial)

The LE in this case botched the investigation from Day 1, the prosecutors relentlessly lied to the media (we have child porn! we don't have child porn! we're headed to a grand jury! we're not headed to a grand jury! we have a heap of evidence! we have nothing without a body! we will be signing off arrest warrants! the prosecutors here can't do anything because the case encompasses multiple counties!), LE could not even determine whether Hailey was a runway or missing let alone a homicide victim

The criminal justice system failed Hailey as much as her family

Katprint said...

"DNA evidence" is a very broad category. It quite common for people living in the same house - or even just visiting - to transfer DNA onto each other, by hugging each other, sitting in the same chairs, using the same bathroom, etc. What causes non-stranger DNA evidence to be incriminating is if a particular type of DNA-containing cell, like blood or semen, is found where it shouldn't be (like blood in a car trunk or semen in a child's bed) or in large quantities indicating the likely death of the donor.

Skeptical said...

The bed coverings were taken by LE from Hailey's room. Perhaps there was incriminating DNA recovered from them. If Hailey's body lay on her bed overnight until Shawn could dispose of it in the morning bodily fluids could have seeped out and there could be evidence there. I wonder if it would be possible for cadaver dogs to recover a scent from them. There would have been time for decomposition to start to form.

Lemon said...

Welcome Curious and MOJO!

You have earned the board's undying gratitude for choosing a name. Please spread the word 'round how easy it was and how great it is to now have a name. :)

fghjwjrtyjhtj said...

other than her baseball gear, i dont recall ever seeing a photo of Hailey wearing a hat?

MPA said...

It would not surprise me in the least if SA and BJD were into satanic ritual and abuse. I know for a fact that I have seen a photo of him online giving the devil´s horns sign. These two were into some very very dark practices and Hailey paid the price and they are still free.

Anonymous said...

Wish they could make an arrest already.

MPA said...

anonymous because I don't have a google account or any others you offer to sign in with"

You don´t need one.
Just choose the Name/URL option and enter the name of your choice. Super easy. :-)

Pak31 said...

I just hope and arrest comes soon. I hope that Hailey has been found. THis needs to end. Shawn and Billie are not very bright individuals which is why I'm so stunned that it's taken this long but LE must know what they are doing. The fact that Hailey's mom was partying, taking out cash,etc while her daughter was missing sickens me. The fact that Shawn failed the poly and even gave Scurry county as where she could be found gives me hope that an end is in sight for these two.

Red Ryder said...

Not Hailey :( I was hoping she had been found. According to Huffington Post the remains found are male. She is still out there.Sorry I can't post a link from my phone.

BostonLady said...

Red Ryder, make sure that isn't from last year. People have been mistaking the 2012 articles for this year.

mommaklee said...


Red Ryder said...

Yes, you're right! I just realized my mistake! NO REPORT BACK YET ON REMAINS.
Oops! Sorry everyone! That's what I get for posting when I only have a few minutes to read. Off to the naughty corner I guess:/

Curious said...

Thanks Lemon! Yes it really is just as easy as it is to hit the name button as it is to hit the anonymous button. I don't have a good excuse.

Pak31, in the affidavit that posted the link to, it says Billie Dunn failed a polygraph too in the questions relevant to Hailey's disappearance.

Curious said...

It seems to me that there was enough information in that affidavit alone to bring to a grand jury. I didn't doubt that either of them was involved before reading that, but seeing it altogether instead of in bits and pieces just solidifies it in my mind.

Lemon said...


Your link is from 2012, last year, regarding the remains found near the airport. It is an old link.

~ABC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~ABC said...

I watched the youtube video of Shawn and his, I think cousin, in a boat smoking something. When SAdkins does his little thing with the boat paddle his expression changes remind me of another maniac. Manson does that same kind of crap so yeah. I have no doubt that SAdkins is involved in satanic ridiculousness! Whether it be organized or not.

Shelley said...

I hate that any body was found, but I hope it at least brings closure for the familys that loved their child and justice for those responsible.

Billie, Shawn, Sergio and Becky Celis, Jon Ramsey and all the others we know were involved may you be brought to justice and in the mean time, be scaredf every time the phone rings, the door bell rings, a cop drives by. You dont deserve to sleep in peace, laugh, smile or enjoy anything you deprived these kids of doing.

~ABC said...

Anon @ 12:11

No you are not ABC! And that is exactly why I locked in my username. :)

(I had anon's time wrong. Had to repost)

Hobnob said...

If it is an item that belongs to Hailey such as clothing or something personal to her and it has been found in a place where it could not have gotten accidentally then there are two possible reasons for it being where it is.

1) it has been kept as a trophy.
Often killers, particularly killers with a sexual motive, will take a trophy from their victim, often after their death.

This allows the killer to relive the crime, the sex whenever they wish. Many often masturbate while holding, sniffing the item if it is clothing. It can b enough to stop the urge to kill until it no longer does its job (no smell for example) Others may take an item of jewellry to keep or give to their partner, each has their own reason for a trophy, even as a means of keeping score in multiple murders.
There will probably be some DNA evidence on it as proof of their conquest, at a minimum it will have DNA from the victim as well as the killer.

2)The other possibility is billie kept it as insurance,to cover her butt should Hailey be found or shawn and h split up and h decides to throw her under the bus.
He may have known about it but couldn't find it or it was hidden whilst he was away and thus he doesn't know about it.
If this is the case their will be evidence on the item that will prove shawn's involvement ( she may have been smart and used gloves to stop her DNA getting on it though again it depends what is found since as the mom her DNA could be explained away as she laundered the item.
It also depends what DNA is found where and if for example her DNA such as hairs is found over the incriminating evidence, which would need to be explained away.
If this is the case this is the hold she has over shawn, you upset me, you cheat on me you throw me under the bus i will give LE this and take you with me.

I wonder how this item was found?
Was it found because of a tip?
Was it found due to diligent searching?
Was it found when they were looking for something else?
Was it found because of something told them by billie or shawn?
if the latter, is it linked to the discovery of remains in Scurry county?
If the latter who told them where to look and why?

Are we looking at shawn and billie setting their camps up, being advised by their lawyers and maybe looking at doing a deal since we all know fist to talk wins the prize.

The timing is important given we have a new set of remains where shawn said to look.
It is also interesting this new evidence has come out when, in the previous two finds billie and shawn legged it back to colorado city and starting doing pressers in the first case and said nothing in the second.

This makes me think these bones and/or their location is sensitive.

ecossie possie said...

However besies her lies an schemeing .
Billlie has been spinning spining ever since she an her boyfreind murderd or acidently killled Hailey dureing one of there perverted sex acts.

LE have also been wanting to arrest thease more so than most.
As thats there job.

Dont you think even with the findings of child porn an other blatant indicaters of abbuse.
The fact that no arrests of grand jury proceadins mean something.

Not content to let this slide with incacerateing them for child porn abuse ect.
They want a conviction so all this time we think they have been twiddling there thumbs an going round in circles.
They have been investicating applied for an got warrants for co vert surveilance wire taps on land lines an cellular phones .

Like wise electronic media.No point have them locked up for porn as then they might never find Hailey.
But if they played Billie at her own game an a lot more sophisticated an sneakier I think we may be in the prosess of seeing the fruits of there labours an two year investigation.

Billie thought she was punking the world an all the while she was being punked m o o.

Anonymous said...

Stop please with too many posts about naming ourselves. Why do I not? I sign as local anon in Hailey conversation when I try to contribute local perspective. I often write quickly with spelling errors and have been seviourly aggressive by boggers here. So no, I do not always want to be identified. I just want to roll you what I know and hear what you know. Local anon

BostonLady said...

I would just caution everyone to be weary of some of the unconfirmed information. There are rumors floating out there and someone will claim it as "I heard this from a reliable source" when they only heard it from a rumor posted online.

I believe if there is credible information, it is being held until arrests are made. I'm not saying what is printed here isn't true, I have just seen so much crap floating out here that it's best to be cautious.

Praying for justice for Hailey !!

Skip said...

Local anon, your name on here IS "Local Anon." I think that means you're covered! ; )

mommaklee said...

Lemon! Thanks! I am sorry. I checked the date, but must've gotten it wrong.

Lemon said...

No worries, it is easy to miss the year in the date.

LC said...

Life experience tells me there is often a Seed of Truth in any Rumor.

Katprint said...

Some thoughts about why Billie Jean Dunn and Shawn Adkins have not been arrested yet:

The minute a defendant is arrested, the "speedy trial" clock starts ticking. In addition to the "speedy trial" guarantees in Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Texas has its own "speedy trial" statute. Per Art. 32A.02, Sec. 1:

"A court shall grant a motion to set aside an indictment, information, or complaint if the state is not ready for trial within:

(1) 180 days of the commencement of a criminal action if the defendant is accused of a felony;"

Various legal issues like whether prosecutors can file charges, have the defendant arrested, dismiss the charges if they aren't actally ready in time for trial, then refile the charges to re-set the speedy trial clock, or whether the speedy trial clock runs only when a defendant is in-custody but not when a defendant is out on bail, and pretty much any other legal sophistry you can think of, have been extensively litigated all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. The bottom line is, since a murder case has no statute of limitations and the defendant will probably remain in custody once charged/arrested/arraigned, the prosecutor should not begin the prosecution unless they are really ready to go to trial in 180 days -- even though the case will probably be continued past 180 days as the vast majority of serious felony cases are.

It is very likely that Shawn Adkins and/or Billie Dunn murdered Hailey Dunn. However (in my opinion) there is probably not enough evidence to prove BEYOND ALL REASONABLE DOUBT that Shawn and/or Billie Dunn murdered Hailey. Constitutional protections against "double jeopardy" mean the government only gets one chance to prosecute, and if they are acquitted due to insufficient evidence then it doesn't matter if better evidence is discovered later(such as Hailey Dunn's body, cell phone photos of Billie smothering Hailey or Shawn cutting Hailey's throat, book/movie/TV deals featuring confessions by Billie or Shawn, insert whatever other conclusively incriminating evidence here) because they can't be re-tried.

Anonymous said...

Her hat was found in the cats basket.

Dee said...

I thought it was beyond A reasonable doubt, not beyond ALL. Isn't that thought what probably got CA off?

Curious said...

I looked up the definitions of reasonable doubt and moral certainty and to me it is clear that dna evidence, a body, being caught on video or that kind of "hard evidence" are not required to meet the standard. Circumstantial evidence, if there is enough of it, is sufficient for one to conclude guilt with moral certainty.

In a case like this with drugs and perversion, it would tip my moral certainty toward guilt, as the mother and boyfriend are certainly NOT innocents. Adkins had the means, motive and opportunity. At the very least, Billie Dunn knowingly put Hailey at risk bringing Shawn Adkins and his "hobbies" into the home and engaging in them herself. Dunn provided the opportunity and by failing the polygraph, lying for Adkins, hiding him from LE and speaking of her daughter in the past tense from day one, is clearly complicit in my mind.

There seems to be a free-for-all on children because of the expectation of dna and a body to prosecute a case. And the word has spread like wildfire since Casey Anthony.

I agree that the more evidence the better the chance of getting justice. But at some point it is better to try and lose than to wait forever for absolute proof.

Anonymous said...

Can comeone please send a quote or a link to the hat/ And why would a hat be important? I have not sen photos of hailey wearing a hat. Thank you.

Trishapatk said...

I am not being argumentative here .... I just want to throw out some of my own thoughts on the Casey Anthony trial outcome and it's bearing on other cases.

It isn't Statement Analysis, please forgive me if it seems out of place. And, Please, no attacks if there are those who disagree. It gets scary to try to throw out thoughts here. I've had those who pounce ... who seem ready to start a fight. This is such an interesting place to read peoples thoughts. I am thankful to those who post their thought provoking comments.

My notion is that the Casey Anthony trial didn't go the way it did because of lack of evidence or anything else objectively measurable. It seems like it was just a sociological phenomenon, hopefully an anomaly, where the entire thing was so publicized that it started to seem like a game. Even though the jury was sequestered and supposedly knew little about it prior to trial, I think that they became acutely aware of the fact that it was a public spectacle of an event. And they got to play a huge part in it ... to go back to me saying it was a game. ( please remember that this is only private speculation that I'm sharing) I think that the jury felt like they were playing a game and enjoyed being able to say to the prosecution ... ha, ha - you thought you were the winners- but we get to decide ... and they found a convoluted way to say that the prosecution didn't win. Suddenly all the focus was on them as if they were the winnng team, holding all the cards and making the final decision.
So, my point is only that I think it is a strange, psychological/sociological anomaly, rather than a new legal precedent.
When I see the results of other cases that depend upon circumstantial evidence, cases that aren't as well publicized, the jury usually comes up with a verdict that makes sense.
I am throwing this out mostly because I still ponder what really caused the Casey Anthony trial to end the way it did. I do not want to believe that most jurors would make a decision such as theirs.

... to Curious at 8:39, you may be right about the free-for-all on children because of that expectation and it does seem as though that was the one thing we could understand from the Casey Anthony trial. I guess that I wonder what was behind it because to latch onto that alone required ignoring overwhelming circumstantial evidence. It would be awful it that is one of the things influencing L.E. and the legal system when it comes to dealing with certain cases involving parents of missing children.

Apple said...

Interesting post. Thank you for sharing.

ACH said...

OT, Re; Casey Anthony.

I believe because the jury had been sequestered for so long they knew if they convicted CA they then would be held over for the punishment phase of the trial, leaving them to search for any excuse to acquit.
Most people live hurried stressful lives, and cannot afford to be away from work for extended periods of time. It takes moral courage and sacrifice to serve on a jury.


Anonymous said...

Demonstraes how little you know about technology and the implications some have suffered as a result of using a name, just any name, on this site, continuing to preservere, however, because, just like you, he or she cares about Hailey. You have no right to bully this situation. It is not your site. Start your own site and require that everyone use a name. This is Peter's site. He allows anonymous posts and it is his right to do so and our right to use them if we so choose. I have been coming here for 3 years, long before this case and you for I do not recognize you as being an old faithful like Hobs or Boston Lady. We have rights. We are protected and you need to stop. You are not helping anyone by continuing to bully this situation.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:53, who are you referring as bullying?

curious said...

Can I ask where the hat info -- or rumor -- is coming from?

Anonymous said...

Several of us have been asking for the hat connection with no results. Can anyone out there she'd some light? Local anon

BostonLady said...

lol old faithful? Thanks Anonymous :) That gave me a little chuckle this morning. I know what you meant :)

SAlurker said...

Was there a pic of Hailey in a soft pink winter type of hat?

Maybe I'm confusing Hailey with another child. (I know that's awful). I haven't followed Hailey's case closely.

Anonymous said...

The only image I have of hailey with a hat is a batting helmet

ecossie possie said...

The Jury in the murder trial for trunkmom.
Knew the trial was huge news and also various players involved in the case.
Had made money of the death of Caylee.
An thought they should also get a cut of some money.
After all they had been locked up in a luxury hotel an pampered for weeks on end.
If others were earning cash out of this tragedy then so should they.

Being seqestered an liveing cheek by jowl with each other over a period of time.
One can get a feel for strong personalitys.
Or whom can be manipulated ect.

Done with a nod an a wink doesnt take much to under stand.
The evidence against casey was over whelming.
It wast all circumstance either.

Death had been proved to have visited her cars trunk.
Even her own mother said in excited utterance.
Smells like a dammed dead bodys been in there.

As the M E said you do not take an accident an make it look like a murder.

They knew she was guilty but thought hey if we set this bitch free.

Then we are no longer observers of events.
We become part of events an part of the story.

We will be the news all we do is set her free.
Decline the after case press confrence an sit back an let the bidding wars begin.

Everyone will want to know why we came to the desision ya da ya da magazine deals tvinterveiws write books blah blah blah.

Thats what the thinking was behind the perverse verdict to set a baby murderer free. m o o...

Lemon said...

More about this later. -PH

Is it later?

~mj said...

While I don't feel the jurors were that complicit, I do share a bit of your opinion.I also believe confusion as to "reasonable doubt" brought the verdict as a possibility and it was taken advantage of by the mentality you mentioned.

I fear many more cases can be manipulated by this same problem, including this one. BJD spins things, without hard evidence I shudder to consider the circus in court. I believe it would make CA pale in comparison.

Anonymous said...

The hat is yellow with A pink bobble.

Red Ryder said...

The alleged item that was well hidden, is it also the evidence of the crime? The DNA link? Did SA keep her underwear or tank top, maybe with blood or body fluids on it? (urophiac? For sure his urine would not belong on her clothes IF it were something like that-so many possibilities).I hope later comes soon:)
Re:BJD her mom was not faithful and after she became a widow chose violent bfs. BJD was married to Clint who,at least as far as I e heard, has not been physically abusive. When did BJD start going for the abusive type guys? When her kids were little she seemed to kind of have it together, job, looked fairly healthy, dressed appropriate for age, pretty even, kids looked taken care of . When did things change for her and why? What drew her to SA? I have some reading to do I guess!
Re: the affadavit. Chilling. It is like she was researching ideas on how to proceed with the disappearance of Hailey, like her death was premeditated. Maybe it was. The AOW is alarming and nauseating. I could only find Facebook chapters and I wasn't willing to click on them, there was one blogger guy who is creating a logo for a chapter , he called it a military group -riiiiiggghht- that's why the logo is a devils head. Mmmmhmmmm. Creepy looking guy. Anyway, it's scary that there are people like that out there and scarier that they are finding each other through the web, inspiring each other to more and more depravity. JMO

Anonymous said...

I am with Lemon. Is it later Peter:0)? Local anon

Lis said...

Just my 2cents. I think if the prosecutor had not used the death penalty in CA's trial, the anti-death penalty activist lawyers would not have come crawling out of the woodwork to help her pro-bono, and the jury would have had no excuse to be afraid to convict her. The trial became more about the death penalty than about what CA had done. I believe there were a couple of anti-death penalty jurors who bullied the rest.

If prosecutors are afraid of a CA type verdict, they can leave the death penalty out of it and just go for life without parole.

Curious the 1st said...

As someone else mentioned, the jurors would have gone into the sentencing phase of the trial. My understanding is that they could have found her guilty of first degree murder but recommended life in prison. They also had the option of finding her guilty of manslaughter at the very least with no chance of the death penalty.

(Seems we now have 2 posters named Curious.)

Lemon said...

I suggest the older Curious be referred to as the "Dowager Curious".

Carry on.

Curious said...

Kat, Trish and Eco. I do hope you are right and that the wait and timing mean LE are building a strong case.

Dowager Curious said...

LOL @ Lemon

Red Ryder said...

Or they could go with Curious and Curiouser? Lol. This is not Statement Analysis per say but I had a read and quick refresher for those interested: according to Ricky Cooper, BJD's uncle, she and SA met online at or near same time as Clint was going out of the picture. Apparently she has changed for the worse since meeting SA. Grain of salt, this uncle lives out of town and doesn't have much contact with her but that doesn't mean he didn't know what's what. I know what's going on with my put of town nieces and they probably have no idea that I do:)
Also kind if interesting that that Christmas at Connie's her dogs only barked defensively at one person. SA, to the point they had to be put away so he could be let in the house! I'd say those dogs are good judges of character!

Local anon said...

I like Curious the first. Sounds regal

Curious said...

Ooo RedRyder, another good name. There's no shortage of good options to choose from.

"Law enforcement officers in Nolan County are investigating a report of what may be human remains found in Sweetwater.

The skeletal remains were found in the back yard of a home.

The remains include part of a skull and a part of a spinal column.

Dated March 25, 2013

Curious said...

So now I'm a regal dowager. It just keeps getting better!

Anonymous said...

The HAT is missing.

Anonymous said...

Was it a bobble hat???

Anonymous said...

Stop speaking about"hats""_ABC"You lunatic! ! !

~ABC said...

The Sad Truths of Internet Trolls:

Trolls are immune to criticism and logical arguments. True trolls cannot be reasoned with, regardless of how sound your logical argument is.
Trolls do not feel remorse like you and me. They have sociopathic tendencies, and accordingly, they delight in other people having hurt feelings.
Trolls consider themselves separate from the social order.
Trolls do not abide by etiquette or the rules of common courtesy.
Trolls consider themselves above social responsibility.
Trolls gain energy by you insulting them.
Trolls gain energy when you get angry.
The only way to deal with a troll is to ignore him, or take away his ability to post online.

marietje said...

Here is an interesting interview from KTXS near Sweetwater.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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