Saturday, March 16, 2013

What Is "Content Analysis"? Part One: A Sample

photo of Sea World by Christina
There is more to the scientific process used here than simply discerning truth from deception.

Much more.

Scientific Content Analysis, the brainchild of Avinoam Sapir, is the grandfather of all forms of 'statement analysis' today.  Analysts from every walk in life, private or law enforcement, owes a debt to Sapir's work.

Recently, I posted a short entry which was deliberately vague and had what appeared to be an unnecessary detail.  There is a story behind the post, an unpleasant one, but it was in the comments section that a reader ("Equinox") analyzed the post and literally exposed what had gone on behind the scenes, almost to a "t."

She had posted her analysis in the comments section as if she had been present with me during the unpleasant phone call and knew what I thought of the call, the caller, and the demands the caller made. She even entered into my emotions.

It was accurate.


There was no deception in the post, and no deception claimed in the analysis, but it was her analysis, itself, that showed what was 'behind the scenes' of the short entry and revealed the story.  I commented afterwards that she was accurate, confirming what she 'saw' in her 'mind's eye.'

I commend her on her ability to see into the words.

The post served its purpose but I will repost it, along with her comment, just as she entered it (her 'comment' was her analysis and she stayed within principle) and then how it is that she knew what transpired and what my emotions were, even though I gave no details about the event, nor my emotions.  None.


shmi said...

Please repost it, along with Equinox's analysis!

Hobnob said...

WTG Equinox xx

JerseyJane said...

Congrats, E-nox!!! No crystal ball here with Content Analysis, no-no!! E-nox slammed it!! Go E-nox!! :-)

BostonLady said...

The pictures Christina took are beautiful. She is very talented !

equinox said...

Yay Equinox!

Hey wait. That's me!

Now I'm curious, did I say something right for once?

I think I remember this post, if it's the one I'm thinking of I was quite worried about using everything that Peter had taught me to disect his own words. It was a mysterious post, very out of character for his usual impassioned educating. I will wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Get down Equinox with your bad self!

LisaB said...

I have scanned back three months and can't find the original entry. Can you please provide the title under which it was posted, or some other identifying information so other readers can find (and learn from) this example?

Lis said...

Good job, Equinox! Do you know what post it was? I want to read it!

Eliza said...

Ι can't find it right now, but I think it was a post giving credit to a police officer for a research on 911 deceptive calls. Sorry if I'm wrong!

LisaB said...

Mr. Hyatt. May we PLEASE be given a link at which we can view this analysis? (and good work Equinox!)

Peter Hyatt said...

it's coming.