Saturday, April 27, 2013

Baby Ayla: The Waterville Four?

did Dipietro receive criminal assistance?

If you are new to Statement Analysis, there are many articles on the case of 'missing' baby from Maine, Ayla Reynolds.  She was about as "missing" as Hailey Dunn was, with the same ending:  domestic homicide.  A simple search of "Baby Ayla" here will catch you up in the case.

Baby Ayla was reported missing by her father.
Deception was indicated.
Drugs were associated, publicly, in the case.
Polygraphs were failed.
The family insisted on those having "hope" for Ayla.
Those who suspected the family were verbally attacked, in some cases, viciously and in means intended to harm them into silence, as the DiPietro supporters could not answer the arguments presented, so they sought to "silence" the voices calling for justice.
In one scenario, a woman approached a local reporter and asked him to "dig up dirt" on this blogger, in order to silence his call for justice.  Incapable of answering the argument, they sought to shoot the messenger.

Sound familiar?

For quite some time, I have contemplated the passion in which non-family members close to the DiPietros, have exhibited in their defense of the indefensible.  No one kidnapped the child and they knew that.

I initially thought that, perhaps, one may have had a psychological need to be the martyr of the case; the "me against the world" that some need to feel useful or special in life.

I am now thinking that I was wrong and that the passion may have flowed from something far simpler.

In the death of Ayla Reynolds, Statement Analysis has indicated deception on the part of Justin DiPietro and Elisha DiPietro, Ayla's paternal aunt.  This indication came from the beginning of the case.  Behavioral Analysis indicated that Ayla had not been kidnapped, but that the father, in particular, had reason not to 'negotiate' with the kidnapper for her safe return.

In comic-book like behavior, Ayla's grandmother, Phoebe DiPietro, went on television to deny any party activity "that" night and wanted to convince listeners how "normal" that night was; quiet, dinner, family.

She was also indicated for deception, and in humiliation, had to go back to the television interviewer and admit that she was not in the home that night...the night she did not "hear" anything.

Truthful in technicality; intended for deception.

Justin DiPietro did not pass his polygraph, he "smoked" it, as he has smoked so many of his brain cells away, while his own mother did what she had been doing since his childhood; sought to shield him from responsibility.

Elisha did not pass her polygraph, either, but she did "fine", on it; the results were "fine" but they were not passed.

Mother taught them both well.

Justin refused to speak out for Ayla claiming, in the glory of masculinity, to be "emotionally incapable" of communicating to the 'kidnapper."  He then issued a verbal challenge to Nancy Grace to walk in his shoes, but refused to come out of the bathroom to answer the door where Nancy Grace producers were attempting to try on the shoes.

His past tense reference told us that Ayla was dead. 

The written statement including "rumors floating out there" suggesting that water searching was necessary in an attempt to locate her.

The life insurance policy taken out, not for his children, but against only one of his children, through State Farm, weeks before making his 911 call to report her 'missing', showed either motive or traction towards motive in what befell her.  Lots of unemployed under-educated ill-mannered, bad tempered, bullying single fathers of multiple children purchase life insurance against just one of them and have them go missing 6 weeks later or so the supporters would have us believe.

We learned that a significant amount of Ayla's blood was found.  We have not been told what "significant" means, but according to Websters dictionary, it means, "having meaning, having or likely to have influence or effect of a noticeably or measurably large amount; probably caused by something other than mere chance..."

We learned that Maine State Police showed evidence to Ayla's mother, Trista Reynolds, proving to her what Statement Analysis had concluded:  that Ayla was dead.

Police have said that Courtney Roberts, DiPietro's girlfriend, has also deceptively withheld information from police about what happened to Ayla Reynolds.

Did Justin DiPietro have assistance during the panic-filled hours prior to calling 911?

What is the possible drug connection between the Roberts and the unnamed fourth partner who may have given counsel and possibly criminal assistance to Justin DiPietro?

One might ask:  Did Justin DiPietro call anyone just prior to calling 911?

Might this explain the extreme, projection-like passionate defenses of all things DiPietro?

Might this explain the threats?  Might this explain the desire to do whatever it takes, to silence others?

                      Statement Analysis of the 911 calls would be interesting to read. 

We continue to press for answers and to keep Ayla Reynolds in the public's view.


Apple said...

The Tudela's have been so verbally defensive about Ayla because they have a need to do so. In the words of Jazzie, "Uh oh..."

Trigger said...

Oh, no.

The name Derek Tudela, comes to my mind.

John Mc Gowan said...

And the train begins its journey..

LovinTheNW said...

I'm so glad to see this post. I've been reading accounts on the and More details to the "story" of Justin Dipietro. Truly disturbing. I hope your posts, Peter and Heather, have the same impact as they've had in the Hailey Dunn case. I know you remember all of these missing babies, and I thank you for your work towards bringing justice.

Dee said...

Thank you for remembering Ayla and for confirming what I have long suspected.

Anonymous said...

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John Mc Gowan said...

Dated Feb 13 2013

Ayla Reynolds’ Father Took 2-Hour Road Trip Before Reporting Her Missing

Editor's note: Jeff Hanson posted a "retraction and an apology" to after this article was published.
Missing toddler Ayla Reynolds' step-grandfather, Jeff Hanson, offered startling new revelations concerning her reported disappearance in an e-mail exchange Tuesday. Acting as family spokesperson, Hanson wants to share with the public some of the information Trista Reynolds, the baby's mother, learned from conversations with Maine State Police investigators. Among that information, Ayla's father, Justin DiPietro, took a 160-mile drive before dialing 911.
Where Did DiPietro Go?
At 8:41 a.m. Dec. 17, 2011, DiPietro dialed 911, reporting Ayla missing from her bed in his mother's Waterville home. A family friend, Angela Harry, claims to have told Justin's version of events at a now-removed blog post, preserved on a statement analysis website. The discovery Ayla was gone occurred about 8:30, Harry wrote. In the corrected version of the story, she said DiPietro's sister, Elisha, told his girlfriend Courtney Roberts, who'd spent the night with DiPietro, that Ayla was missing, and Roberts went downstairs to tell DiPietro.
What Hanson says investigators told Reynolds happened that morning conflicts with the version of events published by Harry. Before making that 911 call, DiPietro allegedly took a trip of approximately 160 miles, to Portland and back.
"He told police he drove to Portland because he thought Trista had taken Ayla," Hanson said. But not only was Trista living in South Portland rather than Portland, DiPietro did not contact her or any of her family that morning.
Both DiPietro and Roberts rented apartments in Portland, but Hanson did not know if one of those apartments was DiPietro's destination. He said investigators are considering the possibility the trip's purpose was disposal of Ayla's body.
Before calling 911 that morning, DiPietro also called his longtime friend, Derek Tudela, in Winslow, Hanson says investigators told Trista. Tudela had sold DiPietro insurance on Ayla's life less than eight weeks earlier. Tudela is also the last publicly identified, non-family witness claiming to have seen Ayla at the DiPietro house Dec. 16. Roberts has not said publicly whether or not she saw Ayla when she stayed at the house that night.

John Mc Gowan said...


What Police Found in the Diversion Channel
Police searching for evidence in the case found two items in the diversion channel near Hathaway Arts Center. Hanson, blogging as "Answers for Ayla," identified those items on the blog United4Ayla Tuesday as two blankets, about the size for a single bed. One had a pink and brown checkered pattern, and the other was white with blue angels and the words "God Bless." The latter blanket style is associated with baby gifts.
Trista did not recognize the blankets, Hanson noted. Justin allegedly offered no response when investigators showed him the blankets.
Maine State Police public information officer Stephen McCausland did not respond to an email requesting confirmation of Hanson's report by press time. Justin DiPietro could not be reached as his telephone number apparently is not listed in a public directory.
Why Now?
Trista Reynolds' last sit-down with investigators occurred in January when, according to , investigators shared "unequivocal evidence" Ayla died in DiPietro's house. Hanson explained, "I put off posting the information on Ayla's site for more than a month because we had our closure. I came to decide that the people who have been fighting for Ayla from the beginning also deserved to know the truth."
Hanson is realistic about potential reaction to his words, after experiencing a year of blogosphere reactions ranging from fully supportive to hostile.
"I realize that people are going to believe what they want," he said, "and it is not in me to convince them otherwise as we are only interested in the justice of bringing Ayla home now."

Anonymous said...

I was thinking last night, Peter, THIS is the case I hoped you would get back on, now that you have whipped the guilty parties in the Hailey Dunn disappearance so badly with their lies and deceptions and your statement analysis, you've left them little room to squirm.

You must have been reading my mind!

With your tenacity and drive for slamming the guilty until they fall flat, no telling how far you can push these DiPukes and Courtney until the arrests and charges in Ayla's murder are made.

Hey, you can do it too! Anon 1

Dee said...

"One might ask: Did Justin DiPietro call anyone just prior to calling 911?"

Why yes, he did! According to Jeff Hanson a detective told him Justin made TWO calls before calling 911. One was to Phoebe, his mother and the other was bff Derek Tudella.

Coughing said...

OT: The other Miss. guy was arrested for ricin case..cant spell his name from memory, Dagashke? It's the guy who was appalled at the idea of being in Mensa and sued Curtis over the suggestion.
I wonder if Curtis was being sarcastic?
In any case, I look forward to more details. He was arrested After his house and martial arts studio were searched, no word on found items.

Please don't forget Sidney Randall. I don't know if anyone kept up with the Gavin Smith case...the missing Fox exec from last year. Police have labeled it officially as a homicide...his car was found..I believe it had blood/evidence of murder, and the husband of his former lover is indeed the key suspect. I had to dig that resolution up.

Anonymous said...

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Elisha said...

The Waterville Four?

Your post implies there are more than four least six, possibly more.
That seriously scares me. So much so that I find it illogical.

mountain mama said...

Elisha @ 3:24 how is this for logical?

“We think there are still people out there that have specific information that they haven’t told us. Not only the three individuals in the home, but there may be others. One call can crack this case wide-open and we’re waiting for that call,” McCausland said.

Read more:

John Mc Gowan said...

Why wont they release the 911 call?

John P said...

Why would it imply more than 4? It has been reported by many that it was the waterville 3; Justin Courtney and Elisha. We now know that Derek was there in the DAYS leading up to Aylas disappearance, we know that Deek sold Justin three insurance policies when Justin was unemployeed, we know that Deek was called before 911 the morning of the 17th, we know that Derek provided a living space for the family for two weeks and much longer for Justin afterwards, and we know that Dereks mother has defended Justin (not her own son) to unrealistic ends. So how is it illogical to now ask are there really 4 or more that would actually know exactly how Ayla died and was later disposed of? If you include Justin's two mommies and Derek there is 6 people right there. This does not include Dereks father or wife, it does not include Brianna, Courtneys sister, it does not include Phoebe's rendevous', and it does not include Lance. There are 5 more that may know the truth or peices of it anyways, so in my humble opinion, limiting to 3 is the illogical approach. By expanding out you now are looking at the whole picture starting with the most logical person to provide assistance, the one who got the call before 911, Derek Tudela!

Elisha said...

mountain mama @3:38,

A very logical request for LE to make.

John P said...

Peter I thank you for writing this post. It is amazingly accurate and verifies to me at least, that my suspicions are correct. When looked at in this light, there is more reason for Heidi to defend Justin than just that Justin is her sons BFF. In my opinion a fraudulent LIP is not reason to place the entire Tudela family in peril. Heidi has more reason to think that Derek is involved much deeper and this post shows much of that IMO.

Anonymous said...

Dee said...

"One might ask: Did Justin DiPietro call anyone just prior to calling 911?"

Why yes, he did! According to Jeff Hanson a detective told him Justin made TWO calls before calling 911. One was to Phoebe, his mother and the other was bff Derek Tudella.

April 27, 2013 at 2:59 PM

Was that call to a one Mr. Derek Tudella to ask if his (Justin's) life insurance policy on Ayla was all in order and paid up and to ensure what kind of coverage it entailed? I know we can't know the answer to that, I ask sarcastically.

Am I overly jaded in that was my first thought when I read that was one of Justin's phone calls?

I have read it said that State Farm will never pay out; what will the process be now that her death has been established? Is it safe to assume that State Farm will do nothing so long as it ruled her death was by homicide and so long as no one is standing trial for it?

elf said...

Am I missing something? I haven't heard that Ayla has been officially dead. Even if she has, I doubt the insurance company would pay out a policy to any prime suspect or even a third party connected to the case.

elf said...

*officially been declared dead.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


Statement analysis indicated death shortly after the initial report.

Police have not located the body, but showed significant evidence to the mother, indicating the impossibility of Ayla surviving what they did to her in that house.

As to why no arrest --I have no answer, nor any defense, and even the recent, "you need to be optimistic" said to me has not given me lasting confidence.

I think the innocent family needs to up the ante.

Here is John's work on the case:


Elisha said...

John P.

"Why would it imply more than 4?"
You answered this question.

Trigger said...

What does an insurance company do to a man like Derek Tudela when he may be involved in Ayla's murder and cover up?

Do they start an investigation of their own? or wait for the police to act?

mountain mama said...

Peter do you think there's any significance in Darrell Tudela's statement considering all the river searches done for Ayla?

"Darrell Tudela said he believes DiPietro is telling the truth.

“Suffice it to say, Justin is still very confident that eventually police are going to get to the bottom of it and find Ayla,” he said. “If whoever out there has her could help speed that process up, that would make thousands of people’s lives better.”"

John P said...

If my information is correct, the investigation has already begun by the insurance agency. They will not take action at this time until the police investigation is done, however. Then when Derek is charged in connection with Ayla's death, they can file seperately afterwards or they can file in conjunction with, or they can wait and see if it fades without tarnishing thier agency name, but they will never pay the policy! Just from what my insurance agent tell me.

John P said...

Elf, you ask a great question, to answer it no-one has gone to the courts to have Ayla Bell declared deceased. But MSP showed Trista 30-40 pictures of what Jeff called "unequivocal evidence" that Ayla is deceased. If the 30-40 pictures were of Ayla's blood, there is little doubt that this is the outcome. :(

Apple said...

"I think the innocent family needs to up the ante. "
I've been waiting for a civil suit to begin...

John P said...

Apple, a civil suit against who? I would think that in order to bring a wrongful death suit against any of them, Ayla would have to be declared deceased? I could ask around but do not have lawyer friends and my LE friends may not be the right people to ask since they are not living in Maine. Do you know if in Maine a civil suit of this type can be filed without a declaration of death?

John P said...

Peter, I am starting to see more and more clearly Heidi's reasons for involvement and why she attempted to slander and defame your name. But I am wondering more now about her husbands motives to allow this activity by his wife. Mama posted above a comment by Darrell and I would be interested as well to hear what you have to say about Darrell's silence in relation to Ayla and his son. Why only boost Justin and not speak on his own son's behalf?

Here is the quote in case you missed it. Thanks and of course I understand if you can not speak on this.

"Darrell Tudela said he believes DiPietro is telling the truth.

“Suffice it to say, Justin is still very confident that eventually police are going to get to the bottom of it and find Ayla,” he said. “If whoever out there has her could help speed that process up, that would make thousands of people’s lives better.”"

Tania Cadogan said...

When stories change there is a reason to change.
often it is because there is a discrepancy regarding who did what or times, or any number of incriminating things.

The problems arise when they cannot recall what story they told originally and to whom, how the story was told either in person, online etc and that when the story changes to cover up/explain away one discrepancy other discrepancies are then exposed.

you cannot support a lie with a lie, it is like a sandcastle near the water, the tide comes in and eats away at the foundations until the whole edifice collapses.

The truth never changes, it can be told backwards and forwards and is the same whatever medium is used.
You cannot forget who you told what as all have been told the same story.

It too is like a sandcastle except here the castle is built of rock and it's foundations stay strong no matter how much the sea washes against it's foundations.

Crimes once committed cannot be undone, you cannot bring a murdered child back to life and hope all is forgiven.
You know that justice will prevail, it is not if, rather when.
You may not be in a physical cell, you are in a mental cell, always wondering if today is the day the remains are found, if someone involved confesses, if evidence is found that shows the truth, even if your own guilt will cause you to confess.
You may be physically free, you are not however mentally free.
everywhere you go the whispers and looks, are you being surveilled, is your phone and pc bugged, your emails read?
The man in the shop is he watching you or just browsing?
Who can you trust?
Who did you trust?
once you involve someone else or tell someone your dirty secret, it is no longer a secret.

Hailey was found, her killers and abusers know their time is short, how long till you hear the early morning knock?
Who will cop a deal first to get death off the table? minimising their own role whilst maximising yours.
tick tock my friends, tick tock

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, Derek, on the 15th, by his own admission to a client and long time friend,was supposedly with Justin, at a "poker party", with other individuals in the basement of the house, and he said Ayla was fine, and was watching TV near them, and this was the last time he saw her...

several weeks later his mother mentioned in an interview that the last time Derek saw Ayla was at a play-date with his son, the afternoon of the 16th, but that source was removed from the site it was on. Derek then posted a rebuttal shortly afterward saying that he indeed saw Ayla, but in the morning, not the afternoon...

So, his story on the last time he saw her changed, and he has never made a public statement to clarify the details of this last sighting of a live Ayla, which I think is probably a lie to extend the timeline of her injury and death into the night so a kidnapping at night, with other mothers and children present to make the house look normal, could be used as an excuse...

neither derek, nor his mother or even angela harry have stepped up to straighten out the facts and clarify the details surrounding their involvement, or this last sighting of Ayla, which I find odd since Heidi is overtly defensive of Justin and Derek for so much else, including the LIP, so why did she clam up about this detail all the sudden?
I think is telling in its self... especially when Derek was one of the two Justin called before 911, and the fact he did not call Trista to see if she had her on some off chance...
I wonder who was the first call, Derek or Phoebe, and at what times? now that might be almost as interesting as the 911 tapes themselves...

mountain mama said...

Emerald I don't know what time the calls were made but Jeff said Justin called Derek before he called Phoebe or 911.

He got back to Waterville Friday morning were he stayed until Ayla was “found missing” the next day. On that morning of 12/17/11 Justin called Derek for his advice (which was what he told the police), he then called his mom (Phoebe), and at 8:56am he called 911 twice at some point after the police called him back he locked himself in the bathroom until they arrived.

John Mc Gowan said...

Suffice it to say, Justin is still very confident that eventually police are going to GET TO THE BOTTOM OF IT and find Ayla,” he said. “If whoever OUT THERE has her could help speed that process up, that would make thousands of people’s lives better.”"

I may be wrong here,isn't it true that words do not come from a vacuum.

OUT THERE=As in far away from home.

THE BOTTOM OF IT=The bottom of were,a lake,a burial site.

John P said...

I think that the Law Firm of Tudela and DiPietro have shut thier clients up totally, so I would say getting clarification before trial is "highly unlikely", Emerald.

I would very much like to read the transcripts of the 911 call, to be certain. Honestly, I would love the transcripts to be provided to Peter for SA and then let Peter decide if they should be released to the public or maintained for trial? Sorry for putting you on the spot like that Peter.

Apple said...

John P said:
Apple, a civil suit against who? I would think that in order to bring a wrongful death suit against any of them, Ayla would have to be declared deceased?
Hi John,
If this had been my toddler, I would demand answers regarding how the transfer occurred through DHHS and LE, a review of the medical records from Ayla's injuries, reviews of the care she was receiving at the DiPietro household, of the lies and stories told about her final hours and days. I would look for a savvy lawyer who could also put a case together using circumstantial evidence. I would be calling the media so often that they would be hiding from me. LE would see my face every single day. It is a different scenerio for Trista as she has other kids to focus on. However, I still hope someone helps her with a civil suit. Ayla needs to come home.

John P said...

Apple, are you saying that Trista should file civil suit against DHHS? I only ask because that may be a prelude to a civil suit against the DiPietros and Tudelas. But unfortunately I do not believe that we will be told one way or the other if a suit has been filed. Somehow DHHS seems to have cornered the market on confidentiality when it comes to thier records. What I am trying so poorly to say is that we do not know if a civil suit has been filed or not because of confidentiality with DHHS.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your response regarding the insurance investigation, it is much appreciated.

Excruciating Headache said...

Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead. Four people? Someone's gonna break.

Put the pressure on them. Terrorists have training, yet it still takes a lot of persuasion to break them. Most domestic criminals are too ignorant to invoke their Miranda rights. Or (and I hate beginning a sentence with a conjunction), they may invoke them, but they don't fully understand them.

mountain mama said...

John @ 5:59 "Getting to the bottom of it"

Anonymous said...

Shortly before a search warrant was served on Shawn Atkin's grandma's house back in March 2011, I did something I never thought I'd do with a case I'd been following. I sent a message to Colorado County LE regarding what I thought may be a possible way for that crap duo to conceal proof of what they did to Hailey.

I have long had a theory that those two took photos/video and/or a trophy of some sort to both memorialize and immortalize what they did to Hailey, even at the risk of their downfall. I was looking into medic alert ID tags and bracelets on and stumbled across ones that look like your normal ID tag for the neck or wrist but reveal to be mini USB sticks able to hold TONS of information. Unless you examined it, you would *not* know it contained digital information, you would believe it to be regular jewelery/ID tag.

I knew (and still know) it was a long shot but I was hoping that maybe Shawn or Billie had one of these or were keeping one at his grandma's where he'd been living, maybe even ON her, to be so bold! When I heard a search warrant had been served on her house, I thought to myself, "Please, let there be that 1 in 1,000,000 chance that my way out there idea had some stick to it and somehow was considered and somehow proved true and somehow brings justice for Hailey."

Like so many of you, I had poured over this case for hours thinking "where would someone like Shawn Adkins leave his trophy? How would he relieve his moment?" I was...and am...certain it isn't in a place he goes to visit, which is quite common in killers with his line of pathology. I am STILL certain that he has a memorial/trophy of his kill and whatever else he did to her, it just needs to be found.

I will admit it's clear my PRIDE got in the way here, clearly, and why normally I would not send my random thoughts to LE working a case. I was hoping beyond hope I had out-clevered that evil Shawn Adkins and figured out his trophy hiding spot.

John Mc Gowan said...

mountain mama, thank you,very interesting?

BostonLady said...

Like Hailey was found, Ayla will be also. It is a matter of time.

I've read there is a new d.a. in town and maybe this d.a. won't wait for the remains to be found and has enough evidence to move forward with arrests.

Justin, Elisha, Courtney and Ayla's paternal grandmother will not know when the knock on the door will come and they will live in fear of that day.

It's coming. You will pay for what you did to this innocent little baby.

John P said...

I agree Boston Lady, and I hope they also pay for what they have not done for precious Ayla!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I updated the entry to include John's article.


John P said...

Thank you Peter, I think some of our points might differ a bit, but I do think the 911 transcripts would clear up alot the open questions, but I want to apologize again for putting you on the spot with the 911 transcripts.

Lis said...

Have you ever heard of another case where the parents of a killer's best friend go all out to protect him? Just because?

I didn't think so.

Just exactly what did Derek do?

Jazzie said...

Very early on, news releases lead me to believe that AYLA was no longer alive. I am not clear why I am still attached to this case. But I here I am. And again reposting.

Just a sampling of statement/news sources that have lead me to believe Ayla is no longer alive:

18 Dec
Danielle Waugh
reporter for @WLBZ2 + @WCSH6
Police searching family's home on Violette Ave w K9 unit -- specifically the garage

Dec 22, 2011:
"Assistant Attorney General Bill Stokes and the Maine State Police mobile unit were at Ayla's home in Waterville, while cadaver dogs were searching an area in the woods near the Waterville airport...

Stokes is one of the state's top homicide prosecutors, according to the Associated Press."

December 31, 2011
Ayla now a criminal case - Maine State Police taking over probe into disappearance

"McCausland said the unit is tasked with investigating homicides, suspicious deaths and major investigations...

"This case would fall into that latter category," he said."

Major Crime Units
The State Police criminal investigation division (M.C.U.) is responsible for major investigations including homicides, suspicious deaths and child abuse cases. MCU investigates all homicides in Maine, except in Portland and Bangor. The Maine Attorney Generals Office prosecutes all homicides in the state and detectives work closely with those prosecutors.

Jan 11 1st River Dive:
"The girl's father, Justin DiPietro, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he was grateful to law enforcement officials and said he had "complete confidence in them... They are doing everything they can to get my daughter home," he said."

When asked "Why water search now?" Maine Warden Service Lt. Kevin Adams:
"If for some reason she ends up being in the water, we're going to get there anyways."

LE started looking for AYLA in water on January 11, 2012.

Joe Louglin's take on Ayla Reynolds case:

Jan 29, 2012:
“There were three adults in the home, and their version of events is not backed up by any forensic evidence that we have located,” McCausland said Saturday afternoon...

“We find the discovery of the blood troubling, and it’s also frustrating that we think the three adults in the home that night haven’t told us everything they know,” he said.

McCausland added that police don’t yet know whose blood it is, but it is being analyzed in the state police crime laboratory in Augusta. He said he wouldn’t discuss how much blood had been found or how it was discovered."

February 4, 2012
Divers find no new clues in search or Ayla Reynolds

May 11, 2012

Divers return to Kennebec River in search for Ayla Reynolds

July 17, 2012
“Nothing substantial was located,” McCausland said. “This is not the end. We will continue to look, we will continue to search, we will continue to dive.”

When asked what he meant by “substantial,” McCausland skirted the question.

“I don’t want to get into specifics,” he said."

Jazzie said...

I am not sure who has done AYLA harm. Out of my experience I have been taught what is revealed may not be what what you think is the truth.

I continue to seek the truth, especially in matters of children and their death.

I don't understand this inconvenient quest because I do not have children.

Jazzie said...

AYLA deserve the truth.

Jazzie said...

AYLA deserves the truth.

Jazzie said...

"To the person, or persons, responsible for her disappearance, we ask that you now come forward," Nale said in May. "Accept responsibility for what you have done. Show us that you are human, and relieve yourself, Ayla's family and this community of this burden. For surely, your voluntary acts of admission will far outweigh your continued acts of silence and denial."

"Justin, in his case, obviously is her father, ah, she was in his custody, ah, and that, um, we believe he knows more than he told us. Oh and um, and that is where we stand. That, there is, we think, that he or the two others, inside that home, or any others that are associated with that home, may have information but they just haven't told us."

Steve McCausland, MSP

Jazzie said...

Who chooses silence over love?
Who chooses silence over truth?
Who chooses silence over justice?

What will unravel the truth?


Jazzie said...

Who chooses silence over love?
Who chooses silence over truth?
Who chooses silence over justice?

What will unravel the truth?


Jazzie said...

You are not forgotten.

elf said...

Thank you Peter and john for answering my question:) I knew justin dipietro was guilty when Ayla was first reported missing. Nothing was 'right' about him.
I'm really looking forward to your lessons Peter. Sometimes I've wondered if I'm to cynical to be objective, but I think all along its been peoples language thats been giving me that feeling of something not being 'right'.

brosnanfan said...

I have been watching a TV show called "My Cat From Hell". In it, host Jackson Galaxy has pointed out that a cat, when feeling threatened and when cornered with no means of escape, will lash out violently. I believe that is what has happened here. The DiPietros know that SA has gotten to the truth, and they are backed into a corner, so they are lashing out.

Look at it this way...if you're guilty of something, you don't beat up the person telling everyone how wonderful you are, you beat up the person who is telling the truth about your wicked ways. But you DO try to keep everyone in line by threatening to beat anyone up who dares cross you.

Trigger said...

I think that a private detective would be more beneficial than a lawsuit to the innocent family of Ayla Reynolds.

I have had faster and more accurate results with private detectives than with costly, slow lawsuits.

Sus said...

I think Trista has enough proof to contact insurance regulators. I can't believe State Farm has not already looked into the Tudelas.

I don't know how that works. Will insurance regulators work with MSP?

One thing is clear. An insurance agent sold two shady policies and has been involved in a cover up since. I believe it goes much further, but that's for the insurance investigators to find out.