Sunday, April 28, 2013

Billie Dunn, Shawn Adkins and the Death Penalty

For those raised with an understanding of Biblical mandate of punishment in murder, an "eye for an eye" is meant to limit societies from going beyond equality in justice, and taking  more than has been taken in the criminal action.

Taken in principle, when the choice was made to take Hailey's life, "eye for eye" justice means that the murderers forfeits his and her right to their own lives.  In this sense, Texas does not take the lives of Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins, but that Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins forfeited their right to live when they took away Hailey's right to her life.

Today, we see that when a man commits murder, the victim's family, via tax dollars, must pay for the murderers room, board, healthcare, education, and so on.  This is not something Dunn and Adkins should be betting on in Texas.

Injustice is putting to death or punishing the wrong party; just as injustice is not punishing the guilty party, or forcing lengthy appeals so that there is no impact to society, where criminals feel that they can simply plead insanity defense (which appears to have now gone out of vogue), or, injustice such as the Casey Anthony verdict where jurors appear to be unable to follow an argument to its logical conclusion, but instead are easily confused by smoke and mirror tangents.

An "eye for an eye" simply means equal justice and not going beyond the crime.  Texas has a reputation for no nonsense justice

It may be that the death penalty, and how quickly Texas applies it, will force the truth out of one of the two.
John Young has his hands full, even as he attempts to speak for Dunn in saying that after the funeral she will cooperate with prosecutors.  This is a signal that deal making will begin in earnest in a few short days.

Telegraphing his own concern (to protect Dunn), Young will have all the publicity he craves, and may, as he did previously, use such bizarre phrases as, "burying our daughter" and "our" "girl" and "we are a mother suffering" as he both clamors after the spotlight for himself, and attempts to muzzle Dunn.  Recall, Dunn enjoys the camera as much, if not more, than Young.

There will be a host of charges attached, with the endgame of the death penalty, applied amply to the case, to which Dunn and Adkins will be no longer using the pronoun "we", but "I", as they vie for position in the upcoming days.

What will it mean, practically, to justice?

After more than 2 years of criticism, the District Attorney's office will not settle for a few tid bits of vague information.

If either Dunn or Adkins wishes to save hers or his life, the one who comes the cleanest, first, gets the deal. If prosecutors are not satisfied that the 'holes' have been 'filled in', Young or Adkins' attorney will find their client seated on death row. Perhaps both.

John Young will not want that on his work resume.

Shawn Adkins being "freaked out" by analysis simply means that if what happened to Hailey could be figured out on a laptop in the woods of Maine by a nobody, how much more does police know, and how much more will a jury know? Uh, oh, that would freak out anyone.

He knows, quite simply, that as a male, he is not the most sympathetic character out there, wearing his Michael Myers mask, blood stained coveralls, and carrying a chain saw with a marijuana cigarette drooping from his mouth.  He knows that pictures will surface before the eyes of jurors that will not portray him as a boy scout. He knows what those pictures look like.

Don't think that John Young is ignorant of this, nor of the fact that his client's reputation is not that of the matronly Sunday school teacher, either.

He need only to close his eyes and think of all the times he sought to keep her out of the spotlight, instead of the inappropriate photos of her smiling, and partying it up with blood-dripping masked rock stars screaming out lyrics of rage.  He knows that there are not only photos of his client which will turn the stomach of an entire jury, but video, to boot, where his client had ambitions of being a Texas home-made porn star. The bleach blonde botoxed Texan yahoo'ing it up is not the image of the poor suffering mother, left bereft of hope.  But these are only pictures taken after Hailey went missing, and are not included in the police evidence file. Even Dunn's closest supporters could not get her to cover up and appear like a concerned, innocent mother. These are not the partying photos of Casey Anthony 'dirty dancin' it up'; and they are not something that tabloids like using, either.  With drugs and child porn, the likes of ABC will not pay "licensing fees" for anything.  The attorney likely already knows this, however.

There is something else that Billie Jean Dunn's attorney knows, too:

There is a governor who likes to balance budgets, be tough on crime, and appear presidential, who will not likely show favoritism to his client,  and besides this, there is, for Young the opportunity to rub shoulders with politicians who know that Texans are not found of coddling murderers, putting him  in a tough position.  

Billie Dunn's photos and videos will make Darlie Routier's graveside party look like...just a graveside party.  Routier appeared like a cold, calculating narcissist, yet she still looks far better than Dunn does. (You can see the analysis of the Darlie Routier 911 call, which concludes:  Routier knew the identity of the attacker here)  Young will yearn for something as tame as that, but instead will be faced with a back-room front row seat showing of "Billie Jean Does..." and be told, "yeah, the jurors will just love this, John.  Maybe you need to go back to her and tell her to stop with the story telling..."

We, the public, have not seen the videos that the two made, nor have we even seen the videos these two blood lust perverts had in their "hobby" collection.

A jury might.

Not that I believe the jury will sit through 109,000 images and all the hours of home-made porn, but they will see, if it comes down to this, just enough sample to think that these two lives cannot be redeemed for society, and that Hailey's own blood, having suffered before she died, is crying out for justice.

An "eye for an eye" means not going beyond what was done to Hailey, nor falling short of what was done to Hailey.

The death penalty may be what causes either Adkins or Dunn to first rush and come clean.

Young has already signaled that it will be after the funeral.  What does this mean in practice?

 It means that he has a show to produce first.

It means that he will dress up Dunn in black, and seek to portray her in the most sympathetic posture he can possibly pull off.  Be careful, Mr. Young, as if you go too far, you will only heighten the already well-oiled anger of prosecutors.  They've heard the insults.  They've heard the taunts.  They listened as your client talked about local laziness and her conspiracy theory, and now they are listening to the law enforcement professionals that she slandered, including the polygraphers, and how she attempted to say that you, Mr. Young, joined in on the ridicule.

I don't think she is laughing now, and nor is Mr. Young, even as she attempted to persuade us that he laughed the polygraphers to scorn saying "they're still at it?" in their work.

The FBI, Scurry County, and the Texas Rangers were all said, by Dunn, to have conspired against her and Shawn Adkins, calling into question their integrity and professional standing in the community.

Do you really think they will sit quietly back while Dunn is paraded before the cameras as a grieving innocent mother who just lost track of how many days Hailey was "missing"?

And what about that pesky forensics at the location where Hailey was unceremoniously dumped?

It's got to make one wonder.

One juror will, and then the next, and then the next.

Perhaps the picture of Hailey in her cheerleading uniform will be posted next to her mother, strung out in a drug haze in all of her inglorious filth, with Michael Myers mask, blood, and perversity in their home-made "private life"?

No, these two are in desperate need of a deal, and it is not yet known if prosecutors are even willing to discuss one, which is why Young must keep his client on a short leash this week, and as he portrays her as a suffering mother, under the control of the big bad monster Michael Myers, quaking in fear of him, Young must not go too far.

This is dirty business and don't think that those closest to it think anything different.

There will be political factors, emotional factors, and a whole lot of Texans will have a whole lot of anger when they learn how Hailey died.  A handful may have read things here, but the vast majority have yet to learn the facts of this very ugly and dirty case.

Hailey's shot at a future, in spite of what conditions she was raised in, will be an issue for jurors, and this will be set in opposition to the life her mother, and her mother's boyfriend, provided her.  One of vile perversion, blood lust, bestiality, child pornography, drugs, and eventually, Hailey experienced what Billie Jean and Shawn had longed for:

Hailey became their reality.  What they fantasized about via video, they lived out in Hailey.

Before that night, there was just their hobby which, unfortunately,  grew into an obsession.  An obsession with sexual perversion, the abuse of animals to the sexual delight of its viewers, on to the very Image of God stamped within innocence:  child pornography.

They collected accounts of serial killers, blood lust killers, animal killers...all for the sexual 'thrill' of the most depraved minds.

This means that they fantasized while watching the horror and pain inflicted upon characters in movies and videos, and that they delighted themselves with real life stories of those who killed, one after another, until finally...

finally, the fantasy became reality.

Hailey's reality.

Go back and read the original affidavit to learn how Hailey died.

Go back and read what it was that fueled the imaginations of these two, of whom you will see paraded before you, in black, in mourning, saying things like, "she was mine.  God gave her to me.  God chose me.  Now, somebody taked her from me...she wan't somebody's plaything."


No, there is so much we don't know about the case and there is so much filth that we don't want to know.  I don't want to see the videos, I don't want to see the photos, and I don't want to read what these two read.  I don't want my eyes to be forever tainted by those things. 

I do want the professionals, however, to attest to them. 

Billie Jean Dunn and Shawn Adkins will be in competition, one against the other, just as we have always known, to see which one throws the other under the bus. 

But now, I cannot help wonder, if they missed the bus.  

The bus schedule is dependent upon what was found in the past month, as well as the collection of the "hobby" of Dunn and Adkins, and even perhaps on how the attorneys play their cards.  

They have their work ahead of them and it will begin in earnest this week.  

If I am John Young, I would be careful about rubbing anyone's nose in it with my client during this upcoming week.  I'd be careful about the small, militant, and perversely vocal supporters of my client, going before the cameras and saying too much. 

If I am Adkins' attorney, I would keep my client away from the funeral, and let Young have at it, betting that he will over play his hand in his love of all things pompous, and really get under the skin of prosecutors and law enforcement.  Then I would  quietly move in with an offer to have Adkins come clean to spare him the death penalty. 

Two years ago we urged both Dunn and Adkins to consider that eventually, the remains would be found, so make a deal now.  They scoffed at it, feigning that they did not read the article, even as Dunn carried around print out copies of it saying, "should I say his name?"  

Billie Dunn, what have I said that Hailey's own grandmother didn't say on national television?

That ship came and went and is only a memory now.  

There was a time, very early in the case, where law enforcement gave her, along with radio hosts, a chance to be the sympathetic victim of Shawn Adkins and his deer gutting persona.

She refused. 

She refused because it wasn't something she could sell.  She was in too deep and she knew it, and Adkins knew it, and their language showed it.  She didn't say "I broke up with Shawn" but "we broke up" signaling to us that there was still unity and cooperation between them. 

Pronouns don't lie. 

In for a penny, in for a pound, they were forever linked in a bond of lies and guilt, and even while feigning insults one against the other, they both knew that should one talk, so would the other, so they remained in a conspiracy of silence. 

But it was in this silence towards law enforcement that Dunn continued to speak out, and as she did, the words in her brain came out, and, little by little, a portrait emerged of what happened to Hailey. 

It's enough to freak anyone out.  

Being "freaked out" means that Adkins recognizes that this is not the Casey Anthony jury:  people do know and people do understand and people have been listening. 

Now it is that the death penalty in Texas casts a big shadow on this case; so large, in fact, that it will hang over the funeral and will be evident in the days following the funeral as deals to come clean are considered. 

Any deal that is struck, if one is, indeed, even accepted, will have include a detailed account of Hailey's death, one which fits the evidence and the words spoken.  The deal striker will have to tell:

1.  Who bought the drugs and what drugs were used;
2.  How long did the abuse go on;
3.  What grooming was done to Hailey and for how long;
4.  What befell Hailey that night, after David left, with all details concurring with both forensic and verbal evidence;
5.  Which one of them came up with the sleepover story;

The considerable length of time in which they kept officials searching will be a factor, as well as all the aggravating things Dunn publicly said; from running down law enforcement to not thanking the man who found Hailey, and everything in between. 

6.  What was done to the body;
7.  Was the body moved;
8.  Are there some remains in another location;
9.  What phone calls were made and when
10.  Who was in charge of this aspect, and who was in charge of that aspect...
11.  Was there any assistance given to Dunn and Adkins at any time, during Hailey's death or afterwards: 
they will want names and dates and exact details. 

Prosecutors will demand details and that the perpetrator (s) take personal responsibility. 

But again, I presume. 

I am presuming, not that they will seek a deal, but that prosecutors will be even interested in listening. 

I don't know. 

I imagine that prosecutors will be interested in listening, but beyond that, perhaps their patience is gone, and the window of opportunity is gone. 

In any case, should Dunn speak at the funeral, there will be outrage and anger.  
Should Adkins even show up at the funeral, there will be outrage and angry responses by the citizens of Texas. 

These are things to be carefully considered by those who's job may be to save the lives of the two who did not save the life of Hailey.  


tick tock said...

ktxs interview with Curtis Loyd

heartbroken said...

Agreed Peter, awesome post. Thank God Hailey will finally RIP and have Justice....Hopefully, scum bag Justin Dip and his band wagon are watching closely. To bad there isn't a death penalty in Maine. Phoebe Dip grandmother from hell taunted the state police as well. Remember her comment, McCausland is full of himself. Can't wait for Baby Ayla's Justice. Peter, thank you for all that you do for these missing children.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could see why there's so much confidence in an impending arrest.

chance nunn said...

If it were a perfect world there would be no deal. Hailey was not allowed a deal. She did not get to barter for her last breath. But it is not a perfect world, not even in the Great State of Texas.

Trigger said...

It is amazing how quickly BD went from enjoying bloodlust hobbies with Shawn to naming God as her entitlement.

She mocks all that is decent and just, still.

Is John Young her stud, now that Shawn is no longer able to service her?

Nanna Frances said...

Thank you for finding Hailey so she can have a decent burial and justice.

Wonderful article. Now we will have justice for Hailey.

I do not remember the names of the cases, but there was an interesting story on Fox several years ago about a child rapist in Oklahoma receiving 5 years while a child rapist in Texas received 99 years. The difference was Texas.
Texas Justice is coming to Billie Jean and Shawn Adkins.

John Mc Gowan said...

The defence will break out the Mary Poppins outfit,and try to portray her as the abused one by SA.

Peter you should be on the prosecution team,fantastic article..

melvania said...

How can there be a funeral if Haliey's remains are evidence?
Would it be a service without Hailey's remains there?

Thank you Peter.

Nanna Frances said...

People who are murdered have funerals. Their bones are not used in court. Pictures and videos are used in court. Check out the Jodi Arais trial that is going on now.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming Haileys funeral will have to be held at the football stadium due to the number of people who will be attending. The first step of justice would be for Billie to be arrested the night before the funeral preventing her from desecrating Hailey any further. She said her goodbyes the night she helped murder Hailey. Haileys funeral is for Hailey not Billie yet Billie in her self-centeredness, will try to make it all about her.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Young, if you are reading this, here are some words of advice from a not-so-unsharp, though much younger than you, Texas observer-

You would be well advised to drop MRS. Billie Jean, NOT DUNN, right NOW before colleagues finally convince you to do so further down the road and a judge decides that nope, it's too late, and locks you into this case and forces you to continue on as her attorney.

Judges here in TX aren't going to let you waste the public's money by getting knee deep and over and then decide that MRS. Billie Jean, NOT DUNN, will risk your professional reputation too much, leave too much egg on your face, and let you back out, making it so another attorney has to step in, extending the time before this case can proceed and adding multi-hundreds of thousands or more to for Texans to foot the tab for.

You won't be wise enough to heed these words, will you?

~Watching you, MRS. Billie Jean, NOT DUNN, and Shawn Adkins Central Texas and wishing I had been on Haleigh's street or in Haleigh's neighborhood to have helped her.~

Jo said...

Just making the statement that she will cooperate with LE shows she has additional information. Why would she know anything more now that the body has been identified then she knew a month ago or two years ago?
If Billie is allowed to do anything with the funeral, Hailey becomes her victim all over again.

Nic said...

I think BJD will keep on keeping on with her charade. SA will be MIA.

Peter, re a deal. Interesting that BJD trashes SA and infers SA's responsibility and distances herself. Yet she hasn't gone as far as to high-tail herself to LE to strike a deal so as to nail the coffin shut. IMO, if she wasn't the dominate/mastermind behind what befell Hailey, she would because, imo, she's that deceitful and void of mercy.

The poker game has got to cease. SA needs to fold and roll over while there's still an ounce of time.

Anonymous said...

tick tock,

Thank you for the link.

Anonymous said...

Question.... Whilst analysis tells us BJD and SA are guilty, wouldn't there have to be some physical evidence where Hailey was found for a slam dunk conviction?

I hope there is evidence tying both of them to this horrendous crime. Either one making a deal is not acceptable in my book.

Anonymous said...

BJD is certianly not very likeable !

Anonymous said...

Until charges are pressed, LE and the DA do not have to share any of the evidence they have with Billie or Shawn's attorneys. Billie better have a much better story if she is planning to cooperate because they have evidence and if it does not fit into her "story" they will know immediately that she is babbling lies again.

Anonymous said...

Jmo Billie has done nothing but lie where Shawn may have been deceptive, he has been the most honest. He told us hailey was in scurry county while Billie told us inadvertently hailey was in the ugly fields. Shawn has stayed out of the media, not taunting LE like Billie has. While both are guilty, I would tend to believe Shawn over Billie. Arrest them both for murder, arrest Clint for abandonment and neglect.

Big Spring said...

I agree whole-heartidly! She wasn't a mother to Hailey while she was alive, she doesn't deserve the right to be there as she is laid to rest.

S + K Mum said...

I hope neither get a deal. They have had every opportunity to talk since Hailey went missing and neither were human enough to do so.

This may have been asked and answered already....apologies if it has!
What did Pointhunter find with the remains? (maybe it can't be answered yet).

elf said...

Look at the facts of the case.
Billie failed 1 polygraph and Shawn failed 2 polygraphs. These are not admissable by law but gave law enforcement a direction to proceed.
Evidence obtained by search warrents. We, the public, only know what has been released in news accounts. Hair, fiber, and DNA have also been taken for analysis. This is standard procedure in such cases as haileys.
Statements made by both Billie and Shawn have shown inconsistencies throughout the past 28 months.
Haileys remains were found, yielding more physical evidence as to the nature of the crime committed against her. One news interview, recently obtained, of Curtis Lloyd saying he saw the warm up (running) pants Hailey was last seen wearing. That item of evidence will surely have trace evidence and/or blood and/or other bodily fluids.
hopefor Hailey facebook page released the identification of haileys remains not less than 1 hour before officials released the information to the world at large.
The circumstantial evidence alone is overwhelming.

elf said...

How did Clint abandon Hailey?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Jmo Billie has done nothing but lie where Shawn may have been deceptive, he has been the most honest. He told us hailey was in scurry ...

I have seen this repeated on the blog multiple times and I do not doubt it; where/when did Shawn Adkins say this, that Hailey was in Scurry County?

TYIA :-)

Shawn Adkins is going to have a 'deer caught in the headlights' look almost permanently etched on his face from now 'til a long time to come; Billie Jean, NOT DUNN will have a very flippant look on her's.
MOO- my opinion only

christy said...

Pointhunter, Thank you for finding Hailey.

Peter, awesome article. Thank you

Anonymous said...

yes pointhunter, you should be there.

Anonymous said...

Clint seemed to care more about pursuing smoking and procuring pot than Hailey and her well-being.

Anonymous said...

I believe for a funeral, the family has the right to say who can and cannot attend. That does not stop us from having a public memorial for Hailey.

I was wondering yesterday how the few remains of Hailey would be returned to her a little cardboard box? That's all there is. That makes me very angry. Of course, the remains will most likely go to a funeral home and Billie won't have to deal with such "ugly" matters. It makes me so angry for Hailey that her mother allowed her little body to lay out there for one day, two days, a week, a month, twelve months and finally twenty eight months, to be torn to shreds and rained on, sun beating down upon, until at last all that was left is a skull, a femur and a loose tooth.

Anonymous said...

"Casey Anthony verdict where jurors appear to be unable to follow an argument to its logical conclusion, but instead are easily confused by smoke and mirror tangents."

Via the prosecution not the defense as you claim.

The prosecution was the first to release a book, the first to do tv interview, the first to sensatinalize this case by making it a total death penalty case and allowing the junk science in by making a place for it.

I'm sorry but if your theory of what happened to Hailey is correct then this is not a death penalty case. There is no pre meditation thus removing that option from the table. You cannot have it both ways and prosecutors of late have been the ones to majorly drop the ball because they aspire to seek their own fame through NG sensationalism and their own form of vengealanty justice by not intelligently looking at the law and the evidence and asking themselves, "Do I sincerely want 'Justice for Caylee?' or do I want a death penalty

Anonymous said...

pointhunter said...
You are most likely correct about the number of people who will attend. There are few places in Colorado city that could hold them all.

I can say for certain that this guy will be there, in Uniform front and center. Im wondering if Im going to be welcome, but I will be there none the less.

Your uniform will be a REMINDER of where she will be headed soon!! She will be looking at a uniform similiar to that until the day they roll her into those chambers, and give her the needle!! Justice for Hailey!!

Anonymous said...

That will create great TV (because of folks like NG) and boast me to the same level of notarity as OJ prosecution? One must admit if one is being honest that going after manslaughter where the law supports ones evidence is much less glamorous than going after the death penalty for the known labeled "most hated woman in America". Look at the Jodi Arias screamer. He is trying a case to gain his equal footage in the limelight. His stature is small. He obviously believes that unless he yelks, no one will hear him. He recognizes that he is no Ashton, a rather handsome man who didn't need to do all he did to be remembered.

It is my hope that the DA in CC seeks to objectively look at all the evidence and try this case for a conviction. If the evidence and here's the key words, according to Texas law, lends itself to the death penalty then seek it. However I implore them not to make the mistake of Jeff Ashton and yield to public pressure and sensationalism by going after a sentence that simply will not stick. The jurors in the Casey Anthony had fewer options than one admits. Because the evidence was presented for the death penalty, there was not a case for manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter made. Had the evidence been presented in that light, Casey would be behind bars versus on the beach today. Let me conclude with the infamous acroymn dare I get crucified over these points I've made, IMO.

K VanDyke, JD

Anonymous said...

During his lie detector test he stated when asked where, scurry county, who, both of us. That tells us she was in scurry county and both of them were involved.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I wish I could see why there's so much confidence in an impending arrest.

April 28, 2013 at 8:16 AM


elf said...

The key word in your reply is 'seemed'. That is just your opinion of the matter. My opinion is that Hailey wouldn't want her dad bashed. Clint could not have known that Billie, a woman he loved at one time, a woman who helped him.create his beautiful daughter, would one day be involved in haileys demise. The blame for this tragedy lays with those who chose to end haileys life.
Lets honor Hailey by not slandering her father.

Anonymous said...

abandon[ uh-ban-duhn ]
verb (used with object)
1. to leave completely and finally; forsake utterly; desert: to abandon one's farm; to abandon a child; to abandon a sinking ship.
2. to give up; discontinue; withdraw from: to abandon a research project; to abandon hopes for a stage career.
3. to give up the control of: to abandon a city to an enemy army.

ACH said...

What kind of man will abide his wife, his wife, meaning he is still her husband, to live openly with another man? At the very least he should have insisted on a divorce and settled any custody matters.
CD & SA had a physical confrontation, yet Hailey remained in a house, not home, with SA present. CD could have taken Hailey to his house to protect her. If, or when the police showed up Hailey could have voiced her own concerns to police at that time, but such a bold move would take some initiative and would also precipitate a close examination of his living arrangements.
CD, I mourn you're loss and I know this seems harsh, but there comes a time when people need to examine the cause & effect of lifestyle choices.


Anonymous said...

Pointhunter, I wish I could give you a big hug. You deserve one. Such a good man, you are going to see it through to the end, standing by and presenting yourself at the services of whats' left of the sweet child you found.

You seem a simple, uncomplicated and wise man (that's a high compliment), a man of integrity.

It was God who guided your footsteps to sweet Hailey's dumping place to reveal her few remaining bones. He has His own good timing and His own reasons, it is not karma, luck or anything else. He had you marked for that day, that time, that place, and pointed you in that direction.

He searches out all and sees all. He acts at His will in HIS timing. Best not to question it; God works in mysterious ways, it is not always open to human understanding; it just is. Anon 1

wildpitch40Pointhunter, yes you should go to Hailey's funeral. Be in uniform. An innocent mother would have thanked you over and over. said...

Pointhunter, yes you should go to Hailey's funeral. Be in uniform. An innocent mother would have thanked you over and over.

Anonymous said...

The definition of slander doesn't involve the word truth. Hailey asked to live with Clint but he refused. His refusal left Hailey with her murderers and her ultimate demise. He is fulfilling his dream of living in California where he is able to smoke pot without fear of arrest, Billie is living her dream, not working and free of responsibility. What about Haileys dream? Please let's not forget what Haileys dreams were and that she will never fulfill them.

Anonymous said...

Is the arrest affidavit posted on Peter's site? Thanks

Anonymous said...


I agree with you and Elf as well. There is a time for all things as someone else said.

As for a thank you not coming from Billie, I believe Clint will thank you in person the way you deserve to be thanked. You are Hailey's savior. Thanks to you, Hailey is no longer laying in a field and justice can be served.

Anon "I" said...

Jeff Ashton said he didn't want the death penalty on the table for Casey Anthony, IIRC. It was Lawson Lamar, Ashton's boss, who pushed for the death penalty. Also, with Casey Anthony, the options the jury had to choose from were the death penalty, first and second degree murder, manslaughter, and child endangerment/abuse. The shocking thing about the whole trial was that the jury went for "none of the above." She was charged for lying to police. How would Ashton's case presentation have been any different if it was NOT the death penalty he was going for?

Vita said...

Peter, Heather,

Thank you for your written. There is so much within to think on. So much that is unknown of what did happen, TO Hailey. God bless her.

Pointhunter, Mr. Lloyd

A poster here, reading one of my recent posts on Hailey. This days before it was announced, yes it is confirmed, it is her, Hailey. She, a regular, to reply to my post.

Hailey, Mr. Lloyd has a myspace online. I had wrote here that Hailey's myspace was altered. She to be announced to the nation, on Nancy Grace, the first days of January 2011. Hailey Dunn as a missing innocent. Searching for information online of Hailey, I did come across her " her" myspace as she had left if. She to have written her own entries, her personal blurts, her diary, her life as she lived it. Her personality to show through her written entries, as a sweet, feisty, fun, energetic 13 yr old girl. Her entries to go back, to late 2009, if I recall correctly.

Simple small writings that were of Hailey, that when read, were of no meaning, yet were meaningful enough for Hailey herself to write them. Mr. Lloyd within a very short time, Hailey's myspace was altered. Her personal writings, her little diary, her blurts, her exclamations, were deleted.

I cannot recall who gave me the link to the Time Machine, to go back in time, to be able to see If Hailey's posts/written were retrievable. Thank you Person, Lis? I am sorry I cannot recall at this moment.

Yesterday I went to the Time Machine link again, to see for myself, if I could somehow retrieve Hailey's written. I was not able to. I did learn something though by this link, the Time Machine.

I learned when Hailey's Myspace diary's were deleted. It is time stamped, when this occurred. Interestedly enough, the date, the time, January 11th 2011. 5:10pm. NG transcript on Jan 10th, to read, what was ongoing in the life of Billie not Dunn, Sadkins, it is key to why, Hailey's myspace entries were deleted. Within the days of, Jan 6 and Jan 10th, I have studied the pressers, the photos of interviews inside the house of Chestnut. The couch that Hailey slept on, as her normal, had been taken out of the home. Set out to be removed, by a bystander? It off to the landfill? it not longer desired to be a visual in Billie's face. Billie's brother Roger to produce his old couches for Billie's use. Hailey's presence even further erased.

Jan 10, 2011, nationally televised -

Through this Time Machine, that is able to go back to retrieve(if applicable) altered websites.

One of Hailey's now erased written is visual. It is her last entry, written on November 28th, 2011 at 5:48 am, she texted by Mobile phone.

This is for Mr. Lloyd

Hailey D: i love yeww comment if u love me to
Mood: animated
5:48 AM Nov 28, 2010 from Mobile

Mr. Lloyd, Hailey's Funeral. She, Hailey Darlene Dunn, her last written is her invitation, brought back to the present day.

"I love you, comment if you love me too"

This is all you need to take with you, Her words. No permission is necessary as she wrote it. Mr. Lloyd, I have already written it here to you, I again, Thank you.

Hailey can now tell her side, by you finding her, you have brought Hailey's voice back to life. And she will talk. She will.


Anonymous said...

The lyrics include the word mask.

Anonymous said...

Pointhunter, I don't think anyone is going to bash you (or cuss at you!) for stating your opinions of Clint Dunn. Or Elfs', certainly not me. Bashing Clint? No, just stating the mere facts.

I understand, he and Hailey attended your sister's church sometimes as Clint's mother also did (another one who turned her back on Haileys' cries); he has been sorry ever since Hailey disappeared, and I'm sure has repented many times, and likely will repent many more times.

But none of that takes away from the fact that Clint Dunn was a deadbeat daddy who would not/did not support his own daughter, and I'm not talking about handing over a fistful of dollars to Billie so she could suck it up her nose;

I'm talking about the fact that he would not provide a bed for Hailey to sleep on, not even his couch; put a woman ahead of Hailey (that he wasn't even married too) who did not like his daughter or want her around; would not give Hailey school lunch money and left her at the hands of having to beg from madman Shawn for any needs she had, or find someone else to give her handouts;

ultimately putting Hailey in the position of having no place to go; left to be murdered by this drugged up madman and her drugged up mother. That's just plain pathetic, that she had no father to protect or help her. He was an able bodied man and there are NO excuses for this. So he cries now. Well good. He was happy as long as he had his pot dope, whether Hailey ate or not, right? So now he pays.

Since Clint couldn't, wouldn't, pay child support and he knew the conditions Hailey was living in, why didn't HE call CPS Himself? They would have helped him locate a place where Hailey would have been safe as well as help to cover the costs temporarily including food stamps for Hailey. Oh no, that would have taken a little effort on Clints' part and he might wind up having to pay some support himself. Can't do THAT!

The fact is, neither Clint or Billie should have had custody of Hailey. She should have been removed from the both of them and placed in foster care or a close relative who could have and would have taken her, IF CPS could have found one; and both Clint AND Billie should have been ordered to pay child support to this person. But no, Clint couldn't do anything for his daughter; all he cared about was his pot, a free place to hunker down and his woman.

Conclusion, it's hard for me to conjure up much sympathy for pot smoking deadbeat daddy Clint Dunn. It is HAILEY who suffered, and that is dead, not Clint, who never gave Hailey one ounce of consideration; if he had, he would have made SURE she was taken care of. He didn't. Anon 1

Anonymous said...

Well said anon 1. I wonder why Hailey didn't get free or even reduced lunches? All it takes is a filled out form being turned in. She should have needed snacks and one meal a day at home. Schools provide breakfast and lunch.

Unknown said...

Till costs are pushed, LE and also the DA do not need to share any of the evidence they usually have with Billie or Shawn's attorneys. Billie superior have a much better facts if she is planning to cooperate due to the fact they have proof and also provided it can not match inside her "story" they will know immediately that she is definitely babbling dwell once again.

First Aid Course

Anonymous said...


You stand tall and proud at Hailey's memorial... You are her voice, her hero, her rescuer"!!!! Please don't think twice about anyone questioning your presence you are standing there for me and countless others who are unable to attend.... You are our voice we are beside you in spirit thousands of us who believe in you.... That is who you represent..... This is not about SA or Billie this is for Hailey and together we will get justice..... You are the face for all of us please don't question that GOD has a plan and you were the choose one it is your time, stand strong we are behind you

Anonymous said...

Thanks Peter for staying on Hailey's story,I hope there will be justice for this child.May she rest in Peace.

Red Ryder said...

Pointhunter-I am glad you are going, as I am so far from Texas, please stand there also for me to honor Hailey. While you were not specifically looking for her, thank you for finding her.

Anonymous said...

Peter what a well-written article. I consider it one of your best.

Trixiebelle said...

Pointhunter, you rock! I am so happy that you have plans to attend any public memorial service for Hailey. Sounds to me like you are more of a father to her in death than any male ever was in her short life.

? said...

Someone said that all that was found of Hailey's remains were the bones and pants that have been reported. Since Pointerhunter did the right thing and call LE, we don't know what all has been found, nor should we. The site was search for 3 or 4 days. For all we know they could have located a whole lot more evidence there.

Since BD recently seemed to think it was important enough to question why SA "hid" his coveralls, I still suspect LE might have those too. It seems to be a sensitive issue for her.

They could have recovered the couch. I think I remember that they had hits at the city dump.

I'm sure we only know a fraction of what they have against BD and SA. And the fact that BD and SA don't know either makes it a poker game for them. They don't know what cards the DA is holding, so do they take a plea or not?

Lynn said...

Anon11:11Unless I am mistaken, felony murder is death qualified in TX.That means if Hailey died as a result of Shawn molesting her, whether by deliberately being murdered to cover it up or because BD beat her to death in a jealous response to molestation, it's death penalty eligible. Any felony that results in the deathof someone id felony murder. Even if a person dies of a heart attack during a robbery, they can charge felony murder.

lake erie princess said...

Pointhunter~ I am glad that you were "led" to the area where Hailey's remains were laid. All of us deserve to be laid to rest respectfully,and because of your discovery, this will now be possible for little Hailey ! Leaving this world in a violent manner makes it EVEN MORE important as far as I am concerned. I believe that the soul of a murder victim can return for a short time, here to earth, and that the soul can hover around those severely grieving, or near a "special" person who helped her be located in order that she can be laid to rest, peacefully and with due respect.

So, be aware Pointhunter of a gentle breeze on your face when it is still around others, or a casual touch upon your face or arm. That is the thanks of a 13 year old child ! How do I know ? Well, that is my secret. Go to the funeral in uniform, & sit up front. Your credibility speaks volumes for who you are, a soul who I know loves God and mankind, kind and gentle, & truthful !A tad too humble for your own good at times.

That note was simply a gesture to make you think what you found at the Lake area was to remain hidden.

Not to worry about harm. The Lord DOES have your back to keep you safe.

BostonLady said...

If Jodi Arias's trial is any example, the prosecutor would not entertain any plea bargain. He wanted her prosecuted with the death penalty as an option for the jury because he felt this murder was so heinous there was no room to make any deals.

Will the same occur for Billie and Shawn?? They had over 2 years to come forward and tell what happened and instead used that time to lie, flaunt their love for each other to everyone and the media. Billie went so far as to have Shawn at Hailey's vigils!

I do not think the prosecutors are going to be very open to deals with these two. And, I believe there will be others who have obstructed justice in their support of billie and shawn. They, too, should be very concerned.

Listener said...

Anon1 12:35 -- Right is right. Wrong is wrong. I agree with you completely!! It's hard to watch Clint grieve for Hailey. His pain is real. But there are consequences to making bad choices in life. It's too late. He had plenty of opportunities to make the right choices to give Hailey a better life, but he made lots of bad choices, as you so correctly pointed out. We're so sorry that his daughter was murdered, but the time for him to have made the right choices happened EVERY DAY - and now there are no more chances. We can't know if Clint making better choices would have saved Hailey's life, but I imagine Clint will be haunted by those doubts for the rest of his life. Sad but true. Not bashing. Just MHO.

Tania Cadogan said...

I wonder if her attorny's comment about after the funeral is because if she co-operates now she will be refused permission to attend the funeral.

he is taking a risk , as everyday she delays is a day shaun is throwing her under the bus.
it may be she knows this along with her attorney so she has nothing to lose by delaying.
She will co-operate after and make sure all involved will go down with her, She isn't going to be the fall guy, if she goes, given the crimes she will take everyone with her either for involvement, the cover up the sale of videos etc or the drugs

Trigger said...


You should be a speaker at Hailey's funeral because you represent all of the people who searched and cared about Hailey, while her mother did nothing but lie, create alibis, and make excuses.

Please know that I am proud of you for having a strong back bone and integrity.

Anonymous said...

Knowing Hailey's running pants were found I hope her underwear may have been found inside with possible DNA evidence linking to Shawn. Has it been stated that only the running pants were found?
Just another anon.

? said...

No, I don't think it has been said anywhere that what was reported to be found at the site is ALL that was found.

Big Russian said...

I remember that the undercarriage of the car Shawn was driving the day of Hailey's disappearance was damaged. At the time, I blogged that I hoped LE inspected the bottom of that car, and took samples, to determine over what kind of terrain it had been driven. Now it seems even more important. Am I hoping for too much?

Anonymous said...

how long do you think the reamins had been there?

Local anon said...

Mr. Lloyd, I hope you go and it gives you closure and you are treated as hero. If my daughter was missing I would have been on your doorstep immediately begging you to tell me what you saw. I know LE is committed but I fear that crucial evidence may have been missed with LE initially treating this case as a runaway. I hope I am wrong and that Mr. Lloyd gets to have the privilege of seeing Billie and Shawn in his place of work.

Nic said...

Anonymous said...
The definition of slander doesn't involve the word truth. Hailey asked to live with Clint but he refused. His refusal left Hailey with her murderers and her ultimate demise. He is fulfilling his dream of living in California where he is able to smoke pot without fear of arrest, Billie is living her dream, not working and free of responsibility. What about Haileys dream? Please let's not forget what Haileys dreams were and that she will never fulfill them.

April 28, 2013 at 11:53 AM
I believe, if I'm remembering correctly, that Hailey couldn't move in with Clint and Naomi because of 1) rules and 2) space. In fact, Naomi lost her "welfare" and housing when it was revealed in the reporting when Hailey "disappeared" that Clint was living with Naomi and the baby. (They weren't married, therefore, he wasn't suppose to be there. )

Clint was on Peter's show and revealed that Hailey wasn't happy at her mom's and that after Christmas "they" were going to find a big enough place for all of them. He also admitted to his pot smoking. As Peter said, "innocent parents" don't care what anyone thinks of them. They just want their kid back. Everything Clint said and did reflected what was in his heart. He loved Hailey and he was desperate for her to be back home.

I have found Clint to always be honest and forthcoming of everything. ... which has made it easy to point fingers at him. The long and short of it is, for me, I don't believe that Clint had any mal intent, in any way, towards Hailey. In regards to the sociological culture they belong to, it's easy for us to sit back and judge what would be wrong in our lives. But at the same time, we should acknowledge that these people are the second/third generation of the culture they grew up in. It's their way of life. For anyone of us that hasn't grown up that way, it's "wrong". For them, it just is.

Natural consequence will hark in change. That is my hope. With change I pray for strength for Clint.

Trigger said...

In nature, there is no right or wrong, only consequences.

Clint Dunn did not facilitate Hailey's death or missing status. He voluntarily opened himself up to public scrutiny in an effort to find Hailey. He held nothing back.

BD opened the door to her home where her children lived and invited in danger. She did not search for her daughter. She protected the only suspect with lies.

My compassion and sympathy is towards Clint and his family.

Anonymous said...

Trigger said... April 28, 2013 at 7:14 PM


He only lived a few doors down. He was too lazy to help her.

Nic said...

Vita, your post was beautiful. [hugs]

Nic said...

Anonymous, Clint did try to help Hailey. He called CPS on Billy. CPS followed up with interviews. They made the decision to leave the kids with BJD (and Shawn), -- even though there was a 911 call/threat on record.

Anonymous said...

Nic,, nobody ever Clint had anything to do with Hailey dying; but he also had nothing to do with Hailey living either.

He was a laid back, ner'-do-well, good time Charlie smoking his dope, living off the fat of the land, watching the world go by and didn't give a damn one way or the other; HE was going to have his pot come hell or high water.

HAILEY is the one who paid the price for Clints' don't bother me with it doped up lifestyle. Of COURSE she love him, all of these children love their daddy, they're all these children have. So sad.

There are MILLIONS of men like Clint Dunn, women too, who don't give a damn whether their kids eat or not or what filth they have to live in as long as it doesn't interfer with THEIR lifestyle.

Some of you just have no idea how these neglected and abused children have to live... And YES, neglect IS considered abuse. Anon 1

Anonymous said...

According to Hailey's teachers and coaches CLINT DUNN was the reason why Hailey was a straight A student and an advanced student and heavily involved in school sports

According to Hailey's teachers CLINT DUNN was the reason why Hailey was an advanced and prolific reader

According to Hailey's teachers and coaches CLINT DUNN was the reason why Hailey loved school

According to Hailey's teachers and coaches Billie Jean Dunn was the reason why Hailey took up cheerleading and according to Hailey's teachers and coaches Hailey HATED cheerleading

CLINT DUNN RAISED Hailey, not Pillie Jean NotDunn

CLINT DUNN heavily immersed David Dunn in martial arts and David Dunn excelled in martial arts and won competitions

CLINT DUNN raised Hailey and David, not Pillie Jean NotDunn

Anonymous said...

Shawn Adkins you said you love Hailey with all your heart and all your soul

Prove it, prove you're her man despite her rejection of you, prove you love her with all your heart and all your soul by telling the truth of what happened

That is the only way Hailey will forgive you and that is the only way you will be able to forgive yourself and that is the only way a jury will refuse to find you guilty of first degree murder

elf said...

I object to the above statement/comment. Hailey was 13. No one was 'her man'. That's just an awful statement. I'm flabbergasted. Billie and Shawn need to come forward with the truth because its the right thing to do. That statement is an insult to a 13 year old child's innocence.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

According to Hailey's teachers and coaches CLINT DUNN was the reason why Hailey was a straight A student and an advanced student and heavily involved in school sports

According to Hailey's teachers CLINT DUNN was the reason why Hailey was an advanced and prolific reader

According to Hailey's teachers and coaches CLINT DUNN was the reason why Hailey loved school

According to Hailey's teachers and coaches Billie Jean Dunn was the reason why Hailey took up cheerleading and according to Hailey's teachers and coaches Hailey HATED cheerleading

CLINT DUNN RAISED Hailey, not Pillie Jean NotDunn

CLINT DUNN heavily immersed David Dunn in martial arts and David Dunn excelled in martial arts and won competitions

CLINT DUNN raised Hailey and David, not Pillie Jean NotDunn

April 28, 2013 at 9:36 PM

Umm OK Connie Jones ?

Anonymous said...

I will be surprised if BJD plans a public funeral.

Anonymous said...

The above post is a beautiful tribute to Hailey & Davids' accomplishments, regardless as to who wrote it. It is good to know that Clint encouraged Hailey & David as most likely no one else did unless it might have been Clints' mother to some degree.

I figured Hailey made her brilliant accomplishments all on her own because she was a high acheiver and a real go-getter, and I still believe this. She also appeared to enjoy cheerleading and seemed to excel in this too. She couldn't have done it so well had she actually hated it.

As for David, it was said that he was close to Clint and Clint raised him from a small child. Why then has David turned his back on Clint since Hailey died? Just curious. Anon 1

Anonymous said...

They will get what is coming to them! We pray Hailey will get justice We know she will.! Our town has been rocked by all of this. We will never forget you Hailey. She was a bright young girl with her whole life ahead of her an they chose to take it from her. Now we will take their pathetic lives away from them. They do not deserve to live. I witnessed Billie Dunn hanging fliers for Hailey about 3 months after she had been missing. But never did she even try to do anything right after she went missing. An why is it that Billie Dunn did not make any statements when they found other bodies around this area? Could that be because she knew they were not Hailey? But whn Haileys body was found before we knew it was her Billie had started making statements trying to cover her butt.

~ABC said...

Lake Erie Princess said......

Not to worry about harm. The Lord DOES have your back to keep you safe.

ABC says Amen!
Pointhunter I can think of no one more appropriate than you to speak at Hailey's services. You are the channel God used to find this sweet child and open the door for her voice to be heard!

Peter. If possible, I think you should join him. This article brought me to tears. You are one incredibly decent and gracious man. I feel honored to be allowed to participate on this blog. I believe this case and your diligence is going to bring Statement Analysis front and center where it should be!


~ABC said...

Vita what a wonderful thing to see that message from Hailey and see it as her speaking to Pointhunter!!
<3 <3 <3 to Vita!

Anonymous said...

Billie said in a tv interview that Hailey cheerleading was her idea, Hailey did not want to be a cheerleader, she had to push Hailey to take up cheerleading, and Hailey disliked it

Billie pushing Hailey into cheerleading against her will was a big issue on the old statement analysis blog, that was where the idea that Billie was "offering" Hailey as a "gift" to Shawn came into play

Anonymous said...

Fantastic interview with Clint Dunn:



RB: Did she attend church?

Clint: Yes. Yeah, she went to a Christian church, Baptist church in C City.

RB: What kinds of sports did she play?

Clint: She played em all. She played basketball, her favorite was softball. She played volleyball. She practiced Ju-Jitsu and mixed matial arts. She, about anything you could think of, she played.

RB: Go ahead Clint, I'm sorry.

Clint: She loved fishing, and going camping, and building huts, swimming, and we'd get on a canoe and go down the river and fish and build a hut and fish out of.

RB: What types of activities was she involved in at school?

Clint: All the sports. She did volleyball at school, basketball. She ran track. The softball was for Colorado City I believe.

RB: What would you say is her favorite sport?

Clint: She loves softball. We was always practicing pitching for softball and uh, that's the one that was her favorite. We'd play softball at the lake. All Summer long we would practice on her pitching and catching and stuff.

RB: What was her favorite subject in school?

Clint: She liked science-- was her favorite, and she was naturally good at reading and writing. When she was in the third grade, Duke University was looking at her because she was reading on a Junior level-- college level. She did real good at everything though. She made real good grades-- and never failed or nothing.

RB: What other things can you think of that she liked to do as she was growing up?

Clint: She liked ice skating, going to the amusement park, going to Six Flags. She's a thrill-seeker. She don't (illegible) them big rides-- you know. She's not scared of nothing. Yeah, she did so much. She learned how to-- mixed martial arts, kick boxing, Ju-Jitsu, and wrestling. She was real good at all that. Anything that she tried, she did rally good at.

RB: So, would you say that Hailey is someone-- just say that someone came up to Hailey and was going to try to kidnap her, do you think that she would be a fighter, that she would rebel against that?

Clint: Yeah, for sure she would. She's really smart. She's got good intuition and she knows what to do also. She knows how to defend herself.

RB: Did she have a boyfriend prior to going missing?

Clint: No she didn't. She wasn't into boys. She would kick a boy's butt before she would kiss a boy.

RB: Did she ever spend the night out of town away from you and Billie?

Clint: Only with relatives-- with her grandmothers, or with her aunts or uncles. Never with a friend or anybody, only people that we knew for all of our lives.

Anonymous said...

Billie pushing Hailey towards cheerleading:

The cheerleading. I kind of pushed it a little bit. She liked it. It just wasn't her favorite.

She was active in band. She got first chair playing the saxophone. She's really active in sports and

Anonymous said...

Re-reading these interviews about how highly intelligent, athletic, and skilled she was, her diversified interests, her extraordinary potential, and the likelihood she would have attended any college/university she wanted, infuriates me that BJD and SA have yet to be arrested-tried-found guilty

Anonymous said...

Agree whole heartedly with you. I know a family member personally here where I live and we have prayed for that precious girl for so long. Always had the feeling it was Billie and she has no right to attend that funeral at all! A mother protects, not harms and she gave that right up long ago.

Anonymous said...

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