Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fake Hate, Fake Justice? Charlie Rogers Gets Week

A woman reported that three men broke into her home and brutally carved into her flesh.  The public responded with outrage with thousands protesting, holding vigils and donations came in from all over the nation.

Statement Analysis showed it to be a fake.  Other crime analysts went silent on this case.

Read the original report submitted to investigators HERE

The prior Fake Hate report from University of Nebraska's professor ended up with two years in prison.  Rogers got a week.

Given the expense of the investigation, as well as the thousands who donated money, is this justice?

LINCOLN, Nebraska — A former University of Nebraska basketball star convicted of lying to police about being attacked in her home by masked men who carved anti-gay slurs into her skin was sentenced Thursday to a week in jail and two years' probation.

Charlie Rogers, who maintains that the attack last July did happen, cried and hugged family and friends as she left the courtroom. Neither she nor her family would comment after the hearing.

The reported attack provoked outrage and spread fear among Lincoln's gay community, and hundreds of people turned out for a rally that weekend outside the state Capitol. At the time, Lincoln was debating whether to adopt a proposed "fairness ordinance" that would have banned discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation, and tensions were high among those on both sides of the issue.

According to police, Rogers, 
who is a lesbian, said three masked men broke into her home, assaulted and subdued her, and carved anti-gay slurs and into various parts of her body before trying to set fire to the home and leaving. A neighbor told police Rogers crawled from her home naked, bleeding and screaming for help.
Prosecutors say her story quickly fell apart, and that she faked the attack because she thought it would inspire change in the treatment of gay people. They say Rogers purchased zip ties, a box cutter and white gloves shortly before the attack, and that the evidence didn't support what she said had happened.

Judge Gale Pokorny read a message on her Facebook page shortly before the alleged attack, in which she wrote, "So maybe I am too idealistic, but I believe way deep inside me that we can make things better for everyone. I will be a catalyst. I will do what it takes. I will. Watch me."

Rogers' attorney, Brett McArthur, said that Rogers maintains her innocence, asked Pokorny to sentence her to only probation because she had no previous criminal history and is receiving counseling. But Pokorny said the evidence shows she is guilty and that jail time is warranted, and that Rogers ended up harming the cause she meant to champion.

"It exploded in her face. Ms. Rogers has single-handedly managed to do a disservice to her cause of enormous proportion," Pokorny said. "For a long, long time to come, when a gay makes a legitimate complaint about unequal treatment or discrimination, there will be a knee-jerk reaction among many."
Deputy County Attorney Patrick Condon told the judge probation wasn't enough, considering the fear Rogers spread and the hours and resources police spent investigating her claims.

"It does have an effect on this community," Condon said.
Rogers must report to jail April 29. In addition to probation and jail, she was ordered to complete 250 hours of community service for the city parks service in Lincoln.
Rogers played for Nebraska from 1996 through 2000, and finished her collegiate career as the team's second all-time shot-blocker.


S + K Mum said...


Is there outrage from her original supporters towards her now that she has been proven a liar? I do hope so.

JMO said...

I don't understand the whole hate crime reasoning. Aren't all crimes in essence hate crimes. If so, why doesn't Charlie Roger's crime merit that distinction? Her targets seem to be others who have a different belief on the morality and origin of homosexuality. No one was accused of having threatened her, abusing her verbally, physically, financially, professionally or in any other way that I'm aware of so she invented abusers and a crime. Her actions were meant to intimidate and cast suspicion on anyone that isn't gay or supportive of her sexual orientation. That seems hateful to me. It wasn't enough for her to just live and let live and let others do the same. No only did she not get an extra penalty for a hate crime, it seems to me that she got preferential treatment with such a light sentence. JMO

Anonymous said...

From press

Court Doc of Roger's sentencing
She has a host of " has to comply or else" if she fails to comply, she is to remit herself to jail
" in 2015" for a 90 day sentence

After reading her sentencing doc, it is very clear the " People" find Ms. Rogers unfit for society. The Judge to " go soft" until she does something to " an innocent" not herself. Read the document she is NOT to HURT " others" as part as her probation.

Justice? fails again.

VLW said...

I'm with you, JMO. "Hate crime" equals "Thought Police". Punish the crime. Period.

Anonymous said...

This wet-noodle slap on the wrist makes me wonder if the judge is also a lesbo? Or a family member? It wouldn't surprise me, nothing does anymore.

As to this sicko's hate crime; most of us, (like me) don't spend our time thinking about "hate" against them. I don't give a rip what they do as long as it doesn't touch my own household or my family. I think they are nasty, sick in the head, that's my belief and there you have it.

When you think about what they do to each other, it could only be a couple of things and that puts them in the same league with Mark Redwine as to their nasty sex habits. And THIS is acceptable? Not to me, it isn't, not if it ever comes anywhere near me.

The only thing I'm glad about in them having their so called "rights" is that at least this brings them out into the open and AWAY fron ruining the lives of the innocent people they trap into marriage while they continue their sick sex habits; including the youth they trap into their dirty sex habits. But, that's just me.

Please, I'm not looking to open a can of worms here, okay? I think this perverted sicko hate monger (she hates straights!) deserved at least a year behind bars and five years, or more, probation; AS WELL as a county job paying back all the costs she caused LE with her filthy lies. Anon 1

Tipsy said...

@ "anonymous"you protest far to much.

Katprint said...

Government finances are pretty tight right now. I don't know how Nebraska's jails and prisons are doing, but here in California we are bursting at the seams. The overcrowding is so bad that a federal judge ordered California to reduce its inmate populate - and is about to hold state officials in contempt for failing to do so - so inmates are being released early, state prisoners are being transferred to county jails, and pretrial bail risk assessments are being overhauled to permit more non-monetary Own Recognizance releases to make more jail space for convicts.

IMO the judge probably ordered a hefty amount of community service in lieu of sentencing Rogers to more jail time but then having her released early due to the relative lack of severity of her offense (compared to kidnapping, robbery, murder, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Then don't read them, silly. Anon 1

Mouse74 said...

Anon1: One has to read your comments to make a conclusion. The words you type speak wonders about you. Now that you have introduced your self worth to the group, you have saved us the time we may have once wasted on you. I can assure you however, this was no waste of my time. Much like you thoroughly enjoyed being a bigot on display, I too enjoy, pointing out the flaws in you.

I hope you do realize that heterosexual people are the guilty ones when it comes to 'crazy sex habits'. Straight people do some crazy things behind those closed doors that don't involve their god given parts, so your ignorance is also shining on display for all in this category too.

BostonLady said...

Wow a whole week in jail? I wonder how the first responders feel about that? Or the investigators ?

I am glad she is getting counseling. Maybe she will eventually come to realize what she did was dangerous in that she did a disservice to any victim of an attack. Police have enough real crime to not have had to waste any resources on her fake cry for immediate help.

No bleeding heart here said...

Katprint, that's a good point. The prisons and jails are over-flowing and costing too much. Why not separate the violent offenders from the non-violent ones? Take away perks for perps. We don't get free medical, dental, eye care, education, food and housing. Why should they be rewarded with those things for their crimes? They should be provided with only the bare necessities. Put them in tent cities behind walls with the guards on the outside to only prevent escape, not to settle their differences for them. Let them work things out amongst themselves. Give them only what they need to grow their own food and maintain their own spare living quarters. If they can't abide by the societal rules on the outside then put them some place where they can establish and enforce their own society and rules. They shouldn't have it both ways. They get to break the rules of society that we choose and agree to live by but then they get to call on those same rules to demand care, comfort and safety when it benefits them. They should forfeit those things for the term of their sentence and parole.

When it comes to embezzelment, scams, robbery and any other kind of theft including the cost to the taxpayers for false reporting etc.,and other non-violent crimes, all the expenses should be paid back to the victims, in addition to community service. If they rob, cheat or scam anyone they should have to live on a pittance, be ineligible for government benefits unless and until it is all paid back. Let them learn what it feels like to have to work hard and do without to survive, like those they have stolen from or cheated. If they can't find work to pay it back because now they are felons, set up another tent city separate from the violent crimes area and again, let them work inside that "city" to provide for themselves and keep them from reoffending.

I also think Charlie could use some sensitivity training.

Lis said...

The judge said, "Ms. Rogers has single-handedly managed to do a disservice to her cause of enormous proportion," Pokorny said. "For a long, long time to come, when a gay makes a legitimate complaint about unequal treatment or discrimination, there will be a knee-jerk reaction among many."

This may be true, but is it really the judge's concern? Is the judge so concerned about this outcome that she gave a light sentence, hoping that the story just fades away?

Nanna Frances said...

Imperfect justice again! She needed a long prison sentence!

Anonymous said...

Mouse 74; if you think it matters to me what you think of me you are sadly mistaken. I'm no hypocrite and don't mind in the least sharing this with you. You like the stench and taste of ---- and -----, then go for it. Yikes! Could be that's what suits you best. Swing on. Enjoy the taste. Anon 1

Mouse74 said...

The fact I called you a bigot implies my realization that you don't care.

Keep on writing. You're trashing yourself.

Anonymous said...

Mouse 74, I left you another post which I guess was a little too descriptive since I see it has been removed. Doesn't matter, you don't need me to draw you a picture. They will all be their own undoing anyway.

Let me just say, I don't think you and most supporters of G/L relationships have stopped to consider what these people are actually doing TO and with each other, all while misleading our women, youth, and even our children. It's all part of the dumbing down of America.

But that's okay, have your say, call me bigot if you like while you and others like you are blind to the depravity all around you. Think Jerry Sandusky and Marc Redwine, as what these people are doing is really no different, just more of it.

Meanwhile, I'm getting bored with the conversation... Wish you well.

Anon 1

Sarah said...

you called this one a looong time ago Peter!

Anonymous said...

The post made at 12:27 and signed as Anon 1 was NOT made by me. Obviously made by another troll pervert.

I think you're right Sarah, I believe Peter did call this one right eons ago, believing that she would only get a short sentence.

The real Anon 1

Anonymous said...

Very good work troll above.
Real anon.

Tania Cadogan said...

In the UK the prosecution and even the public can appeal a leniant sentence, can this be done is the states?

Anonymous said...

Real Anon1, it was obvious it wasn't you. With all the trolls on here I know it didn't fool me for a second and I'm sure that's true for most, at least the regulars.

RedRyder said...

I concur, anon7:47, most regular readers recognize the "voice" of a regular poster so when their name gets hijacked it becomes obvious quite quickly :)
It's good practice to not feed the trolls. They get bored and wander off.
Re: Charlie Rogers's, the time to be served is so little but I do think it would be a great idea if she had to PAY for the investigation that her lies caused. No opportunity to bankruptcy out of it etc, she would have to pay and pay over the years until it was paid off. That might make other false filers think twice if they knew they would be liable for the costs of the investigation! AND it would give Charlie lots of opportunities to think about her actions. JMO

Anonymous said...

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