Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hailey Dunn Case: The Conspiracy Theory

Those who's interest is justice for murdered children follow the cases, listen to the statements, read the media reports, etc.  Because of the interest in justice, they post their opinions about such cases.

In the case of Hailey Dunn, the police and the public focused in on the mother, Billie Dunn, and her boyfriend, Shawn Adkins. From national television and the police affidavit, we learned exactly why the focus was upon these two.  In news commentary, on television, radio and online, this case has had the unique angle where not a single commentator, expert, profiler, analyst, retired investigator, etc, has disputed the police affidavit, or the known facts.

                       In other words, no one thinks the mother and boyfriend are innocent.

The mother's following takes to the internet to defend her.  How many use fake FB profiles to appear to be more in number than they actually are?

How do they defend her?

They do not attack the facts.  They do not dispute the affidavit.  They do not challenge the failed polygraphs, the drugs, the pornography, and so on.  They do not attack the analysis that shows deception.  They do not assert anything as true.

They attempt to attack personally, those who disagree with them.  This is similar to the case of Amanda Knox, where, in a debate, rather than debate the assertions made, they went after credentials; that is, the background of what was said, rather than what was said, itself.

Of course, there is a sense to this:  If you were going to learn how to hit a baseball, would you learn from Ted Williams, or from someone who has never played the game?  This is a straw man argument, yet it is employed as a matter of diversion.

Yet, if statements are made asserting one thing or another, should the statements, themselves, be ignored?

This is similar to the sensitivity noted when one avoids answering a question:  the question, itself, is "sensitive"to the subject:  the subject has a reason to avoid answering the question.

If there is a sensible, logical, intelligent disputation of the facts, I will post it.  In 2 plus years of the case of missing teen Hailey Dunn, I have not received a single one.

Defending Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn

I have not found anyone alleging that the spokesman of the two, Dunn, has told the truth.  I have not read, for example, analysis claiming, "this sentence is structured in a way that suggests veracity" or anything similar.

Neither have I heard radio hosts address the facts and assert why they believe Duun, over the affidavit, for example.  In the lengthy interview analyzed, we heard the hosts agree with her, referencing prior conversations so that they could allow Dunn to explain her position, but they made no assertions of their own:  only to "ignore the trolls"; that is, those who, in online media, believe the police.

The only defense I have heard comes from the mother, herself.  Let's examine her assertions.

1.  The mother claimed that a conspiracy exists between various elements of law enforcement.

2.  The mother claimed that the polygraph, itself, was deliberately rigged to make her and Shawn Adkins fail.

3.  The mother claimed the motive for the conspiracy among at least 4 different law enforcements, came from only one law enforcement branch:  They did not want to search for Hailey.

This means that one branch (Colorado City Police) did not want to search for Hailey, therefore, they conspired with the Texas Rangers, the FBI and the District Attorney's office, to:

a.  Lie under oath on the affidavit
b.  Rig a polygraph machine to give false results

This means that those who contributed to this conspircy, risked their own employment and freedoms, simply to honor Colorado City Police Department's desire to not search.  The desire to not search was not labeled with a motive, such as laziness, or expense. No motive given by Dunn, yet she asserts that the Texas Rangers, the FBI and the DA's investigator would all have to agree,  risking their careers and their freedom, to enter into a criminal conspiracy to falsely accuse Dunn and Adkins, of whom few, if any, can claim to have known either Dunn or Adkins, before the case was reported.

Why would CC police officer make a false affidavit, knowing that she would face not only loss of employment, but face criminal charges?

Why would Texas Rangers risk the same to honor the CC officer?

Why would the FBI agents involved be willing to risk their careers, their freedom and their agency's reputation in order to go along with such a conspiracy?  What would they gain?

Why would the DA's office risk careers and face possible criminal charges?

Why would the polygrapher, only identified as "devil" and "snake" risk his reputation, career and his own freedom, to rig a polygraph machine to give false results, regarding a man and a woman he likely had not known, nor met prior to the case?

Can you imagine the personal risk he would have taken?  He would lose his name, reputation, license, job and likely his freedom, as he would face criminal charges?  Many who do, lose their homes to foreclosure, and end up in divorce.

All this just to falsely blame someone he likely had never met?  Yet, this 'motive' went unchecked by the hosts who ingratiated themselves with the subject, rather than conduct an interview.

There would have to be motive to get all of these professionals involved, yet an online organization who wants to be respected by law enforcement hosted a radio program where this monstrosity of deception was allowed to go, not simply unchecked, but with the supportive affirmation of the hosts?

Any possible credibility in criminal analysis was lost in this one program where the credibility of several law enforcement agencies was ridiculed without challenge.  Why didn't anyone challenge such extreme nonsense?

One might think that an online community of sleuthing crime would be supportive of law enforcement, and not supportive of juvenile and incredulous blathering by a cornered sociopath determined to cry that the sky is falling just to get the town to run.  This was reminscient of Cindy Anthony's outrageous claims where she sent law enforcement running to and fro because of "Caylee sightings" when she knew precisely where Caylee was dumped.  Recall that she even said that one sighting "had to be real" because it was an ER doctor who saw Caylee.  This was more than just wasting resources of law enforcement by Cindy Anthony, it was an attempt to influence future jurors, which is a strong motivation for the guilty to go on television and radio.

Justice will come.  The same blustering suspects disappoint their groupie following when they inevitably plead guilty to some charge or another.  As the ranks of groupies thin, they will say "she only did it because she couldn't get a fair trial."  This bothers judges who then ask pointed questions of the guilty party, forcing her to admit involvement.

Yet, there will be those who's lives are so desperately void of fulfillment that they will correspond in prison, bringing laughter to the incarcerated who are amused, yet hold the faithful followers in contempt.  Recall the nature of liars:

Liars become so used to being believed that they often go very far, that is, too far, in their expectation of getting away with the deception, such as Casey Anthony walking down the hallway of Universal to her "office":  think about what must have gone through her mind with each passing step.  Like a computer running through files, she was seeking the word that would release her from the pressure.

People are always amazed at how many liars go ahead and take the polygraph, only to fail. It is a confidence in their own ability to lie which causes them to think of the audience as beneath them; hence, the contempt factor of liars.

Liars, that is, those who fabricate reality, hold the world in contempt.  It is ingrained within them from childhood.

Charlie Manson, not even close to being the genius he was made out to be in the book, "Helter Skelter", received marriage proposals for decades in prison, from his faithful followers.  My guess is that Scott Peterson likely receives the same (if he's permitted fan mail).

There will always be those who see in the sociopath, elements of their own failures and frailties
and will assimilate into a group that seeks to, somehow, bask in the spotlight the sociopath holds.  For some, negative attention is better than being sentenced to something far worse than death:

Being declared inconsequential.

There is, perhaps, nothing worse in human existence than such a sentence.

Scott Peterson may have had his supporters, and certainly Foxy Knoxy has her share of male, love-lorn followers, and Charlie Manson is considered an "artist" by some, just as it is that fame brings attention, and to be able to move towards the attention of fame, even if it is infamy, brings a certain level of satisfaction to the follower. Recall the paintings of the "killer clown", John Wayne Gacy, or the love letters (and money) sent to Casey Anthony while she was in jail.

But is that all there is to such followers?  Is it just the desire to be noticed and important?  After all, everyone needs to be noticed in life, and even though these may be extremist, is there more to sociopath worship?

There is also the inflatable "me against the world" element that is so precious to the follower.  There are those who seek out persecution and ridicule, and deliberately behave in a manner in which to provoke it.  Like "professional protestors", the lower the number of supporters, the more empowered they feel.  The greater the logic weighs against them, the stronger the response to it becomes.

In short, there is a love of "me against the whole world" that makes the individual feel that her actions, provocative and illogical, paid off dividends because attention has been received.

There is also the need to feel "special" or "different" from others that drives them into the realm of the illogical.

Everyone wants to feel important, or "special", but this desire is balanced against reality:  I grew up dreaming that I would play for the NY Mets, yet was not gifted with the ability to do so.
I love to play guitar, but will never be good enough to be professional.

Each of us possesses gifts or talents, yet it is that whatever it is that makes us unique, is viewed in light of sobering reality.  By age 16, I knew that I would not be a professional baseball player.

If you saw a 6 year old boy who said when he grows up, he is going to be a hockey player, you'd likely  pat him on the head and smile, knowing the odds are extreme.

But what if you saw the same boy, at age 12, having never learned how to skate, say the same thing?  You'd be concerned.

What if you saw the same boy, now at age 18, clinging to the same dream, though he has yet to learn to skate?  You'd likely seek to get him professional intervention, as the same words, spoken 12 years ago which brought joy, now bring sorrow and pain.

The desire to be special must be placed in check by reality.

Those who call themselves 'psychics' are subject to this.  They see themselves as unique and special and will even demand payment for it, yet are exhaustively void of reality.

They are deceptive.

There is something very attracting to "I see what no one else sees, therefore, I am special" about this.   In a case where "everyone", that is, crime experts, commentators, profilers, etc, see a case clearly, there is something alluring about "standing up to the world" and being "the only one" or "one of just a few" who see it differently.

The humiliation remains a back room issue as the person, in the light of overwhelming proof, puts on a brave face and defies logic, reason and everything else to say "but I know differently!"

The Emperor's new clothes sparkle in beauty, so let us bow before his glory!

Psychics have not found a single missing child.  Not a one.  There have been so many cases, and so many years that have passed and so many thousands of people claiming this ability yet there is not a single successful case...

but psychics still get radio and television time with audiences.

Thus the dumbing down of a nation that watches an overweight, undereducated child practice poor manners and calls it entertainment is highlighted by the ratings.  People still tune in to hear programs with "psychic" guests, who's own language shows deception that is unchecked by sobering reality.

Recall the humorous irony of a "psychic investigator" sending a statement for analysis, wanting to know if it was deceptive.  Yet, place this against the cruelty of a TV psychic flying in on his own plane to meet with the desperate mother of a missing boy, offering his "assistance."

This did not receive much press, however, and did not show up on any 'psychic' television show.

Police in Maine finally announced that they would no longer take calls from 'psychics' regarding Ayla Reynolds.  They could not afford the folly any longer.

In national cases, those who claim to be 'psychics' across the country number greatly, yet not a single one can find a single missing child, ever?  Yet, the uneducated and the fearful continue to tune in.  They are, in deed, bottom feeders who prey on the vulnerable, seeking fame and fortune from their nonsense.

Those who, in the face of all reason, evidence, sworn affidavits, failed polygraphs, admission of drugs and perversity still seek to bask in the glory of infamy do so, not by debating facts or even opinions but seek, in the image of their goddess, to shoot the messenger because they cannot answer the message.

When  Private Investigator Mac Sanford took on the case of Hailey Dunn, the mother, Billie Jean Dunn, handed him a list of those who did not believe her.  She asked him to dig up dirt upon them so that she could silence them.

This had nothing to do with finding Hailey, a fact not lost on the investigator.

Mac Sanford highlighted that this is the M/O of Billie Dunn.

Instead of saying "I don't know why I failed the polygraph; I told the truth", she chose to ridicule the polygrapher, semi-quoting her attorney in making fun of those involved in the administration of a polygraph test in the case of her missing daughter.  "Snake" and "devil" she called him.

Instead of asserting truth, she attacks and ridicules.

If the master be so, the disciples must follow.

Many years ago, I saw a protest on television where mothers were carrying signs and walking in circles.

They were protesting the state of New York, saying that the state had taken away their children in order to make money.  Besides these angry mothers there was a small crowd of supporters and as each was interviewed, they all said, in one way or another, the same thing:  they were wonderful mothers who were unjustly targeted by the state.  "I have known her for 10 years and she would never..."

As I watched this, with me was a social worker who said, "I know a few of them.  If the public only knew what they had done to their children, they'd be protesting against them."

He went on to describe horrific abuse and neglect, all entangled with drugs, including one man who said that he hadn't "really" molested his daughter, he was only "demonstrating" on her what "bad men" do to little girls to "teach" her. I had met and interviewed the man, who gave me the same excuse.

He was convicted of sexual abuse.

Children have the right, as citizens of the United States, to be raised in a home free from fear.

When a mother has a child, she gives up the right to bring into the home the violent sex offender, for example.  She is not "free" to expose her child to harm's way.  When the social worker confronts the mother with the criminal record of the offender, along with internal records of the investigation, the mother is given a choice:

"Either get this monster out of your home, or send your child to live with relatives, but if you don't do something immediately, you are going to be in front of a judge who will make the decision for you."

Mothers who lose their children in situations like these sometimes seem to have wanted "out" of motherhood, and will even push the envelop far enough to have a court order removing the child, so that the mother can justify her screaming conscience and blame the state, the court, the social worker, or "that b**** ex wife of his", or anything else to excuse her negligence.

The mother is not "free" to marry anyone she chooses because the child has rights too.

These type of women are drawn one to another, just the way people marvel how pedophiles in communities are able to seek one another out, and be drawn to them.

I once met a woman who had lost custody of 5 children:  consecutively, pregnancy after pregnancy.

 Each child had a different father.

Each father was a sex offender.

How was that even possible?  Yet, she showed me the court documents, over a period of almost 10 years, and sure enough, she had a child with a different sex offender each time.

People of similar interests have a tendency to draw together.

I suspect the same of the Dunn followers and their desire to defend the indefensible, even if it means inventing multitudes of Face book identities to 'garner support' of their cause.

If they only knew the contempt behind the 'gracious' words of the mother who 'thanks' them for not 'giving up Hope for Hailey'; that is, believing that Hailey is alive, because if Hailey is alive, Shawn Adkins cannot be accused of killing her, and neither can anyone else...if they only knew the contempt factor, would they reconsider their position?  Yet, the "hope for Hailey" factor has its own motive:

influence a potential jury pool.

Sound familiar?

Remember Cindy Anthony?

Casey Anthony's mentor

I also suspect that Casey Anthony Jury has emboldened some into resisting making a plea bargains with prosecutors.  If anyone appeared to be in need of a plea bargain, it was Casey Anthony.  She was found "not guilty" and to this day, people still scratch their heads about how Caylee died.

It is no surprise that Billie Dunn gave the private investigator a list of people who did not believe her lies, and asked him to dig up "dirt" on them so she could silence them.  Unable to answer the argument, it is a "shoot the messenger" philosophy.

Justin DiPietro's surrogate family did the same, approaching a news reporter and asking for "dirt" in order to silence a small blogger who called for Justice for Baby Ayla.

The reporter declined the request.

Those who cannot answer the facts, seek to cloud the issues, much in the way that Jose Baez did to a jury who was not able to follow an argument.

"Snake" and "devil" are words close to the heart of Billie Dunn, even as she aimed them at police, and was even able to get a radio host representing an online community to join in disparaging law enforcement.  She's that persuasive.

So it is that in more than 2 years, we have yet to find a single crime expert, profiler, analyst, retired investigator, etc, to say "Adkins and Dunn didn't do it...the police are wrong" anywhere.

Should the Dunn supporters put together such an argument, I will post it in the interest of justice for Hailey.

Until then, however, we only hear insults, name calling, and ridicule, as if the "police conspiracy" is widening or that the conspirators have fooled everyone.

In the words of Marc Klass, "Shame on you."


Local anon said...

I have never understood the Billie supports and this brings light to their support. They apparently are in need of attention. Thank you for the perspective.

Yep said...

If Billie can't say, I didn't do it, we can't say it for her. Her followers ignore that she has never said it so they say it for her. No one wants to believe a mother would do such a thing to her daughter yet we see it in the news every day. We see women that choose a man over their child, just like Billie did. When a woman meets a man, learns he has a fancy for child pornograhy, has a teenage daughter in the home; disaster is sure to follow. Billie thinks Shawn only had eyes for her(doesn't matter he slept with other women)because he kept coming back to her. A pedophile seeing a beautiful teenager in the home day after day is too much of a temptation. Pedophiles "fall in love" with their victims, fantasize when "with" another.My thoughts... Shawn should have never called Billie Hailey in a moment of passion, argument ensued, Hailey is confronted by Billie, Hailey does one or two things, 1)tells Billie Shawn has been standing outside her door feeling himself then goes to be with Billie but denies him touching her 2) tells Billie Shawn has been raping her. Billie is all about the attention being on her and no one else. She would not blame this on Shawn but on Hailey for teasing him.

Anonymous said...

Nothing......I repeat Nothing that falls out of her mouth sounds truthful to me. I doubt she could tell the truth if her life depended upon it. It is quite clear what her priorities are.... herself, drugs, men and somewhere way down the list...maybe her children.

Yes she might have been good at manipulating men but IMO they were men with nothing going for them. I could see through her immediately.

During the time when Hailey hadn't been missing long she continued to sneak around CC seeing SA and lied saying she wasn't. She even got arrested for lying to Police about his being in her home when they were looking for him.

I think her only concern right now is shifting the blame as she has been doing by saying 'she now feels SA was responsible'.
Why now? Can it be that she knows that is Hailey?

I remember in the early days after Hailey was reported missing that SA said he and her mother were responsible and she could be found in Scurry County. I also believe neither of them thought she would ever be found. What are the chances of a body surviving over two in Texas with all of our predators? Answer, very slim as we see by the small number of bones recovered.

I wish I had more confidence that both were would be arrested, executed or remain in prison the rest of their lives but this is not a perfect world. We know murderers get off, so do child molesters, rapist and child killers like OJ, Robert Blake and CA to name a few.

BD and SA were both into murder and gore movies, mask, music and all the rest. I can't imagine what child may have endured.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Local Anon,

One follower was reportedly found to have up to 15 Facebook profiles, posting back and forth commenting, as if it was a plurality of supporters.

Having multiple FB accounts, using fake names, is something that is expected when one wants to defend the indefensible.

The language, however, gives them away, just as it does for you, me, and everyone else.

We are reaching a point where we should get results on the remains soon.

It will be interesting.

I think that if the remains are Hailey's, arrests will follow quickly, and we will soon hear of plea bargains and deal making...from one of the two.

If it is not Hailey, I expect we will see a very much emboldened BJD, with lots of swagger, appearances and threats.

The problem with a suit is not freedom of speech, or freedom to express an opinion; this is something not strong in our generation.

The problem is cross examination.

There are lawyers known to television audiences who would pounce at such an opportunity.

My opinion on this case is the same as expressed by Hailey's own grandmother, give and take some details regarding specific involvement.

I do not know if the remains are Hailey's but I believe that her remains are in Scurry County, just as Adkins said.

As pointed out by someone else:

I have not found enough statements from BJD to say "this is Hailey"; and if Adkins had been interviewed about the remains, with enough words, we would have known. I don't like speculation because it is too easily interpreted as "Statement Analysis conclusion" by me.

There is a difference in both statements and behavior, between the remains found in 2012 and the remains found in 2013.

If the remains are Hailey's, hindsight will be helpful for me in learning.

But as of now, I am not confident to say "this is Hailey's" based upon the mother's statements.

Anonymous said...

how many of her followers have let abusive men move in with them and their children?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

It is a bizarre case and interviewing actual (real) followers would be fascinating.

There are those of us who were drawn in by the plight of a missing child.

There are those of us who were drawn in by the boldness of lies told by the mother.

There are those of us drawn in by both of the above (me)...

But there is something else to be considered here.

Shawn Adkins' statements showed deception, but he was not elaborate nor sophisticated and he did not rush to the spotlight. Billie Dunn did.

Her desire to pile detail upon detail reminded people of Scott Peterson, who brought most of the publicity to the case, himself. The more arrogant, the more people tuned in to demand justice. This has been BJD's folly.

But in the case of Hailey Dunn, there is an element of 'attraction' for some, a tiny minority, in which something quite specific drew them in:

The fact that 'no one' believed the mother.

This is the "me against the world" draw that appeals to certain personalities.

We all love the Rocky story, or the David v Goliath, but those cases have a lovable character to root for: the underdog.

In this case, we have a calloused character, without redeeming qualities (known) to root for. Her refusal to search, her refusal to tell the truth, her lies about her boyfriend, all angered people, especially parents, who saw the sacrifice of a child.

With illogic ruling the case, this appealed to some who actually enjoy the negative attention of being "the only one" who can "see" what it is that they see.

It would not only be interesting to interview them, but interview their loved ones, or ex loved ones. My guess is that BJD was just a "cause" in a list of other "causes" in life in which the person was singular in her opinion, and complained of being "persecuted" for holding the opinion.

It is difficult for some to imagine, but there are those who seek persecution, and feel satisfied by it.

Therefore, they deliberately behave in outrageous manner to provoke others to respond.

Today, it takes place in the electronic world of the internet, where, as some might argue, it is less troublesome than in "real life."

This makes for interesting discussion.


Anonymous said...

How do we know the so called followers aren't really BD ? She and SA are on FB and their 'Like's' are eye opening.

Anonymous said...

Peter thank you for this blog. Most people could see though the Mom and boyfriend from the beginning, it was clear they were being deceptive and BOTH failed the polygraphs and refused to be questioned. The actions of both spoke volumes in the days, weeks, months and now years after she vanished. Even NG and MK saw right through the Mom very quickly. I never understood a select few continued to believe them after all the lies. I guess the old saying is true...

Beware,There is a storm coming, it's called Justice.

Anonymous said...

Oh. It is indeed a get the truth and find hailie. Only the guilty would feel persecuted.

SKEoD said...

How do they defend her?
They do not attack the facts. They do not dispute the affidavit. They do not challenge the failed polygraphs, the drugs, the pornography, and so on. They do not attack the analysis that shows deception. They do not assert anything as true.
They attempt to attack personally, those who disagree with them.
i disputed your "facts" about the 3 o'clock vs one o'clock... YOUR response to me was to attack me personally.
and i have challenged most of the "facts" in this case and so far no one has proven me to be wrong.

Baxtie said...

LOL @ Anon 11:17 AM! Clothing yourself as a "Hailey" supporter instead of what you really are: a dissembler for Dunn. (I'll wait here while you look up the word "dissembler".) What a joke. Someone who truly has good at heart isn't passive aggressive like you are. They would come right out and call this blogger a liar. But you know he isn't, so you resort to passive aggressive b.s. You are at best deluded and at worst a liar. Whatever.

Anonymous said...

I think it was Bill O'Reilly who coined the phrase "Kool-Aid drinkers". They exist everywhere. They are the ones who glob on to headlines without doing any research and then run with it. That is why so many of the consistent followers of this blog have turned off any other followers who might be able to add some rational to the blog. All one has to do is read a few of the comments to realize the mentality of the clan and just move on.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point, Peter, that "we are reaching a point where we should get results on the remains soon." This case will proceed in the way you outlined and if it is Hailey, arrests will follow.
I believe many people, but especially LE, learned so much from the whole Casey Anthony debacle. I think the old saying "patience is a virtue" applies I pray that LE gets it right, dots all their "i"s and crosses all their "t"s before making arrests.
Their patience in waiting for a body to "turn up" must have been excruciatingly frustrating at times.
However, waiting is/was the right course of action.

I continue to wait for Isabel and Ayla, so they too, can have the best chance for receiving justice for their pain and suffering.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Prosecutors learning from the Casey Anthony debacle...

this is a hopeful point.


Anonymous said...

Baxtie said...
LOL @ Anon 11:17 AM! Clothing yourself as a "Hailey" supporter instead of what you really are: a dissembler for Dunn. (I'll wait here while you look up the word "dissembler".) What a joke. Someone who truly has good at heart isn't passive aggressive like you are. They would come right out and call this blogger a liar. But you know he isn't, so you resort to passive aggressive b.s. You are at best deluded and at worst a liar. Whatever.

April 7, 2013 at 12:01 PM

This post says it all. You are making assumptions as to my beliefs about this blog. I don't have to resort to name calling to get my particular point across. That would be you.

Local ano said...

Thank you Peter. You are correct, if the remains turn out not be Hailey's Billie will become emboldened. And her small group of followers will too.

Anonymous said...

GRACE: Back to Jean Casarez, legal correspondent, "In Session." What can you tell me about this drama surrounding the polygraph? I`ve been told that Ms. Dunn, Billie Dunn, Hailey`s mother, and the boyfriend showed up high. I`ve been told that they walked out. What exactly are police saying about the polygraphs?

CASAREZ: Well, let`s look at the search warrant affidavit once again. In regard to Shawn Adkins, it says that three different times, he went for a polygraph. The first two times, he walked out. The third time, he stayed. And there are different sections. During the first section in regard to, Do you know the whereabouts of Hailey Dunn, it showed deception was indicated in his answer. And then in the second tier of that polygraph, he says she could probably be found in Scurry County.

GRACE: OK. To Billie Dunn. This is Hailey`s mother. She has been with this guy now three years, dated him two-and-a-half years before he moved into the home. Did you know that your live-in walked out of two polygraphs?

BILLIE DUNN: They told me he couldn`t take the first one because he had taken the anxiety medication also.

GRACE: OK. What about the second one?

BILLIE DUNN: And the same thing with the one they set up -- the same thing. We didn`t know it was set up for Monday. It was set up for Wednesday. I made sure he didn`t get near any of that.

GRACE: OK. What is this business that he`s telling police that she can be found in Scurry County, Texas?

BILLIE DUNN: I don`t know.

GRACE: Well, what significance is Scurry County?

BILLIE DUNN: Somebody knows where my daughter is -- she has a lot of family and friends over there. That`s the only thing I can think of. I don`t have any explanation. I don`t want to defend him.

Report: Boyfriend Refused Polygraph Tests in Dunn Case

New reports are surfacing that the boyfriend of Hailey Dunn's mother has refused to take polygraph tests pertaining to the disappearance of the missing 13 year old.
Hailey’s older brother, David Dunn, told a crew from the Midland CBS affiliate that Shawn Adkins had refused to take two polygraph tests Wednesday. According to David, Adkins signed the paperwork to take a third but then refused to take it and left the building. 

CBS 7 reports the Dunn family had not seen Adkins since he was escorted to an undisclosed location Wednesday to take those tests.

Law enforcement is remaining tight lipped about where Adkins is and whether the tests were ever taken.

Late Wednesday, Hailey's mother Billy Dunn was also not home. According to family members, she may have been at the law enforcement center. It's unclear why she would've been there so late in the evening.

Earlier in the day Wednesday, Rangers searched the home occupied by Billie Dunn, Adkins, Hailey, and Hailey's brother.

read more

BostonLady said...

Great article and analysis! Here is an example of the Billie Dunn followers not wanting to see the truth.

On Hope For Hailey fb page, they posted a story of a young girl who was found after being gone 24 years. And with that they started their "I won't give up hope for Hailey" mantra. Well upon reading the actual facts in the story, it stated clearly that the MOTHER of the young girl took her and left. When this was pointed out and that it was not even close to the Hailey disappearance, an immediate attack was that people should not post anything which takes away the hope. They also will delete anything which does not paint the mother of Hailey in a positive light. The followers do not want to see, read, hear the truth. They want to mislead others into believing their lies.

If not, they would post the truth and let people make up their own minds.

If anyone listened to DrunkTalkRadio (a blog radio show that billie supporters set up), they would hear exactly how dysfunctional her followers are but alas, they took the radio shows down so they are no longer available.

Justice for Hailey !!!

Whitney Marie said...

Can you analize the personalities of two women who would steal donated money for a missing child? Do you personally believe Peter that that should be punishable by law?

Mouthajar said...

The photochop on the top of this page was created by Billie and proudly posted on her own Facebook page. A picture is worth a thousand words.

BostonLady said...

Oh anonymous at 3:10pm. Guess I hit a nerve, huh? Everyone knows the HFH page is run by someone who goes out and scans other pages to make sure that anyone associated to HFH is upholding "her" law of not saying anything negative about the mother of Hailey. Right SCC?

Why don't you go back to making more FB hate pages to attack those that post facts and truth about Hailey's case since you are unable to discuss those facts and truth like an adult.

Everyone knows, including the FBI. Keep it up.

BostonLady said...

Anonymous at 3:28, please go back and review your apples and oranges on the specific case I stated above.

Try as you might, the truth stands.

BostonLady said...

Last comment to the anonymous SCC group. I don't play a part and I don't make fb pages to attack people. I don't have it out for anyone.

My remarks are based on the facts reported and discussion of statements.

I believe Billie and Shawn are guilty in the disappearance of Hailey Dunn. I pray for Hailey and that justice will be served.

Texas said...

Anonymous said...
Boston Lady seems you have it out for SCC,you must be the one playing the part of SLC.Don't worry sweetheart FBI's got my back.

April 7, 2013 at 3:39 PM

Sounds like Billie with the whole my FBI guy delusion lol. They are there for Hailey to seek justice for HAILEY, not to help some delusional Billie worshiper. Smh here they go again.

Stole Money from Hailey said...

Date: Friday,October 7, 2011
dedicating this game to bring Hailey Dunn home!
damn im sorry kids, the money you gave from your hearts at the Coahoma game in hopes that Hailey would be found with your help......was stolen!!!! and NEVER used in the efforts of finding Hailey.
YEH i KNOW right... everyone praised DBC for all the good she did.... begged for me to stop demanding HFHt show me the books.... cry cry cry... so i never knew why there was a problem with the accounting until someone mentioned about DBC stealing and DBC confessed that the money never was sent to HFHt and did not go to any other efforts to help find Hailey. Now i see why they didn't want to show the books.
June 24, 2012
MWH was basically speaking for the group. No shes not too bright. I told her what to look for in the books. She said she couldn't find it but was "assured" the deposit was made.
couldn't find it but it was deposited?
that was seven months after DBC alleged the post office machine ripped the check in half. MWH knew.
Waiting On Justice For Our Girl H.D.
IMO those that cover are just as guilty
DBC posted:
Not to mention, SCC, SP, CM and CFC all knew what had went on with the money.
note: as for DBC putting this on SP/HFHt... the money was missing before HFHt was formed.... and it was never turned in to HFHt.
anything from the Coahoma game event wasn't claimed by HFHt because DBC never got the money to them and she had a whole year and six months to do so.
last night as i lay there late at night trying to go to sleep the anger started getting real bad and i was furious. why should it be claimed that i would be responsible for how an 18 year old adult is gonna get hurt that someone stole the money she helped raise. especially after the way some people all backed others for what they said and did to a crew of between 8 and 12 years old over promised bracelets.
there is still money missing from Hailey that was DBC's responsibility.
i hope Waiting On Justice For Our Girl H.D. admin didn't mean for us to to let it go and just agree to disagree. as if it was ok for DBC to take Hailey's money that was donated by good hearted people who felt for Hailey that entrusted DBC with it to do the right thing.
if they really cared about Hailey, Waiting On Justice For Our Girl H.D. admins and most of their page members, wouldn't back someone who FAILED good people who offered their money and efforts to bring Hailey home.

also they are lying to me, they knew at the time when HFHt dissolved, the amount of $325, not "just a couple of tshirts" money. here is how, the Search Center donated the tshirts, there was no tshirt money to steal. SCC, SP and DBC were the ones at the Coahoma game and they know there never was tshirt money. the $325 was tallied up right then and there.

SCC, CM and CFC told SP NOT to cover the 325 that DBC never paid in. they never thought or assumed or were under the impression that SP covered the money. it was THEIR advice to SP to NOT cover it.

Lemon said...

We interrupt this discussion to bring you an important blog announcement:

Please take your fb drama back from whence it came.

BostonLady said...

Lemon.... Word !! :)

BostonLady said...

Ske... All the evidence has not been released. LE did not release all the phone records or pings. They have not released what was found in their searches. In other words, we do not know what else they have and we won't know until this case comes to trial, if that happens.

I'm hoping the day of reckoning will be soon.

Justice for Hailey.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that the HFH admins are full of hate!! All they care about is protecting Billie. They don't care about Hailey. Fact is too many of us know about the admins of that page and what they have got up to. Another fact is you have let Hailey down.

It is ridiculous to respond to these people when you cannot even understand the points that they are trying to make. How are they protecting Billie by keeping a missing child page hopeful? Do you have knowledge that Hailey is in fact deceased? What is "have got up to?" They maintain a hopeful page for a missing child. I don't see anything devious in that fact and apparently either does their numerous followers.

Anonymous said...

Makes me really wonder why all the Billie Dunn kool Aid drinkers come on this page and spew there hate !!! If u don't like this blog get the hell over it!!!! Boston lady and Lemon ur highly respected in my eyes!!! God bless what y'all do for Hailey!!!! There will be justice for Hailey !!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Everyone knows that the HFH admins are full of hate!! All they care about is protecting Billie. They don't care about Hailey. Fact is too many of us know about the admins of that page and what they have got up to. Another fact is you have let Hailey down.

It is ridiculous to respond to these people when you cannot even understand the points that they are trying to make. How are they protecting Billie by keeping a missing child page hopeful? Do you have knowledge that Hailey is in fact deceased? What is "have got up to?" They maintain a hopeful page for a missing child. I don't see anything devious in that fact and apparently either does their numerous followers.

April 7, 2013 at 4:15 PM
Post a Comment

While all the time your being hateful on other accounts and trying to defame people who believe Billie is guilty. Instead of posting on here why not post Hailey articles on her page or God Forbid update her website. How long ago since it was updated now? nearly a year?

Anonymous said...

Peter can you answer this for me please? Is it Fraud if the mother of a missing child, in which she is a POI takes a money grant from a missing childrens group? For example Billie from LRC.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Yes, it is fraud.

If the mother has knowledge that her child is deceased at the time of accepting money, she does so under false pretense.

I think she will face such charges in the future.

Anonymous said...

hey boston lady, you could not even guess how many folowers at hope for hailey are the same person with multiple facebook identities!!!

they hate peter and statement analysis but come runnning over to protect their hero billie

they dont have hope for anything but billie and not for justice

they are full of hate and they love attacking peter

Anonymous said...

Peter, can you answer this? Why can't I Understand half of these posts? Angry people, illiterate people, people with dual personalities, or just extremely sad folks?


so DBC can afford a spray tan, buying a homeless man groceries, shopping for clothes in the junior section, having a drunk night out with the girls... attend a pink concert? afford gas to drive to Dallas......
but because she is such a great caring giving person, she has never seen to it that the money raised at the Coahoma game event was ever used as intended?

Lis said...

Don't be surprised if there is a lawyer behind these fake profiles and arguments, trying to find out what people react to or are taken in by, in order to put together a defense. Be careful about giving away free information.

Re: the photo of Cindy Anthony in this post, I like to imagine she is facing herself in the mirror. Hah!