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Hailey Dunn Case Hypothesis

The following is the expressed opinion of the author, and is only speculation.  No part of this may be reproduced without written permission.  This does not represent the opinion of any law enforcement agency, nor any other than the author, and is based upon the publicly made comments by those involved in the case.

Hailey Dunn, 13, was reported missing in December 27th, 2010, capturing national attention on The Nancy Grace Show a week later.  Many people have weighed in on this case and here is where we have landed:

Domestic Homicide

This is the only murder/missing persons case that I have ever encountered that did not have a "who done it?" element where experts were divided.  In this case, no criminal expert, commentator, profiler, author, etc, concluded stranger abduction.  All publicly spoken or posted pundits concluded that the victim  died as a result of whatever took place inside her home, where drugs, violence, and pornography were present.

In most cases in America, we find experts lining up on "both sides"; the accused having both defenders and detractors among experts.  In this case, like the Casey Anthony case, no one came forth to say "The mother is truthful" in the same manner no expert came forth to say "Casey Anthony is truthful." The only supporter of any renown was Marc Klass, who quickly turned and called for public "shame" upon the mother, appearing bitter at being deceived and giving his initial support to the case.

People have been divided, however, on who was responsible:  the mother, the boyfriend, or both, with most concluding that both were involved.  Whatever support the mother had early in the case, specifically as a 'victim' of the boyfriend's violence, was squandered by her insatiable appetite for public speaking.

While fulfilling her desire for attention or control of information, she inadvertently revealed the elements of this case.

The victim's own grandmother first told the nation that she believed that the boyfriend raped the victim, and that when the victim threatened to report it, he killed her, with the mother covering for him.  This intuition from a grandmother had elements of truth to it, but did not explain the mother's motive for cover up.  Even as some concluded that the mother feared Shawn Adkins and she was a victim of Domestic Violence, the mother, herself, expelled this thought by covering for him, lying for him, and remaining the spokesman of the two.  The mother's lack of reaction to this allegation was not only noteworthy for analysis, but was not lost on the host of the Nancy Grace Show, nor the expert guests who commented on it.

109,000 Deviant Images

It is difficult for us to grasp this number.

 I have a large family and we have, for years, taken many photos. To date, I have under 6,000 photos in iPhoto, which is considerable. I may have another 100 or so on a memory stick, including several videos of the children.  Between the mother and her boyfriend, there were more than 109,000 deviant images, on several computers, and lots of memory sticks, and on at least one video game player.  This is the number of "deviant" images and may not include non deviant pictures or videos. This was a dominant theme in their home, which they called their "hobby" while the extreme number shows it to be an obsession.  The material included child pornography (the sexual arousal of one while viewing the sexual abuse of children), bestiality (the sexual arousal of the one viewing animals being abused, or killed, which may include "stomp" or "stomping videos", that is, a puppy, kitten, or small animal is "stomped on" by  a large boot, and killed) and homemade pornography (in which the mother videotaped herself, her boyfriend and another woman).  Also in the home were "blood lust" videos, where animals are cut up for viewers, and serial killer literature.  This obsession was extreme, and was fueled with drug abuse, including narcotics, cocaine and tranquilizers.  It is difficult to imagine how much time went into downloading and storing this extreme volume of deviant imagery.  It had to be an all-consuming obsession for mother and boyfriend in order to accumulate this volume.

Among the serial killer literature sources was the True Crime library from HLN, where the case of Carlie Bruicia was highlighted; a young girl who was killed after a sleep over:  the same story indicated for deception given by the mother to both police and on national television.

Two children, including the 13 year old victim, were subject to this lethal combination of sexual abuse and violence.  Subsequent public statements by the mother showed that when she wishes to insult one, she combines both violence with genitalia.

Statement Analysis and Scientific Content Analysis 

Statement Analysis has shown deception on the part of both mother and boyfriend, while Content Analysis (SCAN) has revealed wording consistent with homicide.  This was noted from the very first appearance on The Nancy Grace Show.  It is within the content of language that this hypothesis has arisen.  Please note that it was this original analysis that caused both Dunn and her attorney, on television, to threaten suit, bringing much attention to the theory, even though it had already been presented to the nation by Hailey's paternal grandmother.  The mother was aware and angry at the analysis, but continued to speak publicly, including holding her own press conference, and reading from her own time line.  This, as well, showed 'deception indicated' in analysis.

Behavioral Analysis

The elements of the case, itself, brought the town manager to reference simple math and allow conclusion that Hailey was not going to be found alive.  Drugs, violence, child porn, and obvious lying (failed polygraphs) were nothing that needed much analysis.

The mother and boyfriend did not search, nor did the older brother.  They hosted a New Year's Eve party, which was highlighted on national television.  They failed polygraphs, including the revelation that they attempted to deceive the polygraph results by showing up under the influence.

The boyfriend said little and when he did speak, he was unable to bring himself to use a reliable denial, and the mother continued to speak out, even after her attorney said she would not, showing a desperate need to control information, even while continuing to, in content, reveal more details about the case.  Perhaps unprecedented in criminal history, the internet has played a larger role in highlighting the details of this case, as each time the mother spoke, her words were instantly transmitted around the country (and world) subject to analysis.  Nothing would have been wiser than for her to have not spoken.

It is from these statements that I present my own hypothesis on what happened to Hailey Dunn.  I begin with the initial statements of the mother, within the opening minutes of The Nancy Grace Show to establish two points:

1.  The victim was not missing; but deceased.
2.  The mother's objective was to establish herself as innocent.

The mother appeared on The Nancy Grace Show with low affect, immediately suggesting either drug abuse or depression.  She gave a story in which Nancy Grace immediately recognized had come from her own case file:  Carlie Brucia, killed after a sleep over.

Nancy Grace asked how far did Hailey have to go to get to the sleep over.

The mother said, "Four or five blocks."  This was an honest answer with regards to length.  But, like many habitual liars, her need to portray herself in a positive light betrayed her. She went on to boast how her daughter "was not allowed" to go out alone, after dark, so that she would be viewed as a responsible and caring mother.  The problem?

She also referenced her daughter in the past tense; something the mother of a missing child, early in the case, would never do.  This mother did it several times.

Then, the host asked her, "Tell me what happened..." allowing the mother to begin her story wherever she chooses, as we note in analysis, where a person begins their account is not only a choice of priority, but it also can sometimes even tell us why she is speaking:

"She went missing while I was at work."
Smiling for the camera 

Nancy Grace did not ask her when she went missing.  For the mother, this was important that she establish her own alibi.  The show went down hill from there, with the mother returning, night after night, as her story spiraled out of control.  When one does not work from memory, it is stressful to keep track of detail, even in a rehearsed account.  While her 13 year old was alleged to be "missing" the mother 'mentioned' having a toothache.  This was the early indication that drugs were involved.  When asked about the reading material, the boyfriend said he had "looked" at things; an indication of pornography as the mother "read" he "looked."  Later, we learned that the analysis that suggested both drug and pornography being involved was correct.  What we did not know was just how acute the drug abuse was (including cocaine) and how degenerate the pornography was (child porn, bestiality).


The household was in obsession with the "blood lust" violent videos, scary mask collection and sexual perversion.  When drugs is viewed in this context, we have a desensitizing process that Hailey likely experienced.  The boyfriend told police that the 13 year old child was "promiscuous" and that he had "concerns" about her.  Her mother also disparaged her in statements, even subtly, something we know that perpetrators sometimes do to their victims from a guilty conscience, as if 'suggesting' the victim caused the crime.  The mother mentioned her "hormones" and her story included a rebellious daughter who not only went to a sleep over without permission but failed to call home at various times.  As the mother told this 'story', the mother, herself, distanced herself from any responsibility to contact the child, including having her son, 3 years older than the victim, contact her.

The child was in a household that began with a young man, years younger than the mother, threatening the mother and daughter with violence.  The mother, defending herself, felt that only threatening her, the mother, meant he was safe, even though she had called the police on him.  He and his "hobby", that is, "blood lust" or the sexual arousal from spilling of blood, came to fruition in this home.

I believe that the victim had been systematically exposed to these elements, particularly experiencing the desensitization process in which what was shocking once, now becomes dull.  This is what pedophiles and predators do to their victim, so that the victim will become less and less resistant, increasing less "shocked" at what he wishes to do the victim.  This victim was not only likely plied with drugs, but the perpetrator had on his side, her own mother's behavior, and the use of pornography.

Children are apt to accept whatever a parent does, to some degree, and one home made pornography video was reportedly stored on the children's X box.  It is unreasonable to believe that the extreme volume of "deviant imagery" at more than 109,000, could be successfully kept from anyone in the household, particularly teenagers.  It is not known what damage could be done to a teenager to see his or her own mother in a pornographic movie, even with a mother who previously worked as a stripper.

The victim's  world was a secret dark world of perversion, drug abuse and violence.  Her mother, Dr. Lillian Glass reported, likely saw her child, only 13, as a "rival" for the boyfriend's affections, even as the mother was the daughter's age when she was first pregnant.

I believe that while under the influence of illegal drugs, the boyfriend was in a sexual position molesting the child victim, when the mother entered the scene, became enraged in jealousy, and violently attacked both boyfriend and daughter, likely striking her daughter from behind, perhaps with blunt force trauma, causing a severe injury to the victim.

At this point, the victim may have been still alive, if not unconscious appearing "like she was asleep" when the two conspired to hide both of their crimes, with, perhaps convincing themselves that the death was inevitable, and they would be blamed.

What must be remembered is that there is enough cooperation between them that neither one could turn on the other:  both are forever tied together in deception.

At some point, by morning, they had come up with a plan to hide the remains and wait until their story could be given to police.  When asked "What happened?", the mother immediately sought to cover herself by reporting "when" something happened:  "she went missing while I was at work."

In describing the "last time" she saw her daughter, the mother's description is eerily similar to what it is like to describe a dead body:

Here is the exchange between Billie Dunn and Nancy Grace, who has grown frustrated with the deceptive responses and does not believe Dunn any longer:
GRACE: Well, I don`t know what to believe, either, because I`m getting all these different stories about you having a New Year`s Eve party, and you`re high when you go take the polygraph. Let me ask you this. Let`s get back to the facts. When was the last time you absolutely are positive you saw Hailey?

Note that Nancy Grace frames the words "you having a New Year's Eve party" within her sentence recognizing that the gathering, the serving of alcohol, and the watching of the ball drop define a party, even if Dunn wishes to deny. She moves past this, but then asks the simple question about the last time Dunn saw Hailey. 

BILLIE DUNN: I saw her Sunday night.

This is an example of a truthful statement as she has no need for additional language nor qualifiers as she has in so many other statements.  It is unusual for the mother to answer something so plainly. This makes it important.  Please carefully note that this is a truthful sentence.  It's structure shows truth:

1.  Pronoun "I" making it strong.
2.  past tense verb, "saw"
3.  Time period given without qualification.

This is a truthful statement and it is the last time she saw her daughter...alive.

GRACE: What time, 10:00 PM?

Mistake.  She should ask "what time?" without giving the subject the answer. 

BILLIE DUNN: Probably around 10:00.

Two qualifiers for 10:00, "probably" and "around" making it a weak assertion.  The mother says that this was the last time she saw the victim.  

GRACE: Now, was that when you looked in her room and it is was dark and you thought she was lying in her bed?
BILLIE DUNN:   "I did see her in her room, but I saw her watching TV. 

Monday morning, I looked in her room and it was dark and it looked like she was laying in bed. But I didn`t go touch her, make sure that was her. I just peeked in to make sure she was in bed to ease my mind and..."
Do you notice something about this?

When was the last time you saw your daughter?  10PM that night. Now, she says she saw her the next morning on the way to work. 

If the last time she saw her daughter was 10PM that night, what she sees now is not her daughter.  
1.  "I did see her in her room, but..."  The word but can refute, negate, or minimize what preceded it.  What has caused her to make comparison by putting a pause in her sentence and insert, in less than a micro-second, the word "but"? This is allegedly Sunday night.

2.  We have since learned that pornography made by Billie Dunn, was stored on the children's X- box.

3.  The subject feels it is important enough to add in "TV"

4.  The need to explain why:

In the SCAN technique from LSI, we give "so, since, to, therefore, because" the color coding blue as the highest level of sensitivity that can be found in a statement of someone reported what happened.  It is here that the person has a need to tell us "why" something was done.  This is often the solving of a case.  A single "blue" is a strong sensitivity indicator but two or more "blues" is called a "cluster of blues" in which the information contained with the cluster is the most critical information of a case.  Just as we highlight "left" in blue, we highlight "because" in any form that seeks to explain why something was done.

If a question is "what did you do?" and it is answered with an explanation "why", it is critical.

Here we have three blues in one short statement and come to the most important part of everything she had told us.

We are at the most critical point of what happened to Hailey, as described by her mother.

Note that she doesn't tell us that Hailey was laying in bed, but rather says it looked like she was laying in bed.   This is how she appeared to her mother.

Most might say "she was laying in bed" but she said it only "looked like she was laying in bed"; as if she is viewing a corpse, who looks peaceful, like as if she is sleeping.  She could not bring herself to say she was laying in bed because Hailey was deceased and her corpse looked "like" rather than "was laying" in bed.

This one small word, "like", means to compare, is critical and it is why attorneys do not let guilty clients speak out on television.

She was viewing a corpse.  What do most people NOT do to a corpse?  She is consistent here:
Next the mother states what she didn't do, touch her.

That which is reported in the negative is always important for the subject to use additional words to make a statement:  the mother didn't touch what looked like, but was not, someone sleeping.

The mother didn't touch what looked like it was sleeping in the bed.
Ask yourself in what circumstance you would touch something to make sure what it was.

 Would you touch your child to make sure it was him or her in bed?

We sometimes touch pets we think have died, only to find them sleeping.  Have you ever said that you didn't touch your sleeping child?  It sounds awkward because it is awkward.

At this point in the account, the victim is dead and the mother cannot bring herself to enter the room and touch her.

She cannot do it.

Most people do not like touching a dead body.  Dead bodies can look "like" they are sleeping but people do not like to touch them.  Even a dead dog in the street:  people often poke it with a stick, rather than directly touch it.  It is a common description from children who attend wakes: "she just looked like she was sleeping."

The mother is speaking from memory.   The mother is taking you, the listener, in with her, back to the next morning that, whatever happened the night before, the victim did not wake up and now is there, as if she was "like" laying in bed but she was not asleep.  The words are slipping out even as she attempts to control them, like marbles in a cabinet (Gough), the words are difficult to control while answering a question.

For her, the body looked "like" it was asleep. 
Now note that the victim "peeked in" to make sure she was in bed to ease her mind.  I believe this is true.  She needed to tell us why she did something.  This is critical for all statement analysis.

 Why did the mother need to ease her mind?

There was no report of a missing child.
There was no sleep over.
There was no friends over.
 There was nothing that we know of, according to her story, that would cause her a need for comfort.

Something had happened  that the mother was in need of comfort and something to ease her mind.  

The Marking of Time.

We mark time by what happens, not by what does not happen.  There is an infinite number of things that did not happen.  When the mother marked time by what she did not feel, what did not happen, it sounds awkward and without sense because it is the artificial placement of emotions.

"Where were you when President Reagan was shot?"
"Where were you when the terrorists attacked on 9/11?"

These questions 'mark time' based upon things that happened; not upon things that didn't happen.

"I didn't get worried when I didn't hear from her" the mother said indicating an artificial placement of the absence of emotions.

From near 10PM Sunday night until Monday morning is the time period in which the victim was killed in a manner that involved both mother and boyfriend. 
I call this a "domestic homicide" rather than a "sexual homicide" because the mother may not have been involved in the sexual activity that took place, making it a molestation by the boyfriend, but a domestic homicide by the mother, though the home life was rife with sexual perversion.  This may explain the lack of references to "water" by the mother:  she may not have been involved in the sexual abuse as the boyfriend may have been.  Yet, the mother must be equally culpable because her narcissistic personality would have caused her to testify against the boyfriend, particularly at the urging of her attorney, who has made it public knowledge of such a strategy.

In conclusion, based upon the language and behavior of the mother and boyfriend, I believe that Hailey Dunn was a victim of neglect first, with her mother deliberately putting her own desires ahead of the safety of her children, inviting in a man she had just 5 weeks earlier, called police on.

The victim  was being groomed for sexual abuse by the boyfriend.  The perversion that possessed the home spilled over until the mother exploded in anger, raging mostly against her daughter, whom she viewed as a rival, as she found her engaged in sexual activity (abuse) with the boyfriend.

The victim may have been pregnant.

The victim may have died as a result of both inflicted blows and drugs in her system.  The daughter was closer in age to the boyfriend than the mother, who has exhibited an immaturity and narcissism, as well as an inability to empathize with her daughter, who's need for safety and wellbeing were subordinated to the mother's own drug abuse, obsession with sexual violence, and desire to be with her boyfriend.

The mother appears to have instructed the boyfriend on how to hide the remains, though I believe she may have instructed him not to reveal the exact location to her.  The language revealed that the story of the sleep over did not come from experiential memory, which is why she struggled to keep track of it, and why she was so upset being spoken to by police separate from the boyfriend.  The coveralls became an issue of "sensitivity" in both mother and boyfriend's statements, as was his statement about "killing a deer" an insight to his juvenile, stunted mind.

Both failed polygraphs, to this, Statement Analysis agrees.

The boyfriend is someone of fear, who collects horror masks, while fantasizing about sexual abuse of children and animals.  His fear, as covered by the mask, rules his mind and is something that he will face in decision making time regarding the death penalty and time in a Texas prison as a pedophile.  He appeared to be readily controlled by the mother, and when his own family vied for control, they lost out to the mother, as she dominated him, even to the point of talking him into taking the polygraph, asking him to trust her, while she convinced him that he could pass the polygraph by using tranquilizers; not understanding the dynamics of establishing a baseline.  Without her goading, he likely would have not polygraphed and not given the interviews he did.

The mother was raised in violence, claiming both that her father pimped her out, and that she eye-witnessed his murder.  She now disputes the former, but the latter is not denied, and if true, certainly speaks to the extreme damage a child would experience, and the acceptance of violence.  The account given by the mother's private investigator includes not only seeing her father gunned down, but that shortly after his death, the mother was seen being sexually promiscuous.  This combination of violence and sex would come to dominate a child's psyche, who, herself became pregnant at a very young age, and explains the stunted maturity that shows itself in a calloused middle aged mother of an 18 year old, who continues to dress and act out like an immature teenager, replete with partying and posing with questionable company. The mother is said to be a sexually manipulating person, to which the background lends credence.

Hailey Dunn died in that home, as Nancy Grace said on a revisitation of the case on HLN.  Hailey Dunn died at the hands of both her mother and her mother's boyfriend, making them both culpable for her murder, linking them together in a conspiracy of silence.  I believe we will learn that the victim was initially attacked by her mother, but may have been unable to struggle due to the presence of illegal drugs, given to her by the boyfriend, to facilitate his deviant sexual perpetration upon her.  In this sense, it is a "sexual homicide" though we have not had many statements from the boyfriend in which to analyze.

Child pornography charges have not been brought against either, to date, as the murder case takes precedent.  I expect these charges to come along with the murder charges as well as a viable explanation as to why there was a delay.

I expect that the remains will be identified as Hailey Dunn because Shawn Adkins said she would be found there, and I expect that arrests will be effected upon both mother and boyfriend.  I expect the remains to yield critical evidence.

The Remains in Scurry County 

I believe that the delay in identifying the remains is not due to DNA testing results, but due to the due diligence applied to this case, including consulting forensic experts.  The delay suggests not only due diligence on the part of the prosecutors, but that the remains may have yielded physical evidence to be used in the murder trial.

I believe the remains will yield critical and vital information.

I believe that the mother will have a high priced attorney who will attempt to turn this case into the "Casey Anthony" bonanza, and that this strategy will backfire, as the nation does not hold the fascination with the mother as it did with the partying Casey Anthony, particularly due to the elements of drug abuse and child pornography.   Said attorney would seek to benefit from a trial, rather than a plea bargain, like Jose Baez, but will find, instead, any professional courtesy he has enjoyed, to be quickly dissipated in a case where there are no marketable characters. Said attorney may seek to raise bail money by selling pictures and videos, but will not find a national buyer in the way Baez sold the video to ABC.

I believe, as I have previously written, that the boyfriend will have a court-appointed attorney because his family will not sacrifice their home, retirement and savings for him, and that having a court-appointed attorney will mean he will not make bail, and will seek a plea bargain.  His family will resent that the mother has a high priced attorney and if successful, will convince him to accept a plea bargain and testify against the mother, in exchange for avoiding the death penalty.

It is difficult to hypothesize how prosecutors will react to overtures from defense attorneys because the bargaining chip:  the location of the body, is no longer on the table. It is possible that the mother's high priced attorney will remove himself from the case, once he sees that his client is not a sympathetic character that the networks are interested in.  This may be contingent on how HLN (Nancy Grace producers) react to the news of the arrests.

Hailey Dunn died as a result of a domestic homicide, at the hands of her mother and her mother's boyfriend.  It is only my opinion.

I expect prosecutors to press for the death penalty.


Mouthajar said...


What makes you so confident that an arrest is imminent? It's been 2 years with no arrest. Even if this body is found to be Hailey, I don't see how anything has changed.

Anonymous said...

Billie stated she didn't allow Hailey out at night but I remember people in CC saying Hailey was out at night plenty of times. I really doubt BD would ever win Mother of the year.

I agree with you Peter, I think that they both took part in killing that little girl and I hope you are right and they press for the the death penalty. The needle is too painless, they should fry because I imagine that child suffered.

Anonymous said...

Mouthajar, I also wonder if they will arrest one or both if DNA proves this is Hailey because so far it seems LE hasn't done much. Just the child porn should have put both away for quite a while according to the Law but no arrest were made. I tend to think this was blundered like the case of Jon Benet Ramsey.

Jo said...

Hailey was reported missing in December, not January.

Hailey Dunn, 13, was reported missing in January of 2011, capturing national attention on The Nancy Grace Show. Many people have weighed in on this case and here is where we have landed:

Nanna Frances said...

The prosecutor will seek the death penalty. This is Texas. Billie Dunn's attorney does not seem impressive to me.


Anonymous said...

I'd wondered if it was a failed abortion.

dahbou said...

I can't believe in all the times I read your posts that I missed the part where BD says she last saw Hailey Sunday night and then mentions looking in her room Monday morning. I really need to slow down when I read otherwise I will continue to miss many bits such as that!

Thank you for sharing your opinion. It makes very sad but perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Petet!' Big sigh:)

elf said...

So..... idk if I'm getting this right.... she looked in hailies room Monday morning 'to ease her mind' about what? To make sure Hailey was still there? To make sure Hailey stayed dead and couldn't talk about what happened the night/day before? Did she want to ease her mind and say goodbye to Hailey before Shawn took Hailey away and dumped her in a location not to be known to Billie?
And concerning the child porn, bestiality, stuff; law enforcement released that it was found in Billie and Shawn's bedroom. Right? Then Billie says in a different article that an investigator told hee no child porn was found in her home. Was that disinformation on billlies part?

~ABC said...

elf said...
"Did she want to ease her mind and say goodbye to Hailey before Shawn took Hailey away and dumped her in a location not to be known to Billie?"

Yes. This is what I believe. What a cold, calculating human being BJD is.

Anonymous said...

Texas Law Enforcement will make their case and make it stick. Without a doubt, this case will end with a conviction and those who doubted the prosecution and investigators, will have to eat their words. It's coming...get ready.

Anonymous said...

Billie Dunn is "Hawt" alright...a HOT MESS!

Red Ryder said...

Thank you for this post! I have been waiting for it! What a sad childhood Hailey had, David also. The poverty of BD and SA is astounding, there is so much lacking.
If the remains are Hailey that really will weaken SA position to plea, all he can give them is BD to save his skin. He waited too long perhaps.
Peter, I hope you finish your book some day (soon). You are a good writer and I learn a lot reading here, as many others have also commented.

BostonLady said...

Waiting impatiently for the remains to be identified and arrests made. Hailey deserves justice.

Thanks Peter for keeping Hailey's case alive!!

Nanna Frances said...

Red Ryder,

BD and SA are evil and need to be punished for what they did to Hailey.


Anonymous said...

Peter I seem to think to ease her mind ment she was finally saying her final goodbye to Hailey ???

Gambler said...

Hi Peter. Really enjoy reading and hearing your analysis and opinions.
In regards to the Carlie Brucia murder, today and unless I'm mistaken in previous blogs, you said Carlie was murdered on her way to a friends for a sleep over. The first time I saw this I was quite sure it was incorrect but I didn't look into it. Today I did a search and what I recalled is correct. Carlie had a sleep over at her friends and was abducted the next day while walking home. Quite a long walk (15-20 min). When I first read this I thought to myself, why would the family she was visiting not make sure she got home safely or her parents not pick her up.
Doubtful this has any baring on analyzing, I thought I'd bring it to your attention. BD still could have been using it to get the sleepover idea.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


thanks, I corrected it and the opening date.

You're right, it does not have any bearing on the analysis, but it has bearing on my credibility. I appreciate the correction.


Anonymous said...

Peter, how can you call this a domestic homocide since sex (and violence) was involved? Why wouldn't that make this a sexual homocide?

Hailey was raped, and killed, the same as any other young girl who was raped and murdered inside or outside the home, which makes them a sexual homocide, so why not Hailey's death also being determined as a sexual homocide?

Also, why you would ascertain that Billie thought of Hailey as her rival, which she very well may have; but Billie had already proved it meant nothing to her if/when Shawn had sex with another woman when she herself participated in videotaping Shawn having sex with herself and another woman; as well, enjoyed watching child porn and beastiality videos with him, even having sex with an animal herself in videos.

Why wouldn't this prove that Billie did not care if Shawn had sex with another woman (or child, or beast) as long as she was involved? Billie lived in that home and would have known all along that she was subjecting Hailey to Shawn's perverted attentions, why the sudden jealous rage?

Particularly not if Hailey was pregnant, and could have been, meaning that Shawn had already been raping her. There is one photo in particular where Hailey was walking down a school corridor wearing a stretchy knit top and appears to be about four+ months pregnant. (Bad photography or realistic?) If so, Billie wouldn't have known about Hailey's pregnancy or that Shawn was having sex with her? Sure she would have, and may even have videos.

You call this a domestic homocide which is more typically the case where a man murders his wife or significant other. If sex was involved in Hailey's murder, shouldn't that make this a sexual homocide and not a domestic violence homocide? OR, if Hailey was pregnant then that would make this a domestic homicide?

I guess I'm confused about how you differentiate between the two? If you can give a more detailed explanation as to how you arrived at your opinion of Hailey being a rival to Billie, and how you consider this a domestic homocide as opposed to it being a sexual homocide (since sex was clearly involved), I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

Anon 1

Anonymous said...

I'm confident it is Hailey but at this point I would be surprised if the remains led to anything.

Including any additional evidence or an arrest.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

It is a "sexual homicide" from the point that the victim was sexually assaulted by the boyfriend, but with regard to the mother, I don't think mother sexually assaulted her before physically assaulted her.

I don't think boyfriend intended to kill her or to 'physically' assault her (we are really on to semantic descriptions here!).

The reason I made the difference is because we do not find 'sexual homicide' linguistic indicators from the mother.

It is just the classification for Statement Analysis.

When they face murder charges, the wording won't matter.

And yes, I think arrests are imminent and I believe that the remains will yield critical information, as we all read pointhunter's statements here that I believe are truthful.

The single most shocking thing that people seem to be pointing out is

the "last time" she saw "her" as Sunday after 10PM>

Ladyluck WI said...

It could be a situation like the grandmother describes.. lets say SA did r@pe her or assault her in that manner, hailey does tell billy.. and billy thinks hailey is lying or being disrespectful. maybe part of billy also believes it so it creates this rage inside of her..not knowing if this info will get out to everyone else some day or what the future holds for SA and herself if this accusation gets out. because afterall, an investigation will have to be done and their household wouldn't do well with an investigation. so this causes a lot of rage. perhaps SA could have been going along with it, like "yeah punish her..ive had enough of her lying" etc. the more i think about it seems so plausible

Katie said...

Someone asked recently if their bringing up the washing of the coveralls would fall into the water and washing category that indicates sexual abuse or sex related to the death. Would it?

BD made that comment about HD not being born to be someone's plaything. Does that mean BD knew HD was being molested for some time or does it link to that particular night?

The masks and the homemade porn make me wonder if they were into role playing: dressing up and acting out fantasies and maybe filming them. Did anything like that leak out in any of their statements?

Ladyluck WI said...

katie do you have any idea when/where to find that comment about a play thing? my goodness thats a telling statement

Katie said...

LadyLuck, it's here in one of the statements. I'll look for it.

Anonymous said...

I agree, 10:00 p.m. is critical, and not that it was the last time Billie saw Hailey, as I believe she "saw" Hailey all night long that night; but that may have been the approximate time the sexual games, drugs and violence ensued upon Hailey that led to her violent death.

Yes, I DO believe Billie was also involved in Hailey's sexual brutality. Let's not forget, Billie LOVED violence and brutality during sexual escapades. It takes a violent and sexually brutal person to enjoy child pornography, (which is the RAPE of a child), which SHE did! THIS makes Billie Jean a pedophile as well as Shawn. Why would she exclude Hailey from her enjoyment?

I do not believe that Billie looked in and saw Hailey lying on her bed at 6:00 a.m. (dead), viewed what she thought was Hailey, but did not go in and touch her. The reason I don't believe this is because if Hailey's violent/death started to accelerate around, or "AFTER 10:00" p.m. or shortly thereafter, NO WAY would she have been lying there dead at 6:00 a.m. as decomp would have already set in which is easily observable and detected by LE who met there, and I believe, later brought in the dogs?

Also, I believe there was blood evidence in the home that Billie & Shawn disposed of that night, probably right along with Hailey or enroute to disposing of Hailey. At the least, Hailey and all the evidence would have been placed in Shawn's (or somebodys') automobile for transporting and dumping the next day if not that night.

For sure, they left 'something' at Hailey's disposal site that will identy her AND them. Pointhunter has made it clear that there was identifiable evidence left at the site.

I agree that the evidence will yield critical information that identifies Shawn & Billie (and Hailey). Pointhunter has been truthful and has told us everything he can without spelling it right out in plain english and drawing us a picture.

Ha... But I'm not so sure Billie & Shawn will ever serve a day in the clink. They've gotten away with all their other sick and disgusting crimes so far, haven't they? Anon 1

Katie said...

Ladyluck,It's on the blog

BJD: "That is my daughter. I chose to have her for me. I wanted a daughter. I had a daughter. God gave her to me. She's mine. She's not.. She wasn't born to be somebody's plaything or whatever. She was born to be my daughter."

Anonymous said...

As much as I want justice for Hailey I have little doubt that arrests will be made. LE has botched this case from day 1. They are incompetent and let the case go cold.

They know the behaviors of those two animals (SA/BD) and they did NOTHING about the child porn. That's sickening and they should be ashamed. I don't see what finding Hailey's remains will yield to LE, other than confirmation of her death, not who did it. Or should I say, the proof of who did it. They know who did it they can't prove it so they gave up. I also wonder how close SA or his family is to LE. Seems like the whole city is corrupt and useless!!! To let this go on for over 2 years with them roaming free is shocking!

Ladyluck WI said...

wow that is a very disturbing statement thanks Katie!

Seanacyblue said...


I have been reading for quite sometime but I am feeling confused. What is the difference between Scientific Analysis and Statement Analysis? Thanks

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Anon @ 8:57.

What she ^ said.

I've even wondered if some in LE might not have been involved with Shawn & Billie in their drug/porno world and their suppliers, as well, and this is why they have done nothing. Anon 1

Anonymous said...

Parallel thoughts concerning LE comparison to the Haleigh Cummings case comes to mind. Anon 1

Yep said...

You discuss in length about Hailey being desensitized. Wouldnt David also be desensitized by what was going on in the home? Do you not think he found the xbox images? Is there a possibility David had a hand in what happened to Hailey and Billie has been covering for him? I see Billie coming up with this scenario... David taking the blame because he was a minor when it occurred BUT it would fall apart when prosecutors push for him to be prosecuted as an adult. Yes Billie would sacrifice her son without batting an eye.

Anonymous said...

I agree Yep. She would.

When you think about it, there could be no other reason for all the sexually lewd materials that were placed on the childrens' xbox OTHER than for their own viewing and possible participation in Billies' and Shawns' disgusting, violent and blood thirsty sexcapades.

Those two young teenages lived in a very sick world. It's no wonder poor Hailey had begged Clint to let her live with him & Naomi, even to sleep on his couch; and begged Connie to come get her, crying and telling her she was so scared of Shawn. But they didn't give a rat's a$$. Hailey had NO ONE!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant to post as Anon 1.

Lynn said...

Anon1, the difference between BD possibly going into a rage if she caught SA molesting Hailey, but willingly participating in a sexual encounter with another woman is simple...If she is involved and it is her idea, it is exciting to her. If she catches him molesting Hailey and she wasn't involved, it is cheating and is against her rules.

Ladyluck WI said...

If Hailey had been trying to stand up for herself in the last few months of her life..begging to go to live at her dad's (Billie perceives as disrespect), Hailey begs to go to her grandma's (Billie perceives as disrespect) Hailey does other things that upset Billie..then Billie was ready to snap.

Whether or not B&S (coincidence of initials?) both participated in an act against hailey, something tells me that B got infuriated with Hailey when Hailey once again tried to stand up for herself. if she threatened to tell or go to authorities, B knew that there was no way an investigation would fly at their house. there was no way she wanted the cops to come. she could have believed Haiely was lying..but knew an investigation would still show bad stuff..or deep down knew it might be true about S and B couldn't fathom this to be true. I believe she stil took it out on her daughter who she viewed as a liar, brat, disrespectful etc.

Ladyluck WI said...

I have a hard time believing BD would orchestrate a "game" with her own daughter...although its not out of the possibility that she went along with it to impress SA. in my opinion from my peers and what i've observed throughout my life.. if women participate in a "threesome" it's typically to please a guy and try to convince the guy "they're up for anything" and they are there to please their man. i think its a lower percentage of women that do it for their own interest. some women might not even realize it but i think most do it for the positive reinforcement they receive from their partners then.

Anonymous said...

There was no child porn found at the house on the xbox or flash drive,it was only found at shawns mothers house.Did anyone ever think the porn on the Xbox could belong to the brother??Porn is not against the law in the state of Texas.The only drugs talked about where pills I think.
How many mothers out there peek in on your kids before going to work, alot I bet,does that make them dead NO it doesn't.
Hailey was seen Monday morning and it has been proven by law enforcement,also bloodhounds followed her sent to a motel.
There are alot of facts out there that people are missing,the rest is a bunch of he said she said.

Anonymous said...

When she say's the last time she saw her was at 10:00 Sunday night, is not the actual time, because Nancy Grace said that that time first, and Billie says yes probably about 10:00.Billie does say she last saw her Sunday night, but in her mind night could also include the early morning hours, or even when they it rid of the body.

There are two stories about Monday. 1st was the friend took her to work, and she looked in the room to ease her mind but she didn't touch her.

2nd was from Billie and Shawn that Shawn took Billie to work on Monday morning. Which he supposedly left the house at 5:30, got to work, and left there at 6:10, and was back in CCity not long after that. Only piece we do not have is information from Billies phone to see where it was pinging from.

Which one is true?

I think that starting that Friday Billie and Hailey were having issues, Christmas night, she was with her dad, so the situation defused. Sunday, she had to go back to her moms for a next day Christmas dinner. I think Hailey may have saw Billie and Shawn using drugs that night, and maybe she said something about going to her dads house, and Billie became enraged, with Shawn getting involved in the argument too. Two high/intoxicated irrational people and one helpless 13 year old. I think Billie went after her and there was ome type of struggle,, she might have been trying to get out of the house and Shawn pushed her and she might have hit her head ( there was a rumor there was a fight that night, and Shawn pushed her and he hit her head), knocking her unconscious, or maybe a fatal blow to the head. They both panic. Before Shawn shows up at work, they have already gotten rid of the body and evidence. Drops Billie off early, and the cover up begins.

stop_playing_dumb said...

Why is it so hard to believe SA murdered Hailey himself for his own perverted desires? This story is the most obvious boyfriend-as- rapist/killer if I ever saw one. He quits his job and goes back immediately to the house where a 13 little girl is all alone in her bed???I can't explain Billie's weird description of checking in on Hailey but I have one for why she didn't call Mary Beth's house herself from work: she didn't want to talk to the mother since it seemed obvious they didn't like each other, at least MB's mother didn't like Billie. So she got her son to call instead. Classic avoidance behavior. Billie is a perverted nympho, no doubt. But I don't think she attacked and killed her daughter. SA is real-deal psychopath freak.

Ladyluck WI said...

Anonymous 10:52, please remind me what evidence was there that proves she was alive on Monday morning? thank you

Ladyluck WI said...

stop playing dumb- i thought your version was likley in the beginning..thought so for a long time..but some things dont' add up about BD. why does she feel she has to cover up, lie, and stick with someone who did this to her daughter? she had knowledge that her daughter was dead early on and let that slip. therefore she must have inside knowledge or suspicions about what happened. so why in the world would she continue to defend SA...or at least not go to the police about what she knows. if she truly was innocent of everything then she would pass a lie detector test, or tell what she knows.

Christy said...

>>...murder charges as well as a viable explanation as to why there was a delay.<<

I am looking forward to resolution in Hailey's case as we will not receive a sense of justice soon for Kyron,
Lisa, Ayla, Hayleigh, Caylee, and so many others the world has lost and we have invested our time and emotions in reading about and praying for :(

elf said...

So what really happened then? What's your evidence that proves Shawn had nothing to do with haileys death and disappearance? In the beginning it was stated by police that they had several persons of interest, now the ONLY person of interest is Shawn. Why didn't they eliminate him as a suspect after all this time if its so cut and dried that evidence points to anyone/everyone except Shawn?

Christy said...

>> ~ABC said...elf said...

"Did she want to ease her mind and say goodbye..."
Yes. This is what I believe.<<
Me too. Peter's analysis of BJD's words regarding "she looked like " and "I didn't touch her" are fascinating and they ring true.
The jurors' questions in Jodi Arias' trial give me hope that a jury will think the same about what BJD said.

sa lurker said...

Anonymous 10.52 AM

I think you need to remember that the fact that most people check on their children before going to work is not the issue. The issue is that she felt the need to say that she checked on her, she also used very interesting wording for that.

We do not analyze alleged evidence. We analyze the statements on this blog. So "he said, she said" is important.

Besides.. if you claim that there is evidence public is not aware of, I would appreciate if you can provide credible links to substantiate your claim. It is very easy to say "There is proof of X" on a blog and not back it up. If you want people to dismiss the idea that Hailey was already dead by that morning, please direct us to a source. I would like to know those facts.

Unknown said...

She looked in to "ease her mind" that morning because she was really looking in to make sure they got everything. She wanted to make sure no evidence was left behind, so she looked in to ease her mind. When I leave a hotel room I am always the last to leave after loading up the car. I go back to the room to ease my mind that nothing was left behind & I make one last search....otherwise I will worry the whole drive home that I didn't do the last scan & we may have left something important behind.

A healthy young body can take a couple hours before it recognizes that it is no longer living, and begins the composition process. Hailey likely died around 10pm, or near that time.
I can't imagine that BD and SA let HD's body lay in her bed (or remain in the house) after they were finished with what they did to her, and then BD goes back in to check on her (when she claims it looked like her).
Hailey had already been disposed of by morning. She was double checking the room and "easing her mind" making sure that all evidence was removed & they staged everything to look "normal" again. I think the crime was committed there, and it needed to be cleaned up. There was no blood while committing the crime because remember LE used luminol (sp?) with no significant outcome.

The part about seeing what looked like Hailey was most likely another lie of Billie's.

Christy said...

>>How many mothers out there peek in on your kids before going to work, alot I bet,does that make them dead NO it doesn't.<<
Anonymous 10:52, Parents don't say "It looked like" my child was laying in the bed. I pulled the covers up and over my son this morning when I went to see if he was still sleeping. He was sleeping in. It wasn't "like" he was sleeping and it didn't look "like" him.

Christy said...

>>if Hailey's violent/death started to accelerate around, or "AFTER 10:00" p.m. or shortly thereafter, NO WAY would she have been lying there dead as decomp would have already set in which is detected by LE who later brought in the dogs<<

This is a valid point. Can anyone speak to this? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Bonnie Blue & Christy, it takes approx 90 mins (1-1/2 hrs) for decomp to begin, not a couple of hours, which would be 120 mins. Google it for clarification.

Of course Hailey wouldn't have still been lying there at 6:00 a.m. or anywhere else in that house if her death had occurred earlier during the evening. Anon 1

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that Hailey was removed Sunday night but Billie made it look like Hailey was still in bed in case her brother came home and peeked in on Hailey?

Just another anon.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I believe that Hailey was dead between the hours of 10PM and 6AM. I believe that from the language used she was dead by 6AM the time Adkins left and Dunn described her as "like she was asleep"

It very well may have been closer to 6AM. I use the 10PM as an estimate, but my guess is much later.

Also, we must then ask:

When were cadaver dogs brought in to the scene?


other questions***

I apologize for not being forthcoming on all things, but did so on my opinion and do protect those who can't share:

Pointhunter has made it very clear: prosecution is paramount.

Local anon said...

Yes! Prosecution is paramount. I do hope LE dots all the I' s and crosses all the t's. there is a very good chance they botched it the start because they believed Hailey was. Runaway. I know they believe Shawn murdered Hailey Nd Billie knows at the very least and are very committed to proving that but I fear they missed crucial evidence in the first few days. I hope I am wrong

Christy said...

Thanks Peter. I see, it could have been much later... into the wee hours.

Successful prosecution is #1.

Anonymous said...

We are all speculating here. None of us know what time Hailey died, exactly HOW she died or when she was removed from the home or by whom, or in whose automobile; or whether there might have been another (or others) involved in her death and/or disposal in addition to Billie & Shawn, including the possibility of an additional or other vehicle.

We don't even know what Shawn hauled off and disposed of on the day he went into work then left. He could have stopped in at work to pick up some sort of chemical to help in the deteroiation of Hailey's remains but was unable too and quickly left.

He/they could have just as easily dumped Hailey during the night before. Yes, we know he drove to Scurry County, around and about, etc., but we don't know for certain if that's when he disposed of Hailey's body or that's when he disposed of criminal evidence, or if he merely went back to see if she was securely/secretly deposited so as not to be found, and possibly dumped additional evidence; or maybe that IS when he dumped her.

We are all groping and trying to use our imaginations as to what WE think most likely occurred, when and by whom; with some tending to believe some of Billie's most ridiculous and far-fetched comments or at least trying to tie them in with how they pre-suppose Hailey died, when, how, and at whose hands; when it's absurd to believe anything that evil conniving woman has said as being the gospel truth and not comingled with her scheming deceit.

Nearly every possibility I've read in all of our posts as to what could have happened to Hailey and by whom, has a ring of being a good possibility, but I doubt we'll ever know the whole truth. We know Shawn was involved, Billie was involved, and those are 99.99% most likely Hailey's remains that were found at the site Pointhunter came upon, and that's ALL we know with any certainty. MOO. Anon 1

Jo said...

I agree Bonnie Blue - I think she looked in the room to make sure it was all set to "look like" Hailey was in there watching television.
I think Hailey may have been drugged with her Christmas dinner that she was told to sit down and eat. The broken window that Billie said Hailey broke with a basketball may have been broken during a struggle near the door when Hailey tried to escape.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, local anon @ 1:45.

Stupid, stupid local LE, taking Billie at her word that Hailey had run away in the early stages of her disappearance, when their first order of business should have been to search the home and autos for any/all criminal evidence and the use of cadaver dogs in and around the home and the autos.

Who but an idiot would take the word of a druggie that a young girl had run away or was snatched? Particularly when they already knew about Billie and Shawns' many questionable calls to 911 made prior to Hailey missing, including Shawns' threats to Billie; and as it turns out, Hailey too.

You're danged right Hailey's disappearance was totally mishandled, AS has been the 109,000 images of video materials they've had on hand for two years now. So, some are claiming that some of Billie & Shawns' activities were not illegal; well, child porn certainly is.

Just how long could it take to file charges on the child porn Billie & Shawn had in their possession? So there you have it; ciminal evidence STILL being mishandled, just one of the reasons I question that Bilie & Shawn will ever serve one single day in the big house.

Anon 1

BostonLady said...

Billie continues to mention Hailey's beautiful face.

Billie wants Hailey's "Face" out there.

Billie wants to see and touch Hailey's beautiful face.

Then on the opposite side we have the masks. Shawn had more than one mask and he said that Hailey liked to wear them too.

Any correlation with Billie's reference to Hailey's face and the masks?

For sure Billie is focused on Hailey's face.. but why.

1/31/11 "I want to thank everyone for coming this afternoon and giving me the opportunity to make a statement. First, I want to speak directly to Hailey in case she’s listening. Wherever you are Hailey, I’m looking for you. Hundreds of people are looking for you. We all want you home safe. I just want to see you and touch your beautiful face. I really love you. I desperately need you home. There’s not a minute that goes by that I’m not praying for you or crying, wishing you were in my living room. I can’t handle not knowing where you are or if you’re safe. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on and I’m very proud that God chose me to be your mother."

BostonLady said...

I disagree Anon 1 with your blaming of local LE mishandling this case in those first few days. It was reported that LE was running a dual investigation from day 2 of Hailey being reported missing. Texas Rangers were on the case , Day 2 and this is because LE did not believe Hailey just up and disappeared.

We still do not know how much evidence they collected in those first few days as it has not been revealed. We don't know what type of phone records they have collected, they only released Shawn's pings for a brief time frame. What about Billie's cell phone?

If it were just local LE handling the case, I would be suspect but it has been identified that the FBI was called in immediately too.

I am not local. I am basing my opinion on what I've read in the news.

Yep said...

Your second was for Tuesday morning which is when Shawn "quit" his job

Shoppergalone said...

I do think Hailey was pregnant but hadn't thought of a botched home abortion, that is an interesting thought except for the luminol not showing anything.

I also think that the couch had to have been involved somehow. They threw it away and replaced it within a short time, possibly a week? Memory may be wrong, but I do remember it being strange that they were concerned with getting a new couch considering a missing child.

Peter, thank you for all you do.

Anonymous said...

Well, Boston Lady, I do. It's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. They botched the case as far as I'm concerned. Over 2 years and they are still walking free, even with ILLEGAL child porn on the computer devices. They have committed a crime even without Hailey in the picture and they are not paying for it. So yes, I still believe LE is sad, poor system in Colorado springs. It's also my opinion that there are ties with LE to do with child porn/drugs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon @ 4:08. You took the words right out of my mouth!

Anon 1

Anonymous said...

this was posted on Jan 4,2011

On Friday, bloodhounds were taken to the six motels in Colorado City. At Western Suites, which is located at 2233 Vine Street and is adjacent to Interstate 20 and near the Dunn home, the dogs picked up on Dunn’s scent in the parking lot, City Manager Pete Kampfer said Tuesday night.

The scent led to a door of a ground-floor room at the two-level motel that opened in July, he said, but there the trail stopped. A search of the 24 suites produced no other evidence, he said.

Gotmethinking said...

As to the the dogs picking up Hailey's scent at the hotel. I wonder if Sean and/or Billie took Hailey to the hotel and that is where everything actually happened and that is the reason there was no hit in the house by cadaver dogs?

Anonymous said...

I pinned this on my pininterest board before i read i needed permission. Oops! Im taking it down. Sorry Peter.

Anonymous said...

1/31/11 "I want to thank everyone for coming this afternoon and giving me the opportunity to make a statement. First, I want to speak directly to Hailey in case she’s listening. Wherever you are Hailey, I’m looking for you. Hundreds of people are looking for you. We all want you home safe. I just want to see you and touch your beautiful face. I really love you. I desperately need you home. There’s not a minute that goes by that I’m not praying for you or crying, wishing you were in my living room. I can’t handle not knowing where you are or if you’re safe. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on and I’m very proud that God chose me to be your mother."

If Billie were really talking to Hailey, wouldn't she have said, wishing you were in OUR livingroom? Wasn't it Hailey's livingroom too?

Just another anon.

Anonymous said...

this was reported in the BigSprings
Herald Jan 11,2011

Hailey Darlene Dunn, an eighth grade student at Colorado Middle School, was last seen walking from her home in northern Colorado City to a friend's house about 1 p.m. Monday, Dec. 27, according to reports issued by Interim Colorado City Police Chief John Bivins.

SAlurkerOne said...

Apparently there are two SALurkers. I have been posting under this handle for a little while.

The comment above is not mine.

I guess I'll go by SAlurkerOne.

Nic said...

Also, why you would ascertain that Billie thought of Hailey as her rival, which she very well may have; but Billie had already proved it meant nothing to her if/when Shawn had sex with another woman when she herself participated in videotaping Shawn having sex with herself and another woman; as well, enjoyed watching child porn and beastiality videos with him, even having sex with an animal herself in videos.

Anon 1 @ 5:31 AM, I haven't read further, yet, so forgive me if someone has answered this for you. In the beginning when BJD was describing Hailey, she used the word "attractive" as opposed to "beautiful". Peter highlighted this and expanced on it for us. It's deep in the archives and you can go looking for it if you want to. In the meantime, to sum [it] up, I'll just paraphrase. If you think about it, parents always describe their kids as "beautiful" -- or some other word to describe a personality attribute, like intelligent, gentle, a comedian, etc.. [Competitive] women will refer to their counterpart as "attractive" when describing their "equal". BJD described Hailey as "attractive". It is reported that SA likes young girls. BJD dressed like a teenager and was very young looking when she started to date SA. So taking it (and a lot of other behavior) into consideration, it appears as though BJD saw Hailey as her competition.

? said...

Just another anon, I would expect BD to say she wished Hailey was home, not specifically in her living room. Why is the room sensitive to Billie?

GetThem said...

No way would anyone want to watch a Lifetime Movie of this horror story. It's so disgusting to think about it makes my stomach hurt. Hailey is safe now away from those animals.

Anonymous said...

Good question ?. Why is the livingroom sensitive to Billie and why is she possessive of it?

Just another anon.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1 you show yourself agreeing with yourself.

You do not grasp Statement Analysis when you say "it's absurd to believe anything that evil conniving woman has said as being the gospel truth and not comingled with her scheming deceit." Your emotion blinds you.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
There was no child porn found at the house on the xbox or flash drive,it was only found at shawns mothers house.Did anyone ever think the porn on the Xbox could belong to the brother??Porn is not against the law in the state of Texas.The only drugs talked about where pills I think.
How many mothers out there peek in on your kids before going to work, alot I bet,does that make them dead NO it doesn't.
Hailey was seen Monday morning and it has been proven by law enforcement,also bloodhounds followed her sent to a motel.
There are alot of facts out there that people are missing,the rest is a bunch of he said she said.
April 14, 2013 at 10:52 AM

1. There were 109,000 deviant images all together. This number is like 20 households of large families. We do not know what was on what, and only that the PI told us about porn on the X box.

2. The "only" drugs was pilled. Narcotics, cocaine and tranquilizers. Choose your poison. All three kill. People go to jail and die for "only" pills.

3. Mothers peeking out at their kids before work: how many mothers describe a body "like" it is sleeping instead of "she was sleeping"?

How many mothers say "but I didn't touch her"

How many mothers say it eased her mind without something bringing "unease" to a mother's mind?

4. Hailey seen monday morning is not true. This was verified as another druggie friend's fake testimony to help out a druggie.

It is difficult to imagine anyone seeing:

Failed polygraphs

and an implausible story and not see that 2 plus 2 equals 4.

These were the things, including the motel, that BJD floated out there but eventually fell apart. Recall her phony placement of emotions about the "letter" where she was "very disappointed" that the letter was published because it would kill her daughter.

"Disappointed"is something we are when our child comes home with a B instead of an A.

Artificial placement of emotions because she had no real emotional commitment to it because she knew it was not true.

She is about to be arrested along with Shawn Adkins and then the things we don't know, which, I agree, is alot, will be known.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Seanacyblue said...

I have been reading for quite sometime but I am feeling confused. What is the difference between Scientific Analysis and Statement Analysis? Thanks

April 14, 2013 at 8:57 AM >>>

Statement Analysis is a generic term. SA is derived from SCAN, Scientific Content Analysis, the work of Avinoam Sapir from

His system is more strict to content, whereas there are elements of Statement analysis that are a bit broader. Most of the time, the terms are used interchangeably. I will give you a few examples:

"3 is the liar's number" is not part of the SCAN technique.

Sensory description associated with memory is often sited, but not part of the stricter SCAN technique.

Also, SCAN seeks content, more than just "truth" or "deception" and will weigh the words a person choses as revealing more content, and what someone does not say.

As you read more here, you'll seem samples, but for the most part, the two terms can be used in any analysis, it is just when I want to credit Mr. Sapir, or when I am reaching for content, like in this hypothesis, it is more accurate to call it SCAN.

We take every statement and begin with circling pronouns, in SCAN. It is instinctive and I have done it so many times that I can 'see' pronouns circled as people speak to me.

Heather and I were in a store this afternoon and the salesman disparaged one item but said, "Honestly, I am honestly going to be so very honest with you..." and I wanted to put my hands over my ears.

He lost the sale as I could not keep track of his deceptive answers!

In sentences where he was more reliable, he said "I think this is..." but when he was deceptive, I noticed that everything was "we find that this one is not so well made..." and on and on.

I wonder if anyone could guess what we were shopping for...


Peter (and Heather on this one)

Lemon said...

"Heather and I" - order is important.
"He" the salesman is male.
"He" lost the sale as "I" (Peter) couldn't keep track of the deceptive answers. It is an item for Peter.
"this one is well made" is mentioned.
A male salesman is showing an item to both of you where it is important that it is well made.
My guess is a suit.

Local anon said...

Boston lady, with all due respect, anon 1 is correct. Local LE did not treat this case seriously at the start. They treated it as a runaway and they did not cooperate with the Texas Rangers or the FBI. I get this information from local LE and Local FBI. Yes! The local investigator on the case is commited, but not given free range in the beginnining. We locals know this to be true. Please accept our knowledge of this. It is fact sorry to say. Again, no spell check. Sorry about that

Alex k said...

A little late here, tried to comment previously, a dropped signal lost what I typed, so here goes again.

The nancy grace interview was shocking to me. When I read it, my immediate reaction was THIS IS WHY attorneys put a muzzle on their clients! For the doubters in thought and some of the comments as well, this is what statement analysis is all about. You can rehearse all you want, brain function will spill the clues by speaking them in thousands of a second before your intellect catches up to realize what you just said. This interview is a perfect collection that can be used in law\psych classes to teach how SA works.

When I read it, before I analized it, I felt I just had a window into the childs murder. Mom was asked a specific question of ABSOLUTE surety...when was the last time you saw your daughter. The answer was 'sunday night' Sunday night is her answer, but no...wait...she goes on to say she saw her monday morning, but didnt want to touch her??? You read the account, didnt you all get absolutely creeped out by this story? Her daughter died in the home, that night, by their hands...either one could have done it, im leaning toward him at this point, but mom was involved. As far as what time she truly saw her alive, what room she was in, etc etc, all blurred twisted facts mixed with a rehearsed cover up story. Bottom line though, she died in the home during that time in question.

Why no arrest yet. Sure it seems like they should have been arrested, but in this case, I beloeve they have been keeping tabs on them. Now that they have her body and more evidence, they better act quick before flight or suicide. Before the body though? Why not keep them free and TALKING! The more they say, the more info they leak, the more clues they keep them running their mouths. LE doesnt want another OJ to get away...their building a solid case...arrests are coming.
If youre not convinced by the above summary and the nancy grace interview, along with the SA....then why are you here?

The scary part for me, is they are not alone. How many other households in your neighborhood and mine have homes with people like this behind closed doors. If these sick materials, drugs, photos, movies, ideas are out there, they are coming from somewhere, they are being consumed by more than just this household in question. Add kids being raised in this environement and what they will become if they survive it, and its pretty scary. Poor Hailey. Just wish there was a way to intervene from telltale signs before another tragedy occurs. Now we just sit and wait for justice to hopefully play out here on the child murderers responsible. Alex

Shelley said...

Like the prior post, I think the couch was critical. Not only like said above, who worries about a couch (Billie said it was nicer thanthe on they had) When ur child is missing. My whole world would fall apart if my son was missing. Nothing else would matter.

I also wonder, is it possible hailey walked to the hotel another time to maybe meet a friend then walked home. Not sure how long her scent ould last, but that could be unrelated.

And for me, I think what happened happened on the couch.

Also concerning, Billie said hailey always slept on the couch. Yet this morning, she was in her bed? I really think she died on the couch. Especially since if I recall correctly, that couch has never been tested or seen again? Maybe I'm wrong tho.

Also Billie has to be involved. Not just the obvious deception, but the lack of any real sadness.

Who parties (Casey) while their child is missing and says "I deserve this". She's not sad! Real mothers who lose children do not bounce back. Do not talk of the fun they deserve. They are forever destroyed and unhappy.

Billie looks just fine.

Anonymous said...

I think I remember reading that Hailey had just started sleeping in her room a week before she disappeared and that she had slept on the couch until that time. I don't know why the was mentioned.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
1/31/11 "I want to thank everyone for coming this afternoon and giving me the opportunity to make a statement. First, I want to speak directly to Hailey in case she’s listening. Wherever you are Hailey, I’m looking for you. Hundreds of people are looking for you. We all want you home safe. I just want to see you and touch your beautiful face. I really love you. I desperately need you home. There’s not a minute that goes by that I’m not praying for you or crying, wishing you were in my living room. I can’t handle not knowing where you are or if you’re safe. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on and I’m very proud that God chose me to be your mother."

If Billie were really talking to Hailey, wouldn't she have said, wishing you were in OUR livingroom? Wasn't it Hailey's livingroom too?

Just another anon.
April 14, 2013 at 6:42 PM

Billie had not addressed Hailey in all her appearances, which were constant. Marc Klass coached her on doing it. One in LE was very upset and did not mind verbalizing it. I am sure many were angered by it, but one was...very angry.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
Well, Boston Lady, I do. It's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. They botched the case as far as I'm concerned. Over 2 years and they are still walking free, even with ILLEGAL child porn on the computer devices. They have committed a crime even without Hailey in the picture and they are not paying for it. So yes, I still believe LE is sad, poor system in Colorado springs. It's also my opinion that there are ties with LE to do with child porn/drugs.

April 14, 2013 at 4:08 PM >>

Many people have felt this way and mistakes were made in the first days, but...


I think there will be successful prosecution.
I think we will see that yes, they rolled the dice and took a gamble by not prosecuting over the child porn, but it may be something that worked out in the end.

I have been as impatient as anyone but the finding of the body was critical to the overall puzzle that a jury needs to see pieced together.

elf said...

I may have this wrong.
I bet the prosecutor in this case is holding off on charging Billie and Shawn on the porn found because they (district attorney office) will use it in the trial against them. I believe it will be included in the list of charges against Billie and Shawn when they are indiicted for the murder of Hailey. I think Billie and Shawn have been left alone by law enforcement because they are building a case against them, better to have a slam dunk air tight case so a jury will have no problem convicting those 2.

pointhunter said...


I agree with you, I think they will use it as proof of "grooming a child."
This may be the only way they can get certin evidence into court on the case. They can then use it as a way to cast doubt, for the jury.

Speaking from experience said...

Lol, Lemon.
My ‘guess’ is a car.

elf said...

Hi point hunter:) I was thinking along the lines of an aggravating factor as far as the porn charge maybe. Obviously I'm not a lawyer but I just read Texas penal code title 5 chapter 19 and just by possessing porn of that nature is a crime (if I'm not mistaken) so Hailey was murdered during the commission of that crime, was she not? I believe it could also be used as a mitigating factor presented regarding the defendants character or circumstance of the crime. But again I'm no lawyer, just a chic with free time and Google lol

Red Ryder said...

Wouldn't it be something if LE had the couch after all? What DID BJD do with it? Take it to the dump? Was the couch followed and retrieved as they were suspected even then? I guess LE doesn't need it but wouldn't that be a big surprise to SA and BJD how they had been watched/followed if it were so? I also think the couch was significant in events of that night and that it was part getting rid of evidence, as was the other redecorating, painting. I mean, who even thinks of stuff like that when your kid is out there missing? Unless your kid isn't out there missing. Sad.

Anonymous said...

I've heard this before andin other cases as well, that an arrest was emminent and nothing happened. Not buying into it this time.

Just like I'm not buying into all the reasons, so-called investigations, explanations and excuses, that no child porn charges have been filed against Billie & Shawn, when they had in their possession multiple images of child pornography .

There IS NO excuse, I don't care how it is whitewashed to make it look. It is NOT true that saving these charges will make them look worse when the charges are filed against Shawn and Billie in Haileys' death. The exact opposite would be true.

Had Billie & Shawn already had these child porn charges filed against them it would enhance the possibility of getting a guilty verdict against them in Hailey's death. In fact, they would most likely have already ratted each other out long before now. Anon 1

elf said...

Um I believe in ANY criminal case you cannot be charged with the same crime twice. Double jeapordy is the term. The porn was found in Billie Dunn's house, aka 'the scene of the crime' therefore the porn IS EVIDENCE. 1+1=2.
As for the couch, didn't law search a landfill and find some sort of undisclosed item/s?

pointhunter said...

Anonymous said...
I've heard this before andin other cases as well, that an arrest was emminent and nothing happened. Not buying into it this time.

I cannot bring myself to be so skeptical about the case; I need to believe that” the bad guys will get punished”. I’m a simple LE with simple ways and a JR. College education; however the evidence is there to convict the perpetrator of this crime.

Child Advocate said...

Pointhunter said:
I cannot bring myself to be so skeptical about the case; I need to believe that” the bad guys will get punished”. I’m a simple LE with simple ways and a JR. College education; however the evidence is there to convict the perpetrator of this crime.

Amen! I need to believe the bad guys will get punished too. I want justice for Hailey. I appreciate all you've done and for coming back to comment. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Time tells all.

A Thought said...

As another reader with no legal background I'm probably wrong on what I'm about to say but isn't there something about not being able to bring other convictions into a trial because it can prejudice the jury? If so, that could prevent prosecutors from mentioning the porn at the murder trial? It could be the reason they have held off so far.

pointhunter said...

Provided that arrests are made.

Do you think the defense will ask the judge for a change of venue? Where would they move it to?
I have wondered if Abilene, Midland or San Angelo Tx would be considered.

Just a reoccurring thought I have had.

Local anon said...

I am hoping it comes to midland and am hoping by some miracle, like you finding the remains, that I get on the jury. I can assure you I would make the jury accountable for listening to and evaluating the evidence. No Casey Anthony jury cop out. Nice to dream

Excruciating Headache said...

If Hailey were pregnant, there would have been trouble. You can't take a 13 year-old in for an abortion or pregnancy care without an investigation. They'll want to know who the father is.

So, what if they drugged her to cause her to abort? She could have died in a botched attempt by the mother or the boyfriend. If she had simply overdosed on opiates, BD and SA could have blamed Hailey for stealing them.

If Hailey had a history of having been physically abused, I think we might have already heard about it. I can't imagine a mother, who has never abused her child before, suddenly inflicting a mortal wound. It doesn't seem that she cared much for the girl, but she doesn't seem too broken up about her death.

Anonymous said...

As good a theory as any, may have been a sexual assault gone wrong.
Could have been a jealous mom or disturbed brother for that matter. Not sure we will ever know why.

About venue said...

What happened to "a jury of your peers"? Wouldn't that be best met in the town or county where they live? Even before tv and the internet, newspapers reported and people talked about crimes in their community before a trial and that didn't make them ineligible to serve on the jury. It would have made more sense then to move a trial than it does now when there is national and international coverage making it next to impossible to find a jury that hasn't heard details already.

~ABC said...

I've often thought change of venue is a legal manuever for purposes other than the intended purpose.

It's interesting to me how global communication is affecting our legal system in terms of getting a non-prejudiced jury anywhere.

Anon "I" said...

Peter, were you talking about buying a major appliance (fridge, washer/dryer)?

Anon "I"

Anonymous said...

The above post, Anon "l" was not made by me. Thanks... Anon 1

Anonymous said...

Pointhunter, thank you for your earlier response. I want you to know, that it gives me a bit of comfort to think that you believe this case WILL be presecuted, primarily because of the evidence YOU saw. For that, I am grateful, otherwise, we might never know what, if anything, had been found at the scene.

I can understand your having more confidence in local LE than some of us have, particularly inasmuch as it involves your own career and you are personally in contact with many LE officials. I understand that.

It's just that we are aghast that no charges were ever brought against Billie & Shawn for their child porn possession that LE clearly told us existed; if none other, that one memory stick that was found in the bottom drawer on the right side of Billie's dresser, in HER home.

Not only that, but we never even had a follow up by LE spokesman on the child porn matter. There were several child porn charges that could have been filed and weren't, those alone giving Billie and Shawn many years in your big house even if Hailey's body had never been found.

Additionally, Billie & Shawn were also dealing in illegal drugs, yet again, no charges, no arrests or prosecution.

Additionally, we see so many of these child missing cases yeilding no arrests when it is so obvious who the guilty parties are. These poor children never receive any justice or even a proper burial site. It makes us harden a little towards LE authorities when they fail to use the evidence they have at hand, or fail to go after the perps with a vengance.

Don't sell yourself short Pointhunter, you have a formal education even if not advanced, certainly more than some here I could mention, and clearly enough to have a fine career throughout your lifetime. Education or lack of, isn't the measure of ones' success or the quality person they are anyhow.

I wish you well in all of your endeavors, and again, thank you. Anon 1

Anonymous said... body found at lake in Texas

Regardless, the lake is not as full as it once was, as recently as 2011, and subsequently skeletal remains were found last week in an area that was once underwater.

If we can assume the remains were underwater up until recently, I guess it would be fair to say that the remains could have been put there by a boat. Someone could have driven their boat out to that huge lake, and dumped a body thinking that body never would be found. They never predicted that the passage of time would eventually leave that area dry

Just A Washington Gal said...

After reading all of these comments, I don't know why I hadn't thought of it-- Peter, is there verbal/written evidence to suggest Hailey was pregnant?
The suggestion that BJD attacked/killed Hailey in a fit of jealousy always seemed kind of limp to me considering she and SA had 3somes. I suppose there's always limits, but if BJD was not "threatened" by women who were legal (non-minors), then why would she fly into such a killing rage were Hailey in that same situation? I hadn't even thought to consider a botched abortion. It's a new angle, but I'm not sure that's particularly likely-- wouldn't the cadaver dogs have scented blood? I suppose she could have died from internal bleeding...? I don't have experience or knowledge in that field. I suppose it's possible that while high/drunk BJD and SA assumed that Hailey was near-death/would die when medical help would have saved her. That could explain why cadaver dogs did not pick up on anything --- (to my knowledge, that is; I don't remember Peter mentioning the cadaver dogs picking up anything in the house. But then again, I don't remember the dogs picking up any scent of hailey past the driveway, while one anonymous claims they tracked her to a motel).

Anonymous said...

A Thought said...

As another reader with no legal background I'm probably wrong on what I'm about to say but isn't there something about not being able to bring other convictions into a trial because it can prejudice the jury? If so, that could prevent prosecutors from mentioning the porn at the murder trial? It could be the reason they have held off so far.

Yes, I believe you are correct. That could be the reason.

Shelley said...

I just read through the avadavat you attached here Peter. Very interesting.

A couple things that stand out to me…. And forgive me, I have not read every single post and comment on here so It may have been said before… But they were new bits of info to me.
Her Coat was left behind. They stated it was cold outside this date and she would not have left a few block without it.
Shawn Atkins comment about finding Hailey Dunn in Scurry County was during a polygraph. I was under the impression it was just a random comment to the policy. The poly he was being honest. Which to me, if he claims he had nothing to do with her disappearance, then that would not be a comment he could make truthfully. And I have to wonder, was he that ballys but then since this is not admissible in court, maybe he felt it was not a concern.

Anonymous said...

Having worked in the ER of 1 hospital in one small city nestled in a mountainous region, that has over 5 hospitals, a medical school, & a diverse population, I can tell you that a common occurrence is young teenage pregnancies in which it is not reported, and sexually transmitted diseases that aren't on the CDC's radar as "reportable" (like VD) that are, for example, transmitted to 13 yr old girls by older men "hanging around" the grandmothers raising them is not reported either. IMO, there wouldn't have been a problem for either Hailey or Billie if Hailey had been seen at a hospital for prenatal care, & cops wouldn't have gotten involved unless either woman had reported the conception circumstances as potentially incriminating to Shawn.
As in, rape.

These days, the morning after pill use is common as post-coital birth control, which makes these comments about "botched abortions" laughable. Do you really think Billie used a wire hanger on her daughter or something ??!!
Birth control has come a long way Baby from 1950's & 1960's & in the 1970's Planned Parenthood made abortion a routine procedure. Women have been "spontaneously aborting" fetuses since humankind developed - it happens, & many times women will come into an ER with heavy bleeding not knowing that they've just had one, not knowing they were pregnant in the first place. Next to the heart, the uterus is the most vascular organ in a woman's body, & if it starts to bleed heavily, she can hemorrhage to death. There would've been so much blood evidence in the house it wouldn't have been funny...& there wasn't, that the public is aware of anyway.

Anonymous said...

What's been most surprising to me is the lack of apparent 'protective instinct' shown by Hailey's brother David. David bootscooted out of the home the night Hailey was killed, & hadn't made comments to the effect, "yeah, SA creeps me out...Hailey was afraid of him, I told SA if he came near her I'd make him sorry..."
I wonder if David was given blatant "cues" by SA or Billie to "find someplace else to be" when they were going to indulge in their violent bloodlust & perverted sexual obsessions, or if he'd just learned to leave ? I wonder why, if he 'learned to leave', he didn't warn Hailey to leave too, either with him or to her friend's home or to her grandmother or father ? Did David feel like the "odd man out" or the "fifth wheel" due to Shawn's "grooming" of Hailey & Billie's obsession with Shawn, so he didn't get into protective mode over Hailey as it would cause a confrontation with Shawn ? That's the only reasonable explanation of which I've thought.