Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hailey Dunn: Curtis Lloyd Threatening Note Analyzed

The following note was handwritten and left on the car of Mr. Curtis Lloyd, a prison official who located remains in Scurry County, in March of 2013, which belong to missing 13 year old Hailey Dunn.  Mr. Curtis will join us on "Crime Wire."

The only two named Persons of Interest are Hailey Dunn's mother, Billie Jean Dunn, and Billie Jean Dunn's boyfriend, Shawn Adkins. 

Both Dunn and Adkins failed polygraphs.  

The note (or letter) is in italics with Statement Analysis in bold type.   Links are also provided. 

"Hey Mr. Lloyd Mr. Deadman you think you are so smart caus you 

found Haileys bones It don’t mean

 a thing, Shawn boy wont see a day in jail That bitch Billy will try

 and burn him but it wont happen. If 

you go on tv again and say anything bad bout Shawn boy you gona 

die to."

Here is the note with analysis in bold type:  

We seek to learn the gender, age, education, etc, of the subject.  


This begins with calling attention to the recipient.  

Why would someone need to include this in an anonymous note? 

 It is somewhat polite, and as we move through the note, we consider gender:

Who would be more polite, a male or female subject?  This is the question we ask as we make our way through language, with some indications showing female, and others, male. We then look to conclude the matter, even by seeking if one or the other has more indicators. 

The threat itself suggests male, as more males threaten than females, but the politeness suggests female. 

This calls attention:  does the subject (writer) not feel 'heard' by others?  

Has the subject's voice been squelched?  

This means we need to look into possible Protection Orders:  has those close to the case, including Shawn Adkins himself, filed any:

 Protection from Abuse, 
Protection from Harassment, 
No Contact,  or similar/like orders?

Why does the writer feel the need to call attention? 

Also note that it is similar to "hi", as a greeting, and is not expected in a threatening note or letter.  Politeness is not expected in an angry threatening letter unless it has the appearance of sarcasm.  

Mr. Lloyd Mr. Deadman 

"Mr. Lloyd Mr. Deadman"

The note begins with the more formal, "Mr. Lloyd" which sounds polite, but then moves to "Mr. Deadman", with both using proper capitalization and punctuation. 

"Mr. Lloyd" comes before "Mr. Deadman" in priority.  Since this was left at his car at his work place, no title is necessary, yet it is included.  Note alliteration between two titles used.   

you think you are so smart caus 

After using proper punctuation and capitalization, the subject abbreviates the word "because" with "caus" which is both misspelled and not considered an internet abbreviation. 

 Note that "coz" is a more common internet abbreviation for "because" which may lead one to question if the word "caus" is a deliberate misspelling in order to conceal subject's education level.  High school graduate at least.  

"Mr. Deadman" 

"Mr. Deadman" may be a reference to "Turn Me On, Mr. Deadman" from Union Underground, a Texas band no longer together.  

A song with an angry sound and cursing with lyrics that would appeal to a young male or an immature male closer to 30. 

Low brow, screaming, 'Michael Myers' type of music, something that usually draws in more immature males with underdeveloped tastes and rebellious attitudes.

The lyrics speak of sex, drugs and violence ( may suggest rape).  From the videos in the home, we know that these are common themes form the two Persons of Interest and it is likely common themes for any who may associate with them.

                                           "Turn Me On "Mr. Deadman""
Penetrate, Penetrate
All the simple minds
They adore, what a bore how they stand in line
Dilate, Dilate
What's my drug of choice?
It's okay when they pay they say I got the voice
Look at this the motherfucker is a millionaire
Realize it's a mask that you wear
Violate, Violate
Such a simple plan

Turn me on turn me on Mr. Deadman

Yeah I want it
I need it
To make a million
Yeah I love it
A fuckin' rockstar

Penetrate, Penetrate
All the simple minds
They adore, what a bore how they stand in line
Dilate, Dilate
What's my drug of choice?
It's okay when they pay they say I got the voice
Look at this the little faggot is a millionaire
Realize it's a mask that you wear
Violate, Violate
Such a simple plan
Turn me on turn me on Mr. Deadman

Please note that there is a Facebook page for Union Underground which may indicate the author as one who "likes" this band:

For the purpose of a threat:

Subject is close to 30, high school diploma and lives in Texas, not too distant from where the note was found.  He would likely have been 17 or 18 in the year 2000, when this band released "Mr. Deadman" (or shortly after).

Alternative:  subject may be younger, but is close to and looks up to one around 30 years of age who has gotten subject to listen to this Texas 'metal' band.  

If female, likely younger than early 30's, and looks up to male, who is into this music.  

The music appeals to the Michael Myers' type crowd.  The band broke up in 2002 with one member founding a band with "cult" in title, while another became a Christian.  The lyrics would appeal to immaturity.  

In the Facebook page, those who have formally "liked" the page, who list themselves from Texas, should be listed by name to note location within reasonable driving distance to Howard County.  Note that there are a number of female fans.  

you found Haileys bones

Note that the subject affirms that these are Hailey's bones; and not possibly Hailey's remains. 
Note that this statement is true, and the name "Hailey" is capitalized.  
Note that there is no use of the possessive punctuation "Hailey's bones" yet an apostrophe is used correctly elsewhere. 

Note it is not "remains" nor "you found Hailey" but only her "bones"

This may cause us to question if the subject is up on the latest news of the case in which article of clothing was reported publicly (but not specifically) 

The subject knew, or believed, that these remains were Hailey's. 

 It don’t mean a thing, Shawn boy wont see a day in jail 

"It don't mean a thing" is because "Shawn boy wont see a day in jail" gives the reason why it is meaningless.  The subject does not say that these are not Hailey's remains; in fact, the subject  says that "you" have found "Haileys bones" in affirmation. 

Note "jail" and not "prison"may suggest local person.  This was left at a federal prison and not a local jail. The subject may not be familiar with prison, but may be familiar with jail, that is, being held for a short time, if at all.  Prisoners who have spent time in prison will more likely use the word "prison" than "jail."

Note that "don't" uses the proper spelling.  The subject knows how to write and appears to want to masquerade behind misspellings.  There may even be an attempt to sound 'regional' in dialect. 

Note the name "Shawn" is capitalized but not the word "boy", nor does it appear connected to the word "Shawn", as in "Shawnboy." More on "Shawnboy" below. 

"Shawn boy" is a term of endearment.  

Adkins had an ex girlfriend named Andrea of whom he called a stalker.  Did she call him "Shawn boy"?

One might ask if someone close to Shawn Adkins wrote this, or someone who wishes to be close to him but is not allowed to be, and cannot be "heard" by Shawn Adkins. 

This note would get the attention the subject craves. 

That bitch Billy 

"That" indicates distancing language from "Billy" which may be emotional distance, more than geographical. 

"Billy" is misspelled version of "Billie" and may be for insulting purposes, or it may be done as an attempt to conceal identity.  It would be interesting to learn if Ms. Dunn has been teased, as an adult (rather than childhood) by immature classmates in writing it in the masculine spelling.  

The misspelling could be an insult from female writer. 

"bitch" is insulting to Billie Dunn. 

That bitch Billy will try and burn him but it wont happen. 


"it won't happen" is passive, outside the realm of control, and may be addressing how "Billy's" plans will not be satisfied as they will not work out in court, or in the legal system. 

The subject cannot make it happen, but can only state that it "wont" happen, dropping the apostrophe for "won't" even though he uses it with "don't", which again appears to be a deliberate attempt to conceal identity. 

If you go on tv again 

Another indication of the subject being local as this was not broadcast nationally. The subject may not read the news much, nor read this blog, but his information regarding Mr. Lloyd is from television.  He does not take issue with Mr. Lloyd commenting here, as Mr. Lloyd has been outspoken about justice for Hailey; this is not an issue for the subject, only going on "tv" "again."

Note that this puts the threat as "conditional"; that is, it will not happen if Mr. Lloyd does not go on television again.  Note that Mr. Lloyd going on television suggests that the subject believes this was the choice of Mr. Lloyd and not of the news media.  This is not a sophisticated viewpoint, as Mr. Lloyd has not sought publicity, but was limited in what he could reveal to media. 

and say anything bad bout Shawn boy

Note "say" and not "write" or "post, comment" also indicates that he saw this on television and not in writing.  May not read the news, nor this blog

Note that Mr. Lloyd did not go on TV and say "anything bad" about anyone, but refrained, at that time, from overly speculating on the identity of the remains.  He did, later, express his opinion of Shawn Adkins from information from the affidavit. 

The subject does not want anyone saying anything "bad" about "Shawn boy" and is protective. This may suggest female. 

"Shawn boy" is  reportedly what his ex girlfriend called him.  The "boy" being separate from "Shawn" suggests  Shawn may be his or her "boy", as expression.  Reportedly, this would reference the ex girlfriend of whom Adkins appeared with Dunn in their home-made pornography, of whom he later claimed he was being "stalked" by her, and that she had a "fatal attraction" towards him.  

It may be that the subject (writer) knows that Adkins' ex girlfriend called him "Shawn boy" and may wish to attempt to make the note sound as if it came from her or from another female.  

 you gona die to.

Deliberate misspellings. Deliberate poor grammar. 

It is not a direct threat. 

When there is a deliberate misspelling, the subject does not wish to appear educated, or may wish to appear 'regional.'  This is not an internet abbreviation, but an attempt to conceal.  It is the attempt, itself, that matters in the analysis.  The word "too" is sometimes spelling "to" incorrectly, but more likely it is a typo.  This was handwritten.  With "gona" misspelled, it strongly suggests deliberate misspellings.  

There is no pronoun of which to bring the subject to commitment to violence, only the "you gona die to" with its misspelling.  It is passive, indicating that the subject seeks to conceal identity or responsibility, which in the case of a threat, is not a direct threat.  We look for the subject, himself, or herself, to tell us that he/she is committed to the threat.  Here, with passivity, there is not commitment on the part of the subject.  We are all going to die; he is not saying he is going to cause the death.  

The lack of direct threat also suggests female, where as a male, with a legitimate threat, would have likely used the pronoun, "I" in connection to the action.  Everyone is going to die, but the subject does not take any responsibility for causing it to happen. 

The ability to write, "Mr. Lloyd", spelling it correctly, along with other punctuation that is correct suggests that the writer wishes to conceal his or her identity by deliberate misspellings.  With the immaturity noted, as well as the association with this specific band, the writer of the note may have his identity revealed on Facebook, in the section of names that have "liked" this particular band. 

The name of the author of this note may be found on that list. 

The subject appears to be immature, with a high school education, and does not appear to make any credible threat against Mr. Lloyd.  With anonymous notes, statistically, there is often a sexual issue related to confusion. The subject may have sexual perversity and be confused as to his or her own sexual identity.  The confusion may be seen in the collection of masks (Adkins himself or someone close to him).  

 The subject may be attracted to someone with perversity. 

The subject either knows or believes these remains to be those of Hailey Dunn, lives currently near Howard County (I do not believe the subject would have driven very far), is immature unemployed or underemployed near 30, and is of average intelligence, who's name may be on the Facebook list.  If the "like" is recent, New Mexico should be checked along with "Texas." That the band glorifies anger, sexuality and drugs is in common with Adkins/Dunn, and those in close association to them. 

The subject seeks attention, more than anything else, and feels the need to input herself (or himself) into the case, desperate to gain attention while seeking Shawn Adkins' approval.   

Female would likely be slightly younger than male author.   

Andrea Unknown may be the author, and is known to Shawn Adkins. 

When someone works with another on an anonymous letter, it makes identification difficult.  


Anonymous said...

I mistakenly put this comment in the wrong place. Anyway, the lyrics also include "mask".

John Mc Gowan said...

That is amazing,all that information gleaned from three lines of a note..

Anonymous said...


I love when you have posts regarding this type of analysis; my undergraduate and graduate studies required course work in identifying anonymous works, identifying gender.

I disagree about the 'Mr. Deadman' reference, as well as the age range of the author. I believe 'Shawn boy' is a term used by a Southern woman very close to if not over the age of 40 and "'cause" is additional slang common to the author's colloquial vernacular.

I believe the 'Mr. Deadman' reference is referring to a future state the author is threatening Pointhunter/Curtis Llyod will end up in if he doesn't back off.

I firmly believe you are looking for a white female in her very late 30's to mid 40's; 11th-12th grade education at most; lower socioeconomic status and from the South.

I can add more input on the note later, if wanted.

Fascinating analysis, I was intrigued by earlier ones posted here as well.

Anonymous said...

Any chance there were surveillance camera's that might have seen who left the note? Fingerprints?

BTW, it sounds like a woman left it. Is Shawn Boy seeing anyone now? There was a woman in his past (before Billie) that they might look at too.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It could actually be Shawn boy himself.

S + K Mum said...

I have a son called Shaun, and often I call him Shaunyboy. Affectionate term.

So I imagine whoever wrote this note feels protective over SA and is definately older than him. Not sure male/ female although tend to think female because of the care taken to miss-spell simple words.

Sus said...

Thanks Peter. I tried to practice by analyzing the part I had, and thought it was Shawn writing. I did see a female influence, more so in this part. I should have waited.

Anonymous said...

I googled Shawnboy and came up with this.

Anonymous said...

The lyrics on the right side of the page are terrifying. The lyrics that start with "Relax"

Jo said...

Any chance this was Billie's camp trying to point the investigation toward Shawn? The deliberate misspelling of her name makes me think it was someone close to Billie trying to look like they were a Shawn follower/supporter. The author includes what "that bitch Billy" will do, which has no connection to what Mr Lloyd should or shouldn't do. I think it was thrown in again to make readers believe it came from Shawn's camp rather than Billies.

John Mc Gowan said...

"HEY Mr. Lloyd Mr.

I don't know why this is bothering me.

As Peters said,whoever it is wants his attention.

The word HEY is what people say to each other when they meet.This then leads me to believe that possibly Pointhunter has already MET them..

Anonymous said...

Jo that is quite possible.

Unknown said...

I thought at first this note would prove to be a prank..Some Local Dude not so.

This note originates from a player in Haileys MURDER ,

100 Percent not from Shawnboy.

100 Percent authoured by Billienotdunnothing i m o.

Though I doubt she placed on the windsheild.

She has minions for such work delegate is her modis oparandi.

The misspelling of her own name Billy instead of Billie is classic her.
No one will suspect me as if a kint sells me own name.

The main reason of the note once again is deflection.
Away from her an makeing shawnboy the loan bad wolf bad guy an billy ne billie as also threatened as the bitch.
Placeing her an Pointhunter as both targets of the note writter
Thus cataragiseing herself alongside the real hero who found Hailey.

She dictated this note an probably had David write it...

How far is her residence from the location the note was found..

She is cunning but also stupid an over the top obvious.
She will do all in her power to try an play the victim an deflect away all eyes from her.

David Shawn any an all will go under the bus before she .

So i m o Billienotdunnothing authoured the note.
Is this a test?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I googled Shawnboy and came up with this.

It sounds like someone who has known him for a long time.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Jo said...
Any chance this was Billie's camp trying to point the investigation toward Shawn? The deliberate misspelling of her name makes me think it was someone close to Billie trying to look like they were a Shawn follower/supporter. The author includes what "that bitch Billy" will do, which has no connection to what Mr Lloyd should or shouldn't do. I think it was thrown in again to make readers believe it came from Shawn's camp rather than Billies.

Very astute.

Please keep this comment in mind when I post about this week's crime wire show.


Anonymous said...

Andrea caught by the analysis???

Anonymous said...

Andrea had to be threatened to leave shawn-boy alone and billie was gonna kick her around pretty good even though she was into the movie making with them both

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...
I think the owner of the car wrote it himself.

April 28, 2013 at 12:47 PM

Hi Billie hows your day ,
Make the best of it whilst you can tick tock tick tock.

Id ease up on smokeing the weed though .
Tends to crank up the paranoia an thats the last thing you need at the momment.

Anonymous said...

From Shawnboy's Myspace:

"About me:
Watching horror movies, going to fucking hardcore concerts, kicking it with friends, listenin to music,PARTIES!!!, having fun whatever it may be, u know blood thristy shit like that."

What I assume are "song" lyrics:

"'s over,you belong to me,I fill your mouth with dirt's over,you can never leave I take your second digit with me... Love... You first,I can breath I find you fascinating You favorite,lay you down to sleep It's all that I can do to stop...Love... So broken,paper doll decays I haven't left you yet So cold...subversive,your eyes are full of bleach Tomorrow,I will go away again...Love... YOU ARE MINE,YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MINE,I CAN TEAR YOU APART I CAN RECOMBINE YOU ALL I WANT IS TO COVET YOU ALL YOU BELONG TO ME I WILL KILL YOU TO LOVE YOU.(LOVE)"

Anonymous said...

I guess it's safe to assume LE already has Shawnboy's website copied.

John Mc Gowan said...

Anon. 1;10,

What is the date of that post from SAs MySpace..?

Anonymous said...

The most recent date I have found so far is 4 years. But it does show his longstanding perversion and fascination with sexual homicide.

Unknown said...

Jo I wasnt stealing your idea honest.
There were only two post answers to the article when I started writting my answer.
Needless to say I tottaly agree with you.

This note originated from Billies camp an i m o her personaly/

She has been the vocal one the doth protest to much all through this.

Whilst Shawn an his Family have remained very quite.

So the disscovery of the bones would not change that behaveiour

And it didnt he remained silent.
Whilst Bille despite being told not to took to the air waves an made statements an is alll over facebooking her B S.

Words can speak volumes as can peoples actions or lack off.

That note was just the latest salvo of billes attempts to throw shawn under the bus.

John Mc Gowan said...

Thank You,,

Tania Cadogan said...

What caught my eye and made me think female is the calling billie a bitch.

Women will often call another woman a bitch as we saw even in the trial of jodi arias when her female defence attorney called the expert a bitch under her breath.

Shawnyboy comes across as patronising, it doesn't ring as a nickname or endearment, it's something someone older would use on someone younger.

stop_playing_dumb said...

I agree the author is local and female. I can't even write Lloyd's name correctly or without hesitation. Makes me think this note was written in advance and she made sure to get the name right and correctly spelled.

That Bitch Billy tells me the author is female. "That bitch" is showing more anger at Billie than at Lloyd and indicates jealousy. It could be a current girlfriend of his.

REK said...

As a reference I am a 26 female not from TX and I listen to alot of rock. I am pretty familiar with this song. I also am familiar with a lot of bands that are listed on her facebook but I don't listen to them anymore.. that was years ago in high school when some of them had hits on the radio. Now one of my favorites is the band 10 years

John Mc Gowan said...

Iv'e just Googled them lyrics..

Iowa Lyrics - Slipknot

Child Advocate said...

Did you screen shot the names of "likes" on the band? I have a feeling the writer may remove their "like" if they read the statement analysis.

REK said...

I agree with much of this analysis. I do believe there's a high chance it could be female due to "that b*tch" also. It is evident they tried to conceal themselves with their grammar. Billie knows she is criticized for her grammar or spelling, so she or someone she construed with attempted to deceive in this many. Once again, being threatened by hateful people, along with the good guy who found her.

Unknown said...

Re lyrics from Shawns myspace
Billie knows shawns likes in mucic an sexual devincey she shares them.

And she also checks his social media ..
So she would know exactly what words or lyrics to use to make a note look like it was athoured by shawn

An its the natural way she would go about doing it.
Like I say she is sly but obvious so it negates her slyness.
Only stupid people would fall for her blatant sillyness

But thems the circles she moves in.

In the kingdom of the bind a one eyed person is King

In the kindom of the one brain celled the woman with two brain cells can be queen.

Tania Cadogan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
S + K Mum said...

I agree the 'Shawn boy' could be patronising, if so, it is written by someone who called him that in the past.
I'm guessing the security cameras will provide the info about who left the note then they will need to answer as to how they knew it was Hailey's remains before LE announced it to anyone. A bit of a silly move really.

Sus said...

Here I go again, changing my mind...I agree with those of you who say this letter came from Billie's camp...and probably Billie herself. She tries to make it look like Shawn or one of his camp.

These phrases give it away as Billie:
you think
so smart
Haileys bones
Shawn boy
on tv again
die to

Big Spring said...

I was going to mention this too. Surely there are surveillance cameras in the parking lot and surrounding area near FCI. What a shame that someone is threatening him after finally being able to help bring this sweet angel home. It's pathetic!

MissJustice said...

In my opinion, this was written by Shawn's cousin, Corey Norwood. And I believe Corey calls him Shawn Boy.

Anonymous said...

I forgot the reason I originally meant to post SA's myspace link. He named his page and refers to himself as Shawnboy. For whatever use that might be.

Anonymous said...

To be more precise, he calls him self Shawn Boy. 2 words, not 1

BostonLady said...

I agree with MissJustice in that this was written by Corey Norwood, Shawn's cousin. It was my first instinct when I read it. Corey defends Shawn against Billie and he had some not so nice things to say to Billie both here at this blog site and on facebook. Billie called him a pedophile and then shortened it to Ped. There is no love loss with Corey and Billie.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Someone wrote to me to report that the "Andrea" that I mention in the analysis had written some posts that are similar to the note, was an attention-seeker, and may be the author.

If I receive the posts, I will put them up for comparison.

If she is, indeed, the author, I would not be surprised to learn that she had help or influence from a slightly older and equally immature male.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


Interesting post about the author being Billie.

I think not, however, because there are not enough negatives.

She likes to write in the negative, and then in the negative about her negative.

It is fascinating language.

'No one was not thinking about not doing no drugs on no particular night...' sort of thing.

The comments here are fascinating and I think it highlights how doing work on anonymous letters can be done.

Does anyone recall the comment where someone defended the music, posted a few days ago, in which I responded that my "marble" had slipped out?


MizzMarple said...


The note was "handwritten" -- was it "printed" or written in "script" - "cursive" penmanship ?

Was it written on plain white paper, or colored paper/stationery ?

Was it written in pencil or ink, and if ink, what color ink ?

Was the letter put in an envelope, or just left on the auto ?

I know this probably does not really matter in statement analysis, but may give some clues as to the perp.

Thank You so much for everything you do !

? said...


rocker said...

heavy metal rock band screeching about rape? don't know of any.. sounds more like rap artists

? said...

That was in,
Statement Analysis of Anonymous Letters

Anonymous said...

Could have been Shawn boys brother

? said...

Did Peter just drop us another hint? He referred to it as a marble slipping out. HMMMMM

? said...

A younger person would listen to rap instead of rock. That's all I've got LOL

? said...

Could it be that Peter has inside information that there will be more than 2 arrests?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I have become more open to the idea that there may be an arrest, as an accessory after the fact, as I have considered it.

We'll go into that on Tuesday's radio broadcast. Interesting show upcoming.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


Changing your mind on an Anonymous letter is a very good sign.

We must remain flexible all throughout the analysis, and then after the analysis is complete.

Let's see if Andrea's statements match up yet continue to be open minded.

Any thoughts on the Texas band?

Somehow, I don't see Shawn Adkins wearing a black tie and tails, sipping wine, and appreciating the finer aspects of the music.

It's just me, though.


John Mc Gowan said...


Peter,is it usual for parents to lose their son,and talk about him in the past tense the very next day?


Trigger said...

Could this note be co-written by Andrea and Shawn?

I agree, it sounds like a female writer because of the greeting, "hey" and the reference to BD as a "bitch."

? said...

I don't think Billie would refer to Hailey's bones. She doesn't use Hailey's name.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't think it was Billie. First, if it were, you would have to ignore the need for attention Peter pointed out with the "Hey". We all know BJD likes attention, but I don't think she would want it in a situtation where she is leaving an anonymous threatening note.

("Hey" is also what prostitutes hollar out on the streets at potential customers, trying to get attention and also to focus attention on the man to intimidate and embarrass him: "Hey, Mister!")

Also, most importantly, BJD reads this blog, so she would have mentioned more than going on TV.

? said...

Does anyone know Andrea's stats? Age, education...?

John Mc Gowan said...

Am i missing something,who is andrea.?

Tania Cadogan said...

I take your second digit with me...

This leads me back to shaun keeping a trophy. something to remind himself of what he did and to get his jollies.

He will either have it on him as an alleged deerbone perhaps or he will stash it where he has easy access to it.

Murderers often take a trophy, some to remind themselves of the crime, others as a way of perhaps still holding power over their victim, others who believe that keeping a part of their victim imbues them with the power of the victim, their youth, their beauty, their intellect, their victim becomes a part of them.

It fits in with his psyche, he keeps everything event to carrying flash drives with porn on around his person and on his phone, where he openly deleted images before giving the phone over.

They will have to check every vehicle he had access to, buildings etc, shaun will have something of hers on or around him.

Chris said...

@ John Andrea is one of Shawns girl friends.

Justice for Hailey!

John Mc Gowan said...

Thank you Chris.

Vita said...

The once bassist no longer, resides in Austin Texas -who lives in Austin? Billie, " BILL" as I had seen is her nick by some. The song, I listened to, it's apparent that the lyrics are of message sent. I did not read PH analysis, this is my own. Lyrics, Mr. Deadman, vengeance or revenge, a harmful action against a person or group in response to a grievance.

What is the grievance? Hey
An exclamation to get attention.
Hey, look at this! A protest or reprimand. Hey! Stop that!
Hey Mr. Lloyd you found Hailey's bones- affirmed. AND the consequences are of her bones found:

Shawn boy
wont see
a day in jail

Why? not unless I have any say in it. That bitch Billy, affirmed female dog in heat, she knows she is a Bitch, she is proud of it.
will try, won't succeed? no this is her " chess game"
and burn him: she will

But it wont happen: (?) it is already, not to the extent it will arise to in the near future.

as long as you go on tv again.
They/who wrote this, to know CL would be interviewed, after the announcement, it is affirmed it is Hailey. And say anything, not nothing, but SAY Anything *** More Music? Yes, yes.

As long as you go on TV again, and say anything, it is not of Shawn's BURN it is Billies Burn! her vengeance affirmed unto Shawn, it is of psychology this " message"

The message of threat is for Mr. Lloyd to cease from speaking again, ' to the public' anything bad" this is Billie's psyche, how she crumbled, speaking on TV, She her always, to defend her reputation, her person. I am not a bad person, is her affirmation: "I AM BAD, as in Teflon" you can't touch me, not even a lil bit.

The consequences of this, Hailey's bones found, is BJD's fair warning, unto Shawn, Shawn boy:
Shawn boy, you gona, die to, she knows since they are separate, not together, she is up a creek.

Why? The message written is/was to be PUBLISHED, analysis released by Peter Hyatt. This is the end result of the means. The written is FOR SHAWN not C.L. As she knows she is not able to communicate with Adkins. CL to be here, posting.

The known that Peter and CL were in discussion of the " remains found" not yet announced who by LE.

SAY ANYTHING BAD About Shawn, this is BJD's personal private to Shawn, as she knows he reads here.
She is the only one that wants to affirm, Shawn is going to die too. If she had her way, she and he would go off and live happily ever after, this though will never be, not NOW. She LOVES HIM. She may not be IN love with Him, she loves him as he allowed her fantasy's become reality, BJD's slow, nurtured methodical love for him, her works, her energy, they divided by TV, forced to break apart. Her owned is not Hailey's murder, it is of regret for wrongdoing with allowing " The Public" to force their relationship to end. She is no longer in control of his unconscious mind. Defined: (psychoanalysis) that part of the unconscious mind that acts as a conscience.

He Adkins should be wearing a bullet proof vest, I am not kidding. This threat is for S.A., if he says anything against BJD
" Shawn Boy" Billie's nick for him, as SHE is his Dirty Girl.

An example, you work with a co-worker that is one known to wind you up, and make you/all including customers miserable, typically a manager. Their managerial skills to be lackey; that they create a negative affect on the reputation of the company. If the same person is attacked for their PERSON, not their position, the same employees who grumble and complain of them, will rally.
To gather and defend the person against the inflammatory thrown. Defending them, their person, as he/she may be an asshatt, but they are our asshat, not for anyone else to Say ANYTHING bad about!

If anyone is going to take him out, it's going to be ME, and or if he goes by another (JURY), I go too! Billy: I am not Neutered, not yet. Bill, not going down, not without dueling banjo's first, Music:

Lis said...

This is a fascinating analysis. It's amazing how much you can get from so few words.

To me, the the thing that stands out most about the note is that it references Hailey's bones before the identity was announced. This person does not seem to be one who reads sites like this one, so it stands out even more.

Anonymous said...

Peter and Kaaryn,

What are your degrees in if I may ask, both undergraduate and graduate? Thank you.

Locale A2

Anonymous said...

I think BJD is more worried about SA turning on her right now than Mr. Lloyd talking. She's probably hoping he WILL go to jail for it and she will get off.

Mr Lloyd already found what he found. Those two knew it was Hailey. Stopping Mr. Lloyd from going on TV wouldn't stop the remains from being identified. No, SA and BJD had other things on their mind much worse to worry about and much more pressing to plan for.

Lis said...

Peter Hyatt said...
"If she is, indeed, the author, I would not be surprised to learn that she had help or influence from a slightly older and equally immature male."

Someone such as... Shawn boy?

Chris said...

@ John I forget her last name cause it has been a couple of years but she has an FB account. I am sure someone has a link on this blog she is pretty off herself

Justice for Hailey!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't put as much an emphasis on punctuation and even spelling as indicators of intelligence because of auto correct. It doesn't recognize possession but it does recognize contractions.

Sus said...

Yes, I see what you are saying. What fascinates me about the note are the connections. The writer connects finding bones to SA going to jail. (In the negative.) He/she is angry at Mr. Lloyd for being smart enough to find the bones. The writer takes it personally.

Then the writer pulls in "Billy". A story is being told here. "Billy" may try to BURN (get, diss, humiliate) SA. It's unnecessary to the threat. Why is the writer thinking about Billie?

Last, the writer accuses Mr. Lloyd of talking bad about Shawn boy on TV. All pointhunter said on TV was that he found the remains. The note writer connected SA and "Billy."

Vita said...

If it is not Billie herself the author, my second guess in relationship to who is her closest defined protector, her younger brother, Del.

Chris said...

@ Sus ITA that whoever wrote this note feels butt hurt and insulted.

Justice for Hailey!

Chris said...

I just don't get who would be stupid enough to walk into a prison parking lot and place a note on the windshield of any vehicle with cameras and security everywhere. (I hope)

Justice for Hailey!

Sus said...

I think "burn him" is also a clue....used more by rap or someone who has served time.

Music wise...I'm Blues, Bluegrass and Rolling Stones. I don't know a thing about the music you're all talking about. :)

sidewalk super said...

The more I read about this, the more surprising it is that Hailey actually ripened to age 13 in her environment. If these are humanoids, surely we can do better?

Anonymous said...

Transcript of an interview with SA where he mentions Andrea.


? said...

Pointhunter said something on this site about SA, porn, etc. I can't remember if he said the same thing in an interview. Do that mean the author/authors of the note have been reading here?

pointhunter said...

? said

Yet they read here all the time, but Peter's analysis thinks the author had not been reading here.

pointhunter said...

The Author was seeking some attention, and knew I would report the note to LE.

Unknown said...

Vita I agree with you .
This is from billie and is a message /threat to Shawn.

They are both acute aware of the song its title lyrics an meaning.

Peter Billie does use a lot of negatives in her languge whilst talking in free flow an yes its weird.

This letter is written though pondered over an thought out to the inth degree.
Its not in her useal freeflow speaking mode hence the lack of negatives.

I M O Billlie has a plan for her Son David to take the blame for his Sister Haileys death.

A brother an sister fight over an xbox.
Hailey slipped an banged her head an died.

Everything after was a cover up to save Davis is what she will claim.

However this only works if Shawn plays along.
Her way the both get of on Murder an simply charged with obstruction an illegal disposal of a corpse.

Davis as a minor receives a tocken sentance .
An they to will she expect receive a slap or a couple of years Max.

But if Shawn Cracks then they both go down together.
She has to get him to hold his nerve.
An also teach David word perfect how the alleged fight an accident went down.

? said...

Thanks Pointhunter,

That was my point. If you only said those things here then it must not be the main suspects that wrote the note.

? said...

I said that wrong. If you only said those things here, then what 'bad things" were they accusing you of saying and warning you not to repeat? I had myself confused :)

? said...

Therefore, one or the other of them has to have had some part in writing the note. Yes?

Unknown said...

Thats the BURN refrence billie has probably told shawn in the past.

Keep with the programe or we both go down in flames.

? said...

I need this site, if only to provide me the chance to practice and improve my critical thinking and my communication skills. :)

Sus said...

Warning! This is the behavior teacher in me...doing a behavior analysis.

Yes to the post above. The writer of the note likely reads here and at other sites. Saying that pointhunter says bad things about Shawn boy when he only talked about finding remains hints at that.

Yet the note writer concentrated on TV.
...concentrates more on the visual sense
...likes attention and being in front of people
...cares what others say about him/ her
...takes care to cover that they care what others

I'm sure there are other points. What have I left out?

John Mc Gowan said...

SA said this in the interview.

Me and Hailey WERE good friends.

WERE=Past tense.

He said this, when he said she was abducted,not murdered.

Yet his words give him away.He had guilty knowledge and his marbles came flooding out.

Chris said...

@ possie. Interesting, I can see this with billie. She will do anything to save HER own Ass even if it does mean throwing her son under the bus. We have not heard much from David and i think he knows more than what everyone thinks not saying he was involved. but if it was my sis I would have searched everywhere for her at his age. He has just been to quiet. very odd!

Justice for Hailey!

? said...

So the author of the note got the "bad things" secondhand from someone who does read here?

? said...

Pointhunter said,

? said

Yet they read here all the time, but Peter's analysis thinks the author had not been reading here.

April 28, 2013 at 3:49 PM

Blogger pointhunter said...

The Author was seeking some attention, and knew I would report the note to LE.

So the author of the note got the "bad things" secondhand from someone who does read here?

April 28, 2013 at 3:50 PM

pointhunter said...


? said...

Thanks for clearing that up for me Pointhunter :)

Chris said...

And one more thing and I will shut up. Clint dunn is a coward. I might not understand his position but in my family if this would have happened shawn adkins would be wishing he was in prison 28 months ago with all the the BS that has gone down since Hailey went missing what a bunch of low life family members Hailey had. MOM,DAD,GMA and every person that knew bjd and sa and didn't have a clue what was going on. Shame on Clit oops I meant clint what a poor excuse for a Man!

Justice for Hailey!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous work is inexact and at any point, we must remain open and willing to change, even within a single sentence.

This was a very small sample to work from.

Equinox has located the other statements and found that Heidi did, in fact, post on a blog, just apparently not here.

If she did, it would be impossible to find as commenting is seen by you, one article at a time, with 10 - 100 comments, but what I get is on 1500 posts (both blogs) constant comments, perhaps 10-20 every few minutes, with lots of SPAM thrown in the mix.

Kudos to Equinox for, again, good work.

Baxtie said...

I believe from your analysis this person was female. She sounds very protective of SA and passive.

I'm interested, since a whole set of lyrics was gained from two words (Mr Deadman), and a place to look for suspects (Facebook page for a band) and an age range, why you didn't pick up on the lyric "It don't mean a thing."

This lyric comes from a very famous song called "It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing," by Duke Ellington and covered by many big bands in the swing era.

I'm in my late 40s and I'm familiar with this song because I did a lot of swing dancing during its revival in the 90s. The note writer could have had the same experience, or could have been exposed to someone who likes big band jazz.

Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

I agree with other posters that the note is likely female. In gender communications, women are more likely than men to give details when talking. In the female culture of communication, you grow up learning to pay attention, nod or give an indication that you are in fact paying attention, and to give details to show respect/friendship. For example, if you're female and your best friend comes up and asks how was your family vacation and you use one word to describe it ("fun, fine," etc), she may end up feeling you're angry with her or don't like her. Whereas, if you were male, there would be no issue. Women are more word-oriented. (In fact, I once got pulled into my manager's office and was told I needed to start talking to my coworkers more during work because their feelings were getting hurt. Whereas instead of trying to be rude, I honestly thought I was just doing my job and didn't think it necessary to strike up conversation while scrubbing milk fridges.)

Coming back to the note: all that "needed" to be said was if Mr. Lloyd went back on tv and talked about Shawn that harm would come to him.

But there was the taunt at the beginning ("you think you are so smart"), as well as an explanation for the taunt (BECAUSE he found Hailey's bones). They then gave an additional reason for Mr. Lloyd to not bother going on tv ("Shawn boy won't see a day in jail" anyways), and then goes on further to explain WHY Shawn won't ever see a day in jail (because Billie won't succeed in her attempts). This statement+explanation style feels indicative of a female writer.

I feel the whole line about "that bitch Billy" to be rather predictable as insults go. I also feel that a man may have chosen a more explicit curse if he really found her distasteful. And while "bitch" isn't really that strong or shocking anymore-- there was no need to insult Billie in this note in the first place. It was not addressed to her or one of her friends or one of her supporters. So why mention her at all? I feel the writer is someone who wants to be perceived as close to Shawn Adkins.

Based on all the explanations/clarifying in this short note, I'm inclined to believe it is female.

~~~Washington Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Anon Abi~ When I read 'Shawn boy' I immediately thought of 'Ponyboy' from The Outsiders... possibly a term of endearment from a friend or family member that is around Shawn's age, male, someone that is very close to Shawn, perhaps someone Shawn looks up to. He's heard that Billie plans to throw Shawn under the bus (which makes him angry and why he calls her a 'bitch')...however, the writer knows first hand that Shawn is going to make a deal with the DA and spill the beans...perhaps he knows for fact that Billie was the only one involved in Hailey's murder and Shawn simply helped dispose of the body....just a thought!! Sorry if anyone else posted something similar, I didn't see anything when I read through but could have missed it.

My Take said...

The “note writer” is male.

For the individual to have first- hand knowledge of the identity of the remains is telling.

The reference to “Mr. Deadman” and the statement “you gona die to” are in line with the threatening language used by Billie Dunn, “snitches get stitches”. The note and threatening message encoded within may be intended for Shawn Adkins , “Shawn boy wont see a day in jail”. Breathe a word, you die.

The references to Billie and the spelling of “Billy” may be a throw off. The spelling may be common to family and friends who call her Bill.

Anonymous said...

Another clue to who the author might be is that the person who wrote the note KNOWS what happened to Hailey and that SA and BD are involved.

** Who would SA and/or BD have told?? **

Baxtie said...

More thoughts.

It concerns me how many assumptions are being made over the lyrics to a song that was pulled based on ONE word in the letter. I've already pointed out a longer phrase within the note that could point to a song.

Additionally, the word "deadman" isn't uncommon in music from many genres. For example, a song called "Deadman's Party" by Oingo Boingo in 1985. This song isn't threatening at all.

I should come out of the closet a little bit by way of explanation: I have also studied content analysis. I used to assess the persuasiveness of advertising (TV, direct mail,e mail, etc.) by analyzing the language, nonverbals, music, and special effects used. The content analysis model we used was developed by the British to predict Nazi troop movements in World War II and was highly correlated to audience studies reporting persuasiveness. As such, I'm pretty familiar with what it means to stay unbiased when analyzing text.

Of course, I don't know the principles of Statement Analysis, how it correlates to law enforcement findings, or any of the science (research papers) its based on -- that's why this blog fascinates me. I'm very interested in learning more about THIS type of content analysis.

Basically, where I'm going with this is that I understand the difference between what research-based analysis shows (e.g., presence of "water" words, desire to persuade, liar's number, etc.) and what is a hunch on the part of the analyst. In this case the link to the song mentioning "deadman" is Peter's hunch, nothing more.

I just wanted to point that out.

Listener said...

ecossie possie said "But thems the circles she moves in.

In the kingdom of the blind a one eyed person is King

In the kindom of the one brain celled the woman with two brain cells can be queen."
Brilliant and so true !! :} The person (or persons) responsible for writing the note and/or delivering it to CL's car at work are impulsive and not very bright. There are plenty of ways the FBI can figure out the source (including methods they may not be aware of), and I'm sure LE is already on that trail.

Anonymous said...

I am disgusted that the people involved in the search and discovery of Hailey remains have to put up with this garbage.
Mr. Curtis Lloyd-I am very sorry that you had to read this crap. Thank you for your wonderful work.
I cannot help but think this letter was created with the hope of ending up...HERE. AND THAT ANGERS ME TOO.
Anyone ANYONE directly RELATED to this case be it the offenders and or those that LOVE (hork) the OFFENDERS must know the major role Statement Analysis has played in this case. The major role PETER IS in solving this case! So who is it? Well-who thinks by creating this farce (thank GOD) of a threat to Mr. C.Lloyd-that they would benefit from it? Who benefits?
I see this as a way to get to PETER. OUR PETER. GRRrrrr!
The how and why will equal the who.
Honestly-it's a cheap shot-at HAILEY and all involved in bringing her HOME. It frustrates me to the core that in the glory of HAILEY'S return-this kind of garbage is now in the laps of our teachers and law enforcement!!!
Someone wants some attention. Someone that knows we all here-will dissect every inch of this threat and discover the author!
Yet that thought did not detour the actor. I find that odd. I do.
For what it's worth I do not believe this person has much to offer in the form of Intel. There is no power behind this words. These words are a disguise.
omg-if this author really is just plain old dumb and just threat happy? Then dumb run a mouth needs to sit in JAIL for this act and perhaps spend time LEARNING some FREAKING MANNERS...(i have no clue if they teach manners in jail but it would be nice) MAKE it THE ALPHABET then...
Please stay safe Mr. Curtis.

Peter-stay safe and keep Fonzie cool

Just Jenny

Anonymous said...

I have such a hard time getting thru your comments vita...

veruca said...

Or the burn from herpes theyve given back and forth to each other.

elf said...

Eewwie! Lmao

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll have to be the 'odd man out' since I don't see the comment "that bitch Billy" as necessarily coming from a woman. I am around men all the time and I hear them saying "that bitch so-and-so' nearly on a daily basis; way more often than I hear women using the bitch word.

For that reason, and other key words, I view the note as coming from a man who is warning Billie to keep her mouth shut about Shawn, he's got the goods on her, brags that Shawn will not be going to jail; she will, if she flaps her big mouth. Possibly written and/or delivered by cousin Corey?

Also, I have said from the beginning that I believe there is more than just Shawn and Billie involved in this, that there is at least one more person and maybe two, or even more.

Whoever wrote the note already knew these were Haileys' bones since the announcement had not yet been made. If the note wasn't written by either Shawn or Billie, then there is at least one of those persons who already knew these bones belonged to Hailey.
Possibly David? Possibly Del, Billlie's brother; Possibly the drug peddler Billie & Shawn bought their drugs from that night who was invited by them to come along later and party? Or someone else?

I agree with Peter that the wording of the note was deliberately written in the manner it was to mislead in an investigation, and thought so from the begining.

The wording Mr. Deadman means little to me as it has been used in many lyrics, yet it could be significant. Lastly, I do take the threat seriously that is being made to Mr. Lloyd. I hope he does too. These people are dangerous. Anon 1

Anonymous said...

Funny Veruca, I've thought that (and more) a few times myself. he he he.... just what they deserve. Anon 1

Nic said...


This begins with calling attention to the recipient.

Why would someone need to include this in an anonymous note?

It is somewhat polite, and as we move through the note, we consider gender:

Rarely do I disagree with you, Peter (but) :0) here I do. Immediately my back went up with the opening salutation of this note.

Have you ever been "Hey'd"? I have. It's not polite. IMO, it's a form of aggressive posturing. The last time I was "hey'd" was in the bank manager's office requesting that my LOC's interest be lowered. Banks borrow their money from the Bank of Canada at .5% and they turn around and want to charge me 9.75 even though [my] financial history is to pay off my credit card at the end of the month and my LOC quickly when I use it. The manager refused to do so without a "credit check" (hit on my rating). I pointed out that the reason she wanted to do that wasn't to determine if my credit was "good" (they had raised my VISA limit twice because of my good standing and already lowered the LOC interest rate once) so therefore had intimate "history"of my risk. I accused her of wanting to be nosey. I said that she wanted to see what I had and where. That's when she "hey'd" me and made me "understand" that she was not going to lower anything without a credit check.

So I moved everything to another bank.

IMO/experience, "Hey" is not polite.

Anonymous said...

Nic, I see your point. In your case at the bank, yes the "hey" salutation was emphatically rude.

However, just recently, I made a post to Peter wherein I said: "Hey! You can do it too, Peter" and I was being complimentary, not rude.

So it can go either way. In the case of the anonymous note I think it was just an attention getter, an opening shocker, if you will.

Anon 1

Nic said...

Hey Mr. Lloyd Mr. Deadman you think you are so smart
caus you found Haileys bones

IMO, "Mr" is used to mock. Maybe whomever wrote the note has been made to "respect" those they didn't and they equate their anger/contempt for authority with "titles".

The word "Boy" could be being used as a synonym for "buddy". "Boy" is also an endearment an elder uses with someone younger/under their wing... or as a way to communicate with the "young buck" man-to-man.

Looking at "Mr" and "Boy", IMO, "Mr" is used as an equal (same age) and "Boy" is used as son-like.

"That Bitch" mysogynistic reference. The word "that" distances/disassociates.

you found Haileys bones, It don’t mean a thing - is another mysogynistic reference. Bones versus remains. One to be respected, the other is garbage and to be discarded.

Shawn boy wont see a day in jail - my impression is that the author doesn't think that Shawn will see a day in jail because what he did was "meaningless". (it don't mean a thing.) In his eyes, Shawn is above reproach what befell Hailey.

If you go on tv again and say anything bad bout Shawn boy - IMO, I believe TV was specified because whomever saw Mr. Lloyd/heard what he said about Shawn, watches the news but doesn't go on the computer so wouldn't read the blog. The author is seeking to silence the medium which is upsetting to them and/or someone close to Shawn and/or the author - Shawn'smother?

You gona die to - This is a direct threat. Whether or not the person would follow through is debatable. But IMO it is a threat.

IMO, I think this is someone close to Shawn and intimate to the family. The author is male and around the same age as Curtis Lloyd, like an uncle- or someone viewed as a father figure in Shawn's life and trusted by the family.

Nic said...

Anon 1 - when I leave messages on voice mail, my opening salutation is usually, "Hey (name)! It's me, (name). ... "

In this instance the tone is different and more foreboding. jmo

My analysis probably doesn't match Peter's, either.... but I tried! Off to read the rest. :0)

Tania Cadogan said...

WTG and thanks Equinox xx

Nic said...

Peter, I'm not familiar with the band you reference (being the boomer that I am) but I see your point.

I was thinking "Dead Man Walking" was subliminal in the author's mind because Lloyd Curtis is a corrections officer (?) and there is a lot of talk about the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

Nic, I was thinking that the use of "Dead Man" was the first threat the writter made then the "you gona die too" is a direct threat. IMO, the use of Shawns' name as "Shawn Boy" comes from his childhood, he liked his pet name and kept it. He considers this enduring. I consider it silly and ridiculous for a grown man.

"You found Haileys' bones..." I agree with you. No respect for this childs' remains, they are no more than garbage thrown down. Also, this individual already knew they belonged to Hailey prior to the announcement being made. That narrows it down quite a bit as to who wrote the note. Someone either involved in Haileys' death and/or her disposal, or has direct knowledge.

What I don't understand is how Billie Jean and Shawn could have remained so 'cool' and basically quiet during the last past five weeks when they both KNEW these were Haileys' remains. I would have been losing my ever lovin' mind waiting for the other shoe to drop! I would have HAD to run to LE and told them, 'look, you got me, (to quote Billie, "I'm ready now") what do you want me to do?'

I agree, the salutation "Mr. Lloyd" is used in a sarcastic and disrespectful manner. This person has no respect for authority, particularly not one in Mr. Lloyds' position. The "you think you are so smart..." is demeaning to Mr. Lloyds' intelligence.

IMO, I think Billie Jean is going to be a very hard nut to crack and will go to her prison cell admitting nothing in Hailey's death. She will deny until she takes her last breath. Anon 1

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Baxtie. I'm impressed with your knowledge, former employment and expertise' in content analysis. Anon 1

Nic said...

What I don't understand is how Billie Jean and Shawn could have remained so 'cool' and basically quiet during the last past five weeks when they both KNEW these were Haileys' remains

Drugs? :0)

My aunt lost her mom (my grandmother) and son on the same day. My grandmother to cancer and her 20 y/o son in a head-on car accident.

She was heavily medicated. She was "void of emotion".

Also, this individual already knew they belonged to Hailey prior to the announcement being made.

I didn't know this. I find this news chilling. I always suspected a third party (someone to help out the Monday morning). Either that or BJD had logged in her work computer (time stamp) and then snuck out for a few hours and got away with it because of it being Christmas and a lot of colleagues off.

LE purposely did not release all BJD's and SA's pings from Monday. I think once the residual pings are made public every one will be able to connect the dots re their movement.

Nic said...

Peter said: Equinox has located the other statements and found that Heidi did, in fact, post on a blog, just apparently not here.

Who is Heidi?

Anonymous said...

The song lyrics on "shawn boy"s page are Iowa by Slipknot....

Nic said...

Hey Mr. Lloyd Mr. Deadman

This has been rolling around in my brain and now I know why.

"Mr" plus first name is a title used by younger people when addressing a (familiar) elder and/or authorative figure, like a teacher...

An acquaintance of mine is from New Orleans. When I met her kids for the first time, I was introduced as "Miss (first name)" and was always referred to as such thereon in.

It is a sign of respect over the familiar first name basis which is reserved for the adults.

So I will change my analysis to a younger person, but still someone protective of SA and his family/mom/grandmother.


? said...

If SA is watching this blog as we assume he is, and he is as nervous as he should be right now, he might have talked about his fears with someone, Andrea, his cousin or whoever (all his acquaintances seems to share his taste in music) and mentioned the things that Pointhunter said on here about SA being a pervert etc. without realizing this is where he got that information. The "defender" just assumed that it was on tv.

Could it be as simple as that? That still doesn't answer male or female but it might not be as nefarious or convoluted as a coded message from BD.

We might be over-analyzing.

rkg said...

I have a question regarding the supposition that BD will convince David to take the blame for Hailey's death.

While I could totally imagine a woman of her caliber (or lack of) doing exactly such a thing, is David young enough for this to even potentially work?

Here, a 14-yr-old child shot and killed another 14-yr-old child, point blank range, at the middle school. Although 14 at the time of the murder, the boy is being tried as an adult.

It seems that David would not, in his right mind, go along with such a plan, even though the death penalty would be off the table (as he was a child when the crime took place). It does not seem likely that he would just accept major prison time (because that's what he'd get, even for a crime of passion) on a murder he did not commit.

I agree, though, that BD just might try to convince him to do that. I rest a little easier, however, believing that there's no way on earth David would be that stupid. I hope, anyway.

? said...

I know that isn't SA but like MizzMarple, I'd be interested to know the physical details of the letter.

Anonymous said...

RKG, I don't see that happening either for all the reasons you said plus I'm sure LE would see through it and help to set him straight. He might be suspicious but I haven't heard anything that makes me think he is involved or has knowledge of what really happened to Hailey.

Unknown said...

I think Shawn's the author of this little gem of a "note" - he may not have delivered it himself, but I think he wrote it. The voice in this note is a young man, cocky, not well educated, and defensive.

Unknown said...

Also, calling a woman a. "Bitch" can come from either gender - a catty woman or a hateful man. Another think I've noticed (editing student journalists' work in particular) is that men tend to use fewer words in writing than women - actually a plus in news writing - and if this note was written by a woman, I would expect it to be lengthier and more descriptive. JMO

? said...

Wreyeter72, I agree that it sounds like "a young man, cocky, not well educated, and defensive" but I tend to think that it is someone even younger than SA.

I think "It don’t mean a thing, Shawn boy wont see a day in jail" is defensive and "That bitch Billy will try and burn him" is reflecting what Shawn had just finished saying to him.

It sounds to me like the author was reactive and impulsive and didn't know how to help so he just lashed out at the only person involved that he could find and made them the target of his frustration, defensiveness and anger. At least that's my current thought. lol

? said...

I don't know all the friends and relatives so I don't know if that even fits anyone involved.

newbie said...

I apologize if this has already been posted. Pointhunter's video, after remains were confirmed as Hailey, is up:

Straight-shooter, professional, and humble.

Rhonna said...

Peter - can you please scan the note so we can see the penmanship?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Newbie!

Anonymous said...

At the Federal Prison they should have cameras for security purposes. There should have been two perimeter trucks patrolling the premises with guns ready to go, witing for anything weird to happen How this person was able to just walk up to this vehicle and put a note on it without being seen is questionable to me. How did they know what kind of car he drove? They couldn't have just waited in the parking lot because the perimeter guards would have been questioning them. When I was younger I would have to go get something from my parents car who worked at a prison, and before I got there they would let perimeter know I was coming and what kind of vehicle I was in, so that they knew I wasn't just a random person. It's no way no one saw who put the note on the vehicle.

~ABC said...

Jo said...
The deliberate misspelling of her name makes me think it was someone close to Billie

My thoughts too. It's BJD's twisted way of thinking that if her name is misspelled people will figure she wouldn't misspell her own name. So silly! So shallow.... So it's BJD or someone close to her.

~~rollin' mah eyes~~ said...

Absolutely ridiculous to threaten the poor man that happened to stumble across Hailey's remains, what purpose would that serve? Answer that and you have a better direction to look for who wrote it (and the person has to be dumb.)

Mr deadman does not have to refer to some song, calling people a deadman can just be a simple threat.
As for the song.....

I've read an interview with a member of the band and he said it's about nowadays rock musicians having no love for it, not living it as a lifestyle, but just using it for career.

This song isn't about any band or artist in particular. It's about artists who are in it just for the money, getting little morons who don't think for themselves to buy their CDs and make millions.

It seems that there are some references to other songs, but that doesn't mean the song is about them.

"Turn me on, turn me on Mr Deadman" Supposedly if you play the Beatles song "Revolution #9" backwards it says that line. NOT the Beatles song "Revolution" it's "Revolution #9"

"What's my drug of choice" See Alice In Chains "Junkhead"

"The little faggot is a millionaire" See Dire Straits "Money For Nothin"

John Mc Gowan said...

For curiosity sake,i have just put the note into the Gender Genie,and the Gender guesser, online word analyzers,and here are the results.It does say it works better with 300/ 500 words or more,and it will give you a breakdown of the words used,to much to put on here.

Keywords: hey mr lloyd mr deadman you think you [are] so smart caus you found haileys bones [it] do [not] mean [a] thing shawn boy wont see [a] day in jail that bitch billy will try [and] burn him but [it] wont happen [if] you go on tv again [and] say anything bad bout shawn boy you gona die [to]
Words: 59
(NOTE: The genie works best on texts of more than 500 words.)

Female Score: 82
Male Score: 54
The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: female!


This is the result from the "Gender Guesser"

Genre: Informal
Female = 180
Male = 35
Difference = -145; 16.27%
Verdict: FEMALE

Genre: Formal
Female = 55
Male = 54
Difference = -1; 49.54%
Verdict: Weak FEMALE

Weak emphasis could indicate European.

John Mc Gowan said...


The system generates a simple estimate (profiling). While Gender Guesser may be 60% - 70% accurate, it is not 100% accurate. This is better than random guessing (50%), but should not be interpreted as "fact". In particular, men should not be offended if it says you write like a girl.

Read More:

Anonymous said... guys are giving these people waaay too much credit! They are not so bright! Neither of them would have been able to put that much thought into writing anything! They have fried all of their brain cells!

REK said...

I agree, a little too much credit is given at this point. It makes me wonder if someone scoped out the anticipated author of the note, on social media sites and found that they "liked" this band. the owner of this blog probably has inside info from pointhunter who probably has more info due to the cameras. pointhunter even said it was someone wanting attention. probably someone who reads this site. i also wonder about the security system in place at a prison.

anyways i'm also aware of "deadman" being referenced in movies, or phrases like "walking deadman" or "he's a deadman" etc. it might be familiar to the person in multiple ways.
i don't have the union underground "liked" on my page.

in fact, almost all of my "likes" are from 2005 when i graduated highschool. it is now 2013 so my interests have changed alot. i haven't bothered to update mine much though.

Anonymous said...

OT: IMO, security on the prison grounds at this prison facility is waaay too lax. In fact, it doesn't look like there is any. These prison grounds seem to be operated more like a high school parking lot.

What I'm understanding is that anyone can drive in off the road and right into the parking lot, no questions asked? I've never heard of such a thing!

Of the few prisons I've heard about and am familiar with, there was a highly manned and armed guard gate, where, one car at a time would enter single-file into a single lane, and stop at the guard house outside the locked gate for approval to enter the prison grounds.

If your business for being there and your name wasn't on the list for prior approval to enter, you were not allow in; were told over a speaker to leave immediately, had to back up your car, turn around and leave, all while under the range of heavily armed guards.

What the hecks going on at this prison where anyone can meander around all over the place and do whatever they like? No wonder there are so many drugs running rampant within the prison walls and prisoners gain access to weapons so easily.

In former days outside drug transactions/deliveries were made at the guard gate entrance between the party bringing the drugs and a certain guard on duty at a certain time; I kid you not. Now, just anyone can drive in off the road and place their drugs or weapon in a certain unlocked car, deal done?

Anon 1

Anonymous said...

Let's face it: A man could get his car blown up in his face this way! Cameras? How the heck does that save you after you're a 'deadman'? Anon 1

My Take said...

I'll stay with my initial post (4/28/13 at 5:01).

The male "note writer" more than likely was influenced by a female.

I beleive there are others involved or with knowledge in all of this aside from SA and BD. The Dunn family, although short lived, put forth effort in finding Hailey. What about the Ostrander family, mother, brother David, Uncle Del? Or, Shawn Adkins?

Is it possible "the note" was placed on pointhunter's vehicle at another location or, before entering prison grounds?

pointhunter said...

The lack of security in and around our facility is a product of the financial cuts in the government.

We do not have enough staff to put a gate guard out front. Any person can drive into our parking lot without question. We are so shorthanded that two officers maintain security on 700-800 inmates in our housing units. Congress continues to cut our budgets and put us and the public in peril. My point is that due to the lack of money, we have a huge lack of security. OK getting down from soap box….

My Take said...

Thank you pointhunter.

Red Ryder said...

Shawn boy is what Shawn calls himself. Check out his MySpace under "Shawn Boy'.
Seriously, I thought at first someone was making a fake account in his name-nope! Photos dated 4/2/2007. This is old stuff and girls addressing him as Shawn Boy throughout.
I'm impressed at how much info can be gleaned from a few sentences, amazing! My opinion is that the writer is female, protective of SA, seeking his attention/approval, dislikes Billie, and because the person uses Hailey's name I think it is not BJD or SA.
Peter-the Facebook link above took me to the Union Underground political movement group, the Union Underground musician band page is different (and gross). I spent about 2 minutes trying to understand how SA could possibly be involved with this level of political awareness and education-it just didn't fit! Then I searched and found the other Union Underground-oh yeah, he fits there! Lol!

Anonymous said...

I think 2 people wrote the letter, a female and a male, with both adding to it.

Maybe said...

I think the note was how Shawn let Billie know that the bones were Haileys's and he was telling her to keep her mouth shut.
He could have had help writing it, and delivering it, from a female.

Picked a Name said...

This kind of analysis is so interesting, such a puzzle. While I very much respect the work Peter does, I got the 'hit' off this one that part of what was happening was that his analysis gave him a theory, and then further analysis was influenced by that theory. It sounds like he was led to believe it was Andrea or someone similar to her. I'm not convinced, but I sure wish we had video to confirm or clarify!
Years ago some co-workers and I made an anonymous, satirical newsletter at a government agency where we worked. It lampooned management, and got under their skin sufficiently that they got a federal investigative agency to analyze it. We lampooners lucked into a copy of their analysis, and found that it was eerily accurate on some things (it identified two women and two men as involved, and I think even got age ranges roughly right), but then went off on amusing tangents about our relationships with one another, and added lots of other inaccurate details out of thin air. It was instructive. All this to say - it's an inexact process, but one that can yield interesting clues for follow up.

Picked a Name said...

PS I was intrigued by the Gender Genie, and just gave it a shot with some random things I'd written. Gender Genie consistently thinks I'm male. I'm female. So - grain of salt!

ima.grandma said...

Pointhunter, do you think the writer was aware of the no security film issue? I used to work for DOC and we always had security. I just assumed your facility did also. Most people would be cautious so the note writer is either stupidly brazen or an involved local that knew the circumstance.

Thanks for sharing.

ima.grandma said...

As to another person being involved, I don't think Billie would have been trusting enough to let another person in. She would have had to learn self-reliance at a young age growing up in such a dysfunctional atmosphere.  Trust begins with the family dynamic and sounds like she did not grow up trusting anyone by familial example. 

Now Shawn, on the other hand and based on his family's behavior and wise decision to remain quiet throughout, might have grown up in a more trusting environment teaching that "Family can always count on Family!" He might have leaned on his cousin Corey for crime support during his time of "fight or flight." It seems like I remember his cousin being somewhat vocal in defending Shawn. Shawn doesn't seem bright enough to have pulled off hiding the body well enough to escape detection for two years all by his lonesome. His cousin probably knew Shawn's mom's home turf well enough to assist with the location. Same sex cousins usually are around each other while growing up and heard Shawn being called Shawn Boy by family members. In remembering Corey's previous words, I find he was practicing defending himself if the truth ever came out. If cousin Corey proved his alliance, Shawn might have shared his tryst with Andrea and might have even introduced the two (or possibly the other way around). This scenario might have led Andrea and Corey teaming up to write and deliver the note. His "partner in crime" could have a lot to lose if Shawn is arrested and Andrea is a woman that wanted her man back (I use the word "man" loosely.) Andrea would certainly have little problem calling Billie a bitch. The note looks similar to a text message with abbreviations and mispelling of words. Perhaps they came up with the verbiage via text before they put it into a note. They must think they are so sly.

GetThem said...

I don't think Andrea wrote it unless she is really stupid or, wants to get caught.

Also, using the word "bones" is distancing. There is something else that bothers me about the word "bones" being used, but I don't know what it is...

Anonymous said...

For those that are interested, an interview with Shawn Adkins...

Unknown said...

I disagree with most of your statement analysis. Billie Sides is/was the lead investigator on the case. I did a statement analysis on this note. It would be helpful to have the actual note, but I believe your conclusions are incorrect.

Unknown said...

Billy Sides, not Billie Jean Dunn.

Unknown said...

I do agree that the word "jail" used refers to a local criminal and not a prison convict. I also agree that the writer is protective over "Shawn boy." The writer refers to "jail" acknowledging that a criminal offense has been committed. The writer also refers to "bones", stating knowledge of what state the remains were found in. This shows personal knowledge of a crime and is reiterated when the word "to" is used at the end. Narcissistic comments are apparent when comparing intelligence. In order to emasculate another male, a man will call another man a "bitch." We all know who the POI is. The writer may be him with an attempt to conceal his own identity, or a close, male friend of his. The word "Hey" is used to draw the readers attention, then is followed up by "Mr. Lloyd." This is to direct the note personally. I believe this threat is very real. I will not reveal what else I got, but you get the gist of it.

Sustained said...

Tina Cummins said...
I disagree with most of your statement analysis. Billie Sides is/was the lead investigator on the case. I did a statement analysis on this note. It would be helpful to have the actual note, but I believe your conclusions are incorrect.
June 8, 2013 at 7:10 AM

Peter, this is one strong rebuttal...not.

Do you know her, or where she has been trained? Why do people think that just saying they disagree but not showing what or why they think you are wrong is helpful to anyone?

Do you answer anyone, or wait until they give you something to answer?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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