Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mother Claims: 3 Men Abducted Baby

Note that the mother has pinned this on three  men.  Three is known as "the liar's number" based upon the research by Mark McClish, indicating that when one is going to be deceptive, and must choose a number between 1 and 9, the liar gravitates towards the number 3. 

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -
Police and prosecutors were questioning the mother of a missing 1-year-old Maywood boy, while authorities searched the Des Plaines River for his body Wednesday, police said. 

Beaten and badly bruised, 1-year-old Bryeon Hunter's mother, Lakeisha Baker, is still sitting in a room at the Maywood police station Wednesday night.

Initially, she told police three men abducted Bryeon from her during an alleged attack, then drove off in a sports car Tuesday. But now, police say she's giving investigators different accounts of what happened to her son.

"We believe this to be an isolated event and not one that was described as three men committing an abduction," said Maywood Police Chief Tim Curry. 

Lakeisha, who was on TV news appealing for her son's return, had a black eye. 

Curry confirmed the mother was beaten, but said police don't know the identity of the culprit.
The grandmother of 1-year-old Bryeon Hunter begged, through tears, for his safe return. An AMBER Alert was issued for the missing baby boy on Tuesday.

Hunter told Maywood police she was walking with her son near an alley at 5th and Main when three Hispanic men in a black sports car pulled up, beat her with pipes and bats and took off with Bryeon in the back seat. Maywood police say they questioned those men last night and they have all been cleared of any wrongdoing. 

"All we knew was the girl came crying saying they had beat up their cousin's mother and took the baby. I just don't understand that. It's a newborn baby. They really need to get their baby back," neighbor Jeanisse Williams said.

Authorities searched for the boy's reains in the Des Plaines River, but called it off at 3:20 p.m. as heavy rain moved across the area.
Bryeon is 2 ft. tall, weighs 30 lbs. and was last seen wearing a two-tone blue striped long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and blue and brown Nike boots. Police said the boy has brown hair and brown eyes and just got a haircut.
People who live in the area say their neighborhood is safe and quiet.
"Back over here, I basically know the kids and who's who, but not a 1-year-old," says neighbor Juanita Tapia.
Maywood's police chief did not talk on camera but told reporters that he is not optimistic that Bryeon Hunter will be found. While Lakeisha Hunter is talking to investigators in one room, shes been here 24 hours. Her boyfriend is in another room and the chief says they're blaming each other for what happened to Bryeon.
The boy's grandmother told FOX 32 News that she's frustrated. She doesn't know where Bryeon is and police haven't told her why they're questioning and holding her daughter. 
If you have any information about this amber alert, call the Maywood Police Department at 708-450-4471.
The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

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Trigger said...

The mother invented a story of abduction to protect her boyfriend and herself from being charged for the death of her baby.

This is terrible.

shmi said...

I've got a really bad feeling about this.

Jo said...

OT - Break in the Holly Bobob case.

Jo said...

Holly Bobo that was supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

This boy is shocked to be alleged to be the marathon bomber, but where in the story does he say he didn't do it?

Unknown said...

As Peter would say If he doesnt say he did not do it.

Then there is no reliable denial anyone would be shocked to be a bomber.

Especialy If you were the bomber an maticulsouly pltted your cowardlt carnage.

Being picked up on footage leaveing a devise that later exploded.
Proveing you are guilty of at least that offence.
An probaly another two as well.

An that you can kiss you ass goodbye as far as freedom for the rest of your life.

Would shock the bejeesus out of anyone.

Thought he had got away clean.

So shocked yes alleged maybe

Unknown said...

Back on topic this couple have issues.
And even more so since the Birth of the Baby .
Drug abuse by one or both of the Parents .
Someting happened that triggered a massive conflict between them .

The poor wee Baby was caught in the middle of this.
I suspect the Mother used the Child as a weapon to spite the Father after he physcicaly punched her beat her ect.

She either drpped the Baby or threw the Baby in the River in a tantrum.
Perhaps the terrified babys screaming crying was what triggered one of them to hurl the Child into the river.
Nothing suprises me anymore.

An now there both sitting there he says she says cutting each others throats trying to weasel out of it.

But only ensureing both are convicted.

Similar to what will happen when B D and S A are finaly arrested over Haileys Murder.

Anonymous said...

What's with the neighbor describing him as a newborn baby when the article goes on to say he's two feet tall, 30 pounds and a year old?

Anonymous said...

Dog finds purse (backpack) that appears to belong to missing Holly Bobo in Tennessee today.

Red Ryder said...

What is going on? There has been a shooting at MIT, a police officer (MIT) has been shot, more shots fired, campus locked down just a few minutes ago. God bless all the people on campus and keep them safe, especially the emergency responders.

Anonymous said...

^ A rumor says the 7-Eleven on Main Street, about 1/2 mile from the shooting location, was robbed just before the officer shooting at MIT.

Lynn said...

Sorry, I thought I had read they found his body. Shmi, I have a bad feeling as well. Hobnob,I didn't answer you on the other thread about this, but I too have started seeing everything differently since reading here.

About the teenager accused of participating in the bombing, I did read a reliable denial somewhere today. I will try to find it. I guess I should qualify that as I might have read it though. I thought I read the baby's body had been found too, but it hasn't.

Red Ryder said...

Related to the article, it amazes me how often people do chose 3 when they are spinning a yarn. Charlie (Rogers? ) who said she was assaulted by 3 men who committed a hate crime against her for being homosexual comes to mind. It's gotten so when I hear "3", I start mentally rolling my eyes, uh huh right- like Tiffany Hartley and the 3 boats on Falcon Lake etc.

Lynn said...

I was wrong again. The title reads like a quote but he's not quoted as saying it. The tile of the article I read says Teen: I am not the Boston Marathon Bomber

Lynn said...

Search Results
Glenn Bradshaw Hayes
at Apr 19, 2013 1:43:11 AM
To the mother of Bryeon Hunter...

As punishment for what you did to that innocent 1-year-old, you deserve to get beat across the face REPEATEDLY with a lead pipe!
Erica Shawndra , Japhia Itsallaboutme Mathews likes this
Nancy Boriqualove Deleon
at Apr 19, 2013 1:08:09 AM
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Mitchell: Mother’s claims about boy’s disappearance highlights race

Updated: April 18, 2013 7:49AM

As authorities questioned the mother of Bryeon Hunter, the missing 1-year-old boy, her family waited anxiously and angrily in the lobby of the Maywood Police Department.

Lakeshia Baker’s family stood by her despite police saying that her story — that she had been abducted and beaten by three men who abducted the child — was not true.

“They need to find the men who took our baby,” said Baker’s aunt, Doris Lloyd.

Baker’s family said the woman’s boyfriend, who is not the father of the missing child, also was being questioned. Police also questioned Baker’s other son, a 4-year-old, who is in the custody of relatives.

Police on Wednesday searched the Des Plaines River near 1st Avenue and Lake Street but the search was called off because of inclement weather. Bloodhounds also were dispatched to look for the boy.

Baker initially told police three men abducted Bryeon from her and drove off in a sports car Tuesday. But on Wednesday, police said that wasn’t accurate.

“We believe this to be an isolated event and not one that was described as three men committing an abduction,” said Maywood Police Chief Tim Curry.

Baker, who was on TV news appealing for her son’s return, had a black eye.

Curry confirmed the mother was beaten, but said police don’t know the identity of the culprit.

Brenda Lloyd, Baker’s mother, said she received a call Tuesday afternoon from a Loyola University Medical Center social worker who told her there was an emergency.

“I started screaming because anytime they tell you to get to the hospital right away you know it’s bad,” Brenda Lloyd said. “She put Lakeshia on the phone and Lakeshia told me, ‘Mom, they beat me up.’” Lloyd added her daughter said the men punched her, kicked her and struck her with sticks before taking the boy.

After Baker was released from the hospital, she went to the Maywood police station where she was taken in for questioning. She remained there on Wednesday evening, Brenda Lloyd said.

“At that point we thought they would release her quickly. We had no idea they were going to keep her,” Lloyd said. “We waited and waited and it turned into an all night thing and we’re still here. No one is telling us anything.”

The 4-year-old was brought to the police station Wednesday for questioning and was with police until Wednesday evening. When he was back in his grandmother’s arms, he threw up and the family left the police station.

When Lloyd and her family were called to the river Wednesday they feared the worst, but weren’t given any information by authorities, she said.

“As far as we’re concerned, Bryeon is at someone’s house and were hoping he’s safe and unharmed and will be found soon,” Baker’s uncle, Herbert Morris, said.

On Tuesday, an Illinois AMBER Alert was issued after the mother told police her son was taken by force during an attack. She told officers that three men grabbed the boy near 6th and Main at 2:15 p.m. Tuesday. They put the toddler in a black, two-door sports car with tinted windows and drove off, she told Maywood police.

The mother told investigators she argued with the same men several days ago.

The boy is described as about 2 feet tall and weighing 30 pounds. Police said he has brown hair and brown eyes and just got a haircut.

He was wearing a two-toned, blue, striped, long-sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and blue and brown Nike boots.

Lemon said...


The boy’s mother said they were attacked and beaten.

“They pulled up out of the alleyway and told me, ‘Didn’t we say we didn’t want to see you here no more?’ They pulled down my hair and pulled me in the car and started beating me and all I heard was my baby just screaming,” 23-year-old Lakeshia Baker told reporters. “They beat him too.”

Baker, speaking with a swollen eye, said she and her son were taken to a wooded area a few blocks away where she was beaten again. She was then put back in the car, returned to the area where she and her son were abducted, and “kicked” out of the car.

Lemon said...

Language does not come from a vacuum. The mother's (and I use that term loosely) language describing the event (the 3 man abduction) that did not happen is disturbing.

Quoting the non-existent kidnappers, she references:

"They" three times
"pulled" three times
"told" once (stronger than said)
"me" three times
"we" twice
"started beating" once
"beat" once
"my baby" once
"him" once
quoted by reporter: "kicked" once

Lis said...

1. The mother has suffered a beating
2. Her baby is missing
3. She is lying about the circumstances

My thoughts naturally go to the boyfriend. If it's not him, they need to see if she owed a drug debt or the like.

Shayna said...

They beat her IN a two-door sports car? 4 adults and a one year old all crammed in a sports car? With room for punching and kicking? Aside from statement analysis this doesn't seem like it could physically happen the way she claims it did.

Lemon said...

The "mother" and boyfriend are charged with first-degree murder.

Anonymous said...

I know the story is almost two months old but I just decided to do follow-up on the 1yr old kidnapped from his mother by 3 Hispanics. Come to find out the mother & boyfriend beat the baby to death with a belt and plastic clothes hanger & left him sitting on the toilet for hours. They left him there till the next AM & stuffed his body into his backpack & threw it in the river. First of all the baby is 1yrs old, how the f*** you want him to be potty trained that early. Most kids learn at 2-3yrs of age. The man held the baby down & covered his mouth while the mom beat him with the belt & then he beat the baby with a clothes hanger. My heart is sadden for that poor angel who had to endure that. Only God knows. But i'm glad he can finally rest in heaven surrounded by Love & happiness, rather than being surrounded by ....(words may be to explicit.)I swear these bastards need to rot in hell, in that jail cell, & so much more!!

Habundia said...

My heart cries for these children who are being born into the lives of mental retards who have no knowledge on how to raise a child.
Only evil souls are capable of beating a child to death the way they did.
Prisontime just isnt enough punishment for this kind of evil.
A lifelong of physical torment on a daily basis would be more appropiate for this kind of human
This kind doesnt deserve to be called 'parents'
This kind of behaviour toward an innocent child is plain evil!