Thursday, April 4, 2013

Remains In Scurry County Commentary

If the remains found in Scurry County are those of missing 13 year old, Hailey Dunn, we can expect arrests to follow shortly after.

This is because the evidence gathering, including circumstantial evidence, has been ongoing for more than 2 years.  Everything they are going to have, they have already.  The body would not likely yield much due to the length of time that has passed.  What will be interesting to us is both the cell phone pings/records, which would not only place Shawn Adkins in certain places at certain times, but would also likely tie in Hailey's mother, Shawn Adkins, who has been 'the brains' of the two, and who has been front and center in taking the lead.

The other thing that will surprise us is the volume of evidence law enforcement has that we know nothing about.

Law enforcement has been waiting for the body to be found, so that there would be no possibility of tainting a jury with emotional "hope for Hailey" nonsense.  We saw how Cindy Anthony, while carrying around the remains of Caylee, insist that Caylee was alive and in Brooklyn.

What happened to Hailey Dunn?

I don't see a blazing mystery here.

Two things:

1.  Experts' Opinions
II.  Sexual Homicide

and then we will look at what happened to Hailey and what prosecutors will present to a jury.

I.  Experts' Opinions

In almost every case, we have intelligent people disagreeing, but on the Hailey Dunn case, which is often referred to as the "Billie Jean Dunn case", we have no one saying, "Billie and Shawn are innocent."

It is difficult to remember a case where there was uniformed opinion this strong:  I cannot think of a single commentator, profiler, expert, lawyer, analyst, etc, who claims anything but guilt on the part of mother and boyfriend.  Not one.

As to being the "Billie Jean Dunn case", this is because the mother has deliberately taken front and center, even speaking publicly when told not to by her attorney.  A street survivor, she has a desperate need to control information, particularly, peoples' opinion of her.  She was literally undraped by the police affidavit, with extreme humiliation, and instead of denying and lying, she ridicules, disparages, and actually claims that Colorado City police, the Texas Rangers, and the FBI have all conspired together to rig the results of polygraphs, refuse to search for Hailey, and want to blame her and Shawn Adkins.

It would be comical if it were not so dreadfully serious.  She even found an online group to ballyhoo her goofy conspiracy theory.

There is usually some group that will back someone, even Charlie Manson got marriage proposals over the past 30 years.  The OJ verdict was said to be via race.  Yet with Billie Dunn, there is no such support to be found; no faction claiming a stranger abducted Hailey.  The lies were so 'over the top' and the story so obviously scripted, that no one believes her; even in the world of 'talking heads' where we can often find someone to stand up for just about anything.   It is called the "Billie Jean Dunn case" as she has headlined herself seeking attention. No expert believes she and Adkins are innocent.

II.  Sexual Homicide

Statement Analysis has been clear, from the beginning:  there was no hope for Hailey and the mother's incessant media appearances was a deceptive attempt to control information.  If the analysis is correct, each appearance should be understood from this perspective:

                                         Sexual perversion, drugs, violence and blood lust.

Middle aged mother still has "bad" days
Child pornography itself is not a crime; it is the evidence of a crime, and possession of it, itself, is a crime.  This means that those who trade in it are sexually gratified by the infliction of pain upon children.

Bestiality is the sexual abuse of animals, where the animals are harmed in order to bring sexual gratification to the viewer or participant.

These are the worst of what was found on various computers and media devices with or associated with Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn.  The perversion was such that Billie Dunn, the mother, participated in home-made pornography with Adkins, while mothering Hailey and her brother, David.

"I would never harm that girl..."

The porn, even kept on Hailey's X- box, would become less and less shocking over time.  This was used to break down a little girl's natural resistance, and let Shawn Adkins to call her "promiscuous" and her mother call her "boy happy", even as they fed her a steady diet of this perverse environment.

Pornography has a de-sensitizing effect upon its viewers.  Add to this the drug abuse that went on (narcotics the apparent drug of choice) and we have further desensitization and a tearing down of a child's natural, God-given inhibitions.

They further desensitized themselves and Hailey with blood lust, killer videos and stories.

She was but a child who had been born to a sociopathic narcissist.

III.   What Will Prosecutors Present to the Jury?

Hailey's paternal grandmother told the nation that she believed that Shawn Adkins raped Hailey, and Billie covered for him.

That Billie Dunn had chosen Shawn Adkins became quickly evident, in early 2011, when police told her to stay away from him, as they suspected he killed her, and she readily agreed with police (and anyone else she spoke to) while quietly staying with him.  When confronted by the police, she looked at the police officer squarely in the eye and said, "he's not here" while he was actually hiding.  She lied for him, and was arrested for it (and for drugs).  The police affidavit showed that she knew enough to call the police on him for violence, yet still moved him into the house.

Dr. Glass said that Billie Dunn's body language, dress and bearing, showed an innate immaturity.  A middle aged woman, she was overly sexualized and likely saw Hailey as a rival for her much younger boyfriend.  Billie Dunn dressed and acted like an immature 15 year old but when her background is viewed, particularly the trauma, we understand that sex and violence and lies were all the 'norm' for her.  Her private investigator revealed that Dunn witnessed the murder of her own father; this is the stuff that destroys lives forever, yet even after this, her own mother was out being sexually promiscuous after the murder.  She learned to survive by lying and everything she says is about her; how Hailey was fortunate enough to have her as a mother, or how God chose her to be Hailey's mother.  At times, she even appeared jealous of the attention that Hailey has received since the story broke!  Recall, the above statements came from her in front of the camera.

This is why people say "the Billie Jean Dunn case" rather than the "Hailey Dunn case."

She is incessantly seeking media attention, which, at first appeared to be thoroughly enjoyable to her but quickly unraveled as her lies became evident to even the untrained ear.

She then moved to the point of defending herself, with 3 sentences about herself, coupled with 1 sentence about her daughter, mostly referred to as "her", not, Hailey.

An addict who's sexual perversion became well known, she called herself a "wonderful" mother in a time when good mothers often are heard lamenting what they wished that they had done to be better mothers. She sought praise for herself, even in the smallest points, such as wanting to be 'respected' for reporting Hailey missing in the first place!

Her attorney sought, wisely, to shut her down, and even Adkins and his family refused to talk publicly, but she could not stop herself.  Even when taking to Face Book, she posted shockingly disgusting comments, calling upon others to receive 'sexual punishment' for not believing her, or writing such stunning things as "who hasn't received bestiality?" for the public to stare at, open jawed, in disbelief.

She enjoys the attention; she enjoys the image-making and the rumors of plastic surgery (while unemployed), and being coached how to sound like a concerned mom.  She loved Marc Klass at first, as he gave her a taste (sorry) of low level celebrity.  Even though she was harming her own defense case, she could not resist the cameras.  "See you in 6 months!" she told the first 6 month anniversary gathering of searchers.

She knew.

Kaaryn Gough gave the visible imagery of language this way:

All the words in the brains are like marbles and when the door is open to take some out, it is difficult to control, in deception, which ones come out.  This is 'leakage', that is, information not intended for release, but released just the same.  You may want only red ones to come out, but with the cabinet door open, some blue ones fall out...which must then be grabbed and put back...or made to fit?, or...

This is leakage.

It is like Mark Redwine using combative language to describe what should have been verbal only.  To this, Kaaryn said, "the brain knows what happened" so it must work overtime to attempt to deceive.

Here are some examples of critical leakage, as she answers questions, and words come leaking out of her:

NANCY GRACE: Well, I don`t know what to believe, either, because I`m getting all these different stories about you having a New Year`s Eve party, and you`re high when you go take the polygraph. Let me ask you this. Let`s get back to the facts. When was the last time you absolutely and positive you saw Hailey?

Nancy Grace was shocked that the 'wonderful mother' had a party days after making the police report.   She no longer believed Billie Dunn, nor did Marc Klass, and now the questions have become tense.  "When was the last time you absolutely and positively saw her?

This is like saying "stop the b.s. and tell the truth!"  

BILLIE DUNN: "I saw her Sunday night."

This is a straight sentence, with no additional information and is very un-Billie Dunn like.  It is from this sentence that the 'marbles' come flying out shortly afterwards: 

GRACE: What time, 10:00 PM?

BILLIE DUNN: "Probably around 10:00."

Two qualifiers for 10:00, "probably" and "around" making it a very weak assertion.  She cannot be certain, which is not lost on Nancy Grace. 

GRACE: "Now, was that when you looked in her room and it is was dark and you thought she was lying in her bed?"

Here we have the critical "cluster of blues" that can solve a case.  We assign blue to an answer where the person tells us, not what happened, but why something happened.  It is, along with the leaving of a location, the highest level of sensitivity in the SCAN technique.

Here Billie Dunn is inviting us  in to see what she saw, with her own eyes and may be the most shocking words we have ever heard from her as she describes seeing her deceased child.  These words will likely be heard in the jury's hearing. 

BILLIE DUNN:   "I did see her in her room, but I saw her watching TV. 

Monday morning, I looked in her room and it was dark and it looked like she was laying in bed. But I didn`t go touch her, make sure that was her. I just peeked in to make sure she was in bed to ease my mind and..."

1.  "I did see her in her room, but..."  The word but can refute, negate, or minimize what preceded it.  What has caused her to make comparison by putting a pause in her sentence and insert, in less than a micro-second, the word "but"? This is allegedly Sunday night.

2.  We have since learned that pornography made by Billie Dunn, was stored on the children's X- box.

3.  The subject feels it is important enough to add in "TV"  We have the additional information about television now, and what was in the home:   bestiality, child porn, violence, blood lust videos, and so on.

Hearing that she was watching TV that night from Billie Dunn is frightening.

4.  The need to explain why:

In the SCAN technique from LSI, we give "so, since, to, therefore, because" the color coding blue as the highest level of sensitivity that can be found in a statement of someone reported what happened.  It is here that the person has a need to tell us "why" something was done.  This is often the solving of a case.  A single "blue" is a strong sensitivity indicator but two or more "blues" is called a "cluster of blues" in which the information contained with the cluster is the most critical information of a case.  Just as we highlight "left" in blue, we highlight "because" in any form that seeks to explain why something was done.

If a question is "what did you do?" and it is answered with an explanation "why", it is critical.

Here we have three blues in one short statement and come to the most important part of everything she had told us.

We are at the most critical point of what happened to Hailey, as described by her mother.

Note that she doesn't tell us that Hailey was laying in bed, but rather says it looked like she was laying in bed.   This is how she appeared to her mother.

Most might say "she was laying in bed" but she said it only "looked like she was laying in bed"; as if she is viewing a corpse, who looks peaceful, like as if she is sleeping.  She could not bring herself to say she was laying in bed because Hailey was deceased and her corpse looked "like" rather than "was laying" in bed.

This one small word, "like", means to compare, is critical and it is why attorneys do not let guilty clients speak out on television.

She was viewing a corpse.  What do most people NOT do to a corpse?  She is consistent here:
Next Billie states what she didn't do, touch her.

That which is reported in the negative is important according to the principles of analysis.

Billie didn't touch what looked like it was sleeping in the bed.

Ask yourself in what circumstance you would touch something to make sure what it was.

 Would you touch your child to make sure it was him or her in bed?  This is non-sensible.  If you went into your child's room, and saw her sleeping, would you walk over and touch her to make sure it was her?  Likely not.  Who else would it be?

Hailey is dead and Billie Dunn cannot bring herself to enter the room and touch her.

She cannot do it.

Most people do not like touching a dead body.  Dead bodies can look "like" they are sleeping but people do not like to touch them.  Even a dead dog in the street:  people often poke it with a stick, rather than directly touch it.

Billie Dunn is speaking to you.

She is taking you, the listener, in with her, back to the next morning that, whatever happened the night before, Hailey did not wake up and now is there, as if she was "like" laying in bed but she was not asleep.

For her, the body looked "like" it was asleep. 
Now note that Billie "peeked in" to make sure she was in bed to ease her mind.  I believe this is true.

 Why did Billie need to ease her mind?  There was no report of a missing child.  There was nothing that we know of, according to her story, that would cause her a need for comfort. These are her words, not mine nor yours.

Something had happened to Hailey that Billie needed comfort and something to ease her mind.

Hailey did not go to her bed, peacefully, the night before.  If that was the case, there would be no reason to "ease" her mother's mind. By this time, the mother was in need of comfort and
reassurance. It is what she said.

 There is nothing to soothe or calm, just a sleeping teenager?  Really?

 What about Hailey being in bed caused Billie's mind to need to be put at ease?

 This is what it means to let Billie Dunn guide you with her words.  These may be the most important words in the case.  These are the leaking words of the brain.

She said that she needed her mind to be put at ease, even though she claimed to last see Hailey, in her own home, at 10PM the night before, watching TV.

No problem reported.

In order to have your mind eased, your mind must be at unease.

Something must happen to put your mind at unease.

Hailey was watching TV at 10PM the night before. We know what was on TV in that home.

Between 10PM that night, and 6AM the following morning, something upset the mind of Billie Dunn, in which she needed to have it eased.

  Her choice of words are  are perfectly fitting if you believe she and Shawn killed Hailey.

A vile comment was posted alleging the mother came upon Adkins and her daughter, in a sex act, which caused Dunn to turn violent.

This scenario is the one that best explains why Dunn and Adkins are eternally bonded together in a conspiracy of silence.

Don't believe me?  Let Billie Dunn tell you.  Here, in a radio show, she wanted to prove that "other people" caused Hailey's disappearance:

Host: Billie tell us more about things that are out there  that point to other people

This is an offer by the radio host to Billie Dunn to build an alibi for Shawn Adkins.  Billie Dunn does not miss the opportunity as it is the first thing she goes towards:  Shawn.  

BJD: well those are the main things the fact that Shawn didn't have much time to do much of anything and umm..  really, I don't see how we could hold it in all by himself to himself, for this long and be living this close with her family. "

Billie Dunn has, several times in the last 2 years, feigned breaking up with Shawn Adkins, yet the pronoun "we" is used, and they are eternally linked together by their most ungodly secret. 

She cannot report him because he can report her.  He can't report her because she will report him.  

They must continue to keep it between themselves and it may be only in an arrest that one will turn on the other:   she boasts how they can keep a secret.  

I believe that the only thing that could ease her troubled mind would be Shawn ridding them of the evidence.

With what we know, should the remains be Hailey's, we may see


ME said...

These 2 should be put away forever.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I don't see it as being so simple that Billie walked in on Shawn and Hailey having sex and in Billie's fit of anger she killed Hailey. In the first place, Hailey would not have been having sex with Shawn willingly since she was already in such fear and lived in dread of him.

However, if that were the case, why then wouldn't Shawn have said he and Hailey were having sex and it made Billie so angry she killed Hailey? Sure, Shawn would have been be charged with rape/pedophilia since Hailey was only thirteen, but that is a far cry from being charged with killing her, particulary if Billie had Hailey's DNA on her body too.

OR, why wouldn't Billie say she walked in and caught Shawn having sex with Hailey, and even as angry as she might have been, didn't call 911 to report this? Right then she could have accused Shawn of killing Hailey if she had not been involved as well.

What I think is more probable, is that it reached a heightened violent point in the brutal rape where Billie and Shawn felt they had no choice but to kill Hailey to keep her from reporting the both of them, particularly her mother.

I always come back to the same logic; that together they violently raped and killed Hailey in a doped up frenzy whether they meant too or not. How many times have we heard about Billie's participation in the violent blood-lust videos they made and watched, Billie's participation in the beastiality rapes and the porno videos they made together? And may have participated in the child porno rape videos too since Billie is certainly capable of it; the proof is in the pudding.

Billie would have no qualms in participating in Hailey's violent rape that ended in her murder, just as Shawn wouldn't. Particularly when this was a night they had stocked up on dope earlier in the evening and got themelves ready early to take on Hailey as their final christmas present to themselves and each other; with David conveniently leaving the house for the evening. Furthermore, who ELSE was involved in this rape frenzy? Billie's brother, who himself failed his poly?

Nope, sorry, I don't see Shawn having done this by himself with Billie merely covering up for him; or that Shawn's only involvement was in raping Hailey, or that Billie is the one who murdered Hailey in a fit of anger by herself, if all Shawn did was rape her. Had that been the case Billie could have easily said long ago that Shawn raped and killed Hailey, especially when there would have been evidence on Hailey's body of Shawns' DNA, without Billie having to cover up for him or waiting to be charged with Hailey's murder.

I really don't believe they will stick together forever. Billie will continue to blame it all on Shawn while she plays dumb, and even worse than she has alluded too so far; but I think Shawn will more likely be the one to tell the truth in the long run, considering that he has already said "you need to look at both of us" and that comment about "look in Scurry County." Of course, the Scurry County comment could have been misleading just to lead LE off track in the search.

BTW, when was that interview made between the Websleuth Host and Billie Jean, that you posted yesterday? Whoever this host was, she should never attempt to do such a thing again.

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

BJDs 911 call.

In the first call she is reporting that SA may break into her house to get a T shirt.

She mentions doing the LAUNDRY,the TV and the X BOX.Given now what we know about the x box,is this leakage on BJDs behalf concerning child abuse and the porn on the x box..

John Mc Gowan said...

I know OTs annoy some people,this OT has made so many people angry and disgusted this side of the pond given the circumstance..

Convicted Murderer.
Mick Philpott Wrote Letter Saying He And Wife Would 'Rape Each Other' And 'Get Pissed' When Freed..

Mick Philpott wrote to a friend about how he and his wife would "rape each other" after being cleared of starting the blaze that killed six of his children.

On Thursday, Philpott, known as Shameless Mick, and his wife Mairead will be jailed after being convicted of manslaughter.

In the aftermath of the fire that tore through their Derby council home on May 11 last year, the 56-year-old father of 17 wrote to a friend that he and his 32-year-old wife would be freed and "get pissed".

Then after spending a day at his victims' graves, he and his wife would "rape each other", he wrote to friend Mick Russell last July while remanded in custody.

Philpott, who had previously been jailed for seven years for repeatedly stabbing a girlfriend and attacking her mother, says in the four-page letter: "God, when we are free, which we will be, we're all going to get pissed."

In the letter, reported widely on Thursday, he insists the couple are innocent and adds: "But me and my darling beloved wife, the most important thing that we will do when this happens is to spend the whole day with our babies, at the graveside.

"We don't care if it's raining, gale force winds, snowing, I'm going straight up there.

"Then we shall probably, no, we will, rape each other... then we can all celebrate our freedom as long as they get the bastards."

He goes on: "All we care about is justice for our beautiful angels. They are keeping us so strong together .

"We will walk free and this will cost them coppers some money.

"I can't believe we are in these hell holes but you know me I'm f****** strong and I promise you both me and my beautiful wife are going to stay strong. We will walk free.

"What the hell are they doing? We all know who's done this.

"Them dirty bastards took away our pride and joys, they took away our most precious sweet beautiful baby angels.

"They've taken everything me and Mairead dreamed of and made real."

Tania Cadogan said...

Mick philpott got a life sentence with a minimum of 15 years to serve, his wife mairead got 17 yrs of which she is to serve half and their friend and partner in crime paul mosley also got 17 yrs of which he is to serve half.

Here a life sentence means they can be released once they serve their minimum which can be as low as a couple of years, the rest of the sentence is on licence which means they can be recalled to prison if they break their conditions.

Mick has a jistory of violence attempting to murder an ex girfriend by stabbing her 13 times ( he got 7 years and served 3) had police cautions for slapping mairead andragging her by her hair and he was on police bail for a road rage attack (A week before the fire he had appeared in court and admitted common assault but denied dangerous driving after punching another driver who he thought had pulled out in front of him at a roundabout)

The jury only heard about his record once they had reached verdicts (personally your record should be included so the jury can make a informed decision in regard to whether you are a habitual criminal when the current crime is consistent with previous crimes)

In cases like this life should mean life.
They were originally charged with murder but this was changed to manslaughter since they didn't intend to kill their children.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

If Hailey was "willing", it was due to being drugged and desensitized through drugs, porn, and a general wearing down of natural resistance.

I did not write that she was willing and don't believe she was.

Even with consent, it is still child abuse as she is too young to give consent.

Given the violent nature of both child porn and bestiality, I do not believe Hailey was willing, nor do I believe that she died gently.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

john said...
BJDs 911 call.

In the first call she is reporting that SA may break into her house to get a T shirt.

She mentions doing the LAUNDRY,the TV and the X BOX.Given now what we know about the x box,is this leakage on BJDs behalf concerning child abuse and the porn on the x box..

April 4, 2013 at 6:13 AM >>

John, this is not something I have considered but makes such sense!

She may have panicked far more than just over a 10$ t shirt!

Excellent point.

Anonymous said...

Dont tell a lie and you wont have to remember anything-Mark Twain

Seagull said...

I thoroughly enjoy this blog and am glad I found it. I'm learning a lot. I print it off and take it to work and read. I do get a bit confused about red flags and sensitivity indicators and at what point a sensitivity indicator indicates deception etc I've read some of the old postings to help me. Can anyone recommend a good book to read on Statement Analysis? Has Peter written a book? I'm keen to learn more and am trying not to run before I can walk. Any feedback would be appreciated. In my field of work this science is so helpful.

DS said...

I may be misreading alot of posts. Everyone keeps saying they drugged up, Billie looked in on Hailey the next morning. The last time Hailey was seen was Sunday night. Billie supposedly looked in on her Monday morning and bought drugs on Monday night.I haven't seen any mention of them drugging up on Sunday night. Billie implied they went to bed to sleep on Monday night. Drugs may lead to sleep later but sex usually happens first. Old house with thin walls, I'm sure David and Hailey heard alot from Billies bedroom.

When was that picture taken? I can see the Hailey tattoo is why I'm asking.

Anonymous said...

To DS: the tattoo is visible. Haileys forward can be seen. The rest of her lovely face is covered by the bloody white shirt. Such a loving, caring mom

Apple said...

Mark McClish, "I Know You Are Lying"

Apple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

They should both get death. I see no reason we should support two child killers for the rest of their lives.

Anonymous said...

I still think that whatever happened to Hailey was an accident and likely the result of an explosive fight between Hailey and Billie. I believe the photos Shawn sent to Billie's aunt were key.

Local anon said...

Peter, do you think there will be an announcement from the ME or LE about the remains if they are Hailey's, or will they try to get it to a Grand Jury before it is announced/leaked?

Local anon said...

Still no word as to the identity of human remains found March 16 near Lake JB Thomas – southwest of Snyder – in Scurry County.

News from KTXS yesterday regarding the reamians. Or I should say no news:

“Nothing to report today,” FBI spokeswoman Katherine Gilkinson Chaumont said Wednesday in an email to KTXS.

Asked when such information could be forthcoming, she said, “Please keep in mind that the initial guidance was that it could take weeks to months for an identification to be made.”

Eighteen days have passed since a yet-to-be-identified individual came across the remains and called police.

Texas Rangers, the Department of Public Safety and Scurry County authorities have been participating in the investigation. Also spotted at the scene where the remains were found were representatives of Mitchell County. Hailey Dunn, who has been missing since late 2010, is from Colorado City in Mitchell County.

Lake JB Thomas is about 100 miles south of Lubbock, 90 miles west of Abilene and 70 miles northeast of Midland.

Trigger said...

Great post, Peter!

I agree that Hailey Dunn suffered the same experiences that Shawn and Billy considered to be "hobbies" and fun activities.

They had a lot of reference material and rehearsals to enable them in their blood lust deeds.

It's too bad that Hailey was available to them, at the time, as an ideal victim without the ability to resist her attackers.

Rest in peace, Hailey, I'm sorry for what was done to you. You did not deserve it.

Skeptical said...

I would feel sorrier for BJD except there are so many people who have suffered far worse and turned it for good. The lost boys of Sudan, for instance, or the golfer Ben Hogan who saw his father commit suicide. It is up to the individual. BJD made choices.

Nanna Frances said...

The body was sent to the forensic lab on March 21. It has been 2 weeks. Maybe there will be news next week.

Skeptical said...

The US Census lists middle age as including both the age categories 35 to 44 and 45 to 54.

Seagull said...


Thank you for the recommendation. I will take a look. I appreciate your help.

Anonymous said...

I interesting. Thanks Skepical. I vote we to 45 to 54:-)

Mary said...

I know Peter was either working on a book or was going to start but that was 18 or so months ago (?) I got so far behind for so long- not because I don't enjoy SA but due to family issues- and I think I give up on trying to catch up! The investigator that was involved for a short while w/ Haleigh's case? I read about him for the first time on this site the other day & I'm unable to find any details about his interview. In other words, I'm not the best of sources but always planned on getting his book.

Mary said...

Excellent book!

Trigger said...

I agree that the phrase "to ease my mind" in BJ's statement about seeing Hailey in bed in her dark room before leaving for work seems odd and out of place.

Why would she imply that she was uneasy about Hailey as she looked in her room?

The part about not touching Hailey is odd also.

"I didn't touch her" sounds like a childish denial from someone who is being accused of violence.

Marz said...

Dunn had gone to Snyder earlier in the week to be with family as she waited to know whether or not the remains belong to her missing daughter. She is back in Austin after learning it will be at least two or three weeks before the remains are identified.

"Its just tough to say, really," Dunn said. "We're just in a bad situation. We're gonna be stuck for another two or three week wondering if it's her, hoping its not."

Anonymous said...

Trigger said "I didn't touch her" sounds like a childish denial from someone who is being accused of violence." Yes it does! I hadn't read it that way.

Anonymous said...

Doubtful because the Texas prosecutor killings and their connection to the Colorado prison guard killing and the Aryan Brotherhood take precedence

It's going to be months before any information about the autopsy is publically released

It may be months before the autopsy is actually conducted, let alone the findings publically released.

Anonymous said...

Point hunter. Any more info you can share?

Anonymous said...

I have never read so much rated x innuendoes in my life

Because you're a clueless idiot

- Found in the homes of Billie Jean and Shawn's grandmother: 100,000+ images of adult pornography with a sprinkling of child pornography and bestiality, largely low-quality/home-made, on flash drives and cameras and videos and dvds and computers and an xbox, all belonging to Billie Jean Dunn and Shawn Adkins, and all bagged as evidence

- Shawn was caught downloading pornography on his cell phone when he was first approached by police after Hailey was reported missing

- Shawn carried on his body at all times 5+ flash drives filled with pornography and the flash drives were removed by court order from his body and bagged as evidence

- Found and bagged as evidence in Billie's home: dozens of internet printouts of stories about rapists, serial killers, serial rapists, sexual sadists, mass murderers, and so on

- Billie and Shawn repeatedly admitted to being major fans of the slasher horror+sex exploitation genre

- Billie texted sexual pictures of herself to various men

- Shawn texted nude pictures of himself to various women, including female relatives of Hailey

- Shawn flipped back and forth between asserting that Hailey was a good innocent girl to Hailey was sexually active/ promiscuous

- Billie flipped back and forth between asserting that Hailey was a good innocent girl to Hailey had been lectured by Billie about birth control and according to Billie had been provided by Billie with birth control

- Shawn was filmed and photographed numerous times play-acting Michael Myers - of Halloween fame - fantasies (footage still available on youtube) and according to family members Shawn play-acted those on an unwilling Hailey

- Shawn repeatedly asserted he loved Hailey with all his heart and all his soul

- Family have claimed Hailed was uncomfortable around Shawn because he peeked in on her when she was in her bedroom lying in bed

Hence the reason why 99% of the scenarios on this blog are Shawn-raped-Hailey scenarios.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Middle age reference:

Let's assume 35 is half of 70, in spite of life expectancy going past 70.

She had a 16 year old son; she is not a teenager, even though she acted like one. A mother of a 16 year old should have grown up by then.

As to being a "sexist": I believe that there is a difference between men and women, physically and emotionally. This likely makes me a "sexist" in some views. I have been noticing the difference between men and women for a good portion of my life now, and think I might still, going forward.

I do have a question...

If ancient writings speak of "the attire of a harlot", does that presuppose that one might be able to tell a prostitute by her clothing?

Just wondering about a few of these points...

As to deleting posts...

You're welcome.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I agree that SA was grooming Hailey...but I don't think he acted alone in this.

The mother had been 'grooming' her all along, even as she, herself was groomed to become a "plaything" and a manipulator of men.


Anonymous said...

And emulates Billy Jean. She gets offended when someone disagrees with her too.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you folks are continuing to argue when the one person that actually might know something posted on this page , and he was totally ignored. FYI point hunter is another term for arrow head hunter.

Lemon said...

To all the mouth frothers:

Why aren't you more tolerant?
Why the demand for Peter to think like you do?
Why aren't you supporting his right to "independent thought"?

Why the weeping and gnashing of teeth over being deleted? Man up, already. Oh, excuse me.
WOman up, already.

Nobody likes a crybaby.

JerseyJane said...

Shudder this::::::::::: PhD Anon

You just blew up your whole argument. How... you may ask?
You claim no profanity was used by u cuz you have your PhD. You are saying that cuz you have your PhD, ONLY constructive and inteligent criticism can flow from you???

Sorta like you wear a permanant fancy dress, so you can't ever be a whore?

JerseyJane said...

Aaaahhhhhh for crying out loud!! LoL

You certainly should be looking at ALL Skin Disorders as having the possiblilty of being contagious/ infectious!!!! LoL

Come visit me at the morgue. You can relax and roll around on the metal gurney with some major skin disorder remains(lol) before I santitized and spray it all in a drain trap for proper disposal.

Yes, you can wear the fancy dress..:-). LoL

JerseyJane said...

Once an official positive ID is made on remains, LE, M.E. can't hold back the identity of such from next of kin...

Where do people get this idea that officials can hold back on the identity of found remains? What lively imaginations!
Pointhunter is wrong if he thinks that, my goodness!

If LE has an idea of whose remains(an educated guess) they are at the time of discovery, gathering the evidence and observations of the scene are held under wraps, it's just speculation until ID is determined. Then when ID-ed there is 'no holding on' to remains identity by any department involved.

Anonymous said...

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and quacks like a duck-- you say it wears feathers. The author of this blog never said, "BD dresses like a teenager-- based on that logic I'm sure she's got kiddie porn!" While first looks are the basis of our first judgments and assumptions, a seasoned professional like Mr Hyatt does not put a majority of stock into looks alone. In my time reading this blog, I find he puts appearances together in the puzzle of the given situation.
It is based on her behaviors, her statements, the shit found in her home (I feel profanity is necessary there)... that her attire is judged more harshly. Last I checked, there was no blog entry entitled "Billie Jean Dunn Dressed Like Trash and How It Proves She's Guilty."
As a woman, does it offend me that women are often judged on their appearances? On occasion, yes. But women also pander to those very same judgments by wearing makeup and buying specific clothing (provocative, conservative, flirty, etc) so they can be perceived in a certain way. I've known some women with big breasts to dress baggy on top because they don't want to draw attention to their breasts and "look like playboy." Regardless of how realistic or unrealistic that view would be, they are going out of their way to prevent it, which means they are trying to manipulate others' opinions based on their own looks and how they dress themselves.
Want to look pretty at the bar? They wear cocktail dresses and heels. Want to be taken seriously? They wear something professional (or in some cases, fake glasses-- sigh). Women manipulate their appearance, and when they don't it's so that they can have the appearance of not being manipulative of their appearance. Is it a losing battle? Yeah, which is why your behaviors should be taken into account when judging a person. It doesn't matter how thick those glasses are if you can't spell 'o-r-a-n-g-e.'

Just_Me said...

A lil off topic, but I'm having trouble differentiating the difference in going about applying SA to everyday life and everyday conversations, as opposed to applying it to investigative reports and such. Does it only work when applied if someone is answering to being accused of something??
I try to use what I've learned from this site in my personal life to avoid trusting the wrong people, which I have done a lot of in my life. Can anyone help me out??

~ABC said...

Lemon said...
To all the mouth frothers:

Why aren't you more tolerant?
Why the demand for Peter to think like you do?
Why aren't you supporting his right to "independent thought"?


Local anon said...

Good point JerseyJane. Of course the ME isn't going to withhold information from the family when the body is identified. I misplaced my brain:-(. Thank you for pointing that out. And Point Hunter, thank you for giving us hope about additional evidence. I too hope you you are doing ok after such an alarming find.

Skeptical said...

Women, by society as a whole, are judged by the way they dress. Parents have become concerned about the direction fashion has taken and its trickle down effect to young girls, tweens, and even toddlers. How else could the terms "skank couture" or "prostitot" have entered the American vocabulary. There are some mothers who have enough respect for their children to refuse to let them wear "juicy couture" and all that name implies on their derrieres.

Anonymous said...

The simple answer to your question is that he deleted my 2 posts that were not offensive--he deleted them simply because I disagreed with him.
So who is the one not being tolerant of other views?

To all of the others who commented with silly, sarcastic remarks--I especially enjoyed the one who is laughing himself silly over making fun of people with skin disorders--that was a hoot--I noticed that besides your silly, sarcastic remarks not one of my questions got answered.
Noone addressed the question I had about what exactly does a person's manner of dress have to do with establishing a motive for a crime?
I brought up the example of the evil of Patsy Ramsey who dressed
conservatively and could bring up many other comparable examples.
I saw one person replied giving me a lesson on how people dress to suit the occasion. OK. Or people do tend to judge others by what they are wearing. OK. Still, my question about establishing motive based on dress was not answered.
I think I also read someone who keeps remarking that I "can wear a fancy dress". Witty...perhaps?
Oh, and I am a "mouth frother"--and that would be what? Anyone who articulately defends a point (that doesn't agree with Peter)?
Not impressed. My question, my point was fair. Why everyone so sycophantic? Why not just answer my question?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

It is a strange slippery post when the lines between right and wrong becomes blurry. Good post, Skeptical.

Anonymous said...

Actually--don't bother answering my question. I just reread the responses, and it's clear noone is actually replying to what I said. They are just giving comments on what they think about how people dress.
I guess I was giving too much credit that maybe someone could at least understand my question.

Anonymous said...

"Women by society as a whole are judged by the way they dress."
Skeptical's post is not good. All Skeptical did was point out the bias that is offensive, implying that because society thinks this way, it is OK.

My question now is: Is it OK then, for defense attorneys for rapists to use the defense that "well she was dressed wearing a mini-skirt, blah blah blah, what was this man supposed to think? She was dressed like she wanted sex. You expect this jury to believe she was raped?"
This was a defense used for many years. Is that OK?

Local anon said...

How and why have gotten into this discussion of how women dress? That will not inform us as to the remains. Point hunter joined the discussion only to be ignored. If I were him I would most certainly be turned off and not return.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:24 Get lost! Noone likes a strong, opinionated woman!
Women should be judged on how they dress! The bible says what it says for a reason! Women knew their place back then! Maybe you should try reading the bible instead of mouthing off so much!

Meander said...

Please do not be too hard on Anon. She should be chastized gently yet firmly. First what wrong was when woman forgot her place as helpmate to her husband, humbly accepting his guidance. You here are trying to guide anon. She must be rebuked, but gently. First in society we went wrong by allowing women to be educated when there is no need when the husband can guide, can think for her, lovingly and with the blessing of God. This is where it begins. Women begin questioning the thoughts of the men such as when Eve gave Adam the apple. Then, women were given the right to vote. This strains their minds and they become burdened. Then they refuse conservative dress when ideally they should even cover their hair. Women absolutely must reflect Godliness in their attire. This is humility. We need to rebuke Anon as her education has corrupted calmness of mind and disturbed God's instruction to be the humble helpmate. Allowed her to challenge God's word.

Apple said...

Why bring up the apple? :O

Women shouldn't be educated?? I missed that verse

Anonymous said...

I came back to see if point hunter came back with any more info and was quickly reminded why I stopped reading the comments here. Peter should clean this up a bit.

Anonymous said...

Not that Hailey emulates BJD.

Waiting to See said...

Because he does not support our right to constructive intelligible independent thought. Btw, aren't you doing what you are critiquing in your comment? No name calling here and yet you berated others. I bet your comment stays and mine gets deleted.

~ABC said...

Don't feed nor clothe the trolls...

Trigger said...

These trolls seem like they eat a lot of sour grapes.

Skeptical said...

Anon 10:38

"All Skeptical did was point out the bias that is offensive, implying that because society thinks this way, it is OK."

Do not put words in my mouth. You and I are not talking about the same thing. You are offended when people judge other people and make assumptions about them by the way they dress. I was speaking to the need of people to dress inappropriately not their right to do so.

I understand that you find the fact that people judge people by the way they dress offensive. The fact that you do not like it does not keep it from being true.

pointhunter said...

Anonymous said...
I came back to see if point hunter came back with any more info and was quickly reminded why I stopped reading the comments here. Peter should clean this up a bit.

April 5, 2013 at 2:35 PM

There is a news statement I made on KTXS 12 news web site. Other than that I can nt say anything else.

Apple said...

Link to pointhunter's statement

Anonymous said...

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