Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sherry West: Mother of Shot Baby

A mother reported that her baby had been shot dead by two young males.

When this story first broke, police spoke boldly intimated to the public that a baby killer was not on the run.

We then heard the mother's statements we understood why the police were so zoned on her:

Sensitivity indicators focused upon money, and she used passivity in language. This is often used when one wishes to conceal identity or responsibility.

Then police arrested two teens, and people dismissed the mother's language as stemming from bi polar disorder, with lots of discussion about her choice of words.  Police said, then, that the shootings were random, in a robbery.

Then the mother spoke again and it was all about the expense of having a baby, and that this is her second child murdered.  Her own grown daughter told the news that something wasn't right in the case, and that her mother's story had changed.

I don't think that there are odds for something like this.

Yet it was the repetition over "money" that grabbed our attention.  The grown daughter said that money was what was most on her mother's mind, including asking how quickly she would get a check from the insurance company.

Now we see that more information is coming forward.

Now, the defense is  investigating that there was something done involving the mother and a life insurance policy, as well as accusations of drugs and prostitution.

The accused' attorney said that West refuse to answer the knock at the door to serve her.

stay tuned...

BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- The family of DeMarquise Elkins had little to say when they left the Glynn County Courthouse Friday, moments after a judge decided to keep the 17-year-old murder suspect in jail.

"I hereby deny bond at this time," said Superior Court Judge Stephen Kelley.

Elkins and 15-year-old Dominique Lang are charged with the shooting death of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago on March 21, in what the child's mother described as an attempted robbery.

"They just killed him in his sleep. Shot him right in the face
," she cried just hours after the shooting in an interview with Action News.  She was also injured in the shooting.

But now, Sherry West's credibility is being questioned. In new court documents filed Friday, Elkins' defense team is requesting a drug test from West, claiming a crack addiction could have clouded her recollection of what happened that day. She is the only eyewitness.

"We have filed our motions and we're not going to comment in the motions that we've filed at this point," said public defender Kevin Gough.

We told you about another motion filed earlier this week, suggesting there was a murder-for-hire scheme, a possible plot to obtain money from the baby's life insurance policy.  New documents claim West and the baby's father may have been involved in a false insurance claim before.

The case goes to court again next month.


SAlurker said...

Thank you for covering this Peter!
This case really bugs me. Although I don't know why.

Out of the all the different pieces of information that have surfaced lately - what bothers me the most is why did she dodge the summons and not go to the court date yesterday???

She is the only witness to the murder of her own son! I never want to know what she is going through - but I guarantee I would be at EVERY hearing related to my child's murder! I would want/need justice just as I need oxygen.

I would make dang sure my child received justice instead of hiding behind my door!

Not one thing about this case makes sense to me!!!!

Vita said...

3/21/2013 "They just killed him in his sleep.

They're expensive, you spend all your money on (her son = bank) and I didn't have it, (money), Do you want me to kill your baby? I will show you how to fire this gun, word on the street, is lady you looking for a gun? She to grab it as it was " firing" and her to point it? a scuffle? she to say she was moving during the moments of. She to have in exchange for the gun? drugs? as she says she was on drugs below. Her leg was numb, could not feel it, this from when she shot herself with her neighbors BB gun?

March 26, 2013, West quoted, linked, "I grabbed my baby's pajamas that he wore before he was killed and I haven't been able to let go all morning," said West.

They "just" killed him in his sleep, Shot him right in the face,
I grabbed my baby's pajamas that he wore "before" he was killed. She will not allow the bullet she took in the leg to be removed. Gee wonder why? it doesn't match?

The perplexing questions of, who was the last to witness Antonio besides mother(the alleged crack head recluse)on March 21st? She to say she waited to leave (presser), she watched the street, waited till no one was around, not to get in anyone's way,, before she took the baby in the stroller to walk to the post office.

He, 13 mos old, was alive (?) asleep " harnessed in" while he was the stroller, according to West. 911 calls witnesses say they heard "3" shots. Neither of the 2 callers, witnessed the shooting. No one was witnessed as a run away or as a suspect, the 2 callers focused on the baby. West says in press it was 4 shots. The indictment of 15 charges upon Elkin's, the 17 yr old. 15th charge was of the same gun, (tossed into the water) he allegedly shot a local pastor in a hold up, 10days earlier. This would be a good reason to sell "get rid of" a gun, as it was hot, used before in a hold up.

‘He asked me for money and I said I didn’t have it, when you have a baby, you spend all your money on babies. They’re expensive. And he kept asking and I just said “I don’t have it.” And he said, “Do you want me to kill your baby?”‘

She added: ‘I put my arms over my baby and he shoves me, and then he shot my baby right in the head.’

Mother 3/26/2013 CNN interview:
I was walking home from the post office from mailing a letter and I was 5 minutes from my home. I was approached by a young man and some other boy that was hiding behind him, and he yelled at me, give me your money, and I proceeded to tell him that I don’t have any. And he shot — pulled out a gun and shot at the ground.

And I didn’t see any shells, so I thought the gun was a cap gun or a bee-bee gun. I thought he was using a toy gun to scare me. Then he shot at my head and the bullet grazed my ear and the side of my head. And then he shot me in the leg. And I still thought that it was a fake gun. And you know, neighbors had BB guns, and it stung. I injured my leg moving furniture days before and I was on pain medicine, so I didn’t feel it. But I felt stinging. And then it got numb. And I didn’t realize, you know, that it was real. It didn’t look like a real gun. And apparently he kept asking me and I kept telling him I don’t have any.

And he shot my baby in the face. And then I knew it was a real gun. And I screamed and I was scared to scream because I thought he was going to shoot me in the head and not miss that time. And then when I kept screaming for someone to call the police and the EMT, he shoved me and grabbed me and then he ran. And then I wasn’t sure if he was gone, but I quickly, limping, wheeled my baby into a yard next to me, into the gate.

Layla said...

I am looking forward to your analysis of any statements. My personal belief is that these 2 boys are innocent of this crime from looking at Sherry and the father's statements.

dadgum said...

And then I wasn’t sure if he was gone, but I quickly, limping, wheeled my baby into a yard next to me, into the gate.

After Antonio is shot (she does not use his name), she thinks he may have been killed. Horrific situation..yet she brings attention back to herself, and 'limping'. baby was shot in the face..but look, I am limping! He has likely just been murdered, but she wants us to know she is a self-sacrificing mother.

The same is true of her cpr account, though not as obvious.

boneinmyleg said...

Where even to begin on this except to say that baby was not killed in the street, nor did that baby sleep through shouting and shooting right up until a bullet interrupted its slumber. That baby was dead before she went out. That is why she so carefully looked out into the street, so no one would walk up and notice her baby's face until she was ready to go limping into someone's yard.
Did she not go to the hospital about her leg? Are you given an option to not have a bullet removed, despite all the infections and complications that could result?

Anonymous said...

Why bother to limp through the gate and behind the fence after the shooter has already fled the scene?

If bulistics match the gun that the accuseds' mother and aunt threw into the watery marsh and recovered, then that is the gun that was used to kill the baby, however, that doesn't mean that Sherry West wasn't also involved.

As to the accused shooter being innocent; don't be too sure about that. Why would his relatives try to cover for him if he is innocent? He could have easily acted in conspiricy with Ms. West. Also, he had just shot a pastor in an attempted robbery in Brunswick just one week earlier.

IMO, everything to date points towards Sherry West being involved in the shooting death of her baby and herself and I believe she was.

dadgum said...

bone..I can't figure out what tendon and ligament damage she is referring to. The bullet appears to be in her fleshy, muscular thigh. I have a feeling if we could see her hospital report, it would either say she refused surgery..or that she was told in time the bullet will work its way out, because they will.

What are the chances she turns it over to investigators?

I hope we get info on the previous insurance issue referred to..

dadgum said...

Eyes recently posted about this as well..

scroll down..

dadgum said...


4 new suspects in West Memphis 3 murders..

article and video link

Fern said...

I wish Peter would take a close look at LUIS SANTIAGO'S statements.

I don't believe there was a life insurance policy on Antonio. If there was, LE would be aware of it.

The only source of "bipolar with schizophrenic tendencies" is Ashley Glassey. That doesn't cut it for me. That diagnosis should ONLY be submitted by a mental health care professional...not Sherry's estranged daughter.

I can only hope that there was a thorough autopsy done on Antonio to rule out any other possible cause of death.

But I cannot emphasize enough that Luis Santiago makes me incredibly uneasy.

Fern said...

This comment was posted in the news article, so take it as you will:

Angela D. Shedd:
"As I have posted before they need to drug test the father too. He is a drug using lier who will kill to get what he wants.. And I know this because he tried to kill me when I was pregnant with his own daughter.. He is a very sick man.. And I have felt from the beginning he had something to do with this. Please people don't let the fake cry fool you, he is good at it, because he is a lier.. Baby Antonio is his 9 child.. He has nothing to do with any of the others because he is a low life who covers all that he does with religion.. But one day his sins will find him out.."

Vita said...


West had Antonio cremated instantly, and tossed out.

He is gone. In press is said she told Media, she was to have or did have a service for him. Press evidently went to follow up on her information, and they found the service never took place.

She had all of his possessions bagged up and handed away within 2 days. Here today gone tomorrow.

Although anyone who wishes can donate money to her - this is still active

Sherry West Fund
St. Vincents de Paul
1217 Newcastle St.
Brunswick, Georgia 31520

A private memorial service was held Friday morning for young Antonio Santiago, who was cremated, according to West. She said the family is working with the Catholic relief organization Society of St. Vincent de Paul to help with unforeseen expenses.

West put Antonio in a stroller Thursday because it was good exercise for her heart, said West, who added she was disabled from a past car accident.

“I just took a walk with my baby,” West said. “I can’t believe that this would happen, and I left early in the morning. I thought you know that there would be less people on the road and I wouldn’t be in anybody’s way walking down that road.
The slain child’s mother, West, spent time Saturday gathering up her son’s things — some to be donated and some to be packed away. The boy who loved Mickey Mouse and fried chicken was cremated, and West had them dispose of the ashes.

“I couldn’t stand the thought of seeing him in a box,” West said.

The last time she saw her son was when he was put in an ambulance.

West said she wants to go home soon to New Jersey, where she has two brothers and a daughter — even though it’s where another son of hers was stabbed to death at age 18 five years ago.

John Mc Gowan said...

Click on the second vt..

At 2:10,Luis Santiago says."when she said she didn't have THE MONEY just let it be,but I DON'T KNOW whats in the mind of those kids".

THE MONEY:This to me doesn't fit right.


This sounds like they are asking for a specific amount of money.

What does sound right is if he would have said.She didn't have ANY money,and not THE money..
I want my money.

I don't have your money.

Were is my money?

I don't Have THE Money.

Was she in debt to drug dealers?

Where the kids sent to pick the money up from her..

"I DON'T KNOW whats in the mind of those kids"

Anything said in the negative is noted as sensitive..

Did Luis Santiago know she owed money for drugs?

I believe there is more to this story,and that we need more statements.

John Mc Gowan said...


Sus said...

I am following this one closely. Elkin's defense attorney is throwing out everything he can and seeing what sticks. Following are the points he has made in his motions of discovery:

...Debra Obley (witness for prosecution and aunt of Lang who turned in the boys) is a felon, has relatives who are gang members, made a deal with LE, associates with others in the case. May have been in on murder for hire scheme and insurance fraud.

...Luis Santiago is an LE informant (doesn't know which LE), is associated with others in the case, especially associated with the pastor who was shot by Elkins the week before by Elkins, has a prior domestic assault in Camden county (2003), involved in insurance fraud.

...Sherry West is not a reliable witness because she has mental health issues and the attorney wants her psychiatric records, he also wants a drug test because "word on the street" is she trades sex for crack, she is a "crack-head", she committed insurance fraud with arson.

I believe I have covered most of the defense attorney's points in his motion for discovery. Of course, he brings these all up in the press as he asks for them. He also has made a huge deal of Sherry West refusing to answer her door for his summons to court for the BOND HEARING on his client. He wanted her arrested for not answering the summons, as if it compared to interfering with LE investigation.

Throwing all of this out tells me the attorney has nothing...he's fishing. His client surely would have told him exactly how it went down if he had someone to turn on. Instead the attorney is using what we see...not so perfect victims and witnesses.

LE has much more on De'Marquise Elkins than Sherry West's word. They have other witnesses who saw him running from the scene. His mother and aunt got rid of the gun for him and led LE to it. That is pretty tight evidence.

If Sherry West and Luis Santiago committed insurance fraud, either by arson or car accidents, it does not negate the fact that Elkins murdered Antonio Santiago. I believe this scenario is possible. I have from the beginning...when Sherry West said twice, "they've paid everything."

Sus said...

I do believe it is possible Sherry West or Luis Santiago owed money to someone. The more I'm thinking on their words, the more I'm thinking it was Sherry West owed drug money.

At Elkins' bond hearing yesterday, it was brought out that he belongs to a gang which sells drugs in a housing project. Her words tell us he "asked for the money, shot at the ground, at her two times, but she was a moving target, then "asked" if he should kill her baby.

John has Luis Santiago's words above. He also sounds like he knows Sherry West owes something. "the money".

This all might be why LE states they are still investigateing a gang tie-in, but it was a robbery.

Sus said...

Link on attorney's comments on Debra Obley.

Sus said...

Links on parents of Antonio Santiago.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi sus,

is there an uncut version of that interview..

Sus said...

I don't know. I tried to link all the motions of discoveries here, but couldn't. Elkins attorney is certainly going to give him a spirited defense. I believe he knows he is on the national stage.
I'm keeping in mind, Elkins shot a baby between the eyes.

Sus said...

I think I have pasted this correctly. If so, this is the motion to drug test Sherry West.

This defense attorney borders on the unethical, in my opinion.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


defense attorneys and ethics aren't always the closest of relatives...

if they are related, at all.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Fern said...
I wish Peter would take a close look at LUIS SANTIAGO'S statements.

I don't believe there was a life insurance policy on Antonio. If there was, LE would be aware of it.

The only source of "bipolar with schizophrenic tendencies" is Ashley Glassey. That doesn't cut it for me. That diagnosis should ONLY be submitted by a mental health care professional...not Sherry's estranged daughter.

I can only hope that there was a thorough autopsy done on Antonio to rule out any other possible cause of death.

But I cannot emphasize enough that Luis Santiago makes me incredibly uneasy.

April 6, 2013 at 11:15 AM >>

Anything specific for analysis?

This is a strange case and the mother's statements reveal sensitivity about money.

Trigger said...

This story makes my skin crawl. It's so awful to think that someone could shoot a baby in a stroller, in the head with gun.

All the people in this story make me uneasy because it reeks of a revenge killing over a bad drug deal.

This just goes to show how cruel and cold these types are.

BostonLady said...

And he shot my baby in the face. And then I knew it was a real gun. And I screamed and I was scared to scream because I thought he was going to shoot me in the head and not miss that time. And then when I kept screaming for someone to call the police and the EMT, he shoved me and grabbed me and then he ran. And then I wasn’t sure if he was gone, but I quickly, limping, wheeled my baby into a yard next to me, into the gate.

The mother uses a lot of "ands" starting her sentences. According to s.a. there is something missing. What isn't she saying????

Also I noticed that her statement about the gunman is out of order.

And I screamed and I was afraid to scream. Out of order? Wouldn't it be "I was afraid to scream but I screamed"?

He shoved me and grabbed me and then ran. Out of order? He shoved her before grabbing her? No. This is not coming from her memory but rather her fabricated story.

I am concerned that she may have killed the baby before going out for the walk. She makes sure to say he was asleep. How does she know this with all the screaming going on ? The gun shots would be loud. Wouldn't a baby wake up? Hopefully the police were able to obtain a time of death because the body has been cremated and it's gone now.

Fern said...

Doering also said one bullet was recovered from Antonio’s body but would not say if it was found during an autopsy.

This statement leads me to believe that there may have been an autopsy prior to Antonio's cremation.

Now, I may be a little off here, but I believe an autopsy would have been ordered on Antonio by LE. An autopsy would reveal if Antonio was dead prior to being shot, and if so, the cause of his death.

Initially, I dismissed the notion that Antonio died prior to the "stroll" to the post office, but others here have made some very interesting points on the matter that have me thinking otherwise.

These boys cannot be charged with murder if Antonio was already deceased.

God...I hope there was an autopsy.

Sus said...

I think you just said what I think.

The defense attorney states:

Debra Obley (witness ) is a felon an has relation who are gang members, and is thus unreliable.

Pastor shot week before by Elkins associates with Luis Santiago, thus unreliable.

Luis Santiago committed domestic battery in 2003 and may have commited insurance fraud at some point. He may also be an informant for LE and "made a deal." Thus unreliable.

Sherry West is mentally ill because her daughter who she lost custody of at age 8 said so. She is a crack head who trades sex for crack. A john doe said so and it is also the word on the street. She had her baby cremated too soon and gave away his things. She may have commuted insurance fraud. Sherry is thus unreliable.

All of the above is based on rumor.

What does the defense attorney have to say about his client, De'marquise Elkins?

Those gang tattoos...He's a poser, a wannabe.
Facebook gang signs...see above.
Gun the mother and sister hid for him...Doesn't know what their problem is. Can't speak for them.
Elkins belongs to gang that sells drugs in a housing project ...Nah, they just call the projects Moneyville.
Elkins is on bond in Camdon County for selling pot and giving a false name to police. He is on bond from Atlanta for felony assault. He was arrested in 4th grade for burning a dog...he has no ADULT FELONY CHARGE.

Now I'm putting the defence attorney right with them. I can't get past the fact that De'marquise Elkins shot Antonio Santiago in the face, and the attorney is trying to muddy the waters to somehow okay that.

Fern said...

Anonymous posted the following on the "Charlie Rogers Awaiting Sentencing" thread of March 28:

"Back in the real world, outside of your make-believe fantasy that West murdered her son, the autopsy report proves Antonio Santiago was shot to death and forensics tests prove West and Louis Santiago (baby's father) did not shoot Antonio, and forensic and ballistics tests prove Elkins murdered Antonio, and Elkins and Lane's own statements prove West was a random target of their plan to rob somebody and the murder was of Antonio even more random. West was a random target."

I cannot find anything about an autopsy report. LE will not comment on Sherry's assertion that she and Luis were tested for gun residue. When did Elkins and Lang state that Sherry and Antonio were random targets?

I would be most appreciative if you could provide links. It would go a long way in clearing up some questions I have.

Thank you.

Sus said...

I did not post the original, but this should answer your question.

Also, of course an autopsy was done. It would be required by law. The ballistics will show a match to the pastors robbery and shooting a week before. He and the man he was with have already visually ID'd Elkins.

Anonymous said...

Here is another portion of Sherry Wests' statement that makes no sense: " I put my arms over the baby..." Oh? Not so fast. How exactly did she do that with the baby lying asleep in the stroller which was on the sidewalk and her standing up?

She would have had to squat down, bend down or lean over beside or in front of the stroller to be able to put her arms over the baby and she never says at any time that she did that.

Can anyone else figure out some another way you would put your arms over your baby in a stroller as I sure can't.

Anonymous said...

Last sentence, bad wording. Meant to say "other" not another....

Anonymous said...

There are too many inuendos of drugs, sex, fraud, money, mental illness, bad debts, 8 other children belonging to the baby daddy that he does not support, beating a pregnant woman, plus his prior record; lost or otherwise abandoned grown daughter of the mother, other son dead due to violence, insurance schemes, AND uncertain distortions made by the mother as to what actually happened that day.

It seems fairly obvious to me that this is a drug deal gone wrong and the baby was the sacrificial lamb in a drug/money feud. I suspect the mother, father and Elkins are involved, possibly others, but question whether the younger suspect was involved in the actual murder, perhaps also a druggie just tagging along with Elkins for the ride?

I hope the Brunswick, Ga police force aren't too stupid to put it together. I lived in Brunswick once and dated a Brunswick atty, nice guy but not too swift even if he was a practicing atty. Somewhat dense, but this is a rather slow and laid back area of the country. IMO, Sherry West could actually get away with her part in little Antonio's murder.

If I'm wrong, I'll certainly apologize, of course.

Fern said...

Sus...thanks for the link. I enjoy your comments and contributions about this case...they make me think.

I, too, think an autopsy had to be conducted. It would have been reckless and irresponsible not to autopsy that baby.

I sense your position is that this is pretty cut-and-dry, albeit complicated by Sherry's mental issues and thus her odd comments.

My position is that Santiago is one odd duck.

I don't "do" FB, but there is an interesting page "In Loving Memory of Baby Antonio Santiago" that I confess checking out today. The author of the page claims to have bore two of Luis Santiago's nine children, and she clearly suspects Santiago of harming Antonio.

I mentioned this before, but LE won't say boo about Santiago. LE doesn't suspect Sherry, but they won't say the same about Luis. Why not state "the parents are not suspects"?

Layla said...

I'm torn as to whether it was the mother or father that did the crime. The father's statements show evidende of gaslighting behavior towards the mother. He stated that he did not allow her to walk the baby alone because (paraphrased) the streets are so quiet someone could jump out of nowhere. Doing all her errands for her. Rendering her dependant. Created a sense of forboding in her.
I lived in a bad area for a few years-- you fear walking by the gang members. Quiet streets would feel safe.

The mother's statements reveal that she had bern gaslighted. Afraid to go out.

Sus said...

Sherry West's words raised my suspicions at first, also. But when the physical evidence came in, it is compelling. When I heard SW could be bi-polar or schizophrenic, it made sense to me. If she was using crack cocaine at the time of the robbery, her perception of the robbery would be even more muddled.

On this one, I'm going by the evidence the police have because I think Sherry West's perception of the robbery is muddled...for whatever reason.

So what do the police have?
...Antonio was shot in the face in the street.
...The first witness arrived within seconds. SW could not have gotten rid of a gun. He saw a boy in a red shirt running away.
...A woman sitting on her front porch down the street saw a boy in a red shirt run down the street and into the housing devl of Lang.
...Lang's aunt gave Lang and Elkins a ride shortly after and saw a gun on Elkins. She said Elkins laid down in the back seat and when questioned, cut the ride short. She called the police.
...Police interviewed Lang, "who led them to Elkins." That means he talked.
...Elkin's mother and aunt were arrested for giving false testimony (false alibis) and for throwing away the gun. They talked. They led police to the gun.
...Elkin's sister was arrested for helping to hide the gun. Who told LE she was in on it?
...Defense asks for prosecution's video. LE says they're tagging gang members. It is possible the throw away was filmed by LE.
...A week before Antonio was killed, a Brunswick pastor and his friend were held up and asked for money and cell phones (gang calling card). When they said they had no money and no phone one of the boys shot the pastor. He visually ID'd the shooter as Elkins.
...LE now has a bullet from Antonio's shooting. They are checking ballistics from that shooting to the Pastor's shooting to the tossed gun.
...Elkins tattoos, facebook posts, and known associates all suggest gang affiliation. Not only with the Bloods, but with Moneyville, a local gang that robs and sells drugs for trade.

The police may come up with more evidence. They say they expect more arrests. That could be other gang members who helped rob the pastor, could be who gave or sold the gun to Elkins, or maybe it will lead to Luis Santiago like some of you think. I do not think it will lead to Sherry West.

Anonymous said...

Fern: Thank you, the Light of Logic and Reason and Common Sense

Layla said...

Sherry West's statements reveal deception regarding who shot her baby. That is all I look at.
Elkins was 1st suspected as being the shooter when an anonymous caller said he (or she) had seen him crouched in a car which was leaving the area. How does one see someone crouched in a car?
The aunt got rid of a gun. This was after Elkins was picked up. It just means they got rid of a weapon in the house.
I believe it is likely the crime was pinned on Elkins. All it would take was the actual culprits knowing Elkins was in the area at the time of the shooting.
Both mother and father's statements are loaded with deceptive as well as incriminating statements.

Layla said...

Father's statements reveal foreknowledge of the crime. In other words, that he knew what was done to the baby before he was "all of a sudden" at the checkout counter at WalMart and received the call from the police (or Nana) telling him what had happened.

Skip said...

I, too, have wondered all along if the kid was dead before she left. If the drug deal gone bad happened at home. No witnesses anywhere hearing gunshots or screaming seems sketchy. I also think the cops know a lot, a LOT more than they're telling. They just need more solid proof to grill the mother properly in court.

God bless these kids, I'm gosh damn sick and tired of them not getting the justice they deserve.

Mainah said...

She did say she walked at his suggestion. Did he give her a letter, instruct her to go early and have this set up for some reason (money)?

They both said "the" money, referring to what Elkins said.

CarlaP said...

Peter, in regards to your question to Fern of anything specific to analyize....

This interview of Luis Santiago. A lot of questions raised by commenters here after viewing it. Very strange.

There are also parts of the interview transcribed in this link (near the bottom of page one)

Devrie said...

There was a witness on a porch who saw a kid wearing red running into the project development where Lang lived?

Sus said...

Yes, she was sitting on her front porch. The first witness to the shooting saw him, too. Elkins was wearing a red shirt that morning. I will try to find the article for you, but I'm promising nothing. :)
Also, the witness who Layla is talking about seeing Elkins crouching in a car WAS LANG'S AUNT. She drove the car.

Fern said...

CarlaP...thank you for citing and linking the interview you painstakingly transcribed. That is the interview I wish Peter would analyze.

Fern said...

Sus...what's your take on Santiago?

Jo said...

I find it interesting that Sherry tells us she was on pain killers the morning she was shot. How convenient was that?

Layla said...

Yes--This makes sense it was the aunt who saw "crouched in the car". It sounds from what I had read that the news of the shooting had reached the aunt and she began thinking " he must have done it--I can see he's acting nervous in the back of the car" that she was driving.
Mother's story reveals deception about reason for her walk as well as extending the walk, time of death,
administration of CPR, details of what actually occurred during the alleged attack, as well as who shot the baby.
Match it up with the father's story. You will find extreme sensitivity surrounding Sherry deciding to (out of character) walk to the post office that morning as well as extremely high sensitivity surrounding Nana's call and the police call informing Santiago of what happened
to his wife and baby that morning. You will find his strong reluctance to take either call as his words indicate he has foreknowledge of what had been done to his wife and you will also find high sensitivity in regards to the
shooter's identity with the father indicating with his words
that the accused in custody are not the responsible

Fern said...


Was Sherry prescribed pain medication by a doctor? That should be very easy to verify.

Was Sherry under the care of a doctor/psychiatrist?

Just to put it out there...there is no question in my mind Elkins shot Sherry and Antonio.

I detest baseless conspiracy theories, but something is SO off about this case.

Layla said...

Jo, I agree with you. It was very convenient.

Also, a person can see with the naked eye that the way Sherry was shot behind her ear flap could not have occurred from being shot at from the front.

Why police aren't questioning this is a mystery. Well, not really. They've got the case pinned on someone and they want to see it through.

Sus said...

CarlaP, I thank you for the link, also. I was looking all over for it.

Fern, I can't get a take on Luis Santiago! I just watched that video four times. He comes off like a father in shock after losing his son. His emotions are all over the place. His tears were real with mucus coming out of his nose. BUT, he began crying at the mention of arrests, then he mentioned forgiveness. He also cried at the mention of the nation watching him. Afraid? He wanted to turn toward and talk to the female reporter through the interview. Ladies man? Or felt safer with her? So you've got me! It might be that he just went through a trauma, or he is afraid of being caught at something.

Lis said...

I think that Sherry West's statements reveal drug addiction, self-centeredness, a troubled life, and agoraphobia (this could explain her not wanting to go to court). The purse and money are sensitive to her. She would not let go of the purse. I believe she had drugs and/or money in the purse. (Has she ever said she was sorry she didn't just let them have her purse?)

This does not necessarily mean that it wasn't a random crime or that Elkins was not the killer. It sure gives his defense attorney something to work with, though. But if Elkins is the killer, I doubt that any of Sherry West's issues will be enough to create reasonable doubt in court.

She "tried" to convince Elkins she had no money, but her talk about babies being expensive was not as meaningful as the fact that she would not let go her grasp on the purse. That told him that something of value was in the purse.

OldPsychNurse said...

If the daughter's statement (that her mom is schizoaffective) is true, Sherry West's statements and behaviors may not appear "normal" even if she is an innocent victim.

Jen said...

Thank you to CarlaP for doing these transcriptions, I'm also anxious to see Peter's analysis. Here is my attempt...

Part 1:
Luis Santiago: 

"You know, I was listening to Steve Harvey think on Monday, and in Chicago, you know they got some gangs... and you know everywhere..and they shot a 6 month old, and I says man thank god man I'm not in that category and my son was there playing with me that that morning...and then that Tuesday, or Wednesday, it was, I was one of the happened I didn't believe it, I couldn't believe it when I was, got the phone call and sure enough it was. And uh....I said nah, it's not them, and sure enough it was. And uh...."

-Here the 'grief stricken father' starts a statement about HIS murdered baby, by talking about THE OTHER murdered baby in Chicago. He references the fact that Chicago has 'gangs', and adds that 'gangs' are EVERYWHERE, before stating they (gangs) shot the (Chicago) 6 month old.  He appears to want us to assume/accept that 'gangs' are responsible for the shooting of HIS baby, since he goes on to say that "Tues, or Wed,  I was one of the statistics". He confuses what day his baby was shot and then refers to himself as a 'statistic', instead of his son. (At the time of this statement, I do not believe the police had mentioned gang involvement).

-After declaring HIMSELF a statistic he says, "um...that uh..IT happened I didn't believe IT, I couldn't believe IT when I was, got the phone call and sure enough IT was."

-Apparently 'IT', represents the murder of his baby, by which HE becomes a statistic. He first says he DIDN'T believe IT, then COULDN'T believe IT, and then sure enough, IT was. The way he and West reference both the money, and now the murder as 'IT', seems to suggest a previously known or discussed amount or plan. He is speaking of what he thought/felt when he found out (through phone call) that his baby was shot, so to me this is a strange way to reference such a profound event. I would expect him to say something more like..'I didn't want to believe my baby was gone, I couldn't believe that happened to my son, etc.) 

-Instead he reduces his son's murder to 'IT' and removes the deeply personal feelings attached to HIS SON being killed, by lumping his sons killing in with the other baby killed by 'gangs' in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

SO glad these questions are being raised by the boys' lawyers. It's been mystifying that she and her boyfriend sounded so --involved--- and yet nobody close to the case was saying so.

Jen said...

Part 2:

Reporter asks where he was and what he thought when he got the call.

Luis Santiago: "Um, I was at Walmart at the time, I was shopping with my neighbor and uh she says Come on Lou, let's go shoppin' and I says uh alright says I'm dropping off Mr. Williams at TJ Maxx, I'll uh drop you off at Walmart, we'll do some shoppin'. So we shoppin' and then my neighbor on the first floor, Nana, she said uh hey I heard of an incident down the block on Ellis and London that someone got shot and it was a little baby involved you know uh a whi...white baby and the mother was white and uh my so neighbor's talkin on the phone and she said quit playing around Nana, uh that's not Lou's family, so she hung up. And then all of a sudden I was on the check out counter and Nana's (?) phone rang and I didn't want to answer it I'm on the line and I don't really want to talk on the line then the phone rang again so I said well lemme, lemme get uh this uh done so well it was the police department and uh that's when uh the call came in and I left everything there and the teller went I'm sorry I have to leave this here (small chuckle) 
So uh and then I rode down here, down to the hospital, that's when I seen Sherry West.."

-He was asked by the reporter WHERE he was, so I guess we can't count his answer about being 'at Walmart at the time', against him. However, he still shows the topic is sensitive to him by going beyond the question and recounting what his neighbor said to him when she asked him to go shopping, plus what he said back, and what she said about dropping off the other neighbor, etc. 
-He feels the need to explain WHY he was at Walmart when the shooting happened and the call informing him of it came in. He claims'Nana' (neighbor) called his shopping companion and told her a 'white baby'/white mother were involved in an incident and suggested it was 'Lou's family', to which the shopping companion HUNG UP after telling her to 'quit playing'. 
-His account skips over time, and lands him 'all of the sudden' at the check out counter, where he claims to have IGNORED a call from the same neighbor. If you had ANY indication that a family member may be hurt, wouldn't you be frantically calling them, and anyone who could help you find out if they were OK. Would you IGNORE a call from the very person who informed you of the troubling information?
-He speaks of 'the phone' ringing multiple times and gives needless details about what he thought (and 'said' to himself) while deciding NOT to answer.
-He defines the call from the police (the last of 3 calls about the incident) as THE CALL, yet gives no detail about what was said. Instead he skips to leaving, and ala' Sergio, he chuckles about having to leave his items behind and apologizing to the clerk.

(If you got a call saying your baby was shot, would you apologize or even speak to the clerk before leaving your un-purchased items?)

-By refusing the neighbor's calls, despite his knowledge that something was going on, it appears he wanted to 'find out' from the police.

(more to come)

Anonymous said...

how would she really know if he was sleeping in his stroller -- you have to peek in or face a baby in a stroller to know for sure.

Anonymous said...

It's not life insurance she's after it's specifically VICTIMS RESTITUTION. The government pays out when your kid is murdered in a violent crime and they pay out more than double if you are crippled in the same crime. She could be up for at least a couple hundred thousand dollars without having any insurance policy. She learned this after death of her first son. This time she's goin for the jackpot-bonus by showing the bullets crippled her too.

Anonymous said...

what are the chances that this mother and father have undeniably guilty language are yet are not guilty of having part in htis crime?? I really want to know what the chances are - or if this has ever been the case in past cases.

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

His body language DOES NOT match his words,yes the tears are real however,there are No reliable signs of grief in his facial muscles.

RELIABLE signs of sadness:

Upper eyebrows should produce some wrinkling in the center of the forehead.less than 15% of people can produce this movement deliberately.

The inner corners of the eyebrows are raised,and maybe drawn together,and triangulate,this should not be present in a false display of these emotions,and it SHOULD appear when a person feels sad or distressed(or perhaps with guilt).

Luis Santiago is NOT showing these reliable facial muscles of sadness.

(caveat)..People who have BOTOX will Not be able to access these muscle due to them being frozen.

Also he does not show any pacifiers.when were are sad upset stressed or grieving we stroke ourselves to sooth the pain.This mostly happens in the facial area,it replaces are parents from when we were young.
His body language is assured and confident..

All this put together they do NOT fit his words .EG:( Susan Smith).

Something is off.

Anonymous said...

Having not seen the videos, I take John at his word and agree with him; IMO, based on none of the many weak and clearly deceptive explanations not adding up or making sense, without even seeing the interviews/videos.

Right John; something definitely is off in this entire scenerio. Too many questions beg to be answered, all adding up to one answer:

IMO, this babys' murder can only be attributed to fraud, greed, dope; a drug/money deal gone wrong. Things like this don't 'just happen' out of the blue for no reason. Poor little baby boy, Antonio, another one who never had a chance. I hope all those involved are apprehended and pay for his untimely and cruel death.

RIP sweet one. Such an evil and horrible way to die, but better that he exited this world now than have to endure all the pain and suffering that lay in store for him. A merciful God took Antonio upon his death and for that he is blessed.

Fern said...

Sus...I can't view the old computer is slow. I can only rely on CarlaP's transcript. As such, I appreciate your analysis of Santiago's body language.

If Angela Shedd's allegations about her ex, Santiago, are true, Santiago is clearly a dangerous and violent man...especially towards women and children. If Santiago fathered and abandoned nine other children, there must be more women out there that can attest to Santiago's character and behavior.

Fern said...

Angela Shedd writes, poor grammar and all:

"This is pretaining to story about the baby who was murdered in Bruswick,Ga..i have tried to make them see that they need to ck the lieing father because he is a drug using lier who hides behind religion, Who will take advantage of kind hearted people. He is an abuser and thief, and I know this first hand because I have 2 of ten of his children.. And no this is not a maury show this is real..I have an indefinite restraining order against him because he tried to kill me while I was pregnant with his now 10 yr old daughter.. I have set up a page In Loving Memory of baby Antonio Santiago for his brother and sister who found out about him in such a tragic way.. I am so saddened by all of this..And hope justice is served were it truthfully neededs to be served.."

Anonymous said...

I believe this woman.

My heart goes out to her.

Sus said...

Fern and anon,
I think she just wants her 10 minutes of fame. It is weird to put up a facebook page where her children write posts each night to their murdered brother they didn't even know they had. She's a drama queen.

The fact that Lang talked and led police to Elkins makes this case tight. Lang's family stated HE WAS A WITNESS, putting the boys at the crime scene. Elkins' family tossed a gun used in the murder and a robbery the week before. That seals it for me.

The rest of it is simply the defense attorney playing dirty pool. He has no proof or affidavit for one single motion he has filed. He has simply attacked what he knows the police have...the credibility of their witnesses.

Attacking the credibility of the witnesses through rumor and innuendo accomplishes two things for his client. One, it puts him in a better light because he certainly can't fight the physical evidence. Two, it keeps other witnesses from coming forward when they see the character assassination they will go through. The police said they could count the number of silent witness tips on one hand. Yet Elkins facebook was full of comments from "friends" who knew what he did earlier on.

Fern said... has occurred to me that "Angela Shedd" is simply seeking her fifteen minutes. I saw a comment following a First Coast News article calling Shedd an "idiot" for having not just one, but two, children with Santiago.

FB pages aren't exactly the gold standard for journalistic integrity and accurate reporting.

That said, I'm still uneasy with Santiago. The rambling content of the transcripts is just bizarre. He places more blame on Sherry than on Elkins. WTF?

As Antonio's father, I'm sure Santiago had a say on the immediate cremation and disposal of the ashes. Sadly, there will be no body to exhume if questions are raised that Antonio may have already been deceased.

Sherry insists the baby slept through the whole chaotic ordeal, gunfire and all. Not sure I can buy into that...

CarlaP said...

People seem to be of the opinion that since Elkins and Lane were arrested and indited, that it excludes the parents from any part in the scenario. I don't think the two are mutually exclusive.
Looking at the risk/reward aspect, what in the world would the two teens have to gain by committing such a horrific crime that would be a top priority for law enforcement? Killing a baby is like killing a cop, it's going to attract immediate media attention as well as unrelenting investigation. If you're cold blooded enough to shoot a baby in the head, why in the world would you leave the baby's mother, the only witness with superficial wounds? Gangs do not want that sort of attention brought to them, they commit robberies, muggings, sell drugs to bring in money. Crimes that aren't going to be doggedly pursued by police, and that don't put their members in the media spotlight. If murdering babies were a typical gang initiation, we would have a million cases like this one, but we don't. They murder rival gang members, not random babies in strollers while leaving identifying witnesses alive to finger them for a crime that will send them to prison for life. Gangs want their members out on the street earning money, not imprisoned for life for murdering a baby. Which brings us back to the risk/reward aspect. What would motivate a teenager to shoot and kill a baby while risking the death penalty or life in prison? Money. Not the possible few dollars made off of mugging a woman pushing a stroller at 9am, but a promise of large sum payment for killing that baby in the stroller. The guilty knowledge and body language of both parents is too much to overlook, combined with the multiple unprompted references of previous insurance payouts by the mother in interviews, the death of her older son by violence, losing custody of her two older children due to abuse and neglect, her criminal history of multiple drug arrests for using, selling and making meth as well as assaults on police officers, her history of living off of accident claims, insurance payouts, disabilities, her haste in ridding her life of the baby and having him cremated and his ashes "disposed" of, packing up all of his belongings for donation within 2 days of his death and no interest in arranging a memorial service, the father's instant forgiveness of the suspects, the fact that neither one of the parents seem too upset at the loss of this child and more interested in having the spotlight of media and giving interviews (Sherry West called and arranged to have media come interview her hours after the murder) all of this gives credence to a possible murder for hire plot that the parents arranged and Elkins committed. By her own admission, SW has stated she specifically waited to go to the post office until "no one was around"....why? It's all too convenient they way it played out, mother who too afraid to leave the house waits until there are no witnesses around to take her baby on a walk runs into by an insane blood thirsty baby killer gang member who kills her baby and leaves her with superficial leg wound in her thigh while the father who normally runs her errands for her since she's so terrified of the world is at Walmart, and all of this goes down within 10-15 mins and blocks from her house? A woman who claims she lived in terror as a recluse due to her fear that someone would kill her baby, has that exact scenario play out minutes after she steps out the door. It's more plausible and involves far less coincidence to think they are ALL involved, they can all be guilty. It's not an either/or scenario.

CarlaP said...

And I forgot the most damning thing....chief of police when asked if West knew either of the suspects previous to the crime, the answer was "NO COMMENT".

Jen said...

Part 3:

Reporter: When you first saw Sherry West, what was that like?

Luis Santiago: Oh, it was terrible. I..I.. uh.. I really.. uh.. uh in shock, I says wow it really is my family....that was involved.. the shooting. And I asked where's my son? And she just cried and says she 'he's dead, he's dead I tried to give him CPR, he had a hole in the back of his head, you know his face...' you know he had the bluest bluest eyes, just beautiful eyes, you know, the most beautiful eyes I've seen. and (we? unclear) took em out.

-He is answering the question of what it was like, when he first saw WEST.  He stammers about how terrible it was, but then he goes beyond the question, trying to reinforce the idea that he was surprised that his family was involved in the shooting, even though he had already been informed of the fact by police before arriving at the hospital.

-He says he asked about his 'son' (doesn't ever say is name), and says "she just cried and says...she..he's dead, he's dead I tried to give him CPR". He appears to be quoting West, but he mixes up pronouns she/he, and repeats 'he's dead' twice, before mentioning CPR, which is out of sequence. 

-He has gone far beyond answering the question, but he still continues, commenting on the 'hole' left by the bullet..a very disturbing thought that I would expect him to avoid.

-Like West, his language is filled with tension and stuttering/stalling phrases such as, 'you know', 'uh', ' I says', etc. Since he is beyond the question asked, his stammering and difficulty formulating his answer is unnecessary. He could simply stop speaking and allow another question to be asked, but instead he shows his need to give more information to persuade.

-He shows a lot of sensitivity about the baby's eyes, saying the word 'eyes' 3 times in one sentence! (remember the baby was shot "between the eyes".) He also repeats the color of the eyes (bluest bluest), and makes a strange reference about 'they/we took them out'. (maybe speaking of organ donation?)

S + K Mum said...

I would love to read analysis on this case from Peter....this case is a strange one!!

Jen said...

Great post CarlaP,

I'm in complete agreement with you, the guilt of Elkins/Lane does not eliminate the parents as conspirators. And the scenario just doesn't make sense without some larger plot. These 'gang' members stood to gain NOTHING but trouble from this, unless they were talked into a murder-for-hire scheme by West or Santiago.

I actually think ALOT of West's account makes perfect sense if you view it from this theory, (the 'asking' if she wants him to kill her baby, the comment about him becoming scared THAT {not when} she screamed, and many more things i'll post later). I'm going thru the transcription you did on fathers statement (thanks again) question by question as I have time, and I'm anxious to read Peter's analysis if/when he does one.

Fern said...

Excellent post, Carla. Yeah...what did Elkins and Lang have to gain by snuffing out a baby's life? What gang leader condones the murder of a baby? As you stated...gangs are about turf, drugs, and rivalry...not about shooting innocent women and children on a morning stroll in a failed robbery attempt.

Elkins' had only two previous run-ins with the law. He provided a false name to a cop, and he was in possession of marijuana. Sure...he's only seventeen, but his "criminal" background doesn't suggest the making of a baby-killer.

Anonymous said...

I too am in agreement with CarlaP and Jen. Excellent posts CarlaP, my thoughts entirely. Conspiricy, greed, and (possibly a hoaxed up) back-door drug deal gone wrong. There's way more to this story that implicates both parents.

As to any fake grief displayed by the baby daddy, this man obviously isn't capable of loving any one of his children, otherwise he would have been supporting all of them. YOu don't leave the by-products/sperm (children) of your own loins going hungry or otherwise neglected while you eat. For that alone, this man is the one who deserved to be shot between the eyes.

And yes, I DO believe the pathetic story of Angela Shedd. This woman knows real heartache. Just because she had two children with this ape, or because she's uneducated, naive, and speaks poorly does not mean she isn't telling the truth. She obviously has a kind heart in setting up the memorial for the baby she had never met; they ARE after all the baby brother to her children even if she and her two children had never met him.

Fern, I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that Elkins is also the one who shot the pastor in the arm in a robbery attempt just a week or so prior to shooting the baby.

Layla said...

Jen--Great analysis! You are right about the Sergio-like giggling too! The extreme sensitivity surrounding his desire not to take the phone call is so telling when, as you stated, a normal person would be calling and calling Nana to figure out any details to find out if it was his family involved like she said it was.
Unbelievable too, how when he does decide to take the call from Nana who turns out to be the police calling, he says of taking the phone call "OK, let's get this done."

Layla said...

Jen--With Santiago saying "So, they took him out"--I really think he is using slang for they (the shooters) killed him (the baby). I've listened to it over and over and that's what it seems like he's saying when I hear it (not saying that I know for sure bc I dont), but he also does seem to talk about the baby as if he is an adult and bigger than he himself is.
1). He uses the expression "they took him out" as if he is an adult who has had a hit placed on him.
2). He says "I was his LITTLE teddy bear amd clown".

Layla said...

Just one more thing I thought of: You know how Elkins is simultaneously being charged with the shooting of the pastor in the arm? Well, when I first heard of this I thought to myself "wow, of all people for him to rob and shoot, they pick a pastor?". Now, I would be very interested to know was this robbery/shooting of the pastor random or did he know he was robbing a pastor (for example went right to his home or church)???
Aside from it being shocking because of the respect, especially within the African American community usually felt towards the pastor, there is something else that is alarming. Remember the email someone posted of an ex-wife of Santiago's who warned he is a lying abuser WHO USES RELIGION AS A COVER TO HIDE BEHIND. Any chance this shot pastor knows Santiago and he also hides behind religion?

Fern said...


"At first, West thought the gun was a fake because a shell casing wasn't released when the suspect fired at the ground. Police haven't verified whether or not a shot was actually fired into the ground."

I, too, share your suspicions about Elkins firing the weapon "at the ground."

And since the police haven't verified this detail, I wonder if they, too, are suspicious.

Devrie said...

Does anyone know if the pastor filed a police report at the time of the incident? Did he just recently come out to tell police he had been shot because he saw the shooter in the news?

Fern said...

The it is:

Devrie said...

Oh, here's the incident with the Pastor:

Devrie said...

Thank you, Fern! I was interested to see any similarities and to know if there was an actual report. It appears there was!

Fern said...

The Bleat...there's some "chatter" that Santiago and Calix-Flores have a connection. It has been "rumored" that Santiago is a very religious man, and Calix-Flores a pastor.

I cannot find an existing church on Norwich Street in Brunswick, GA.

Don't you think a congregant of Calix-Flore's unnamed church would speak out on behalf of his/her pastor that was shot?

Calix-Flores is no more a minister than I am.

This is all bullshit.

Devrie said...

I have some confusion over Obley's "tip" to the police. When did she give Elkins a ride? That day or the next day?

If it was that day, did she later press Lane for information, or did she ask him after Elkins got out of the car? Because, if she did, how'd she know about the baby shooting so fast?

Also, there was a report of an anonymous tipster who lead to the arrests of Lane and Elkins, but we later learn that the tipster was Obley.

Did she get the $10,000 reward that was promised to the person who called in the tip that lead to the arrests? Could she get the reward?

Lesha said...

I believe a person is innocent until proven guilty, however, in this case all the players are mind blowers.

I don't believe SW killed Antonio but I beleive she knew the shooter. Now Luis is a different story. He was an informant taking care of a mentally-ill drug addict. He lived across the street from his child and the mother. Is it possible he was not the real father? The blue eyes comment was so out of place.

Could SW have been a pawn for a big drug bust? My gut tells me Elkins was a hired shooter. He is guilty of something. I think sweet little Antonio was a revenge hit.

Lesha said...

Obley waited a long time before she turned in her nephew. I think she also knew who ordered the hit.

The defense is throwing out hints when he implicated the aunt of Lang.

Maybe the the person who hired Elkins know Obley and promised to protect Lang if he turn in Elkins.

Layla said...

Fern--You're right--it is BS. Im not surprised to read here there may be connections between Santiago and the pastor.

Lesha--I wondered if Santiago was the real father, or, at the very least doubted his paternity based on his stating that Nana had called and said it was Santiago's family that had been shot--that it was a WHITE woman and WHITE baby. This struck me as bizarre for him to repeat this as the parent of an interracial baby does not consider his baby "white".
I will look fuurther into what you all have posted about the pastor shooting.
Interesting discussion going on.

Layla said...

Bleat--I believe the aunt turned him in for some ulterior motive, as you suggest a reward would be a possibility. That is a good question about the timing and did she even know about the shooting.
Fern--thank you for posting the info about the cops not being sure if there was a shot fired into the ground. It confirms are suspicions as being valid.

Fern said...

"Glassey said she has contacted the Brunswick Police Department and no one has called her back. First Coast News contacted police to ask why, buy have yet to receive a response."

Now I'm having serious misgivings about the BPD.

Fern said...

"The baby's father, Louis Santiago, said before the arrests that he had forgiven the killers."

So...Santiago has forgiven "the killers" BEFORE they were even identified and apprehended? And when the boys are arrested, Santiago isn't even upset with them because "they didn't have a good upbringing"?

I don't characterize Santiago's comments towards the boys as altruistic or compassionate. It is crazy talk. It suggests to me premeditation on Santiago's part.

Remember...the "all-forgiving" Santiago was arrested and briefly incarcerated for yelling at Sherry for Antonio's death. The "all-forgiving" Santiago has a history of domestic abuse.

Lesha said...

Fern, Luis Santiago was arrested for yelling at West? Why would a grieving father not comfort the mother of his child? Why did he think she was at fault?

Also the DA has motioned for a gag order. That is normally a defense motion to get the accused a fair trial. Will this baby get justice or will whatever evil lurks in this town be smothered? I read in the Albany Herald that a gag order motion was filed by the DA! What makes the DA so concerned about possible truth coming to the ears of the public by the media? Hmmm

Fern said...

Lesha...thanks for posting! It felt like I was talking to myself as of late...

Something is very hinky about the way this case is being played out. The cops have been very quick to dismiss Sherry and Louis' comments and behaviors...very quick to dismiss Sherry and Louis as suspects.

Yes...Louis Santiago was arrested and briefly held for going off on Sherry shortly after the incident. Louis blamed Sherry for the route she took...why didn't he blame her for not relinquishing her pocketbook?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I will be covering this case more extensively as I agree: something is very wrong here.

It is helpful, however, to post quotes, and links to the quotes when one has the time.

Devrie said...

Here's a link to what Verdell Hunter supposedly said about her grandson outside of court.

"Outside court Monday, Moses and Lane's grandmother, Verdell Hunter, said Lane doesn't know Elkins. Hunter said her family doesn't know exactly what happened, but her grandson lives in the area and told her he was simply walking by when he saw Elkins.

"He's a victim. He said that boy came up to him and said, 'I'm fixing to off you off. You a Mexican.' Because he had a hood on his head with the little thing in there. And my grandson said oh."

Devrie said...

What "little thing" in your hood makes you look like a Mexican? Is that what Hunter is saying? Anyone know what she's talking about?

Fern said...

But when the rain started early Saturday afternoon, Wally Mathis collected all the items except for a bouquet of flowers and delivered them to Antonio’s father, Luis Santiago, who was arrested and jailed briefly after the shooting when his grief overwhelmed him and he began screaming at West, blaming her for their son’s death.

“I’m not upset with the boys,” Santiago said Saturday of the two teenagers charged with killing his son. “They didn’t have a good upbringing.”

He has lots of questions, but they are mostly for West. “Why did you go that way?” Santiago asked. He said he frequently told her to take another route when she walked their son in a neighborhood that has public housing projects on each end of the street.

Does he blame West? “Hell, yes, I do,” Santiago said.

Fern said...

The Bleat...

I followed the link you provided, but I don't see where Verdell Hunter states "He said that boy came up to him and said, 'I'm fixing to off you off. You a Mexican.' Because he had a hood on his head with the little thing in there. And my grandson said oh."

Do you think it was edited out after the original article published?

Devrie said...

Fern, it's three paragraphs down, under the subheading: Suspects' grandmother: 'He's a victim.'

Fern said... it! Thanks!

Wow...not sure what to make of Hunter's comment.

Devrie said...

I find it interesting, Fern, because she says that she doesn't really know what happened.

The lawyer said that Lane is "more of a witness." I think "more of" implies he did not directly witness the crime, or at least that's what he's saying to the attorney.

So what conclusions can we draw from those statements? Either Lane was not involved--just happened to be on the same street when Elkins approached him,

Or Lane is lying about his involvement in the crime and is putting the blame squarely on Elkins.

I find it to be a very unusual set of circumstances where one kid who doesn't know another ends up getting a ride with his aunt AND is implicated in a crime.

If they don't know each other, then how did Obley come to any conclusion that her own nephew may be involved with the death of Antonio? "f you've got something to do with this little baby, you can't talk to me."

And... is that a typo? "You can't talk to me, I'm your auntie?"

Lesha said...

Bleat, there is a video on with Obley saying she is being threatened for being a snitch. This was a day or so after the arrest. Is she talking about her family threatening her or just random people?

This is not a defense for Sherry West, but, I don't believe she is involved in her baby murder. But I do believe she is hiding something. Elkins FB page is evidence enough for me that he is more than likely charged correctly. Lang is more than just a witness too. Obley gave Elkins a ride. She had to know this guy. Why would Lang ask her to give him a ride?

Sherry West has mental issues as stated by Luis Santiago in his uncut video. I think we should take a deep breath off of her behavior for a minute. Maybe she got caught up in a web. Neighbors and cab drivers verify her devotion to the baby. Her apartment was filled with toys and shows she was a loving mother. Just my opinion but I don't see neglect for love on her part. Maybe her behavior was by instuction from Luis and the PD. Those interviews were not of her doing someone coached her.

I have focused on the other players more than West because it seem these are some heartless characters and SW was a target to hurt Luis (an informant for LE).

Lesha said...

As Fern discovered Luis was angry at Sherry for the route she took that morning. He knew she was a target and he probably told her.

In the videos of Luis he said he was watching Steve Harvey Show about a Chicago baby being murdered. Why would he mention this to a news reporter? Unless this hit home to him.

Luis is smarter than Sherry and he was probly first to have her alone to talk to her after the police. Who knows how deep Luis is involved with crime and the police as an informant? Many time an informant is a target and Luis is an informant so says Gough in his motion. But, Gough was wrong about Sherry filing a fire insurance claim. It was a differnt person. He had to amend his motion with that correction per article today. Gough is defending his client and so is Lang attorney.
How else do you defend a person accused of murder without reasonable doubt? Blame a mentally ill person who will probably raise that doubt.

I would bet Elkins will deliver the master mind behind this very soon and the DA is waitng for that break. That's why the DA ask for a GAG ORDER. More arrest are pending and Sherry West can then tell the truth as she know it. Luis, on the other hand, will probably have to be put in protected custody. The big fish is still out there but Elkins don't deserve a deal so the DA has to gather more evidence on whatever activity caused this horrific crime. Stay forcused on Luis, the Elkins clan, and Aunt Obley because these are some evil people. Who waits almost 24 hrs to tell police about a ride they gave to a possible murderer of a baby? Who makes up alibis for a possible murderer? Who forgive a shooter only hours later after they shoot your baby? I would bet Luis real name is not Luis Santiago. This just seem like an expected occurance to him. He had guilty tears not tears from pain.

Devrie said...

Very interesting, Lesha. I wonder if Sherry knows she was involved in "something," that may have lead to this situation, as in, she wasn't directly involved.

That might explain her need to explain why she walked where she walked and when. Luis told her not to go down "that road," but she did. Why he said not to go down that road is important, I think, because Sherry says she "doesn't get out much," and Luis says he wanted her to be safe. If she only walks to the post office or to certain locations, not having a vehicle, I find it interesting that Luis would have told her specifically, ever, not to go down a specific road.

Perhaps something else happened all together, and Sherry fears what would happen if she says anything about it.

Fern said...

Such interesting insight and discussion!

Luis is one strange dude. His lack of outrage towards those responsible for killing his infant son isn't reasonable. Luis forgives the killers BEFORE they were even identified and arrested. How do you forgive assailants UNKNOWN for the senseless murder of your baby?

I'm on the fence about Sherry. Her story changes with each re-telling.

I need to delve deeper into Elkins' family and Ms. Obley.

OT: Why have so many comments been deleted on this thread? I wanted to review the comments about West and Santiago refusing the subpoenas, but they have disappeared.

Lesha said...

Bleat, I'm in complete agreement with your take.

Luis used words in his video like "box" for casket and "took him out" for murdered or killed. He was quick to call himself a "statistic" from gang violence. Now why did he decide that from a random robbery? All robbers are not in gangs.

All of this before the shooter and his sidekick was caught. Sherry on the other hand used CPR, "we lost him", ligaments and other medical terms normally used by professionals. This is not to say she is ignorant, but to say she was coached by someone who wanted the media to put certain information out there.

Luis speaks well for someone who is just a person who lives life gracefully in a humble apartment. He mention the library twice. Why take a one year old to a library? Certainly not for him to read a book. He also lied when he said her son who was killed in New Jersey was stopping a fight. Her son started a fight.

He knew Elkins and his family. "I don't blame them, they didn't have a good upbringing." How would he know if they weren't caught yet? Good kids commit crimes all the time. And some are brought up well too.

Lang family bothers me too. They were quick to take him to the police not out of being good people but to try and save his but. But, I don't think they expected the outcome they now are faced with. As for the pastor who was robbed a mystery lingers. Maybe Elkins and maybe not.

This will take an investigating reporter expetise to get a take on Luis and the pastor. There is no proof I see to prove Gough's claim that they knew each other. And because they are both Hispanic doesn't prove anything. Sherry is very scared of somebody but who? Is it Luis, the police, Obley or a gang lord? I still think she was bait and didn't know it. I also think she is being used right now.

I know her behavior says otherwise, but even the defense say she is mentally ill or "crazy as a fox" as Gough put it. The main reason I starting thinking differently about her actions.

Devrie said...

"The defense does not believe Sherry West's story, but after reviewing the authorities, defense counsel is persuaded that Sherry West has a constitutional right to tell her story,"

It looks like the defense wants Sherry to keep talking.

Lesha said...

Yes Bleat! And you can bet Sherry story is a doosy. I watched her uncut video several times last night. She is afraid, so much so, she appears to struggle to remember what she was instructed to say.

Her story is probably helpful to both the DA and the defense. "Crazy as a fox" in the motion by the defense. The DA has shared something very important with the defense, trust me. Sherry may have mental issues but she knows something that scares her.

"Do you own a gun?" the reporter asked. She replied she was afraid of guns and she leave that to the police. Now why would she leave owning a gun to the police?

If you watch both uncut video's of Luis and Sherry. Luis has all the answers ready to give, even more than what was asked. Yet, Sherry is holding back her grief so she can remember how to answer. Her story is somewhat believable without the added and subtracted details. This is one reason she seemed coached to me. Remember, Luis spoke to the media first.

If Luis really is an informant that means he is a double agent. He lies to both the criminals and the police. Why would he pick someone with issues he described on his video to be his lover? BAIT!

Devrie said...

Wow, that's an interesting thought. "leave that to the police." It's interesting that her mindset was on the purpose of self-defense. She had a nervous laugh at that moment.

Perhaps that's why there is sensitivity on the gun--"I thought it was a fake gun." Maybe she's saying she just didn't think IT was going to happen. Was she threatened?

Sherry's daughter says she changed her story from the baby being shot first, then Sherry being shot first.

What if Sherry knew exactly WHY this happened, but didn't think it would happen, and that's why she keeps saying, "I thought it was a fake gun."

Someone else pointed out that Luis admits to being there, but he'll only admit to peeking in the window. I find that curious from a personal anecdote.

I met my current husband through his mom, who was my neighbor in a condo-style complex. She used to talk about the previous resident to where I lived, and when I met my NOW current husband, he seemed to know a lot about the previous tenant.

I said, "Did you date her or something? Are you dating all your mom's neighbors?" lol. I think that question freaked him out, so he denied having dated her. Well. He eventually admitted to talking to her on occasion outside on her back porch, but I kept wondering why he seemed to know what the inside of her place was like (he'd say, "yeah, the last tenant was really messy).

He said, "Well, I could see inside. We were right on her back porch." The story eventually went from "I could see inside," to "Well, she'd let me go in to get a beer." I kept pounding him, saying, I don't care if you slept with her. And so....he told me that yes. That happened.

I joke with him that if it smells like a lie, I know it probably is a lie. I say, you went from saying "I know because my mom talked about her," to "I sat outside with her" to "I got a beer in the house," to "we sometimes sat on the couch," to, "Yeah. We slept together."

I just wanted the truth!! I really didn't care about some relationship that happened over a year before I met him, BUT, the point is that he kept himself outside in his original story. He didn't want to let me know he was ever, really INSIDE her apartment, because he thought I'd think he was a weirdo for having dated the previous tenant.

Louis Santiago stayed "outside" the apartment for some reason in his story, yet he spoke with Sherry. He asked if she had anything to mail, to which she supposedly said "no," yet she went to the post office anyway.

Maybe Sherry was doing something Luis didn't want her to do. Maybe the "post office," is a symbol. Instead of saying xyz, which neither can legally admit, they say "post office."

When I was in my early twenties, a friend of mine had this crazy sort of mom, and I always wondered why the mom was talking about bowls of cereal. "You think you're going to want a bowl of cereal tonight?" Turned out she was talking about pot. Even when mom found out that I knew, she still called it cereal.

Lesha said...

There is a video on news4jax of Doering pleading to the community the day of the arrest of the Elkins sisters, "somebody out there know something" he said, "they will probably talk to somebody they trust." Please come forward and help us with this investigation, he pleaded. They have the shooter and his sidekick,the gun, the bullet or bullets, the witness(Aunt Obley)who gave shooter a ride and saw his gun in his pants, the Elkins family who lied and hid the gun, and the pastor who identified Elkins for an attempt to rob him and shot him. Not to mention the evidence they collected that is unknown to the public.

This should be a slam dump for the
prosecutor. But they know with Sherry West as the only eye witness;
her testimony on a witness stand would give a field day to the defense. Therefore, if she is an addict, I hope they send her to a hospital unknown to the media or the public and get her clean.

The defense is attacking Sherry with full force because she is the only reasonable doubt they have. I would hope they make another arrest real soon if they think there is one. I try to keep an open mind, but the Elkins guy and Lang do not appear like innocent kids to me.

The Obley woman is another target for the defense, She has a criminal record as the defense put forth in one of many motions. And the defense asked for a speedy trial. The defense is accusing the DA of making deals with Obley. Someone said he is fishing but I don't think so. On the video of Obley on she sounded deceptive and "sly as a fox".

Devrie said...

"making deals" with Obley? Is it possible she did get the reward leading to the arrest? That may be what the defense is referencing, perhaps.

Lesha said...

I'm not positive, but I think the reward is only given after a conviction. So far, there is an indictment, so if I'm correct she will have to wait to collect. The "deal" must mean immunity from any prosecution. However, her tip did lead to an arrest and if the reward was to lead to an arrest, the money is hers I suppose.

Anonymous said...

For anyone to believe these two punks are innocent is far fetched! Just another black on white crime swept under the rug by Zionist media. Hey wait let's forget this innocent baby that was murdered ( Hate Crime ) and focus on the Trayvon case that is so much more important since the kid is African American. You guys make me vomit!

Anonymous said...

"The GBI found gun shot residue on both Sherry West and Louis Santiago shortly after the killing.

The fact that West was shot during the robbery attempt could explain why investigators found residue on her.

As for Louis Santiago, the GBI lab report says finding gunshot residue on a person could indicate that they were holding the gun when it was fired, been near a gun that was fired, or came into contact with a surface that has gun shot residue on it.

Police have never named Sherry West or Louis Santiago as suspects in baby Antonio's murder."


Anonymous said...

assuming that the parents are involved, the 2 thugs that shot the baby no matter what have to be tried as adults and given the maximum sentence, and if the parents are a part of it, they should be tried and given the death penalty, they deserve it, don't think it'll happen given the fact that the mom might be a bipolar and a mental nut case

Jessica said...

"Anonymous said...

For anyone to believe these two punks are innocent is far fetched! Just another black on white crime swept under the rug by Zionist media. Hey wait let's forget this innocent baby that was murdered ( Hate Crime ) and focus on the Trayvon case that is so much more important since the kid is African American. You guys make me vomit!"

You are the only one making this into a racial issue. The others are analyzing statements made, not arriving at conclusions. You draw your own conclusion from the statement analysis.

amphone2 said...

Has anyone ever heard of Charles Stuart? He reported he and his pregnant wife were shot and robbed by a black guy. He picked Willy Horton out of a line up. The wife and baby died whilw CS lived with an abdominal GSW. He bled a lot and nearly died himself. All of Boston was ready to lynch WH. My grandmother watching the news said, he was lying. We were shocked she could think that, but she said she could tell by the way he talked about the crime - like it was rehearsed. A few days later he jumped off the Tobin. He had lied. He killed his wife and baby and shot himself in an attempt to collect on the insurance.

The only evidence I have read so far in this case is the gun shot residue on the parents hands. Analysis of statements can be very influential in deciding guilt but text messages and Face Book status updates are difficult ti authenticate. What would sway me us if ballistic were found to match the gun AND if the gun was undeniably tied to Elkins. I have not seen that evidence yet.

amphone2 said...

Btw this comment thread is the best source I have found yet on this case. I apologize for typos as I am commenting from my phone.

sherry west said...

As for your comment to me being the only witness to my baby's murder that's because there are people that testified that they didn't hear the gunshots or they didn't want to be accountable for someone else's actions. I don't blame them.

Habundia said...

Of all the analysis that has been written by so many, this is her response?
This could have been the best opportunity to tell the readers that she wasn't involved and had nothing to do with her sons murder.
She doesn't.

After reading all comments and not having heard of this case before it would be my 'conclusion' .....this case stinks. And an innocent baby died a senseless death because of it. RIP little man you deserved better!