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Statement Analysis: Shawn Adkins on Andrea

The following is transcripts from the radio program in which Shawn Adkins spoke about the woman, Andrea.

Statement Analysis is in bold type.

This girl, her name is Andrea, I met her a few times almost a 

year ago and the short time I known her I really didn’t take a 

liking to her because in a way I feel that she was having a fatal 

attraction toward me. I remember days when she was telling me 

she loves me and I wanted to put an end to it and I did.

Ever since then she’s been, I feel like she’s stalking me and

 she’s even gone to the extent of coming over to my mother’s 

house and vandalizing her property. Ever since then she’s been 

causing problems and I found out here lately that a searcher 

that she’s been putting all these posts on Facebook that she and 

I were getting married and everything like this, and that we’re 

still together.

I’m here to say that is not true. There’s only one woman I love

and that’s Billie Dunn. I have no feelings whatsoever for you 

Andrea. I wish you would just leave me alone. I’ve already been 

through enough."

Here is the statement again, with analysis and emphasis added:

This girl, her name is Andrea, I met her a few times almost a 

The word "this" indicates closeness.  This closeness may be physical, emotional, etc, as it may be 

a topic that is close to the subject's thinking.  This was an appearance on a radio program in

 which he went on to talk about then, missing, 13 year old Hailey Dunn of whom he was named a 

Person of Interest, and a Suspect in. 

Note that along with the word "this", the subject uses her first name.  

year ago and the short time I known her I really didn’t take a 

liking to her because in a way I feel that she was having a fatal 

attraction toward me. 

Note that he "really" didn't take a liking to her, indicating that he did, in some way, take a liking 

to her.  That he did like her is supported by the word "this"; to him, it is not "that woman, Ms. 

Lewinsky" where we see distancing.  He uses the word "this", her first name (he may not have 

wanted to use her last name on the air) and here he concedes liking her. 

"really didn't" :  note that he presents it in the negative, making taking a liking to her 

"sensitive"; which may be explained by both the word "this" and the word "really"

Note that he feels the need to explain why he doesn't "really" take a liking to her, with the 

sensitivity seen in the word "because."  

He does not say "I don't like her" with any form of distancing language; instead, he shows sensitivity towards her. 

Q.  Was this the woman who did the pornographic video with Dunn and Adkins?

Note the fatal attraction to "me"

I remember days when she was telling me 

An honest person can only tell us what they remember; here he feels the need to support his 

statement with "I remember", yet it is "days" and not a specific date, which may explain why he

 says "she was telling me" rather than "she told me."

she loves me and I wanted to put an end to it and I did.

"she loves me"

Note that he "wanted" to put an end to it and adds in "and I did" as a secondary part of the sentence. 

He did not say "she told me she loved me and I ended it", but the additional wording tells us that 

this was something that was ongoing.  Please consider the above sensitivity towards her and the 

closeness, in relation to the need to add:  "and I did."

We can believe that he did end it, but that which preceded the ending is not something he may 

have wanted to reveal. 

Please note that the context of this statement is about Hailey Dunn being "missing" and needing 

to be "found."

Ever since then she’s been, I feel like she’s stalking me and

"Ever since" is a span of time that is not defined. 

Note the change of pronoun and the broken sentence indicate self censoring and  missing information.  

Note that he says "I feel" like she is stalking him, with "I feel" being a weak assertion.  He does not say "She is stalking me" or "she stalked me", but only that he "feels"; allowing for himself and others to "feel" differently. 

 she’s even gone to the extent of coming over to my mother’

One might want to question the word "coming over" to learn if the subject had invited her over previously.  

He does not say "she went to vandalize my mother's..." but that she's "even gone to the extent" which attempts to show that previous, unnamed actions, built up to this point.  Why the need to persuade?

"Coming over" is what people do upon invitation. 

house and vandalizing her property.

It is his mother's "house" and "her property" with the coming over to the house mentioned before vandalizing.  

He could have said "she vandalized my mother's house" and we would have known that in order to have done that she would have had to gone there, but he says she was "coming over" and the house and property are listed separately. 

Coming over to the house is separated from the vandalizing of her property.  

If coming over and the vandalizing of the property are different, we should consider and ask what might be separate from the house...

a mail box?



Ever since then she’s been 

"Ever since" is another span of time. 

causing problems 

this is also separate from coming over to the house, vandalizing her property.

It would be interesting to learn what would cause "problems" which is plural, and different than 

visits to his mother's house and different from his mother's property. 

He did not say "she caused problems" but is "causing" problems, present tense.  One might 

want to learn if the subject had been seen with Andrea in a manner that was, continually, 

"causing problems" for him and his love interest. 

and I found out here lately that a searcher 

Where is "here"?  Is he at his mother's house where she might be "coming over"? 

There appears indication that this woman is still impacting his relationship with Dunn at the 

time of this broadcast. 

that she’s been putting all these posts on Facebook that she and 

I were getting married and everything like this, and that we’re 

still together.

One may want to ask if the subject had spoken about marriage to the woman, perhaps at his mother's house.  

Note "been putting" verb tense as also ongoing and "everything like this", with "this" also 

indicating closeness.  Will the language support this closeness between a subject and one who has 

a "fatal attraction" to him?

Note:  "she and I were getting married" followed by the pronoun "we" in the same sentence.  Is 

this an embedded admission of what had been discussed between them?
I’m here to say that is not true. 

This is the subject's stated purpose for being "here":  he reports it in the negative as "not true."

What is it that is "not true"?

Please note his purpose for being "here" is not Hailey Dunn.   

When one uses the word "we", it is an indication of cooperation or unity.  When Dunn recently 

said, "we broke up" instead of "I broke up with him", she was indicating to us, linguistically, 

a connection.  

There’s only one woman I love

Also note the addition of the word "only" and the introduction of the word "love" by the 

subject. Previously he spoke of "getting married" and "coming" to his mother's house and 

vandalizing and doing "things" and "causing problems", leading us to wonder, what is "not 


and that’s Billie Dunn. 

Andrea is given the word "this", indicating closeness, while "Billie Dunn" is given the word 

"that" which shows distance. 

I have no feelings whatsoever for you 


Note the additional word "whatsoever" added to the sentence in which he speaks directly to Andrea. 

One would wonder how Andrea knew he would be on radio and that his purpose would be to 

make this declaration, which has nothing to do with the dangers, horrors, and feelings of 

fear one might have over a missing 13 year old girl.  

I wish you would just leave me alone. 

Please note his "wish" to Andrea is weak.  He does not say "Andrea, leave me alone", but only 

that it is a "wish."  We often make a wish and later are glad it did not come true, as we change

our minds. This is not a strong statement to Andrea; it is not a is only a wish. 

This suggests weakness within him, as he still has feelings for her.  

I’ve already been 

through enough."

Please note that he has already been through enough already, without mentioning what 

Hailey has been going through.  

The purpose of his appearance was not Hailey, but to honor, publicly, Billie Dunn. 

He did not do a very good job of satisfying her questioning of his fidelity towards her, but 

revealed that he still held feelings, and was not committed to ending a relationship in which 

he likely discussed marriage with Andrea.

Andrea should be thanking God, every day, that she is not with him, after learning what happened to Hailey Dunn. 


Anonymous said...

I feel that she was having a fatal attraction toward me.

So was Billie Jean Dunn...

Nanna Frances said...

Excellent post!

"Here lately" usually means recently in Texas slang.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if SA is back with Andrea?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Thanks, Nanna. It must be regional, as it does not sound fluid to my ears.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I would not be surprised to hear of them either together, or that they were, after this program, together.

Anonymous said...

Shawn is complaining...of having a stalker.
Again! Another "look over there!" moment.
Nope. We are staying right here looking at you.
Awesome. Less word for Law Enforcement-who would love do know SHAWN'S MOVEMENTS...

Get over yourself Shawn. The only thin stalking you is TRUTH and there is no protection order-no cave-no rock and no hole that can hide you.

Give me a BREAK.


Nanna Frances said...


It is often used in East Texas and apparently in West Texas.

Anonymous said...

okay I should breath before I type. I apologize!


1.Less *work for Le
2.The only*thing stalking
3. >: <---angry I could do...insert anywhere..


S + K Mum said...

BJD is going to enjoy reading about Andrea here. Ouch!

Trigger said...

I doubt that Shawn "ended it" with Andrea or any other woman who enjoyed his hobbies.

He strikes me as the type that cannot let go of a woman who "starred" in his productions.

Shawn is a man who likes to visualize and fantasize with the stars that he made.

Anonymous said...

It means the same in the midwest too Nana

Anonymous said...

I listened to that interview recently and it seems that BD was sitting right next to him and hung up the phone when she didn't like the last question. She was probably burning that SA wasn't very convincing in his denial of feelings for Andrea.

Trigger said...

Andrea, is right about BD burning Shawn.

BD and John Young have a plan to burn him at the stake and leave nothing of him but a pile of ashes.

BD will get to star in her own court room drama complete with her new look and image.

mountain mama said...

Nana "here lately" means recently in Ohio too.

Unknown said...

This may well be the woman he an billie menage a troied with.

An Billie was up for that but when she sensed that an emotinal bond was developing between him an Andrea.

Well you can see where Im heading Billienotdunnothing dont take kindly to other women as competition for her men folk.

So perhaps she was pressuureiseing Shawn to make her next movie apearance in a snuff flick.

Hence her attraction to him was going to be FATAL to her.

And haveing feelings for her Shawn distanced himself or at least convinced billienotdunnothing .
That he had no intrest in her to save her life.

Or perhaps Im giveing him to much credit she may have been on Both there hit list.

But the Hailey Murder happened an there plans an priortys had to shift.

newbie said...

Casey Anthony's trial was long and the verdict was disgusting. Jodi Arias' trial has been way too long, I can't believe they let her stay on the stand and talk about herself for so many days on end...the result still not known and now Billie Dunn will have her trial and I am hoping they don't give her what she wants - the spotlight - but then it may be to her detriment unlike the others.

Lack of immediate arrest worries me though...

I pray Hailey gets justice and all the perps go down.

Unknown said...

This is an interesting statement

and I found out here lately that a searcher

That a searcher ? That a searcher what.

He then goes on to say here that she is saying all sorts of stuff boutme on facebook .
Like we are together an going to get married

Useing the word searcher here
He drops out info..

That droppedinfo can only be if you look at the context of what he is saying.

I found out recently from a searcher..
One of Haileys Angels but a searcher looking for hailey one assumes.
And as he never joined any of the searches to look for Hailey.
The only place he would come in contact with a searcher is at one of those vigils T SHirts ballon release photo op events.

But he want us to assosiate him with the searchers.
And he is saying he found out via a searcher that some crazy chick named Andrea is writting all this crazy stuff about you on facebook ect.

Its a lie embbeded within a lie or an insinuation embedded within a lie.

The lie is that a searcher looking for Hailey told him this recenty here.
Because thats were he is at all the time hanging with the searchers.
As if a nutjob like him whom scours the internet wouldnt be keeping tabs on Andreas Facebook page /profile sevral times a day
Bacicly stalking her on facebook .
He was the stalker but he mirrors his actions on to her.

So he wouldnt have to find out any such info from a third party as hearsay.
But he just wanted to use the word searcher an recently an here as if he is in the thick of the hunt for Hailey.

Unknown said...

Newbie Jodi Arias Trial has not been long at all.
On the contrary considering the severity of the offences
And that its a death penalty case its been very quick.

If you count only the number of days that her trial has been in session I think it would work out at a month an a half if even that.

Theve had three day weeks as the norm.
An then even a two day week .
Days when court cancelled for no appernt reason
An then court days ending at lunch because jodi has a migrane.

Over all this case has gone at a rapid pace
When they bother to show up.

The hillside stranglers trial in L A Lasted 28 months.

Chris said...

says she is married

Justice for Hailey!

Anonymous said...

Justice for Hailey!

ARREST Pillie Jean NotDunn ALREADY!

Vita said...

Feb 14, 2010- 911 Calls

Confessions within the statements of Billie Jean not Dunn? who really threatened to kill Clint, kill Billie? or was it not either of them threatened, it was BJD threatening to off Adkins? as she tells the 911 operator, over and over, that Shawn is the one that is threatening.

Who is the one that is pixxed off to the 9's (story telling and elevating each call) and who is the one that is calling for a welfare check. What happened? Shawn cheated on Billie with Andrea and she found out. Not Happy, her property wasn't behaving. Were they not broke up as BJD said in the BTR interview. " that girl, it was a sexual thing" - um yep, that be he was entertaining leaving Billie, she not to like this. She is a control freak, as she is the dumper, not the dumpee.

Full Audio of all Her calls:

@ 4:10 officer introduces the boyfriend - attempting to locate his girlfriend, he is calling 911, Billie Dunn, she threatening to commit suicide, he wants a welfare check.

Shawn's 911 call, after Billie's calls, link to audio:

We got into a big row today - say's Shawn in his audio. Today is 2/14/2010, Valentines Day. He is known, she to enter his name in the system, the operator, she to ask him to confirm his DOB, you are a aware you have a warrant. Yes he says. Somehow this is more of an orchestrated " feast" for Billie than it is Shawn a threat to her.

Her (leaving Hailey out of this)
Xbox used as leverage: Porn/secrets within it stored
Who's? Billies

Would this "Row" have anything to do with a texts sent to Shawn by Andrea Sandoval? Yes.

Sent on Feb 12, 2010 to Shawn's phone, from Andrea Sandoval

hey shawn see you soon.thx for bein my valentine babyboy.stop by you know where i live.
FEB 12,2010

Andrea Sandoval sent to Shawn days earlier,...

Had fun shawn!thx for the afternoon lovin!hope to see you 2nite! FEB 8, 2010

Sounds like a relationship, doesn't it. Andrea and Shawn.
Snips of the transcripts, all audio has transcription on the YT videos

from NG- link:

BILLIE DUNN, HAILEY`S MOTHER: documented, calls to 911 on Feb 14, 2010 - note the description of Shawn, and how long ago she broke up, they broke up, as she changes her words, within each operator who answers.

911 OPERATOR: What exactly happened?

BILLIE DUNN: I broke up with this guy a couple of days ago, and he`s a little MHMR (ph). And he`s telling me that he`s going to kill me and my ex-husband and that it`s going to be remembered for a long time. And he keeps on texting me and texting me. And I`ve texted back just to try to calm him down a little, but he said it`s going to happen.

911 OPERATOR: I`ve got a lady at 1804 Chestnut who wants to file a report on her ex-husband that`s threatening to kill her.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, God! She`s been going all day.

BILLIE DUNN: My boyfriend and I just broke up yesterday, but he`s saying he`s going to go into my house to get his T-shirts, and I don`t want him in there while I`m gone because I don`t know what he`ll take.

Call #2
BILLIE DUNN: Hello. My name is Billie. My boyfriend and I just broke up yesterday.

911 OPERATOR: And what is his name?

BILLIE DUNN: His name is Shawn Adkins. And he`s telling me that he`s going to kill me.

911 OPERATOR: He wants to go get his T-shirt?

BILLIE DUNN: Yes. Apparently, he left his T-shirt over there when he spent the night one night. And I just don`t trust him enough to go in there. Is there any way anybody can keep an eye over there?

He`s wanting to go in there. He knows that I don`t lock up, like, my windows. Sometimes, I don`t even lock the doors. And he knows that. So I`m kind of worried he could walk out with a TV or anything, my son`s XBox.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK, we`ve been having a big problem with those two all day.

BILLIE DUNN: And he`s telling me that he`s going to kill me. He said it`s going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Vita, you have sorted out some of this mixed-up mess in a way that helps make it somewhat more clear. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

"There is only one woman I love, and that's Billie Dunn" compare that to "there is only one woman I love and this is Billie Dunn" the latter doesn't sound like anything anyone would say. While "this" and "that" may well be indicators most of the time, I feel it may be misapplied in this instance.

Listener said...

Peter, you may want to put this link in a different place, but I just saw this latest interview with Curtis Lloyd from a local news station. Thank you, Mr. Lloyd! Now Hailey can be properly laid to rest, and justice can be done for her.

~ABC said...

Thank you Listener!

John Mc Gowan said...

Anonymous said...
"There is only one woman I love, and that's Billie Dunn" compare that to "there is only one woman I love and this is Billie Dunn" the latter doesn't sound like anything anyone would say. While "this" and "that" may well be indicators most of the time, I feel it may be misapplied in this instance.

He could have said:

There is only one woman I love, and it is Billie Dunn..

Using the word that is distancing language.

Look at THAT over there=Distance.

Look at THIS over here=Closeness.

S + K Mum said...

Burn was mentioned in the note to there a reason why that word was used....did anything burn when Hailey disappeared?

John Mc Gowan said...

Listener,thank you for the link.

Mr Lloyd,you were very respectful while talking about Hailey,you have dignity and balance in your words,You are an asset to LE and your community Sir.

~Doffs my hat to you~

Anonymous said...

Ditto to everything john said. You were articulate and composed. Well done, Mr. Lloyd.

Trigger said...

Andrea likes to start her texts with "Hey" then the name.

"Hey Shawn"
"Hey Mr Lloyd"

Anonymous said...

There is some speculation that SA's coveralls were burned.

Anonymous said...

"There is only one woman I love, and that's Billie Dunn". OH? How so is that?

I know, sex is like water rolling off a ducks back, some can hop on and do it anywhere at any time, but when you LOVE a woman? Not so. If you LOVE a woman you only desire THAT woman. Ditto for a woman who loves one man, unless she's a nympho and he won't perform, or vice versa.

To begin with, a man wouldn't want to hurt that woman should she ever find out, and secondly you only DESIRE that woman. Period. THAT's love. End of story.

So if your husband (or significant other) has been out there cheating on you; face it and git over it: he doesn't love you, or he certainly didn't at the time he cheated on you, otherwise he couldn't have and wouldn't have cheated on you; he wouldn't have even wanted too.

In the case of Shawn & Billie Jean? These rats had already been having three-way sex among themselves and loving it so much they video taped it; now suddenly Shawn "loves" Billie? Laughing out loud. Anon 1

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link Listener. I've been waiting for someone to post it. All around nice man, a good man, Mr Lloyd. Anon 1

Red Ryder said...

From Andrea's Facebook, April 26, "Confirmation sucks, I allowed a monster into my home, into my childs could have been one of my children! sad right now.I don't know how to feel.icant trust anyone."
She is right. It could have been one of her children. However it came to be that SA chose BD instead of her I suggest along with sadness she might have a heaping serving of gratitude for being spared the evil SA brought within.
I included her original spelling and punctuation for refence to the threatening note :)
She is now married as stated above, thanks Chris for finding her Facebook!

pointhunter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Red Ryder said...

I don't think Andrea was involved with the threatening note. She has been married for over a year now and is in some type of sobriety program. Honesty, clean living , and a different set of moral values than are held by SA seem to be hers (though movie tastes are questionable). We have seen SA's opinion of her, this is her opinion of him.
It was speculation that Andrea was the notes author however there are other candidates,
likely many we have never heard of.
The idea that telling you, Pointhunter, to not make any "bad" comments about SA on t.v. is so absurd. Does this person think it would influence anyone to think SA had some hand in Hailey's demise that did not already think this? Do they think LE would take your statement as evidence when they have oh so much more already than educated opinion?
Whoever the note writer is they have not thought this through, they are ridiculously absurd.

Sus said...

I also do not think that Andrea wrote the note. I do think whoever did tried to copy her writing style, though. Hmmm. Who dislikes Andrea enough to pull her into this?

Unknown said...

I know someone involved from the gitgo with this atroucity.
Who has exhibited ridiulously absurd behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Ecossie Possie, I realize you have good intentions but your posts are hard to read due to all of the grammatical errors. Their and there are homonyms and you consistently choose the wrong spelling. The amount of misspelled words is an ATROCITY. Your grammar gives the reader an impression of very low intellect even if that may not be true which makes it hard to consider anything you have to say. So please, before you post learn how to write

Anonymous said...

She has been causing problems.

'causing' is NOT present tense. Please! The lack of basic grammar undermines your credibility when analysing a statement. I've mentioned this to you before Peter but you seem to think it doesn't matter. It does! If SA is analysing discourse you should at least know what parts of speech are called, rather than just invent terms and tenses.

'has been causing' is in present perfect continuous and is used for an action begun in the past and continuing to the present. The fact that he uses PPC and not present perfect 'she has caused problems' implies that not only is there a current result of past behaviour but that the behaviour itself is ongoing. In fact PPC is used to emphasise the process rather than the result.

Andrea hadn't stopped at the time when he wrote this. Surely this is relevant to yout analysis?

It was a good analysis though :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I mean ACTIONS in the past that continue to the present...

Grammar freak

Anonymous said...

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