Thursday, April 11, 2013

Terri Horman: Where Is Kyron?

June 4, 2010 will always be a sad date for me.

It marks my own brother's birth date, which, as a close sibling, was always a fun and special day growing up.

It was on the same date that Kyron Horman met his fate at the hands of his step mother, Terri Horman, who was indicated for deception, failed her polygraph, and has steadfastly remained silent with the exception of talking to her then best friend, DeDe Spicher, who was also indicated for deception via Statement Analysis.

The criminal investigation is cold, but "ongoing"; as Terri Horman kept up the silence to inflict the maximum amount of pain upon Kyron's brave mother, Desiree Young, and his father, Kaine Horman.  In fact, in February, Kaine sought a delay in the divorce,while Terri's lawyers are insisting that NO QUESTIONS be asked of her about Kyron's disappearance even though it would speak to appropriateness in childcare duties.

Would any of these attorneys wish to have Terri babysit their children or grandchildren?

A simple word, 'leaked' via an attorney, for example, would have allowed closure to, in the least, begin for the tormented family, but Terri Horman would have none of it.

Recalling his case, see the article from 2012 about DeDe Spicher.  I have long wondered if DeDe Spicher helped move the body.

A journalist had called Terri, who, according to the journalist, began to speak rapidly into the phone, thinking she was speaking to her attorney, and may have just indicated that she moved the body.

The story never went public, though police were aware of it.

What were the exact words she used?  I need the green light and precise wording from him.  I invite said journalist to share his story, if allowed now, since so much time has passed.  It is his story to tell, and I hope he will.

His account, when taken into consideration regarding statements we have analyzed, can be stitched together, like pieces of a puzzle that fit.

DeDe Spicher had to plead the 5th amendment because her own words would have brought her indictment.

It's silence speaks volumes, while placing the burden of proof on the shoulders of prosecutors.

Yet, it is De De Spicher's own conscience that must find rest.  How is it possible while she, like Terri Horman, remain in conspiratorial silence?

Terri, where is Kyron?

If you have a shred of humanity left in that dark cellar you call your soul, let it out.  Let someone known.

Let Desire and Kaine bury their dead.

From 2012:

 A close friend of Terri Horman has cited the Fifth Amendment, refusing to answer questions regarding the disappearance of Kyron Horman.
Court documents show Dede Spicher refused to answer any questions regarding her friendship with Kyron's stepmom Terri Horman or her knowledge of Kyron’s disappearance, citing Fifth Amendment privileges against self-incrimination.
Kyron disappeared in June, 2010 from Skyline Elementary at the age of 7.
In deposition papers, Spicher was quoted as saying “I’m asserting my Fifth Amendment rights” to dozens of questions, including if she knew Kyron was missing, what her activities were on the day of the disappearance -- or even whether she could acknowledge her friendship with the accused.
Terri has never been named a suspect in the case, but is the target of the civil lawsuit by Kyron’s mother, alleging she is responsible for his disappearance.
Spicher lived with Terri in the days following the boy's disappearance and her home was later searched by investigators.
Spicher told People Magazine in 2010 she and Terri had "nothing to hide."
Dede and Terri were both unaccounted for during the same period of time the day Kyron disappeared, based on information revealed by investigators and on information from KGW sources.
The sources told KGW that Dede was doing gardening work not far from the Horman family home on June 4, but was unaccounted for during a three-hour period from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. She could not be reached by cell phone during this time either, according to sources.
In the October 5th deposition, Spicher cited the Fifth when asked if she knew Terri and members of Kyron's family -- or if she knew where the boy was.
Lawyers for Kyron’s mother Desiree Young are trying to compel Spicher's testimony, alleging state law does not allow Spicher’s refusal to answer in regards to questions that do not incriminate the witness in a criminal matter.
Attorneys grilled Spicher in more than 140 questions in the deposition. Among them; whether she knew if Terri had planned to harm Kyron, if she was aware that her employer at the time told reporters that Spicher was unaccountable at the time of Kyron's disappearance, and whether she had ever bought a disposable phone.
Asserting her Fifth Amendment rights, Spicher even refused to answer if she had ever been interviewed by police about the boy's disappearance


Anonymous said...

That photo always makes me tear up. Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case

VLW said...

Somehow I missed this report: "A journalist had called Terri, who, according to the journalist, began to speak rapidly into the phone, thinking she was speaking to her attorney, and may have just indicated that she moved the body." I'd sure like to know more about it! The civil lawsuit by Desiree has been placed on hold until August of this year because of law enforcement's concern it might interfere with their investigation. I know Desiree was anxious that Terri Horman's teenaged son be questioned before he was posted to the Middle East which was imminent at the time, but I never heard more. Does anyone else know whether or not he was deposed?

Reema said...

I have followed this case since day one & have been on & off the fence on who disappeared Kyron. I am now on the side of the fence that don't think Terry did it. I cannot believe that a person can ask their bestfriend to "help" do away with a 7 year old innocent little boy. I'm thinking a pedophile was in that school that morning with all the comings & goings & it was just too easy...then the school goes into cover your azz mode...that's my opinion only !!

Anonymous said...

If filthy Terri and her pathetic friend had nothing to hide they would be answering questions - point blank. This didn't happen at the school Reema, Kyron was murdered and dumped at the hands of those two monsters. This was revenge at it's worst. You don't plead the "fith" when u have nothing to hide. Be real, please!

Reema said...

That is your opinion Anon 1:27...they are like assholes, everyone's got one. I thought it could be Terry & DeDe at one time, now I've changed my mind...I may change it back but today, I think it was a pedophile.

Jeff said...

Anonymous, I am sincerely sorry for the abuse you describe, and you are an inspiration to those who try to break the cycle. While I cannot claim to have been raised in an abusive household, it was an unhappy one; and when I was finally blessed with my own daughter, I was always careful to consider my reactions to problems or child rearing and ensure I was using my intellect to decide a proper course of action, rather than simply being reflexive and behaving like my mother. I believe this has helped my daughter to have a better life and succeed where I have failed. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and I wish you continued happiness.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry too Anon. I think you should tell your story to Dr. Phil. He needs to feature survivors like you more!

elf said...

Eliza and reema- kyron did not 'disappear'. No one disappeared him. Or Ayla or Lisa or Hailey. Do you think that an evil magician just poofed them away?? Talk about minimizing a tragedy. Terrible Terry killed kyron (innocent people speak out) Billie and Shawn killed Hailey (the innocent do not speak lies) Justin killed Atlanta (the innocent don't have a need to hide) Deborah killed baby Lisa(the innocent cooperate).
These people were responsible for the murder and disposal of these poor babies. Instead of love and protection they suffered abuse and neglect only to be disposed of like so much garbage. The fifth amendment protects these monsters from self incrimination but what amendment protects societies children? And indeed, when these 'parents', these 'guardians', these 'loved ones'; murdered and tossed away these innocent lives who had never harmed anyone these kids became OUR KIDS.
Justice for kyron.
Justice for Ayla.
Justice for Hailey.
Justice for Lisa.
Justice for all the missing who now have no voice.

elf said...

**Justin killed Ayla not Atlanta. Stupid predictive text.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

We have a failed polygraph by Terri.
We have statement analysis indicated deception by Terri.
We have deception by DeDe
We have the need to invoke a right to protect from self incrimination meaning that if she speaks, she will be incriminating herself.

yet, it was a pedophile? (I assume this means stranger)

Quite a stretch.

elf said...

Hmmm....perhaps the pedophile is Terri and/or DeDe...

Eliza said...

Elf, I wrote kill/disappear as if who killed him and then hid his body! That's what I meant. I didn't intend to minimize what happened to Kyron. The same goes to the other children- that was what my post was about. I can't believe how many parents/caregivers harm and even kill the children under their "protection". Being a teacher, these cases are the ones that most haunt me.

Coughing (and remembering) said...

I am glad you haven't forgotten him.
This child never went missing, but I want to put her name out there and remind everyone of Sharice Iverson who was kidnapped in a casino in Reno in the summer of 1998 by Jeremy Strohmeyer and David Cash. JS took her into a stall and violated/murdered her while David Cash stood outside of the bathroom. She was @9. JS went to prison. Reno had no 'bystander' law, and accomplice apparently didnt fit. He is a true sociopath. He said he felt nothing for Sharice, she was a stranger, he only cared about his friend.
He came to Cal in the fall despite community efforts. He said it helped him pick up girls though I remember students taunting him. Today he lives under a false name. I hope he is outed one day, I hope karma catches up with him. But I wanted to say, Sharice, you are not forgotten. I did not know you, but you deserved better. David, I can't wait till life humbles you.

Anonymous said...

Reema apparently doesn't understand statement analysis. Elf, I agree, the "Pedophile" had to be Terri and DeeDee. So now they are murderers and pedophiles.
Coughing: I remember Sharice, poor baby girl. After hearing about it I never allow my children to go to the restroom alone. Weirdos wait in obvious places to grab children. I used to work for Target. We caught a man in the women's dressing room spying on them while they tried on clothes. Cops were called and he was taken away. Roomer had it that he made an advance toward a child, but that was never confirmed. Main thing is he was caught and removed from the store.

On another note - I saw a posting on FB about an middle aged woman who is a convicted pedophile waiting at an elementary school bus stop (scouting her next victim) when she was not allowed to be even close to a school. She was escorted away by police also.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember the little girl named Sandra that was taken from a trailer park (not sure where) and they came to find out was her own friends mother just a few trailers down. They had surveillance of her skipping down the road on her way to a friends house, bless her heart, and she was invited inside this "mothers" trailer, sexually assaulted, murdered and left at a dumpster in a red suitcase. Women are capable of these despicable acts as much as men. She admitted to police after as many lies as she could tell and is now rotting in jail.
For the sake of Reema...never assume a pedophile is always a man. Terri Horman is more than likely a pedophile herself. And likely her friend DD also. This could be the bond that keeps them so tight.

Coughing said...

I can see why people would be reluctant to believe that a beat friend could be triangulated into a crime, if you superimpose your own morals onto the evidence. America's court systems are filled with 'wicked attractions,' in fact most of the cases on here lately involve collusions. The one I just mentioned, Jeremy and David, that was accidental, but it is a perfect example. Look at the Hillside Stranglers, Foxy Knoxy and her beau, SA and BJD, on and on. I sometimes expect to hear of a perversion between Kyron's stepmom and her friend. If one is a narcissist, as well, it's even easier to believe she would be able to manipulate someone into helping---the thrall of a sociopath's approval, it can be life-giving for the right type of prey.
I tend to believe people behave as expected unless there's a reason not to---with some room for disparity of background, psychological disorder, etc. But for the most part, if someone's behavior defies humane logic, makes no sense, it's because it doesn't fit into the rubric of the innocent. We can make this much harder than it seems. Why is she acting guilty and defensive? If you were questioned about Kyron later today, would you have her behaviors???

Anonymous said...

The case of baby Brianna, one of the most horrific (not to minimize the rest of these innocent abused children) cases of child abuse. She suffered her whole 8 months of life. Her mother, father, uncle and grandmother were all involved. There was not a part of her body that wasn't bruised or broken. She was tossed in the air like a rag doll and let her fall to the floor. She was repeatedly sexually assaulted by her father and uncle as they took turns. The police station to this day has her picture up in their office. They had it photo shopped to remove all her bruises as no one in her family had ever taken a picture of her, ever. They caged her grave so people could not leave flowers, toys and letters. Even after she was dead and gone her parents, from jail, demanded a cage around her grave. The hatred they had for her lived on far beyond her short little life. I don't believe the grandmother got any time for her role which infuriates me.

Coughing said...

What was the name of that sweet baby who was being beaten by her mom and mom's male friend for something ridiculous and right before they killed her she said, 'I love you,' maybe to get her mom to stop? They threw her against the wall...15 minutes alone with mom. 15...???

Coughing said...

Oh Anon, I totally feel hatred towards these parents, caging that little girl's grave. The only beauty here, and it is beauty, is that she is held in God's arms now and so the family can be consumed with that rage for the rest of their lives, that impotent rage. They cannot touch God's love, nor will they know it.

Anonymous said...

coughing, what case was this where the child said "I love you" OMG... that is heartbreaking, I'm in tears. I don't know if I could even read that story. The poor baby probably said it like a plea to be on the same side again. How terrible. The justice system in today's times is just to damn SOFT. People are not afraid enough anymore. I like the old days when they did public hanging making examples out of law breaker. Yep, I'm old fashioned...but it kept the people in order.

lane said...

Coughing and Anonymous,

2-year-old Riley Ann Sawyers

updated 1/27/2009 7:26:10 PM ET
Prosecutor: Tot said 'I love you' before dying
The Associated Press
GALVESTON, Texas — A slain toddler tried to stop her mother and stepfather from beating her to death by reaching out to her mother and saying, "I love you," a prosecutor told jurors Tuesday.

The pleas from 2-year-old Riley Ann Sawyers didn't stop her mother, Kimberly Trenor, from continuing to brutalize her, assistant district attorney Kayla Allen said in her opening statement at Trenor's murder trial.

lane said...

Riley Ann Sawyers

Forgot to say 'please'
During her opening statement, Allen detailed for jurors the day that she said Riley Ann died for forgetting to say "please" and "yes, sir."

Coughing said...

Anon at 11:38, that's exactly why she said it. I remembered her name was Riley but she is the one nicknamed Baby Grace. I agree, it makes you want to vomit, a 2 year old so save herself she thinks if onky I tell them I love them they might stop.
I find that shocking for a 2 year old. That must be some of the sophisticated behavior/thinking evident in neglected children that Peter keeps referring to---maybe they also evolve a greater understanding of human nature/motivations---it cane from somewhere other than a typical 2 year old's frame of reference and problem solving set, which, really is only to cry or throw a tantrum until needs are met abd language skills get practiced to use words to express needs. Baby Grace waa far beyond that, wisdom wise.

S + K Mum said...

So so sad. It's devastating to hear about these poor kids.

Worse is knowing that it will be happening somewhere else right now. Who can these babies turn to when the people who should love and care and protect them are the ones who are treating them so badly.

Heartbreaking :'(

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure he was diposed. I have often wondered if he is the witness who started cooperating even though the timing indicates it could be Dede who was having lots of pressure placed on her by Rosenthal.

Elysha said...

Wow this whole thing breaks my heart and I cry way to often about kyrons dissaperance I don't even know the boy but I have fallowed the story since day one and now have 5 kids of my own and the all know the whole story about him and are aware to always keep eyes open and don't trust anyone but your own heart and in my heart I honestly believe Kyron Norman is alive and being held hostage somewhere. My prayers go out to the family and I will continue to pray every day till he comes home.

Unknown said...

It's a damn shame that the witch won't let him be found, an Idiot knows she's at fault but 3 yrs is too long for that little boy not to be brought home, Why is that woman still roaming around while everybody tiptoes around her? Something's wrong here,somebody has to be protecting her/helping her or something...If she was half a human she'd at least spill some clues to where his litttle body is?

Anonymous said...

all the names you mention are sad stories of poor unfortunate children just like Kyron and poor Hailey. They deserve justice, that is why it is impt we don't forget those names and how they died. bless them all.

foodnerd said...

Has anyone interviewed the journalist ([preferably by Peter, and/or extensively SA'd) as to whether he or she has an agreement with Terri to keep this off the record in exchange for a promise to have the exclusive or at least the first interview rights if/when it does finally come out?
He would know it isn't enough to bury her on its own, and also that an exclusive or even a first would be a far greater prize. He of course would be a fool to trust her; she will use him and the rest of the media however she feels will best advance her cause, and pile up the pathological lies because she knows no other way to think or speak.