Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The "MaryBeth Sleepover" Story Examined

                                             Why Marybeth instead of Hailey's best friend?

As has been pointed out by Nancy Grace initially, the story that Hailey Dunn's mother gave about going "missing" while en route to a sleep over had a similarity to the Carlie Brucia case.

The Brucia case was highlighted at the TruCrime Library that Nancy Grace was associated with.  This was an online library of murder cases.

Later in another appearance on the Nancy Grace Show, the mother was challenged as to the "slasher videos" and "serial killer" literature in the home, to which the mother responded that the material she had and printed out "came from you", that is, from the TruCrime Library that Nancy Grace was associated with.

Marybeth's mother reported that Hailey Dunn had not slept over, made no plans to sleep over and did not sleep over previously, either.

Why did the mother choose this particular target for her own "Carlie Brucia" story?

Speculation is that this household was targeted, perhaps, because the mother had previously sold her prescription medication to Billie Dunn, and that by choosing this household, police would likely get distracted by the drug activity.

On the 2nd appearance on the Nancy Grace Show, Nancy Grace recounted the report that a neighbor "saw" three children, Marybeth, Hailey and another child, walking, the next day.  The day would be after the time period in which it is believed that mother's boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, disposed of the remains.

Nancy Grace asked Billie Dunn if she spoke to Marybeth about walking with a very alive Hailey on the next day.

Billie Dunn responded that she was "letting" the police "handle Marybeth", both ducking the obvious question and casting some level of suspicion upon Marybeth's household; that is, one in need of "handling."

The drug rumor, when taken in this context, appears to make sense, as does the manipulative nature of the mother's self-serving account of "she went missing while I was at work."

In the two years since she first floated this story, we have seen it crumble, repeatedly, under the lens of Statement Analysis.  Whenever the mother spoke since the first appearance, her account changed, showing that it did not come from memory and was a deceptive story, one that never took place.

There was never a sleep over planned.

Hailey never spoke to Shawn Adkins that afternoon, for Hailey was already dead, having died sometime after 10PM and before 6AM the next morning; the morning that Adkins drove to his job, got himself a soda, allowed himself to be seen dropping off one pair of coveralls, and on to his journey back to Colorado City, creating a triangle which, when viewed, would indicate a drive in which the remains of Hailey would be found, within reasonable driving distance of the lines of this triangle, within Scurry County.

It is not known if he moved the remains, or if he had assistance from someone, like his long-suffering cousin, or someone else.  Killing a child, he told Hailey's uncle, is like "killing a deer."

His Michael Myers' like coveralls certainly caused pause in both his language and in the language of Billie Dunn, indicating sensitivity.

The sleepover story appeared to come from exactly where Billie Dunn said it had:  Nancy Grace's TruCrime Library and the target chosen may have been deliberately chosen to distract the police due to drug activity.  This is not confirmed at this time.

When Billie Dunn repeated the sleep over story, carefully listening leaves us with the question:

Is she entering into the language of Shawn Adkins, or, is she, herself, editing her own words.

At the time, my analysis concluded that she did not enter into the language of Shawn Adkins, but spoke for herself.

Everything I have learned since January 2011 has shown that this was her story, her language, and her plot:  she has been the leader of the two, which is why the language, itself, shows deception.

Had she simply repeated the story that he told her, there would be no deception in her language, just the way if someone lied to you, your language, in repeated the lie, would not show intent to deceive.

You would be wrong, but not lying.

For Dunn, this was her story, her language, and her leadership.


John Mc Gowan said...


Boston: Suspects' Parents Face Questioning.

US diplomats travel to the Dagestan region of Russia amid questions over whether the bomb plot could have been detected.

John Mc Gowan said...


following on from the sleepover,you mentioned in other articles about when people mention their sleeping positions and locations in statements(Loose connection i know).

Could you possibly write an article on that subject Please.


S + K Mum said...

I wonder if the wait (on ID of the remains) is making BJD stress out or giving her a sense of security, thinking they have no evidence?

I'm sure we will find out when she speaks again!

John Mc Gowan said...


Search Efforts Continue For Missing Dylan Redwine

VALLECITO RESERVOIR, Colo.- Warmer conditions are helping investigators search for new clues in the disappearance of Dylan Redwine.

The teenage boy went missing last November.

According to the Durango Herald, law enforcement officials have no new tips or discoveries in the case; instead, they're re-checking areas where search dogs picked up a scent last year.

On Tuesday, investigators were walking parts of the shoreline of the Vallecito Reservoir.

Dylan was staying with his father, Mark Redwine, who lives north of the reservoir, before he disappeared.

Anonymous said...

S & K; To me, Billie Dunn does not appear to be suffering one moment of stress. If anything, from what little we've seen, she appears to be flying high and not skipping a beat. I'm sure she thinks all the cards are staked in her favor, and they very well could be. However, John is the pro in body analysis, movement and mannerisms, maybe he knows something I don't. Anon 1

Anonymous said...

The Mary Beth sleepover story was just a stall tactic that Billie & Shawn concocted among themselves; obviously, since it proved to have no merit whatsoever.

What low-life dirty scumbags, pointing LE in the direction of Mary Beth and her mother, knowing full well Hailey had never been there and had never made plans to be there.

Oh, there could have been some prior drug connection between Billie & Mary Beths' mother, but Billie & Shawn knew there was no connection in Hailey's death and disappearance.

I don't know how anyone could ever believe another word either Billie or Shawn said/says, having pulled crap like this just to point LE in a different direction and away from focusing on them where the attention rightly belongs. Those two will do and say anything to cast suspicion on someone else.

I'm just waiting for Shawn to crack, hoping and praying he does; but he won't if no charges are ever levied against him. However, I believe if any truth ever comes forth it will be from Shawn to make sure he implicates Billie and doesn't have to face all the blame himself, knowing she is just as much to blame as he is, and maybe even more so.

If Billie had even half good sense she would be sticking closerthanthis to Shawn; but no, she's going to lay it all on Shawn and THIS will be her final downfall. Just MOO.

Anon 1

Anonymous said...

peter - Do you think billie or shawn ever in a passing thought wonder if they will be arrested for Haileys murder? I have also wondered if after all this time if they have stayed in contact with each other. They have both seemed to have moved on with there lives - but will always be tied to each other because of Hailey's murder. they both are guilty of murder and hope arrest are on the way. I am so sick of these parents getting away with disposing of there child and getting away with it.. Peter has pointed out many many cases where this has become the norm - Baby lisa ( debrah did something to her baby)- isable celis (sergio killed his daughter)baby ayla ( justin and his girlfriend did something to her and also disposed of her. heck he had a life insurance policy on her.just got temp custody)all these parents have blood on there hands but no charges have been filed and there are so many more names we could add to this list. Peter has pointed out all there deception. Has the casey anthony case not guilty verdict caused more hesitation to go after these child murderers.. I honestly believe jonbenet ramsey was murdered in her home - but there money and excellent attorneys saved there butts. But Justin diddn't have to nickels to rub toghter - they found ayla's blood in the basement where he slept. Just so heart breaking no justice for so many victims. Sorry to get off the subject of hailey just praying for justice texas style for these 2 murders.. They have had 2 more years than hailey did. Thank you Kimm from Texas. First time posting long long time reader

Jo said...

Billie went on to disparage MaryBeth and her mother when she commented that David (a teenage boy) didn't like that MaryBeth had her boyfriend over there all the time. Another attempt to have additional scrutiny on that household rather than her own.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


They have been in touch with each other, even after moving away.

How do I know?

I know because of language.

yes, locals from both CC and her new address contact me, and a grain of salt is sometimes necessary and other times, there is enough in the message to know it came from memory, but it is in Billie Dunn's own speech that shows the unity and connection.

It is the word "we" that she uses.

She does not say "I broke up with him" or "He broke up with me" but...

"we broke up."

When she speaks of not having contact, there is often sensitivity seen within the additional words she likes to add on, thinking that she is being persuasive when it is this need to persuade that gives her away.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


I think both have known, every day of their lives, that they would be arrested and have awakened each day wondering, "is this the day?"

Is this the day the remains are found?

Is this the day I change my dress for an orange jump suit?

Is this the day I change my Michael Myers coveralls and mask for orange?

I think it has eaten away at them, internally, and selfishly, far more than any concern for Hailey.

In January of 2011, I wondered if BJD felt guilt and was willing to make a deal with prosecutors to testify against Shawn Adkins, but her self interest and narcissism quickly destroyed that for me.

As I listened to her speak, I realized that she was the brains of the operation, and here is how:

Listen to her account to nancy grace about the sleep over, particularly when she alleges to quote Shawn.

The question for analysis is this:

Is she entering into another person's language (in this case, Adkins' language) or, is she speaking of her own accord?

My analysis showed that she was not entering into another's language, but was, particularly in the quote, not speaking from experiential memory. Shawn never told her 'tell my mom I'm sleeping over...' and so on.

These words were her own.

This convinced me that she was running the show, and later I learned that she had talked Adkins into taking the polygraph, promising him that he would pass it if he went under the influence.

He failed.

She failed.

Justice has been terribly slow, but it is coming.

I hope this helps understanding,


Anonymous said...

Thank you Peter. It does help. Anon 1

Vita said...

Hailey why Mary Beth and not her best friend?

The statements of both, BJD and Shawn Adkins that Hailey was off to her dad's house, then to spend the night at Mary Beth's.

Hailey's Myspace in her own written she lists " Mary Beth Garcia" first as her best friend. Is this where " they" came up with Mary Beth's name?

Hailey's myspace was augmented. Much was deleted. I wish I would have copied Hailey's entries. They are no longer. She had a timeline of record, her own words. Dates when she was at Grandma Connie's, dates when she wrote her own passages, her accounts, her feelings. All is erased.

Video and Presser of Cecilia Garcia being interviewed. She mother of Mary Beth. Dated Jan 24, 2011.

Cecilia Garcia says she was shocked when Shawn Adkins, the live-in boyfriend of Hailey Dunn's mother, claimed Hailey was going to a slumber party at her family home on the night she disappeared.

"Obviously he's not telling the truth about her spending the night at Mary Beth's," said Garcia.

Garcia says at her house, it's not like these parties would happen out of the blue.

"Hailey has never spent the night here," she said.

Hailey lives just a few blocks down from Mary Beth, and four weeks later, Garcia says her daughter still hurts.

"It's been real hard on my daughter," she said, "and she fears for Hailey."

So much, that Mary Beth would not talk to us on camera.

"She fears for her own life also," Garcia explained.

Read more/watch interview:

Trigger said...

Billie Jean is so good at switching the focus from herself that she must have learned this behavior early in life.

She must spend a lot of time and effort thinking up ways to cover up her crimes, so when the time comes to pay the fiddler, she will have no problem throwing Shawn under the bus.

I wonder who her new stud is? She is always going to have to have a man close by to "comfort" her when she needs it.

Tania Cadogan said...

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pointhunter said...

Hobnob said...
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John Mc Gowan said...


Your a star,much needed humour all round. :-)

JerseyJane said...

Excellent HobNob!!

I'm sooooo glad we got our' Lemon' here handy!!

Vita said...

Haily uploaded this song, Jan of 2010. Is this how Hailey saw her world? This was her witnessed of her mother and Adkins?

It is profound, Hailey's choice. The actual video, the lyrics, within all that has been learned of the relationship of " BJD & Adkins"

The 911 recordings to be in Feb of 2010. On NG, BJD was asked when Adkins officially moved into her house, Chestnut. NG threw out, four months prior to Hailey disappearing? and Billie said " Right".

4 months prior would have been late August 2010, around Hailey's Birthday 8/28/2010. She Billie began searching and printing the vile crap/serial killers, family murders, sadistic human torture, at work, Sept 1st 2010.

Bringing them home, to study. Her last print off was documented 10/5/2011 - so it is of the search warrant " affidavit"

WHEN will they announce WHO they did not find, who they did Find - at either locations. The two sets of remains found. One location
" Sweetwater" the other at J.B. Thomas lake. I followed the pressers of the Sweetwater remains found. The bones change. The timing is the bones were found Sweetwater the very same day the bones were discovered at J.B. Thomas Lake.

The family backyard, the Shed. The bones found within the floor, as they were replacing the floor. The remains found in the dirt. Peter has said, and questioned if Hailey is in more than one area.

This press video dated March 20th, 2013. A family friend standing outside the house of Chestnut. He to say " Clint" was inside the house. His name is Zerick Gutierrez.

He quoted: "If it really is her, at least her father can finally put her to rest. I know he's going to break really hard," family friend, Zerick Gutierrez, said. "We're all going to be here for him, in case he does fall, we'll just pick him up piece by piece."

How disturbing are his stated, Piece by Piece. Zerick Gutierrez is related to the family in Sweetwater. He is related to the Valdez family, who found the remains in their shed/same day as the bones found in Scurry. He Guitierrez lives in Snyder.

Coincidence? or

Investigation Into Human Remains Found in Scurry County Continues

Lori said...

I don't understand why people think it is a good sign that it is taking LE so long to make a statement about the remains. I still worry that these two are going to get away with this.
I don't usually disagree with Peter but I don't think BJD was very concerned throughout this investigation, it appears like she is more into her appearance and everything being about her. I do agree that she is the leader.
Hoping that we hear news from LE soon that these two are going to be arrested.

Vita said...

Bringing them home, to study. Her last print off was documented 10/5/2011 - so it is of the search warrant " affidavit"

Correction - "2010" - not 2011

The PDF, Search Warrant, Affidavit

List/dates of documents searched and printed by Billie.

King Troll said...

good job Vita. i have put together 100 or so idiotic theories similar to that one. i caught the piece by piece also, lol. but you know, my experience with idiotic theories.... it can never be proven wrong, but it never leads to anything real.

Vita said...

This last weekend, I was searching for any pressers on " Isabel Celis". April 21 was ONE year since she poofed.

Searching for anything, her parents to speak. They did, was nothing of anything more, than drivel. They the victims of LE. Isa not their concern.

There is a new presser on Isa, I will post it, in a min.

In the Tucson News, an article was on the splash page. This woman was a transient, not reported missing.

The remains were identified in less than 2wks. This woman views as a homeless transient. She maybe to suffer from mental illness. Her last trip to the dentist? her DNA to be determined a match in less than 10 days.

They Medical Examiners who have the remains from Scurry, it now over a month. I bet my bottom dollar they know " Who it is not" this the easiest to detect. No pressers announcing the remains are NOT Hailey.

Climate, dry, desert, they (authorities) not to know how long the remains found had been in the elements.

This presser offers more info:
Woman found dead in desert is identified

A woman found dead in a desert area south of the Foothills Mall last week has been identified as Linda Sue Grow, 49, according to authorities.

A passer-by found Grow's body April 10 in the 2200 block of West Ina Road. The body appeared to have been "in the elements for an extended period of time," a Pima County sheriff's official said last week.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information should call call 911 or 88-CRIME.

Excruciating Headache said...

As long as we're going OT...

I'm a nurse paralegal at a law firm that defends insurance companies.

I can hear a deposition going on in our library. The plaintiff was asked about her injuries. She said, "There was just so much tightness. It was just so... so... stiff and there was so much tension. My back..."

Statement analysis makes my job more fun.

Vita said...

King Troll said...

good job Vita. i have put together 100 or so idiotic theories similar to that one.

Theory? I do not believe I offered a theory. The two findings of remains are what they are, as stated by press.

Vita said...

O/T - press, parents of Isabel

Local anon said...

Funny Hobs!

Local anon said...

Holy cow Vita! That is one crazy coincidence if it is one.

S + K Mum said...

Haha Hobnob!

...good scrub...they tend to pick up all sorts of crap...

Now ain't that the truth! ;-)

Excruciating Headache said...

Thanks for the link, Vita. I'm really interested in Isabel's case.

And this...

"It sucked," said Rebecca Celis. "There's no other word. I don't know what else."

Isabel's parents - Becky and Sergio - say it was difficult getting ready today as they reminisced on the heartbreaking memories from a year ago.

"I woke up to thinking of what I thought last year waking up almost in a hurry," said Sergio. "I thought we were going to be late to Isabel's game and rushing to her room and not seeing her there."

It sucked? Really? And does statement analysis work on complete gibberish?

Vita said...

Local Anon,
You would know more than I would.
The name GUTIERREZ, ZERICK - plunked into Google search. His address comes up on a public site, a TX Real Estate site.

This was not me searching him, his person, as in a profile search site. His name is on the internet. His address of his bought/co-owned property is listed.

County: Scurry
City: Snyder, 17th Street. I have the exact address, am not going to post. If anyone wants it, all they have to do is Google his name.

Local Anon, doesn't Billie's younger brother live on 17th Street in Snyder?


Anonymous said...

BJD still peddles the story of the sleepover with Mary Beth and still says in her interviews that she never made it there. This even after Mary Beth and her mother have said there was no sleepover planned. After all this time I would expect BJD to say she has since found out there was no sleepover planned and they are not clear where Hailey was going. I believe we all know Hailey was not going to Mary Beth's or anywhere else, but why hasn't she updated her story in over 2 years to include the part that there was no sleepover planned?

S + K Mum said...

Becky and Sergio.....ugh!

Their daughter is still missing and it 'sucked'. 'No other word - I don't know what else'.

How incredibly sad, that is how you feel about your child. It would suck if you lost your wallet but your child?

Vita said...

Excruciating Headache

" It sucked" interesting choice of words.

The link of all pressers on Isabel via Tucson News Now. I see there are other new pressers, since the 21st. I have not viewed all of them. They do speak, her parents in the most recent. Their statements are of them, all about them. Not of Isabel. It's as if they erased her. ( they prob did) this is their truth.

Dawn said...

Peter, an FYI, when I clicked the link for this SA, facebook asked me if it was spam.

Lori said...

I guess thats why I find it so strange that LE isn't releasing information on indentification of remains. If others can be identified within a couple of weeks, this amount of time is crazy.
I know I seem cynical, it just seems with the cases that take so long for LE to make arrests or even report some of their knowledge, that these are the cases that the offenders are still free.
I just hope we hear soon and that there is some justice. I will never forget the icky feeling I got when CA was found not guilty. NOT GUILTY! I am beginning to believe we are going to have to have laws regarding the chain of custody (of children)and when this is broken someone is held accountable.
Just becoming so frustrated and sad wondering if I should just turn the news off!

Vita said...

S + K Mum said...
Becky and Sergio.....ugh!

Their daughter is still missing and it 'sucked'. 'No other word - I don't know what else'.

How incredibly sad, that is how you feel about your child. It would suck if you lost your wallet but your child?
S+K Isabel Missing did fill their Wallets - the community demanding answers, " Where did the raised funds money go" to help find ISA.

It's gone - all of it. They not working, paid their bills. The fund set up was via the Hospital that is was? Becky's employer. What about the monies raised outside of her " employer" - it's all gone.

From presser:
During the months that Becky and husband Sergio took off work, their co-workers donated vacation time and helped to pay their bills.

All the early pressers were of every business in surrounding areas " donating" not charging the parents a dime. To create flyers and etc. Water bottles with Isa's photo on them supplied to all at the Baseball fields " donated" = over 500k flyers were out in the streets of Tucson, within a week - no cost to them.


Anonymous said...

This Saturday is the 27th which is the day BJD said Hailey went and disappeared. It is an important day. I hope it will be THE day they take them in.

Tania Cadogan said...

Gerry mccann compared Maddie going missing as the same as being a student who had reached their overdraft limit.

elf under fire said...

Huh? Overdraft limit? What's that mean?

Vita said...

Lori, the holding of the information of " who it is or who isn't " the remains now at the M.E.'s office is of our unknown. This for authorities reasons. Another unknown to us.

I agree it is so frustrating. Last year they (LE/ME) determined quite quickly and announced the remains found were Male. Which by gender ruled out Hailey. The said that it wasn't the young man who resided in Michigan, his credit cards to be used in Texas - he is male, his family told by LE the remains are not him. Was this authorities leaking their own marbles, the remains discovered in Scurry are not male?

Seems odd that he was " focal" and determined NOT to be, ruled out when he is not of Texas, but of Michigan. There are others that the remains could be, as their families await. I cannot imagine the pain. Which is interesting of the families who do have missing loved ones. They in the pressers after the remains found Scurry, they are in unison praying this is their loved one for " closure" - we can bring them home, offer them their dignity, give them a proper burial and or resting place. We can too as a family have answers and begin to heal.

BJD is polar opposite. Her statements/audio

As a parent, sibling, etc, that you have a child, a loved one, that is not only missing but declared " dead" - no trace of them for X time. Would it not be as the families have said, the families who have Missing Loved ones - A grace for it to be over with for the Missing Person first and foremost.

Lori, I think of my local little one who was reported " car jacked/kidnapped" by her father. She on our local news, 2 wks before Ayla Reynolds was reported missing. Her name is Bianca Jones. She turned 2 in November of 2011.

Her body has never been found.
He was sentenced for first degree murder, aggravated child abuse, laundry list. LIFE - her Father.

Bianca she is not my family. She is one who I think of often and I become very emotional, she is where? her tiny little self meant nothing to her donor, as she was one of many he created/treated less than animal and never looked back. ( He beat Bianca to death & disposed of her) Where is she? she tossed into the Detroit River?

Her mother I do believe had some involvement, or knows possibly where Bianca's body is. She to this day stands for the Father. Not Bianca.

The day will come? that she is found and given her dignity? she to have peace, be at peace, first and foremost. We in Metro Detroit care. She matters to all of us. Missing or found, she matters. Her to be found would bring HER closure. She to know, she yes matters, she her tiny little self, she who has touched thousands who cared/care more than her own parents.

elf under fire said...

Things that suck:
a rained out ballgame.
The flu.
A book with the last page tore out.
Flat tires.
An empty bag of Doritos.
Stunning your toe.

If your child is missing, that is devastating. World altering. Catastrophic. Horrific.
The world is full of monsters.

S + K Mum said...

Yes Vita 'sigh' indeed :( People cashing in on their victims who happen to be their own children.

Yes Hobnob and Brian Kennedy the uncle,said the 'fighting' fund was for legal costs. Why on earth would the McCanns need money towards legal costs? I wonder.......

Nanna Frances said...

Another good mom:

After her toddlers were found outside in 45 degree weather without proper clothing, mom said she is not a bad mother.

elf under fire said...

*stubbing your toe.

Lemon said...

elf said - "The world is full of monsters."


John Mc Gowan said...


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Lemon said...

There is something very disturbing about the fact that Billie Dunn lays out the Mary Beth story as something told to Shawn by Hailey. As if it were Hailey's story, and when proven a lie, it will be seen as Hailey's lie, not Billie's.

Doubly heinous.

elf under fire said...

Your mind is a razor lemon. Jeez, I didn't even think of Billie yet again placing the blame on poor Hailey.

Lori said...

Thank you for pointing out the most important issue is the missing children themselves. I do get caught up in wanting someone to pay for hurting them. It has to be so hard to need closure and not have it, always wondering about a lost little one.
I always wonder what happened to someone who could put a man (or woman but it is usually a man) ahead of their own children. What or how could someone just not love and protect their own.
I think blogs like this are good as they talk about real issues and what is going on. I don't know why NG or others aren't all over this case everyday.
I have also always believed our children are the answer and the hope of a decent future. Child abuse has such an effect on all things (social and economical)I can't get why it isn't everyones flag to wave.

I agree with you it is about the children and missing loved ones and their families.

Lis said...

Vita, the internet wayback machine has one archived version of the myspace page from 1/11/11. Is this after all the changes were made?

Lis said...

Hobs, I think we will be having a lot of souffles around here, lol!

Vita said...

Lis, Thank you.

I do see what was, that are no longer showing, within the format. Her stream was filled with her own entries. They were little Hailey blurbs, dated. I do not see them with the time machine. It did though bring up what is not showing today. Copied below is no longer on her Myspace.


Nov 28
Hailey D

i love yewwcomment if u love me to

Mood: animated animated
Comment (2)
I wish she could read my comment reply back to her. Hailey the Nation loves you and Justice is coming!

Such a beautiful girl from the inside out. Shameless, so shameless, who is responsible.

texaswehaveaproblem said...

Shawn Adkins quote: Billie's brother Del is a pedophile. He ran away with a 12 year old girl when he was Mexico. You can even ask CCity PD about that. Oh, Billie's family are inbred..thats true too. Me and billie seen that with our own two eyes. Hey brother Del and her cousin Mendy were having sex in David's bedroom after a long night of drinking. Quote Shawn Adkins

? said...

Vita, thanks for the link. I first read the article then watched the video. I had the same reaction as the others about "it sucked." For the sake of accuracy I want to point out that it was in response to the question, "What was it like getting ready this morning?" Still not good but not as appalling as it would have in in response to, "what was it like to have you daughter disappear?".

Something else that jumped out at me was
"As much as Sunday was about keeping Isabel's faith alive. It's also a sad reminder it's already been one year and fewer tips are coming in.

"We still have to have hope they're doing the best they can," said Rebecca Celis."

She doesn't say "we still hope" but "we still HAVE to have hope"

"that they are doing the best they can."

I would hope that they could do better if they (LE) are doing the best they can and my daughter was still missing. But I bet the Celises really do hope that they are doing the best they can cause that will continue to mean she won't be found.

? said...

I didn't make that very clear. The question "what was it like getting ready this morning?" was only on the video.

? said...

Rebecca Celis should be saying, 'We still have hope of having Isabel back" not hope they are doing the best they can.

Vita said...

Hailey Dunn: Billie Jean Dunn Radio Interview Feb 7: Transcription

Who has taken polygraphs and what are the results of those?

As far as I know, me, Shawn, and my brother. I’m not really sure why my brother took one. Shawn and I volunteered them. My brother didn’t, so again, I’m not sure why he was given one.

Shawn and I were both told we failed. My brother was told he failed twice. He was allowed to take another one the next day and he passed it, and also, one other guy that I don’t really know. I heard another guy took one, and I don’t know the results.

the link doesn't work, it is closed with a password required.

The actual show if anyone wants to listen, the link to Bring Them Home Now

Does anyone recall which of her two brothers " failed twice" his polygraphs (?)

Vita said...

June 15, 2011


Another relative of Hailey Dunn is in legal trouble. According to the Mitchell County sheriff's office, Del Ostrander, brother of Hailey's mother Billie Dunn, is in custody for multiple outstanding warrants.

The charges range from DWI, possession of a controlled substance, as well as multiple times he failed to appear in court.

Ostrander's bonds total more than $30,000.

Hailey's mother Billie Dunn, father Clint, and maternal grandmother Connie Ostrander have also been arrested since the teen went missing, all for charges unrelated to Hailey's disappearance.

If it was Roger Ostrander that failed the polys why would they allow David (then minor) be released to him? I thought I had read that both brothers live in Snyder, Tx. Or it is only Del?

The blog talk BJD was on last Sunday, she leaked her marbles? You can listen to her speak.
She comes on at around the 14 min mark. The show ended abruptly due to technical issues. She says of Hailey, paraphrased She (Hailey) is " close to the family" (Snyder) and continues as Cindy Anthony said, It's not like Caylee's in the Woods....

April 21, 2013 BTR with BJD

Vita said...

March 10, 2011 Transcript of BTR
Bring Them Home Now, Peter Hyatt interviewing Billie Jean Dunn by phone.


Peter Hyatt: Okay, that what that tells you and I think you should know that really well. That tells law enforcement that type of downloading isn't done easily. It isn't done quickly. It takes a long time to accumulate that, that is a massive amount. I haven't heard of that amount, anywhere, and I think that as long as you're willing to protect him that perhaps you're going to end up arrested with him. Where is you have a chance at this point to do that which is right and go to law enforcement and tell them what you know. Billie, there was a reason why you failed the polygraph, and they understand that, and people…

Billie Jean Dunn: Right! I was just told that Shawn probably had something to do with my daughter's disappearance. I was just basically told that my daughter was probably murdered! And when I failed it, My brother failed it, Shawn failed it. No I didn't believe it!

Peter Hyatt: Okay, when you take a polygraph, It measures your emotional response and then let's say you're really emotional about something like that…

Billie Jean Dunn: … And I've talked to many, many professional polygraphers. Many. I've had many call me.

Peter Hyatt: And what do they tell you?

Billie Jean Dunn: They've told me all the same things. I shouldn't of been told that and then asked to take a polygraph. That's number one that came out of everybody's mouth. There's no way I should have been told that and then asked to go back and take a polygraph.

Peter Hyatt: Have you taken another polygraph?

Billie Jean Dunn: And another thing is anti-anxiety medicine will cause you, it can cause you to have a false test, show deception, not help you to pass it, make you fail it!

She again does not state her brother's name. It then is her truth or lie? her one or both or pick one " failed" Poly's within Hailey's missing. Thank you EQ for the transcription.

Show Link * its says 3/11/2011 in the link* the show content with this link is Peter Hyatt interviews Billie Dunn 3/10/2011.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
"They are hoping that SHAWN [ADKINS] DID SOMETHING HORRIBLE TO HAILEY," said Dunn, "and that they're going TO PROVE IT, and prove it TO ME."

bigmtn said...

1/11/11 Angel number.