Sunday, April 28, 2013

Threatening Note Update: Samples for Analysis

"I do know shawn and love him still. Hes not this monsterous person. People really need to quit accusing him of haileys disappearence. People are slandering his name and his families name. Until theres evidence or any proof he was involved they need to keep there mouths shut especially when these people dont even know him."

"i was shawns girlfriend for quite awhile last year.i live in big springs.i spent some nights at his house.and he spend tons of nights at my home with me and my children,i have 2 sons.He was ONLY nice and respectful to my family.I post daily blogs on my space or twitter about this subject.I do know shawn and love him still.Hes not this monsterous person.People really need to quit accusing him of haileys disappearence.People are slandering his name and his families name.Until theres evidence or any proof he was involved they need to keep there mouths shut especially when these people dont even know him."

Adkins said:

This girl, her name is Andrea, I met her a few times almost a 

year ago and the short time I known her I really didn’t take a 

liking to her because in a way I feel that she was having a fatal 

attraction toward me. I remember days when she was telling me 

she loves me and I wanted to put an end to it and I did.

Ever since then she’s been, I feel like she’s stalking me and

 she’s even gone to the extent of coming over to my mother’s 

house and vandalizing her property. Ever since then she’s been 

causing problems and I found out here lately that a searcher 

that she’s been putting all these posts on Facebook that she and 

I were getting married and everything like this, and that we’re 

still together.

I’m here to say that is not true. There’s only one woman I love

and that’s Billie Dunn. I have no feelings whatsoever for you 

Andrea. I wish you would just leave me alone. I’ve already been 

through enough."


Chipmunk said...

Wow, just wow. I am presuming the writer is aware that Shawn is a person of interest in Haileys disappearance and murder, and yet she allows him near her 2 boys? Is there a shortage of men in Texas that I'm not aware of? Why would you allow this demon anywhere near your children? I would rather be alone than to have this pos near me. The world is going crazy.
Justice for Hailey!

S + K Mum said...

'about this subject' what subject? Shawn? Odd!

'People really need to quit accusing him'........'they need to keep their mouths shut' Or what? It's a kind of threat without actually saying it.

Tania Cadogan said...

Will she still be in denial when he adn mits the truth? will she be in denial when he is found guilty?

I wonder , she has 2 sons so different fathers or same father?

John Mc Gowan said...

"I do know SHAWN and love him STILL. Hes NOT this monsterous PERSON. PEOPLE really need to quit accusing him of haileys disappearence. PEOPLE are slandering his name and his families name. UNTIL theres evidence or any PROOF HE WAS INVOLVED they need to keep there mouths shut especially when THESE PEOPLE DONT EVEN know him."

"i was SHAWNS girlfriend for quite awhile last year.i live in big springs.i spent some nights at his house.and he SPEND TONS of nights at my home WITH me and my children,i have 2 sons.He was ONLY nice and respectful to MY FAMILY.I post daily blogs on my space or twitter about THIS subject.I do know SHAWN and love him STILL.Hes NOT THIS monsterous person.PEOPLE REALLY need to quit accusing him of haileys disappearence.PEOPLE are slandering his name and his families name.UNTIL theres evidence or any PROOF HE WAS INVOLVED they need to keep there mouths shut ESPECIALLY when these people dont EVEN know him."

Skeptical said...

Two things stand out to me. There is no use of apostrophies in this post. The vocabulary is used properly with some minor misspellings.

There also seems to be a difference in intensity. The note to Mr. Lloyd had an angrier tone to it. Then of course Shawn could have had several girlfriends other than Andrea and Billie who were similarly misguided.

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

The main thing for me,is what looks like a embedded admission that she beleives he done it.


This is said in both the first and the second statement..

Tania Cadogan said...

"i was shawns girlfriend for quite awhile last year.
How long is quite a while?
was he with billie at the time?
Is she not his girlfriend anymore?
Why did they break up?
How did they meet?

i live in big springs.
Short and to the point.

i spent some nights at his house.and he spend tons of nights at my home with me and my children, i have 2 sons.
order is important she spent some nights at his house, where is his house?
Is it his own or shared?
He spent tons of nights at her home, how many nights is tons?
Why is more time at her house and not his?
Did her family know?
What was their reaction if they knew?
if they didn't know why didn't she tell them?
she introduces children ( child or children in language should be noted due to possible abuse language why not use kids?)
We have an improper introduction with her sons. we don't know their names or ages.
She introduces her children as sons lastly.
I would be asking if CPS have had dealings with her and who the fathers of the sons are.
Given what has been said and known about shaun why did she let him into her house?

He was ONLY nice and respectful to my family.
No mention of how he was to her.
What is her definition of family?

I post daily blogs on my space or twitter about this subject,
What subject would that be then?
She doesn't tell us the subject so we can't assume.
Why does she feel the need to post on myspace and twitter?
What does she post about in regard to this subject?

I do know shawn and love him still.
She knows shawn yet there is a dropped pronoun in relation to loving him still.
If she can't take ownership we can't do it for her.
Given she is no longer his girlfriend why is she speaking out defending him?
What does she plan on getting from this?
Is this a bitchfest against billie?

Hes not this monsterous person.
This is close that is distancing.
She uses closenesss in relation s to shawn being monstrous.
Person is used to conceal gender or identity.
Why does she call him a person and not man?
is this her trying to distance him from the man he is?
She is in denial of who and what he is, she sees him as someone famous perhaps?
His she attracted to abusive men?

Tania Cadogan said...

People really need to quit accusing him of haileys disappearence.
Which people is she referring to?
Family, friends, the public or LE?
She weakens her statement with the qualifier of really, she perhaps knows he is capable of the crime.
She uses disappearance and not murder which is minimising.
Has he told her what happened or implied it and put the blame on billie?
This is billies doing not shawn, she is defending the indefencible.

People are slandering his name and his families name.
Which people?
What is her definition of people?
Is this a case of the world against shawn?
How is he being slandered? she doesn't give us any examples
His name comes before his family's name making him important
She introduces slander of his family, which family members is she alluding to?
Does she mean bio family or is she referring to billie and chums?
She doesn't tell us so we can't assume
Does she perhaps think of herself as part of his family and comments about her have riled her?

Until theres evidence or any proof he was involved they need to keep there mouths shut especially when these people dont even know him."
How does she define evidence?
How does she define proof?
What is the difference between evidence and proof in her internal dictionary?
3 failed poly's an embedded admission Hailey will be found in scurry county and LE need to look at both him and billie should be evidence enough.
Child porn and bestiality on flashdrives and phone should be considered evidence and proof.
These is close those is distancing, these people not those people leads me to think her family and friends have commented about him.
Now it is him and her against the world perhaps.
What is the difference between her knowing him and us knowing him?
Are there different types of knowledge?
Has he told her one thing and everyone else something different?
Is he blaming this all on that bitch billie?
How old is she?
If she knows him why doesn't she tells us what she knows about him that we don't know?
Embedded is he was involved
The statement is weakened by the addition of really in relation to knowing him.
What's the difference between knowing him and REALLY knowing him?

Sus said...

Andrea's writing style is similar to the note found on pointhunter's car...lack of apostrophes noted.

It is interesting that she gets on people for accusing Shawn with no proof. In pointhunter's note, the writer says the proof (Hailey's bones) "don't mean a thing." In both writings, the defense is of Shawn...the first blames gossipers, the second pointhunter.

Shawn's style of writing is way different. But I feel he could have told the writer what was said about him here. And Shawn calls himself "Shawn boy".

I'm still open to the possibility that Billie copied Andre's writing style. I will study Shawn's writing more.

Anonymous said...

The person who wrote the note says he/she live in "big springs" but the name of the town is Big Spring. I live in PA and thought it was Big Springs for a while until I realized there was no "s" on the end...

I can't decide whether I think this is a typo, a deliberate mistake or was written by someone who hasn't lived there very long.

pointhunter said...


You are correct about Big Spring.

Locals are quick to correct anyone who says Big Springs..

dadgum said...

The handwriting is identical..

('gum needs vacation, I know)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, pointhunter.

It's amazing the amount of info available "out there." I was curious about who Andrea was so I did a little reading on Topix. Someone started a topic about SA in Jan 2011 and there are currently 8,606 comments!

I found her on FB where she had posted: "Confirmation sucks.I allowed a monster into my home.into my childs could of been one of my children! sad right now,I don't know how to feel!can't trust anyone." When someone asked what she meant, she said: "Look up hailey dunn fm colorado city..been missing for 2yrs.she was found.and person of interest is my last bf."

And it appears she was born in CA so is not local-born and might have used the words "big springs."

Trigger said...

"I've already been through enough"

Nothing in that sentence speaks of Hailey's plight or her ordeal.

You do the crime, you do the time, Shawn.

Andrea can come visit you in prison.

Trigger said...

What will happen to Andrea when it is proven that she wrote the threatening note to a federal corrections officer?

Will she loose her children before her arrest and trial?

Anonymous said...

Following Daubou's lead I found this:



Sweetwater, TX

Reply »
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Judge it!
Sunday Apr 14

Help the Missing wrote:
I don't see anything on there but words,no pictures,maybe she wants on tv.

lol...ya right...i dumped his immature self..and i didnt take him he crawled bak to her!

Anonymous said...

I tried to copy/paste but that didn't work out so well. You can see for yourself at the site. I'm going to work backward from there.

Anonymous said...

There was also a post on Topix from 2011 pointing out Andrea's use of "Big Springs" with the extra s, the same as in the note left on Pointhunter's car!

Anonymous said...

Interesting! :O

Anonymous said...

I never did find the post from "Help the Missing" that Andrea was responding to.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 7:49,

I used Goog;e Advanced Search and found Help the Missing's original post on this page:

Someone also copied and pasted a few posts she had made on myspace on this page. It appears her account on myspace has been deleted since then, though.

Sus said...

I'm confused. Where did the note writer use "big springs"?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're good! Do you give lessons on web-sleuthing? Of course the first requirement I suppose would be that I have a Facebook account. I think I must be the last holdout.

Anonymous said...


dahbou said...

There was also a post on Topix from 2011 pointing out Andrea's use of "Big Springs" with the extra s, the same as in the note left on Pointhunter's car!

April 28, 2013 at 7:42 PM

Listener said...

dadgum said...
The handwriting is identical..
dadgum, where did you see a copy of the note in order to see the handwriting? I'd like to see it... VERY interested in handwriting analysis and have done a bit of reading/studying about it.

Sus said...

I must be really dense. I read this as the note on pointhunter's car had the word "big springs" in it. It did not. Did it?

Anonymous said...

Sus, I misunderstood your question. You're right. Big Spring isn't mentioned in the note. I got myself confused trying to follow too many posts. Sorry for leading you astray too.

Anonymous said...

No, you're not dense at all. I mistakenly said that the word "springs" was on the note left on Pointhunter's car. It was not.

I found that word in two places. The first was in the sample text in Peter's post titled "Threatening Note Update: Samples for Analysis" and the second was in a post on the website Topix written by Andrea.

I'm sorry for the mistake and the confusion!

Anonymous said...

Dahbou, there are 2 Andreas on there with 2 different last names, both speaking of Shawn. I don't know if either is the real one.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:01,
If you are talking about the last names that begin with C and S, from what I can tell (and I could be wrong ... again!), one might be her maiden name. The S appears to be her current name. You don't have to be logged on at FB to see her page but you do have to be logged on in order to see any posts.

Since it's a public page, I hope it's ok to post the link:

Anonymous said...

She's 35 years old.

Anonymous said...

On People Finders C is the one in Big Spring. 35 years old. Sound legit. May still be the same person but I don't see S in Big Spring.

Sus said...

Whew! Thanks. I thought I was missing part of the note, or something. Lol.

And thanks for the sleuthing work on Andrea. The grammar looks the same, but could be copied.

Anonymous said...

Another momma figure.

Anonymous said...

LOL@ Sus. I have too many tabs open and making myself dizzy. Didn't mean to share my confusion. :)

Anonymous said...

Dahbou, anything relevant in her comments?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:16,
From what I read on her FB page, her husband may be #18 on this page (at the least he has the same first name!) :

Sus said...

No, I don't need anymore confusion. Thanks for not sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:23,
I'm not a friend so can only see what she has posted publicly. Those public posts only start in Dec 2011 and I don't see anything relevant. She talks about her son and husband and one time said "absess tooth again.damn this fuking hurts.looks like i swallowed a apple." and then said "jus got my iv drip done.20min of freezing antibiotics rushing thru my veins.:(...bring it on hydrocodone.."

As I wrote in the past at 6:30 pm, the only mention of SA I saw was when she said he was "my last bf."

Anonymous said...

36 year-olds in Tx, but not in Big Spring. You're probably right that it is the same person and one is her married name. She could have moved and PF is off a year on her age. But the sports, swimming, fishing, camping, R&B, old b&w movies, organic products,George Bush and daddy don't sound like a match for Shawn. LOL But she is interested in horror movies. She doesn't specify slasher movies.

Anonymous said...

LOL Sus! You're welcome!

Anonymous said...

There are a slew of them! So C is maiden name and S is married or vice versa. We may never know, but at any rate, thanks for the sleuthing lessons! I haven't done this since I checked on someone my daughter was dating. They didn't date long :)

Anonymous said...

LOL. Good for you! It's amazing what you can find online even without having access to any pay-for-information sites.

Sus said...

I put "Andrea big spring Texas" in my facebook search and a bunch came up. What is her last initial?

Anonymous said...

How many people did she tell?

Ballinger, TX
Jan 10, 2011

Hailey was one of my friends through 4H. She was an amazing girl. I miss her and we all are praying and hoping she will come home safe. I am just 16 but i know what her family is going through I miss Hailey and i cant wait for her to get home so that everyone knows she is safe. And according to message she sent me on facebook she was scared of Shawn. I love you Hailey and I cant wait to talk to you again... Stay Strong David your sister will be found I have Faith... I Love you Hailey :)

Anonymous said...

Sus, C or S

Anonymous said...

Sus, It is "S". If you look for my post at 9:09 pm, you will find a link to her Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

Dahbou, yes. Privacy is a thing of the past. Scary!

patrice said...

This is her account- she talks about Shawn in one of her comments like someone else commented here. She said she is living in Big Spring, Texas- she is married.

Anonymous said...

Reading more is see posts about a different name on Facebook and her being a newlywed. So she married into the the S family and moved to Big Spring which is why she misspells it. One and the same.

But what a mismatch if her profile is true. I wonder if her family ever saw SA's FB and Youtube entries?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like her deleted MySpace told a whole different story about her though. Who was telling about the Wayback Machine?

Anonymous said...

Oh so no accusing quite yet, you must wait till there is PROOF. Wait till? So she's incriminating him while trying to threaten another person to stop accusing him. Wow that's super smart of her.

OldPsychNurse said...

Some, in the area where Shawn's mother resides, add a bizarre "s" on a lot of nouns, e.g., "Let's go to Walmarts". The use of the plural word Springs (instead of Spring) is normal for many living there.

I'm not a linguist; my family lives near this area.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the link to Shawn's facebook? I can't find it. Is it public?

John Mc Gowan said...

Here you go Anon 2:58

May Justice Prevail said...

As with this individual defending SA, here's an individual's comment relative to DD:

well as far as david the brother,i should hope ppl dont forget he has more family than just bjd fam and clints fam he has his bio fathers family and none of us will take lightly to anyone threating him,so that being said ppl really need to mind their own,everyone is entitled to their opinions but damn keep it to ur selfs,nothing has been proven.....

Shelley said...

I feel for her children. Clearly this woman, like Billie, does not know what to look for in a man.

Expecially since we all know the volumnm of child porn found. That alone should make a normal woman run.

Clearly this town, the people around Shawn do not seem to feel that way.

That tells me they consider that crap acceptable.

Jen said...

I am baffled as to why any 'woman' would be chasing after SA (even without the knowledge of his child pornography obsession and probable murder charges hanging over his head)! He lives with his mommy (or cousin, or whoever he's currently mooching off of), he's not attractive, and his level of immaturity is pathetic. Maybe this Andrea wanted to latch onto SA to share in the public exposure coming his way, or maybe she is another BJD type seeking a younger 'man' she can control and use to make herself feel younger.

Of course there's always the possibility that she (Andrea) is just one of those people who always takes an adversarial stance, but regardless of the reason, she is defending the indefensible...child porn, blood lust, sexual deviancy, a missing and now confirmed dead teenager who expressed fear of SA, failed polys, and hints to LE about where the body was eventually found! Her defense of Adkins is weak, she claims to 'know' him, but she only argues that the accusations against him should be saved UNTIL the proof or evidence is found. A very strange argument to make as it concedes that proof and evidence of his guilt exists. Her language concerning proof and evidence of his guilt is disturbing, since it follows her proclamation that she allowed Adkins access to her children.

Anonymous said...

Blogger john said...

Here you go Anon 2:58

That link took me to Honey Boo-Boo's facebook! lol

Justice Seeking Anon. said...

Anon @ 3:47, I don't know if you're joking as it's hard sometimes to read humor in typed words, lol... but I followed the link you copied and was taken to SA's facebook page.

~ABC said...

Shawn has at least 2 FB pages.

tom said...

search for corina saunders.

hispanic crime gangs.