Wednesday, April 10, 2013

University of Maine Asst Hockey Coach Quote

UMaine has fired its hockey coach this week.  Here is a quote from the assistant coach for analysis. 

From Bangor Daily News:  Assistant Coach Corkum, who is in his fourth season with the program, was subdued in discussing the coaching change, but admitted he is interested in the job.
“I certainly will be applying for the position, but I think today it’s about respecting Coach Whitehead,” Corkum said. “I think we all owe him a debt of gratitude for hiring me and getting me back up here at Maine. It’s a sad day in a lot of respects.”


Skeptical said...

Coach Corkum is attempting to present an humble, gracious facade while at the same time trying to hide his glee that the job is available. He sounds conflicted because if Coach Whitehead hadn't hired him he wouldn't be in a position to apply.

Jen said...

To me it sounds like the assistant coach has usurped the position of the head coach. He asserts that the coach should be thanked, not for all he had done for the program, but instead for bringing HIM into the program! Clearly he's a humble guy!

He also says, 'of course' he will apply for the position, but the second part of his statement suggests he already has the job, as the coach is owed gratitude for 'hiring him and getting him back to Maine". If he doesn't already know that he has the position, then his statement makes no sense, as a new head coach could come in, and then he would have nothing to do with 'WE' (the team) and therefore would have no reason to offer gratitude on their behalf.