Friday, April 19, 2013

When Victims Are Blamed

In domestic homicide cases, we often find the subtle blaming of a victim.  The perpetrator seeks to blame, in very subtle terms, the victim in order to alleviate the responsibility for what the perpetrator did.

It is not expected that a mother would disparage, in any way, a missing child, as the tendency is to almost deify the child, as the parent can only think of the best of times.  When a parent disparages, in any manner, it is a red flag.  Can you think of other cases where the missing child was disparaged?  Hint:  Sometimes, the insult can even be heard in the 911 call.

"Hailey went and disappeared" Billie Dunn said.  Hailey did no such thing!

"She caught her attitudes."


"Hailey was 13 when she left."

Hailey didn't "leave"!  This is to put the responsibility for her disappearance upon the victim!

The police affidavit said that Adkins called her "promiscuous" and later we heard "boy crazy."

These are unexpected but it is the subtle blaming of the victim for going missing that is not to be missed.

The following has portions of the article to show dating:

Billie Dunn said, "I just wish I could get her, I just wish I knew where she was, I just wish for sure I knew she was there and I could just walk in and grab my daughter and bring her home."

Billie Dunn said she believes her daughter is still alive, "I want her back, I want my daughter home, I want my son to quit hurting, I want her to quit hurting, it horrible to know that your children are suffering and you cant do anything to ease their pain."

Dunn said she is more determined than ever, after 22 months of Hailey missing, "It's devastating , my daughter was thirteen, an innocent baby when she left."


John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Peter,

the video in this article is overlaying the text..

John Mc Gowan said...


Today the FBI released video (above) and images (below; for more & higher resolutions photos please visit the FBI site) of the suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombings. As is displayed here, a common nonverbal pattern often seen just prior to the committing of a crime is walking in single file. If these two suspects pictured here are indeed perpetrators, this could of course be an attempt at deliberate disassociation. However there is an additional strong subconscious ideology which contributes to this body language pattern - as it is seen across many crime scenarios. It is particularly common in moments prior to robberies when the soon-to-be criminals walk in a store in a rapid, single file manner rather than the semi-shoulder to shoulder configuration or some close similar approximation which friends routinely adopt. Keep this in mind when assessing for threats. A few seconds could save your life.

yep said...

Billie Dunn has never taken responsibility for the wrong she's done in her life. It's always someone elses fault, never hers. I pray, the Texas Judicial system will make her be accountable for her actions against Hailey.

Shelley said...

I agree with "Yep".

She can not even own her disaster of a life.

She is the poster child for dysfunctional, trashy, lazy, worthless breeder. She is the defination of the type of person that should never be allowed to have kids.

She does not deserve to call herself a mother.

A mother protects their child. Keeps them safe. This joke of a human being has done none of that

The simple fact that they spent $140 on DRUGS when she clearly does not have enough money to even give her children a decent home proves it outside of everythign else.

Dee said...

One family has received confirmation that the remains found in Scurry County were NOT their loved one...

Was notified this morning by Detective Gomez that the body found in Scurry County, TX, is NOT Jake. Prayers to the family of this individual.

JerseyJane said...

Thanks John.. ;-)
I consider you part of Peter's team! Your insight and knowledge is off the charts!! Thanks for sharing to make people more alert to their surroundings and situations they may encounter... You are missed when u are not here to add into discussions.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dee. I wonder what this could mean that they are notifying families with missing children that the remains are not those of their loved ones? Is this a good sign that justice is around the corner? I hope so. I also hope I created my blog name account right. Here goes...

Dee said...

OT...One Marathon bombing suspect dead, the other on the run.

Dee said...

@Katie...The fact that at least one family of a missing person has been notified that this is not their son leads me to think they do know who the remains belong to. Hopefully we'll hear some news soon.

pointhunter said...

I wonder if they have contacted the family of the missing Wilkerson girl? Or the Bynum mans family?

A Longing for Justice said...

"Just wish" seems to indicate a wish that cannot be had. BD's words describe longings. The same can be said with "still alive". Longings where achievement is impossible. Her determination comes much too late. The critical hours had come to pass before she would report Hailey as missing. "She left" seems to indicate Hailey left of her own free will.

mouthajar said...

i just went to check on Jennifer Wilkerson fb page and found this quote from April 11. No new updates, but I think this perfectly decribes what some of these families are going through.

"Every once in a while, the family of a missing person is forced into the seat of a roller coaster, and the locking seat bar forced down upon them so they can't escape. Every time a body is found, or a tip is called in, or a trafficking ring broken up, the families of the missing are all called from the relative peace of numbness and normalcy into the chaos of the roller coaster ride. They are some...times not given a chance to breathe between the rides, and sometimes, enough time goes by between them that they almost get back to normal. They never know what will be at the end of the ride. Will it be their missing family member, or an answer to where they have been? Will it be more questions? Will it be nothing at all? Will it be the mix of emotions that comes when someone you have commiserated with gets THEIR answer? As the supporters of the family members of the missing, what can we do to help them through it? Simply handing them a paper bag just doesn't seem like enough. :(

John Mc Gowan said...

"I just wish for sure I knew she was THERE and I could just walk in and grab my daughter and bring her home."

Were does she think she is, were she could JUST WALK in and grab her and bring her home..

Dee said...

@pointhunter...good question. This is the only one I've heard about. I checked the Waiting on justice for our girl H.D. Facebook page for news and they had a it posted there with a link to the Find Jacob Cabinaw page.

Local anon said...

Thanks Dee. I am so glad that at least one family no longer has to wait for notification. Hopefully the others will get notification soon. The waiting has to be agony for them.

pointhunter said...

Perhaps they are getting these, it was not your child notifications out to the families today. We can hope that today we will all know.

lost girl said...

@ pointhunter, hello sir, could you please tell my if there were any signs that the remains you found was or had been pregnant.

pointhunter said...

As far as I know there was no evidence that she was pregnant found with the remains.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I posted that something caused a "stressor" in the family and that it could have been pregnancy, or other things related to Hailey and Shawn.

Pregnancy is only a guess; it is not based on anything but the attendant circumstances:

-very sexualized environment
-those who are abusive may not care to use birth control
-mother was pregnant very young and generational troubles do show themselves in some cases
-Dr. Lillian Glass' classification of mother seeing her daughter as a "rival" instead of as a child

and so on...

It is not fact, nor is it even supported by Statement Analysis. It is just a guess.

I understand that the family of jake cabinaw from Snyder area notified remains found are not his.

I believe we should hear something soon.


lost girl said...

@ pointhunter
thank you. were any of the remains buried or covered with dirt? did it appear that there had been a grave? did LE dig and if so did they find more remains buried?

Just waitin' said...

Jake Cabinaw was from Michigan.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


This is an example of why I did not post a hypothesis early on in the case:

I do not want to give an impression that it is a conclusion of Statement Analysis.

I apologize for any misunderstanding. I will seek to, perhaps, give greater emphasis to speculation so that it will appear to be strongly separated from analysis.

When I have made a conclusion of "Truthful" or "Deceptive" on a case, it is definitive and I am able to identify why someone is deceptive, for example, and I am able to show the principles applied and I stand behind this conclusion.

There has not been a case, to date, in which deception was indicated that was shown to have been truthful.

In the case of Baby Lisa, I was quoted as saying that if Baby LIsa was alive for someone to collect the reward money, I would issue public apologies everywhere, radio, TV, online, smash my computer, and vow to never to a single Statement Analysis again.

This was after the private investigator and lawyer Joe Tacopina spoke of the large reward.

I was quoted accurately on that case.

In this case, I stake my name and my work on what I wrote in January of 2011:

Hailey was deceased by this time;
Mother and Boyfriend both have guilty knowledge of her death.

These are conclusions of the analysis of the case. Everything I have done since has only affirmed the original analysis.

Statement Analysis is not rocket science, and lots of people are intuitively good at it. I am not one of them. I had to work hard and encourage others to do the same. Stay in principle, keep emotions out, etc.

Case after case, we learn the truth because we do not steer away from the tried and true principles developed by LSI

When someone is talented, the training is like icing on a well made cake.

Counselors, therapists, lawyers, junior high school principles, guards, parents of teenagers, journalists, debt collectors and so many others that are trained in this do well because they practice. It takes a great deal of practice.


Just waitin' said...

The article I read stated Jake's debit card was used in Sweetwater Tx after he was reported missing from Michigan.

Anonymous said...

I have seen a lot of injustice in the justice system. A lot of cases like Jon Benet never see justice, neither did the case of Caylee Marie Anthony. I hope the Police arrest both SA and BJD, I think they are both guilty. I don't want to see anymore child killers go unpunished.

Dabel said...

I agree in a previous post that Peter thought Friday afternoons were a good time to make an arrest. I agree and also feel that during a weekend as well. From the LE standpoint, people are not as intouch with what is going on and they can go through the business of arrest without being hounded by media etc. I also have always thought when something else major is being covered by media, LE has been known to make arrests for same reason. I sure hope to hear on this soon. Justice for Hailey.....

John Mc Gowan said...

Is anyone have problems with the Bobo video popping up over the comments section of Peter's last article..

pointhunter said...

Cabinaw’s bank card was used next at a gas station in Fort Worth, Texas
the next day for $30. A few hours later, his card was used again for $30
at a gas station in Sweetwater, Texas where the video did not show who
made the purchase. That was the last time his card was used, and after a 1
a.m. phone call his phone was not used again...

He was not from Texas, but his card had been used in Texas close to where the remains were found. That is why LE informed family.

Ladyluck WI said...

I think BJD was the aggressor in hailey's death. I think BJD perceived hailey as disrespecting her in some manner.. possibly trying to "tell" on SA and BJD deep down knew it was probably true but argued with her daughter for "disrespecting" her & SA. but i think since deep down BJD knew..the fight grew out of rage. BJD could have choked or strangled her, maybe even asked SA to help hold her down for being disrespectufl to them both,

I do believe SA disposed of the body.
BJD had to have a guilty conscience because otherwise she would not have stayed with SA all that time and concoted the story about how SA came home from work, etc. that was a distraction and the opposite of what happened i believe.

Anonymous said...

I do believe SA disposed of the body.
BJD had to have a guilty conscience because otherwise she would not have stayed with SA all that time and concoted the story about how SA came home from work, etc. that was a distraction and the opposite of what happened i believe.

We all can look at the same scenario and take a different point of view. That is what makes the mind so interesting. I believe that BJD stayed with SA because she did not think that he harmed her daughter. She should never have lied to LE and protected him as that has been her severe downfall.

Trixiebelle said...

Sorry to Jake's family that they still don't have any answers.
I hope LE acts quickly in making arrests... I hate to think of BJD and SA enjoying their final mid-spring weekend as free citizens.

Anonymous said...

Lady Luck - I think the same thing. I believe she died at the hands of Billy in a fit of rage. Something to do with "attitude" and being "hormonal" and "boy crazy" BD killed her and SA disposed of the body. And I believe SA was molesting Hailey only BD didn't want it to be known.

BostonLady said...

Dunn said she is more determined than ever, after 22 months of Hailey missing, "It's devastating , my daughter was thirteen, an innocent baby when she left."

Hailey WAS 13 when she LEFT.

I wasn't sure if using the term "was" is speaking to Hailey in the past tense or if it was actually correct because she was 13. Especially since it is 2 years later when stating this.

However, the word "left" caught my attention. First, an innocent baby does not just leave. So that was a strange way to frame it. Is Billie trying to sound like a victim? Second, Hailey did not leave. Hailey was taken. Billie has flip flopped on this over the past 2 years. One time she'll say that she wants Hailey to come home, "we can fix anything" and in then next Billie will state that Hailey "up and disappeared" . And last, Billie will frame it that Hailey was taken by a sex offender (she had many to attribute this to, of course it wasn't the truth) Billie tried to say Hailey was trafficked but that was short lived when the child porn allegations came out and she was unable to attend the Traffic rally. Billie was uninvited to the rally by the sponsors because of the child porn information that surfaced.

I hope that the remains are publicly identified soon and arrests are made. Justice for Hailey.

pointhunter said...

interesting Boston Lady in Left this earth?

Was 13 ....I read was to mean past tense.

Great stuff, I’ll be an expert at this before the century is over.

Christy said...

OT- Pointhunter,
First I want to thank you for your immeasurable contribution. Thanks!

2nd, you are not the kind of pointhunter I would've thought!
(I vwd your profile). I'd pegged you as a deer hunter looking for sheds or something. Cheers :)

Shelley said...

I was just reading a site where people who REALLY suffer from PTSD were talking about their experience and Jodi.

Only a couple had memory blocks. But they truly had tramutic events. Severe abuse was the the main one.

But the rest, didnt forget, in fact that was the problem, they rememmber all to well.

I think the fact that Jodi only forgot what SHE did is very telling. Hes doing it to not have to explain why the over kill. Why he was stabbed in the back and and the back of the head (um hes not attacking you if your stabbing him from behind)

Lets stop blaming travis and get crazy woman on death row.

Christy said...

John- yes, and I tried 2 different browsers to make sure. Thanks

Lemon said...

AdBlock allows you to block frames on a page - you can remove the video frame with it in order to see the "comments".

~ABC said...

Hi John

Another quick fix is to right click the headline of the article and open it in a new window. It appears correctly that way.

Anonymous said...

I think Please help find Ayla got it right : Peter and Jesus KNEW THE TRUTH!!

Anonymous said...

This is from an article posted on Feb 23, 2011 on

I told her not to leave the house that day, but she did. She could have been walking to a store, or to play basketball, Billie Dunn added.

This is the only time I've ever read that BD said something other than that Hailey was going to her girlfriend's house. She still blamed Hailey, though.

John Mc Gowan said...

Lemon,Abc, thank you both..

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

Thank You Jerseyjane...

Lemon said...

yw John.

Anonymous said...

This missing Holly Bobo news release is absurd. Initially it was said that Holly's mother was already at work that morning and that her brother first saw Holly from an upstairs window being led into the woods, after just getting out of the shower. NOW the news release says Holly was abducted right in front of her mothers' and brothers' eyes! YEt previously, the brother said he called their mother at work to tell her what he saw and that's when she came home.

Also, it had been stated earlier that Holly's purse and lunch box had been left on the front seat of her car as if she was getting ready to leave for her classes; that the brother went out to the carport where Holly's car was parked and SAW her purse and lunch box lying on the front seat. NOW her purse had been found by dogs in the woods? Can it get any crazier?

So which is it? You see why nothing ever gets solved by LE and news media? It's always a different story next time around. So confusing and disappointing. Anon 1

~ABC said...

You are welcome John :)

Anonymous said...

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