Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Arias Verdict Due to Be Read

Jodi Arias verdict....

4:30PM EST


REK said...

I have faith that its Guilty murder 1. I think the jury wanted to read through the journals/text messages to make sure they got a fair representation. Probably alot more stalkerish entries like the one that went something like.."i love travis victor alexander so much I don't know what to do with myself"

Dee said...

Guilty - I'm hoping for murder 1. These jurors were asking intelligent, and skeptical of her story, questions.

Shelley1 said...

I hope for 1st. But feel it may be "heat of passion".

This was so clearly planned.

Even if Travis had a gun on top of that 8 foot shelf, the shelves below do not support anyone standing on them and she never would have been able to get it.

So she had to have that gun on her.

That alone proves 1st!

Eliza said...

Link anyone? Please!

Trixiebelle said...

ok, I am not the best horse to bet on bc with both "OJ" and "casey anthony" I predicted that the jury would find them guilty.....wrong, wrong, wrong. However, I am going out on the proverbial limb here---I predict that the jury will be less charmed with Jodi Arias' Bull$#!, and find her guilty.
So, my $$$$ is on the jury finding her guilty. I immediately reserve the right to be wrong, but I hope they find that little narcissistic witch guilty. I will be back later this evening to take my lumps or to gloat. Peace, everyone

REK said...

juan did a great job relaying all the points of premeditation so i have faith

Shelley said...

The only worry i have is that people struggle with seeing things as they are.

For example, I have seen many comments that Travis likes 12 year old girls. Or that he wanted her to look like a 12 year old girl. No where did he ever say that.

What he said was that she sounded like a 12 yr old girl have her first orgasim. That to me is more him saying it was as intense as the first time u had that feeling. Not that he likes or wishes she was 12. Jodi clearly is not a child. He was very obsessed with her sexually. She does not looking anything like a child or a boy. Travis clearly likes women.

And we all know men like the school girl look. I have even dressed up like that for my man. Not cause he likes little girls, but it reminds them if their first experiences.

And again, Travis talked excessively About how sexually attracted he was to Jodi. It was very clear she was likely the most attracted he has been to another. But look at Jodi everyone. Again she looks nothing like a 12 yr old girl or a little boy. She is all woman.

Dee said...

Eliza...Here's one

REK said...

I definitely know where youre coming from Shelley! In my opinion on that phone call he sounded very very bored. He seems like the type who is sarcastic. Even Jodi says they always try to outdo each other. Anyways.. during the phone call he seems very bored and I feel like he’s almost mocking her in a way when he says that. He’s saying it almost to get a rise and keep himself “entertained”. Not in a perverted way but in way to not be so bored. And the mocking part comes in because she does sound like a whining hyena or.. a 12 year old girl shrieking. Its not like he was intentionally mocking her but he’s calling it like it sound like a 12 year old..and at the same time trying to entertain himself due to boredom.

Lemon said...

I didn't know Trixiebelle was a horse :)

Eliza said...

Thank you, Dee! I'm so nervous, I hope for a guilty verdict and Murder 1.

Anonymous said...

Well, wonder how "sexually attractive" Jodi will be to a prison butch?

Texas Anon

Anonymous said...

WTF is wrong with the jury when

1) She admitted she killed the boyfriend

2) the autopsy proves beyond all reasonable doubt a) the boyfriend was savagely butchered to death and b) specific wounds prove beyond all reasonable doubt the wounds were inflicted to kill

3) the type of stabbing butchery inflicted is the same kind of butchery that occurs in Africa and is defined by international law a crime against humanity and prosecutable at the ICC

WTF is wrong with a jurors that they read through that type of autopsy report and fail to unanimously vote guilty the moment the trial end and need time to "consider" other evidence?

Time for what you imbeciles???


Unknown said...




Shelley said...

I think it's already clear that she will always have someone ready to please her. She even has 1,000s of dollars in her jail account because strangers put money in there. I personally don't get the big deal about her but clearly there are many out there. People like her will always find someone to use for their own desires

Anonymous said...

Man today is dragging..

Shelley said...

After this is over, I hope all the media then puts Hailey Dunn back in front! That is the next case I want to see justice on. Billie and Shawn need to go down!

I know I will be sending emails and comments to the news media to not spend months talking about the verdict and get moving for justice on the other victims out there waiting on justice

Tania Cadogan said...

I hope murder 1 felony murder and that she gets death.

This jury asked questions, questions the prosecution couldn't.

it's not a case of who dunnit, we know who dunnit, jodi told us she did it even with the 'fog'

What the jury have to decide is was it premeditated, did she snap ( thanks for that one nurmi) was it self defence ot something else?

I hope they concentrated only on the verdict and did not think ahead to the sentence.

Will we see justice done or another casey anthony/ oj simpson/michael jackson etc.

I would love to hear how they came to their verdict and later if they saw any of the inadmissab;e evidence such as the interviews etc what they thought and if it would have changed their verdict

Lynn said...

Oh my word!! My anxiety level is high, I can't imagine Travis' family!!

Anonymous said...

Wow you must be really smart like telepathic to everyone's thoughts!

Dee said...

OK...Here we go!!!!

Anonymous said...

Juan Martinez is one crappy ass psycho prosecutor. To be sure that they would get the guilt verdict of murder they should have hired someone else.

Dee said...

Guilty - 1st degree

Tania Cadogan said...

first degree murder

thank you jurors

Tania Cadogan said...

so much for her saying no juror will ever convict me

Tania Cadogan said...

Pre meditated murder will they give her LWOP or death?

S + K Mum said...

What sentence does she get for 1st degree murder?

patrice said...

YAY! First Degree Murder.

John Mc Gowan said...

Not very much emotion coming from Arias.

Tania Cadogan said...

tommorow may be the aggravation stage, will they decide she was cruel? if yes then it's mitigation time

Dee said...

As I understood it, LWOP or Death as it was aggravated, premeditated.

Penalty phase will start tomorrow.

dadgum said...

5 voted premeditated, 7 both premeditated and felony murder..penalty phase begins tomorrow (death, LWOP, or LWP)

Thank you God, and jurors!

Tania Cadogan said...

right john she teared up and a small sniffle

7 came back with not just premditated but felony or whatever

held back in kindergarten, dropped out of highschool, history of DV in her family ( her to her parents or vice versa) all count as mitigation

Dee said...

I agree John, pretty much void of emotion.

veruca said...

Really ? I saw so much arrogance and then you could tell even though she tried to keep composed she was hit hard when guilty was read.

Tania Cadogan said...

I am crying with relief, my worst case scenario was a pinellas county jury, they did the right thing by Travis and his family and friends.

now we will hear any excuse they can think of as to why their client shouldn't die.

the talking heads are saying they don't think she will take the stand, she said everything she needed to during her testimony.

I am so happy and relieved at this verdict

Shelley said...

Good news!

She reacted to me similiar to Scott Peterson and others that are clearly guilty. They may want to get out but I feel like the person that has it in them to commit murder like that has to be more emotionally closed.

Just like an innocent person is traumatized by being in prison. Guilty appear to adjust fine. Jodi has adjusted well.

Shelley said...

Does anyone think Jodi just figures they will appeal and shell win? I dont know how all that works.

Anonymous said...

Jodi stabbed a man 29 times and almost cut off his head and Juan is the physco!?!? Wow you are a sad human being.

If that was ur family that was brutally murdered you would feel different.

Shelley said...

Not at all. Just actually listened to What Travis said.

Anonymous said...


Jodi can tie the case up for years in one appeal right after another -actually, all the way up to the Supreme Court.

I can't tell you what she's thinking, but I know one thing - she's in a heap of trouble. It would not suprise me at all if she got the death penalty. I think this jury is prepared to take it all the way.

And I hope so. This renews my faith in the justice system.

Texas Anon

Anonymous said...


dadgum said...

wrongful death civil suit being filed..but I think she gave the money from her art to family. There is also a Lifetime movie in the works..any,ANY monies should go to his siblings..

Eliza said...

Thank God this jury was not fooled. Justice has been served.

dadgum said...

It's been a great week for justice so we need to see charges in BJDunn and SAdkins case..and against the three Ohio brothers..

Tania Cadogan said...

Jodie murdered him 3 times, shooting, stabbing and then slitting his throat from ear to ear.

This was never self defence, this was homicidal rage, this was overkill in the extreme.

She wanted to make sure he would never survive her attack.

I still believe that every stab wound was a punctuation mark to her screaming at him.

I want her to die simply to keep her isolated, to keep her out of general population, the only company she will have is the corrections officers and herself.

She will live happily in her own little world as she has always done.
She said no jury will ever convict me, she was wrong.

Is she now going to say no jury will ever give me a death sentence, I hope they prove her wrong.

I feel sympathy for her family in that theyspawned and raised such a murderous bitch.
They will ask of themselves where did we go wrong?
Why didn't we see this coming?
Could we have changed anything given she was held back in kindergarten and dropped out of high school?

Were there warning signs which were ignored?
Is there anything else she has done that we don't know about?

There are going to be a lot of questions asked of themselves and each other, much casting of blame deserved or not.

Will they keep in contact with her or leave her to stew in her own filth?

We remember the victim, their killer, we need to remember the families of both who have to live with this, their friends and workmates, all have been tainted by the action of jodi.

I don't think she will give a damn about her own family or his, she had no friends outside and i doubt any inside despite them all saying she was innocent.

She will never get out to kill or harm again, will she however harm or kill when inside?
She is a user and abuser, she will play mind games, there maybe a time when someone says enough and it is game over.

If she dies at the hand of another in jail, i will thank them for saving tax dollars and putting her out of my misery.

I wonder also if this means an end to selling her artwork and her tweeting?

I also hope Travis's family file a suit against her so she makes not a single cent from her notoriety

dadgum said...

She admitted guilt, the jury decided the level, and now punishment. She can appeal, but will always be guilty..may escape the DP, but she will remain incarcerated.

Even a retrial would not help her..not at this point. She would have to have another story, and no one would buy that one..

dadgum said...

Jodi's thought at the verdict..when she sucked in her breath..
'crap..something bad is happening'

Trixiebelle said...

Lemon 3:59....I'm not really a horse, of course.....but the jury did the right thing, eh? Jodi Arias is guilty. I think she is mentally ill, too---beside being a murderess. Good work to the reality-based people of the jury.

C5H11ONO said...

Would the evidence not allowed in the trial be allowed during the penalty phase? For example, the police videos of her singing about "changing her memory" taunting police, her headstands and hair whipping as well as searching the trash can. Also, there were witnesses that were unable to testify as to her stalking. The slashing of Travis' tires and his girlfriend's tires. Anyone out there know?

Lemon said...

:) I think the jury got it right too.

Nic said...

I just watched the verdict being read on CNN. Arias didn't seem that upset. If it were me on trial and I was innocent, I think I'd be throwing up hearing this jury's verdict. My reaction would be like hearing I had stage 4 cancer - worse because I would be forever separated from my loved ones and life! She didn't appear to be that phased by the ordeal.

God Bless the Alexander family. They got their justice..... now onto Hailey.

Red Ryder said...

These citizens were able to follow a reasonable and lengthy argument and sort through the various evidence - JUSTLIKETHEY SHOULD. The justice system works when those it serves are not too selfish or lazy to fulfill their duty. I am thankful for all the jurors diligent service, as I was ashamed and angered by the self interest of the Pinellas gang.
Re:Jodi's expression at the verdict. I think she was shocked big time. Maybe for once we saw the real her for just a minute.
Hobs summed it up best( as she often does) so much for no jury ever convicting her! I had forgotten that little gem of arrogance.

Anonymous said...

Before the verdict was read, the camera was focused on Jodi. Jodi was with her attorney & she was giddy almost smiling.
After the verdict was read, you see her take a deep breath, not believing what she is hearing. She's in a fog now (an actual fog). This is the first time in her life she is going to be held responsible for her actions. The BS didn't work this time, its over & you can see she doesn't know how to react because she was so sure no jury would EVER convict her!
On a side note, I don't have one ounce of sympathy for Jodi's family. They know who & what she is & what she's done. They were laughing when the photo's of Travis' horrific slaughter ( by Jodi) was shown.
Jodi's mother tried to have The National Enquire print fake emails that Jodi wrote regarding Travis' interest in little boys. Thank god the NE checked into it & refused.
NO sympathy here for the Arias family. Their family tree has many branches & they all seem to be diseased.
This is just my opinon, you can analyze it all you want to; but I'm sticking with it!
The Angels are Dancing Tonight!!!

Christy said...

That is some kind of picture.
I have followed the story of the first degree murder of Travis as soon as it was covered by dateline or 48 hours, whoever it was back then- nearly since it happened, but have *not* watched the trial.
The pic that Peter hosts under this article shows Arias is as if her psych team dressed her as the polar opposite to what she may be.
I hope our citizens are not C-word gullible, but yikes- people pay for Dr. Phils for a reason :(

Anonymous said...

I was not comparing Juan Martinez to Jodi Arias. READ.

Blaze said...

Jodi's not surprised because she knows she deserves it. Her chin did tremble a little. Another thing she didn't want was to go in a padded cell on suicide watch..but it appears that is where they just put her..

Lemon said...

Bonus points to JVM (Nancy Grace) on Jodi Arias:
"…she's Coo Coo in the head."

Randie said...

It is about time we celebrate! After Casey Anthony justice HAS BEEN SERVED! I watched this case closely. The first time I heard about it was when Peter wrote about it. I remember her words: "these guys had their hands covered like gloves or something." I wrote to Peter and said "She used the word COVERED!" As in cover/blankets!! It has been an awesome ride! I have popped open a bottle of wine and am CELEBRATING JUSTICE!!!!! are right her face told it all...she knew it was coming. She is a cold, calculating, premeditating, sick in the head, jealous creature!!!

Woot! Woot! Yes! Justice! Lets party!!!!!