Friday, June 7, 2013

Baby Ayla's Grandfather Arrested

Baby Ayla was reported "missing" 6 weeks after her single chronically unemployed father took out a large life insurance policy against her.  Her blood was found in his home where Statement Analysis indicated deception on his part.  He failed his polygraph.

His words revealed that Ayla was dead.

Police officials agreed.

As basic as these facts appear, her father, Justin DiPietro, remains free.

Not so for her grandfather.

Baby Ayla was a battered child, bruises, marks, and eventually, a broken arm in the home of her father and paternal grandmother, Phoebe DiPietro, who was also indicated for deception when she appeared on television claiming to have "heard nothing" that fateful night when Ayla lost her life.

After both Statement Analysis and body language analysis indicated her for deception, she was forced to apologize for "misleading" the media on the night she heard "nothing":

She wasn't even in the home.

Justin DiPietro's sister was also in the home that night and has been indicated for deception, taking a page from her brother's method of lying, refusing to say she passed her polygraph, allowing us to say:

If she is unable to bring herself to say she passed her polygraph, we are unable to say it for her.

Prosecutors have heard the evidence against DiPietro but have refused, to date, to bring charges.

Local media has refused to challenge this decision.

We recall the quaking Alex Hunter, Boulder DA who deceived the press, via passivity, when the Grand Jury returned indictments against John and Patsy Ramsey, in the death of their daughter, Jonbenet, in 1997, as he feared going up against private sector attorneys.

Since local media refuses to ask questions of prosecutors, it remains to be seen if the same fear of the private sector is behind the lack of judicial action in a case which has, from the first week, been without mystery, other than what body of water Ayla's body was unceremoniously dumped by her father, even as he addressed the rumors "floating out there" (see initial analysis), while refusing any "negotiations" with the "kidnappers" of Baby Ayla.

As we have seen from the start:  Ayla never had a chance.

From the Bangor Daily News:

Ronald Reynolds
Cumberland County Jail
Ronald Reynolds
PORTLAND, Maine — A Portland man who is the grandfather of missing toddler Ayla Reynolds was recently arrested after threatening family members with a knife, police said.
Ronald Reynolds, 53, is accused of one count of criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, according to Portland Police Chief Mike Sauschuck.
Reynolds confronted the family member with a knife during a domestic dispute Friday, May 31, the police chief said.
When police were called to the scene, Reynolds was not cooperative and had to be subdued with a Taser, Sauschuck said. He was brought to the Cumberland County Jail and later released on bail.
Reynolds’ granddaughter has been missing since December 2011 and is presumed dead.
If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence and would like to talk with an advocate, call 866-834-4357TRS 800-787-3224. This free, confidential service is available 24/7 and is accessible from anywhere in Maine.


Hobnob said...

off topic

A south-east Missouri man accused of killing his estranged wife, the mother of his then-five-year-old triplets, has pleaded guilty to murder.

James Clay Waller II, 42, was given a 20-year prison sentence on Thursday after pleading guilty to second-degree murder and admitting inside a packed Cape Girardeau County courthouse that he choked his wife Jacque Waller, 39, to death before burying her body on a nearby island in the Mississippi River nearly two years ago.

Prosecutors originally charged Clay Waller with first-degree murder last year, despite the fact that Jacque Waller's body hadn't been found. His guilty plea to the lesser charge was conditional on his leading detectives to his wife's body.
Neither Jacque Waller's sister Cheryl Brenneke nor Circuit Judge Benjamin Lewis were happy with the lighter sentence, but were left with few options, since Waller was the only person who could lead authorities to Jacque Waller's body.
Authorities finally found 39-year-old Jacque Waller's body on May 29 in Alexander County, after she had been missing since 2011.

The plea deal ensured a conviction for Clay Waller and offered grieving family members closure in the case.

'I did not want this deal,' said Brenneke, who has custody of her sister's now-seven-year-old triplets and plans to adopt the two girls and one boy.

'My mother and father and these children deserved to bury her, though.'

Judge Benjamin Lewis acknowledged that 'there will be a number of people critical of this plea agreement. However none of those critics could provide the body of Jacque Waller.'

'That is not what you deserve, but it will have to do,' he said in handing down the 20-year sentence to Clay Waller. Under the original charge of first-degree murder, Waller could have faced the death penalty or life in prison without parole.

'It was decided that it was more important to get Jacque back,' said County prosecutor Chris Limbaugh.

Clay Waller is already serving a five-year term in federal prison for threatening Brenneke over the Internet. His sentence in the murder case will run concurrent with the federal case, officials said.
Jacque Waller went missing on June 1, 2011, the same day she and her husband met with a divorce lawyer and argued over money. The had been living in separate houses for three months prior to the meeting.

The Honda Pilot belonging to Jacque Waller was found along Interstate 55 with its tires slashed the day after she disappeared. It had been seen the day before at Clay Waller's home. Several searches since then turned up sporadic leads, including the discovery of her purse near where the car was found.
The FBI said last year that Clay Waller suggested to his father that he had broken Jacque Waller's neck and buried her in a hole that he had dug in advance. But Clay Waller made no confessions to police, and his father died before he could testify against his son.

During the hearing, Clay Waller heard a taped statement from his own seven-year-old son in which the boy disowned him. 'I never want to see you again for my entire life,' said the boy, calling his father a 'big, fat jerk.'
'You killed our mom,' the child said in a taped statement. 'I thought you were a good guy. Now I know you're not ... I wish you weren't my dad.'

Hobnob said...

Before her death, Jacque Waller had again found love with a new boyfriend, her sister said Thursday.

Brenekke spoke to Waller with rage and contempt, telling him: 'To someone who has always considered himself the smartest guy in the room, you just look like a skinny, washed-up, murdering con man to everyone in this room.'

'I knew immediately that you killed my sister.'
Waller didn't look up as he admitted his guilt.

'We got in an argument,' he said, describing an assault on his wife at the Jackson home he was living in after the couple split. 'I lost my temper.'

But investigators said Waller had planned to kill his wife, digging a six-foot hole in the sand on the banks of the Mississippi River the previous day and scouting out the burial location via helicopter.

Cape Girardeau Sheriff John Jordan said Clay Waller lured his wife to his home by convincing her that their son was there when the child was actually with Clay Waller's girlfriend.

A funeral for Jacque Waller is scheduled for Saturday in Park Hills, Missouri

Read more:

Karmensasnake said...

It breaks my heart. We know how much Ron loved Ayla. He should use that adrenaline on the person that caused Ayla to go missing. That would be worth a trip to jail!!

Peter Hyatt said...

I understand.

It was a culture of violence that DHHS had to sift through, and in hindsight, well, I think you understand.

I feel for him, and his frustration, but at what age does one 'grow up' and not think that this is a way to solve anything?

This just reminds me, like the story of Trista's sister turning violent, that Ayla had no place to be safe.

Violence was on both sides.

Sad said...

I can't think of a member of my family on any side, going back 4 generations, that has even been arrested, let alone had a conviction for anything. If being unpleasant or mean spirited were crimes it would be a different story. I've always taken that for granted. I do feel for all the Aylas and Haileys and so many other children born innocent to only have their lives and souls polluted by the families that are supposed to teach them what it is to be a responsible adults. It's overwhelming to think of all the children that have such an uphill battle ahead of them if they are even allowed to live long enough to try to escape their backgrounds.

mountain mama said...

Poor Ayla :(

ima.grandma said...

OT following up earlier discussion this week regarding three year old's ability to state accurate information

Posted: Jun 06, 2013 6:23 PM CDT
Updated: Jun 06, 2013 8:10 PM CDT

A Hinton man is accused of torturing his girlfriend's toddler.
The district attorney calls it one of the most horrific child abuse cases in Caddo County. The toddler was punched, kicked, and beaten in several different ways. Court records show the 3-year-old was also tortured for hours.

In the state's case against Robert Seyler quotes from the 3-year-old stand out from the rest, "Daddy hit me with a belt and shocked me with a dog collar."

The little girl shared her story of abuse with investigators and Caddo County District Attorney Jason Hicks.

"This is something this child will suffer with for the rest of her life," Hicks said.

Hicks explained Seyler is also accused of forcing the child to hold a backpack with a heavy speaker in the back of it for over an hour around 4 a.m. Hicks says the little girl also had bruises from being punched, kicked, and hit.

The injuries sent the 3-year-old to the hospital, but not until Seyler got caught in the act.

"The mother came in and saw her child being abused by this man," Hicks said.

Hicks was referring to court records that explain how the mother tried to stop Seyler from torturing the little girl, but Seyler became more violent and threatened to kill them both. Hicks said the mother was scared for her daughter and for herself and immediately called police when Seyler left the house.

Seyler initially tried to pin the abuse on the mother, but investigators found out this is not Seyler's first child abuse complaint. Seyler is now behind bars and Hicks said he plans to keep it that way.

"We are going to see to it that this man stays in prison as long as we can put him there," said Hicks.

Seyler is being held in Caddo County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Sirius black said...

When are people going to be charged with murder? How is allowed to happen? It was obvious from the first day the bio dad did it. Then evidence has just mounted against him. In a place where no other major cases need solving? Scummy people, not rich, connected ones? What the hell is going on here? It makes me furious!

Hobnob said...

off topic

LOS ANGELES – Richard Ramirez, the notorious serial killer known as the Night Stalker, died early Friday in a hospital, a state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation official said.

Ramirez, 53, "passed away this morning," San Quentin State Prison spokesman Lt. Sam Robinson told The Associated Press. No other details were released.

Ramirez had been taken from death row to Marin General Hospital.

Ramirez was convicted of 13 murders that terrorized Southern California in 1984 and 1985, and was sentenced to death.

Satanic symbols were left at murder scenes and some victims were forced to "swear to Satan" by the killer, who entered homes through unlocked windows and doors.

Ramirez was captured and beaten in 1985 by residents of an East Los Angeles neighborhood while attempting a carjacking.

Read more:

My reaction was oh good.

I feel sorry for the families of his victims who were denied justice by not seeing him executed.

The plus side though is they will not have to sit through or hear about his repeated appeals, the taxpayer will be saved a fortune from no more appeals or having to keep him alive.
there is no fear that some do gooder with an agenda will commute his sentence or worse decide that LWOP is cruel and inhuman and decide that everyone deserves a 2nd chance, thus letting them out at some point in the future.

Anonymous said...

OT, but can you believe that some woman actually married prisoner Ramirez after what he did? But then some woman actually married incarcerated Ted Bundy and, I believe, had a child with him. Sick, sick women.

Lis said...

I read this article today and it reminded me of a principal we've learned about lately- superlatives are used to describe a parent or spouse and how it often covers abuse and neglect.

This man crashed his truck with his 4 year old son inside and abandoned him there, half ejected from his car seat and hanging out the window. The boy was extricated by good Samaritans and taken to hospital, where he is not expected to survive.

“He’s a beautiful father; a great father; a loving father,” said family friend Martha Tolles. “This was a horrific, horrible accident. He tried to save his baby, and he might have hit his head. He went crazy. He went crazy.”

-He "might have" hit his head...

Anonymous said...

I didn't hear about Trista's sister becoming violent. Was that after Ayla disappeared? I thought Trista was the one who was asked to leave and attend rehab, so it seems as though they felt Trista was the danger to Ayla, not her sister.

Apple said...

Thank you, Hobs.
He was sentenced to death in 1989... Does anyone know why he died of natural causes in 2013?

Jazzie said...

"The dispute with Ronald Reynolds involved a family member in the home and was reported at 5:57 p.m., Sweatt said. Reynolds had a cut after being struck by a bat by a family member."

I have to wonder what fueled this dispute... and why it escalated into violence.

Jazzie said...

"Police say he threatened a male family member with a knife. Reynolds was hurt during the altercation with that family member, and when police arrived, they say he was bleeding and resisted arrest. Officers used a Taser on him. He was taken to the hospital, treated, and released."

Jazzie said...

"Investigators say his arrest and the fight is not connected to the disappearance of his granddaughter, Ayla, who hasn't been seen since December 2011. Police also tell us that the family member Reynolds fought with was not Ayla's father, Justin DiPietro."

So who was the "male family member" involved in this crazy altercation? Ronnie Jr.? Who? Who swung the bat at Ron? Was it before the knife or after the knife?

What is up with journalists these days?

Funny how WGME noted who wasn't involved.

Anonymous said...

OT: evidence may have been found in the case of kathlynn Shepard a 15 yo abducted weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

The whole family is trash and the whole family failed that little girl. Trashy Trista included.

Anonymous said...

Kathryn Shepard's body may have been found. Sad. :(

Anonymous said...

Welcome back "Observer"!

Anonymous said...

Nelson Mandela IS dead!!!

vicky said...

Thanks for telling us,Im glad.he is Evil.

Anonymous said...

Hah!!!! Im thrilled.saw the news 1 min ago in sowetto hun.

Hobnob said...

Mandela is alive and breathing on his own.

Skeptical said...

I remember when the movie Schindler's List came out and Nelson Mandela had been elected president. Oscar Schindler and Nelson Mandela were both being idolized by the press and turned into media darlings. Some astute wag noted at the time that perhaps the first Mrs. Schindler and the first Mrs. Mandela should be interviewed and allowed to give their opinion.

Anonymous said...


marietje said...
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marietje said...

About the Kathlynn Shepard case: Seems Klunder got credited 1.2 days for every day served according to Iowa law. Therefore, cutting his 42 year sentence down to 20.

Apple said...

Missing 13 year old from New Hampshire. Possibly met up with someone she met on facebook.

Sella35 said...

@Apple- quote "Thank you, Hobs.
He was sentenced to death in 1989... Does anyone know why he died of natural causes in 2013?
Wow.".... It was California not Texas or Oklahoma?? :)

Anonymous said...

She's been found, according to the Find Sophie Cesati fb page.

Sella35 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sella35 said...


Car with body found inside the car.:(

Apple said...

Thank you, anon 10:39. She and her family are one of the lucky ones.

Trigger said...

Violence on both sides of Ayla's family coupled with substance abuse on both sides.

Ayla's life was marked for disaster without some intelligent intervention.

How did it fail to materialize in a reasonable manner?

A cunning sperm donor saw a chance to make his child support payments go away and lay a claim to some insurance money.

Anonymous said...

So bloody much drama........ It's unfortunate that so many people in little Ayla's life are/were so messed up. Perhaps we would have never heard her name or saw that precious smile had someone, ANYONE on either side put her happiness, her needs, before thier own.