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Posting: Tourists For Ayla

I post this now for those who wish to keep Ayla's name in the public's eye.  They work tirelessly to do so, yet prosecutors do nothing on a case that appears, at least on the exterior, to be a simple case without much mystery, other than where the remains were dumped, or how to prosecute those who assisted and lied for the perpetrator.  This could mean as many as 4 or even 5 individuals responsible for the greed driven death of little Ayla Reynolds left "floating" out there without proper Christian burial.  


To those who seek to keep the pressure on prosecutors by keeping Ayla's name before the public:  Godspeed. 

“Tourists For Ayla”
As you know, law enforcement has been giving few updates on the Ayla Reynolds case. Most of the updates are along the lines of “There are no new developments.” Law enforcement has said from the earliest days that it’s important that Ayla’s name and face be kept in the media. With few updates and no reports of new searches or dives the public is going on with their lives and poor Ayla is slowly being forgotten.
Someone out there knows where Ayla is and they are hoping we’ll forget about Ayla, that the time will come when they don’t see Ayla’s face in the newspaper, on television or on social media. Those of us at “United For Ayla” are determined to never let that happen, but we need your help.
Many people have experienced the painful devastation of losing a son or daughter through death, but very few can imagine the added pain of never knowing where their baby is. On birthdays or holidays they can take something special to put on their grave. A balloon that was their son’s favorite color or flowers like the ones their daughter picked and put in her hair. When no one’s looking they can kneel next to the gravestone and cry and tell them how much mommy or daddy loves and misses them. They can still tell mother-daughter or father-son secrets when they know where their child is eternally resting.
Ayla’s family doesn’t have this option. When they hear news of flash flooding, they don’t know if Ayla is being carried away. They don’t know if her body is protected from the elements. On the hottest days and coldest nights, they can’t forget that Ayla is still out there. Please help us to remind everyone that Ayla is still out there.  

When the cold winter wind blows through the bare tree limbs… Ayla is still out there.
When layers of ice and snow cover the ground… Ayla is still out there.
When the night is so cold you add an extra blanket on your bed… Ayla is still out there.
When you come indoors and warm your hands in front of the fireplace… Ayla is still out there.

When spring temperatures melt the snow… Ayla is still out there.
When heavy rains make creeks overflow… Ayla is still out there.
When the grass is turning green… Ayla is still out there.
When the trees begin to bud… Ayla is still out there.

When the sun is beating down and you have to put on sunscreen… Ayla is still out there.
When it’s so hot outside you go in the house and turn up the air conditioning… Ayla is still out there.
When the scorching sun bubbles the tar on the road… Ayla is still out there.
When you jump in the pool to escape the heat… Ayla is still out there.

When the leaves on the trees turn red and brown… Ayla is still out there.
When the apples fall from their trees… Ayla is still out there.
When the birds start to fly south… Ayla is still out there.
When the bear and deer begin to grow their winter coat… Ayla is still out there.

As we go about our daily lives, we can never forget… Ayla is still out there.

Our new awareness project is geared toward “Tourists For Ayla” Our new flyer is on this post and can be printed out if anyone in the area would like to help distribute them. We have shipped flyers to locals who are in the process of putting them up in main target areas. We are also shipping flyers to State Parks, Town Offices, Rod and Gun Clubs, Fish and Game, Campgrounds, Sporting Goods, Bait Shops, Boat Rentals and Lobster Shacks. 
If you can help us make the public aware of this latest project our small efforts will be multiplied and once again Ayla’s name and face will be out there. We will not stop until our goal is achieved and Ayla has been found. Thank you for your time.
United For Ayla


Dee said...

JohnP and Mountain mama work tirelessly to keep Ayla's name in the public's consciousness. They are not family and never met Ayla. How sad that the "family" that professes to love and miss her doesn't do the same. I guess the time will never be right for Justin, et al.

Apple said...

Is there a collection for funds to assist Trista with obtaining legal counsel for a civil suit? I'd like to donate to it.

TrishapatK said...

I think it is a big help that these people are doing this. Who knows when a "Roy Kronk" or "Pointhunter" might come across something - and without the knowledge that a little girl is missing they might dismiss it.

mountain mama said...

I don't think there is Apple but I'm checking. I know Trista has an attorney though.

John P said...

Thank you Peter and all who have been so helpful in keeping Ayla's name in the public eye. It is impossible if it is not for all of you who comment and distribute flyers and Speak For Ayla! WThe flyer was designed by a commenter, some of the lists of locations to send the flyers to were created by commenters, we had 13 commenters in Maine ask for flyers to personally distribute in thier Maine area. This effort again, is not possible without all of YOU! Peter, you are amazing in keeping Ayla's name in front of the right people to let them know Ayla will never be forgotten! Thank you to ALL!

mountain mama said...

No collection Apple. Thank you for the thought though.

Anonymous said...

George Zimmerman - Medical Evidence and Eye Witness Testimony Prove Self-Defense, Prosecutor Charges Zimmerman With Second-Degree Murder

Pillie Jean and Shawn Adkins - In Possession Of Child Pornography, Prosecutors Refuse To File Charges

Shawn Adkins - Eye Witness Testimony And Cell Phone Records Prove Lying To Police & Complicity In Disappearance Of Hailey & DNA In Car Proves Kidnapped Hailey, Prosecutor Refuses To File Charges Of Lying To Police & Kidnapping

Justin DiPietro & Company - Forensic Evidence Proving Ayla Murdered In DiPietro Home, Prosecutors Refuses To File Murder Charges

Deborah Bradley - Admits To Passing Out In A Drunken Stupour With Children Present, Leaving Doors & Window Unlocked At Night, Prosecutors Refuse To File Charges For Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Child Endangerment

Clint Dunn - Exhausted Himself Searching Every In Of Texas For Hailey, Cleared By LE Of Having Anything To Do With Hailey's Disappearance, Suffered Two Nervous Breakdowns As A Result Of Hailey's Death, Prosecutors File Charges Against Him For Smoking Pot And Carrying A Weapon Without A Licence While Refusing To File Charges Against Pillie Jean For Possession Child Pornography

John Young - Driving Drunk And Attempted Murder, Arrested By Charged With Reduced Charges And Charges Eventually Dropped, While Prosecutors Continue To Refuse To File Charges Against Shawn Adkins And Billie For Raping And Murdering Hailey Even Though LE Once Said A Mountain Of Evidence Across Five Counties Existed Proving Hailey Was Murdered


ME said...


Anonymous said...

Ayla Bell Reynolds

This campaign could really make the difference. I hope it is not true that Ayla is out in the elements, but, I think it is most likely the truth. So this awareness campaign really could help Ayla be found.

Hailey Dunn was just found. I am so grateful that at least part of her truth has been told so far. Obviously if a child or adult is deceased they certainly deserve at at the most barest minimum to have that be acknowledged. And they deserve to be properly put to rest. If their bodies cannot be brought home to their loved ones, their loved ones can still at least have a memorial.

How awful if a person or people know where Ayla is or might be and they are not telling! Well we know at least one person in this world has to know.

If Ayla is outside, I believe someone will find her. With these new posters being distributed they just upped the chances of Ayla being found if she is indeed out there.

What a smart and wonderful group at United for Ayla. Mountain Mama and John P. and Chicky and all the commenters at U4A are dear dear dear wonderful Ayla's Warriors. They will not stop speaking Ayla's name. They will not stop looking for Ayla and asking others to do the same. They have not and will not stop asking what happened to Ayla?

Also there is Cynthia Caron and her organization Lost-N-Missing. They are doing amazing work for Ayla, her family and other people who need all the help they can get.

So many people from Maine and all across this country care very much about Ayla. Ayla will be remembered everyday!!!

Excellent point Peter: "To those who seek to keep the pressure on prosecutors by keeping Ayla's name before the public: Godspeed."

I want answers about what is happening with Ayla's legal case! I really hope that Trista understands and is agreeing with what is going on. But I guess Trista is stuck with it, at this point, if she does not agree! ms.p

Vita said...

Mountain Mamma I know you are present here posting.

Within the written posted, today's discussion of Ayla her missing. A thought of aiding in finding her. No one is going to look for her, if they do not know she is missing. I am speaking of those who utilize the parks and recreations "Maine woods" for their own RNR.

I don't know how this would become other than to have someone approve it and aid in the production of it, within the State DNR. When one enters any Maine State park via a booth, with a State Park employee attending - do they not stop people? people to pay to enter, and or show their validation of prepaid ? these few seconds could be utilized productively. When one is to buy or renew a hunting, fishing license, this too another way to create awareness.

That the State employees would hand back to the person they came in contact with a ticket. The State employee to pass onto them a printed info pass. The same shape used in parks, a elongated alike a " book mark" paper. Bright in color, to gain their attention. This to stand out to them, that they do read it, not to toss it.

Upon the paper, Ayla's photo, her missing information, that she may be within the areas of, deceased.

Printed upon the paper instructions, *important* written as a BOLO. For all who enter, who are walking, hiking, canoeing, fishing if you come across anything such as, verbage provided by authorities, please do not disturb it, to call XXX and or 911. People care. People though will not react if they are not in the know. They to be hiking and pass a piece of cloth/ clothing, for example, that is deteriorated.

They are not going to stop, they may glance at it, they to think nothing of it. To continue to walk by it, as it is of no relevance. It's human nature to be inquisitive, not though when you are camping within 100's+, summer, activities ongoing in a small area, the public everywhere you turn, even in the most remote of the woods.

To create awareness, is to communicate. That one little something seen with the eye, could be a key clue to finding Ayla's remains. To be blunt, it is what is of the now. She is no longer whole here on this earth. She, her remains are here.

As Hailey Dunn was found, it was not happenstance. Curtis Lloyd, he walking, he came across something A-typical, that should not have been there. This enough, combined with his knowledge, was his common sense engaged. Do not disturb, and to report his findings immediately, as he did do. Had he not had these instructions of his own known, he may have continued to walk that day, Hailey to remain out there.

For some sort of printed to be handed out, is not a costly action. It could be the awareness needed and necessary for Ayla's justice to begin. As thousands upon thousands will be feet on the ground, within the parks, as it is the season. What is the risk? their isn't any, as there is no loss - if the receiver is a bad camper, tosses it, It being a bright paper may be picked up, read by one who finds it.

Once it's read, if it's written properly, written as YOU could be the one to make a difference, bringing Ayla home, who would or could deny this? Once this is a seed planted, Ayla Reynolds is possibly within this locality. They will remember her for the entire year, she will be on their mind. Every time they re-enter the park, she will be remembered.

Which constitutes awareness of not only the park areas, but the areas surrounding. She is out there, and anything you come across, A-typical, each tip, all tips are taken seriously.

Mountain Mamma, you/John, your works are not in vain. Remember the PSA on TV in the 70's?
Only you can prevent forest fires.
People remember it, for it's the truth, it cannot be perceived as anything less than it is.

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting (POSSIBLE) development in Ayla's case:

Nanna Frances said...

Anon at 7:53:
One small correction:

The pedestrian, a young mother, was killed when John Young hit her while driving drunk.

He also pulled a gun on a police officer and lived to tell about it. He continued to practice law.

mountain mama said...

Vita this is a great idea but everyone can enter the State Parks without stopping at a booth. Ayla's flyers will be posted at the Ranger's office and hopefully some will be posted outdoors as well.

Fishing, hunting, trapping and driver's licenses are bought at the local town offices. Ayla's flyers will be posted there too. Maybe we can come up with a plan for small flyers like you suggested that could be given with the receipt for the license. Thank you for these ideas Vita.

Anonymous said...

More on the creep show who attempted to kidnap the toddler - as it was posted on U4A.

Thank God he did not succeed, and was arrested as he didn't stop at his failed attempt.

Anonymous said...

A 24-year-old man has been charged with killing an elderly couple and raping their 2-year-old great-grandchild, in a crime that occurred just hours after he was released from prison in a separate sexual-assault case, state officials said on Tuesday.

Jerry Active was arrested on Saturday by police and has been charged in the murders of Sorn Sreap, 71, and her husband, Touch Chea, 73, and the rape of the toddler they were babysitting that night. Active is also charged with raping Sreap.

The elderly victims' bodies had signs of blunt-force trauma, but autopsies will determine the cause of death, the Anchorage Police Department said in a statement. Active could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted of the murders and rapes.

Active, who had pleaded guilty to breaking into a Dillingham, Alaska, home in 2009 and sexually assaulting a child and other residents, was released from prison on probation on Saturday morning after serving part of a seven-year sentence, said Kaci Schroeder, a spokeswoman for the Alaska Department of Corrections.

It was not immediately clear why Active was allowed to serve less than his full sentence. Schroeder said she did not have certain details about his case.

He was released from prison in Anchorage at 8:09 a.m. Saturday, about 12 hours before the crimes were reported, Schroeder said.

The toddler's parents returned home from a movie and found the suspect naked in a bedroom with the child and the great-grandparents dead, said the Anchorage police statement. The parents confronted the suspect, but he escaped, police said.

Active was arraigned on Sunday, with bail set at $1.5 million, according to court records. A state judge on Tuesday scheduled a June 5 preliminary hearing.

A public defender for Active could not be reached for comment.

Active has a lengthy court record, with several misdemeanor arrests prior to the 2009 felony case. He was first released on the Dillingham case on October 2, 2011, but violated probation and was sent back to prison two days later, according to records Schroeder released.

Since then he has been in and out of prison after committing other probation violations, Schroeder said.

Our justice system is so broken.

Sus said...

It tears my heart apart when I read over and over that "Ayla is still out there." I don't understand how someone leaves a child out in the elements, let alone their own child...Justin Dipietro, Debra Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, and the list goes on.

The pain of burying my son was indescribable. I do know what it's like to want to be at his gravesite through thunderstorms through those first days because I couldn't bear the thought of him being alone and scared. (I know it doesn't make sense to me now, but it did then.) People who throw their children away must have no souls. They simply cannot.

This campaign is a wonderful idea and I hope it brings Ayla home.

Anne said...

It is so unbelievable that this killer is still free. I can't believe people aren't held responsible for their children.

I don't know why LE is so hesitant to file charges, I think about it all the time. Is LE just so intimidated by the trials that have become so public with the lawyers getting criminals off, are they just feeling hopeless, because they feel they can't make a case. I just don't know why LE doesn't charge people. Is it money? Do they need more money to investigate. I pay so much in taxes! Why aren't these killers arrested on the evidence they have?

What I do see is a correlation of killers going free the longer it takes for them to get arrested.

I can't stop myself from commenting on the OT post above regarding the putrid piece of humanity that killed the elderly couple and raping her and the toddler they were watching.

This is one of those times where it is clear the earth would be better off immediately without this sick killer. This is a time I wish for old fashioned/old west justice.
The justice system is so broken and hopeless. I am so mad and frustrated. I have children living out in the world and never ever do I feel they are safe.
I hope this case causes such an uproar in AK that it causes change. Sadly though,I doubt it will. It is so sad and horrible, can you imagine coming home from a movie to find a criminal, A SEX OFFENDER, in a bedroom with your child, with two murdered people in the house, AND THEN FIND OUT HE WAS RELEASED EARLY AND WAS A PREVIOUS SEX OFFENDER.

I don't believe there is justice anymore. I am so disgusted!

Anne said...

Jerry Active only got 7 years for breaking into a house in 2009 and sexually assaulting a child, then was released early?!
That's almost as disgusting as the crime!

Lis said...

This is a very good idea. If it weren't for hunters, hikers and campers, most of the missing would never be found. I am praying Ayla will be found.

Has anyone been reading of the Irene Garza case in the news? This was a case in Texas, where a young woman was murdered 50 years ago and all the evidence (and there was plenty of it) pointed to the priest who heard her confession right before she disappeared. The district attorney flatly refused to indict him.

The priest, John Feit, had attacked another woman before this. He was only fined and transferred to another area. Eventually he left the priesthood but began to work as a layman, working tirelessly to help the homeless and he gained a reputation in the community (where his past deeds were not known) for his 'good works'.

The investigation was reopened in 2002 when 2 people broke their silence and implicated him, saying he had confessed to them.

When asked by a reporter whether he was a danger to the community he said “Look at my record for the past 45 years.” It was 45 years since Irene Garza’s murder.

When an investigator called Feit and asked if there was anything that he could tell them as someone who had seen Irene Garza just before she was murdered, Feit replied, "That man doesn’t exist anymore."

In 2007, CNN covered the story. He was asked if he murdered Miss Garza. "Interesting question," Feit replied. "Answer is no."

If you google Irene Garza or John Feit, there are plenty of articles with the evidence and quotes.

brosnanfan said...



I was wondering if you've ever done any analysis of the Lauren Spierer case? She was an IU student who went missing on June 3, 2011.

In this article, there is some information that I had not heard before, including the mother of one of the young men in question calling Lauren Spierer's mother a "liar" and saying her son passed a lie-detector test by a private party but she refuses to let him take one by the Bloomington police.

Here's another article, with some interesting quotes by one of the suspects:

Some of the quotes:

“It’s inappropriate the way they’re harassing people that are also victims in this case,” Corey Rossman told The Journal News on Thursday, talking publicly for the first time since Spierer disappeared. “We’ve done nothing wrong. If we’d done something wrong, we would have been arrested already. All they’re doing is hurting my career.”

(He didn't say, "No, I didn't kill Lauren," or "No, I didn't hurt Lauren." And hurting his career?)

“What do you think, I’m doing drugs now?” he shouted. “No, I’m at work. Don’t ever call again. If you contact me again, you’re going to hear from my lawyer. Either way, you’re going to hear from my lawyer.”

(He says, "I'm doing drugs now". Isn't it when someone phrases a statement as a question, we need to look more closely at that statement as a possible admission of something? I thought I read that somewhere.)

“You should write an article about how the parents are harassing us. None of my friends have done anything wrong,” he said.

(None of his "friends" have done anything "wrong"...but what about him? Shouldn't it have been, "My friends and I did not kill her or have anything to do with her disappearance"?)

I thought maybe this could use some looking into. Please?


S + K Mum said...

I think 'Tourists for Ayla' is a great idea. I hope it brings her home. I take my hat off to all who fight for justice and keep her name in everyone's mind.

@ Sus,
Although I have never lost a child, I have close friends who have. People who discard their own children/ babies like trash make me ill and you are right, they must have no soul. In my home town it has come to light that a crematorium had been disposing of babies/ young children's ashes while telling parents there were no ashes. This has affected someone close to me and I can't tell you how much this has devastated her and her family. She feels as though her baby has just been thrown away into a mass plot with others when she would have wanted to have had a choice to bury or scatter them herself. She was lied to at the worst possible time in her life. She thought the ashes didn't exist and to now know her babies ashes have been dumped somewhere all this time - she could have been laying flowers .... she had nothing, it is so sad.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the "Tourists for Ayla" slogan made me think someone was calling people who follow these cases "tourists" only visiting the reality of these cases.

Shelley said...

To the person about Jerry Active...
and the anon that listed all the clear cases with no charges.

This is so truly what is wrong in this country.

I have seen things like 'pot" get prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Then people who are a true danger either never get charged or like this jerry guy, get out. Only to again cause harm to society.

I even watched a 48 hour case where a man killed a child after being released. Despite having been in prison on 2 chargess for violent rapes.

I bet if these judges letting them out had to live next door to these violent criminals they may think twice.

There is something clearly wrong with justice.

Shelley said...

Sus.. so sorry for your loss.

I can not begin to imagine your pain.

But like you said, they have no soul.

Everyone trys to say that people deal with death and loss different.

That someone can not look for their child (Rebecca Celis who claims she greives in private) and show little emotion (Casey, Billie, Adam Baker, Sergio etc) and appears to move on quikly (billie - out partying cause she "deserves a good time")act a different way becuase of how they were raised or the abuse.

But the bottom line, I have know people from horrible abuse and neglect that became amazing parents.

Either you have that instinct to be a parent or you are just the seed/egg. Nothing more.

The parent that is innocent and loves that child will feel horror, panic, extreme emotion. FACT

Those that dont.... are either guilty of the crime or truly dont care about their child.

There is no in between.

Shelley said...

And anyone else see any Billie supporters protesting for her online?

I just still cant get over how she was as she read about her child at the funeral.

She showed no emotion. Ive seen parents who lost a child 20 years ago with more emotion.

Then to speak about her.

Its like she was just at a pep rally.

It was frighting to watch her talk.

She needs to go down. But I worry it may never happen.

C5H11ONO said...

Our justice system is failing and changes need to be made, quickly. There is no such thing as justice any more.

O/T: Caryn Kelley was recently acquitted of murdering her boyfriend. I found her 911 call interesting as she specifically requested help for her boyfriend, but by the same token she was deceptive. An example would be, when she was asked what happened she said, "he was shot in the head with a gun", which is passive.
When she was asked if he shot himself, she responded "No, no! It was like uh, (inaudible)" (I guess the question took her by surprise.

She went on to admit that she had the gun, but was trying to explain that it was "well like a self defense thing and then, it was an accident".

Because she was so determined to get help for him, I do believe it was accidental, but I don't believe it was an accident as her language reflects sensitivity and she even has alibi building in her call (self defense).
Link to the 911 transcript:

Anne said...

I think the idea of campers and hikers helping to look for Ayla. I think anything that keeps the case in the public is good.
Timelines are important and it's hard to tell how long a killer has had to get rid of evidence/body, making searches more difficult.

Regarding the Jerry Active case, I will watch for statements made by whoever was in charge of his release. There has to be some accountability somewhere.

On the BJD situation, I know it is a process, but hey its been years now, as in the Cummings case arrest them on what LE can if they have to. I always felt BJD would crumple in jail and start talking to save herself and vice versa fro SA.

I think there needs to be accountability as a responsibility for chain of custody of child. If you have a child in your care you should have to be able to say where they are. This is just common sense. How can you just pop up 31 days later and say you lost them? If the punishment for losing the child is strong maybe this would change something. I am not talking about the abductions and the people who lose their children through tragedy. I am talking about these idiots who don't even have a good story or reason like ...I hand him to a stranger. That should be enough to arrest someone.

If someone was to deliver a new car to a dealership and said, oh I asked a stranger to watch it and it's gone. That person would be responsible for the car, why not a child.

Skeptical said...

No one has been able to give an exact time for the last time Ayla was seen alive. There is only the DiPetro's word that she went missing on the night before the morning she was reported missing. I have often wondered if Ayla was killed before that and Justin took her with him to Portland to dump her body in the ocean so that she would never be found.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe there have been no arrests in poor Ayla's case yet. I pray she gets some JUSTICE. Poor sweet baby.

I hope that does not happen with Dylan's case as well.

Mark just did a long radioblog interview on Tricia's Websleuth radio. VERY interesting in terms of Statment Analysis. He must have said " Let's be Honest' about 8 or 10 times. He also talked about looking under rocks again and being 'focused.'

Anonymous said...

Is the $30,000 reward still available? Is this available for locating her remains? It should be, but even then would Maine law enforcement officers make arrests? How much more information do they need to make an arrests? :angry:

Shelley said...

I was looking at some old posts by Peter.
I’m still newer to SA but have quickly become obsessed with it. Noting what people say as it is so interesting. Even in the workplace I have found it very useful. Especially those in executive leadership. They are masters at the talk (I also call it BS’ing) but when you are just listening and not really looking at the chosen words, it’s so easy for them to be believed. And they usually are.
So for those newbies reading that still are struggling to get this, I came across a case where you can really see proof that the deception was detected since the truth did come out.
It was a post of Peters here on his blog about Richard Clemens. I am cutting and pasting a section of his post for you below.
Roger Clemens was asked if he had taken performance enhancing drugs. This was his reply: “If I have all these performance enhancing drugs it would mean that someone supplied them. Who is this? Who supplied me? I wish he would come forward.”
***The man who supplied him with his performance enhancing drugs did this very thing. He came forward and we heard the telephone recording between Clemens and the man who delivered his drugs.

So clearly Roger didn’t just say “no I have not taken enhancing drugs”. And here you have a case where we have some proof that he was in fact deceptive. But I bet most people that heard that reply believed him.
Anyways, when I read that today I think it’s a good example to re-visit as we know the truth in this case. To me I always like proof.

Anonymous said...

Excellent example. Thank You

Anonymous said...

Mother of Double Murder Suspect Says System Failed Her Son

Jerry Active's mother Mary Sergie says her son's battles with alcohol landed him in a detention center in Bethel before the age of 18. He was also sent to a boy’s facility for using gas as an inhalant.

Sergie says her son told her that he thought he would be released from the Anchorage Jail last weekend directly into a half-way house.

But 12 hours after his release, authorities rearrested active for a double murder. They say he killed 73-year-old Touch Chea and his wife 71-year-old Sorn Sreap in their Mountainview home, and sexually assaulted the couple's two-year-old great granddaughter.

"I don't believe he would do that in his sober right mind,” said Sergie. “He would never, ever hurt anyone like that if he was sober."

His mother tells Channel 2 the 24-year-old has struggled with alcoholism for most of his life.

Department of Corrections Deputy Commissioner Ron Taylor says he can't confirm if Jerry Active had made it through an assessment program for sex offender treatment.

A Corrections Department spokeswoman confirmed Thursday that substance abuse and sexual-offender treatment were both conditions for his parole. Active was given the option to complete those programs while he was incarcerated or after he was released.

"The engagement of treatment is a voluntary process,” said Taylor. “We can't actually force a person to do treatment, whether they're in custody or out of custody."

According to Taylor, the DOC creates case management plans for the offender to help him transition into society upon release, but the requirements for each individual are unique.

"For probation, the court is given or assigning those persons to us to supervise that case for them,” adds Taylor. “For parole, then it's the Parole Board that has the jurisdiction so that we're doing the supervision for the parole board.”

Active’s mother says the system is tough for Alaska Natives who are often unable to return to their villages due to the nature of their crimes, and, as a result, they live on unfamiliar streets with little support.

"Whatever he pleads we stand by him and I pray that it turns out that wherever he is he can get help."

While the family still supports active, many in the community remain outraged that a criminal justice system allowed for his release and a lack of rehabilitation treatment.

Channel 2 reached out to the Department of Law for comment on this case, but Spokesman Clint Campion says they will not be releasing any statements nor will the department be doing any interviews on the matter until next week. Several state lawmakers have asked for an investigation into the release of Jerry Active.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:23 Thank you for the link.

Nic said...

Another sad and tragic case. Baby Ayla's name should be in the news and headlines all the time right now. Her sperm donar and kin should be wearing orange suits and walking in shackles to court every day.


Anonymous said...

Quote"Anonymous said...
Mother of Double Murder Suspect Says System Failed Her Son"... I have not gotten a chance to read much more..BUT YES..blame everyone but the parents or parent who raised him!

I will go read the article, but the headline alone makes my blood boil. We can raise felons or we can raise good kids. The choice is ours as parents and we should never depend on a village to raise our kids.

Anne said...

Shelley, I agree with you regarding SA. I have found it useful at work especially with management. I listen a lot closer to what people say. I even wonder at things I say myself, (I am not sure if SA works that way or not)I am new at this, but even the basics help.
Statement analysis is so helpful in certain work situations.
I am eager to lean more.

Jazzie said...


Tender is your soul
of clover and
hummingbird wings.

It is what tears are made of
spilling over your cheek
which your beloved once kissed.

Sadness pools in the furrows
of a brown paper bag
nestled between noon
and eternity.

disheartened said...

Jerry Active

Active, who had pleaded guilty to breaking into a Dillingham, Alaska, home in 2009 and SEXUALLY ASSAULTING a CHILD and OTHER RESIDENTS.


Sus said...

Thank you, Jazzie.

Anonymous said...

"Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland said Friday that there are no new developments in the case and the investigation is still active." That statement is getting old and quite frankly IMO "does not pass the smell test". If LE truly believes "a kidnapping did not happen", and "they believe the three adults who saw her last — her father, aunt Elisha DiPietro and Courtney Roberts — are withholding information in the case" AND "Investigators also believe Ayla is dead", then why does it appear nothing is being done to protect other children from the same fate? People are left in a constant state of panic when crimes against children go unanswered. What if, LE is wrong, it has happened before. What if Ayla is out there living with someone who thinks they are doing what is best for her? So many what if's and so few answers from LE. It should not be strangers on a blog site keeping Ayla's name out there, it should be LE. Thank goodness for those strangers on
U4A because without them Ayla would have been forgotten long ago. IMO, there is something terribly wrong here! I have a question for Mr. McCausland, when will the time be right for real answers?

Jazzie said...

ANON @ 8:48 said:
"I have a question for Mr. McCausland, when will the time be right for real answers?

Justin DiPietro said:
"When the time is right, everything is going to come out. And regardless of what law enforcement is saying or what (Ayla’s mother) Trista (Reynolds) is saying, this really isn’t the time to be saying anything."

Sadly, AYLA REYNOLDS is an inconvenient truth at this time. No one who has knowledge speaks the truth for her. Silence becomes hell's gate keeper.

Who chooses silence over truth?
Someone who lives in fear.

Anyone who has information regarding AYLA REYNOLDS please call: 207-624-7076