Monday, July 15, 2013

In the Presence of Genius

Alfred, Maine  15 July, 2013

I am in attendance of the Scientific Content Analysis training for LSI, and excited about the natural progression of knowledge that comes with shifting language, regional differences, and the basic increase in understanding that comes with study.

I hope to update you frequently, especially with sample statements from which to work!


dadgum said...

Enjoy, Peter! And thank you..

John Mc Gowan said...

Ditto dadgum :)

Anonymous said...

Cool Peter,observer

John Mc Gowan said...


A Form of Attention Tunnelling

Frank is second in line at the supermarket, waiting to buy his groceries. Suddenly, the man in front of Frank smashes a glass bottle against the counter and thrusts the sharp, jagged edges against the throat of a terrified check-out operator. The man snatches a handful of cash from the open till and runs from the store. Later Frank can give a detailed description of the bottle, its colour, its label: “Roses Sweetened Lime Juice”, and its picture of two limes surrounded by green leaves. But Frank cannot tell investigators any details about the man, what he looked like, or even what he was wearing. Is something wrong with Frank? What happened to Frank’s memory for the incident?

Frank is suffering from weapon focus, a form of attention tunnelling, where all of his attention was focused on the weapon (the broken bottle) rather than the person wielding the weapon. Due to this focus, little-to-no information about the attacker was encoded even though they were seen. Research also indicates that fewer details are remembered in violent events, allowing for the “gist” of events to be recalled, however lacking detail.

John Mc Gowan said...


Eyewitnesses and Dark Vision..

An eyewitness has departed a brightly-lit café at mid-night and walked down a street dimly-lit by weak street lamps. 30 minutes after leaving the café, they witness a hit-and-run. The eyewitness has given a description of the incident and the vehicle involved to investigators. How would their account be expected to differ from a day-time incident? Would their report be more or less detailed if they had seen the hit-and-run only five minutes after leaving the café? Why?

Answer: Cone receptors in our eyes are adapted for colour vision, daytime and detailed vision, whereas rod receptors are adapted for vision in dim light. Dark adaptation is the gradual improvement in the ability to see in dim light, as the rod receptors (needed for the dark) regenerate their retinaldehydes (regenerating molecules) slower than cone receptors. This is how we can move into daylight (or a brightly-lit café) and our vision adjusts virtually straight away, as opposed to suddenly enter a dark area (dimly-lit street at mid-night). With this in mind, the eyewitness would be able to see clearer 30 minutes after leaving the café than if it were only 5 minutes after leaving as it takes between 5 – 30 minutes for full dark adaptation to occur.

Something to consider with eyewitness testimony in the dark is that colour perception after twilight is unreliable to non existent, and the Purkinje effect can change the relative brightness of colours (e.g. reds appear darker and blue-greens appear brighter) which can make testimonies more unreliable. Red light however does not interfere with scotopic (dark adapted) vision.

John Mc Gowan said...

Case Study of Wrongful or Unsafe Conviction..

Case Study of Wrongful or Unsafe Conviction Which Eyewitness Testimony Played a Significant Role:

John Jerome White.

An excellent read.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to it!
Local Anon in the Hailey Dunn case

ME said...

John i enjoyed that!!! Did you ever see that tv docu ABOUT the manchester Fire tradgedy,many years ago? People had At least 20 mins warning yet stayed seating? Wondering why??? Etticate!!!! They were in a resteurant and didnt "pay"for there meals untill they left,true story.

ME said...

Ps im on a mobile and Cant work Out the predictive text.

John Mc Gowan said...

ME said...

Did you ever see that tv docu ABOUT the manchester Fire tradgedy,many years ago? People had At least 20 mins warning yet stayed seating? Wondering why??? Etticate!!!! They were in a resteurant and didnt "pay"for there meals untill they left,true story.


The smoke filled room study.

Anonymous said...

Has Curtis Lyyod gag order expire or did FBI add more please update us on Hailey Dunn case those two murders Pilly billy and Shawn Adkins think they got away with killing Hailey I say not!!!!!! Justice will prevail For U Hailey !!!!!we won't stop till u get justice

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are enjoying yourself. You might be interested to know Justin DiPietro has been arrested on a domestic violence charge for assaulting a former gf, a Portland woman, in the street.

Anonymous said...

Reached at his home in Waterville, DiPierto denied the allegations saying, “Nothing happened. I was just walking down the street, one foot in front of the other, like a normal person.”

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Footage of this x ,OBSERVER

Anonymous said...

Omg that was on Cnn.

Dee said...

OT re:Justin DiPietro...

First off – “Reached at his home in Waterville, DiPierto denied the allegations”

I did not read any form of a denial in the article, reliable or unreliable. If you're going to report he denied the allegations - report what he said in denial.

Secondly – His statement to the reporter…“Nothing happened. I was just walking down the street, one foot in front of the other, like a normal person.”, is intended to persuade and is sensitive. Here he says nothing happened – 'Nothing' can not happen, it has to be 'something' to have happened.
“I was just (“just” is an unnecessary word making the sentence sensitive and is also an attempt to minimize and persuade. I was ‘just’ walking, I was ‘just’ minding my own business, means he’s trying to say “I didn't do anything wrong. It’s not me causing trouble – basically the she started it defense) walking down the street (an increase in tension?), one foot in front of the other (unnecessary information – does he sometimes walk by not putting one foot in front of the other? How does he walk? Does he hop with both feet like a rabbit?), like a normal person (why the need to mention normal? Is he assuming the public thinks he’s not normal and feels the need to emphasize his “normalcy? Does he think he’s not “normal” and it’s a sensitive subject?).”

His whole statement is sensitive, imo.
I hope this is a wake up call for Courtney and now that she's away from him she'll think about telling all she knows.

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

Anon 2:02

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Reached at his home in Waterville, DiPierto denied the allegations saying, “NOTHING HAPPEND. I was JUST WALKING down the street, one foot in front of the other, like a NORMAL person.”


NOTHING HAPPENED="Nothing" is an interesting word. Recall the love lessons of, "nothing happened!" knowing that "nothing" cannot take place.(Peter Hyatt)

JUST WALKING=Just=Minimising,comparing.

WALKING=When body posture is used its often an indication of increased tension.

NORMAL= indicating that this day was anything but normal. When someone uses the word "normal" about a day, it is indicative of knowledge that it is sensitive and not at all "normal." When someone uses the word "normal" to describe himself, it is indicative that he, or others, has considered him not normal in the past.
It is often found in story telling, something that even young readers know is a signal:
"It was a normal night, just like any other, when suddenly..."

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Authorities say a man already serving life in prison for killing two children is also responsible for the disappearance and death of a Massachusetts teenager more than 20 years ago.

Hampden District Attorney Mark Mastroianni announced Monday that Lewis Lent has confessed to killing 16-year-old James "Jamie" Lusher, of Westfield, Mass., who was never seen again after leaving his home on a bicycle ride in November 1992.

Lent, a former handyman and janitor from North Adams, was convicted of the 1990 killing of 12-year-old Jimmy Bernardo of Pittsfield. He also pleaded guilty to the 1993 abduction and killing of 12-year-old Sara Ann Wood of Norwich Corners, in central New York. Her body was never found, despite multiple searches over the years for her remains.

Lent was arrested in January 1994 after he tried to abduct 12-year-old Rebecca Savarese, of Pittsfield, who managed to escape. Three days later, Lent confessed to attempting to kidnap the girl and to murdering at least two other children.

Mastroianni told reporters Monday that a search for Lusher’s remains will take place at a pond in Becket, Mass.

Officials said Lent will not be prosecuted in the murder and sexual assault of Lusher because he has given authorities the chance to recover the boy's remains for burial, according to the Boston Globe.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Read more:

BostonLady said...

Enjoy Peter! I'll look forward to your examples.

Tania Cadogan said...

Enjoy yourself Peter, take lots of notes cos we will be testing you on this :)

Dee said...

OT - The Portland woman assaulted was Justin's ex girlfriend Courtney Roberts. Justin DiPietro was ordered to have no contact with her as a condition of bail.

Are the bonds breaking? I hope so for justice's sake.

C5H11ONO said...

Dee, I wonder if he likes todo a lot of "pushing". I guess he wasn't too happy with the outcome of things. Hopefully dear old Courtney realizes she's in danger and spills the beans.

Jeff said...

Another article:

Tania Cadogan said...

HUDSON, Wis. – Just over a year after a Wisconsin man killed his three daughters to get back at his ex-wife, he was sentenced Monday to life in prison with no chance of parole.

A jury found in April that 35-year-old Aaron Schaffhausen was sane when he killed 11-year-old Amara, 8-year-old Sophie and 5-year-old Cecilia at their River Falls home.

Schaffhausen had admitted he killed the girls in July 2012 to get back at his ex-wife, but argued he had a mental defect that kept him from knowing it was wrong.

Life sentences were mandatory in each girl's death, but Schaffhausen had the prospect of supervised release after at least 20 years in prison. That was rejected by St. Croix County Circuit Judge Howard Cameron.

In filings shortly before sentencing, prosecutors asked for consecutive life terms with no possibility of release, citing the nature of the killings and what they said was a lack of remorse. Defense attorneys argued that Schaffhausen suffers from mental illness.

Evidence showed that Schaffhausen texted his ex-wife on July 10, 2012, to ask for an unscheduled visit with the girls. She consented but said he had to be gone before she got home because she didn't want to see him. The girls' baby sitter told investigators the children were excited when he arrived, and the sitter left.

He called his ex-wife, Jessica Schaffhausen, about two hours later, saying: "You can come home now, I killed the kids."

Police arrived to find the girls lying in their beds, their throats slit and their blankets pulled up to their necks. White T-shirts were tied around their necks. Cecilia's body also showed signs of strangulation.

Trial testimony showed that in the months leading up to the killings, Schaffhausen told several people he had thoughts of killing his daughters. His ex-wife testified that in March 2012, he called her from Minot, N.D. — where he was working — and told her he "wanted to drive down there and tie me up and make me pick which child he killed and make me watch while he killed them."

He also called his ex-wife repeatedly, sometimes up to 30 times a day, and threatened to kill the man she was dating.

Schaffhausen didn't testify at his trial. His defense attorney argued at trial that Schaffhausen has a rare mental disorder rooted in deep dependency on his ex-wife, and believed the only way he could "solve" his problem was to commit suicide or homicide. The jury rejected his insanity defense.

Read more:

Lemon said...

Ditto Hobs and Boston :)

Calico said...

OT: I am very frustrated at the lack of news about 6 yo Alanna Gallagher, bound and tortured before being murdered.

I can only imagine there must be a ton of forensic evidence found on her body. To have no suspects 15 days later is unbelievable to me.

I am confused as to why LE won't update the public...yet tell us this is an isolated case?!?!

Her cause of death is not being released, her funeral has passed..what next?

Has anyone taken a polygraph?

Anonymous said...

Wow...okay Peter. You know that Trayvon would have been dead before he's 30? Good on you that you can see the future. Long time reader, but the Obama bashing and victim profiling is over the top. At least you're a good Christian. I won't be back, but I'm probably the type of person you wouldn't want reading your blog anyway.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Wow...okay Peter. You know that Trayvon would have been dead before he's 30? Good on you that you can see the future. Long time reader, but the Obama bashing and victim profiling is over the top. At least you're a good Christian. I won't be back, but I'm probably the type of person you wouldn't want reading your blog anyway.

July 16, 2013 at 3:37 AM

You will be back! That's why you posted. People who don't like what someone else blogs leaves without sayig a word as it is not their "cup of tea" You had to put your 2 cents in b/c you will be back on a daily basis.

When people decide to speak out against obamas actions it's their right. And I do agree. He's done more harm than good and used his "celebrity status" to sway his followers in a case he should never have done. He caused the riots and uproar. It's what he wanted. He wants this country divided by race. He plays the race card himself everyday of his life. He hates whites and won't claim that he himself is half white. He has doomed this country with little hope of repair. The worst thing
that has happened to America!

Glad to see justice was served in the Martin case.

Anonymous said...

Calico, me too! I have been checking daily for updates on Alanna Gallagher and nothing.
I have a feeling this one isn't going to get much coverage. I think Texas is tired of being in the media with regard to murders and how most of them are solved. After Hailey Dunn I think they are laying low.

Obviously Peter isn't interested in it either.

Rose City, Oregon said...

RIP, sweet Ahlittia.

Anonymous said...

You Cant be "half White"Once the"White"has been polluted!!! Its like throwing a Dung beetle into a tin of White gloss paint.This president IS a cunning rascist pig,who feeds of misery debt and should be sacked.he IS a beetle in a paint tin,Observer

John Mc Gowan said...


Language of Truth and Lies: I-words

By J W Pennebaker.
Author of The Secret life Of Pronouns.

Excellent example of dropping the pronoun "I".

Also is this were Peter got his idea to have music to his introduction to his Blog Radio :)

John Mc Gowan said...


Another example.

Language of Truth and Lies:


John Mc Gowan said...

By James W. Pennebaker

Your "I" Exam:

Who uses the words "I", "me", and "my" more?

In daily speech, people use the pronouns I, me, and my at surprisingly high rates. Use your gut instinct to guess who uses these words more.

John Mc Gowan said...


Can you figure out who the group leader is just by listening to their word choices.

By James Pennebaker.

John Mc Gowan said...


My apologies for robot posting,this is the last one.

Can we detect if people who are lying by their word choices.

By James Pennebaker.

Anonymous said...

To anon at 6:00am another day of no-news for baby Alanna. This is crazy.

Now another 6yo Ahlitta North stolen from her home in the middle of the night Friday/Saturday found dead in a garbage can that had already been checked. Discovered overnight last night. They have named a POI. His name is Matthew Flugence and already wanted for sex assault of an 11 yo. So sad. --Calico

Anonymous said...

elf said...

I find it odd that when a violent incident occurs everything is 'normal'. Jdip was walking like a normal person when he assaults his xgf Courtney. Everything was normal the night Ayla went missing. Is his use of the word normal minimizing the incidents or is it that violence is synonymous with violence in jdips personal world?

Anonymous said...

Jdip was walking like...

Angela Harry made a point about JD getting his CDL, is he now unable to drive?

Dee said...

Angela Harry made a point about JD getting his CDL, is he now unable to drive?

**** Yes anon. When his license was suspended that means he can't drive - car or big rig.

~mj said...

The tone of this blog has certainly been different lately. I do not believe this blogger is "not interested" in Alanna's case or any of the many others that have had analysis requests. My guess is something else is going on in their lives right now.

I personally do not like discussing politics with persons I am not face to face with, so I just skip posts that have a look of politics. Easy enough.

Thank-you John for your "robot" posts, they really keep the essence of what this blog stared out to be about - great info you have been providing!

Sure, the last GZ post was a bit much to swallow, and I disagree with some of the bloggers opinions, but again, easy enough just to skip it, post my two cents, or make an exit. Nothing really to get all wrangled up about, after-all it is one man's (or woman's) opinion.

I plan on lingering about a little longer in hopes the blog regains some of its decorum it once had, with valuable content on statement analysis... because SA fascinates me!

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Neighbors say the dismembered body of a missing 6-year-old girl in Harvey, La., was discovered early Tuesday morning in a trash bin, reports.

Ahlittia North disappeared from her apartment late Friday night or early Saturday morning. Deputies have said someone also took her brown and plaid comforter, a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Lisa North tells The Times-Picayune the sheriff's office contacted her around 1 a.m. Tuesday about the discovery. Sheriff's office spokesman Col. John Fortunato declined comment until a news conference scheduled at 3 p.m.

The girl’s body was found in a trash bin not far from their apartment.

Investigators had previously searched dumpsters and trash cans in the area, the report says.

Deputies reportedly named 20-year-old Matthew Flugence as a person of interest. The girl’s mother says he babysat her kids before. Investigators tell FOX 8 he is a suspect in a sexual battery case involving an 11-year-old girl.

Read more:

dadgum said... are a robot too?


John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...


Here are a couple of Audio interviews with James Pennebaker Author of,The Secret Life of Pronouns.



dadgum,Ive Awol for a month to charge my "batteries". lol :-)

John Mc Gowan said...
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~mj said...

Thank you, John!

John said...

Your wellcome my little fat friend ;}

John Mc Gowan said...

Your welcome ~mj

Tania Cadogan said...

when swooning please alternate sides otherwise we will be lopsided and the blog will topple over resulting in an untidy heap of hot and sweaty swooners causing the cleaners to complain and demand double pay :)

John Mc Gowan said...

Hobs lol.

Anonymous said...

What is going on with this blog? I came to this blog a few days after Hailey Dunn disappeared because I could get better information here than local news. I am so dissapointed in the change that has occurred. What happened?
Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case

Anonymous said...

Hobnob, I think you should consider the name Hobnob is Warm Bussoms. That is a good one. :D

Dee said...

OT - Elaina Steinfurth - This is unbelievable. The father takes it upon himself to search the river. Where is LE and what are they doing? Do they care Elaina is still missing?

"During the week of the July Fourth holiday, under gray and rainy skies, Steinfurth Jr. continued to troll the bottom of the Maumee River where the fishermen found the hair, searching for his missing daughter. He drops a line with a large hook into the muddy waves, on a mission that seems to have evolved from rescue to recovery.

His life is frozen in time, with a dark, cold space where his 18-month-old daughter Elaina used to be."

Dee said...

Anonymous said...
What is going on with this blog? I came to this blog a few days after Hailey Dunn disappeared because I could get better information here than local news. I am so dissapointed in the change that has occurred. What happened?
Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case

Local anon...I don't know but I think maybe there are some personal problems that need attention more than the blog does.
See the post titled Sadness in Statement Analysis.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Dee,
i havn't had time to catch up with everything.I've just read the entry on Sadness in SA.

Makes you wonder?

Dee said...

Hi John...Yes it does. When I read the post, Sadness in SA, it made me feel...well, sad. It sounded like Peter found out something he would have rather not known and was troubled. I hope all is well with him and with his family.
I hope you are also doing well now after your "re-charge".

John Mc Gowan said...

Thanks Dee.

John Mc Gowan said...



Suspect arrested after missing girl’s body found.

6-year-old Ahlittia North's body found in garbage can near her Louisiana home
Stepfather's nephew arrested for murder late Tuesday night
Suspect Matthew Flugence sometimes babysat for victim.

A suspect has been arrested in the murder of a 6-year-old girl who vanished from her Louisiana home over the weekend and was found dead in a garbage can days later.

The Jefferson County Parish Sheriff’s Office said Matthew Flugence, 20, was taken into custody around 10 p.m. Tuesday in Westwego and charged with the murder of Ahlittia North.

Flugence is the nephew of North’s stepfather. Authorities say he sometimes babysat for the child.

Ahlittia North had been reported missing from her family’s Harvey apartment around 9 a.m. on Saturday. Her mother and stepfather told detectives that she disappeared after they went to sleep around 1 a.m. that morning.

The front door to the apartment was open when they woke up, there was no sign of forced entry and Ahlittia’s comforter and toothbrush were also gone.

Ahlittia’s stepfather Albert Hill told WWL Tuesday that he has no doubt his nephew is responsible for the murder.

“Everything's pointing to him, so you can't have no choice but to believe it's him," Hill said.

Lisa North, Ahlittia’s mother, said she was shocked to learn Flugence was a suspect.

"I don't understand the reason,” she told the Times-Picayune. “To say, 'I'm just going to kill your daughter?' I don't understand."

Sheriff Newell Normand said at a press conference Tuesday afternoon that officers conducting an initial canvass of the neighborhood on Saturday found a pool of blood on the ground about seven buildings away from North’s home.

Samples of the blood were collected for DNA testing. Those test results came back Monday night confirming that the blood was Ahlittia’s. Then, around midnight, Normand said investigators found her body in a garbage can near her home.

He added that the body appeared to be wrapped in the comforter and Ahlittia was still wearing the clothes she was wearing when she went missing.

John Mc Gowan said...


“What remains as an unanswered question at this point in time is what time the body was disposed of,” Normand said, noting that officers searched that garbage can on Saturday and Sunday.

On Monday, authorities appealed to the public for help locating Flugence, who was wanted for an unrelated sexual battery on a child in the neighborhood. At a press conference Tuesday, Sheriff Normand announced they were also seeking an arrest warrant for Ahlittia’s murder.

Normand said that detectives interviewed Flugence’s brother, 21-year-old Russell Flugence, on Tuesday and discovered that he had information about what happened to Ahlittia.

“He revealed to us some circumstances that may implicate Matthew in the murder of Ahlittia North,” Normand said.

Russell Flugence has been arrested on a charge of obstruction of justice.

Jefferson Parish Coroner Dr. Gerry Cvitanovich told reporters Tuesday that an autopsy revealed “aggressive” stab wounds to Ahlittia’s neck and abdomen and bruising on her head, shoulders and lower extremities.

Cvitanovich said it appeared the neck wounds were the cause of death. A time of death has not yet been determined.

Initial examination showed no obvious signs of sexual assault but additional tests are being done.

“We’re looking for a particular location where the body may have been secreted for a period of time,” Normand said, adding that the body showed some signs of decomposition.

Normand would not speculate on whether anyone else was involved in the murder.

“She was a very outgoing, very friendly child,” Normand said of Ahlittia. He suggested it is possible she opened the front door to greet her own killer.

Tania Cadogan said...

how better to hide a corpse than in a place that has already been searched, if they hadn't found the blood linking to Ahlittia would she have even been found before the garbage was collected?

I wonder if he waited till garbage day to dump her or is he smarter than the average paedophile child killer?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dee and John. I haven't been on much lately beciase the insults and chilish comments are making this blog not worthwhile. Yes, it does sounds like Peter found out something he wishes he didn't. My best wishes to Peter and Heather and their family. That doesn't explain the isults and childish comments. Please folks, try to refrain. Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case

reformed troll xxxxxxx said...

Ok from NOW all the insults stop!xxxxxxxxxxxx

Skip said...

Very good point. Peter, I wish for you all the best. God doesn't choose the qualified; he qualifies the chosen.

lane said...

OT (Insightful article)

The Truth About Lying

By Frances Stott Ph.D.

Three-year-old Sally was playing happily in the kitchen while her mother cleaned up the dinner dishes. As Sally's mom turned to collect another plate from the table, she noticed a puddle on the floor under Sally's feet. "Sally, honey, did you wet your pants?" Sally shook her head and said, "My shoes did it."

Clearly, Sally has told her mother a lie. Like most parents, you might feel shocked — angry, hurt, or even betrayed — when you first discover your child has lied. But if you can step back and view lying as a part of your child's emotional and intellectual development, you will find that telling lies doesn't condemn your child to a life of betrayal or serious behavior problems. In fact, recent research has shown that lying plays a positive role in normal development. Essential human skills — independence, perspective-taking, and emotional control — are the same skills that enable children to lie.

Conventional wisdom long held that young children were not capable of lying. More recent research, however, has found that most children learn to lie effectively between the ages of 2 and 4. The first successful lie can be pegged as a developmental achievement because it marks the child's discovery that her mind and thinking are separate from her parents'. This same understanding is marked by the discovery of the word no, which helps young children delineate the boundaries between their own desires, thoughts, and feelings, and those of others.

From about age 4 on, children lie for many of the same reasons adults do: to avoid punishment, to gain an advantage, to protect against an unwanted consequence, and even to boost self-esteem. Youngsters, like adults, sometimes lie to demonstrate power, to maintain privacy, or to protect a friend. When a child lies, she is essentially trying to change a situation, to reconstruct things the way she wants them to be.

Lemon said...

thank you reformed Troll :)

Anonymous said...

The troll was probably Lemon all along. Or at least one of them. Now she says she'll quit, then she thanks herself, then responds with how she's been defending herself, to herself. Yeah, right. Lemon. Very crafty, thinks she's real clever. Not.

Anonymous said...

Skip, I seriously doubt God has chosen Peter to defend or justify a liar like he's defended George Zimmerman.

Peter claims to be an honest man. Is that so? Why all the excuses and 'belief' in a dishonest and deceitful man? God does not sanction liars or those who defend the liar with more lies.

Lemon said...

Observer you're skeery.

John Mc Gowan said...


Short lecture by James Pennebaker,Author of The Secret Life Of Pronouns.

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic

Kristi Anne Abrahams has been jailed for at least 16 years for murdering her daughter Kiesha.

Abrahams, 30, gave no reaction as Justice Ian Harrison sentenced her to a maximum term of 22 and a half years for murdering the "vulnerable and defenceless" little girl and for interfering with her body afterwards.

"The trust placed between a parent and child is of the highest and utmost importance," Harrison told the supreme court in Sydney on Thursday.

"[Abrahams] caused the death of [Kiesha] with the infliction of a violent, lethal force on what was a vulnerable and defenceless child in her care who was entitled to expect and receive her attention."

Abrahams pleaded guilty to murdering her six-year-old daughter in July 2010 on the first day of her trial last month.

She has only ever given one account of the murder to police, telling an undercover officer she gave Kiesha a little "nudge" with her foot when the child wouldn't put on her pyjamas, causing her to fall and hit her head against the bed.

A postmortem examination showed Kiesha was the victim of severe child abuse in the weeks and months leading up to her death.

The crown submitted Abrahams punched the little girl's jaw at least two to three times from different directions.

After Kiesha died, Abrahams and her partner, Robert Smith, kept her body in a suitcase in their Mount Druitt home for some days, before burning and burying it in a shallow grave.

They then reported her missing and pretended for the next eight months the little girl had disappeared.

The court has heard Abrahams hated Kiesha because she resembled her biological father, Chris Weippeart.

She was convicted of biting Kiesha in the shoulder when she was aged just 15 months old and, at the age of three, Kiesha told a social worker her mother had burned her with a cigarette.

Smith was jailed for at least 12 years in May for Kiesha's manslaughter and for being an accessory to murder.

Harrison found Abrahams did not intend to kill Kiesha when she inflicted "no more than two blows" on the little girl, but intended to cause her grievous bodily harm.

He said he could not be satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that Abrahams was responsible for Kiesha's prior injuries.

"Although the evidence establishes [Abrahams] had been short-tempered with [Kiesha] in the past and she was not coping, the evidence is insufficient to establish beyond reasonable doubt that the offender had previously caused the injuries of the deceased other than the bite in 2005," he said.

Harrison said Kiesha's death was "the inevitable product of entire intergenerational failures", noting Abrahams herself was abused as a child.

"The offender's failures are mirrored in the failures of others," he said.

Abrahams will be eligible for parole in April 2027.

Speaking outside court, former family friend Alison Anderson said the sentence "wasn't good enough".

"It's just horrifying knowing she can be out when she's 46," she said.

"We're all in shock. The family is in shock."

Kiesha's biological grandmother, Liz Weippeart, said she was happy with the sentence.

"It's finally over and done with and she can sit there and rot," she said.

The officer in charge of the investigation, Detective Inspector Russell Oxford, said it had been three years since Kiesha's body was dumped.

"Three years ago today a little girl called Kiesha Weippeart lay dead in a suitcase and she was taken out in the cover of darkness and put into a shallow grave and burnt," he said.

"We should remember this little girl, six-year-old girl, taken away."

Trigger said...

Justin Dip grabbed Courtney Roberts and pushed her while a policeman was observing them. Justin denies the allegations.

This is not surprising. We are asked to believe Justin and not the lying eyes of the witness who arrested him.

Justin's physical contact with Courtney was one of intimidation and Justin would never do anything like that. (yeah, right)

Where are the Justin supporters? He is being picked on again.

Courtney Roberts has distanced herself from Justin which is a smart move on her part. This is causing anxiety for him so he needs to reinforce his need to control Courtney like a true bully.

I wonder how many times Justin grabbed Ayla and pushed her, then told himself that "nothing happened."

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Alanna Gallagher's family car was burned down as well as a makeshift memorial down the street. One of the dad's says " I have NO IDEA why somebody would want to do this."

looks to me like they wanted to destroy evidence and then attempt make it look like something/anything else by also burning the memorial. But the problem is doesn't look like anything but them doing it for just that reason. Who would want to burn the memorial dedicated to the little girl if they also wanted to get revenge on the family? The only thing that makes strong sense is that they did it themselves.

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“If it had been much longer, the house would have been on fire with us in it,” said Gallagher, who was at home with her husband, Karl Gallagher, and Miles McDaniel, another man who lives with them. “We are very grateful to our neighbors.”

To me, the word "longer" is odd. Don't we say that when we are waiting on something to happen? It makes me think of someone inside waiting to be warned or rescued, not someone inside unaware of what's happening outside. I'd expect "If they didn't come when they did."

Also, note the order. Grateful to neighbors is last.

In addition, a makeshift memorial of stuffed animals just down the street burned overnight. Investigators have not determined whether that fire was intentionally set, Ing said.

makeshift? Kind of rude of the writer. I'd like to know why that choice of word.

Gallagher said her two other children were staying with relatives and were not at home at the time of the fire.

“I don’t know if this is related to what happened to our daughter or if this is someone just deciding to react to the publicity in this way. I have no idea,” Gallagher said Friday morning.

But she just gave two ideas, didn't she? Also, what's different about the two? The first is meant to imply the same person(s) who killed Alanna, right? Why can't she bring herself to use any kind of pronoun to refer to the killer? Also, "what happened to OUR daughter." Everywhere else she uses "I."

“I don't really understand the kind of people that can do this kind of thing. I don't understand the idea that anyone could have even hurt Alanna."

"kind of people that can" Not "person who did." Also, "this kind of thing." So vague. As is "the IDEA that anyone COULD HAVE even hurt Alanna." It's not an idea, it's not a could, someone did.

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