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Understanding the Human Personal Dictionary

             Understanding the Human Personal Dictionary 
                                                    by Peter Hyatt

Avinoam Sapir, founder of the SCAN technique (Scientific Content Analysis), or that which is commonly called "Statement Analysis" concluded a principle for us.  The principle is as follows:

Everyone of us has a personal, internal, subjective dictionary.  Everyone of us does.  For us, a specific word may have a specific meaning.  Therefore, if I say the word "boy" some of you will conjure up, in your 'mind's eye', a newborn baby boy, while another thinks of her 6 year old running track, while yet another thinks of her 21 year old son, fighting overseas with "the boys", yet still another is yelling out to his 30 year old ice hockey players in Canada, "C'mon, boys!" The spread of this single word, "boy" ran in this example from a 1 day old, to a 30 year old.

It's not very specific.

Each of us has a personal, internal, subjective dictionary.  It is personal to us, and it is internal, within us.  It is also subjective, indicating that follow up questions or use of context is needed to gain specific understanding.  Most times, the context will suffice, yet not always.

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky" necessitates that the former president's personal, internal and subjective dictionary be accessed for specific meaning of the words "sexual relations."  He could say this statement without the internal stress of direct lying, since he claimed (which was cooberated by his partner) that "sexual relations" was different than sexual activity, it was specifically, to him, intercourse.

Many doubted that Mrs. Clinton shared his personal internal subjective dictionary, as many husbands and wives often do.

Each one of us has our own internal dictionary, personal to us, and quite subjective.  It is up to the skill of the analyst (journalist, investigator, therapist) to decode it.

There are two exceptions to this principle:

1.  Pronouns
2.  Articles
3.  Objective time on the clock

1.  Pronouns and Articles

Pronouns are instinctive and the most highly reliable form of speech.  Even dating back decades, when someone recalls a story, they know, without thought, whether to start the account with "I" or with the word "we":  they know if they were alone or with someone else.

The mind chooses the pronoun without hesitation.  This is why pronouns "do not lie", as we say.  "Follow the pronouns" is such amazing advice that if it was the only thing you ever learn from Statement Analysis, you'll know more than most.  Hear the pronoun, and hear the pronoun disappear.

"Went to the park."

This sentence does not tell us who went to the park.  A deceptive person, who did not go to the park, for example, is counting on you to assume and interpret.  He is now allowed to avoid the direct internal stress of a lie, while still being deceptive. Maybe he did go to the park, and maybe he did not.  He might have, but this sentence is not reliable, and it is a technique used in deception.

Turning point in a murder case.

Dennis Dechaine was on trial for the murder of young Sarah Cherry.  He was found in the woods near where she was murdered and his story was full of deception.  He did decide to take the stand on his own accord and, as is the case, revealed the truth.

He said he had never met Sarah Cherry (see articles on the word "never"; check under Lance Armstrong; he liked that word...a lot) and did not even know what she looked like before seeing her picture in the paper.  When recounting his day he spoke about sitting under some specific trees that he admired.

"We were losing daylight" said Dennis Dechaine, who alleged to have been alone, yet we know from his instinctive use of the pronoun "we" that he was not alone;  he was with his victim.

Pronouns don't lie.


"The", for example, doesn't like to lie, either.

"A man approached me to rob me.  The man took my wallet."  He was "a" man before meeting him and became "the" man afterwards.  The same sentence, as a lie:

"The man approached me to rob me.  A man took my wallet."

We call this an "oops!" moment where the "victim" actually knows "the" man.

2.  Objective Time on the Clock

When someone says "4:15PM" it has the same meaning to each one of us:  it is objective time found on a clock.

It is not subjective, nor personal.  It is the same to you, as it is to me.

Example of the Personal, Internal and Subjective Dictionary. 

Here is a single word that when misused, can cause quite a bit of fireworks.

The word jealousy is a great example of this principe, especially when used in relationships.

This word often depends upon the recipient!

Look at the various meanings:

1.  "I was provoked to jealousy on how generous he was, so I am also going to give" indicates a positive impact of jealousy, where one is "provoked" (though an older word) to do good for others.

2.  Tell your girlfriend that you are not the "jealous" type and she may be relieved.  She does not need that sort of boyfriend.

3.  Tell your girlfriend that you are not the "jealous" type and she believes you don't care if she dates other men.

4.  Tell the  word "jealous" to a victim of domestic violence and she  is a terribly frightened of you because of her experiences.  

5.  For some, "jealous" actually is a compliment, while to others, it is a trap.

6.  Still for others, the word "jealous" holds the meaning of "envious" which is something quite different:

The "envious" says, "If I cannot have that, I don't want her having that!" and is a powerfully destructive theme.

If you feel "jealousy" over a co worker's professionalism, you might work harder to imitate, yet if you feel "envious" over your co worker, you might want to attempt to portray him in a negative light to the boss.

Jealousy can be a wonderfully securing feature, or it could be a positive influence to do good in life, or it can be a mean-spirited, violent, terribly frightening thing in life.

The word "jealousy" is a good example of how context and personal experience matter in understanding.

In the polygraph pre screening interview, the skilled polygrapher will seek to enter the subject's own personal, internal subjective dictionary before the exam.

The skilled therapist does the same.

Each of us has our own highly personal and internal dictionary, that is subjective, that is, the meaning can change.

The skill of the analyst can be seen in decoding one's internal dictionary.

Think of the last time you said to your best friend, "I'm going to kill you!"

Was it when she ate your pizza, borrowed your favorite earrings, or teased you?

She's probably still alive, isn't she?

Your use of "kill" was quite different than that of a murderer.

Carefully decode those you speak with, listening carefully to context, while knowing that even when in jest, words do not come from a vacuum.

Next:  Humor and sarcasm.


Anonymous said...

"I was provoked to jealousy on how generous he was, so I am also going to give".

I have never heard the word jealousy used in this context and would interpret the person saying it as not being truthful.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic BBM

y Michelle Clifford, Senior News Correspondent

Madeleine McCann's parents have welcomed the launch of a new UK police investigation into their daughter's disappearance.

A Met Police review has identified 38 "persons of interest" who detectives want to speak to in relation to the suspected abduction in 2007 - almost twice as many as previously thought.

Officers say they are moving from the case review to an "investigative stage of the inquiry" and now intend to pursue more information about those individuals - 12 of whom are UK nationals.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, who is heading up the inquiry, calls this "a critical moment" in the the search for Madeleine.

He said: "We have been in a unique position over the last two years in drawing together three strands - Portuguese, UK and private investigators' material.

"From that vast quantity of material analysed we have identified 38 persons of interest and 12 who are UK nationals, and it is from that position that we are able to move from review to investigation."

The Met intends to apply to issue formal requests to Portugal for evidence to be gathered and to allow a team of British officers to be present during the process.

The working relationship between UK and Portuguese police is now said to be "positive and focused" and, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, both countries are working on the assumption that Madeleine may still be alive.

DCI Redwood said: "There is no clear, definitive proof that Madeleine McCann is dead.

"On that basis I genuinely believe there is a possibility she is still alive. And so I would like to ask the public to continue to look for her."

Madeleine was three when she vanished from her bedroom in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz in May 2007 as her parents Kate and Gerry dined with friends nearby.

The local police investigation was called off a year later, yielding few clues into her disappearance or whereabouts.

In 2011, the Met launched its review of the case and earlier this year it was reported that around 20 "persons of interest" had been identified.

The Home Office said in June that it was prepared to fund any continuing investigation.

Met detectives have made 16 visits to Portugal and officers have met and shared their findings with key members of both the Policia Judiciaria and the judicial authorities.

A spokesman for the McCanns said: "Kate and Gerry warmly welcome the shift in the Met's emphasis from review to investigation.

"It is clearly a big step forward in establishing what happened and, hopefully, towards bringing whoever is responsible for Madeleine's abduction to justice."

Anonymous said...

Please have a look at the Alanna Gallagher murder in Texas. The parents haven't said much but there is something off about the whole scenario.

Anonymous said...

The father looked very shifty on tv.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon: I too hope Peter will post Alanna Gallaher's case. It is horrific. She being found dead, bound, and with a plastic bag over her head in the street like someone rolled off the back of a truck or something.

Police are saying hers is an isolated case, but how do they know if as they say they have no suspects??

my3angels said...

Alanna was 6 years old. Disappearance time from her Texas home unknown. Teens find her dead in the street at 7:30pm but she is not reported missing until 9:15pm.

This was Monday night. So far no suspects, but police are trying to track down a red truck with a green splotch of paint on it. Not a lot more details released that I've seen. One report says she was clearly tortured before being killed.

Sick and sad.

Anonymous said...

Consider that everything that happened, and everything you thought, said and did as recently as one minute ago is now past tense. It is not always possible to speak as if everything is past tense when many times it appears that an event is on going at this very moment, and could be i.e., the matter of the lawsuit.

Consider Vitas' posts (not being critical), but frequently Vita switches from past tense, to present tense, to future tense all in the same paragraph, which causes one to have to stop and consider what exactly is she trying to say? But does this mean she is lying? NO.

Anonymous said...

What a sorry shame, Alanna Gallaher was/is a beautiful angel child. Here's another case of a child being left to roam around the neighborhood by herself, loved playing in the yard and streets alone.

Why, oh WHY would any parent allow their child to play outside alone for hours (or even minutes) alone with no adult supervision, no one to know or care if a stranger snatches them out of their own yard. So what, if it was a nice neighborhood, no child is safe alone any more.

So far, in this case, no one even knows when Alanna actually went missing. Some of the neighbors in the area where Alannas' body was found, (approx. 1-1/2 miles from her home), said they had seen the tarp bundle lying in the street as early as noon that day but had not thought much about it.

It was not until approx. 7:30 that a teenager saw and investigated the bundle and found it to be a little girl, dead, then not until approx. 9:15 that the teenagers' mother decided to call 911, apparently her son having some trouble convincing this mother that this truly was a dead child under the tarp.

The father goes through his neighborhood searching for Alanna around 7:30? Maybe that's when he got home from work? Then the mother reluctantly goes searching, saying Alanna always does things like this, and so on. Yet this child has apparently been dead since at least noon. Very strange reaction of a mother who lets her little girl roam around for hours alone with no adult supervision, like this childs' welfare isn't even important to her.

Nonetheless Anon @ 1:27, how can you say the father "looked shifty" at this early stage? Is it because he is balding, fat face, tubby, etc?

Now police are searching for a red truck with a green splotch on it that had been seen in the area not long before Alannas' body was found. Why? Whoever dumped this child earlier most likely would not still be roaming the neighborhood that evening.

~mj said...

Anon @ 5:02,

I like your point. The switching from past to present marks sensitivity or can be viewed as weak, certainly. But that does not tell us the "why"

Now, in a complete analysis we likely will see a pattern emerge around certain points to help us get an idea of the "why" however, when past tense/present tense slips are our only indicators, I agree, that alone does not scream "liar!"

Tania Cadogan said...

Peter and heather, hi honeys.

I did a comment about Alanna Gallaher, at least i think i did, it seems to have gone for a wander in the general direction of a july 4th party. It probably smelled the beer and donuts. When that happens it gets very focussed until it is full of beer, donuts, jelly, frosting and sprinkles (along with hot dogs with lots of onions ketchup and mustard, ribs and other eatables)whereupon it falls into a stupor.

Can you have a rummage for it to see if it is stuffing it's face in the spam folder. (I am not sure if you can do spam fritters on a barbie)

Have a great indpendance day (it was when we handed you a suitcase, a map, a packet of pb and jelly sarnies and kicked you out the door into the big wide world)

Be careful with the flashbangs and men, take precautions when cooking on the barbie, singed nipples or worse are no fun for you and highly amusing to the rest of us.

Hugs and smooches to you all xx

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic BBM

The 16-month search for Kayla Chadwick is over after human remains found in Fort Morgan, Colorado were positively identified as belonging to the missing 17-year-old.

Reported missing on March 28th last year, the grizzly discovery was made at the 19500 block of Morgan county Road and were identified through DNA analysis on Wednesday.

Police acted after searching the home of Ivan Torralba, who was Chadwick's boyfriend at the time of her disappearance and who was free on $75,000 after being indicted for tampering with evidence related to the teens disappearance.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation said that the cause of death at this point remains unknown.

The 17-year-old Chadwick was last seen on March 28, 2012 in the 19500 block of County Road R.7, the location of the home of her boyfriend, 19-year-old Ivan Torralba.

Fort Morgan Police said that Chadwick disappeared after a blazing row with Torralba, who is now 19. The two were senioe classmates at Fort Morgan High School.

On June 18th, police obtained a search warrant for the Torralba family home in direct relation to the ongoing Chadwick investigation.

While there, police searched and collected evidence in an undisclosed area near to Torralba's home.
They also investigated a third crime scene, which they revealed to be the 19500 block - where Chadwick's remains were eventually found on Wednesday.

At the same times as the search at Torralba's home was being undertaken, police discovered the 19-year-old to be in possession of marijuana.

Because he is under 21 and the minimum age for cannabis in Colorado is 21, Torralba was re-arrested as he was in violation of his bail bond.

However, he has not yet been charged with murder for Chadwick's death.

'There's been new tips and information and interviews that we've conducted that have led us to search areas and this led to the new evidence', Fort Morgan Police Lt. Jared Crone told 7NEWS.

He added that the FBI, which is assisting in the Chadwick case, may also be asked to analyze the items.

Crone stressed that, despite the 15 months that have passed since Chadwick disappeared, police don't consider it a 'cold case.'

'We've never stopped working on this case,' Crone said.

mommaklee said...

Hi Everyone, just thought I'd share a little SA from one of our kids' books.

In it, a little boy muses about what if all the animals come inside. At first it's all a lot of fun and the little boys says "Oh, what a terrible mess WE would make." As the book progresses, some of the negatives of having a house full of animals sink in, and the boys says, "Oh what a terrible mess THEY would make." He distances himself from the animals as he is no longer having fun wit them. The story turns and the boy and his sister sleep in a tent outside to get away from all the animals who are crowding the house.

It's an adorable book and a fun little SA exercise.

paul harrison mossley manor residential merseyside said...

I like that tale

Anonymous said...

Peter, that is an excellent photo of you at the top of this article. You are a handsome man and well dressed, but you do not look happy. Where's your usual smile?

Nic said...

Peter, thanks for this. Being a "why" gal, I particularly found your discussion around the word "jealousy" enlightening. I think of jealousy as a negative, mean-spirited emotion. Your post has taught me that conversely, an acquaintance of mine thinks of it as a positive one. Now I understand that even though her actions toward the person she is "jealous" of are mean-spirited, they are meant to be a "compliment" to the party to which her affections lie. Really screwed up and destructive all around but she is too self-absorbed to see the big picture and more enjoys the rallying of friends and being seen as "a victim" (of the consequences of her own actions but that's a moot point).

Yes, I'm speaking about mid-life (adolescent) women. Evidently, maturity doesn't come with age.

Anonymous said...

Jealousy is not attractive Nic, and is very harmful to the one who has to suffer the mental anguish of the recipient of the jealousy that never seems to let up. The Bible speaks of the demon of jealousy as being the most evil demon of them all.

There is one posting right here on this site who is obviously possessed by this demon. I've witnessed this spiteful, mean-spirited and jealous person on numerous occasions deliberately trying to torment the one she is jealous of.

It appears that this jealous individual is tormented day and night with her demon of jealousy and takes every opportunity she can find to pounce on this person who has never done anything to her. It is very sad to watch.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I found this quote in an old article and it made me think of this blog.

"I can categorically deny there was sexual abuse," said C.T. O'Donnell, KidsPeace president and chief executive officer. "It simply didn't happen."

There's an obvious need to convince, because he's representing a facility. But the imbedding thing stood out to me, "there was sexual abuse." And the minimizing, using, 'simply.'

Also Peter, put on your wedding ring! Women notice these things.

Anonymous said...

*embedding, time for coffee.

Tania Cadogan said...

not all men have a wedding ring

Anonymous said...

Also Peter, put on your wedding ring! Women notice these things.

A smart one knows it doesn't mean he isn't married.

TxTchr said...

Peter, I have learned so much from reading your SA posts. You haven't been posting as often as you used to. I hope you aren't planning to stop. Why are you allowing so many crude and rude comments on your blog?

Concerned! <:|

Anonymous said...

Stop asking stupid questions.

Anonymous said...

My farts are brown,Observer

Anonymous said...

The photo of you is backward. The outside pocket on a man's coat is on his left side.

Anonymous said...

Your the"backward"one!!! Picking ON trivialities!!! Leave my Peter ALONE YOU RAT! GET A life! Bitch,Observer

fizzy pop got any fizzy pop trev? said...

Cool pic Peter!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you, Anon @5:55 a.m. on 07/06, calling me a b'tch and falsely accusing me. It wasn't me making nasty comments about Peter or his manner of dress; in fact, further up I told Peter how handsome he was, only that he didn't look happy in that particular photo. THAT was my post and I haven't posted since.

Don't you realize that every lie and every idle word you utter will come up before the Almighty in the judgment that we ALL must face? NONE of us knows that day or hour. If I were you, I'd be giving this some serious consideration and STOP cursing at and falsely accusing someone else. Observer

john is christopher gaylord said...

Shut up!!! Jesus IS to busy to read a "blog"you STALKING TURD!!!

John Mc Gowan said...

Interesting pose Peter.

Is that your normal posture?

Are you cold?

Is your arm hurting?

Or is that as defensive posture i see before me :)

Anonymous said...
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